Small Town News
from the Gaspé Area

We need volunteers to gather news items concerning their local communities for us to post. Everyone likes to know what is going on back home. Please drop us a line if you are willing to become one of our “reporters”.

October-November News by Heather Patterson 

Shawn Hamilton, formerly from Wakeham,  his wife Corin and 3 year old daughter, Cadance are happy to announce the birth of a baby boy, Dayton Thane. He was born on August 30 and weighed 9 pounds 1 oz.  Proud grandparents are George and Sandra Hamilton of Wakeham.

Congratulations to Gina Miller, daughter of Dale Miller of Sunny Bank and Bruno Comeau of  Nigadoo, on their recent marriage. A beautiful fall ceremony took place in St. Andrews Church-York on October 8th.  The reception was held at the Auberge de Commandant in Gaspe with the reception hall decorated in spectacular fall colours. The happy couple reside in  Nigadoo New Brunswick.

On October 15th a Pastoral Care Training Workshop through Vision Gaspe Perce Now was given by Josie Synnott and held at St. Paul’s in Gaspe. It was well presented and very helpful to all of us who are doing pastoral care.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Maria Miller of Stettler, Alberta who turned 5 on October 17th. Maria is the daughter of Maggie Annett and Scott Miller. Happy Birthday to all the following people who had November birthdays-Lisa Shannon of  Burlington, Chris Miller of Toronto, Glenn Miller, Janice Syvret, Pearl White, Linda Patterson, and Charlene Eden of Gaspe.  A very special 65th birthday wish goes out to Dean Patterson who celebrated with a wonderful party at his home on November 12th.

Congratulations go out to Cathy and Bill Whistle of Guelph, Ontario on the birth of a daughter, Victoria Blair on October 18th. She is a baby sister for Zachary and Matthew. Victoria is another granddaughter for Blair and Faye Miller of Guelph and great granddaughter for Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach and Hazel Boyle of Sunny Bank. 

Visions held a delicious Harvest Supper on October 23rd at St. Paul's Church Hall. $1000.00 was raised for the organization.

On October 29 and 30th a Palliative Care Course given by Joanne Jones from Montreal, was held at St. Paul's Church Hall in Gaspe with 20 persons attending. With Gaspe area having so many aging citizens this was a very beneficial course and a great help to all who followed it.

On November 3rd a party was held in honour of Lorna Baird who has been Deacon of the Greater Parish of Gaspe for 10 years. She was presented with a plaque from the Greater Parish and a “dickie” from Wakeham A. C. W.

Wakeham ACW held their sale on November 5th and York and Sunny Bank ACW held their Christmas Sale on November 19th. A delicious tea was served at both sales and both groups worked very hard to raise money for their organizations.

Congratulations to Danny Jean, Lorne Jean , Warren Langlois and Rene Dion on their successful first year of hunting moose.

Congratulations to Cindy Eden , Gilles Dechenes and Buzz Hamilton on winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the fundraiser for York Youth Center. They would like to thank the community for making the fundraiser such a success and a big thank you to Jean Coutu, Adventure and Dupuis for their donations. 

Our condolences go out to the family of Joan Patterson, formerly of Wakeham, who passed away recently in Montreal.

The community was saddened to hear of the death of Claire Clark, wife of Blaney Langlois of Wakeham, on  October 15 in Rimouski. Claire and Blaney have three children- Dawn, Alice and Darren all of Calgary, Alberta. The funeral service was held in St. James Church Wakeham on October 18th.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Stewart Miller who died recently in Crapaud, Prince Edward Island. Stewart was the husband of Debbie Fournier and father to Scott, Tanya and Emily.

September News by Heather Patterson 

September is almost over and the wonderful weather is still with us. 

There were several reunions held in the month of August. The Boyle Reunion was held  the second week of August at Fort Haldimand. Family members came from coast to coast-  British Columbia to Nova Scotia.  Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely with sunny days filled with activities. An open house was held with great entertainment by Lorne Cotton.   The Neil Boyle family made quilt squares which resulted in a beautiful quilt which was ticketed off and won by a cousin, Mary Coyle Petersen, from Minnesota .   All monies raised from this quilt and also from the sale of a cookbook will be given to the Cancer Society.  

The family of Lawrence and Julia Clark also held their reunion at Fort Haldimand in mid-August. All of the Clark children and their families were back home to get together in Gaspe for the first time in 24 years. They held an open house and saw many old friends and relatives. The weather was great and they had a wonderful time with activities in the day and fireworks lighting up the sky in the evening. The family traveled from as far as Calgary, Alberta  to Elliot Lake, Ontario. 

A celebration of birthdays was held at Fort Haldimand on August 31st. Mr. Joe Patterson of Sandy Beach celebrated his 95th. His sister Una Mullin of York her 97th and his younger sister Ellen Clark of Wakeham turned 93. His baby sister, Mary Miller of Sandy Beach will be 89 in January. Wonderful to see all of you looking so young and also young at heart!  

Helena (Teenie) Miller from Brampton recently flew  to meet her son Gene who lives in Tatimigouche, New Brunswick and then motored to Gaspe with him to visit friends and relatives. While in Gaspe, Teenie stayed with her sister. Greta and husband Harris Mullin. Gene spent time with Harris Miller and Dean and yours truly. 

A speedy recovery goes out to Mrs. Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach who was a  patient at the Hotel Dieu for three and a half weeks. She is now at home and her daughter Faye from Guelph, Ontario is home once again to visit with her mother.  

Get well wishes also go out to Mr. Willie Ascah of Haldimand and Mr. Sydney Annett of Wakeham. We also wish Fenton Eden good luck as he is recovery from kidney surgery. 

The Women’s Institute held their annual fall fair Saturday, September 10th at St. Paul’s Church Hall in Gaspe.  Wakeham won the county cup for the most prizes. Dartmouth won the branch effort which was a very beautiful calendar.  A delicious supper was served  after all trophies were given out. 

Nathalie Fournier and her sons, Jalen and Brady spent three weeks home in the good Gaspe air from July 15 to August 6th. Her husband, Justin joined her for the last week. Marc and Jane Fournier with daughters, Melissa and Katelyn were home for the week of August 7th visiting with their parents, Marjorie and Jean Pierre Fournier of Wakeham. 

Lorraine Mullin and daughter Danielle and son Derek spent five weeks home, from July 16th to August 27th. Her husband Mario Boulay  joined her for two weeks visiting with their parents, Gladys and Norman Mullin and Inez and Benoit Boulay. 

Velma and Lynn Guignion with sons David and Dylan spent two weeks home from July 31st to August 13th visiting with Norma and Brian McDonald of Douglastown and Gladys and Norman Mullin of York. 

Vernice Dumaresq of Gaspe recently celebrated her 60th birthday . A wonderful surprise party was held for her at the Royal Canadian Legion with many family members and friends attending.  

Happy Birthday goes out to Mrs. Hazel Boyle of Sunny Bank who celebrates her birthday on September 28th  

Birthday wishes go out to Jackie Palmer of Sunny Bank. Her friends celebrated with her by having a delicious supper at the home of Albert and Elaine Patterson. 

A funeral service and burial of ashes was held at St. John’s Church Sandy Beach on August 27th  for Etta Patterson, wife of Robert Alexander . Etta’s brother, Howard Patterson from British Columbia officiated.  

Our sympathy goes out to the family of George Paul of Haldimand. Mr. Paul passed away after at the Hotel Dieu after a short illness.  He leaves to mourn his wife, Neva Harbour and his children, Merina from British Columbia, Bobby from British Columbia, Geraldine from New Brunswick, Elizabeth from Alberta and Garry from Gaspe and their spouses who were home for the burial in the St. John’s Cemetery in Sandy Beach on August 27th.    

Belated Birthday Wishes go out to Marjorie Patterson of Wakeham. Marjorie turned 65 on September 18th. A wonderful surprise party was held for her at the Senior Citizens Room in Wakeham on Sunday, September 25th. Her mother, Mrs. Daisy Patterson, who is 103 years old and looking so wonderful for her age, helped celebrate her daughter’s birthday.   

Would you like to have your ancestors included in the CD Photo Album “Gaspesians of Yesteryear”? Morris Patterson is still looking for old pictures of people who lived around the Gaspe Bay. In addition he would like old scenery, sporting events, team photos, and any other pictures that would help create a pictorial history of the area. Note : All pictures will be returned promptly.


August News by Heather Patterson

It has been a very busy summer for Gaspesians. The weather has been wonderful for all the events that have taken place-weddings, reunions,etc. 

Faye and Blair Miller of Guelph, Ontario were home for two weeks in July visiting Faye’s mother , Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach , Blair’s mother, Hazel Boyle of Sunny Bank and family and friends. 

Congratulations to Mr. and  Mrs. Carl Gillis of Wakeham who celebrated their 65th wedding Anniversary with family and friends at the Royal Canadian Legion on July 29th. A delicious dinner was served to the large crowd that attended and music was supplied by Mark Sinnett. Their sons, Gene, Kevin and Jimmy and daughter Christine were home with their spouses and families. Their youngest daughter, Valerie lives in Gaspe with her husband Jean Rock St. Pierre ,daughter and son. Valerie’s oldest daughter, Tasha came home to attend this wonderful celebration and was the master of ceremonies for the evening.  

Sylvia and Elmer Coffin are home in L’Anse Aux Cousins for their summer holiday. Syliva’s brother, Milton and Jan Davis from Mississauga were home visiting family and friends. 

Sally and Brent Langlois and their children, Blair and Travis from Cambridge were home on holidays recently. Winnie SteCroix, also from Cambridge was home for a week 

Faye and Marco Lemieux and children, Sharlie and Megan Marie from Edmunston, New Brunswick have been home visiting family and friends.

Lesley, daughter of Carrie Patterson and Manzel Lemasurier and her husband, Hugo Gifford from Montreal were home in July. While in Gaspe a lovely baby shower was held for them in St. Pauls’Church Hall. 

Keaton and Barbara Davis from Bathurst were in Gaspe recently visiting Keaton’s aunt Daisy Patterson who just recently turned 103 years young.  

Lois Eden is back home in Wakeham visiting her family and friends and staying at the family home.  

Vera Patterson from Gaspe has recently celebrated her 75th birthday. A lovely party was held in St. Pauls’ Church Hall. She was pleasantly surprised when her brother Francis Patterson and wife, Blenda arrived from Edmonton. Also her sister Dora White and daughter, Julie Warner came for the party. 

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. Joe Patterson of Wakeham who passed away at the Hotel Dieu in Gaspe on August 6th at the age of 98 years. Funeral services were held at St. James Church Wakeham with the burial at St. Andrew’s Cemetry , York on August 8th. The eulogy was given by Victor Miller. Mr. Joe’s granddaughter, Marsha MacLeod, spoke lovingly of her grandfather and also sang a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.  Marsha and husband, Marco Vanzuilen and son, Cohen, who was born on April 3rd were home for a short visit. Beth MacLeod, from Sarnia, Ontario, daughter of Mr. Joe is home at this time. Mitch Coffin, son of Eric and Kay Coffin, grandson of Mr. Joe, was home with his wife, Della and three children, Richard, David and Cindy for the funeral service.    

Congratulations to Joy Clark and Tommy Tomkinson on the birth of their daughter born on July 29th weighing 9 lbs 5 oz.- a granddaughter for Wilson and Darlene Clark and Tommy and Dolly Tomkinson. 

Daryl and Brandy Patterson from Oshawa are the proud parents of a baby boy-Logan  who weighing in at a whopping 11 pounds, 3 oz. A brother for Madison. Logan is another grandson for Carol Jones of York and Murray Patterson of Wakeham. 

Blake Carter from Toronto was home for ten days visiting his mother, Mabel Carter and Ralph Vibert , family and friends. It has been 15 years since Blake has been back to Gaspe and he had a great time reminiscing with everyone.  

Lisa Shannon and friend, John Riley, Alyssa and Chris Mahood from Burlington have been home visiting Lisa’s parents, Rick and Paula Shannon, family and friends.  They had a great time beachcombing, canoeing and hiking in the beautiful Gaspe. 

Congratulations to Dora and Les Selby of Fonthill,Ontario on their 60th wedding anniversary. A party was held in their honour on August 6th  Her twin sister, Greta and husband Harris Mullin of Wakeham  and niece, Lynn Mullin and husband  Camil Gagnon and family were happy to be able to attend this special occasion. 

Arthur Boyle from London, Ontario has been home visiting family in Wakeham. His son, Gerald, and daughter were also home at this time. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Eileen Caputo who celebrated her 95th birthday with family and friends at the Seniors Hall in Wakeham on Sunday, August 7th. Happy Birthday, Eileen! 

Hugh and Joyce Suddard from the Maritimes are guests of Adair Gay of Sandy Beach, visiting family and friends. 

Eileen Baker and son, Glenn were home visiting with Eileen’s sister, Rowena Cunning of Sandy Beach. 

Our sympathies go out to the family of Vernon Baker of Ottawa, formerly of Sandy Beach who passed away on August 09th. He will be sadly missed by family and friends. 

Dorothy Baker of Sandy Beach recently had some of her family home for a visit- her daughter , Cathy and husband, Ken and also her grandson, Stan LeBlanc and wife, Bonnie and their two daughters. The funeral service for Gordon Baker was held in St. John’s church, Sandy Beach at this time.  

Lorraine and Billy Sams just returned from another holiday. They went to Ottawa , then on to Manitoulin Island to visit with Guy and Eileen Boulay. They then went to a reunion in Schefferville. From there they went to Wolfville, Nova Scotia to visit and help Bill’s son, Lowell and family build a new home. 

On the first of August many Pattersons returned home to attend their family reunion which was held at Fort Haldimand Camp. Some of the family in attendance were:

Eileen Patterson Miller from Cambridge, her daughter, Ronda and Dave and children Dustin, Aby and Maizie, Troy Suddard, and wife Kellie and son Trey, Debbie and husband Terry Walsh from Ottawa. Erskine and Pauline Patterson from London, Ontario who are home for the summer months attended the reunion. The family of Ross Bechervaise and Ivy(Patterson)- sons  Zane and Alice and daughter, Ashley, Cory and Margaret of Oakville and  Darren from Montreal were all home. Albert and Elaine son, Stacy and Andrea Patterson and son, Luke Riley (the youngest Patterson) came for the occasion. Stacy entertained with guitar and song at an amateur hour one evening. Isabel Patterson Baird’s family- Violet Flood from Ottawa, Evelyn Lambert from Vankoughnet, Thelma Baird from Malton, John Flood , wife Sue and daughter Meghan from Napean.  These are but a few of the many who attended this special event.


June-July News by Heather Patterson-

Congratulations to Stacy Patterson and Andrea Rooney of Moncton, New Brunswick on the birth of their first child, Luke Riley who was born on June 27th weighing 8 lbs 1 oz. Luke is a first grandchild for Albert and Elaine Patterson of Wakeham and  Charles and Aggie Rooney of Douglastown. Both sets of grandparents visited their grandson at the time of his birth. 

Michael Walsh came to Gaspe by train to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Hildred Patterson of Sunny Bank who is 95 years old and his aunts Peggy and Mary Walsh.  Michael will be 21 on July 29th. We wish him a special Happy Birthday! His mother and father, Debbie and Terry Walsh of Ottawa came for a summer holiday to visit their families in Douglastown and Sunny Bank. 

Connie Coffin Steele from London, Ontario came to Gaspe to spend a week with her mother, Merle Coffin of Wakeham. While here she visited many relatives and friends. Her brother, Morris Coffin from Nakawick was also visiting his mother the same week. 

Andy and Debbie Patterson of Sunny Bank have returned from their holiday in Europe. They visited Scotland, England, France and Ireland and had a fantastic time. For photos of their holiday please go to  

On St. Jean Baptist weekend, a bridal shower was held at the conference room at Adams Motel  for Gina Miller, daughter of Dale Miller of Sunny Bank. Gina is hairdressing in Bathurst, New Brunswick and will be getting married in October of this year. She received many lovely gifts and a delicious lunch was served. 

Mrs. Greta Fournier’s daughter-in-law, Lynne, is spending the summer with her in Sunny Bank. 

Judy and Jack Delaney, Bertha Suddard and Nellie Thompson came home for a week to visit friends and relatives in Gaspe.  

Valerie Thompson and daughter, Lori of Burlington and Pat Miller Eden of St.Catharines came to Gaspe for a week to visit family and friends. It has been many years since Pat has been home. 

Elsie and Frankie Patterson and daughter, Pam, her two sons, Emile and David and daughter, Sophie just returned from Prince Edward Island. They had a wonderful holiday. 

Lori Patterson and Donald Gauthier and daughter, Isabelle, are back home after visiting Montreal and Ottawa. Sueie and Melville Mullin’s granddaughters, Paris and Alexis, daughters of Christine Mullin. came back with them to spend some time with their grandparents. 

Stacey and Darin and sons, Samuel and Jake are home for their holidays, visiting Stacey’s parents, Lorna and Everett Clark. Samuel will then be attending hockey school in Montreal for three weeks and Lorna and Everett will be attending many of the games. 

Dawn and Mike Shannon from Burlington, and their two daughters, Meghan and Hailey have been home for two weeks visiting their parents, Rick and Paula Shannon of Wakeham and Gary and Nancy Rooney of Sandy Beach. Mike has returned to work but Dawn and girls are staying for three weeks visiting with both families. On July 3rd Hailey was baptized by Deacon Lorna Baird in St. Pauls’Church, Gaspe. A reception was held for the family at Gary and Nancy’s home.  

Donna and Gerry Phillips of Sunny Bank have a lively household once again. Their four sons and daughters ,their spouses, and 10 grandchildren are all home for their summer holiday. 

Kay Baker is in Sandy Beach visiting her aunt, Adair Gay. Kay lives in Cornwall for most of the year but always comes to Gaspe for a summer visit. 

Art Jones from Moncton recently came to Gaspe to spend some time with his daughter, Tracey, husband Ben and girls. Art’s sister, Myrna, from Montreal, is home for the summer. Art is also visiting his mother’s sisters, Hilda and Leslie Harbour who are staying with Adair Gay in Sandy Beach. 

Michael Jean and Tracey Smith from Bowmanville came to Gaspe for a visit and had their baby baptized in St. Andrew’s Church, York on Sunday, July 10th

Once again, Wakeham ACW sale which was held on the 9th of July and York ACW sale which was held on the 16th of July were both a great success. Nice to see so many people home on holidays attending these sales. 

Congratulations go out to Brian LeQuesne and France Cote of Haldimand who were married on July 9th. The marriage ceremony took place at St. Alban’s Church in Cap-des-Rosiers and the reception in St. Marjorique Hall. A large crowd attended and a delicious meal was served. We would like to wish them many happy years together! 

Blair and Venessa Eden from Kamloops, B.C. are in Gaspe visiting their daughter, Charlene and Todd Miller, Blair’s father, Harris Eden and family, friends and relatives

During their visit, Blair had the misfortune of injuring his knee and having to have surgery in the Chandler Hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope the rest of their holiday will be enjoyable. 

Yours truly is going west for 10 days. While there I will be attending the wedding of my nephew in Edmonton. Details to follow after I return.


May-June News by Heather Patterson- (submitted by Ivy Miller and Paula Shannon)

On May 9th, 2005, Krista, Earl and Jaime Assels as well as Donald and Linda Patterson traveled to Fredericton, N.B. to attend Erin’s- (daughter of Earl and Krista) graduation. A beautiful convocation was held outdoors at St. Thomas University. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree.  On May 19th, 2005, Krista, Earl and Erin Assels and Donald and Linda Patterson once again motored to Fredericton to attend Jaime’s graduation from the University of New Brunswick, where she received her Bachelor of Nursing. At this time her family also helped her moved into her new place in Miramichi, N.B. where she is currently employed. Congratulations, girls! 

On May 27th Edgar Coull of Sunny Bank celebrated his 85th birthday with an open house at the Senior Citizens Room. A nice crowd attended to help him celebrate. His daughter, Marilyn and husband Tony Maloney were home from Edmonton as well as Faye and her husband, Omer, from northern Ontario and Barbara and Vernon Patterson from Manitouwadge.  Belated Happy Birthday, Edgar. 

Todd Sams and his girlfriend, Kelly Wilson were in Gaspe the week of May 30th to visit Todd’s parents, Hayden and Debbie Sams, and to enjoy a week of wonderful weather and of course beautiful scenery. Todd and Kelly are both with Special Olympics basketball, where they met. Todd’s parents went to Ottawa in April to see their first basketball tournament.

 On May 31st, Betty Dumaresq of Gaspe had a special birthday- her 75th .  Belated Happy Birthday, Betty.

 Paulette Eden from Sunny Bank recently underwent open heart surgery in Laval Hospital in Quebec City. Her daughter, Claudette and sister-in-law Doris Patterson Massie were with her at the time of the surgery. She has returned home and is doing well.

 Anthony Eden from Sunny Bank recently returned from holidays. He was visiting friends and family in Toronto, Cambridge and Carleton Place

 Leo Eden and his wife, Susan from Welland, Ontario are home visiting their family in Wakeham- Margaret and Yvon Beliveau and family and Vernon Eden and family of Sunny Bank.

 Myrna and Dale Jean traveled to Cambridge, Ontario to visit their daughter, Paula and Jamie Donovan and celebrated their grandson, Caleb’s 1st birthday.  

 Michael Dumaresq from Gagetown , where he is taking a course, recently came to Gaspe to visit  his parents, Vernice and Barry Dumaresq. His friend, Brad Peeky who is taking the same course also came with him. Michael, Wendy and family are being transferred from Winnipeg to Gagetown, N.B. in July. Vernice is going to Montreal to pick up her grandchildren, William and Amy, son and daughter of Brian and Christie Dumaresq.

 On June 7th at the Award Ceremony at the C.E. Pouliot Polyvalent , David Langlois,  son of Brenda and Trent Langlois, won three awards – 1st Endeavor in Secondary 1V, Endeavor in French and Proficiency in Math. Way to go , David! 

Jean Pierre and Marjorie Fournier were happy to have their children home from Ottawa for a short visit. Marc and Jane with their two daughters, Melissa and Katelyn motored home for the weekend. Nathalie and Justin with their two sons, Jalen and Brady came for the weekend also, to celebrate their grandfather-Amandus Fournier’s 90th birthday. Mr. Fournier is Jean Pierre’s father. A reunion with all the family was enjoyed by all.

 Albert and Elaine Patterson of Wakeham went to Moncton on the Victoria Day weekend to visit their son, Stacy and wife, Andrea. They are anxiously waiting the birth of their first grandchild.

 Louis and Debby Boulay were home the first week of June. Louis returns to Gaspe each year for the usual 4 wheeler trip with his friends.

 Kevin Gillis from Edmonton is home visiting his parents, Mr & Mrs. Carl Gillis of Wakeham and while home he is enjoying some fishing. Good luck, Kevin.

 On June 6th, the Royal Canadian Legion , Branch 59-Gaspe celebrated their 70th year Anniversary.

 Also on June 6th, Wakeham W.I. celebrated 60 years in the organization. Mrs. Carl Gillis, President, accepted the certificate.

 We were saddened to hear of the passing away of Mr. Ev. Jones of Gaspe on June 5th. 2005 . The funeral service was held at St. Pauls’ Church in Gaspe on June 9th with burial at St. Andrew’s Cemetery in York.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family, Kevin,Gina and grandchildren of Brockville, Karen of Ottawa and Bobby and Petra of Gaspe. He will be missed greatly by all his friends and relatives.

 Our sympathy also is extended to family and friends of Mr. Tennyson Johnson of Bougainville who recently passed away. He was a talented artist and will be missed by all who knew him and admired his paintings.

 Deacon Lorna Baird and her husband David Baird of Wakeham recently returned from spending a few days – June 9th -12th in Atlanta, Georgia where Lorna  received an award from the North American Association for the Diaconate –in the tradition of St. Stephen .  Lorna was chosen by the bishop of the Diocese of Quebec to receive this award in recognition of the ministry to the sick and elderly in our area. Congratulations, Lorna.


April-May News by Heather Patterson
- (submitted by Ivy Miller and Paula Shannon) 

Belated congratulations go out to Jason McDonald and Kellie Ann Briand on the birth of their second son, Conoley Cadegan who was born on Feburary 8th weighing 7 pounds. A brother for Riley Cullen. Proud grandparents are Karen and Gary Briand and Norma and Brian McDonald of Douglastown. 

A farewell party was held for Reverend Susan Hutchinson in St. Paul’s Church Hall on March 30th with a large crowd in attendance. A delicious lunch was served and Susan was presented with a painting and a money gift. Susan is now living in Quebec City and ministering in several parishes as well as working within the Dioceses of Quebec.  She will be greatly missed in the Gaspe area.  

Michael and Jacinta Donovan from Stettler, Alberta have recently been home visiting their families, Victor and Coreen Annett in Pointe Navarre and  Patricia Donovan in Haldimand.   

Steven Palmer was home for ten days in March visiting his parents, Dennis and Marg Palmer and other family and friends. He had a wonderful visit and the weather was great. 

Marina (Palmer) Clements , after spending time with sister Reta and Emile in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, is visiting brothers and sisters in Gaspe –Dennis and Marg, Kenny, Elsie and Frankie, Sueie and Melville and also her in-laws- Jackie, Alfred and Willis Clements. Reta is recovering nicely from hip surgery. 

In early April, Lisa and Jeff Maurice and sons,  Joshua and J.J.flew home from Seattle to visit Lisa’s parents, Larry and Lorna Miller and sister, Louise, husband, Steve and daughter, Cassidy of Wakeham. They had a wonderful holiday and visit with their family. 

Paula and Ricky Shannon motored to Burlington in early April to visit their daughter, Lisa, son Michael ,his wife, Dawn and daughters Meghan and Hailey. They also visited Paula’s sister Faye and husband Blair in Guelph. Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach was also visiting her daughter, Faye at this time.  

Ivy and Glenn Miller spent three weeks in April visiting their son Scott, Maggie and granddaughter, Maria in Stettler, Alberta. While there, they spent a weekend in Banff, Lake Louise, and Canmore.  They had a wonderful visit in the west and also with Faye and Blair Miller in Guelph before returning home to Gaspe. 

Lena Bourdages of Gaspe recently visited her family in Quebec City. She had a nice visit with all her family. 

Johnny Fournier and daughter Ann from New Brunswick came to visit Johnny’s mother, Greta Fournier in Sunny Bank for a spring holiday. 

Congratulations to Vicki and Michael Theriault of Ottawa on the birth of their daughter, Amber Lynn, born on April 29th .  A granddaughter for Jackie and Christine Theriault , Wanda and Ronnie Stewart and a great granddaughter for Ella and Carl Gillis and Leigh and Marie Stewart. 

Gertie Jean and daughter, Lisa, and husband Warren Langlois motored to Oshawa  to celebrate the birth of Gertie’s grandson, Cory Michael –son of Tracy and Michael Jean. 

Vietta Clark was the winner of the Mother’s Day Basket which was recently raffled off as a fun raiser.   

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Jeremy Adams who turned 24 on May 12th.

Belated happy birthday to Allen Hackett of Petit Rocher who turned 40 on May 10th. Margaret Hackett, Karl, Sandy and Sara, Noreen and Tony drove down for a surprise birthday party. 

Congratulations to Wilson Patterson of L’Anse–aux-Cousins and Pat Patterson of Sunny Bank on their recent marriage. A reception was held in St. Paul’s Church Hall, Gaspe. They are now going on an Alaskan Cruise.  We wish them all the best and hope they have a wonderful holiday!  

 Belated Birthday wishes go out to Mr. Harris Eden of Wakeham who turned 80 on April 27th. An open house was held in his honour at the Senior’s Room in Wakeham School on April 24th.  It is nice to see him out and looking so well. 

We would like to extend good wishes to Norah Roberts of  Cortereal and Elva Annett of Wakeham who have recently undergone treatment. Hope you are both feeling much better soon. 

The CEGEP graduation was held at the Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday, May 7th. Many awards and scholarships were presented and a wonderful meal was served by Albert and Elaine Patterson. Congratulations go out to all the graduates and we wish them well as they leave Gaspe in the fall to further their studies.  

We would like to extend Congratulations to Aaron Boyle and Stephanie Hughes who were married on May 9th in London, Ontario.  Aaron is the son of David Boyle and Christine Pelletier and grandson of Pauline Boyle Patterson and Erskine Patterson and Amelia Clark Pelletier and Robert Pelletier.  

Daryl Patterson and daughter, Madison, from Oshawa, flew home to visit with Daryl’s father, Murray Patterson of Wakeham who is recovering from knee surgery. While home they visited with his brother Doug and family, sister Heather and family of Sunny Bank and Carol Jones of York. 

Belated birthday wishes going out to Doug Patterson of Sunny Bank who turned the BIG 5-0 on April 22nd.  Happy Birthday to Brandon Patterson who is 16 on May 19th

On Sunday, May 15th, clients and friends of Heather Maloney Patterson celebrated her 40th year of hairdressing with an open house at the home of Heather and Dean in Sunny Bank. Over 170 guests signed the guest book.  Heather was overjoyed when so many came to congratulate her on this happy event.  She received several arrangements of flowers (including 40 red roses) and many wonderful gifts. A delicious lunch was served and entertainment was supplied by Lorne Cotton. A good time was had by all! Way to go Heather, and keep up the good work!


March News by Heather Patterson- (submitted by Ivy Miller and Paula Shannon) 

The 35th Wakeham York Carnival which began on the 11th of  February and ran until February 20th was a huge success once again. The proceeds were divided amongst three groups- York Rink Center, Gaspe Elementary School and C.E. Pouliot Polyvalent. Emily Roberts, daughter of Tom Roberts and Sandi Simpson was crowned Carnival Queen on the evening of the Pot Luck Supper which was held at Gaspe Elementary School. Congratulations, Emily! Some of the events included an amateur hour, bingo, hockey skills, breakfast, ice bowling, a masquerade, corn beef supper and a snowmobile poker run. The weather was quite favorable for each event. 

We would like to extend our sympathy to the family of Mrs. Mabel Gillard Patterson wife of the late Ansel Patterson of Wakeham who passed away at the Sanitorium Ross on March 9th ,2005  after a lengthy illness. She has one daughter, Marlene – wife of Garth Coffin , both originally from Gaspe but now living in Stoney Creek. Funeral services were held on March 11th at the Rosebridge Church. 

The Hotel Dieu Hospital recently had a fire which started in the early hours of the morning of March 5th. Fortunately, all patients were transferred to the Sanitorium Ross safely and were returned to the hospital later in the day. 

We would like to wish a speedy recovery to Mrs. Sheila Robertson of Wakeham who is back home after being hospitalized for pneumonia.  Best wishes go out also to Murray Patterson of Wakeham who is in the Hotel Dieu waiting to undergo knee surgery.  

Belated happy birthday wishes going out to Joan Leggo Fell, owner of “Knitters Haven” who turned 55 on February 15th 

Carleton Patterson of Wakeham celebrated his 75th birthday on February 18th at the home of his daughter, Myrna and son-in-law Dale Jean . A large crowd attended and everyone had an enjoyable evening with entertainment by Jean Marc Plourde on his accordion. A delicious lunch was served. Also on this day birthday wishes went out to Merle Coffin and Muriel Cass of Wakeham. Murray Olsson of Welland celebrated his 80th birthday on this day as well. A belated happy birthday to all of you!!  

On February 1st a set of twins – Dora Eden Selby of Fonthill and Greta Eden Mullin of Wakeham celebrated their 80th birthday. We wish them many more birthdays!! 

Congratulations to Joanne Kelly and Tony Langlois of Montreal on the birth of their daughter on February 10th. Joanne is the daughter of Mavis and Claude Kelly of Wakeham. Mavis went to Montreal to see her little granddaughter at this time.

Congratulations to Tanya Adams and Steve Dorion on the birth of their baby boy, weighing 7 lbs 9 oz on February 23rd. A first grandchild for Ruth Adams and Gayle and Ben Dorion. She is a first great grandchild for Hilda Adams and 4th for Sarah and Harold Bechervaise.

Arthur Boyle of London Ontario recently spent 3 great weeks in Florida visiting with his niece Emily Diaz and her husband Jacinto. Also visiting at this time was Emily’s sister  Linda and husband Wayne Miller of Gaspe. 

Patrick and Clothilda Smith and their daughter, Nina went to Montreal for the weekend to visit their niece, Kelly Williams who is working there. 

A Happy 50th Birthday to Darlene Adams Williams on March 20th and Happy 18th to Nina Smith, daughter of Patrick and Clothilda Smith on March 27th.  They will be  celebrating together. 

Sherry Sams of Montreal will be celebrating her 50th Birthday on March 28th. Happy Birthday, Sherry. 

We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Gloria Boyle of Edmonton who celebrates on April 1st

Happy Easter to everyone!


January News by Heather Patterson- (submitted by Ivy Miller and Paula Shannon) 

2005 is here and we would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. 

A lot of former Gaspesians were home for the holidays. To name a few – Alice, Dawn and Darren Langlois from Calgary were home visiting their parents, Blaney and Claire Langlois of Wakeham. Lisa Annett, daughter of Richard and Edwidge Annett spent her holidays with her parents.  Bobby Patterson visited with his parents, Leigh and Melba and friend, LeeAnn Drody. Cathy Patterson and Danny Miller and son, Jordan, from Ottawa visited their parents, Berton and Doda Miller and Leigh and Melba Patterson of Wakeham. Karen Jones of Ottawa spent her holiday with her father, Ev Jones and brother Bobby, and Petra Turkewitsch. 

Carter and Ada Coffin of York had a lot of their family home for the holidays-  their granddaughter, Lisa , daughter Barbara, Jackie and three children, their son Allison , Deanna and two children , who were also visiting Deanna’s parents, Everett and Lorna Clark. Also visiting Lorna and Everett was their daughter, Stacey and husband Darin Robertson and their two boys.

Lisa Shannon from Burlington, Ontario spent the Christmas holidays with her parents Ricky and Paula Shannon. Dean Phillips and wife, Elise and their two children of Montreal spent their holiday with Dean’s parents, Jerry and Donna Phillips of Sunny Bank. Crystal from Ottawa and Gina and her fiancée, Bruno Comeau from Bathurst visited with their father, Dale Miller and sister, Dawn and other friends and relatives.  Kevin Patterson and girlfriend and Dale Patterson, wife Melissa and two children were home visiting their parents, Andy and Debbie Patterson of Sunny Bank. Scott and Randy visited their mother, Sharon Reeder for the holiday. Craig Patterson who lives in Vancouver spent the holiday with his parents, Dean and Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank. Kelly Sams was also home for the holiday visiting her parents, Ricky and Diana Sams.

Stacy Patterson and Andrea Rooney from Moncton, New Brunswick spent their holiday with  their parents, Albert and Elaine Patterson and Charles and Aggie Rooney.

Darin Bechervaise from Montreal visited with his parents, Ivy and Ross Bechervaise for Christmas. His brother, Corey Bechervaise and friend, Margaret of Oakville came home for New Years. Ivy has now gone to Oakville to visit with them and also with son Zane, daughter-in-law Alice and granddaughter, Ashley. 

Graham and Bridget McDonald of Gaspe were happy to have their son, Reggie, and daughters, Annette and Judy home for the holidays.  

I am sure there were lots of others home for the holidays that we have probably missed. If so just let us know and we will gladly put it in the next edition.   

Congratulations to Lance Clark and Hilda Beliveau on the birth of their son, Jeffrey Lance, born on January 4th at the Hotel Dieu Gaspe. He was the 1st baby born in the New Year in Gaspe. Jeffrey has a big sister, Maria.  

We had a few engagements over the holidays.-

Congratulations to Cameron Patterson of Wakeham and Paula Baird of Douglastown on their engagement during the Christmas holidays. Also to Jill Syvret and Mike Stacy of  New York. A summer wedding is planned for Jill and Mike. Jill and brother, Tommy from Calgary spent the Christmas holiday with their parents Brad and Janice Syvret. Congratulations also go out to Chris LeQuesne and Lucie Bouchard of Gaspe who were engaged over the holiday.   

Congratulations to Mike and Dawn Shannon of Burlington, Ontario on the birth of their second daughter, Hailey Michelle, who was born on December 17th- a sister for Meghan.

Paula and Ricky Shannon of Wakeham are visiting their son Mike and family and daughter Lisa.  Nancy and Gary Rooney recently returned after spending the holiday with their new granddaughter, Hailey and daughter Dawn, Mike, and Meghan. Nancy and Gary’s two sons, Mike and Brian also spent their holiday in Burlington with their family. 

Lorna and Larry Miller of Wakeham are visiting their daughter, Lisa, son-in-law Jeff Maurice and grandsons, Josh and J.J. in Washington. We wish them a very relaxing and happy vacation. 

Dale and Myrna Jean of York traveled to Cambridge, Ontario to spend the holidays with their daughter, Paula, Jamie Donovan and their grandson Caleb. They had a great visit. 

Heather Patterson will be going for a holiday in Cuba with her brother Dale Maloney and sister-in-law, Wanda Davis. Her salon will be closed from January 16th – January 31st. It will re-open on February 3rd.  We wish her a well deserved holiday.  

Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Charlie Mullin of Truro, Nova Scotia, who passed away on December 24th.  We would also like to extend our sympathy to the family of Wayman Patterson , husband of Yvette Sinnett, formerly of Gaspe, now living in Kamloops, B.C. who passed away on January 8th.

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