Joining line to leader


To Join your leader to line the following system has been tested and works very well
for fishing salmon and trout ,  especially if you are using a long leader and want to reel it in to your rod guides

1. Thin needle (Wives quilting needles are particularly good!)
2. Pliers or preferably pin vice.
3. Tapered unknotted leader of your choice.
4. Super Glue
5. Sandpaper.


1. Place needle in pin vice with the eye outside the vice/pliers.
2. Insert the needle eye up the centre of your fly line for approximately 3/4 inch.
3. Bend the fly line over on itself and force the needle through the line coating!
4. Thread the thin end of your leader through the eye for a few inches and then pull the needle and the leader through the hole you have created.
5. Once nearing the butt end of the leader you should pull through the butt diameter you require, roughen the leader in front of the splice, place a drop of glue on the roughened area and then pull the roughened area back into the splice.
6. Let glue dry.
7. Trim off excess leader as close to fly line as possible.
8. Pull hard on leader and the small butt of leader material outside the splice will pull into the line on stretching.
9. Job done.
10. All you need to do now is add some tippet material as it gets short.