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Current conditions on the York River
Fishing photo

Gaspe nature
Nature photo

Nature photo

Photo from the past
Photo from the past

Salmon fishing summary
by Bruce Patterson

June 22nd, York river is 22M3/s and falling. Some salmon have been released well up the York river but the river is now quite high at 40M3/s. As of June 1st only grilse can be retained on the York river until July 1st, when large salmon can be retained until mid season count has been completerd, .Salmon fishing season is now open in Gaspe rivers.. Pêche à la mouche seulement a lovely sunny day and 5 degrees C in Gaspe. See salmon page for moose hunting hunting season 2016. smelt fishing is very popular this year on Gaspe bay. Many smelt shacks can now be seen as per the photo below.

Moose hunting 2016 in Quebec

salmon fishing season in Quebec

atlantic salmon river notes June 8th

How the pools on York river got their name.

2016 small game hunting regulations Quebec (french) English not yet avaqilable

salmon fishing regulations

spider catches fly video

50 fishing knots can be seen under pictures menu at the left of this page. 50 knots

solunar tables (enter area code with space G4X 2M7)

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"photo #1" " York river in Gaspe,

"photo# 2" "snow storm at our hunting camp in Gaspe on the first weekend of moose season."

"photo# 3" "kids having fun trying their luck."

"photo #4" " fishing salmon"