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"Sunny Bank, Our Ancestral Home," by Andrew Patterson; ideal gift for the genealogist in your family if you have ancestors from Sunny Bank. Click here for more information.
The Spirit of Song & Dance: $18.00 + S&H - This CD will do exactly what it claims, you will sing and you will dance. It's a compilation of original songs composed and sung by Rose Anna Nicholas. To get your copy, write to: R. Nicholas, 448 Hwy. 7A, Cavan, ON, L0A 1C0 or email  soaringeagle74@hotmail.com
Four great collections, "Gaspesians of Yesteryear" (people,scenes and events), "Gaspé - Scenes of the Past" (scenes and events) "Cemeteries of the Gaspé Area" (grave markers) and a Photo Album containing 37 photos from "Gaspé - Scenes of the Past". For more information click here. click here.
America: Inspired by the World Trade Centre tragedy; captivates the thoughts and emotions everyone felt on that day. Music & Lyrics by Rose Anna Nicholas. Limited Copies One Song Only. $5.00 + S&H. Write to: R. Nicholas, 448 Hwy. 7A, Cavan, ON, or email soaringeagle74@hotmail.com
Salmon or trout flies for the fisherman in your life. Prices of assorted trout flies start at $15.00 dozen,  salmon flies $15.00 for 6  singles,  $20.00 for 6 or doubles. (shipping extra)
call Bruce 418-368-3047
Forever Endlessly: A perfect gift for a wedding, valentine's or anniversaries. Music & Lyrics by Rose Anna Nicholas. Hearts on front for names and space for photo on back. One song plus track. $7.00 + S&H. Write to: R. Nicholas, 448 Hwy. 7A, Cavan, Ontario or email @ soaringeagle74@hotmail.com
Come visit my online store! Tupperware specials at your finger tips and shop from the comfort of your own home or office. Great Gift Ideas! - Crystal O'Neil   Dale Boyle's Small Town van Gogh is a tribute to the life and art of Gaspé (Bougainville) painter Tennyson Johnson. (Tennyson?s self portrait is on the CD cover). Other songs include the Johnny Cash
flavoured If I Come Back contemporary country song, Send Monica Away. Visit
daleboyle.com to purchase.
    Days to Remember: One-room Schoolhouses in the Eastern Townships of Quebec is the culmination of an oral history project by the CFUW Sherbrooke & District club.  The book can be purchased through Townshippers’ Association toll free 1-866-566-5717 and the club’s website

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