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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Thursday November 2 3:10:28 2017
Name:Dave Atteberry
Birth Place:Phoenix, AZ, US
Current Location:Near Peoria, IL, US
Comments:Signing the Guest book, and a big hello to all of Paspebiac. My Grandmother was born in Paspebiac, I have always heard nice things. Hope to bring my family to visit one day.

Tuesday April 25 13:19:03 2017
Name:Richard de Montebello
Birth Place:Franklin Square, NY
Current Location:Virginia
Comments:My grandparents were Bea and Moise Labbe. My mother was Helen. We all loved and love Gaspe. It's truly Heaven on Earth. Where I live, in Virginia, which has the same Appalachian mountains as Gaspe, I can't help but wish that I could be walking on the beach of the peninsula facing the town, across the bay. One day I will....

Monday April 17 15:38:22 2017
Name:pauline deraiche rehaume
Birth Place:haileybury on
Current Location:
Comments: my grandfather Michel deraiche came from ste Adelaide de pabos

he was a Micmac descend. then moved to ontario

Monday April 3 22:41:52 2017
Name:M. Patrick Du Bois
Birth Place:New Brunswick New Jersey USA
Current Location:Allentown PA
Comments:Many generations of my family are from Gaspe. However, the name "Du Bois" (in my case) comes from the Du Bois' of "Pointe Fortune" ... My family names from Gaspe are; Joncas, Terpanier, Cody, Lambert (Denys Lambert, my 2nd great grandfather listed himself as being of Scottish origin on a census),Beaudin and Methot.are also family names.

I plan on taking a drive up there this summer, I know some stories (my father used to mention the Scotts man with some pride and humor. And I have pictures of my great grandfather Narcisse Joncas with various family members.

I will be scanning a lot of images in ... from the late 19-teens to the 40s ... beautiful people, beautiful country.

If anybody has any info or is interested in pictures ... feel free to email me or find me on Facebook. I'm so happy I found this site!
-Pat Du Bois

Sunday December 25 15:24:53 2016
Name:Donald Froud
Birth Place:Montreal QC.
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Wishing a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year 2017 to my family and friends on the Gaspe peninsula !


Tuesday December 20 15:32:49 2016
Name:Penny Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Victoria
Comments:Ron Eden recently posted a request for donations to support pastoral visits. I would like to make a donation, however I don't have the required name and address as the post has been removed. I wonder if it could be posted again so I could get the information I need in order to send a donation, or you could possibly give Ron my email information and he could contact me directly.

Thank you.
Penny Patterson, Victoria, BC

Sunday November 27 23:23:50 2016
Name:Heidi Russell
Birth Place:
Current Location:
Comments:Hi, I am still trying to find a marriage date and place of marriage for John Russell and Marie Josephte Bergeron, I only know they had 7 children born in New Carlisle Bonaventure Quebec, between years 1795-1812 ,and possibly they had more then 7 children I only know of 7.

Thank You in advance

Heidi Russell

Thursday October 27 16:21:28 2016
Name:Donald Froud
Birth Place:Montreal Qc.
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:I just found out about this site and find it heart warming to see a few names here from my teenage years when I visited New Carlisle. I see Jane Smith's name here but the e-mail is no longer available. Jane is the sister of Raltson Smith.
I have been down that way recently as my son and family has moved to New Richmond.
Great Country LIfe!


Tuesday December 15 16:07:04 2015
Name:Frithjof Akerblom
Birth Place:near Dresden, Germany
Current Location:Delta (Vancouver) B.C.
Comments:MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
As time passes, the memories of Gaspe do not. My first year teaching at the GASPE HIGH SCHOOL, reminds me of a wonderful Christmas; my 1967 grade 9 homeroom was invited to decorate our tree. Many students brought home-made decorations . I believe we went caroling in the neighbourhood after soft drinks, hot chocolate, and Judy's wonderful baking.
It was one of the most memorable Christmas seasons of all time; a time missed, and never forgotten.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Frithjof....( Mr. 'A')

Saturday November 28 17:20:46 2015
Name:P S Sykes
Birth Place:Verdun Quebec
Current Location:Beaverlodge, Alberta

Friday August 7 11:50:28 2015
Name:Lynn Mines
Birth Place:Lachine, Quebec
Current Location:Warfield, England
Comments:I am trying to find details and perhaps pictures of the Calwell's Hotel whic was in New Carliste probably in the 2910s and 1930s...I know it burned down at some point. This was my great grandparents hotel. My maiden name is Gale, my paternal grandmother was Caldwell. Does anyone have old pictures, and/or information?
Thank you.

Monday April 27 18:57:29 2015
Name:Pat Samson
Birth Place:Charny, Quebec
Current Location:Kelowna, BC
Comments:Looking for Cyynthia [Cindy] Chicoyne, a teacher who went t teachers cllege in Chapeau, Quebec.

Tuesday April 7 12:40:04 2015
Name:keith allen
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:Canada
Comments:anyone kwowing the where abouts of lori lesailor of pasbiac please get in touch thank you her cousin keith allen

Friday February 27 1:18:58 2015
E-mail:ronnieh@ my
Birth Place:lac du bonnet manitoba
Current Location:same
Comments: hello iam looking for information about my family the henleys who lived in the cap das rosiers area around 1900 e-mail me if you tell me anything

Monday January 12 14:32:06 2015
Name:june howell
Birth Place:sandy beach Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge ont
Comments:My sisters and I are looking for accomadations for about 10 days in early August. We would consider a rooming house or Mobile Home in or around Haldimand.
If you could assist us, please leave a message at

Friday January 2 16:07:57 2015
Name:Bernard Joseph O'Leary
Birth Place:Barachois Quebec
Current Location:Mississauga Ontario
Comments:Hello to family & Friends hope to make it down by next summer please contact by e.mail if need be bye for now. Bernie O'Leary

Sunday November 2 0:51:28 2014
Name:Elaine LeBoutillier Sprinkle
Birth Place:Indiana, USA
Current Location:United States
Comments:Learning all I can about my family roots. Hope to visit soon and spend some length of time at Percé after retirement. Does anyone know of an organization for home swapping? Would like 6 months to a full year.

Wednesday September 10 15:59:19 2014
Name:Georgina B Shumway
Birth Place:Minnesota
Current Location:Southern California
Comments:I just returned from my third visit to this beautiful area. Originally I set out to find my mother's family names, Robinson and Castonguay, in Mont Louis, and found not only welcoming family members but the warmth of the people of the area. What a beautiful area!

Monday August 18 2:29:11 2014
Name:Wendy-Lou Hannah
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:I noticed in the comments that someone was looking for the family tree of Rhoda Blanche Leggo born in 1894. I am her granddaughter, I am also looking for others in the family tree.

Thursday August 14 16:15:55 2014
Name:Allan Baird
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:New Maryland, NB
Comments:Retired from sailing and settled just outside Fredericton NB. I think of Gaspe often... Great site...

Wednesday July 30 19:06:00 2014
Current Location:LAVAL DES RAPIDES

Monday June 23 16:18:44 2014
Name:Gary Lawrence
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Meaford ON

There is no such [former Gaspesians] Only Gaspesians and people who wist they where

Friday June 13 21:09:52 2014
Name:Bruce Girard
Birth Place:St Georges de la Malbaie
Current Location:Toronto, Ontario
Comments:This is a great idea to unite former Gaspésians. I have many fond memories growing up on Gaspé peninsula. We live on a very interesting planet with so much to discover and learn. You couldn't ask for a better place to be born and raised with such a rich diversified cultural mosaic of natural beauty and inner peace in contrast to the hustle, bustle, and never ending clamour of metropolis cities throughout the world from East to West!

Bruce Girard

Monday March 31 21:00:42 2014
Name:Marise Krampovitis
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Connecticut
Comments:Looking for anyone who knew my Mother Evelyn Starnes Roobroeck. OK to email me.

Saturday January 18 17:35:08 2014
Name:isabella gallon
Birth Place:new carlisle west,gaspe
Current Location:montreal
Comments:I would love to see old photos of new Carlisle,like the OLD masion blanche where I used to work as a young girl

Sunday October 27 16:16:52 2013
Name:patrick fitzpatrick
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:st. anne des monts
Comments:i have been away for a while and looking for news, contacts. chat. my text only number is 581 887 0230. thanks.

Thursday October 10 8:42:28 2013
Name:Alyson Clark
Birth Place:
Current Location:

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Friday October 4 1:21:01 2013
Name:Hazel Delaney campbell
Birth Place:Campbellton, N.B.
Current Location:Pickering
Comments:Hi to all who browse this website.

Monday August 5 21:17:19 2013
Name:Barry Annett
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Rocky Mountain House Alberta
Comments:Hello everone well I was supposed to go down this summer. but could not make it.hope to get time in October for moose hunting

Monday July 22 19:12:46 2013
Name:Anida Lanteigne-Rousselle
Birth Place:Tracadie, New-Brunswick
Current Location:Pickering, Ontario.
Comments:I love Barachois, Quebec. I go every year. It is just wonderful.

Saturday June 29 23:35:07 2013
Name:Sandra Eden Lavigne
Birth Place:gaspe, quebec
Current Location:chateauguay, quebec
Comments:Looking to buy an oil painting of. Light house in the Gaspe area....pleaae email me....thanks!!!!

Sunday June 16 3:42:29 2013
Name:Deanna Miller
Birth Place:gaspe, quebec
Current Location:kanata, ontario
Comments:thought I would post the words to the old 70s song

last time I heard this OLD GASPE SONG I was 15-16 years old-IT WAS 1979 or 1980 when I last heard this song...15 years old turning 16

Sunday May 26 3:14:13 2013
Name:Deanna Miller
Birth Place:gaspe, quebec
Current Location:ottawa, ontario
My old email was

My new email is

p.s. if any distant relative from both my grandparents side wants to email
me..I would gladly like to hear from them.thks!

Would like to hear from any relatives on my grandparents side
i.e. my dads parents (Merrill Miller) or any relatives on my grandparents side(my moms parents(Elva Miller) (Sybil Nelsons - her husband(my grandfather) relatives i.e. any nieces or nephews of hers that still may be around)

Deanna Miller
Birth Place: Gaspe General Hospital

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

I am Deanna Miller, daughter of Elva and Merrill Miller.
Was born in Hotel Dieu in Downtown Gaspe in July 1964.

Any distant relative from both grandparents side can email me at would like to call you to see how you are doing.

from: Deanna Miller(originally from Gaspe)
have been in Ottawa, ontario most of my life.
(except for the 3 years I was born and raised in

Thursday April 11 18:54:44 2013
Name:Donald Langley
Birth Place:Toronto
Current Location:Oshawa
Comments:My dad, Amos Langley was born there, maybe you heard of him.

Saturday April 6 12:06:42 2013
Name:Lester Briand
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Georgetown,ON.
Comments: I love the coast the beaches mountains and people i've been away for 33 years but think of home daily
Although comfortably established in our family home with my beautiful wife Anna and two sons D'Arcy and Andrew I long for the coast......Hi to all hope to be home for a vacation this summer c u then.

Thursday March 14 14:57:54 2013
Birth Place:gaspe, quebec
Current Location:kanata, ontario

Comments: Our family use to live in York
down the road from the fish Hatchery years ago.

My grandmother sybil nelson use to live there numerous years ago..My parents-her daughter- got her to move to ottawa in 1980. Her brother my great uncle lived 2 doors over to her years ago.

I still have some "small" amount of relatives still living in gaspe. ie. pattersons, Millers, clarkes, etc.

To:-if u find this message-
any of my relatives still living in gaspe or to Lisa Patterson in Burlington or Wendy Coffin in new Brunswick..if you see this note email me...thks..would like to hear from you via email thks.

Would like to know how gaspe has changed since I was there 20- years ago.

i.e. any new stores, malls, etc. etc.
thks for reading

Saturday February 9 16:26:10 2013
Name:Mike Cunning
Birth Place:Malartic
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Greetings to all. while researching my the Cunning Clan and Baker Clan from Gaspe
I have located and corrected many records in Still missing some from these families. If you have any info. please contact me.



Sunday February 3 13:22:41 2013
Name:Debbie and Alfred Syvret
Birth Place:Montreal and Gaspe
Current Location:Verdun, Quebec

Monday January 28 2:37:28 2013
Name:Wendy-Lou Hannah
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:I am looking for the family tree of Rhoda Blanche Leggo born in 1884 in Perce or Gaspe. She married John Wallace Hannah in 1909 in Montreal.

Sunday December 30 0:00:11 2012
Name:Susan Mac Neil
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Levis
Comments:I am the daughter of Erma Laflamme of Barachois. My grandparents were John Robert Laflamme and Anastasia Sweeney. Would you have any information on my great grand parents? I know his name was Robert Aubin Laflamme and her name was Julie Deroy. The family tree stops there unfortunately.
Can you help me? It would really be appreciated.


Wednesday December 26 0:30:12 2012
Name:Frithjof AKERBLOM
Birth Place:Germany
Current Location:Vancouver, BC
Comments:I always enjoy looking at all your entries for the year. Still teaching French Immersion grades 1 to 12 as a TOC (teacher-on-call), as I like getting out a few days per week to meet former colleagues and the new generation of students.
2013 is an important year for me, for I will celebrate 60 years in Canada, having immigrated to Quebec in 1953.

Frithjof Akerblom

Sunday December 23 0:36:18 2012
Name:Roger mahar
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Chateauguay QC
Comments:Some family members born in Douglasstown ,also have a couple of friends in New carlisle hi to everyone

Saturday December 8 0:56:15 2012
Name:Teddy c annett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Rocky mountain house alberta

Wednesday December 5 16:41:34 2012
Name:Bruce Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Grimsby On
Comments:Haven't been on here in a long time.Just saying HI to everyone from home.

Tuesday November 13 0:28:00 2012
Name:cam molineaux
Birth Place:calgary
Current Location:calgary
Comments:I was researching a friend when I came upon this site that had a query from Christine Whitmarsh looking for Dawn Foley. Please contact me Christine, I lived with Dawn for some years.

Saturday November 3 15:39:34 2012
Name:Kieth Howell
Birth Place:Sandy Beach, Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge,Ont.
Comments:the last time I was there was in 1997, it was still beautiful,,I left there in 1956,,

Tuesday October 30 11:36:45 2012
Name:Lionel Legault
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:New Brunswick

Saturday September 8 19:47:07 2012
Name:Syd Ross
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:Bowmanville Ont
Comments:Hello , stopping by to read about some friends and relatives that are past and present . Great site and informative . Son of Arnold and Sybil Ross . New Richmond 1951 / 1969 was the best place for a kid to grow up along with many other communities on the coast. What a life when we were kids from that time . Keep up on this great site .

Thursday August 23 0:35:52 2012
Name:Frank LeMesurier
Birth Place:toronto ont
Current Location:Midland ont
Comments:Fond memories of decades ago,When my family would visit my grandparents in Gaspe during summer break, and all of my second and third cousins as well..
This website has brouback some wonderful memories.....

Thursday August 16 1:24:09 2012
Name:diane minerich
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:Salt Lake City, Utah
Comments:I am researching the Thomas Young family of Black Cape, Peter McCrae of Oak Point and the Fairservices who are in there somewhere. My mother, Jean Young and her 3 sisters grew up there. I was just given a disorganized pile of information which came from my aunt, Mary Eileen Young and almost got thrown out before I pounced on it. Any connections would be good for me to make a start on this venture. I don't think Harry Glover of the same generation was a relative, but I remember him fondly and would like to include any stories of him in the snippets I have been writing up for my family.

Wednesday August 1 16:29:43 2012
Name:Lorraine Girard Stacey
Birth Place:Murcochville, Quebec
Current Location:Barrie, Ontario

Wednesday July 25 11:58:51 2012
Name:Christopher Patterson
Birth Place:Moncton, N.B.
Current Location:Malaysia
Comments:My parents came from Gaspe and I used to visit every summer to stay with my grandparents in Sandy Beach. This is my first visit in 17 years. Its still beautiful.

Saturday July 21 14:52:53 2012
Name:Stephen Flowers
Birth Place:Bowmanville, ON
Current Location:Oshawa, ON
Comments:First moved to New Carlisle in 1970 when my dad and mom bought the Shell Service Station (David Lee Flowers)
Garage burned down and we moved back and forth several times from Ontario to New Carlisle.
My uncle was Lionel Flowers and my grandfather was Hudson Flowers.
Still have many good memories of good times at New Carlisle High and going to the Legion.
My good friend Richard Renouf still lives there and i enjoy visiting some of the old faces every now and then.

Saturday July 21 9:20:31 2012
Name:Christine Whitmarsh nee Perkins
Birth Place:Croydon Surrey
Current Location:Benfleet Essex
Comments:I am looking for an old school friend from 1953 who emigrated to Manitoba Canada with her family. Her name is Dawn Elizabeth Foley who was born on the Queen Elizabeth ship while her parents were travelling to the U.K. in 1946.
I would appreciate any information regarding this.

Sunday July 15 18:36:38 2012
Name:Karl Lemeux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Oshawa
Comments:I have entered ENBRIDGE RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER. It is a 200 klm ride over 2 days. Toronto to Hamilton then Hamilton to Niagara. The goal for every rider is to raise a minimum of $2500.00. The ride will take place in June of 2013. I completed the ride in June of this year and was very impressed by the personal accounts from other rider, many of them cancer survivors.

In 2013 I will ride with about 5000 other people in the HOPE that we can make a difference for those people fighting cancer today.

Anyone able to sponsor please follow these steps

1. Search:
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Last Name: Lemieux
Click on find a participant
name Karl Lemieux should appear below
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and follow instructions.

All donations will be greatly appreciated

Wednesday July 11 8:15:59 2012
Name:Rob van der Togt
Birth Place:Australia
Current Location:Australia
Comments:Any one looking for information on Reginald M Patterson please contact

Sunday July 8 23:13:46 2012
Name:Claire Thibault
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Ontario
Comments:Looking forward to going home for my 2 weeks holidays and seeing my family it's will be 9 months since I've been back to my family home (my dad's passing) and looking forward to the Douglastown country Festival

Sunday July 1 16:12:28 2012
Name:Edith Coffin
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Lasalle Quebec

Wednesday June 27 0:39:05 2012
Name:mary snowman
Birth Place:belle anse gaspe
Current Location:verdun que.

Tuesday June 26 15:57:08 2012
Name:lori ann day
Birth Place:new carlisle
Current Location:paspebiac quebec
Comments:i was wondering if u had any pictures from 1982 or 83 pictures of the july 1st parades..i won on a float for miss loyaliste 200 and wouodnlove to see those pics again..thank you..lori ann day

Saturday June 16 13:04:48 2012
Name:Karen Kupczyk
Birth Place:Boston, Massachusetts
Current Location:Germany
I'm looking for information about my family. My great-grandfather's sister, Henrietta Goertz, married a man named Henry Snowman and moved to the Channel Island of Jersey. They had a son who emigrated to Canada, he presumably worked for Robin / Jones. After the war he sent a much appreciated food package to my grandmother (his cousin) and her family in Germany, after that, contact was lost.
Does anyone have information about this family? I would gladly help out with information about the Goertz family. Also, I will be visiting Jersey this August and could go to the archives, look for the gravestones etc. Thank you.

Wednesday May 9 3:26:20 2012
Name:Marlene Dupre' Hyde
Birth Place:Tupper Lake NY
Current Location:Saranac Lake NY
Comments:Hello, This is in addition to my other post as I continue to research my family. My Grandparents were born in Barachois on my Mother's side. His name was Pierre Albert Girard and her name was Dimple (Rachael) Boucher Girard. Some of the family names Despres, Henley, Roussel as well as the above. Would love to here from anyone that can help. If I can help with anyones research on these families, I would be happy to help if I can too. Thank you.

Wednesday May 9 1:18:39 2012
Name:Brenda wiseman
Birth Place:Shigawack Quebec
Current Location:Campbellton New Brunswick
Comments:Hi there everyone, I am the daughter of Bert Wiseman and Rita Labrecque Wiseman of Shigawack Quebec. I am trying to find any old pictures of my grand father Stanley Havlock Wiseman, or even a copy of his birth certificate. I never had the chance to meet him because he passed away before I was born and would love to find out some information on him. Any information helps. He is the brother of Cornelius Stillman Wiseman of Port Daniel Quebec. Thank you :)

Sunday April 29 1:28:13 2012
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:rocky mountain house alberta
Comments:hey everone hope all is well. was down in gaspe in march for a week . had fun at the loft with pat an doris bun paddy an all the guys might be back down in july if all goes as planned

Thursday April 26 12:51:43 2012
Name:dave scott
Birth Place:greenfield park
Current Location:kitchener
Comments:saw a posting......about an ethel scott.......that was my grandmothers married name

Sunday April 8 13:21:48 2012
Name:charlie caplin
Birth Place:Gesgapegiag qc
Current Location:Gesgapegiag
Comments:nice site keep it up

Monday March 5 22:56:29 2012
Name:william e. kenney
Birth Place:lynn, massachusetts
Current Location:norway , maine
Comments:I am looking for any descendants of james and mary kenney my great grandfarther and grandmouther both born in ireland about 1834 and 1832 they came to gaspe bay about 1855, where thry had 17 children all born in gaspe bay basin, then they came to bristol , new hampshire u.s.a. about 1883 or 1885 my grandfarther was there 13 th chield his name was thomas e. kenney ,they once spelled there name kenny ,i would to hear from anyone that could share some information . i hope to come to gaspe bay this summer,thank you.

Friday March 2 0:39:01 2012
Name:dallas adams
Birth Place:sandy beach gaspe
Current Location:cambridge on
Comments:hey all to who ever may remember me how are you doing

Sunday February 26 22:01:55 2012
Name:Ron R. Rioux
Birth Place:Lewiston, ME USA
Current Location:Lisbon Falls, ME USA
Comments:Brother of Norm L. Rioux, the long time genealogist and founder of the Father Leo E. Begin chapter of the American Canadian Genealogical Society. Researching for many years the families of Dick, DeGrace, Gresse, and Richard.

Sunday February 19 21:40:59 2012
Name:Andy Rehel
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:
Comments:Miss good old Gaspe. haven't been down since 2005 . Getting very home sick must go down this summer.

Wednesday January 25 13:13:50 2012
Name:joseph girard
Birth Place:Barachois Gaspe Que
Current Location:Newfoundland
Comments:keep up the good work i havent been to gaspe in 17 years no one left there for me to visit my 2 parents is gone now and notting else there for anyone to go back for take care everyone and have a good year sign joseph girard

Monday January 16 15:42:53 2012
Name:Normand Rioux
Birth Place:Lewiston, ME USA
Current Location:Livermore, ME USA
Comments:long time genealogist and founder of the Father Leo E. Begin chapter of the American Canadian Genealogical Society. Researching for many years the families of Dick, DeGrace, Gresse, and Richard.

Monday January 9 18:38:04 2012
Name:J Mark Roussel
E-mail:mroussel@cogeco .ca
Birth Place:Barachois Gaspe Que
Current Location:Thorold Ont

Wednesday November 30 14:03:30 2011
Name:Jim Campbell
Birth Place:espanola ont
Current Location:Garson Ont
Comments:my mother in law gertrude edwina (nee robitalle) baskey is seeking info for an individual one john / jean babin. born around 1846 near the gaspe peninsula,(bonivanture) she was 8 when he died around 1939. if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
Jim Campbell

Monday November 14 19:25:17 2011
Name:cyril annett
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:cambridge
Comments:carolann mcdonald like to hear from you i like to ask you something

Monday November 7 0:42:20 2011
Name:Doreen Jeannotte
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Hastings Lake, Alberta
Comments:Hi Everyone,

I want to make a correction to my email address. I posted it as It is actually So if anyone has been trying to reach me I apologize for the error. Our email is finally working properly for the first time in months. Hope to see everyone next summer since our trip was delayed.

Monday September 26 21:27:08 2011
Name:The Kenny Family
Birth Place:Carleton, P.Q.
Current Location:Bathurst, N.B.
Comments:Looking for any info on a John Kenny born in Ireland in 1825 and landed on the
Gaspe in the 1830's and married Cecile LeBlanc on July 15,1845.One of his sons
was my great grandfather,his name was Augustin he moved to Bathurst,N.B.

Friday September 23 16:13:33 2011
Name:Doreen Jeannotte
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Hastings Lake, Alberta
Comments:Hi Everyone,

Well I didn't make it to Gaspe this summer as planned as I was in the middle of selling my townhouse and moving, however, if everything goes well I will be making the trip next summer for sure. We plan to be in Gaspe around the end of July and will probably spend a couple of weeks in the area. So, although the trip was delayed I'm still looking forward to hopefully seeing everyone next year.

Doreen Jeannotte

Friday September 23 1:15:14 2011
Name:Daniel Sims
Birth Place:Springfield, Ohio
Current Location:Newport News, Virginia
Comments:My great grandfather (PIERRE ABSOLOM TAPP) and great grandmother (CAROLINE ELZEDA TOUZEL TAPP) were from the Gaspe peninsula. This last summer, my wife and I visited Barachois, Gaspe Co and were able to visit a few graveyards. We had a great time and were able to find the graves of some distant relatives. My grandfather (James Hubert Tapp) and grandmother (Letitia Sophia Holland Tapp)emmigrated to the USA and settled in Springfield, Ohio. Canada is a beautiful country with wonderful people.

Thursday September 8 18:34:44 2011
Name:Malcolm. Russell
Birth Place:Seaham Harbour England
Current Location:Seaham Harbour England
Comments:Does anyone have a contact for Kathleen Vaughan we went to Wesley Youth Club in the 1960s. This is an extract from Seaham guestbook I found recently but the email link is now unavailable:
Kathleen Vaughan nee McLauchlan and I was born in Seaham July 1950. I lived in James Street and attended Seaham Modern School up till 1965.
I moved to Sunderland when I got married in 1971 and then in 1990 I moved to Ontario Canada with my family. If anyone remembers me, please get in touch.
Kathleen Vaughan
Cambridge, Ontario Canada - Wednesday, January 05, 2000 at 20:50:46 (EST)


Monday August 15 4:33:20 2011
Name:carol roberts
Birth Place:montreal quebec
Current Location:montreal quebec
Comments:in 1829 peter and simon roberts Simon roberts married mary haley daughter of edward haley from ireland, My granfather is Samuel Roberts married Hannah Mckoy and had 12 children my grandfather Father his name was edward roberts his wife name was Caroline Fortin. i have information on my grandfather but not about his dad or his mother. or the rest My grandmother Hannah Roberts was not very talkative of her family not knowing who are her siblings and parents if someone have any information i would love that so i can do my family tree and knowing who my family was. I love this getting information its great its a feeling that it gives me more lively of knowing where i belong

Tuesday August 9 7:24:29 2011
Name:Ron Jenkins (Salty Dog)
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal, Canada
Comments:A huge thank you to everyone involved in the Irish Week festivities in Douglastown. Such hospitality! You made us feel like family. Can't wait to return!

Sunday August 7 2:31:06 2011
Name:lorraine alexander carey
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:hamilton ontario
Comments:hi to all in gaspe.big change down home driving throught sandy beach didnt even know how to get to sandy beach church with that new road.had to ask someone never thought i would ever do that as i use to live right by it all my life what a change but i love gaspe an i would move back if i could but cant live away from my grand child an dont have many family there away hope to go back some day for a visit

Friday July 1 4:01:18 2011
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
Birth Place:Tupper Lake NY
Current Location:Saranac Lake Ny
Comments:Hello Everyone, I am still researching my Dad's family. My grandfather was Amedee Despres. His Dad & Mother were Augustin & Eveline Bond Despres. They were from Riviere Renaud area. Would love to hear from anyone. Marlene

Wednesday June 22 0:35:22 2011
Name:Carry Budd
Birth Place:Toronto, Ontario
Current Location:Creemore, Ontario
Comments:Just wanted to say hello to the relatives from the East Coast..Miss you Alot...Hope to visit soon..

Monday May 30 13:48:19 2011
Name:Mona Chicoine "Foley"
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Toronto
Comments:Have a wonderful summer.

Wednesday April 20 3:45:38 2011
Name:Shirley Madew
Birth Place:Montreal, Que.
Current Location:Montreal, Que.
Comments:looking for any family of my mother - Stella Tennier -the family was from Chandler and Perce. I know nothing about them and would love to find out if there is still anyone around. My grandfather was Victor Tennier and my grandmother was Florence Provost or Prevost. Would love to hear from anyone that could share some information.

Sunday April 17 16:24:34 2011
Name:Carole Laflamme
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Laval,Qc
Comments:we were down last summer,had a great time.
hoping to visit,this summer.

Sunday April 10 20:08:01 2011
Name:Rose Imbeault
Birth Place:Grande-Rivière
Current Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Comments:My maternal great grandparents were William Sheehan and Mary Cody married in 1835.

Paternal grandfather was "Bum Paul" Bertrand-Imbeault and Anne Marie Couture.

I'd be interested in driving down the coast and meeting distant cousins and other family members

Sunday April 10 16:50:40 2011
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert, ontario
Comments:just starting to get the "itch" to get back to i do every summer. so when i start missing it and longing for it...i check out this website. full of local info...and it gets me excited about our upcoming summer vacation back to my happy place!!

Friday April 8 8:12:39 2011
Name:Deanna Miller
Birth Place:Gaspe General Hospital
Current Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Comments:I am looking for Lisa Patterson who has lived in Burlington, Ontario
for years. I am Deanna Miller, daughter of Elva and Merrill Miller.
Was born in Hotel Dieu in Downtown Gaspe in July 1964.

Lisa (Patterson), if you get this message, can you email me your number
I had it at one time but have lost it since.

I have called Wendy(Coffin)our cousin in New Brunswick
and left messages also to get your number.
No call was made back to me. I have
called them numerous times to leave my number.
Still no answer back.

If you can email me at would like to call you
to see how you are doing.

Wendy Coffin (originally from Gaspe) who has lived in New Brunswick
for years, can you also email me at

Called you numerous times and you never returned my call.

from: Deanna Miller(originally from Gaspe)
have been in Ottawa, ontario most of my life.
(except for the 3 years I was born and raised in

p.s. if any other distant relative wants to email
me..I would gladly like to hear from them.

Wednesday March 2 2:38:22 2011
Name:Avery Miller
Birth Place:Edmonton, Ab
Current Location:Edmonton, Ab
Comments:Hello Gaspesians :) Just doing a little web surfing, looking for anything about my grandpa, Graham Miller (wife Doreen Miller) who grew up in Gaspe! I am the daughter of his son Dale Miller. I would love to come visit Gaspe soon and see where my grandpa grew up.

Friday February 11 20:50:25 2011
Name:Doreen Jeannotte
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Edmonton
Comments:Hi, I plan to be in Gaspe this coming summer the last week of July. If any old friends or acquaintances are planning to be there it would be fun to connect. If you're interested send me an email and we can meet for a visit. Looking forward to spending some time reconnecting as I haven't been down since 1995 and I'm sure lots has changed since then.


Thursday February 10 15:49:48 2011
Name:Tina Savidant (Lemieux)
Birth Place:Gaspe Que.
Current Location:Kinmount Ont.
Comments:Just wanted to say thank you to my 3 wonderful kids who I love so much you 3 kids are my life love mommy xxx'ooo's

Wednesday February 9 14:19:37 2011
Name:Chantal lyn Lemieux
Birth Place:Cambridge Ont.
Current Location:Kinmount
Comments:Wishing my mom a very Happy Birthday today I hope you have a good day love Steven Nathalie Chantal we love you so much your the ooo's

Sunday February 6 22:10:27 2011
Name:joseph girard
Birth Place:barachois
Current Location:newfoundland
Comments:keep up the good work guys excellent job

Thursday January 27 14:04:38 2011
Name:june boivin howell
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:cambridge, ont

Wednesday January 19 21:24:29 2011
Name:Hartley and Janet Langlois
Birth Place:Grand Greve
Current Location:Stoney Creek Ont
Comments:We are going to Gaspe this summer, last time was ten years ago

Thursday January 13 3:17:57 2011
Name:Marlene Dupre' Hyde
Birth Place:Tupper Lake NY
Current Location:Saranac Lake NY
Comments:Hi everyone, We were in Gaspe this past Summer again and loved it. Still working on the family trees. My grandparents Girard (Boucher) were born in Barachois and my grandparents Despres (Bond) were from Riviere au Renaud, Cap Rosiers. Also Packwood family. Would be great to hear from some cousins. Marlene

Sunday January 9 22:09:02 2011
Name:Earle Mabe
Birth Place:Corner of the Beach
Current Location:Pointe Claire P.Q.
Comments:It is nice to read news from down home.

Sunday January 2 16:51:21 2011
Name:Ian Mullin
Birth Place:Scotland
Current Location:Winnipeg
Comments:Happy New Year to all! Since I retired I have enjoyed this site. I recognize many names and have pleasant memories the people and good times in Gaspe and hope to visit again in the future. I never hear of any Gaspesians in or near Winnipeg?

Saturday January 1 23:49:20 2011
Name:keith howell
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:cambridge ont
Comments:happy new year

Saturday January 1 2:20:16 2011
Name:Ryan Sinnett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Grimsby,Ont
Comments:i would like to wish all people in and around the area of Gaspe a Happy New Year!

Tuesday December 28 21:25:52 2010
Name:Cheryl Ross
Birth Place:
Current Location:alberta
Comments:I lived in Gaspe from grade 2 to Grade 6 at which my family and I moved back west. I am looking for any family taht might be out there Merv Simon and Rita gage. I am also interested in getting in touch with any old classmates as I am hoping to come back for a visit and would love to see people again!!! I lived there from 1985 to 1988 and went to school at GES.

Thursday December 23 23:13:42 2010
Name:Roger Blondin
Birth Place:Barachois Quebec
Current Location:Lindsay, ON
Comments:been away from down home for many years but still remember all the good times and mostly all the folks i grew up with and want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas

Sunday December 19 21:22:40 2010
Name:keith howell
Birth Place:Sandy Beach,,,Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge ont
Comments:Wishing all a very merry Christmas

Thursday December 16 12:55:25 2010
Name:Robert Proulx
Birth Place:Providence, RI USA
Current Location:Riverside, Rhode Island
Comments:I am looking for anyone who may have documentation on the aboriginal status of Francoise Grenier(Garnier) birth circa 1610. Thank you.

Thursday December 16 11:05:02 2010
Name:shirley gallichan smith
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe

Thursday December 2 21:10:07 2010
Name:Sydney Mullin
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:Stouffville,on

Sunday November 28 0:24:31 2010
Name:john hottot
Birth Place:port-danial quebec
Current Location:saint john nb
Comments:like the gaspe coastown home in port-danial

Sunday November 21 12:27:20 2010
Name:Art Jones
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Riverview, NB

Just dropping in to say hi, and hope to hear from some friends from the past.

I'll probably be in Gaspe sometime around Christmas-time for a quick visit.

Monday November 15 23:42:03 2010
Name:everett mullin
Birth Place:gaspe wakeham
Current Location:sudbury ont

Saturday November 13 20:40:05 2010
Name:Kevin Boyle
Birth Place:Belle Anse Gaspe
Current Location:Barrie Ont.
Comments:Keep up the good work.

Wednesday October 20 20:01:36 2010
Name:lori ann day
Birth Place:july 14 1969
Current Location:montreal
Comments:I am currently living in Montreal and would like to know if i have any relatives here.My grandmothers name was Ida Renouf AND grandfatheres is Jimmy Renouf.Greatgrandmother .Sarah Ann Renouf and Bert renouf...on the day side my grandparents are Bertha and Clide DAY from fauvel...renoufs from new would be nice to correspond with someone form my family. Lori Ann Day-Renouf

Thursday October 14 22:05:36 2010
Name:Lucie Gilchrist
Birth Place:Quebec
Current Location:Ontario
Comments:Looking for ancestors connect with: Adelle Dube and Robert Aubain Dugay marriage, also Bond Family - Marguerite Bond born in the early 1900's, and espeically anything with the Chapados (mother to Augustin early 1900's)in the Chandler Gaspe region. Trying to locate the family tree. Any help would be appreciated.

Monday October 4 18:04:49 2010
Name:Edith Coffin
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Lasalle, Quebec
Comments:Shannon : I was reading your e-mail re your father's birth mother, Ethel Scott. I worked with an Ethel Scott for 1968-1975. She was originally from New Carlisle. She married a Tom Lindeman ( An RCMP officer) & they moved to Ottawa for a bit, then to NB & the last I heard back to Ottawa. I have not seen or spoke to her since she left our company. I hope this can help you in your search.

Wednesday September 29 23:58:08 2010
Name:shannon berney
Birth Place:ottawa ontario
Current Location:ottawa
Comments:hi i recently learned that my father was adopted however i have recently learned that his birth mothers name is ethel scott...there is no exact date recorded of my dads birth but they are thinking around 1960 -1961. it is very important to me to find any information on ethel scott she was originally from gaspe bay and other than that i dont know very much. this has been torture for me and i would just like some questions answered.

Friday September 17 18:24:53 2010
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:well if any one out there wants to know my girlfriend has done a family tree of my dads side of the family and she traced by 10th great grand dad on my dad's side to 1753 france and on my dad's mom's side to the jersey channel islands where they changeed their name fron chicoine dit cotton to just chicoine. and we are realated to the tapps my great great grand dad was henry tap and my great great grandmother was mary ryan if any one is interesteaded she can send you the link on just send me an email @ on the michel side she went as far back as 1753 and on the chicoine she went as far back as 1812 right now but she is still digging because me great grandmother was mary tapp on my dad's father's side my great great great granddad had 38 children with 5 diffrent wives and he also had 1000 acres of land so he wanted to keep it in the family and so all of his kids intermarried secon and third cousins some did not even know that they were realated due to the louisianna purche

thank brianmitchell(Dennis mitchell's son)

Sunday August 29 23:07:42 2010
Name:juliette bond
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:montreal
Comments:wouldlike to see photo of the good old days

Sunday August 29 22:57:51 2010
Name:juliette bond
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:montreal
Comments:fille arthur bond et de roland kelly from gaspe quebec

Saturday August 28 23:58:50 2010
Name:Lois Miller
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Mansfield
Comments:Best wishes to Joe Patterson on his 100th birthday....Congratulations Mr. Joe. So happy we had the opportunity to visit with him last summer. Hope you all had a wonderful summer, a special Hello to Martha.

Wednesday July 28 16:23:05 2010
Name:Linda Ridge-Koehler
Birth Place:Montreal, Quebec
Current Location:Toronto, Ontario
Comments:Great to have found this website. Will be passing the link on to my mother who was born in New Carlisle in the 1930's (family name - Walker).

I spent every summer in New Carlisle from 1957 - 1972 and then visited a few times in the 80's. I have great memories.

Have been feeling the draw to return.

Monday July 26 15:00:48 2010
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert, ontario
Comments:I am heading to Gaspe this weekend with my hubby and 11 month old son. I am looking forward to it very much as I do each summer. This website is one of the first places I look to for current information that I use in planning our trip.

Monday July 19 12:59:05 2010
Name:Robert Charles Caldwell (Snr.)
Birth Place:Melbourne,Victoria, Australia.
Current Location:Bendigo,Victoria, Australia
Comments:What! may you ask, is an Aussie doing visiting your GoGaspe Guest Book. Well, I wish I had found your brilliant community website a month ago. I would certainly have not run into so many brickwalls in endeavouring to follow the Caldwell Trail of my g/g/grandfather Charles Campbell Caldwell, who married in 1842 at Sydney, NSW, Australia. His marriage certificate had no details of his: date of birth, place of birth or the name of his parents. Hence, with such little background to work on, Brian Ross Caldwell (a second cousin of mine & the genealogist of our Caldwell Descendants in Australia, has spent many dollars & 20+ years, trying to get a lead on him. It is only very recently that he had an hunch/inkling, that "New Carlisle, Canada 1812", might be worth investigating. Obtaining any information of any birth in 1812 New Carlisle has been impossible, because all the different churches' records from 1811 onwards for a number of years, have been lost/missing. Just another brickwall to block my journey, as I have been searching 7 days a week, 10-12 hrs a day for the last 4 weeks, trying to track down where he came from. Would you believe I have made a breakthrough by tracking down the whereabouts of a Caldwell in B.C, who 50 yrs ago drove from Vancouver to New Carlisle with his family, given a guided tour around the town by a relative, introduced to a lady who showed him and gave him access to a book, while the guide stood in total disbelief, as the lady never let it out of her possession. Because, he only had it for a short time he took down the details of his descendants, but just happened to also take down some details of one Charles Campbell Caldwell(b.18120, whose father was John Todd Caldwell(b.1763 New Carlisle) & whose father was Robert Caldwell ( in Co Antrim). a Loyalist & an early settler of New Carlisle in 1784. I would like to know who the lady was and whatever happened to the book with the details of my descendants? Is there anyone who accesses this brilliant website able to give me some clue/s. A Bill Flowers (a descendant of one of the 1st settlers of New Carlisle) who I have been in contact with and relayed this information states and I quote:"Just a guess, but I think the woman who had the Caldwell book was Eleanor "Tike" Blois-Hall. She died a few years ago, but was the resident genealogist/historian of New Carlisle who had many old documents, artefacts, etc. in her possession. Who knows what happened to that treasure-trove of material envied by other researchers--a mystery all by itself?!: End of quote. Any information would be greatly appreciated by all our Caldwell Descendants in Australia.

Highest of Regards to All Area Residents. Keep up the great work!
I am certainly looking forward to continuing to log onto your website.

Bob Caldwell Snr.(b.1945)

P.S Well before this intensive search of mine, my wife & I had planned a trip to Canada next year, before the scenario above appeared on my radar, or should I say monitor.If this documentation could be verified, then the whole of the Gaspe Area would be our No.1 Prority and the 2nd Priority would be to visit Washington Co. NY, where Robert C. leased land, raised his young family of 5 children, after arriving in the port of NY in 1761 with his wife Sarah H (nee Todd) from Ulster/Nth Ireland. And so the "Journey of Discovery" of the Caldwell Trail continuing from Australia, to Canada, to NY State, to Ulster and to Scotland possibly, due to 'the Plantation' era ), all hinges on the details found in "the book". Let the 'Journey' continue (hopefully!!)

Sunday July 18 22:26:46 2010
Name:Tilly Annett Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Manitouwadge Ontario
Comments: Love the go gaspe site.

Friday July 9 22:13:40 2010
Name:Marina Hipson
Birth Place: Seal Cove,Douglastown,Gaspe qc
Current Location:Laval,Quebec
Comments:Wondering if there are an of Mother Superior's class around. It's been a long time and breast cancer stopped me from attending the school reunion. Take care all.

Monday July 5 18:00:23 2010
Name:Rob Cotnam
Birth Place:Pembroke ON
Current Location:Pembroke ON
Comments:Looking for Desirée Rehel. My daughter Grace, who's 8, met Desirée (similar age) a few years ago at the Belle Anse Reunion in Barachois. I and my family will be in Barachois this August and Grace wondered if we might run into Desirée again! If you know Desirée, please ask her mom to email Grace through me ( before 30 July. Thanks. By the way, my mother is Sharon Chicoyne, orginally from Barachois. This will be my ~15th trip to Gaspé in 42 years!

Saturday June 19 0:36:07 2010
Name:Ryan Sinnett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Grimsby,Ontario
Comments:well its been just over 2 years since i last wrote i know have a family 2 step-children and a baby boy who is 15 months for those people who didnt know. My mother Margery Jane (Patterson) passed away on march 15 2008 we all miss her deeply, i guess what im trying to say is that i miss my hometown alot!!!take care gaspe and stay precious!!!!!!

Tuesday June 15 14:43:40 2010
Name:Lorna Miller
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:
Comments:Just to say how touched I am with your message David`.You have said it all.I think we can all relate to the many good times we all spent with Nannnie.She was indeed a special lady!
Love ,
Aunt Lorna

Tuesday June 15 2:08:20 2010
Name:Mary Clements Reddick
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Newmarket, Ontario
Comments:I am the daughter of Georges Clements and Hazel Imhoff. I was born in Gaspe on July 24,1944. Would like to get more information on my grandfather's side and grandmother;s Annie Savidant.

Monday June 14 23:09:06 2010
Name:grant boucher
Birth Place:toronto
Current Location:toronto
Comments:Village of Barachois
Randolph Boucher was born in Barachois his son's were Eli, Wilfred and Wilbert
There were also daughters.
Wilbert as a young man went to Tupper Lake New York
Wilfred lived most of his life in Barachois and then in his later years moved to Toronto. Wilfred was my grand father.
I know little about Eli 's family many of whom now live in Ontario.

I do not believe any of the Bouchers live in Barachois.

Any distant family members wishing to email me feel free to do so.

Thursday June 10 14:15:53 2010
Name:David Schumann
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Blainville, Quebec
Comments:As Lorna Miller recently wrote, it is with heavy heart, informing us of a great lose, Ellen Patterson Clark's passing.

Remembering Nannie

Nannie as we fondly referred to her, was an example for us all.
A woman who worked hard, led a very full yet simple life. Nannie demonstrated to me what was important in life, the love of your family. Always smiling, never said a bad word and hearing Nannie laugh, who can forget her laugh. A woman who I believe did not ever wear slacks, always in a dress, always pressed and clean, never did I hear Nannie complain.
Today's society should take heed, do not be discontent, be happy with what you have and no the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Learn to appreciate the small things in life.
As Barbara Streisand wrote in 1973, the lyrics of The Way We Were are playing over in my mind.
Scattered pictures all around me of they way we were, seems so appropriate.
In my youth, we left Montreal so many times to take the long journey to Gaspe, along the coast, it was exciting passing through Murdochville knowing that soon we would be heading up the hill to Nannie's.
A place that I will remember forever in heart and am so happy to have visited with my children.
The smell in the air, how pure is that! The walks in the woods up behind the house picking wild berries, pulling my cousin Louise (3 at the time) out of the stream,lol, funny only now of course. Fishing in the brook across the road, getting sprayed by Carly as he milked the cows. Pumping water, splitting wood, cutting the grass, working in the garden with Nannie, the smell of the old shed, can't omit the homemade bread Nannie made, toasted over the flame on the old stove. Rhubbard, what kid likes rhubbard, well I certainly did because of Nannie, her jam was awesome. The swimming hole, going to the beach, running out of gas up in the mountain behind the house on my Uncle Larry's snowmobile, thank goodness Woodrow (David and Margaret's son) came along picked me up and took me for gas, rookie city slicker,lol. Going to the booth for ice cream. As you can see the memories are endless.
Yes loosing Nannie has saddened us all. However now that I am 50, it makes me truly appreciate what a fantastic 98 years Nannie had. Una, Joe, Ellen and Mary have shown us what a good life can do for us. Live healthy and live long.
You are an Icon to me, one of uncritical devotion. idol.

I am probably known to be a little hard nosed at times, but it is with teary eyes that I wrote this today as I reflect back to The Way We Were.

We Love You Nannie

David Schumann, so proud to be Ellen's first Grandchild

Friday June 4 5:35:52 2010
Name:Jim (James) Ferguson
Birth Place:Vancouver, BC
Current Location:Redmond, (Seattle) WA, USA
Comments:My father, Lloyd Ferguson was born in Barachois in 1930. Raised by him mother Marjory and her sisters Anne and Nell, family name, LeGros. Had a general store in Barachois for many years, near the current location of the fire station. Moved to Montreal and sailed as a merchant marine up and down the Atlantic coast and south to the tip of South America. Fell in love with my mother, Lola Lange of Germany. Moved to BC in 1960. Had twin boy in 1964, James and Donald Ferguson. Anybody remember my father who has been deceased since in 1983?

Saturday May 29 13:43:12 2010
Name:brian mitchell
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
I am just trying to find out who of my family still lives in Gaspe. I am Dennis's oldest son. My grandmonther Emile Chiccone was born in St.Georges de Malbaie. I only know her sister Diana and her brother Stanley but I do not know antone else. I want to come to Gaspe in August but I will not be able to there is no hotels aor cabins to rent. I f anyone knows where I could get a plce to stay I would realy apperciate it. I know that my dad's cousin's had and extra house that the family would stay at but not any more. I want my kids to see where their grand dad was from and I would love to go to cemetary to visit my dad. My mom died 20 years ago today and my sister and I are missing my dad more and more........

You can always call me at 514-633-8768 or email at or

thank you

Saturday May 29 3:56:16 2010
Name:Rita Vautour
Birth Place:Campbellton, N.B
Current Location:Toronto, ON, for now, moving to N.B. Home at the end of august
Comments:I'm a mother of 4 children, all grown up. They have children of their own so now I'm a grandma. I am very happy to participate to facebook and hope the right people here too. thank you,
Rita Vautour

Wednesday May 19 14:03:50 2010
Name:steven j boucher
Birth Place:tupper lake ny
Current Location:tupper lake ny
Comments:my fraternal family came from gaspe, i have never been there, i could have gone with my father and couldn't at the time. i regret it, now i can't go due to health issues.

Wednesday May 5 10:42:26 2010
Name:John Allyn Flowers
Birth Place:New Carlisle , Quebec
Current Location:Mississauga, Ontario

Tuesday April 27 17:37:27 2010
Name:dave scott
Birth Place:greenfield park
Current Location:kitchener
Comments:my parents were from gaspe,murray scott and therese malouin

Sunday April 25 2:05:05 2010
Name:isabella gallon
Birth Place:new carlisle
Current Location:montreal
Comments:would like to see photos of the good old days

Sunday April 4 9:53:32 2010
Name:Lucy Gaumond
Birth Place:Belle Anse ,Gaspe,Que
Current Location:Hamilton,Ont.
Comments:Will be going home this Summer, Oh I can't wait, I hope I see everyone that I know.

Thursday April 1 22:38:42 2010
Birth Place:Worcester, Massachusetts
Current Location:United States, Colorado
Comments:This is a great site, and God Bless all of those working to help others.


Thursday March 18 22:56:43 2010
Name:Georges Grenier
Birth Place:st dominique du rosaire,abitibi
Current Location:welland,ontario
Comments:Good job to Morris Patterson for dvd of Gaspesians of yesteryear i recommend that dvd to anybody that want to know about gaspesians,excellent

Wednesday March 17 0:11:07 2010
Name:Janet Sexton
Birth Place:St jules Quebec
Current Location:moncton NB
Comments:hi to all, love to here from Barbara Legresley , graduated from bonaventure school in 1977.

Tuesday March 2 4:43:38 2010
Name:Andy Rehel
Birth Place:in the line pat
Current Location:Calgary AB
Comments:hi all.miss good old gaspe wish there was lot's of work there . besides pickin gum lol. see you all this summer

Saturday February 27 22:32:27 2010
Name:david chicoine
Birth Place:bridgeville
Current Location:laplainne,terrebonne que.

Friday February 12 19:26:49 2010
Name:lila leggo - johnson
Birth Place:douglastown
Current Location:sussex n.b.
Comments: my husband and i try to get to gaspe at least once a year we really love visiting family ,and seeing old friends .Just the colour and smell of the
ocean ....ahhhhhhhhh theres no place like home

Thursday February 11 4:14:07 2010
Name:Sonya Woollacott ( Miller)
Birth Place:Gaspe Que
Current Location:Abbotsford BC
Comments:I lived in Wakeham till I was 17 then moved out west with my family. I love it that I can visit on the web site and still see some familiar names !

Sunday February 7 17:55:57 2010
Name:ann lebrun anderson
E-mail: cromar_99@tiscali,
Birth Place:torphins
Current Location:aberdeenshire

Sunday February 7 12:43:51 2010
Name:Allan Baird
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Sailing Vessel RYEN'S QUEST sailing in the Caribbean
Comments:Just wanted to update my information and say how much I enjoy visiting Gaspe through this site...
I am now retired and sailing in the Caribbean, our blog: happy....

Monday January 25 23:21:12 2010
Name:kerry rehel
Birth Place:barachois
Current Location:st.catharines

Sunday January 24 22:02:18 2010
Name:Norma Tapp
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Welland Ontario
Comments:I return to Gaspe every couple of years to visit my sister Madonna brother Lonzo aunts cousins and friends. I hope to take both my sons and their children down in July this year. My boys haven't been down since they were young. All is looking forward to this trip.

Saturday January 23 23:58:26 2010
Name:GLORIA laflamme
Birth Place:Barachois, GASPE
Current Location:London Ontario
Comments:My last visit to gaspe was about 3 years ago with my sisters and brothers had a beautiful time, looking forward to seeing my friends again in july

Saturday January 23 23:58:26 2010
Name:Janet laflamme
Birth Place:Barachois,Gaspe
Current Location:Laval,Quebec
Comments:Hi Guys
My last visit to Barachois was 3 years ago and I love everytime I went.
Home is always where my heart is anytime of the day and night.
Hope to visit again this summer.
Keep in touch!!!

Friday January 22 16:03:30 2010
Name:Reginald M. Patterson
Birth Place:Campbellton, N.B.
Current Location:Dunham, Qc.
Comments:Just discovered the page thru the Spec - Raised in Gaspe Harbour, 5 years at GIS before Dad (Arthur) was transferred to Montreal. Aunts - Violet (still alive), Sybil and Uncles Ronald and Lee. Maybe "home" for a visit this summer!

Monday January 18 22:18:43 2010
Name:kerry rehel
Birth Place:barachois
Current Location:st.catharinel

Sunday January 10 19:12:29 2010
Name:Wade Johnson
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Sudbury, Ontario
Comments:I moved from Gaspe in 1984 to Ontario.I have been back home a few times over the years, and just love it.I'll be going home again this summer in July and August for about a month...would love to hear from old friends.My wife and i miss Gaspe so much...we plan to retire there.

Sunday January 3 12:32:37 2010
Name:dale mullin
Birth Place:montreal que.
Current Location:sussex nb.
Comments:i made a mistake in the first email address

Sunday January 3 10:51:51 2010
Name:Cindy (Baker) Powell
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Kitimat, BC
Comments:How the years fly by. It is hard to believe it has been 29 years since I moved away from Gaspe. I miss Gaspe and hope to take my husband Edwin back to see how beautiful it is and to meet my friends and family that still live there. I am on the otherside of the Country. Just as close to the Ocean (Pacific) but miss not being able to see the water from where I live. That is what I miss the most.

Saturday January 2 16:17:12 2010
Name:dale mullin
Birth Place:montreal que.,
Current Location:sussex nb.
Comments:jan 1 2010 would just like to hear from some old friends that still remebers me.

Friday January 1 23:57:59 2010
Name:Mike Benwell
Birth Place:Campbellton N B
Current Location:Tide Head N B
Comments:I have a lot of relatives and friends all along the Gaspe coast always like to visit always be a place in my heart for the coast

Sunday November 22 10:28:39 2009
Name:Peter Evans
Birth Place:England
Current Location:Jarvis Ontario
Comments:I am trying to track my wife's family tree. Looking for help for a Philip or Charles Simpson born in Roseville about october 1865.

It is years since we were in Gaspe but still have warm memories of what a beautiful part of the world it is, I hope it never changes.

Monday November 16 22:14:44 2009
Name:Blaine Chapados
Birth Place:Sudbury Ontario.
Current Location:Sudbury
Comments:hello, i am looking for genealogy information on the Chapados. I was able to record some info from a book my father had borrowed from someone about 20 years ago. It contained records from the Gaspe-trois rivers area back to early 1700's . I was able to trace back to "Joannis Chapados" born in ? first in the censes around 1723, having a wife and children and a horse? which seemed very important at the time. I was able to work out a dirrect line to my great grandfather, if you have similar info and would like to share, please contact me. Sorry i am traveling today Nov 16/09 and will not have access to my info until Nov 18th once i am home.

Sunday November 15 1:47:30 2009
Name:ledzia shattler
Birth Place:sept-iles quebec
Current Location:sept-iles
Comments:hi my name is ledzia.. i am writting from sept-iles.. i am helping my friend find her daughters family. she dated a guy named Stephane Inglis. he died in a tragic accident when he was 18 yrs old on a motorcycle. in the year 1994. he used to go work in the town of Harrington Harbour Quebec, as a fisher man. he dated my frined for the 3 summers he went there.and he didnt know about the pregnancy. she wanted to tell him to his face, but unfortunaly never had the chance too. she doesnt know his parents names. neither does she know anyone else in the family.she couldnt come around to call at his house after this happend and now 15 yrs later she has a daughter that knows nothing of her fathers family. i am here to help my friend..if any of u have any information please contact me with my email address please.. thanks alot...

Thursday November 12 0:21:58 2009
Name:Jean Christina MacLean (nee Mitchell)
Birth Place:Soldier's Memorial Hospital, Campbellton, NB
Current Location:Tobermory, Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
Comments:My grandparents were Myrtle and Walter Mitchell from New Carlisle. My grandmother was born in Douglastown. My grandfather came from the Channel Islands. My father's name was Lionel James Mitchell. His siblings were Walter, Everett, Alden, Otto, Gloria, Helen, Audrey, Margaret and Dorothy. My grandfather worked on the railroad for a long time and was one of the original Railway Men. My Dad had a barber shop at one time, located on the main street in New Carlisle. My mother came over to New Carlisle as as war bride from England. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my family. Many thanks, Chris

Saturday October 24 19:54:04 2009
Name:Gordon White
Birth Place:Murdocville
Current Location:cornwall ontario
Comments:Hi I am Ivan and velma white's son and I grew up in wakeham Most everyone knows my aunt vera from the booth that was once Nobert kenndys taxi stand. It is nice to find a site to see what is new back home. If anyone see's cameron patterson or steve patterson say hi to them for me.I like to know what's new in wakeham and york.
thanks gord white

Thursday October 22 2:08:44 2009
Name:Lisa Lyons
Birth Place:Campbelton, NB
Current Location:Scarborough, ON
Comments: Just reminiscing, and looking for sometning or someone familiar. Any one out there with some kind of history of the family Clark Wallace Lyons, Bernice Elma Irvine. Please contact me.
Thank for the memories

Wednesday October 21 21:25:04 2009
Name:roger mahar
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:montreal

Sunday October 18 19:33:19 2009
Name:Maureen Bourgaize
Birth Place:Rose Bridge ,Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge

Monday September 21 11:58:57 2009
Name:Keith Sinclair
Birth Place:New Carlisle Quebec
Current Location:Ennismore Ont (Peterborough)
Comments:I have been working on a family tree for more than 3 years . I am interested in Bonaventure and Restigouche Counties as well as Restigouche and Northumberland counties in New Brunswick . Some of the names are; (father's side ) Sinclair ,Woodman, Tozer, Campbell, Kerr, Casey(Kasey) , Appleby,Allen,Law ,Barter( mother's side ) Ross,Thompson, Gallon ( Gallan),Flowers,Sawyer,Coull, McRae , Smith,McDonald(MacDonald),many more . I currently have 17,000 names , near 1000 pictures and documents on . I would love to hear from any interested parties , will trade info or give any assistance I can . Tree called ; Cullen's Brook Quebec Sinclair Family Tree . I particularily need help from the Miramachi , Eel's River,Campbellton areas . Love to communicate with Gaspe people anywhere .

Monday September 21 0:20:01 2009
Name:Shirley Ann Coffin
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Dalhousie,NB
Comments:I'm still looking for my god-mother her madain was Martina Patterson and she married Baker from Gaspe i was just wondering if she is still alive,please let me know and thanks,

Sunday September 6 1:46:21 2009
Name:diane Miller
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:Nepean
I am currently looking to get a hold of Lisa Patterson
i think she is in Gaspe
she is a cousin of mine and also a cousin of Wendy Coffin
now in Fredericton New Brunswick
if anyone knows her number so i can call her or get her
to email me it would be appreciated
get her to email diane

or if she is on yahoo messenger my name on that is
or get Lisa to call me at 613-820-1436

Wednesday September 2 19:52:56 2009
Name:Sonia Simoneau
Birth Place:Murdochville
Current Location:Ottawa
Comments:We're thinking of having a reunion next year (2010) for Murdochville High School graduates of 1980. If you graduated with me and/or were in my grade at some point, please contact me as soon as possible at

Sunday August 30 19:03:12 2009
Name:Judy Steele
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Halifax, NS
Comments:Happy Birthday greetings, contratulations and all good wishes to Joe "Bampa" Patterson on the occasion of his 99th birthday tomorrow, Monday, August 31st. See you in Gaspe when you hit the centennial!

Friday August 28 21:23:35 2009
Name:Doreen Jeannotte (Eden)
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Edmonton, Alberta
Comments:Hi Everyone,
Just happened to stumble upon the website. Great to recognize so many names. I grew up in Wakaham and moved to Edmonton in 1977. The last time I was back was in 1995 but am planning a trip within the next couple of years. Send me an email if you recognize the name.

Sunday August 23 10:05:51 2009
Name:donna marie miller
Birth Place:rosebridge
Current Location:terrebonne

Sunday August 23 10:03:42 2009
Name:archie shaw
Birth Place:grande grave
Current Location:terrebonne

Thursday August 6 13:44:57 2009
Name:Jason Eden
Birth Place:Gaspé, Qc
Current Location:Ottawa, On
Comments:Just spent 4 great days in Gaspé. There is so much that has changed but still so much that is the same. Not a lot of familiar faces but 20 years away from home will do that. Got to see my little brother, Chuck Eden, marry Jessica Synnott. Great hike in Forrillon Park. Most importantly got to spend time with my family. Some of whom I haven't seen in 12 years. can't wait to make it back in a couple of years.

Monday August 3 23:28:10 2009
Name:jonilee chicoine
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:just wanted to say i hope all us gaspians n our visiters hadd a wonderful time here in Gaspe!!!all though we had lots of rain it was nice some days lol....n i was really happy to see lots of my family n yet still some to come n friends....but most of all for my ONE N ONLY SISTER JENNIFER N MY NIECES KAYLA N KARI-LEE BOUDREAU for being here with me n my daughter MILA ...n shes here for another month yet!!!enjoy the rest of the summer n hopin to hear from some old friends..take care n god bless yall...xx

Monday August 3 12:58:13 2009
Name:chris chicoine
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:montreal
Comments:so happy to come back home and see my family and friends. the malbaie festival was a blast,i had alot of fun there. but i hate the rain,it rains every 2nd day....grrr. but there's no place like home...

Tuesday July 28 17:57:21 2009
Name:Suzanne Howell
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Cambridge, Ontario
Comments:Its been 4 years since my last visit and there have been lots of changes. The passing of Willy Matut (sorry of his spelling) who along with his wife Myrna ran the campsite near Haldimand Beach. Along with a dear sweet man Joe Howell who also passed away almost 4 years ago. I look forward to seeing "Our Beach" and all the other beautiful sites and friendly folks and family. We are going the last 2 weeks of August. (approx Aug 16 - 20, 2009) Let's hope the weather is a gorgeous as it was last time!!

Monday July 20 0:49:17 2009
Name:Brian Wright
Birth Place:Saint John New Brunswick
Current Location:London Ontario
Comments:Lived in New Richmond from 1963 - 1978,love the Gaspe.We spent our youth finding ways to get out of the Gaspe for what we though would be something better, now we look for ways to get back.
I have lost touch with most of the people I Knew growing up so looking forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday July 15 10:33:13 2009
Name:Jason Eden
Birth Place:Gaspé, Qc
Current Location:Ottawa, On
Comments:Two weeks from today I will be waking up in Gaspé. Visit will be quick, just 5 days, but action packed.

Tuesday July 14 23:23:53 2009
Name:Melissa Morgan (Maloney)
Birth Place:Toronto, ON
Current Location:Scarborough, ON

Tuesday July 14 22:11:31 2009
Name:Arleen Coffin
Birth Place:wakeham
Current Location:quispamsis n.b.
Comments:I plan to be in Gaspe for Pioneer days.

Saturday July 11 15:01:01 2009
Name:Marise Krampovitis
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Connecticut, USA
Comments:My Mom was born in New Carlisle, her name Evelyn Starnes. I most recall Irene, Gerry, Rex, Med, Elmer, Marion, Avis and Lonny as her siblings-all now gone. Mom was the youngest and passed on 15 years ago. If anyone in Gaspe knows the whereabouts of my cousin Betty, Marion's daughter, or any other family member I'd love to hear from you. I am now 65 and have spent most of my life wondering where the rest of my unknown family is today. Thanks for any help. Email address appreciated. Marise Roobroeck Krampovitis

Thursday June 25 12:04:51 2009
Name:brian harrison
Birth Place:Leeds, England
Current Location:Leeds, England
Comments:My mom was Una Victoria Stanley, born in Gaspe in April 1913, sadly passed away a few years ago and her ashes are in Gaspe. Had the priveledge of going there a few years ago with my fathers ashes.They are both in the Stanley plot, along with Uncle Sherman Stanley, also related to Patterson's. Gaspe is a beautiful place and my mom often told me about it, she will be happy knowing she is back home.

Friday June 19 22:49:14 2009
Birth Place:sweet gaspe
Current Location:slums, montreal
Comments:hey all, can't wait to come home this summer with my 2 little girls , wow ty pam. but yeah , i'll be home on the 25th of july for 2 weeks , all is wellcome........this is going to be the best summer ever....

Thursday June 18 11:20:19 2009
Name:Cassidy Ledyit/Miller
Birth Place:Newmarket ontario
Current Location:Barrie ontario
Comments:Everyones coming back for summer break!!July 13 at noon on train!!

Wednesday June 10 1:16:27 2009
Name:Darlene Chang
Birth Place:Montreal, Quebec
Current Location:Vancouver, BC
Comments:Was born in Montreal but moved to New Carlisle when I was very young. Parents are Doreen & Vincent Gallon. Went to New Carlisle, High School & Bonaventure Polyvalent. Love to here from anyone that I used to know. Going home this summer.

Monday June 1 2:12:52 2009
Name:Steve Vibert
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:North Bay, ON

Monday May 11 4:55:44 2009
Name:Nancy Bourgaize
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:BC
Comments:missing home like crazy and all the wonderful people there- July can't come fast enough!! Will be spending 2 weeks there at end of July- hope to see you !!!

Saturday April 25 18:46:00 2009
Name:barb legresley
Birth Place:bougainville gaspe
Current Location:niagara falls ontario
Comments:hello to my family and all of my friends back in gaspe...miss u all and see you's the last 3weeks of july....and to let you's all know that i've changed my e-mail address.. my e-mail is plz all take care see you's the end of july bye for now love barb

Thursday April 23 11:39:19 2009
Name:cyril annett
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location: cambridge ont
Comments:like to hear from old friends . gaspe is the best place to be

Sunday April 19 12:06:04 2009
Name:Hal Kemp
Birth Place:Bowmanville Ont
Current Location:Rochester NY
Comments:Any chance anyone know the whereabouts of Elaine Bebee from New Carlisle. Believe she moved to Australia back in 1968. Spent my summers in New Carlisle for many years. Family there are the Dobsons/Croziers. Lost touch with her and I beleive her family still live there? I would appreciate any information.

Tuesday April 14 13:41:36 2009
Name:Jason Eden
Birth Place:Gaspé, Qc
Current Location:Ottawa, On
Comments:Going home this summer for my brother chuck's wedding. Can't wait. It has been 4 years since I was down last. Think about home at least once a day. Also look forward to the MHS (Murdochville High School) Reuinion going on the same week. Lots to see and do but most importantly family and friends to spend time with. See you all this summer.

Monday April 13 5:43:14 2009
Name:Gina Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Alberta
Comments:Recently moved myself and my daughter to Alberta...I doubt we'll be going home every summer like I've been able to since I was a baby, but we'll try our best!! I love going back home..definately miss the beach and ocean!!! Hi to all my Patterson and Annett family back home :)

Wednesday April 8 13:46:40 2009
Name:robert lee jalbert
Birth Place:scarborough, ontario
Current Location:whitby, ontario
Comments:My father had a lot of family in Gaspe years ago. He hung around down there way back around the 60's. My grandfather I do believe was born in Gaspe. My fathers name is Bernard Jalbert and his fathers name was Placid. I am just searching through for something to do. Gaspe is a beautiful area.

Friday April 3 1:46:56 2009
Name:Sally Chamberlain
Birth Place:Murdochville
Current Location:London, Ontario
Comments:Oh what a wonderful place it was and is. If only we could see it all again as it was.

Tuesday March 31 2:03:31 2009
Name:matthew patterson
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:magog quebec
Comments:just saying hi to all and see you all soon

Saturday March 28 17:48:11 2009
Name:Barbara legresley
Birth Place:bougainville
Current Location:niagara falls ontario
Comments:just want to say hello. let you know i have a new email address. you can email me at any time. and see you's all the last 2 weeks of july take care tll then love barbara..

Monday March 16 21:53:45 2009
Name:barbara legresley zegnal
Birth Place:bougainville
Current Location:niagara falls ontario
Comments:hello everyone,just can't for last 2weeks in july it's gonna be great to see good old gaspe again

Wednesday March 11 21:36:56 2009
Name:Donna Rooney Green
Birth Place:
Current Location:New Brunswick
Comments:Loved visiting Granny Ruby Rooney when I was young in Douglastown and I very much miss the place!
Hopefully someday soon I shall visit again.
Sending big Hello's to all of my Rooney Kin that way!

Donna Rooney Green :)

Wednesday March 11 19:16:12 2009
Name:carter patterson
Birth Place:wakeham
Current Location:mississauga
Comments:Enjoy the site been gone since 16 yrs old but it is still home to me thnks for this great site

Monday March 9 12:37:37 2009
Name:Richard Parker
Birth Place:Edmonton, Alberta
Current Location:Edmonton, Alberta
Comments:Hi I'm trying to locate descendants of John Kenny and Mary Joanna Parker for a family gathering. MARY JOANNA PARKER, b. December 13, 1857, Nouvelle, Quebec, Canada; m. JACK KENNY, November 28, 1876, St. Jean Evangeliste/Nouvelle, Que..; b. 1850, Nouvelle, Quebec, Canada; d. October 20, 1911, Nouvelle, Quebec, Canada.

Sunday March 8 17:00:24 2009
Name:Keith Grantmyre
Birth Place:Baie Ste Anne
Current Location:Angus Ontario
Comments:i was born in Brampton ont. but i was raised in Baie Ste Anne New Brunswick.....i sure miss home. i live in Angus Ontario now.

Thursday March 5 0:38:52 2009
Name:ivan girard
Birth Place:barachois gaspe
Current Location:brampton ont
Comments:great site keep up the good work

Monday March 2 23:20:34 2009
Name:Barbara legresley zegnal
Birth Place:bougainville
Current Location:naigara falls ontario
Comments:i would like to say hello to my two beautiful sisters that i miss very much. just cant wait to come home this summer . gaspe is a wonderful place to live.home is where my herat for sure.and a big hello to all my relitaves see u's all this summer love all bye for noe

Sunday March 1 12:49:49 2009
Name:Patricia Bourgaise
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Ottawa
Comments:Just like to say Hi, to all my family.

Saturday February 28 13:47:09 2009
Name:Sharon Boyle Dee
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Pointe Claire,Quebec
Comments:My husband George Dee and I have a house in barachois. I spend 5-6 weeks there every summer. We try to go down also in the winter but haven't succeeded the last 2yrs. Would love ot hear from anyone that i new as a child.

Saturday February 21 1:52:20 2009
Name:Alfred Syvret
Birth Place:Bougainville
Current Location:Verdun, Quebec

Wednesday February 18 22:47:35 2009
Name:Alma Le Mesurier
Birth Place:Barachois Qc.
Current Location:Cap-d'Espoir Qc.

Sunday February 15 12:17:02 2009
Name:linda smith
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:nice too see alot of familar names on a beautiful site

Sunday February 1 22:45:16 2009
Name:Peter Reid
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Fergus Ontario
Comments:Nice to see all the fimilar names from the old stompin ground.

Saturday January 31 14:06:17 2009
Name:Shelley Milligan
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:Alberta

Thursday January 22 19:38:41 2009
Name:Sharon Moore-Baird
Birth Place:Haldimand, Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Cambridge, Ontario
Comments:Updating my email address

Wednesday January 21 14:22:20 2009
Name:dave scott
Birth Place:greenfieldpark que
Current Location:kitchener ont
Comments:was looking for info on the scott family in gaspe but did find my grandmother in a cemetary sight.ethel scott

Tuesday January 13 18:45:56 2009
Name:Nancy Hackett
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Chateauguay, Qc
Comments:Daughter of Garry Hackett, I would love to here some stories of my dad.

Sunday January 11 16:26:06 2009
Name:Allan Foley
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Moncton, New Brunswick
Comments:Great site. Love visiting Gaspe.

Saturday January 10 13:31:44 2009
Birth Place:Gaspé, Québec
Current Location:Montréal
Comments:This Guest Book is interesting. Brings back some old memories. I go to Gaspé
every summer(usually the last 2 weeks of July) I spend my days at Haldimand
beach with my family. I love it!!!

Thursday January 8 16:37:04 2009
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
Birth Place:Tupper lake NY
Current Location:Saranac lake NY
Comments:Hi Everyone, I am researchingg both my Mom's family. they are girard, Boucher and Henley family. My grandfather was Albert Peter Girard born in Barachois married Racael Henley. My ggrandfather was Augustine Dupre married to Blanche or Eveloyn Bond either in Fox River or Perce area. Their son Joseph Amede or Amede Joseph was my grandfather and came to Tupper lake NY to Lumber. Do any of these names sound familiar? We are also related to Maloney and many more. My husband an I have been to the Gaspe are twice and love it. Our Boucher family used to come visit to Tupper Lake every summ when I was a child. Would love to hear from anyone that could help with any info or family members. Marlene

Thursday January 8 16:14:13 2009
Name:Marina Melanson
Birth Place:Pointe-Navarre, Gaspe
Comments:I visited Gaspe in Dec.2007- and I took a walk along the ocean on Dec.21 st.wearing a pair of snow boots- but I walked in sand. As a child I dont remember a winter being so mild. Most of my family has moved away except for a brother and a few cousins- the rest are scattered all over the place. Would love to hear from any-one out there that remembers the Stanley family of Pointe Navarre.. Im planning a trip back this summer- Im still in love with the place.

Wednesday January 7 21:13:30 2009
Birth Place:GASPE
Comments:My family name was Stanley- born in Pointe Navarre-

Moved away when I was very young- always went back for a visit- My last visit was December of 2007. Its always fun to go home and see all the changes -except for the scenery it just gets more awesome. Is there anymore Stanleys out there that would like to get in touch- I know I have hundreds of cousins out there somewhere- It would be fun to hear from them. I still have a brother who lives down there. This is a great site.

Marina Stanley

Thursday January 1 21:25:51 2009
Name:Jamie Willett
Birth Place:Quebec
Current Location:Quebec
Comments:Any relations to the Willett Family?

Jamie Willett

Sunday December 28 15:18:12 2008
Name:Geoffrey Kilburn
Birth Place:England
Current Location:Carrying Place Ont.
Comments:Hi Lynn & Lois I have tried to e-mail you at the address you show on GoGaspe but they won't go through. If yopu can get to me and maybe we can figure it out.


Thursday December 25 22:45:23 2008
Name:Myrna Suddard Methot
Birth Place:Pointe Mavarre, Gaspe, Que.
Current Location:London, Ontario
Comments:Very nice site, Keep up the good works.
I would like to wish every one Happy Holidays and healthy New Year!!

Monday December 22 23:15:13 2008
Name:Dagmar Gregg(Miller)
Birth Place:Farwell Cove Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge Ont.
Comments:Wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday December 21 14:30:55 2008
Name:Sandra Eden Lavigne
Birth Place:WAKEHAM
Current Location:Chateauguay Quebec
Comments:To all my dear friends, relatives near and far I want to wish you all the Joys of a Wonderful Christmas and a Year filled with Happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Saturday December 20 14:33:08 2008
Name:ruby ascah
Birth Place:wakeham
Current Location:lasalle
Comments:I would like to wish every one Happy Holidays and a Healthly and Happy New Year

Wednesday December 17 12:49:48 2008
Name:Greta Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Lasalle
Comments:I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on the Gaspe coast, my close family relatives,as well as cousins & friends a Very Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy New Year.

Tuesday December 16 2:28:01 2008
Name:Gordon Duguay
Birth Place:New Carlisle,Quebec,Canada
Current Location:Canada
Comments:I enjoy this site very much ....!

Tuesday December 16 0:26:41 2008
Name:Sandra Eden Lavigne
Birth Place:WAKEHAM
Current Location:Chateauguay Quebec
Comments:Congratulations on a job well done, the "new look" is just great, I love it.
Best wishes for a continued success!!!!

Monday December 15 18:51:07 2008
Name:Ivan J. Coffin
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Penticton, BC
Comments:To all the those involved, congratulations on the new look. As you said it is very easy get around.
Keep up the good work.

Monday December 15 13:05:17 2008
Name:Joline P. Frock
Birth Place:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Current Location:Olney, MD USA
Comments:Attention: Gilles Gagne': It is too bad that Denise Larson painted such a negitive picture of Perce'in your The Gaspe' Coast Summertime Fun Publication. The people at Camping Cote could not have been more wlcoming especially in the face of our speaking no French. The Irish owner was delightful and very accommodating. And too bad there was not a mention of the largest in North America Northern Ganet Colony (more than 100,000 strong) or the pleasant and enjoyable boat ride to get to their island. Oddly enough, though, there was a large picture of a couple picnicing on the island with a few Ganets around them. We did not look at the "trinkets" but we DID find the very T-shirts requested by our twin grandsons. The many small villages around the Gaspe'Peninsula are indeed charming and welcoming. Perce', too, as a typical seaside tourist town, has its charm and appeal and also offers some of the best and least expensive selection of postcards. In the almost two months we spent on the Gaspesie visiting the sights in all these towns, Parce' has become an interesting and important part of the whole experience, often reminding us of our own seaside towns in Maryland and Delaware. I hope Ms Larson's excepting Perce' from other places on the Gaspesie does not mar their efforts to please and increase the tourist trade. The town deserves better. Thanks for the publication and for this site. Jo

Sunday December 14 17:24:01 2008
Name:Lloyd & Gayle Rehel
Birth Place:Barachois Gaspe
Current Location:Longlac Ont
Comments:would like to keep in contact with ole friends and family

Saturday December 6 9:43:11 2008
Name:Lois and Frank Miller
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Mansfield, ON
Comments:This is such a great site...we check in periodically and really enjoy it. Keep up the great work Andy. We haven't been back to Gaspé for several years, but our love of Gaspé is always there.

Tuesday November 25 4:32:53 2008
Name:Conway Hotton
Birth Place:Murdochville
Current Location:Sherbrooke, Quebec

Saturday November 22 13:22:35 2008
Name:Goyer k Hamilton
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:montreal

Friday November 21 19:30:01 2008
Name:Michelle Marsh
Birth Place:
Current Location:london

Michelle Marsh

Michelle Marsh

Wednesday November 19 23:51:51 2008
Name:Brue D Hicks
Birth Place:Long Branch Ontario
Current Location:Madoc ON
Comments:Love your website, Still looking for Parrerson Relatives. My grandmother was Adelia Alice Langille (nee Patterson)

Sunday November 16 22:31:52 2008
Name:charlie caplin
Birth Place:gesgapegiag
Current Location:
Comments:nice site keep up the good work.

Thursday November 13 5:26:55 2008
Name:Christine Hardy
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:New Richmond
Comments:I never knew this site existed until i ran across it on Facebook!

Tuesday November 11 23:24:12 2008
Name:James Garton (McCallum)
Birth Place:Philidelpha Pa.
Current Location:Port Alberni B.C.

Friday November 7 10:35:12 2008
Birth Place:toronto
Current Location:new richmond
Comments:great site!

Sunday November 2 10:50:17 2008
Name:dora gaul
Birth Place:douglastown, gaspe
Current Location:montreal, pointe claire
Comments:I am browsing this site and see a few familiar names. Hello to all
my fellow Gaspesians...I am presently working in Montreal. I would
like to visit Douglastown this summer and spend some time on the
beach....might just do it differently this time and stay at the
old douglastown convent,,,,now known as a tourist/bed breakfast....I want to be as close to the beach as possible,,,Hoping I will see some familiar faces there....July 2009...

Sunday November 2 2:12:21 2008
Name:Teddy Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe Que
Current Location:Rocky Mountain House Alberta

Friday October 31 12:30:48 2008
Name:Denise Boyle
Birth Place:Toronto
Current Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Comments:Greetings! I really enjoy reading the postings on this site - it's a great way to stay in touch. On that note I was wondering if anyone knows the e-mail address for one of my former Polyvalente classmates, Archie Adams, now working at Omega in Gaspe. Please post a reply on this site if you do. Thanks!

Monday October 27 23:15:48 2008
Name:Frithjof Akerblom
Birth Place:near Dresden, Germany
Current Location:Vancouver, BC
Comments: Always a treat to visit this site. When computers first came into the schools, I cursed, as we had to learn to do our reportcards on them. Now I would be lost without the computer, and would not be able to read what my former students are still doing.
Some of you will still remember me from the late '60s and all of the'70s teaching in Gaspe. Live in Vancouver since 1982, and teach FRENCH IMMERSION.Although retired officially, I still work a few days for the DELTA SB, as we are short of French subs. Love to all, Mr. 'A' (Akerblom)

Monday October 27 13:07:20 2008
Name:Dagmar Gregg
Birth Place:Farewell Cove , Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge
Comments:Dora Miller celibrated her 90th. birthday yesterday at Golden Years.Her children had an open house for her.There were 70 people who come too wish her well.A lot of her grandchildren,and greatgrand children along with her nephew and nieces and there children and grandchildren and old friends.A good time was had by all.

Sunday October 26 23:42:49 2008
Name:Heather Maloney
Birth Place:Douglastown, Que
Current Location:Sunny Bank Gaspe Que.
Comments:This site is amazing it's so wonderful to reach out to the people we haven't heard from in recent years.

Sunday October 26 19:42:13 2008
Birth Place:malbay,gaspe,quebec.
Current Location:elora,ontario.nob1so
Comments:my name is shirley vibert robertson. Born in malbay,i like to tell everyone the first vision I had was the wonderful perce rock and it still is as spectacular when I view it today. I moved to Montreal when I was 16. I married my school sweetheart. We had three wonderful children. Our children enjoyed many summer vacations in Malbay which we will be forever thankful for. Our son charles (chuck) hopes to be married in St Peters Anglican church,malbay august 2009. That announcement brought a flood of happy tears, i have such wonderful memories of that church and the Rev. and Mrs Hugh I.Apps. we will all be delighted to accompany the happy couple. We now reside in the touristy town of Elora,Ontario, as close as we could get to magnificient water,rocks and caves. very much like the village of perce. friendly people who car for each other like many small villages. I would like to thank the many wonderful gaspesians who visited when I had a store here. I am now retired and anxious to hear from past friends. what a wonderful site this is to visit. Congratulations to all of you who make this possible!!!!

Friday October 24 0:52:07 2008
Name:Jimmy Boyle
Birth Place:Belle Anse, Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Great site Andy keep up the good work. Nice to see some old names from school here, and of course some old friends.

Sunday October 19 23:21:34 2008
Name:Sherry Simpson
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Albania (Europe)
Comments:Was down for a very quick visit (2 days) in July...spent my time in Rosebrige! I don't get down every time I come home from Albania (every 2-3 years), but I have lot's of memories and I sure do miss the Gaspe area!!

Would love to hear from anyone who knows me.

Monday October 6 23:15:21 2008
Name:kathleen devouge-ford
Birth Place:barachois gaspe quebec
Current Location:minden on

Monday October 6 14:11:53 2008
Name:Nicky Renouf
Birth Place:
Current Location:Jersey Channel Islands
Comments:Just throwing out a whole bundle of old photos when I came across a photo which was obviously not from Jersey as there were North American style horse and traps in the foreground. I thought it might be from the Gaspe, as I guess both sides of my family had connections there, my fathers side being ship's captains, and my mothers side Deslandes, being ship owners and traders.
The photo must have been taken around 1910 and shows a rather fine wooden shop with double frontage, a date of 1909 on the front of the building, and on the back an inscpription on the back saying either "lens, or "leur" barachois shop.
Anyone any idea or interest, let me know.
Nicky Renouf.

Sunday October 5 1:19:33 2008
Name:Mary Roxanne Methot
Birth Place:Espanola, Ontario
Current Location:Vancouver
Comments:descendant of :
Abraham b.1644, France
Joseph b. 1699, St Nicolas
Joseph b. 1722 St Nicolas
Joseph b. 1746 Grand Riviere
Charles-Joseph b. ? Grand Riviere
Alexandre b.1833 Grand Riviere
Charles Joseph b.1862 Grand Riviere
Alexander Joseph b. 1907 Baird, Ontario
Kenneth Alexander b. 1931 Port Arthur, Ontario

Tuesday September 30 0:17:12 2008
Name:Cheryl Grant (now Moyle)
Birth Place:Murdochville
Current Location:Whitecourt Alberta
Comments:I found this website a few years ago and was thrilled to see lots of familiar names, just browsing through as I heard about Mary McCallums passing, and felt nostalgic, I have so many memories of her and everyone back there....wanted to add my name and say hello to whoever is still there..and hope to hear from anyone who misses Gaspe or still lives there, Val Mullin, are you still there?? LOL I still hear news from Kathy Baker (Crews)now and then, we are only a few hours away, I live north of Edmonton, she is in Calgary, so we hope to get together at some point this year. Best wishes to everyone back in beautiful Gaspe!

Friday September 26 16:48:10 2008
Name:marguerite quirion
Birth Place:barachois
Current Location:repentigny
Comments:just want to say hi to friends and family in barachois and bridgeville.we were down again this fall ,had a greate walk in the woods with friends ,thats a big change from the city air .we go home every summer to relaxe on the beach.theres no other place like home.moved away in 1971 ,always return for the sea breeze.

Monday September 15 20:16:16 2008
Name:susy lemieux
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe fontenelle
Comments:just like to say hi

Thursday September 4 12:54:54 2008
Name:DAgmar Gregg(Miller)
Birth Place:Farewell Cove,Gaspe
Current Location:Cambridge,Ont.
Comments:just came back from gaspe & had a lovely trip. seven of us went down by via rail.a long trip but nice even though we had to take a bus from madapedia. we saw a lot of senery we wouldn't have seen by train.4 in our group had never been down there so we seen it as tourist,which was nice.a lot of changes since i lived down there. seen some old friends i had when i was living there 46 yr ago.would like to thank Noel Depres & his friends for comming where we stayed & playing music& singing for was a nice way to sprnd a sunday afternoon. dagmar

Friday August 22 1:05:16 2008
Name:Brenda Summerhayes
Birth Place:Ontario
Current Location:Chilliwack, B.C.
Comments:My mom (Evelyn Howell) was born in Gaspe and my sister (Sandra Hamilton)lives there still. I visited every summer for 21 years before I moved to B.C. I heard mention that next summer is going to be special in Gaspe. IE similar to the Homecoming ???? Want to suprise her and show up on her doorstep. Can anyone let me know what and when and if there is anything big planned for Gaspe next year.
Thanks in advance

Thursday August 21 2:50:34 2008
Name:Dawn Eden
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Edmonton
Comments:If anyone knows anyone around Edmonton that's driving home this summer or fall and is willing to take some things home for me to deliver to my mom's place in Wakeham, I'd really appreciate the help! You can call me at (780) 633-6782. Let me know!

Thursday August 14 17:04:11 2008
Name:Bernie Arbour
Birth Place:Percé
Current Location:Fredericton, NB
Comments:My e-mail address changed last year and I forgot to update it. If anyone wants to contact me, please do so always great hearing from someone from home.

Wednesday August 13 1:44:40 2008
Name:Patricia Briand
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:I love reading about Gaspe,and Douglastown,,,after all,,it was my home town,for 17 yrs..i actually grew up in Douglastown..Beautiful town,beautiful,
Gaspe coast...I love it..I left when I was still pretty young,and so I don,t know many people from outside my home town,,,Douglastown...Patsy..
Keep up the good work with your,,,Gaspesians Online...Patricia...
Also known as :::Patsy Briand,,,in school,,,

Tuesday August 12 14:05:08 2008
Name:Patrick Morin
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:A nice place to live

Saturday August 9 11:42:29 2008
Name:Darlene Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Laval, Quebec
Comments:WOW just wanted to say how much I miss going back home in the summers. This is the first time in almost 7 yrs since I have not made it down. I miss Gaspe alot and hope everyone had a gret summer!

Saturday August 9 6:49:00 2008
Name:Dawn Eden
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Edmonton
Comments:I have decided that I'm moving home, most probably in the fall! I'm excited to go home, so I can meet my new niece and catch up with family - and frankly I am not the least bit upset about leaving Edmonton, other than the shopping aspect. This city has gotten way too violent, and the only place I can afford to live is in the heart of all the violence - so, if anyone knows of any jobs coming up, I'm more than willing to have a look! :D See you all soon!

Monday August 4 11:33:19 2008
Name:Carole Chicoine
Birth Place:Belle Anse
Current Location:Belle Anse
I just wanted to say Thank You to the people who keep this site alive. It certainly is nice to keep in touch with long lost relatives and friends.... Keep up the good work ( Andy, Ron and whoever else is involved with the continuation of GOGASPE)

Friday August 1 3:28:06 2008
Name:Lauraina Jeannotte
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:St-Hyacinthe
Comments:Hi just here to say what a wonderful vacation we had in gaspe. We rented a house with the ocean view it was so beautiful. To wake up in the morning and knowing that you open the back door and that your facing the ocean what a feeling. It was like a dream come true.

thanks to Mr and Mrs Talbot

Lauraina Jeannotte

Thursday July 31 19:07:54 2008
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert, ontario
Comments:my husband and i just came home from 2 gorgeous weeks in gaspe...and once again...i want to turn around and go back. i have been back in the toronto area for all of 4 days and i can't wait to get back to gaspe. i hate to leave every summer.
love the work you do on the site to keep everyone informed!

Saturday July 26 20:59:41 2008
Name:Richard Marion
Birth Place:Toronto
Current Location:san juan island WA.
Comments:I remember spending my summers visiting my grandparents in st. george
had the time of my life that is still as vivid in my head like it was yesterday miss that good family time , been back a couple of times ,
and will be back again.
my grandparents were emma and alphonse marion.
my father was matthew eric marion .
wishing all those lucky gaspe friends a great day .

Saturday July 26 0:05:23 2008
Name:Tina MIller
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Ottawa
Comments:I can't wait to come down at the end of August. It has been 6 years since I have been back and I miss it everyday, especially my favorite brother, Harvey. Can't wait to see you, Judy, Chris and Kyle.

Sunday July 20 12:18:26 2008
Name:Janet Laflamme
Birth Place:Barachois,Que
Current Location:Laval,QC
Comments:Hi,I left Gaspe at the age of 12yrs.I try to go back as often as I can.
It's what I call RELAXATION TIME.
Nothing beats returning home at anytime.

Monday July 14 3:22:10 2008
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:New York
Comments:Born 5/22/67
adopted in 1968 and left for New York. What can I say? If you know, I want to say "Thank You" - Love Your Son.

Monday July 14 2:19:30 2008
Name:Pauline Paulmert Langford
Birth Place:Barachois, Quebec
Current Location:Perth Western Australia
Comments:My sister,Kathleen, has just put me on to your website.Quite incredible that I can log on to such a website and read about different school friends, and acquaintances' news, birthdays etc all the way from the opposite side of the world! Unique I must admit but ever so cleverly put together! Well done Gaspesians. I shall continue to visit the website with much interest! Returning to visit the Gaspe in the next month and hope to see some of those lovely people who have posted news on the web.

Sunday July 13 16:13:50 2008
Name:Kathleen Paulmert Hall
Birth Place:Montreal Qc
Current Location:Hawkesbury Ont

Just found your site by accident, recognize a few of you!!! Gaspesians!!!!
It is a super site and I look forward to visiting it all! Meanwhile, if anybody from Barachois or Murdochville would like to get in touch, would love to hear from you!

Thursday July 10 17:54:58 2008
Name:miller donna
Birth Place:rose bridge
Current Location:la plaine

Thursday July 10 17:52:54 2008
Name:shaw archie
Birth Place:grande grave
Current Location:la plaine

Wednesday July 2 2:03:23 2008
Name:Keith Sinclair
Birth Place:New Carlisle Quebec
Current Location:Ennismore Ont (Peterborough)
Comments:We just returned from down home on June 25/08 , My 80 yr old brother Everett of Florida USA and I had a great visit , he had not been to the Gaspe in 60 yrs , I , 19 yrs.We visited family in Cullen's Brook , Bonaventure , New Carlisle , New Richmond , Maria . Everett surprised us all in his memory of homes and people he recalled 60 yrs ago . A lot of changes but the people always remain the same . I am working on a Family Tree for Sinclair/Ross/Thompson etc. gathered some great information as well . Special thank you to Murray and Maureen Sinclair of Cullen's Brook . Keith and Everett Sinclair .

Thursday June 19 15:00:50 2008
Name:Robin Sale
Birth Place:Northampton, MA
Current Location:Massachusetts, USA
Comments:I'm not from Gaspe, and have as of yet never been there, but I'm planning a road trip along the Gaspe coast line for a bit later this year, and I'm really looking forward to exploring a such a beautiful place.

Friday June 13 11:55:48 2008
Name:Allan Baird
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Halifax NS
Comments:I just wanted to update my info and say how much I enjoy this site. I am interested in hearing from past friends and classmates.

Thursday June 5 17:21:47 2008
Name:Greta Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Lasalle, Qc
Comments:Going home for a week on June 7th, hoping to meet up with some old friends. Keep up the good work on this site.

Tuesday June 3 17:45:45 2008
Name:Todd Clark
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Lennoxville(Sherbrooke)
Comments:I've been away from home now for about 6 years now and from time to time I browse through this site and realize how much I really miss home. I am yet to see a place that matches Gaspe's beauty and the people that live there. I cannot wait to get home to see my family and old friends every year. I think this site is a real tribute to our one and only home in Gaspe, and I encourage you to keep up the extraordinary work. Take care.

Sunday May 25 15:35:25 2008
Name:Deborah Metcalfe
Birth Place:Almonte,Ontario
Current Location:Carleton Place,Ontario
I am interested in learning more about Gaspe. I know a man that grew up down there. His name is Jean-Pierre Prevost. He is a very private quiet man. I have know him for years. He told me he still has a sister that still lives in Gaspe. He is a hard man to get to know. He has told me alittle about his back ground. About how beautiful Gaspe is. I know he will tell me when he ready. He is a gentleman.
So if there is anyone out there can tell me alittle about JP. The man who looked alot like Elvis growing up. I am very interested to know more about him.

Wednesday May 21 14:00:51 2008
Name:Clayton S Kerr
E-mail:clayskerr@hotmail .com
Birth Place:Campbellton, NB
Current Location:Trenton, ON
Comments:Born in Campbellton butspent my youth in Escuminac. Attended New Carlisle High in '64. Joined the Air Force in '66 & spent 37 yrs travelling about finally retiring at the above location. Planning to attend the EIS Reunion in July.Would like to hear from anyone from Escuminac or N. Carlisle.

Tuesday May 20 18:43:33 2008
Name:Gary Annett
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Whitby on.
Comments: Was down in Gaspe three years ago.. And seen a few old friends.. Hope to get down this summer... Take care all

Friday May 16 11:51:42 2008
Name:Amelia Clark Pelletier
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Londodn
Comments:I have just finished the book "The Grand Cascapedia River" by Hoagy Carmichael. My local library didn't have a copy so I had to request it through the interlibrary loan and had to wait for the book to arrive; but it was worth it.

Wednesday May 14 1:07:28 2008
Name:John Herrington
Birth Place:Peterborough Ont.
Current Location:Same
Comments:My mothers maiden name was Beulah Leggo her parents were Allan and Laura Leggo.My Grandmother owned Leggos Restaurant and Cabins in Bell Anse.I spent so many of my summers at my Grandparents home.Playing on the beach,helping with chores,fishing the nets with my uncle Witt.My mother came from a very large family.There all gone now but I have so many good memories of my summers down East

Tuesday May 13 17:30:15 2008
Name:Valerie Harriman
Birth Place:Cascapedia
Current Location:New Richmond
Comments:Hello there people Gaspe is A wonderful place It's very peaceful! If Anyone know who I'am just full free to wrtie me a email Always enjoy making new friends too!

Sunday May 11 16:04:03 2008
Name:Sue Raiano
Birth Place:Maryland
Current Location:New York State
Comments:Hello! Does anyone have any information on James & Barbara Kenny. I have run out of leads and am at a complete road block. I have gathered a lot of family history through various websites, but there are no family stories available. James was born 1863, Barbara born 1857. They had six children, Sarah, Gladys, Lucy, Frances, William, James. William was my grand father, I never knew him. I would love to "chat" with any one who might have stories to share. Thanks, Sue

Tuesday May 6 10:31:24 2008
Name:Cindy (Baker) Powell
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Kitimat, BC
Comments:Hi Just dropping a line to all my friends and family still in Gaspe. My family all left Gaspe many years ago. I was the last to move out west in 1981. My parents Elmer and Edith Baker, Brothers,Kirk,Dan,Tim,Randy, Sisters Bonnie,Holly and April along with spouses and children are all out here, Bonnie is living in Alberta.We are all doing well. Mum and Dad are up in age, 83 and 84. We couldn't of moved farther west and stayed in Canada. We are in Kitimat, BC. We made the right decision for us but speaking for myself I still miss Gaspe. Hope to get back there to visit one of these days.

Monday May 5 13:31:22 2008
Name:Ryan Sinnett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Vineland,Ontario
Comments:I miss my hometown and all the people that live there i havent been there since i was 17 its been too long. If any of the people that i met when i was down there if u wanna get a hold of me u can email me it would be fun to chat with. Take care down there and good wishes to u all.

Sunday May 4 18:45:39 2008
Name:john james hottot
Birth Place:marcil in portdanial west
Current Location:86 corbett rd westfield nb
Comments:glad to be able to read all thelatest news of my birth place each week on my computor and also when i am in my home in new-brunswick and also when i am in my home in port-danial west on the gaspe coast

Sunday May 4 3:04:49 2008
Name:Lorraine Alexander Carey
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:Hamilton Ontario
Comments:hi to all in gaspe i miss home.might try to get there this summer if all go well.hamilton is a nice place to live as well lot to do around

Friday April 25 21:39:44 2008
Name:Clement Richer
Birth Place:Val d'Or, Abitibi
Current Location:Perce
Comments:Hello everybody
Born in a small village in Abitibi called Val d'or (gold mines), I am happy to live in Perce and Gaspe for a while since 15 years. I love to live on sea side and I enjoy the wonderful view of the sea and the mountains. What a great place to live. Love your place and enjoy every moments of the day. Proud to be a Gaspesian (Newcomer).

Thursday April 17 23:31:54 2008
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert
Comments:hello...just checking out the site for new and interesting things. i will be coming out for 3 weeks this summer (end of july/beginning of august)...and i can;t wait!!!!
for anyone surfing this really is a great tool for planning your vacation or for just catching up.

Thursday April 17 19:50:46 2008
Name:alain goyette
Birth Place:montreal , quebec
Current Location:elmira, NY, USA
Comments:In 2006, I, along with a dear friend of mine, visited the Gaspe region, and needless to say, we fell in love with Perce and all of it's surrounding including and, most important of all, it's people.
I long to go back for since then I began painting. Prior to our trip, I wasn't really moved by a region's landscape, but now all that has changed, and my heart forever belongs to La Gaspesie.....Merci pour tous les beaux souvenirs et croyez-moi quand je vous dis qu'un jour je serai de retour..allez, a la prochaine vous tous....Alain

Wednesday April 16 14:52:43 2008
Name:John Foley
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Fredericton, NB
Comments:Great site! Currently living just outside Fredericton and have been living here for more than 20 years now. Time certainly does past fast. We try to get back as much as possible but still miss the coast and especially the people. Would love to hear from any old friends that are out there.

Saturday April 5 1:13:47 2008
Name:Gary Hayes
Birth Place:Grande-Rivière,Que.
Current Location:Embrun ON
Comments:I keep updated about the coast. My parents are still on the home farm. Most of my aunts and uncles are in Montréal and Toronto now. Thanks for sharing the news and memories.

Thursday April 3 11:50:23 2008
Name:Carol Rehel Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:St. George de Malbaie, Gaspe
Comments:Love this site. Interesting to see people that you grew up with or went to school with. And you wonder where are they now.

Thursday March 20 1:58:43 2008
Name:Amanda Brinklow
Birth Place:Belleville, Ontario
Current Location:Peterborough, Ontario
Comments:Hello everybody,

Just wanted to say hi, and I absolutely love the site you've built here! For those of you who grew up many years ago in Escuminac, I am one of Everett and Rhoda Price's granddaughters. Sadly, Grammie had passed away on August 1 2007, but we know she's with Grampie watching over all of us.

I also wanted to thank those who maintain this mother likes to log on and check out the weather and gas prices down home. She really enjoys having that connection :)

If anyone knows any history about my family or has any stories they'd like to share, feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you!


Thursday March 13 15:23:05 2008
Name:Ole Lydeking Olesen
Birth Place:Copenhagen
Current Location:Denmark Europe
My story goes back to july 1964, where I was a yong sailor visiting the Black Cape Pier.
.Onboard a Danish flagged vessel, loading timber for Scotland, at that time I meet several friendly people who I can never forget, recently I did found a letter in one of my old seamans handbooks, from a young girl I did new as well as her mother and sister, her name was Gail Willet, and she lived in Saint Jules. I may realise that she , at that time , was only 15 years and I did celebrate my 18 years birthsday, while staing alonside loading timber onboard the Danish vessel the M/V "Salling" from the 5 - to the 9th. of July 1964.
In the mean time I lost contact to Gail and my life turned into an other direction, never the less. I have been a Seamann all my time, an I am now a retired Captain on 61 years, with a wife and two adult sons and two grand dougther´s.
If anybody know any of the family Willet, I would appreciate if they will send my an Email.

With My best regards

Ole Lydeking Olesen

Sunday March 9 22:37:40 2008
Name:franklin (lynn) miller
Birth Place:sunny bank
Current Location:mansfield on
Comments:any of our old friends who would like to contact pls do so lois and i are interested to hear from any and all. last trip to gaspe was in 2004, may get back again next year, we have many relatives still there and are in contact with them, great site thanks

Sunday March 9 21:04:56 2008
Name:Lois Miller (Kruse)
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Mansfield, Ontario
Comments:Enjoy this site even though I don't use it too often, however, my sister was hoping to find out where her best friend from school is, her name is Barbara Keays thats her madien name, possibly goes by her married name now. Anyone who can help please contact her at

Friday March 7 15:10:20 2008
Name:jonilee chicoine
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe ,st georges de malbaie
Comments:just wanted to say hi for everyone that knows me n for anyone that would like to get in contact....i liek to especially hear from virgina cyr n andree anne...i never seen or heard from them girls since prek...also erin n patrick mckee...miss ya all...hope ur doing well...n i like to say hi to my sister n brother in law n my two beautfiul nieces kayla krystel boudreau kari-lee mila u girlzzz...

Tuesday March 4 13:18:48 2008
Name:Patricia (Pat) Roberts
Birth Place:Litle Gaspe
Current Location:Oakville ON
Comments:It is wonderful to go into this site and see what is happening in Gaspe. I am really impressed with the information that I have been able to get on the Anglican Churches in Gaspe. When I visited St. Peter's church in Little Gaspe, the church I attened as a child, I was disappointed with the info that was provided by Parks Canada. I accept the information Miss Phillips has provided as being more factful. Thank you Miss Phillips for all the work and dedication you have put into this.

Saturday March 1 2:18:46 2008
Name:Ralph Mitchell
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Oshawa
Comments: Gaspe is a wonderful place, can't wait to get back this summer, lots of fresh air & friendly people.

Wednesday February 27 10:23:29 2008
Name:Chris Chicoine
Birth Place:gaspe,gaspe que
Current Location:montreal
Comments:Hey all,
I m living in montreal now is 2 years again, I got a good job that just pays the bills, but nothing compares to down home. I miss fishing for the indians on anticoasti island and i miss all my friends and family. to all who know me,hello and i should see you this summer....peace and great site andy.
chris chicoine

Sunday February 24 1:58:49 2008
Name:Amanda Doody
Birth Place:Gaspe, P.Q.
Current Location:Edmonton Alberta
Comments:aw home how i miss you going to gaspe july 28- aug 11th cant wait to see everyone and of course the scenery and people are second to none.. the smell of the salt air sure beats the oil sands here
gaspe is and will always be my true home

Saturday February 23 1:17:17 2008
Name:Daniel Dupuis
Birth Place:Chandler (Pabos)
Current Location:Valleyview, Alberta
Comments:Heading for BC in June/ July. Hopefully a 3-4 year stopover then back to Gaspe. Hopefully!

Friday February 22 1:48:56 2008
Name:Gordon Duguay
Birth Place:New Carlisle , Quebec
Current Location:St. Joseph Du Lac, quebec

Thursday February 21 14:53:21 2008
Name:bill robertson
Birth Place:campbellton n.b.
Current Location:englehart on.
Comments:here's my right e-mail

Thursday February 21 1:18:03 2008
Name:bill robertson
E-mail:billrobert_8@msn. com
Birth Place:campbellton n.b.
Current Location:englehart ont.
Comments:went back to new richmond last summer it had been 30 years since I was home.we stayed with my cousin leo legouffe in new richmond went to grand cascapdia and met some friends i went to shool with. met my best friend i hadent seen in 40 years allan bartter things have changed in 30 years. it was really nice to see everyone and all my old play places. if anyone remembers me from the 60s please e-mail me bill

Wednesday February 20 12:53:47 2008
Name:Elizabeth Holland
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Calgary, Alberta
Comments:I was born in Gaspe & lived in Douglastown, moved to Montreal and now Calgary, I try to go back every summer, I did not go last year & I craved fish for 2 months.

Monday February 18 23:08:27 2008
Name:Randy Miller
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Cambridge
Comments:It is nice to check the GoGaspe site for a look at excellent photos and see what is new in Gaspe. The genealogy links are fantastic. We are planning a trip to Gaspe this summer and we hope the snow will be gone by then.

Monday February 18 13:25:23 2008
Name:Thelma Flowers-Buckle
Birth Place:New Carlisle, Quebec
Current Location:Mississauga, Ontario

Monday February 18 12:57:52 2008
Name:John Phillips
Birth Place:New Carlisle, Quebec
Current Location:Newmarket , Ont

Sunday February 17 22:28:57 2008
Name:jean McWhirter
Birth Place:New Richmomd West
Current Location:St JulesNo

Saturday February 16 22:22:49 2008
Name:Karl Mckinley
Birth Place:Campbellton N.B.
Current Location:Red Deer Alberta
Comments:Born in Campbellton only because that where the closest hospital was Cascapedia is home to me.Some day I hope to come home.Hello to all my friends in cascapedia and New Richmond Karl

Monday February 11 13:27:01 2008
Name:Heather Dimock Jacobs
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:Lamont, Alberta
Comments:Hello to all my friends. Time has passed any we have all gone our seperate ways. Our roots will always take us home. Often wonder where everyone is that I went to school with and the friends I met along the way.

Thursday February 7 23:31:55 2008
Name:Louella Lepage & Barry Rehel
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal Verdun..
Comments:This is a very good site...Like to hear from all friends out there,,,nice to keep in touch...missing gaspe so much...

Sunday January 27 22:48:16 2008
Name:Amanda Fosterl
Birth Place:
Current Location:Tokyo
Comments:I haven't gotten anything done lately. Today was a total loss. My life's been pretty boring today. I haven't been up to much lately.

Sunday January 27 20:56:32 2008
Name:Leigh Miller
Birth Place:Sunny bank Gaspe
Current Location:Alder Flats AB.
Comments:Just heard about this lately from Francis Patterson
It is a pleasure to see so many names on your guest book
that I still know Keep up the good work.

Wednesday January 23 16:57:34 2008
Name:Brenda Scott
Birth Place:Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Current Location:Aurora Ontario
Comments:I'm not exactly a guest in Gaspe am I? But, friends of mine live there and we have lost touch.
Peggy and Bill Bannier and their daughters Tracy and Heather were my neighbours in Toronto. If they see this or if someone can show them this please email me at I was Brenda Oliver when they knew me.

Friday January 18 12:37:28 2008
Name:Claire Thibault Rehel
Birth Place:Douglastown, Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Cambridge, Ontario
Comments:Well they say " HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS " I've been gone for almost 8 years and believe me my heart is were it belongs back home in Douglastown. Our family goes down every summer to visit our parents & our 2 girls enjoy the fresh air and the beach. We have so much family back there , why would you not want to go back. One day Brent & I will retire and we will be bringing our hearts back home. Keep up the great work on the site, I truly enjoy it. There is nothing like taking a trip to the place you love the most " THE BEAUTIFUL GASPE COAST "

Wednesday January 9 19:33:59 2008
Name:wesley patterson
Birth Place:wakeham,gaspe
Current Location:brantford, ont
Comments:gaspe is great
the best place yet
gaspe, my home
i'll never forget

Tuesday January 8 1:05:42 2008
Name:Derrick Le Lacheur
Birth Place:Gaspe Que
Current Location:Bedford NS
Comments:Great site. Is there Anyone living in the Halifax NS area from Gaspe? Lets see how many people we can get and have coffee. Just send me an email.

Sunday January 6 20:20:25 2008
Name:cyril annett
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:camebridge ont
Comments:like to hear from any one how remember me from the '60 we not young any more ,i will all ways love gaspe" its the best place to be "

Thursday January 3 16:55:43 2008
Name:Hose Pedrilio
Birth Place:
Current Location:Dallas
Comments:Hi Guys! What Your Blog Powered By? Keep up the great work!
If You have some time, plesae review my blog. Your opinion is very important for me: care product rosacea skin

Wednesday January 2 11:42:02 2008
Name:Stephen Flowers
Birth Place:Bowmanville, Ontario
Current Location:Oshawa, Ontario
Comments:Lived in New Carlisle on and off for a number of years. Dad was Dave Flowers, mom is Thelma. Uncle is Lionel. Went to Carlisle High School in the 70's.
dad ran the garage station in the 70's. Brothers are Wayne, Terry and have a sister Jackie.
Looking forward to hearing from anyone from New Carlisle that knew us

Tuesday January 1 2:15:42 2008
Name:Elaine Powell Willett
Birth Place:Black Cape
Current Location:Cascapedia- St. Jules

Saturday December 29 18:29:59 2007
Name:Lana Leggo
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Great site, I will welcome any comments from friends and former classmates.

Saturday December 29 3:13:26 2007
Name:keith howell
Birth Place:sandy beach
Current Location:cambridge,ont.
Comments:nice to see some names I remember.Ive been gone since 1956 but go back once in a while. keep up the good work.

Tuesday December 25 21:07:22 2007
Name:Joseph Jerome Leblanc
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Hampton Township, NJ, USA
Comments:I love your site, like to see more pictures of gaspe.lots of information

Love the site! Hope to see more pictures of the Gaspe area, buildings, people, fishing docks,coastal areas from the water, etc. The Gaspe Spec newspaper was a great thing to find. I will be in contact with them soon for a subscription. Thanks for all the information. Keep this great site going!

Sunday December 16 22:48:07 2007
Name:Mary [Girard] Snowman
Birth Place:belle Anse Gaspe
Current Location:Verdun
Comments:Even though we haved lived in Verdun for a long time we still refer to Gaspe as down home .You cant beat the beauty of the coast and the friendly and kind people. My best regards to everyone. Mary Snowman.

Monday November 26 2:38:45 2007
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:i really found this site cool we can keep in contact with many of our dearest friends i give this site two thumbs up bye4now linda

Sunday November 25 18:09:27 2007
Name:barry annett
Birth Place:montreal raised in gaspe
Current Location:calgary alberta
Comments:would love to hear from old friends. hope to see you all this summer cheers

Sunday November 25 1:12:48 2007
Name:eileen mckoy
Birth Place:Douglastown,Gaspe
Current Location:Brampton
Comments:I just found this site,and i think it,s such a great site.Thanks to the folks or person that made it.

Wednesday November 21 20:38:55 2007
Name:Dale Comeau
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Manitowoc Wisconsin
Comments:Just wanted to say hi to everybody back home. It's so nice to come on here and see familar names and places. It brings you back home for that moment. which is exactly what I needed. thanks.....

Monday November 19 2:57:54 2007
Name:Keith Sinclair
Birth Place:New Carlisle
Current Location:Living Ennismore Ontario
Comments:I am cuurently in Florida for a month holiday and visiting with my brother Everett Hayward Sinclair ( 79 yrs ) . Everett left home ( Peterborough Ontario) in 1957 , he became separated from our family . There was no contact with him till March 2007 when I found him living in Williston Florida He and I re-united in April 2007 in Florida and again Oct 28/2007 . Everett is living in a Nursing home/Rehab centre recovering from a heart attack . He is slowly recovering his strength and vividly recalls his childhood in Cullen's Brook and New Carlisle and hopes to live long enough to return one more time , we are certainly hoping he can. Our parents were Hayward and Alice (Ross) Sinclair , Everett and I are the only members of our family left . If any one should recall Everett please contact me and I will pass it on ,it would sure make him happy . Keith Sinclair

Sunday November 11 16:19:54 2007
Name:David A Element
E-mail:l-element @
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Ajax ont
Comments:We visit every summer our home in Barachois. Looking forward to the day when we can stay for longer and enjoy the beautiful fall scene.

Saturday November 10 15:17:07 2007
Name:Amelia Clark Pelletier
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:London, ON
Comments:I just want to thank all those who put pictures here. I really enjoy looking at them.

Tuesday November 6 14:16:31 2007
Name:Sharon Moore
Birth Place:Haldimand
Current Location:Cambridge, Ontario
Comments:Scrolling through familiar names brought back so many memories. Even though its been a few years since I've been home, my heart is still there.

Monday November 5 18:34:20 2007
Name:Robert Francis Tuzo
Birth Place:Campbellton,NB
Current Location:Riverview,NB
Comments:An excellent site. I was googling "Tuzo genealogy" and spotted this site. When scanning the news section I saw the expression of sympathy to the family of Eileen Tuzo Legresley on her passing at the age of 99. She was my aunt. Her brother ,Francis C. Tuzo, my father, died in 1989 at the age of 89. When we lived in Perce our families visited each other many times. I even stayed with them one time when Uncle Harold ran a store in Gaspe. Except for her brother Reginald, the rest of her brothers and sisters were blessed with longevity. Thank you for the site and the information. My condolences to Edith and Jack.

Monday November 5 4:33:50 2007
Name:penny yeo
Birth Place:sept-iles,quebec
Current Location:moncton,new brunswick
Comments:hello to all,i would love to join up to 'gaspesians online'.my reason is my grand-mother was born in sandy beach,gaspe.her name was 'EVA MILLER',BORN TO 'CLARENCE MILLER AND FLORENCE COFFIN'.I was recently told that my grand-mothers cousin was the infamous"WILBER COFFIN",FROM THE "COFFIN AFFAIR".I am intrigued on the history behind all this.i need to find out more.i'm on a journey.thanks to anyone who can respond to any information of the history.

Thursday November 1 19:44:29 2007
Name:Bill Boulet
Birth Place:Gaspé
Current Location:SHAPE Belgium
Comments:Your site continues to be a wonderful way for all to communicate with friends and keep in touch. We look forward to visiting Gaspé in 2008 after many years of travel with the Forces.

Saturday October 27 17:12:08 2007
Name:Jennifer Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Scarborough Ont.
Comments:Awww, coming to this website makes me miss home so much! I haven't been home in 3 years. Unfortunately my job, bills and my kids have kept me from going the last couple of years. I hope... really really soon, summer of 2008 will be my year for coming back!!! It would be so nice to be home, and see everyone.I Miss home and everyone there. I'm Glad there is a place to catch up on the happenings of Gaspe. Great site for friends and family.

Wednesday October 24 23:04:00 2007
Name:Sue Raiano
Birth Place:Maryland
Current Location:New York State
Comments:Hi. I'm looking on information on the Kenny family. James & Barbara born 1863 and 1857 respectively. They had Mary, Sarah (McDavid??), Frances, James, William. I did find them in both the 1901 & 1911 census, after that I can't find a thing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tuesday October 23 10:01:47 2007
Name:Darlene Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Laval
Comments:Miss home and everyone there. Glad there is a place to catch up on the happenings of Gaspe. Great site for friends and family.

Monday October 22 3:51:29 2007
Name:dave boyle
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:port colborne

Saturday October 13 23:22:10 2007
Name:Gina Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Manitouwadge, Ontario
Comments:awww, coming to this website makes me miss home so much! I haven't been home since July 2005 when my grandmother(Elva Annett)passed away. Unfortuntely jobs and bills have kept me from going the last couple of years. I hope.. really really hope, 2008 will be my year again!!! Would be so nice to be home around my cousins(Tasha Gillis)wedding!!!

Saturday October 13 12:11:37 2007
Name:Jean-Luc Dion
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Ennismore, Ont
Comments:Wonderful site, nice to see some familiar names. Keep up the good work

Tuesday October 9 23:57:48 2007
Name:Ola Robertson
Birth Place:Bridgeville
Current Location:West Vancouver
Comments:I am so happy to have found this site, thank you for making it available for all Gaspesians, would like to hear from long lost relatives and friends

Sunday September 30 1:45:47 2007
Name:Brenda Patterson Roberts
Birth Place:Parrsboro NS
Current Location:Parrsboro NS
Comments:I have been to Gaspe several times to visit my aunt and uncle Lee and Mildred Leggo. They are gone now and I remember my them and my visits to your beautiful location very fondly. I just found this site tonight, and I noticed an entry of June 15, 2006 remembering my first cousin, Leroy Leggo. They were very special to me. Leroy's mom and mine were sisters.

Saturday September 15 20:45:32 2007
Name:Cara Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:hi everyone!!! Very nice site!!! Anyone of my classmates want to give me a shout, go right ahead. It will be nice to hear from you!! Byebye 4 now!!

Tuesday September 11 15:24:04 2007
Name:Veronica Adams
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Great Site!!!

Wednesday September 5 22:51:47 2007
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert
Comments:Love this site...lots of useful info...and I check in regularly to see what's going on. I visit Gaspe every summer....had a nice trip "down" this year..with good weather and I miss it the moment I turn around to come home.
Next year I would like to see some things that I haven't seen yet. If anyone knows of any out of the way places that the tourists haven't found...let me know.
Thank you.

Monday September 3 21:59:15 2007
Name:Patricha Girard
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Pointe-Calumet
Comments:Just love to go back home.Go down at least 4 times a year.

Monday September 3 21:54:00 2007
Name:Connie Alexander
Birth Place:Sandy Beach
Current Location:Deux-Montagnes
Comments:I love to go back every summer to go whale watching and visit old family members and friends.

Sunday September 2 3:58:58 2007
Name:Jimmy Boyle
Birth Place:Belle Anse
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:A great site with alot of familiar faces.......

Sunday August 26 17:37:15 2007
Name:Joanne Patterson Hunter
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Paris Ontario

Thursday August 23 20:33:17 2007
Name:Gary & Mary Anne White
Birth Place:douglastown. qc
Current Location:Sebright, ontario
Comments:Hi. just thought we'd send a note thanking all those who put on a wonderful 50th school reunion @ St Patrick in Douglastown.
Gary met quite a few school chums he hasn't seen since he left in 1959.
How we all change. However some how most of them could sell remember Gary after such a long time.
Many thanks to the owners of Camp Gaspe. They were great hosts & we would recommend anyone who travel to Gaspe by Motor home or camper to book some time at their Campground.
As someone once said, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.
Gary & Maryanne White

Tuesday August 21 12:52:00 2007
Name:Dennis Element
Birth Place:Gaspe Que/Belle Anse
Current Location:Hamilton/Ont

Saturday August 18 1:01:28 2007
Name:Rodney Vibert
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:huntsville, ON
Comments:I would like to say that this site is a blessing for thoes of us that do not live there. i would like to here from all of the friends from high school that we haven't seen in 50 years. we are all getting older and hopefully will have some time to reflect on the past.

Friday August 17 20:50:08 2007
Name:leona hipson,david element
Birth Place:seal cove,barachois
Current Location:laval,que
Comments:no place like home,we go at lease 4 times a year for vacation . we love going down home . email me anytime.

Friday August 17 19:47:56 2007
Name:theresa kennedy
Birth Place:douglastown
Current Location:montreal
Comments:my daughter Kathy and I had a short visit to Gaspe this
summer its always nice to visit my home town
lots of happy memories there
looking forward to visit again
theresa kennedy

Wednesday August 15 0:54:45 2007
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Welland .Ont.
Left Gaspe in 1963,have been back many times.Last visit was 1 yr. ago.
Nice place to visit.

Tuesday August 14 18:38:24 2007
Name:Frithjof Akerblom
Birth Place:Germany
Current Location:Vancouver,BC
Comments:Nice to see I recognize so many names on the 'on-line' list. We were in Gaspe for a week this July, but it was not long enough.
Sayin 'hi' to all my former students @ Gaspe Elementary and l'Ecole Polyvalente, between 1967 and 1979.
Miss GASPE, esp. in the summers, and think of you often.
Take care and look after yourselves...

Mr. 'A' (Akerblom)

Sunday August 12 21:07:52 2007
Name:Geoffrey Kilburn
Birth Place:England raised in Sunnybank
Current Location:Carrying Place Ontario
Comments:Just wanted to say how beautiful Gaspe still is and how much we enjoyed the reunion and pioneer days, I would also like to say that I apologize to anyone that I didn't recognize, it has been a long time since I was there,met a lot of people I haven't seen for awhile. Deb really enjoyed it and we can't wait to get back, reunion or not. Thanks to Willy, Bobby and Lorna for their hospitality, included in that is Ivy & Ross. Mary Patterson had a good time also. See ya next year if possible.

Sunday August 12 17:37:03 2007
Name:Amanda Doody
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:edmonton alberta
Comments:havent been to gaspe in a few years and miss it so...theres no place like home.. also would like to get in contact with family and friends from there..drop me a line

Friday August 10 21:05:00 2007
Name:Paulette(Gallibois) Kennedy
Birth Place:St.Augustine River, North Shore
Current Location:Kingston,Ont
Comments:Just got back from the School reuinon inDouglastown ... the 1956-57 yr...
was awesome.. met so many people... Errol had a great time meeting friends he hasn;t seen in 35 yrs or more oh oh that must tell our ages hahahah
We stayed at the school... a very nice place to stay...
We are now planning a trip to Whistler,BC in Sept to see our son, and other family members that are ther working on the BOB SKLED RUN for the 2010 Olympics// cool hey...
hello to anyone I know onhere always nice to go back toGaspe !!
Paulette and Errol Kennedy

Friday August 10 13:06:51 2007
Name:Darlene Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Hi all, my family and I were in Gaspe for almost 3 weeks and they so miss it already. Hope to be back soon.

Tuesday August 7 23:38:33 2007
Name:Joseph Gilles Bourget
Birth Place:Halifax , Nova Scotia
Current Location:Paisley, Ontario
Comments:Was raised til the age of sixteen in V'Al D'Espoir Still have familly there

Tuesday July 31 10:14:29 2007
Name:Cindy (Baker) Powell
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Kitimat, BC
I check the site often to see what is new. I have lived here in Kitimat since 1981 and still miss Gaspe. My whole family is here and it is the best move we could of made because things are great. We have all done well and live in a beautiful town on the other side of Canada but still close to an Ocean. We have family still in Gaspe and I would like to say hello to whom ever remembers us.

Friday July 27 19:17:31 2007
Name:lisa miller
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:olympia wa
Comments:was looking through sites on gaspe and came upon this great
chance to say hi! will be "home" in august 07 with family
and can't wait to have some atlantic lobster! miss it here
on the west coast! thanks for the opportunity to touch base
with fellow gaspesians

Friday July 27 0:17:08 2007
Name:Juanita Perry (Annett)
Birth Place:Bougainville
Current Location:Havelock N.B.
Comments:I went to Belle-Anse school then to Gaspe Polyvalente to grade 10.My dad is Garnet Annett and Mom is Myra i think everybody knows my dad.He was a lobster fisherman.I would like to hear from some people i went to school with.i live in New-Brunswick now but i always try to get home as much as i can.My kids love it up home.If anybody asks where i would like to go on a trip i always say to Gaspe of course.what a great web site ,way to go.I will check it out regularly

Friday July 20 18:51:06 2007
Name:richard hipson
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:montreal
Comments:love the gaspe stay in sealcove for summer vacations

Monday July 16 23:08:36 2007
Name:Steve Methot
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Barachois
Comments:It's A Magnificent Site Great Way To keep In Touch

Thursday July 12 4:34:22 2007
Name:Karen Le Lacheur-Ruiz
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Kingston, Ont.
Love the site,It is said home is where the heart is and that is where my heart is in Rose Bridge, My father Arnold Le Lacheur is from Rose Bridge and I lived there for a few years when I was young, then we moved to Montreal, But I left my heart behind. I go each and every summer, and have brought my children down also. Now that they are all grown they too go down home for the summer.

Monday July 2 4:26:06 2007
Name:Karyn Mitchell
Birth Place:Montreal, QC
Current Location:Montreal, QC
Comments:I just got back from my first visit to Gaspe to lay my grandfather at rest with the most beautifulest view of perce rock for him, home sweet home for me, and I now that Ive been there, Im addicted, the most beautiful place on earth..RIP Mitch xo

Friday June 22 14:23:54 2007
Name:Randall Syvret
Birth Place:Bougainville, Quebec
Current Location:Bradford, Ontario
Comments:I miss Gaspe, plan on moving back one day.

Friday June 15 15:30:44 2007
Name:Gail Morris
Birth Place:Chandler
Current Location:Boisbriand
Comments:Hi everybody, just updating my e-mail . I like the idea, keep up the good work. Its nice way to keep in touch with old friends. :)

Thursday June 14 20:39:47 2007
Name:Leola Bourget
Birth Place:Regina,Sask.
Current Location:Heffley Creek, BC
Comments:Believe it or not I was just searching for some family history, when I found someone with my exact same name, which is what lend me to your sight. I've never been to Gaspe or even Quebec, but your sight certainly makes me want to visit, it looks so beautiful. I would appreciate if the person who shares my name would e-mail me.

Sunday June 10 14:33:13 2007
Name:Gary W. Stanley Sr.
Birth Place:Gaspe Que.
Current Location:Elyria, OH.
Comments:I was born in Gaspe 03/25/40. My grand parents and family lived in Grand Grave untill it was turned into a park. I have many fond memories of gaspe from my childhood. You have an excellent site, I reviewed all your pictures and ventured into other aeras. My father lived in Rose Bridge, My mothers parents (Roberts) lived in Grand Grave. I hove to visit Gaspe some day befor I'm too old to travel. Keep up the good work.


Wednesday June 6 7:24:35 2007
Name:Louise Milelr
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Fredericia Denmark
Comments:Hi to all! Just wanted to let you know that your website has been viewed by many danes and they are constantly asking me why in God's name I am here and not there!! They are stunned by the beauty of Gaspe. Thank you having such a wonderful website. Keep up the good work!!

Tuesday June 5 20:12:06 2007
Birth Place:haldimandgaspe.
Current Location:grandeprairiealberta
Comments:I am sending a short message to you ,we are staying in grande prairie yet it will be thirty years this fall since we moved up here .it pass' so fast ,but we do get down every so often to see all the folks down home.hope to go back before long .so long for now ,frank

Sunday June 3 8:38:40 2007
Name:Andrea Ruiz
Birth Place:Montreal PQ
Current Location:Kingston ON
Comments:I still come to visit Gaspe every year! The site looks great! Keep up the good work.

Andrea Ruiz
Grandaughter of Arnold Le Lacheur, Rosebridge

Thursday May 31 21:29:04 2007
Name:Reynald Methot
Birth Place:Perce, Qc
Current Location:St-Hubert, Qc
Comments:Thank for the oportunity you give us to say hello to all.

Friday May 18 2:54:38 2007
Name:Jason Langlois
Birth Place:Ajax, Ont
Current Location:New York, New York
Comments:Just doing some searching. Family from Grand Grave area. Simons,Roberts, Bourgaise and Langlois -Grand parents.

Monday May 14 1:57:01 2007
Name:Don Huntington
Birth Place:New Carlisle, Quebec
Current Location:Bedford, Nova Scotia
Comments:Great place to track old friends and new ones alike!

Thursday May 10 17:59:21 2007
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mount albert, ontario
Comments:Hi there,

just wanted to say that i continue to visit this site on a daily basis. i visit gaspe every summer and usually around this time i start itching to get out of toronto and into some nice clean air and gorgeous scenery (not to mention...better pace of life).
i was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas about new places for me to see this summer....maybe out of the way places that all the tourists don't know about.
any ideas? please email me.

love the site!

Wednesday March 21 1:22:33 2007
Name:dean palmer
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:love the site see lots of old friends

Thursday March 15 1:52:05 2007
Name:Darlene Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:laval,qc
Comments:I just spent a week down home and I already miss it. Can't wait to get back in the summer for the festivals. Hope to see some old friends.

Wednesday March 14 13:59:37 2007
Name:Ron Hackett
Birth Place:Gaspé
Current Location:
Comments:Just wanted to say thanks for posting up to date pictures of the Gaspe on line.
This is a good beginning when one starts to tell others about the beauity on the Gaspé. I always tell people that it was God's last creation.
Define: (He took his time to make it special)
I know for fact this Go Gaspe web site helps the tourist industry
Thanks Andy,Ron and all who works with this site
Ron hackett

Saturday March 10 0:49:38 2007
Name:keith howell
Birth Place:sandy beach ,gaspe
Current Location:cambridge,ont
Comments:I left gaspe 1956 born 1940 like to talk to other people from gaspe keep up the good work

Wednesday March 7 1:53:57 2007
Name:Ian Mullin
Birth Place:Edinburgh, Scotland
Current Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba
Comments:This was my first visit to this site and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about so many old friends and look forward to reconnecting with them in the future.

Tuesday March 6 20:22:35 2007
Name:Robert Robertson
Birth Place:Bridgeville
Current Location:Vancouver
Comments:Love this site keep up the good work, hope to visit this summer its been to long since I have been home
Thank You

Monday March 5 7:09:19 2007
Name:Randy Methot
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Brampton,ontario
Comments:I love this site keep up the good work

Wednesday February 28 0:30:59 2007
Name:Tilly Annett /Patterson
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Manitouwadge Ontario
Comments:Just heard about this web site,really like it.Hope to be home this summer.

Tuesday February 27 16:15:23 2007
Name:henry chatterton
Birth Place:hopetown
Current Location:leamington ontario
Comments:great site hope to here from some old classmates 1979

Saturday February 24 22:33:19 2007
Name:Carole Smith, Leonard Vezina jr.
Birth Place:Douglastown, Pointe-Navarre
Current Location:Deux-Montagnes, Qc.
Comments:Hi folks, just would like to say hello to everyone. We enjoy checking out the website and seeing old friends.Keep up the good work! We might be far from home, but looking at this site, make us feel were HOME .Thanks!

Saturday February 24 19:51:16 2007
Name:Murray Girard
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Newfoundland
Comments:Hi guys
This web site really touch home, the last time i was home is 13 years ago, when my mom passed away.I was born in barachois and went to school there.This is as close to home as i will ever get.notting to go back home for now.once your parents is gone to me, there is not much to go back for.


Saturday February 24 19:31:45 2007
Name:Alice Doody, Leonard Vezina
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:St.Eustache, Qc.
Comments:like to say hi to everyone who knew us. We left Gaspe in 1974, returned to gaspe for 4 years in 1997-2001. Then moved back to MTL.Hope to hear or drop us a an e-mail. we miss gaspe, hopefully be down this summer.Keep up the good work on this site. Hope to hear from our old friends.

Saturday February 24 19:22:28 2007
Name:steven comeau
Birth Place:st george de malbaie
Current Location:germany
Comments:Hi folks just want to say hi, such a wonderful web site to those involved,a special thanks and a job well done,keep up the great work.It,s people like you who make life so much better for us living so far away. Thanks again STEVEN.

Friday February 23 21:02:33 2007
Name:Ivy Roberts Phillips Nielsen
Birth Place:Rosebridge, Gaspe, Que.
Current Location:Maple Ridge, BC

I enjoy reading news from Gaspe and seeing many familiar names.........

Just wondering if anyone now living in BC, remembers me. If so, I would like to hear from you.
Ivy Nielsen (Phillips)

Monday February 19 15:26:29 2007
Name:garnet mitchell
Birth Place:barachois que.
Current Location:brantford ont
Comments:Hello to all Gaspesian. we will see you all this summer. love to get together at the barachois legion. take care. Jean&garnet

Saturday February 17 2:48:54 2007
Name:Derrick Dean Le Lacheur
Birth Place:Gaspe Que
Current Location:Bedford NS
Comments:Hi I can't wait to go to Gaspe this summer. My family and I always look forward to going to Rosebridge. Keep up the good work on the site,looks great!

Friday February 16 14:42:48 2007
Name:Greta Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Lasalle, Qc
Comments:Always nice to see new people sign up in the guestbook.I am planning a trip to Gaspe this summer. I was unable to make it last year, and I really missed it. Just sitting, enjoying the view at home, with Perce Rock, the mountains and the water, there is nothing more relaxing. Hope to see some high school friends when I am there.

Thursday February 15 14:31:51 2007
Name:Gary Syvret
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Laval
Comments:Just heard about this site and I would like to say that I hope you keep up the good work. It is a great idea to keep up to date with the news and also maybe find a relative that you did not know you had. My father was born in Barachois and my mother is from Cascapedia-St Jules.

Tuesday February 13 16:13:06 2007
Birth Place:
Current Location:USA
Comments:Yur page is so simple and simple is always beautiful. I am a freelance web designer and always follow the principles you have used designing your website. Keep the website running

Tuesday February 13 0:59:48 2007
Name:Darlene Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe,Quebec
Current Location:Laval,Quebec
Comments:Hey just thought I would join fellow Gaspesiens and get back to earth. I miss Gaspe and get back as often as I can. Hope to be home in March for Spring break. My kids enjoy the freedom of MY HOME TOWN. Hope to see more messages soon.

Saturday February 10 22:46:57 2007
Name:Jordan Element
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Calgary , Alberta
Comments:hi I enjoyed r great site reading the comments and listening to pamela and dale boyle's music
keep up the good work on the site

Friday February 9 1:29:13 2007
Name:Maynard Starnes
Birth Place:New Carlisle, Que.
Current Location:Watson Lake, Yukon
Comments:Love your site, i keep coming back time after time and enjoy it more each time.I been in the Yukon 20 years now hoping to visit Gaspe this summer, will be glad to hear from anybody from down home, keep up the good work.

Tuesday February 6 21:40:49 2007
Name:Andy Rehel
Current Location:Calgary,AB
Comments:love this site and can't wait to go back home and pick gum. lol!!!!!!

Tuesday February 6 3:43:37 2007
Name:Judy Hipson
Birth Place:montreal/raised in Barachois/on Gaspe Coast,
Current Location:Simcoe/Ontario
Comments:Loved this site, bring back alot of much has changed, yet not enough to take away from its charm... keep up the fantastic the pictures and enjoy seeing who visits the sites... anyone who knows me feel free to drop me a line would love to hear from you... and we can catch up... lol
Thank To All Who Made This Site
Great Idea...I plan to frequent this site... smiles Judy

Monday February 5 18:21:53 2007
Name:elymer boucher
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:pickering
Comments:i try to home every summer

Sunday February 4 19:21:12 2007
Name:Donna Ely
Birth Place:Montreal, QC
Current Location:Rawdon. QC
Comments:My compliments to all the people who have contributed to the site.
I am impressed with the pictures and information. And I have been able to contact famly members through your site. Thank you!

Saturday February 3 1:25:24 2007
Name:Brenda Wiseman
Birth Place:Shigawack, Quebec
Current Location:Tide-Head, NB
Comments:I just want to say that I love your site.I was born and raised down home in Shigawack,Quebec.And, my dad(Bert Wiseman)was from Shigawack as well.So,me,my mom,and my 2 brothers would like to say hi to everyone down home,and I would love to hear from you all.

Wednesday January 31 21:41:55 2007
Name:Lorilee Jean
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Wonderful site. Hope to hear from some school friends. Just drop a line anytime willing to chat.

Wednesday January 31 14:24:31 2007
Name:Carrie Ann Whalen
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Edmonton, AB
Comments:This is so nice to see. A page dedicated to Gaspesians!! Lets go Gaspe, lets go!!!

Monday January 29 2:15:57 2007
Name:Ivonne Jeannotte
Birth Place:york
Current Location:gaspe quebec
Comments: I just want to say hi to everyone.Gaspe is my hometown and will always be.I always said there,s no place like home.Good old gaspe i love it hahahaha

Sunday January 28 23:35:35 2007
Name:Linda Chicoine
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Great site! Can't wait to go back home this summer.

Sunday January 28 4:59:24 2007
Name:Amy Boyle
Birth Place:Belle Anse
Current Location:Truro, N.S
Comments:This site is great, lots of familiar names.

Saturday January 27 23:40:46 2007
Name:peggy vezina
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:st. Eustache
Comments:hi everyone, keep up the good work. i check to see if i can find old school friends. like leila patterson, beverley vibert..i left there at the age 17yrs old now i'm 52 that long ago, last time was there in 2oo1 take care everyone peggy vezina

Thursday January 25 14:12:57 2007
Name:Claire Thibault
Birth Place:Gaspe, PQ
Current Location:Cambridge ontario
Comments:I visit the site at least once a week. So today I decided to check the music that is on the site and to my surprise I seen some familliar names. But one that Stuck out was Pamela Rooney. I use to live just down the road from this young lady and I was listening to her song Little Angel I hope if she reads this that that I can say with a proud heart she as a lovely voice and Pam you should keep up the good work girl . I would love to see more of your songs on there you have a beautiful voice. Congrats

Sunday January 21 23:12:49 2007
Name:Carole Chicoine
Birth Place:Belle Anse, Gaspe. Quebec
Current Location:Gaspe, Quebec Canada
Comments:Hi Everyone,
Thanks Andy and Ron Patterson for a great site.... Lots of beautiful pictures of the Gaspe coast.... " We never know what we miss until its gone "....That truly sums up how we all feel about our home town.

I like to hear from other gaspesians.... Keep in touch

Thursday January 11 18:05:17 2007
Name:Donna Beauchamp
Birth Place:Montreal, QC
Current Location:Rawdon, QC
My grandmother was Eva Sherar Stewart from York, Gaspé. Her brother was Melvin Stewart. Would love to hear from any relatives who still live there or who are interested in family tree information.

Tuesday January 9 3:21:27 2007
Name:Carol Hotton
Birth Place:Belle Anse
Current Location:scarborough ont

Monday January 8 23:10:14 2007
Birth Place:GASPE
Current Location:CAMBRIDGE

Saturday January 6 23:20:40 2007
Name:Michel Cabot
Birth Place:Gaspé
Current Location:Blainville
Comments:I would like to thanks all who made this site! Job well done. Although my body is not back home... But my heart and soul will always be there. And looking at the pics and reading the info every day for the last 2 years!! It always makes me feel that much more closer. Thank you very much!!

Friday January 5 18:39:17 2007
Name:Claire Thibault
Birth Place:Gaspe, PQ
Current Location:Cambridge ontario
Comments:Just wanted to say hi to everyone back home in Douglastown. I say Happy Birthday to my father Philippe Thibault who turn 80 on December 1st

Tuesday January 2 19:30:15 2007
Birth Place:Port Daniel
Current Location:Stoney Creek, Ont
Comments:Good site to keep in touch

Sunday December 31 16:28:21 2006
Name:Leila Harbour
Birth Place:Sandy Beach
Current Location:Edson,Alberta
Comments:I enjoy coming to this site from time to time...keep up the Great Work!!!

Thursday December 28 4:04:40 2006
Name:Betty and Cyril Roberts
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Calgary AB
Comments:We enjoy the Gaspe news on this site very much ,keep up the good work

Saturday December 23 14:55:43 2006
Name:mark carey
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:hamilton ont
Comments: hi everyone
I enjoy coming on here and get some news from home and hope to ergo down this summer to see my family friends

Saturday December 23 12:51:45 2006
Name:Paul G Howell
Birth Place:Sandy Beach Gaspe
Current Location:Port Aransas Texas
Comments:My family left Gaspe in 1950. I have been back many times since, @ plan to go again, It's a lovely place

Wednesday December 20 21:58:16 2006
Name:Keith Sinclair
Birth Place:New Carlisle
Current Location:Peterborough Ont. area
Comments:Family from New Carlisle and Cullen's Brook moved to Ontario as a child ,returned regularily as a child , haven't been back for 20 yrs .Hope to go soon , started working on a family tree . Great site .Keith

Tuesday December 19 17:00:18 2006
Name:Greta Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois, Qc
Current Location:Lasalle, Qc
Comments:I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep up the great work on this site, its so nice to be able to touch base here.

Monday December 18 8:58:44 2006
Name:kenneth chicoine
Birth Place:Bridgeville,Gaspe,
Current Location:Bridgeville
Comments:Great site, Great to keep in touch with friends

Monday December 11 17:18:57 2006
Name:Cara Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe Bi!!!!LOL
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Hey everyone!!! This is a great site, keep up the good work!!! Hope to see all of my friends during the summer... At the festival of course!!! Byebye 4 now!!!

Sunday December 10 23:00:17 2006
Name:patrick fitzpatrick
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe

Sunday December 10 0:01:14 2006
Name:Evert McCallum
Birth Place:Mont Louis
Current Location:Pickering, Ont
Comments:Good work, Born a Gaspesian Always a Gaspesian, I have been meeting many Cousins at the Gaspe Breakfasts in Burlington, and Golf in Morrisburg whom I did not know. I was born in Mount Louis, lived in Belle Anse and Chandler, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and finally back to Toronto for the last 22 years. I have travelled this great Country of ours from coast to coast, Newfoundland to Victoria, California to the Yukon and met Gaspesians whever I went and there is no finer people on Earth.
Evert McCallum
Grandson of Thomas McCallum & Mary Ann LeGresley, and Thomas Girard and Regina Sullivan

Friday December 8 23:28:20 2006
Name:lorne glenda miller syvret
Birth Place:farewell cove sealcove
Current Location:owensound ont
Comments:great site keep up the good work

Tuesday December 5 22:07:12 2006
Name:Nancy Bourgaize
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Port Coquitlam, BC
Comments:I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all who made this site -on a job well done. Although my body is not back home- my heart and soul will always be there. And looking at all the pics and reading the info-makes me feel that much more closer. Cheers!!

Sunday December 3 17:55:27 2006
Name:Todd Clark
Birth Place:Gaspe Baby!!;)
Current Location:Lennoxville(Sherbrooke)
Comments:Love the site! Can't wait for xmas to get home and see some old friends and family!! Keep up the good work.

Saturday December 2 15:48:28 2006
Name:Marie Houldridge
Birth Place:girvin scotland
Current Location:england
Comments:hi everyone although i am not as you can see from Gaspe my mother's family are. unfortunatley my mother died and is laid to rest in Gaspe cematary. i have not been as yet but hope to get there one day. my sister has been and say's it is beautiful. she also say's my mothers grave is well cared for. ths site is wonderful it makes me feel a little closer to my mother. please feel free to email me if you wish. thankyou for a great site with love

Friday December 1 4:39:26 2006
Name:Gabe Fortin
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Edmonton
Comments:Hi, I just saw the "reflection on Gaspe Bay" pic and love it. I tend to forget about home here and there but that picture makes me want to go back right now!

Friday December 1 1:48:53 2006
Name:victor briand
Birth Place:Douglastown
Current Location:Cambridge Ont
Comments:Left Gaspe 41 years ago it is still my home although I live someplace far away I go back every year my favorite place is Seal Cove beach early in the morning when the sun is rising love the guest book keep the good work

Thursday November 30 20:31:16 2006
Name:John Fairservice
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:Halifax n.s.
Comments:Just wanting to update my E-mail address

Thursday November 30 13:08:14 2006
Name:Debbie Dugas
Birth Place:Dal nb
Current Location:Hfx ns
Comments:hey got introduced to singer Pamela Rooney on line last night through friend of mine Randy Hunter;wow she has a terrific voice.
Hope to hear her live this summer when i'm on the Gaspe coast

Thursday November 30 13:03:54 2006
Name:Debbie Dugas
Birth Place:Dalhousie nb
Current Location:Halifax Ns
Comments:hi all
have a cottage in Escuminac qc
my dad is from Nouvelle qc;Paul Dugas
like this site

Monday November 27 11:49:41 2006
Name:Andy Patterson
Birth Place:
Current Location:
Comments:Our guest book is back online. We invite everyone to comment about our site or their experiences in Gaspe. Please be advised that SPAM will be rejected.

Saturday October 21 22:21:14 2006
Name:Joyce Roberts
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:This is a great site. I check in every day. E-mails welcome

Saturday October 21 17:20:07 2006
Name:barbara ann howell
Birth Place:sandy beach gaspe que.
Current Location:kitchener,ont.
Comments:my grandparents were godfrey and annie mother was dora howell.i haven''t been back home since 1978,but hopefully 2007 will be the year.i have never forgotten my beautiful first would be nice to hear from anybody that knew mom or my grandparents.keep up the good work!

Friday October 20 8:09:43 2006
Name:monica stanley
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:i would just like to say thank you very much for a very nice site keep it up

Tuesday October 10 18:31:22 2006
Name:Melinda (Rooney) and Wayne Sturgeon
Birth Place:
Current Location:Ottawa
Comments:Nice site. Obviously the place to go for Gaspe news.It was good to get down to Douglastown this summer.

Tuesday October 10 0:11:12 2006
Name:Danny Garnet Cunning
Birth Place:
Current Location:Pickering Ontario

Thursday October 5 19:30:52 2006
Name:linda and boyd patterson
Birth Place:gaspe que
Current Location:st-catharines,ont
Comments:we enjoy looking through the gaspe news keep up the good work

Thursday October 5 0:40:21 2006
Name:Gerry La Flamme
Birth Place:Barachois, Que.
Current Location:Courtice Ontario
Comments: I've been in Ontario since 1965 & return home at least twice a year & will continue to do so till I die. I noticed a few names here That I have'nt seen in years, Ovlen Boucher, Norma Tapp, Lorna Chicoine. I just finished listening to Ovelyn singing. Good singing Ovelyn, but we need more songs.
Maybe now that I'm spending more time down home in the summer I'll get to see more people. I certainally hope so. Hope everyone is in Gaspe next year.

Friday September 29 18:54:59 2006
Name:Paulette Matte
Birth Place:Gaspe(Douglastown)
Current Location:Bathurst, N.B
Comments:This site is the best.........well done!

Thursday September 28 13:48:07 2006
Name:Rose Laflamme
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Cavan, Peterborough, Ontario
Comments:I am the daughter of Paul laflamme and Theresa Element. It is really nice to view this web site. My family and I go home every summer where we have a place next to the ocean. I tell you, it doesn't get any better than that. Truly awesome. Usually when anyone asks where I was born, I aimply tell them - heaven. I'm sure you all will agree. God bless you all and keep up the good work.

Thursday September 14 17:17:42 2006
Name:Cara Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Hello everyone!! This is a great site. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday September 5 23:04:26 2006
Current Location:STONEY CREEK, ONT.
Comments:I am the grandaughter of Daniel and Mamie Cunning of Haldimand. Ina
was my mother, Bud (Newton) and Annie my aunt and uncle. My father
was Bob Speers who was stationed in Gaspe with the Navy. I was born
in 1944.

Tuesday September 5 2:54:25 2006
Name:Ron Hackett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Thank you Gaspe

Sunday September 3 3:22:02 2006
Name:Shane taylor
Birth Place:Kingston,Ontario
Current Location:Kingston,Ontario
Comments:well it was nice seeing you guys again!!!

Monday August 28 2:01:05 2006
Name:Eunice Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe,Que
Current Location:Sherbrooke,Que.
Comments:Love this site!Haven't been back since Cegep but the pictures and the GOGASPE chatter bring back alot of great memories!!Keep up the great work!!!

Monday August 28 1:04:04 2006
Name:Karen Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Montreal, Quebec
Comments:This is a really great site with great info and pictures. Keep up the good work.

Friday August 25 1:20:22 2006
Name:Bev Baker (Trescher)
Birth Place:Murdochville
Current Location:Walkerton Ontario
Comments:The last couple of years I have been driving home to Murdochville by myself and love every minute of it. The anticipation of getting to Riviere De Loup and knowing that I have entered the Gaspe region is worth the drive. It takes around 18 hours and I usually arrive in town around 4 in the morning but I love driving up through the mountains on a clear starry night. It feels like you are able to touch the stars in the sky. Everything seems clearer and the air is crisp. I am now making plans for next summer and plan on hiking up Miller Mountain and the ski hill. One thing is for sure is that you get all the exerecise you need living in the mountains. Nancy Pratt is also hoping to come visit so we plan on also camping at York Lake and I definitely will be playing a few rounds of golf. (the course is one of the nicest that I have ever played on) Mom (Zoe Baker) also turned 90 this year and daughters Connie,Judy,Eleanor,Val and Bev helped her celebrate. After all these years my heart still belongs to the Gaspe coast with it's beautiful scenery and fabalous food. Bev

Thursday August 17 20:11:08 2006
Name:Elmer Foran
Birth Place:Cascapedia-St-Jules
Current Location:Scarborough, Ontario
Comments:I'm updating my information in your guest book. The last time I entered it was in 1999. The only change was in my email address. I love your web page. I don't think I'll ever get the Gaspe coast out of my blood nor would I want to. Keep up your great work and good luck to you

Wednesday August 9 21:27:00 2006
Name:Barbara Jane Lindsay
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Vancouver, B.C.
Comments:I was born in gaspe in 1952 and summered there every year until I was 18 when my grandmother, Pauline Lindsay, sold her Haldimand Beach home. My siblings and I feel we had a magical childhood, privileged due to our Gaspe heritage!

Saturday August 5 14:48:35 2006
Name:Vicky Adams
Birth Place:Gaspe--Sandy Beach
Current Location:Oakville
Comments:Just wanted to update my email address and say hi to all. I love the site...I get so much news from here. I even put it as my home page.

Wednesday August 2 11:16:17 2006
Name:Jody Bujold
Birth Place:Cascapedia-St.Jules
Current Location:St.Hubert
Comments:I love this website!! You guys are the best - thanks for keeping all of us Gaspesians linked together. Hope everyone is having a great summer. For those who know me, don't be shy to drop me a line (even to those who don't!) :-)

Tuesday August 1 15:37:49 2006
Name:Ronda Langlios
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Welland, Ontario
Comments:Just stopping by to say hello

Monday July 31 16:37:40 2006
Name:Cathenna Michaud
Birth Place:Mississauga, Ontario
Current Location:Pierrefonds, Quebec
Comments:I just spent a vacation in Douglastown, Gaspee with my boyfriend and son. My boyfriends family is still there, and we spent a wonderful week with them. The area is absolutely beautiful. We went to seal cove, and the beach, both which are wonderful. My son ran into the ocean fully clothed, just for the fun of it. I want to say thank you to all the people whom I met during my week there, and let you all know what a blast I had. Also I want to say hi to my boyfriends family The Rooneys, and to his mom who had to put up with all of us who came down for that week. And also the Briands, and McDonalds' who have some wonderful children, and grandchildren. Good Luck Mrs McDonald with the fiddle playing, it sounded wonderful last Thursday...

Monday July 24 16:19:59 2006
Name:steven comeau
Birth Place:st george de malbaie
Current Location:germany
Comments:Hi folks i departed from gaspe 20 years ago but i still call it my home. i will never forget such a beautiful place. i have so many great memories,from gaspe.planning on a visit soon.when i retire from work here in germany my plan is to move back to gaspe.nice to see a homepage like this one where we can all keep in touch. CHOW

Saturday July 22 19:48:31 2006
Name:Dale P Patterson
Birth Place:Gaspe-Sunny Bank
Current Location:Brantford, Ontario
Comments:Great Site. Keep up the good work. If any old friends want to drop a line, Please feel free to do so.

Friday July 21 19:59:32 2006
Name:Debby Vezina
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:St Eustche
Comments:I love this site keep up the good work. I love to come and see who's out there.That i can remember back when

Saturday July 15 19:09:30 2006
Name:Opal Hustins (Lemieux
Birth Place:Barachois
Current Location:Keswick, Ontario
Comments:Here's the link for Marc who wanted the poem written by Elizabeth Chicoyne Devouge.


Saturday July 15 1:48:30 2006
Name:Walter Williamson
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Vancouver
Comments:A short while ago I wrote a line telling of how I had married this wonderful girl from Douglastown. Her name was Laurine Languedoc. Douglastown had
many Languedoc's at that time It was the days of the "Haldimand" girls. The
"Bonds" The "McDonalds" (mayor of Douglastown) The "Coffins" The "Briands" And
a host of other wonderful people. Ilost my wonderful wife to cancer. But
I dont hear the loud accolades deserving of these people. The True
champions and founders of Douglastown. Love Walter

Wednesday July 12 14:20:15 2006
Name:Dylan Leggo
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Douglastown
Comments:Great work on the site. I really appreciate all the thoughts, email and calls that came in from across the country, around the world and here at home on the passing of my father, Leroy Leggo on June 13th. Thanks to everyone, and for helping us share our thoughts with each other. Keep up the great work on the site.

Sunday July 2 18:06:05 2006
Name:Gary Coffin
Birth Place:Wakeham
Current Location:Annapolis Valley , Nova Scotia
Comments:Just checking out your site as I do from time to time and as always it is good to reminisce over the old names & pictures of Gaspe. Although I don't get to visit there much any more, Gaspe will always be in my heart & mind.

Saturday July 1 17:54:18 2006
Name:Alan Le Grand
Birth Place:Chandler
Current Location:Winnipeg Mb.
Comments:Great web site.Can't wait to get back to see the Gaspe coast.Hi to
everyone in Paspebiac.Hope to see my sister Linda and my parents
Harry,Aileen LE Grand soon.

Saturday June 17 21:32:45 2006
Name:Marc LeBoutillier
Birth Place:Percé, Qc
Current Location:Ottawa, On
Comments:Your site is a great connection tool for Gaspe lovers and expatriates. Thanks to those who have designed it and maintain it.

I am looking for a poem written probably in the sixties by a great lady from Barachois, Mrs Elizabeth Chicoine DeVouge. It was published in those days in the Gaspe Historical Review. The title I believe is "Beautiful Gaspe". Can anyone help. Thanks in advance. Marc LeBoutillier, Ottawa, Ontario.

Thursday June 15 14:12:32 2006
Name:Cara Annett
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Our deepest sympathy goes to Leroy Leggo who passed away on June 13. He was a very nice man and had struggles with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers goes to his family and friends. He always had stories to tell about fishing lobster. He was 54 years old. It was great hearing his stories. He will be missed so much.

Friday June 9 13:33:53 2006
Name:grant boucher
Birth Place:toronto
Current Location:toronto
Comments:I spent many beautiful summers in Barachois and I have with great many memories of the visits to my grandmothers house. Mrs Edgar Lawrence

Thursday June 8 12:00:52 2006
Name:norma tapp
Birth Place:barachois
Current Location:brampton
Comments:just heard about your site from a friend. eline's wonderful.i will be checking it often. see you all this summer. miss the old homestead hi to my family madonna & bob/romeo/lonzo & jean.

Tuesday June 6 10:06:57 2006
Name:curtis stanley
E-mail:curtisst@bell.blackberry net
Birth Place:fontenelle , gaspe
Current Location:ontario
Comments:Great site. I had the oppertunity to speek with andy patterson when he was in ontario. That brought back memories,it was nice. Hope to get back home very soon. If you see a 2006 hummer coming out of murdocville road and entering wakeham, that's not me. I'll be the rusty old pick-up with big tires and full of mud. U can take the boy out of gaspe but u can't take gaspe out of this boy.there's a lot of thing's I took for granted when I left I realized it. Relationships come and go but friends stand tall. Well till the next time. Catch u on the filp side of life!!!!!!!

Sunday June 4 0:14:57 2006
Name:sonja johnson
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:terrebonne,quebec
Comments:hi i was wandering if anyone knows where i can get in touch with serena cotton and treena chicione i would love to send them a email and chat i have been thinking of them ,its been so long ago . anyway if anyone knows their email address send it to my email address thanks alot bye

Saturday June 3 17:15:26 2006
Name:andrew smith
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:great site . love gaspe.

Saturday June 3 2:10:11 2006
Name:david element
Birth Place:back in the woods
Current Location:montreal west
Comments:any old frinds out there drop what your doing and drop me a line

Thursday June 1 22:06:57 2006
Name:Taylor Patterson
Birth Place:canada, ont. burlingtion
Current Location:burlington
Comments:my grandparents were born in might know them. they know a lot of ppl in gaspe. i know a lot of ppl as well. well, just cheken things out! :)

[ppl = people]
my granparents are, charls and jacky patterson. well, tata for now!

taylor patterson

Tuesday May 23 15:46:11 2006
Name:frank harbour
Birth Place:haldimand gaspe
Current Location:grande prairie , alta.
Comments:hi all, as usual I am going through the Gaspesians Online " its really good to see all the folks from down home ,we hav,ent been down for three years ,so might take a trip this keep up the good work Morris , Ron , Bruce , its really good to hear. f harbour

Monday May 22 16:16:10 2006
Name:theresa kennedy
Birth Place:douglastown gaspe
Current Location:montreal
Comments:although I have left Gaspe many years ago
I have fond memories of the time I lived there
Its God's own country
A big hello to all m y friends who still there

Saturday May 20 15:13:10 2006
Name:Susan Sklarek
Birth Place:Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location:Providence, RI, USA
Comments:Hello Gaspe!
I spent one year in the town of Gaspe around 1970-71 teaching English at the CPES (the 12th grade French school) , and lived at the Ash Inn. I have wonderful memories of the beautiful coast and friendly people and of my first winter spent in a cold climate!
If anyone remembers me from that time, I'd love to hear from you - especially Rene & Louise Diotte, Mary Annett (physical therapist) , Mark LeBoutillier (my student from Perce), Anne & brother Johnny who lived at the Ash Inn, the Greene family in New Calisle and anyone else.
I haven't been back since, but am hoping to visit soon as my daughter is now in college in Montreal. My best to the Gaspesie!

Friday April 21 23:24:08 2006
Name:Dale Comeau
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec
Current Location:Manitowoc Wisconsin USA
Comments:Hey all,
this is a great site. Being away from home isn't easy. Gaspe has this sort of effect on you, like nomatter where you are in the world, there is no place like home. this site brings it all to you. the pictures, music, anything you can ask for about good ol gaspe, its here. visiting this site really makes you home sick. Very good guys on making this site.

Friday April 21 22:56:56 2006
Name:nora chicoine
Birth Place:St Georges de Malbaie
Current Location:Brampton Ont
Comments:Hope to connect with some dear old friends. I have lived in Brampton for 25 years. But when I mention home it is Gaspe. Hi everyone and thanks to the persons who created this web to connect the lost sheep from home. Love to all my downhomers. Nora

Friday April 21 0:23:53 2006
Name:john j. hottot
Birth Place:campbellton new-brunswick
Current Location:port-danial west quebec
Comments:i lived in saint john new-brunswick for 35years on till i had a stroke first in 1997 and then just lately in march i had another stroke have moved back to the gaspe coast now for 3years and have made your site my home page on the internet have read your news for a long time even when i lived in saint-john new-brunswick glad to have a good site on the gaspe coast keep up the work thanks for allowing me to sign your guest book

Thursday April 20 14:57:18 2006
Name:Tara Kelly
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Comments:I rarely ever visit the site but today I did and I listened to the music posted in "down home music" and was stunned! It's weird listening to peoples voices that you remember sounding much "younger" and now hearing them as adults and hearing how they have changed, matured and perfected. Pamela sound amazing!!! I can still picture you as a teen when I was in school with your brother...I bet you grew into a lovely lady and no have one amazing voice. Keep up the great work Pamela...and get a web site going! Your going to go far.!

Wednesday April 19 18:52:46 2006
Name:Daniel Harbour
Birth Place:Gaspe, Quebec
Current Location:Thunder Bay, Ontario
Comments:Great site, its nice to have a website that brings back memories of home. I think every Gaspesian appreciates the work you guys have done to create a place online where we can keep in touch with old friends from the coast. Keep it up!!

Take care

Wednesday April 19 15:37:42 2006
Name:serena leggo
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:mt. albert, ontario
Comments:this is a great web site. lot's of info for those of us who travel to gaspe each summer. i can't wait till july!!!

Tuesday April 18 17:18:26 2006
Name:Brenda Roberts Fortin
Birth Place:Grande Greve
Current Location:Repentigny, Que
Comments:Hi all
Went to Gaspe for Easter 2006, will be returning again this summer, It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I did a lot of traveling. Like the saying,there is no place like home, It is a lovely site. keep up the good work. I just discovered the site and am very happy someone told me about it.

Monday April 17 20:39:04 2006
Name:Shelley Roberts Boyle
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Burlington,Ontario

Monday April 17 16:49:29 2006
Name:jennifer carey
Birth Place:gaspe quebec
Current Location:hamilton ontario
Comments:hope to come down and visit my hometown and see everyone that i know in gaspe quebec hi to everyone that i know all my life

Thursday April 13 0:44:11 2006
Name:curtis stanley
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:newhamburg ontario
Comments:Drop me a line want to hear from old friends

Wednesday April 12 22:25:01 2006
Name:Brenda Wiseman
Birth Place:Shigawake,Quebec
Current Location:Tide-Head,New Brunswick
Comments:I love your site,there's no place like home and the Gaspe Coast will always be my home.I try to go visit as much as I can,I just want to say hi to Rosalee Major in Hopetown,Quebec:I miss you and hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday April 12 19:33:12 2006
Name:michael syvret
Birth Place:u know
Current Location:calgary
Comments:makes me lonely for home, and lot of people i haven"t seen in years

Tuesday April 11 18:19:45 2006
Name:Cheryl Lepage
Birth Place:Gaspé
Current Location:Gaspé
Comments:Great site!

Sunday April 9 12:50:44 2006
Name:Brent Hotton
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Whitby, ON

Friday April 7 23:01:40 2006
Name:patrick fitzpatrick
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:gaspe
Comments:hi! one of a kind site. good music, coffee, talk talk talk about it all. looking to contact old aquaintances. nothing to loose, everything to gain. anyone looking for news about gaspe? sincerly, me, haha.

Wednesday April 5 19:09:14 2006
Name:ovelyn boucher
Birth Place:
Current Location:cobourg ont
Comments:i hope to go this summer in july

Wednesday April 5 18:18:26 2006
Name:Marlene Marion-McGill
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:Hello everyone!
This is a great site, it's nice to see familiar names and beautiful pictures of the place I will always call home. It's a great way to re-connect with friends that we have lost touch with. Hope to see you all soon and if anybody wants to drop me a line it would be great to hear from some folks from down home........

Sunday April 2 0:45:14 2006
Name:amanda doody
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:moncton
Comments:just wanted to drop in and say hi too everyone drop me a line :) miss the gaspe hope to get back there this summer

Saturday April 1 1:37:03 2006
Name:stephane Morin
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:st hubert
Hey guys great site, its nice to have a place to remember where we come from. Keep up the great work.

Friday March 31 22:22:40 2006
Birth Place:cape sable island nova scotia
Current Location:cape sable island
Comments:i have 2 real good friends who lives in gaspe . i have only been to gaspe once . it's a real nice place . if all the people that live there are like my friends i'm sure it would be a great place to live . i like the leggo's know how much i care for them . they are great friends

Friday March 31 4:30:18 2006
Name:shane leblanc
Birth Place:maria
Current Location:st paul pres de jottile
Comments:nice site keep the good work up.....

Thursday March 30 19:56:48 2006
Name:Flippin' Jimmy
Birth Place:
Current Location:
Comments:I visited the Gaspe in 1972 - camped, hiked, and spanked the jibber over 27 feet long and wasted like a flopping milkmaid. How about them apples, Spanky?

Call me crazy, but if there is bucolic then the Rock at Perce is a monolith of at least seven compared to Holeman's niece, and she ain't much to wallop.

See you this summer - watch for the big red RV with Colorado plates - YIPPEE !!!

Thursday March 30 4:14:13 2006
Name:Catherine Annett
Birth Place:Montreal, Quebec
Current Location:Verdun, Quebec
Comments:Every year I am led back to Gaspe like a salmon returning to the spawning grounds. I go to Belle Anse beach and stand on my favorite rock and let the warm wind caress me. I open my arms wide and tilt my head back to feel the sun on my face, it is then I feel my soul expand and sigh. Gaspe fills me and heals me and no matter where I go I take Gaspe with me.

Wednesday March 29 22:09:40 2006
Name:Tina Lemieux
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Kinmount Ont.
Comments:I'm very happy that I was looking through this site. Just writing to say hi to all you Gaspesians out there. Its been along time since I've been home I really hope to make it back one day.

Monday March 27 17:35:39 2006
Name:Wendy Jean
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:Simply love the whole site.Everything is so awesome.
Thanks to you all! THANK-YOU for all the hard work.
I often recommend this site to my customers and friends.
I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.Take care everyone.
Have an enjoyable summer.

Saturday March 25 22:18:21 2006
Name:Olive Gaumond
Birth Place:Belle Anse
Current Location:Ontario

Saturday March 25 14:02:02 2006
Name:Lorna Chicoine
Birth Place:Bridgeville, Quebec.
Current Location:Quebec City.
Comments:Nice web site, like to hear from friends.

Friday March 24 6:57:44 2006
Birth Place:
Current Location:US
Comments:Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.

Wednesday March 22 3:09:10 2006
Name:Beverly Paulmert
Birth Place:Vanessa
Current Location:Waterloo Ontario
Comments:G'day, I am so happy that I came across this site. What a wonderful idea! I just want to say hello to all my family in Gaspe and Barachois and all that now reside in Ontario. I really hope to make it back there as it has been a long time.

Thursday March 16 15:16:53 2006
Name:catherine normand
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:montreal
Comments:great site ,it is nice to get news from gaspe,hello to all my family,keep up the good work ,i enjoy youre links

Wednesday March 8 11:16:03 2006
Name:Jacques Diotte
Birth Place:Gaspe, Qc
Current Location:Pierrefonds, Qc
Comments:Hi folks...Congratulations, great site. Moved to Montreal in 1979, but miss Gaspe and Murdochville

Friday March 3 17:00:21 2006
Name:sonja johnson
Birth Place:gaspe,quebec
Current Location:terrebonne,quebec
Comments:i'm glad to see a site about gaspe since i don't get to go down very often . it's good to see people i know from a while back . thanks for the site...

Thursday March 2 0:57:34 2006
Name:isabella gallon moore
Birth Place:new carlisle
Current Location:montreal

i'm very proud to sigh this book and hope to hear from people in new carlisle

Monday February 20 22:22:25 2006
Name:lorraine alexander/carey
Birth Place:gaspequebec
Current Location:stoneycreek ontario
Comments:I enjoying coming on here looking at old photo and new as well .I really miss gaspe and sure wish to return in the summer for a visit.keep up the good work i check every day for new from home

Saturday February 18 1:24:02 2006
Name:jane smith
Birth Place:maria,quebec
Current Location:bonaventure,quebec
Comments:I sure enjoyed visiting this site. I am very proud we now have a great site for the gaspe coast.I hope more people will join.Keep the great work up.Thanks

Saturday February 11 5:34:58 2006
Name:Arleen DeVouge
Birth Place:Gaspe
Current Location:Montreal
Comments:great site love to look at pics from down home,and show my friends pics of my hometown.good job an making this site its amazing.

Thursday February 9 1:18:21 2006
Name:shena starnes smith
Birth Place:
Current Location:new carlisle
Comments:enjoyed checking out the website,it's great

Sunday February 5 22:15:00 2006
Name:Alisha Syvret
Birth Place:Gaspe Quebec!!
Current Location:Oshawa Ontario
Comments:I love this site! The pictures are awesome...I often show my friends what their missing living in Ontario!

Saturday February 4 23:14:50 2006
Name:joni chicoine
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:bougainville rd
Comments:hi just wanted to say this is agreat site good job mr.andy and all who pitched in on the help of this site...gaspe is a wonderful place a true kingdom a glory and very quite and relaxing place called home..,theres no other place that can take the breath away from u like gaspe features..

Saturday February 4 22:07:04 2006
Name:Bruce LaCouvee
Birth Place:Gaspe (Sandy Beach)
Current Location:Vancouver BC.
Comments:Great site you guys.. !!! From the West Coast to the Gaspe Coast with the "Click of a Mouse.." Keep it up !!! Still remember all the fun times at the Polyvalent leading up to Grad 1980.

Thursday February 2 23:54:05 2006
Name:maureen renouf sinclair
Birth Place:campbellton, new brunswick
Current Location:cullens brook, bonaventure,quebec
Comments: febuary,2,2006 i enjoy looking at this site. keep up the good work.i have been raised in new carlisle quebec.

Thursday February 2 23:46:56 2006
Name:Maureen Renouf Sinclair
Birth Place:Campbellton , New Brunswick
Current Location:Cullens Brook (Bonaventure) P.Q.
Comments:I enjoy looking at this site. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday February 1 1:25:03 2006
Birth Place:montreal
Current Location:sarnia,ont
Comments:i am the oldest son of alva chicoine and gloria cabot chicoine.i havent been back since 1990.but because of my ties with my families there i will be looking forward to returning.i can feel the goosebumps of my return.i cant wait to feel like i am coming home.i will be there in july from if you see a white sports car that you have never seen before this is me.if you know a good place to relax please e-mail me

Tuesday January 31 21:21:42 2006
Name:chris chicoine
Birth Place:GASPE
Current Location:st,georges de malbaie
Comments:really love this site and to hear from old friends and also all the great pis from heavon here on earth(gaspe) home.....

Monday January 30 22:23:12 2006
Birth Place:Montreal
Current Location:Gaspe
Comments:I really enjoy looking at this site Good Job Pam oN your CD

Monday January 30 17:40:31 2006
Name:Sharon McDavid (Mercier)
Birth Place:New Richmond
Current Location:Alberta
Comments:Hi to everyone back home. Really miss the place! I'm trying to get in touch with Cathy Lyons. If anyone knows her e mail or how I can contact her, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Sunday January 29 18:03:02 2006
Name:Hazel Delaney Campbell
Birth Place:Campbellton, N.B.
Current Location:Pickering, Ontario
Comments:I enjoy this website and check it often. I would like very much to hear from friends whom I know. Thanks to those who e-mail me. Have a great day!

Sunday January 29 12:00:43 2006
Birth Place:gaspe
Current Location:quebec
Comments:wow, this is a wonderful site. i go back home every summer to open the family home...gaspesie has to be the most wonderful place on this earth, a real paradise.

Wednesday January 25 20:11:42 2006
Name:Daniel Arsenault
Birth Place:Gaspé
Current Location:Montréal
Comments:New Guestbook Test