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Known as the Channel Islands, also called Les Iles de la Manche / Les Iles Anglo-Normandes, our ancesters called them the Jersey Islands. Situated in the hook of Northern France made by Normandy and Brittany.  The Islands consist of the Bailiwick of Jersey (Island of Jersey, Les Plateaux de Minquiers et Les Plateaux de Ercehous) and the Bailiwick of Guernsey (Islands of Alderney, Sark, Herm, Brecqhou, Jetou, Lihou, Burhou and Guernsey).

Jersey is the largest Island,  measuring 45² miles, 14 miles west of Normandy, 30 miles North from Brittany's, port of Saint-Malo.  28 miles South East from Guernsey. 85 miles south, from the coast of Englant. Population 88, 510 (1997 estimate).Geographic coordinates:  49 15 N, 2 10 W.

Guernsey has a area of only 24.3 square miles and a population of nearly 59,000 (1996 census). The population grew rapidly through most of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, but at the census it had fallen by nearly 200. Known as 'Sarnia' to the Romans, Guernsey was once part of Normandy, as were the other Channel Islands. This changed in the early 13th century. Geographic coordinates: 49 28 N, 2 35 W

Tourism and flower growing provide a second and third leg to the economy, but the Island's main income is from its flourishing finance industry - Jersey- Guernsey  are attractive destinations thanks to the low rate of taxes and other advantages offered to companies wisking to set up offices. 

Both islands are competing and independently governed by the States of Jersey and/or the States of Guernsey, both states are presided by a representative of the Duchesse de Normandy (Queen Elizabeth) Although a Crown dependency the Islands are not part of the United Kingdom. 

Channel Islands Post

Stamp collectors, are invited to log on, to the Philatelic News at the Guernsey Post Office. Nominated the Internet stamp site of the year. From there one may choose: Current or New Issues, All about the G.P.O., Links, News, and yes, Feedback: email and/or order stamps. Give yourself this pleasure, look at their "Christmas 1848-1998" special.

Philatelists may have their name listed at the above post office and/or with the Jersey Philaletic Bureau, email or click here, where one can read the four pages History of Jersey and their efficient Postal Service. The millenium Gold Stamp is particularly beautiful.

Channel Islands Societies

La Société Jersiaise in Jersey, La Société Guernesiaise and the Alderney Society  are  now available on the Web. 

La Société Guernesiaise, History and Conservation Society, is devided in sections to cover: Archaeology, Astronomy, Botany,  Entomology, Family History, Geology,  Historic Buildings, History, Nature Conservation,   Marine Biology & Zoology,  Ornithology, Société Sercquiaise and le Coumité d'la Culture Guernésiaise.  Membership cost 15£, includes the 4£ to the Family history section

La Société Jersiaise is a relative larger organisation, 125 years old, totalling over 4000 members, annual single membership cost is 20£. Their activities are sectioned as follow : Jersey Museums Services, History, Archives, Archaeology, Numismatics, Textile History, Transport History, Railway History, Geology, Botany, Mycology, Ornithology, Garden History, Zoology, Bibliography, La Langue Jerriaise, Photography History, etc.

Société Jersiaise objectives are the study and preservation : of the ancient language, of antiquities, relics, records and environment conservation.

Channel Islands Genealogy

The Family History section will do ancestry research for overseas on demand, your donations , in pounds (£) are accepted, write to:

Family History Section
P.O. Box 314
Candie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands. 

Guernsey Press On-line receives frequent requests for information from non-islanders or outsiders seeking information about their roots, after clicking here go to "Family and Friends".
and/or Guernsey Press Notice Board   for many many Island Links    

Jersey has its own group of family roots searchers, identified as, and one may log on directly, ask for, Channel Island Genealogy
Before going to Europe for your roots, check locally first... Gaspe Genealogy Register, may have someone already looking in the same direction.
Family Tree Maker may have some family trees uploaded on th net. 

Channel Islands Links & resources
This is Jersey  and  This is Guernsey will provide your with information on the following:  
Home Page Information, Finance, Employment, Flowers, Attractions, Get Married in GG / JE, Hotel Guide, Rental Living Accomodations. Or be more selective and more specific. To Search in Jersey you may have to be specific to by-pass all the material available on the State of New Jersey, U.S...

Channel Islands Other Information

Today the every day business and local language is English. The official language was french up to 1969, for practical reasons the States legislated the official language to be English from 1970.  The Channel Islands French roots are apparent in the many local places and street names, and in the surnames of many island families. Local Normand French patois is spoken as secondary language by a dwindling population, although sad we have to admit, it is in danger of dying out.

The Flag of Jersey is white and red saltire. Above this saltire appears the arms of Jersey...for details click here: 

The Flag of Guernsey is white with the red cross of Saint George (patron of England) for the history click on above. 

The Flag of Sark               The Flag of Alderney             The flag of Herm

Travel projects
Write to Guernsey and/or Jersey and ask for this year's tourist kit:

Department of Tourism
P.O. Box 23
St-Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
GY1 3AN»

Jersey Tourism
Liberation Quare, St Helier, Jersey
JE1 1BB, C.Islands

Read the Islanders' daily newspapers, the Islands Scenes, will give you an updated picture of the lovely flowers and interesting seasonal sceneries. Guernsey Press or Jersey.


2008 Oct.  George Edison Langlois