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We have assembled these web links which pertain to history and genealogy of the Gaspe region. Please contact me using the link below if you know of others which should be added.

NEW Passing Years - by Raymond Patterson, offers keyhole sketches of many facets of local history, much of it not readily available elsewhere

NEW Gaspe of Yesteryear. - by Ken Annett. Five volumes of hitorical stories about the Gaspesie.

NEW Morris' Cemetery Photos - During a period of ten years Morris Patterson photographed over 11,500 headstones on the Gaspe Peninsula, and they are all here for your viewing.

GoGaspe Genealogy Bulletin Board - Offering our readers a chance to contact others researching their Gaspe ancestry.

Our Gaspé Roots - History and photographs of the past, as well as an online genealogy containing almost 17000 Gaspe names assembled by Lani Baker Mitchell.

Gaspe Families, by Curtis Patterson - An excellent source for tracing your Gaspe ancestry.

Gaspesian Heritage WebMagazine - Designed to serve as a guide to the Gaspé's rich heritage and history, both past and present.

Morris' Genealogy Links - Abundant Genealogical links to assist in your research.

Gaspe Genealogy Register - A central registry of those researching ancestors from the Gaspe area.

Heritage Gaspe - Promoting heritage conservation of the Gaspe area.

Universal Genealogy Sites
Cindi's List
Family Search
Obituaries Help
Québec Archives
National Archives of Canada

Local Sites
Gaspe Cemetery Records
Rootsweb, Gaspe Bulletin Board
Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network
Quebec Family History Society
Eastern Townships Genealogy
McCord Museum
Historical Photos
Andy's Photos
Morris' Photos
Ron's Photos
Bruce's Photos
Don's Gaspé Photos
Murdochville Photos
Murdochville Photos (2)

Gaspe Families
These sites normally contain information about many surnames related to the one being researched.

Baker - About Our Gaspé Roots
McColm - The McColm Family of New Richmond
Garrett - 4408 individuals and 1292 families representing 667 surnames.
Patterson - English Families of the Gaspe Bay Area
Trachy - From Jersey Islands
Imhoff - Family Tree
Campbell - Darlene's Genealogy Pages (New Brunswick)
Maloney - Maloney Family Association of Canada
Doyle - Irene's Genealogy Site (New Brunswick)
--> Dea - The Dea and Donald Families in Canada
Kane - Genealogy
Flowers - Flowers, Chatterton, Thompson, and Related Families
Imhoff - The Descendants of Johann Jurgen Imhoff

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