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Gaspe Genealogy Database
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Curtis Patterson

If you have ancestors form the Gaspe Bay Area you will most likely find at least some of them included in this database. This is the largest Genealogy Database on the Net pertaining to the Gaspe Bay Area. However, with a database this large there are undoubtedly errors of one sort or another. Please inform me of any errors that you discover so that I may correct them. The purpose of this Database is simply to generate enthusiasm in you and others to do further research on Gaspe Bay Area Families.

To respect the privacy of both the living and the dead you will note that all dates have been removed from the information posted to this Web Site. If you wish to contribute to the expansion of this Database or more information. Just click below.

We, at GaspeLink, would like to thank Curtis Patterson for the tremendous effort involved in creating his database, and for allowing our visitors to access it for their Genealogical research.

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