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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Tuesday April 10 23:28:50 2018
Name:Gail LeMoignan-Hjlesvold
My Question is:I am a LeMoignn born in Edmonton, Alberta. My Grandparents John Philip LeMoignan and Dora LeBrun are both from Jersey. I am trying to trace my ancestry and it is my understanding that Michel LeMoignan wrote a genealogy book; Généalogie des familles Le Moignan: Ile de Jersey, Canada, États-. If you or anyone you know has a copy of this book, I would love it or a copy as it is no longer in print. Thank you so much

Wednesday April 4 12:08:01 2018
Name:lynne dugas
My Question is:I am looking for any information, on a woman named Magdelaine bond her married name is Dugas, she was born in 1817, she died in 1866, she is buried at notre dame de belmont cemetery, she was married to Jean baptiste Dugas, they were married in St Rochs quebec at notre dame basillica , they had 7 children Catherine Dugas, Malvina Dugas, George Dugas, Belzémire Dugas, Achille Dugas he is my grandfather, Théodule Dugas, Edwidge Dugas, that is all their children. Her maiden name is Bond,also some places i have seen her name spelled madeleine, so thought i would look here and try and see, any info would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Tuesday March 27 21:10:45 2018
Name:Deborah Bourget
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for any descendants of Gertrude White married to Clement Bourget . they lived in St George’s de Malbaie.. my father was Milton, his siblings... Alva,Mary, Ida,Augustine Reina, Twins Edmund, Wilfred, Kenneth, would love to know more about the ancestry of the Whites.. I think my grandmothers brother was Walter.. The Girards, Sweenies, Maybe McCoys also related..

Tuesday March 20 4:37:57 2018
Name:Anne Brown
My Question is:My sister Patricia & I are coming this June to Gaspe to look for information on our great greats John Seymour and Charlotte Dubois, We see them in the Gogaspe genealogy but want to see the area and meet any cousins still living in the area. Let us know!

Saturday February 17 9:45:22 2018
Name:Andy Patterson
My Question is:I have a suggestion for anyone searching their family tree in the Gaspe area: Start by visiting the GoGaspe History / Genealogy section of our site. There are many links that could help, especially "Our Gaspe Roots." Maureen, your grandmother seems to be "Sybil Jane" born in Sandy Beach in 1895. I found her with a quick search in Our Gaspe Roots.

Thursday February 15 22:16:20 2018
Name:Maureen Podperyhora
My Question is:I am looking for information on my Grandmother Sybil Grace Mullin. Her name on my Mothers birth certificate is Syblil Grace of Sandy Beach, Gaspe Quebec, however I cannot find any information on a Sybil Grace. The family story is that she left Gaspe to work in service in Montreal where she met my Grandfather who was a Chauffeur. She was born approximately 1895.

Saturday February 10 4:56:22 2018
My Question is:Hi! I am looking for any information for my ancestor Bernard Beland dit Daraiche, born 1839 (d.1867) in Gaspe area. He apparently married a woman named marie mcgrath but there are several different spellings for him. His father was Roch Daraiche. Any information would be appreciated, I have tried several sites but have only found minimal information. Thanks for reading!

Friday January 26 0:57:36 2018
Name:Mario Duguay
My Question is:A little about me. I was born Mario Duguay on June 3rd, 1969 at Hotel-Dieu of Gaspe. My mom was 22 at the time, French Canadian and a housekeeper. She had black hair, brown eyes, 5’4” and 125lbs. She has 2 previous pregnancies before me. She completed primary school at 14. Her dad was 61 years old and a fisherman. Her mom was 59 years old and a housewife. Records show my mom had 2 brothers and a sister and she was the 3rd child. My dad was 33 years old, also French Canadian. He was a lumberman. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. The records I have state that they were in a relationship for 4 years when they had me and that she would like to marry him. I was eligible for adoption Jan 1st, 1970 even though my parents never signed consent since after 6 months if the care, maintenance or education of a child has not actually been assumed by the mother of father. I was placed in the social services nursey June 26th, 1969 until April 8th, 1970. I was then placed with a foster family in Fontenelle April 8th, 1970 until July 30th, 1970. At this point they had moved and I was placed with another family. I was placed with another foster family in Cortereal from July 30th, 1970 until Jan 12th, 1971. They tried to adopt me but did not succeed. I was placed with my actual adoptive family Jan 12th, 1971. I was legally adopted March, 7th, 1972 by my family in the U.S. It looks like according to the stamp on my passport I came to the U.S. July 25th, 1972. The name Mario Duguay is what appears on my birth certificate and my Canadian passport. Also that is the name on all the adoption papers. I’m not sure if the last name is that or my mom or dad or given to me by the hospital or orphanage. The documents my parents gave me say Social Services of Gaspe. The signature on the paperwork was Ginette Roy. Also received a certificate of health and the pediatrician was Marc Andre Pouliot. Also I have a document that says the agency was represented by Mrs. Annaline Oullette. The general director of Gaspe Social Services at the time appears to be Reynald Fournier. I was baptized in St. Albert's Parish, Cathedral of Christ The King on July 3rd, 1969 and this was signed by Michel Le Moignan. The photo on my page is the youngest photo I have of myself. I would have been around 3 years old there. That was the photo on my Canadian passport. I will post other photos of myself throughout the years. I created this page with the hope of location biological family, either parents, siblings, aunts or uncles, or cousins. I’ve been looking for pieces of my puzzle for years but recently received all of this information which I hope helps to continue my search. I have done Ancestry DNA, My Heritage and 23andme. I am in touch with a 2nd cousin and a 3rd cousin that I found through a DNA match but unfortunately they were adopted as well. If anyone knows anything at all please reach out to me either on Facebook or the email I created

Monday January 22 0:28:08 2018
Name:Bob Cooper
My Question is:my grandmother Eliza Dobson was born in New Carlisle on 27 May 1894, Her dad was Charles Wallace Dobson 1844-1913, mom Sarah Ann Crozier/Dobson 1855-1945. Charles dad was William Spencer Dobson 1795-1874, mom was Jane Flowers/Dobson 1806-1893. Wiliam dad was Charles Dobson 1760-1842. mom Ann Spencer/Dobson 1769-1842. Unable to find out about there stay in New Carlisle, if anyone has information where they were buried or any information would be appreciated.thanking you in advance for any information. Bob Cooper

Saturday January 20 4:27:16 2018
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for information about my grandparents. My father was born Réne Levesque and was in a farm house in Gaspe until he was adopted. The adoption was through Catholic Charities and spoke French As a baby.

Monday January 15 14:01:01 2018
Name:Lisa Vitale Vivino
My Question is:Hello! My birth mother was a native of Gaspe. I was born in Montreal and brought to the Orphanage in Gaspe! I was there to visit in 1991. I was told that the orphanage had burned down! It has since become the Post office In town. I believe it is on Rue Adams area? I met a nun there when I visited. Does anyone have any information on this Orphanage? I’d love to see a picture or speak to someone with some knowledge of this . May God Bless You ! Lisa

Friday January 12 5:17:37 2018
Name:Joseph Julien cabot
My Question is:Looking for Julien Cabot, any information would be helpful. He was born February 29, 1940. Parents Her name was berte and the father was tanquerd. Please if you can help, i am his daughter, thank you. My birthday is november 28, 1966 and was hoping to find family or history information. Merci

Tuesday January 9 14:32:18 2018
Name:Elaine Robinson
My Question is:I have finally through DNA established that my Willett family belongs to the Gaspe Willetts. A number of years ago I attended the Willett reunion (along with my husband Luc Bertrand) not knowing at the time if I had the right Willetts. I had been in touch with Peggy Willett who had encouraged me to go. I would very much like to get in touch with Peggy again. Could someone help? I am still missing a number of facts but as I said my DNA has linked me with several people of the William Willett family which is very satisfying after so many years of research. Hope to hear from Peggy or anyone else who is interested in this family. Elaine Robinson (Bertrand) Georgetown Ontario

Tuesday January 2 20:21:42 2018
Name:M. Rocha
My Question is:Looking for information on a close friend of mine who i believe is from Gaspe - Know as Gerry Walsh or full name Gerry Joseh Grant Walsh (i believe) - he has passed away and i would like to know more about his past... any info would be great.

Thursday December 14 17:12:50 2017
My Question is:Hi all, I'm looking for any information on my great-grandmother Florence E Robinson born 11/07/1891 in Gaspe and died december 2nd 1967 in Toronto. I don't know much else other than she was from Gaspe and wasn't a really nice lady.

Friday November 24 12:50:49 2017
Name:Beth Barton
My Question is:CLARA ELIZABETH (JAMIESON) BELYEA - RESTIGOUCHE AREA of NB: I'm looking for a photo of Clara Elizabeth Jamieson, born 1895 in Dalhousie, NB. Parents were James Jamieson (fireman) and Matilda "Tillie" McLean. She married a druggist, Walter Gordon Belyea and they lived in Moncton, NB. She was my g-grandmother. Anything would be appreciated. I've been looking for over 20 years. Thank you, Beth Barton

Wednesday November 22 0:26:45 2017
Name:Theresa M LaPointe
My Question is:Looking for any information on Joseph Smith and Amanda LaRocque. Both born in Gaspe in the 1890's. They are my Grandparents. Thank you

Monday November 20 10:54:52 2017
Name:terry monaghan
My Question is:looking for info on James Coffin born April 09 1908 Married Matilda Evans July 14 1937 Died September 5 1979 possibly from Gaspe

Sunday November 5 7:50:03 2017
Name:Chris McEvoy
My Question is:Hi I am looking for information on my 10th great-grandfather Thomas Sherar U.E

Thursday November 2 3:01:23 2017
Name:Dave Atteberry
My Question is:I am looking for information on Yvonne Desroches (born 1910, Paspebiac, Quebec, CA, died 1990, Springfield, Ilinois, US). She was my Grandmother. Her father was Simon Desroches. I am wondering if there are still living relatives in the area. My mother, Mercedes Atteberry, would have visited the area about 20 years ago? I am just curious about that part of my family history. Thanks to anyone who replies.

Wednesday October 18 1:06:04 2017
Name:Debbie Dee
My Question is:Hi, I am researching the family tree of Marie Jeanne Sweeney, daughter of George Sweeney of Malbaie. I have a picture of her and I'm trying to find out the name of the man with her. If you are related to the Sweeneys or the Hamons of Malbaie, you might be able to help me identify the man in the picture. For some reason, I'm not able to post a link to the picture here. Please email me at and I will email you the link to my website to see the picture. Thank you. Je fais des recherches sur l'arbre généalogique de Marie Jeanne Sweeney, fille de George Sweeney de Malbaie. J'ai une photo d'elle et j'essaie de trouver le nom de l'homme avec elle. Si vous êtes lié aux Sweeney ou aux Hamons de Malbaie, vous pourriez peut-être m'aider à identifier l'homme sur la photo. Pour une raison quelconque, je ne peux pas poster un lien vers l'image ici. S'il vous plaît écrivez-moi à et je vous enverrai le lien vers mon site pour voir l'image. Merci.

Monday October 2 13:07:29 2017
Name:Donna Van Toen
My Question is:Looking for info on James Bendwell, born November 28, 1851 in New Richmond. Married to Anastasie Moses or Moises. Especially interested in any record of his parents. Also, I have been told in that time frame many Native births were recorded as "black". Can anyone verify that? Thanks. I am told I have Native heritage but would like to document it.

Sunday September 10 22:14:54 2017
Name:Marise Krampovitis
My Question is:Monday March 31 21:20:37 2014 REPOST 9/10/17 Name: Marise Krampovitis E-mail: My Question is: Hello, I am seeking any information on my Grandparents who lived in New Carlisle. Their last name was Starnes and my aunts and uncles (those I remember) were Gerry, Rex, Lonnie, Elmer, Merle, Marion, Irene, Avis and my Mother was Evelyn. Please email me if you can offer information about my grandparents and anything else about the family. Thank you so much. I received an answer from a cousin Elda. Sadly my daughter became very ill and passed away in June so I never answered. Wondering is anyone is still around to answer.

Thursday August 17 15:56:02 2017
Name:Sandi Corbin
My Question is:I am writing a family story about individuals from my Husband's family who lived in New Carlisle during the 1850-1870 era. They were Corbins who married into the Beebe family. I am looking for some context for their lives in New Carlisle and wondered if any had any suggestions on where I might find information on what life was like in the community during the time they lived there. Any suggestions are welcome ! Thanks

Friday August 11 19:23:38 2017
Name:Suzanne Lejeune
My Question is:I am conducting some research on George Jenne/Jeune. I believe that he may be my 3rd great grandfather and would like to know more about his whereabouts after 1851. I believe he is the father of Daniel Vicaire Lejeune from Newport, who was illegitimate. Were there any scandals or issues with George or his family that would cause him to leave his job at Robin and leave New Carlisle? Did he die in an accident? If you have come across any information, please let me know. Below is all I can find out: • Born 1820 in Grouville, Jersey Islands • Married Ellen Bellet in 1846 in New Carlisle • Had 3 children: George Norman, Charles Frederick and Ernest. • Death, sometime before 1861 as Ellen marked herself as widowed on the census • Eldest son Norman had his father’s estate given to his mother in 1876. • Ellen and her 3 children all emigrated to the US and never came back to Canada.

Sunday July 30 17:50:56 2017
Name:Tilar R.
My Question is:I am looking for information on my great great grandfather, John Roy. I know he was born in Gaspe in 1853 and immigrated into the U.S in 1880. I have found some information on him in the U.S but none in Gaspe so any information or resources are appreciated.

Sunday July 23 15:39:07 2017
Name:Jerome Joseph LeBlanc?
My Question is:Adopted - looking for birth parents and/or siblings. Known great-grandparents were Joseph Beaucamp and Marie Delphine Cyr. Possible grandparents Beatrice Beaucamp/Andrew Flynn, Daniel (Abel) Beaucamp, or Marie Olive Beaucamp/unknown. Born April 1959 at Chandler Hospital. Baptized April 1959 by Laurent LeBlanc at Christ the King Cathedral in Gaspe. Adopted name Thomas Henry Casey. Baptismal name (Leblanc) may not be correct - possible name change by the church.

Wednesday July 19 10:04:03 2017
Name:Pat S.
My Question is:I was in foster care on Gaspe in 1965.Born Danny Marie Senechal I am searching for my foster mother/family.I was reunited with my biological parents many years ago.I am curious as to who my foster mother may have been.

Monday July 17 17:11:56 2017
Name:Lauren Collyer
My Question is:I am seeking information about Acadians who settled in lower Gaspé, specifically Doucet in and around the region now known as Escuminac. My great grandmother was (we believe) the only child born to Henri Doucet and Jeanne (maiden name unknown). Her name was Marie Doucet (sometimes listed as Minnie, sometimes written as Doucette). We do not know if she was born there, only that she considered Pointe à la Garde home. In 1911, she moved to Quebec City where she met her husband, a Maltese immigrant. I know nothing more of her parents but would appreciate anything I could use as a clue!

Sunday July 16 8:38:13 2017
Name:Tamara Eden
My Question is:My great grandparents were Roderick and Loretta may eden. My grandfather was wharwell "red" eden my mother is Bonnie Eden.. just looking for relatives thanks ")

Tuesday July 4 19:44:00 2017
Name:Deanna LaLonde
My Question is:I am looking for birth records for my great great grandmother Emilie Mignier dit Lagace who married Robert Loiselle (variations of spelling). In the US she was called Millie Miller and lived in Flint, Michigan at the time of her passing. Her daughter was Catherine Loiselle. The time frame of birth would be the late 1800's. Her family was from the Port Daniel Paspebiac Gaspe area.

Tuesday July 4 0:57:51 2017

Friday June 30 0:26:24 2017
Name:Emily Austin
My Question is:I am looking for any information for my grandparents Exilda Duchesne and Ferinande Belanger from Paspebiac Gaspe Bay. Also any information for father Emile Belanger DOB Aug 18 1917 from Paspebiac If you can help I would be grateful Emily

Sunday June 25 20:52:49 2017
Name:Terry Stanley
My Question is:I am working on the Stanley Family of the Dartmouth River. There is a mention of John Stanley and "young John Stanley" in the will of Felix O'Hara in 1805. Could either of these be of our famiily? I have some indication that a John, Thomas, Henry and a William Stanley having fishing stations (salmon I believe) on the Dartmouth in the mid 1800's. My family appears to descend from a Thomas Stanley born in 1805 and his son John Stanley born in 1839. Could the John Stanley mentioned in the O'Hara will be the father of Thomas? Could the John Stanley mentioned in the will have been a man servant( military ) to Felix O'Hara thus making him a soldier of the British Army?

Friday June 23 14:44:41 2017
Name:Chantal Knezacek
My Question is:Still trying to find out if Anita Therese De Sainte Croix is still alive or maybe her whereabouts Born July 1927 brothers were Merritt Courtland Edmond Leonard Waldron, Sisters were Dolores Colleen Gloria Thank you

Thursday June 22 15:19:42 2017
Name:Jan Boucher
My Question is:Maria Alice VIVIAN MULROONEY was born in 1922 in Douglastown, and buried there in 1994. Her parents were Joseph Ambrose Mulrooney (1888), and Eliza Ann Mulrooney, I believe both passing away in Gaspe. VIVIAN MULROONEY was married in 1942 to William/Bill Gerard in Douglastown. VIVIAN and BILL GERARD had at least two sons (the oldest Mark?), born in the early 1950s I believe in Gaspe. There may have been a daughter born in the 50's as well. Bill may have worked in, or owned a garage/car dealership in Gaspe in the 1950s. I believe I am related to this family, and would very much like to contact them. Any information is appreciated.

Thursday June 22 14:56:02 2017
Name:Jan Boucher
My Question is:I am looking for the family of WILLIAM GERARD and VIVIAN MULROONEY GERARD, both deceased. I believe William and Vivian were born in the 1920s. They had at least 2 sons, born in the early 1950s, perhaps in Gaspe, or Douglastown. William may have worked in a garage, or car sales in Gaspe in the 1950s. Any information would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday June 13 17:32:52 2017
My Question is:Still seeking any info about Thomas Walter Dawson...came to Gaspe' from Isle of Man, guessing at about 1830's, married 1841 and had five children, one being son Thomas Dawson. Also a daughter Elizabeth who after parents die, lives with the Beck family. Any info or direction appreciated as to arrival, family anything.He was listed as being a fisherman,Anglican church.. died 1856. Also his wife ,Mary Piton, many Pitons came from Jersey islands, cannot find her story. thanks

Friday June 9 14:47:35 2017
Name:Alfred Cyril LaCouvee
My Question is:My great great grandfather, Alfred Cyril LaCouvee. My mother's father. Seeking any know photographs of him. Any help would be appreciate.

Tuesday June 6 20:47:19 2017
Name:Ed Dumond
My Question is:I am trying to uncover some of my genealogical history. Upon a recent death in our family I have discovered that my Great Grandfather was a Micmac from Gaspe. His name was Joseph Jock. He married Jessey Parent, and the last name was changed to Joseph Jacques. The spelling of these names may be incorrect. I also have a picture of him. I beleive he may have been born around 1867. Thanks, Ed Dumond

Thursday June 1 21:24:12 2017
Name:Kim Wetherall
My Question is:Hello to all! I am looking for any information on my mother's parents James Syvret who was married was a Mary Mancil Vardon. I would love to know my family. Any information would be appreciated Thank You in advance

Saturday April 8 23:21:19 2017
Name:Paul Shannon
My Question is: I am a descendant of Michael Shannon from Ireland who married Marie Cormier of Cascapedia in 1827 and settled in Jacquet River , Rest. co NB in 1828. Would anyone know the origins of Shannons who settled in the Perce - Cap s`espoir area in the early 1800`s? One of the first on record is James Shannon whose name I found in early grant petitions and in the 1825 census. He was married to Mary Madigan. I am curious about any connection between James Shannon and my gg grandfather ,Michael, who arrived in Canada in 1822. Michael and Marie`s oldest child Thomas was apparently born in the New Carlisle region prior to moving to Jacquet River.

Tuesday April 4 1:19:34 2017
My Question is:I am looking for any information about my Family born in Gaspe Bay....My grandfather was killed, understand, by a truck around the time my father, last name is Couture was approx 5 years old...that would make it around 1941...My Grand Mothers name, I was told I was named for her, Jane Couture....My father had one brother and two so many families they all move to either Montreal or Ontario...Any info would be very helpful...

Wednesday March 29 17:10:01 2017
Name:aaron mendelson
My Question is:I am Aaron Mendelson,77 years old,born in Montreal in 1939.My late father Hyman Mendelson was born in 1910 in Douglastown Quebec.His father was originally from Romania and operated a retail dry goods store at that time called Grand Maurice(or possible Grand Morris since his English name was Morris)Is there anyway to confirm my fathers birthplace and any other information that might be in city records.I hope to visit Douglastown sometimes soon and any info you might have would be most appreciated.Thank you,Aaron Mendelson,22498 Esplanada Circle W,Boca Raton Florida USA 33433

Tuesday March 28 21:37:40 2017
My Question is:I am looking for descendants of the Kenny-kenney family,james w. Kenny born 1811 born in ireland wife Margaret kennedy, born in ireland james j. kenney born in Ireland 1831 his wife mary ellen ???????? born in Ireland in1833 William George kenney born in gaspe in 1855,his wife Catherine Ganon born in gaspe ,and many more ,many left gaspe to go to Bristol,new Hampshire u.s.a looking for work in 1882 thanks bill .

Sunday February 26 12:19:53 2017
Name:Brent Roberts
My Question is:I am doing research on the Minchinton family of Grande Greve. I am a descendant of the Minchinton's and my current research is focusing on John Francis Minchinton(B:1878) and his descendants. Also looking to possibly collaborate with anyone else doing Genealogy on the Family. Thank You

Friday February 24 12:52:57 2017
My Question is:I am looking for my birth family. I was born 5/1/1965 Joseph Alain Cyr in the gaspe region. Catholic adoption involved father Allard and sister Mary Euguene. I was adopted tothe United States 11 months later. I Believe I am French Canadian... Looking for my heritage.

Wednesday February 15 0:52:43 2017
Name:Larry Jarvis
My Question is:My wife is a descendant of Richard Ascah. Her father Royce and her aunt were the last of her family to be born in Peninsula. We are planning to visit Gaspe after Easter to visit St. Matthews and the site of Richard's home. Not sure whether her grandfather and great-grandfather's homes were torn down. Looking for a contact in the area that might be willing to meet with us, perhaps even a relative. I appreciate the help.

Wednesday February 8 14:36:54 2017
Name:Sheila Colley
My Question is:I am looking for information on my great-great grandparents. My Great Grandfather was A F McClure and I know that my great great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee from OK. My great grandfather died in Union City, Tn. My grandmother's name was Effie McClure McGuire who married Lon McGuire. If anyone has information please help me. Thank you.

Monday February 6 13:05:30 2017
Name:Joan Johnston
My Question is:I am looking for any information about my great grandparents, Pierre LeBlanc born Dec 17 1870 -Sept 2 1931 in Carleton Qc married my great Grandmother in 1986 in Maria. QC. Rose Delima Boudreau Born 1864- Maria QC. no date of her death. His parents were Francois -Xavier LeBlanc /Anastasia Cyr and her parents were Jacques dit James Boudreau and Emilie Desaultes Lapointe . If you have any information I would really appreciate any you may have. I am looking for death/marriage license. Thank You. Thank You

Friday January 27 23:31:16 2017
Name:Darlene. Baird
My Question is:I am looking for information. on Frances. Green or Greene..She was my great grandmother..born 30 July 1844 in Newfound Land..she married John Thomas Patterson from Gaspe Quebec.. I believe they married in 1870... we cannot find any other information.....thanks....

Tuesday January 17 18:59:59 2017
Name:Chantal Knezacek
My Question is:I now have some information on this site but need to know more who is left on my maternal side of the family/ I know many have passed away like Leonard, Corkland,Waldron, Dolores Colleen Merritt are Edmond Anita Gloriastill alive?

Wednesday January 11 22:50:58 2017
Name:linda patterson
My Question is:i am looking for my aunt mary Leduc kids there names was sheila and David Gauthier they live in montreal would like to get in touch with them if anyone can help me find them thank you

Friday December 23 18:09:45 2016
Name:Crissy Travers
My Question is:I am looking for anyone who knows my family or has any information about my family. My grandfather was Earl Morgan Travers. He had a brother named Roy Travers. His mother might have been Mary Ross. Please help

Friday December 23 3:40:33 2016
Name:Linda Bourdage
My Question is:My husband and his brother were adopted out as babies.....David was born to Mickey Methot & Elizabeth Moreau....Mickey Methot moved to Campbellton and changed his name to Micheal Richardson...My husband, Daniel, was born to Elizabeth Moreau & Michael Richardson...Mickey came from the Restigouche Listuij First Nation...Could someone give me information on what I have given you or do you need more info...Thank you very much for your interest....Oh, also, David was born at St. Jules, Que. & Daniel was born in Dalhousie, NB.....

Wednesday December 21 20:42:10 2016
My Question is:i am looking for my great great grandparents ,obviously for my family tree.their names are philippe huard and marceline huard nee chenier.her maiden name could be spelled different ways cheney , chener. i am tracing our native heritage ..any help would be bid help thank you

Friday December 16 11:20:44 2016
Name:Shannon Fitzherbert (Mann)
My Question is:Hi I am looking for any family history for Murray Mann (wife was Alice Mann nee Jackson). My father Lester is from the Gaspe, but we were checking to see if anyone has any genealogy history for this family, as he does not know much about his fathers ancestry. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday December 13 17:51:17 2016
Name:Terry Thibeault
My Question is:Is there a county seat or hall of records that a person might contact to get information on how to go about researching my family who lived in Gaspe Pass? My paternal grandparents came from there and moved to North Brookfield, MA sometime around the 1920's or 1930's. Thank you for any details you might be able to send me. Terry

Wednesday November 30 22:01:19 2016
My Question is:Does anyone have the e-mail address of Barbara Ward Mabe married to Gary Mabe. I lost touch a few years back and would like to get in touch with her again.

Sunday October 16 0:33:56 2016
Name:Chantal Morissette
My Question is:Bonjour, j'ai besoin d'aide dans mes recherches, je suis à la recherche de l'avis de décès de M. Robert Langelier de Wakeham qui aurais été mariré avec une dame anglophone et il ont eu plusieurs enfants. Un des leurs enfant est Marc Langelier qui demeure à Wakeham. Je souhaite vraiment trouver des informations, je vous remercie et bonne soirée.

Friday October 14 20:10:52 2016
Name:Georgina Shumway
My Question is:Looking for information regarding Henri Robinson, son of Alexis Robinson and Appoline Castonguay, I am the granddaughter of Henri's brother Joseph. Thank you.

Friday October 14 20:08:15 2016
Name:Patricia Goodwin
My Question is:I am researching the McKinnon and Adams families of ESCUMINAC, GASPE AREA, they are my my mothers grandparents and I would very much like to obtain more information regarding them. Thank you so much.

Saturday October 8 22:48:50 2016
Name:Kathleen Loisel Allbee
My Question is:Looking for ancestral information on the Dysart family of New Orleans,LA. Thank you.

Sunday September 18 13:42:37 2016
Name:Kimberley Coffin
My Question is:Hello all :) I'm looking for an accurate family tree of the Coffin family who descended from the Coffins of l'Anse Aux Cousins. My father was Earle Donald Coffin, his father was Donald Coffin, and his grandfather was Reuben Coffin, so I'm searching for information on this family lineages ancestors. Can anyone please direct to someone, or another resource, who may be able to help me? Thankyou.

Friday September 9 18:51:02 2016
Name:Josephine Forest
My Question is:I am looking for relatives of Mary and Edmond Forest. My paternal grandfather was Clair Forest who left Gaspe quite young. He married my grandmother a Cree woman from La Ronge SK. He died in 1974 two weeks after my birth.

Wednesday September 7 21:22:44 2016
Name:Rodney Scott
My Question is:I am looking for anything on the wilmot family tree. looking for adlar wilmot married to angele barthe their daughter named eva may. Any info would be nice.

Tuesday September 6 20:30:20 2016
Name:Anne Sweanor
My Question is:Is Harold Dumas from new Richmond Quebec still alive. His age would be over 80.

Monday September 5 18:31:36 2016
Name:Corinne Taylor
My Question is:I am looking for info on my great grandparents. She a St. Pierre and he a Brotherton. The Brotherton's were loyalist that came to the Gaspe Bay from Acadia in the US.

Monday September 5 3:28:43 2016
My Question is:Looking for info on William and Harriet Shaw. I'm specifically related to their daughter Adeline (Adelina) Allerton.

Friday August 26 18:16:28 2016
My Question is: I am looking for my grandmother Marie Louise (LeBlanc) Beaulieu family. Her parents was Isadore Leblanc & Louise Pinel who are buried in ST. Adelard Cemetery in the Pabos & Chandler area. Her siblings were Marthe, Francois, Jane, Napoleon, Joseph, Josue. I will be visiting the Chandler area from 1 Sep 2016 - 5 Sep 2016. Frasier Motel. I would greatly appreciate the help in locating lost family members.

Friday August 26 11:24:01 2016
Name:Roloand Vardon
My Question is:I am researching both maternal and paternal grandparents, all from Gaspe. Charles Vardon moved from Jersey and settled in the MalBay area and married Elizabeth Lucas in 1824. His great grandson, Nick was born in Mal Bay in 1912 and married June Adams, whose mother was a MANN. Any information on VARDON, LUCAS, ADAMS and MANN is appreciated. I do have some information on each family. Additionally, the de Gruchy (de Grouchy) family comes from Jersey and has a very-very long history in Jersey and perhaps goes back 1,000 years or more to the Normandy area of France. Perhaps someone knows more of this history? I thank all who contribute in any way to my research. Roland

Monday August 22 12:00:38 2016
My Question is:I am looking to connect with relatives of Eva (Beaulieu) Duguay in the Pabos & Chandler area. Her first husband was Philippe Edmond Duguay. He died in 1947 in Candler, Quebec. Eva died in 1998 in Chandler, Quebec. Children were Anita, Ulric, Medard, Ordina and Henri. She was the daughter of Isadore Beaulieu & Marie Louise (LeBlanc) Beaulieu Marie Louise was the daughter of Isadore LeBlanc and Louise Pinel. Chandler/Pabos, Quebec. I will be visiting the Chandler area from 1 Sep 2016 - 5 Sep 2016. Frasier Hotel. I would greatly appreciate the help in locating lost family members.

Monday August 15 13:20:41 2016
Name:Pierre Gignac;
My Question is:Somewhere in the Gignac family history an Irish boy was adopted by a Gignac family member. We don't know when or which family member did the adopting and we are trying to find out. Apparently, the Irish lad's parents perished on the ship that came to Quebec from Ireland. Is there anywhere this type of info would be available?

Tuesday August 9 18:39:17 2016
Name:Ann Jefferyes
My Question is:I am looking for the birth of my 4xgreat grandfather The Chevalier Charles Antoine de la Garde circa 1764 in France, who were his parents? 2 sons born in London George William b 1799 and Charles Theodore Kewis b 1800. His wife was Charlotta Christiana Von Behm.

Sunday August 7 22:26:29 2016
Name:Chantal Knezacek
My Question is:I am the grand-daughter of Eloi & Blanche Plante they use to own the Motel Plante in Gaspe Quebec I would like to know more about that side of thee family I know they had 2 kids Pierre my dad and his wife Anita and they had one daughter Cecile & husnabd John Dion

Saturday August 6 16:42:51 2016
Name:Yvonne Brennan
My Question is: I am an adoptee who found her birthmother . Her name is Mary LaBrecque for Troy New York . She has told me that she can not have a relationship with me . She has told me that I could continue my research . I would like to know more about the LaBrecque family so that I may pass it on to my children . My husband surname is Brennan and he is able to trace back to early 1600s. Thanks for any help Thank-you Yvonne

Tuesday August 2 7:06:58 2016
Name:Paul Mullin
My Question is:I am looking for information on Nicolas Moullin, prior to his coming to Quebec. Any there any information available and where can I find it?

Monday July 18 5:08:46 2016
My Question is:I am looking for siblings of Gus Borders who was born 1958 in Alabama. I believe his father's name was Thaddeus Borders and mother Susan Martha Logan.

Wednesday July 6 2:52:37 2016
Name:Marlene Suddard Paquet
My Question is:I know my great-great grandfather served as minister in the Gaspe Bay area. He was John Suddard and his wife was Elizabeth McArthur Suddard. I was wondering if there were any pictures of him and his wife and possibly their son David.

Tuesday July 5 21:00:14 2016
Name:Darline Sweeney
My Question is:I am seeking any information about the parentage of my paternal grandmother, Suzanne Winnifred Annett born 1904 and died 1996. She was married to Edmond Annett born 1920 and died 1996. Prior to being married to Edmond Annett she was married to my grandfather, Alfred Sweeney (no date of birth or death except her died of tuberculosis) whose parents are said to be Jane Bond (not date of birth or death) and Alexis Sweeney (no date of birth or death). Suzanne Winnifred Annett, previously known as Suzanne Winnifred Sweeney is said to be the child of Abraham Element. I cannot locate any birth or death date for Abraham Element nor can I find any information on Suzanne Winnifred Annett's mother. While investigating, some have told me that her true maiden surname was 'Marion'. If anyone can assist me or point me in the right direction as to the ancestry of my paternal grandmother, Suzanne Winnifred Annett and, if possible, that of my father's family, the Sweeney's, I would really appreciate it. Lastly, I want to thank many on this cite who have assisted me in researching my mother's family, the Whites of Douglastown. Please know that I am forever in your debt for without your assistance and the Gaspe Roots website, I would still be sending out confusing emails. Thank you. Respectfully, D. Mergelides

Saturday June 11 23:04:55 2016
Name:monique charlebois
My Question is:I Am looking for Ursule Roy daughter of Joseph Roy and Agnes d'amour de chauffours from the 1755. I am looking for her birth certificate and marriage. Hope you can help me.

Friday June 3 22:08:28 2016
Name:Florent Sornat
My Question is:Good evening. I am looking for any descendant of Jean François LECOUVEY (LA COUVEE/LEGOUVEY). He was born in France in 1815 and went in Canada to settle as a fisherman on the Labrador Coast. There, he married Cristina ROBERTSON from La-Tabatière and settled in Tête-à-la-Baleine (East). Jean François LECOUVEY was my grand-grand-grand-uncle. My grand-mother was a LECOUVEY... Jean François LECOUVEY & Christina ROBERTSON had 5 children, born in Tête-à-la-baleine East): - Sophia ca 1851(married ADAMS) - Jean Baptiste (John) ca 1854 (married ADAMS, then HARBOUR) - Christine 1858 (married ADAMS) - Catherine 1861-1882 - Alfred 1865 (married ADAMS) said "captain" LA COUVEE. Then, the family finally settled in Gaspé, probably around the year 1873. Its name became "LA COUVEE" I thank You for any information :) Best regards, Florent Sornat (from France)

Monday May 30 14:47:32 2016
Name:Becky LeBlanc
My Question is:I am looking for my ancestry. My Great Great Grandparents were Jean-Baptiste Collet born 1888 and married Dina LeBlanc born 1893. Any information would be of great help

Sunday May 22 23:39:01 2016
Name:lorri blas
My Question is:i am looking to see if anyone out here in geneology land has photos of the gionet family specially marie victoire gionet mother of victoire mallet

Sunday May 22 23:37:08 2016
Name:lorri blas
My Question is:researxhing for a friend gallant family from richiboutou. they were from a place little northwest no longer under that village name. gallants once of port royal. years ago. any info would be greatly appreciated. also ben albany daigle, mary dorice (doris) theresa daigle thank you lorri

Saturday May 21 16:44:37 2016
My Question is:I'm looking for any information about the Cunning family in the Gaspe Bay Area. My father says they are related to us. Any information would be wonderful. Thanks kindly

Friday May 20 22:32:27 2016
Name:Zachary Habermehl
My Question is:I am looking for information on Anne Marie Chicoine (Dunphy) and possible First Nations heritage

Sunday April 10 23:49:50 2016
Name:Anne Marie Mountain
My Question is:I'm looking for descendants of Clarence and Eva Lemieux. Cap Aux Os Quebec. I was born Anne Marie Lemieux Feb 27 1956 in Hamilton Ont. My birth Mother was Anita Marie Lemieux ( Mac Quarrie). I mostly just want some family history ,health issues etc. I have made contact with Janet Appleyard daughter of Juliet Lemieux Appleyard. I would greatly appreciate any family history even if you don't wish to have contact with me. Travelled through Cap Aux Os two years ago hoping to even find where they were buried but had no luck. Thank you for any information.

Monday April 4 1:31:53 2016
Name:Roberta Wilson-Garrett
My Question is:Looking for information on Marie Therese Simone Grenier, would be mid to late 70's in age. May have come from the Gaspe and either lived in Elliot Lake Ontario for a brief period of time or knew people there. We are possibly related

Monday March 28 18:29:42 2016
Name:Diane Drouillard
My Question is:Looking for Alvin Duguay bro Jan.2, 1959 or his sister Colette born March 25, 1961 , children of Julienne (Duguay) who married a Breau.

Tuesday March 15 15:41:47 2016
Name:Daryl adams
My Question is:Does my family have Irish desendants

Saturday March 12 17:50:53 2016
Name:Zachary Dunphy
My Question is:I am looking for information on Anne Marie Dunphy, wife of William Charles Dunphy, who was in the Navy. Anne was born and raised in Gaspe in 1922, and met William in Montreal. They moved to Calgary Alberta after the war. I am trying to find out who Anne's parents were. There is also a rumour she was adopted. Thanks all!

Tuesday March 1 15:12:12 2016
Name:Cynthia Chicoine
My Question is:Looking for Cynthia Chicoine who attended St Mary's Teachers College grad year 1966. Need married name, children's name where she is now. Been looking for info now for about 3 years. My name is Patsy Samson

Friday February 26 2:30:35 2016
Name:Jane Bujold
My Question is:Looking for information on Alexis Bujold (1886-1948) and Rose Santerre (1898-1963)

Wednesday February 24 20:20:28 2016
Name:Jerry Barnes
My Question is:Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir si le nom de Thomas Barnes figure sur la liste des passager du bateau le 'Carrick' qui avait échouer sur la cote du Cap-Des-Rosiers en 1847 je crois?

Monday February 15 20:34:32 2016
Name:Carolyne Bernatchez
My Question is:Looking for Rita Annett McRae or Rita McRae sister to Marguerite McRae Daugthers to Joseph McRae (1879?-1945) and Annie Cyr. Marguerite McRae is my grandmother. I never knew her. Would like to know that side of my family recherche Rita Annett McRae ou Rita McRae, soeur de Marguerite McRae, filles de Joseph McRae (1879?-1945)et Annie Cyr Marguerite McRae est ma grand-mère. Je ne l'ai jamais connue. J'aimerais connaitre des membres de cette oartie de ma famille

Saturday February 13 20:16:35 2016
My Question is:I am looking for any link with Thomas Walter DAWSON (born 1818)..who married Mary Beck 1841. Died 1856 they lived in Cape Cove Gaspe Quebec. He is my great great grandfather.

Sunday February 7 18:54:11 2016
Name:dylan verdugo
My Question is:looking for other descendants of bertrand delarosbil, he was first to bring the name to paspebiac, he married a metis woman. the name delarosbil was changed to desrosby, derosby and derosbi.

Monday February 1 14:55:08 2016
Name:James Coffin
My Question is:Hi everyone and the son of Wilbert Coffin I'm looking to find any pictures of dad or stories you may have about dad when he was growing up I'm looking at writing a book about his life and the sad ending that came of him In the hopes that it will bring to life all the injustice he has received at the hands of the Quebec Government Only the people of Gaspe can fill in the blinks that still have not been answered Please come forward and help February 10th will be 60 years since his life was taken from me Hope to hear from as many as I can thank you for your help James

Saturday January 30 20:08:50 2016
Name:marilyn hobson
My Question is:I'm interested in my family tree. I was told I have native back ground. This is the informaton I have. My grandmother was Racheal Marie Blais. Born in Port Daniel, Gaspe, Quebec birn in 1875. Mother was Marie-Anne Angleheart...father Jean Blais or john blais. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you Marilyn Hobson

Sunday January 24 15:37:35 2016
Name:lynne dugas
My Question is:I am hoping to find some more information, or anyone that maybe related to a Marie Magdeleine Bond, BIRTH: 1899 - St-Alphonse-de-Caplan, Québec, lookiing for any news or family that still maybe around, anything would be great, and appreciate the help thank you.

Monday January 18 22:51:29 2016
Name:Daniel Mabe
My Question is:I haven't seen my birth mother MARY MABE for 54 years. I was born at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Quebec on July 21st, 1961...3 months later brought into the hospital, her doctor told her that I should become handicapped, blindness, mentally retarded, or kind of disease, I become disabled infant that she had decided to given me away to foster parents - that took care of me, as she asked for consent form that means her don't want me know where her living. I just became DEAFNESS, I assumed that her didn't get married that happen to fell love with the guy, got pregnancy then he left, not support her living She decided to moved to Montreal, Quebec and lived with her (unknown name) cousin as their support, care of her till baby was born. Also she was one child while her parents were killed by car accident in 1957 (I assume that her parents were living in area of Gaspe, Quebec). We had researched there have no sisters, brothers, or cousins and went to the library to using the microfilm to search all the days, weeks - No Cure to find one, just received my health history and basically background. I don't know if she still living or gone? We don't have their medical history and their names. We be appreciate that if you can assist us to find something....

Thursday January 14 13:24:39 2016
My Question is:Been awhile since I posted but am still looking for marriage date and place for John Russell & Marie Josephte Bergeron, their first child Margaret Russell was born in 1795 in Bonaventure New Carlisle Quebec. I hav seven children born to John & Marie Russell all born in Bonaventure,New Carlisle Quebec. I really need marriage date and place for this couple I been stuck hear for many many years.

Wednesday January 13 2:03:23 2016
Name:Lynda Allard
My Question is:Looking for any information on the Falardeau family from Restigouche and Rimouski. Jean Baptiste Falardeau and Josephine Alain were my grandparent. Grace Fakardeau was my mother. All the brothers and sisters and parents are deceased.. Many unanswered questions.. Je recherch tout informations sur la famille Falardeau de Restigouche et Rimouski. Jaimerait connaitre meds ancetres. Je suis la fille d'une de les Falardeau. Jai 67 ans alors Ils n'ya plus personne qui peu etre blesse avec les secrets. Vous pourez me rejoindre a mon courriel. Merci!

Monday January 11 13:43:39 2016
Name:Diane Roy Vourliotis
My Question is:My father was born & raised in gaspe. He came from a family of ten. Recently he passed away. I would like to know more about my ancestors. My grandfather Napolean had a farm.

Sunday January 3 17:00:17 2016
Name:Haldéa loisel
My Question is:Je cherche date et année de deces de Anna Huard mariee en première noce avec Clément Parise et en seconde noce avec Joseph Théophile Loisel de Saint -Godefroi. Merci

Wednesday December 30 11:27:28 2015
Name:Thomas Ribaudo
My Question is:I am looking for information on the Cormier family name. I was born in 1969, and my mother was 25. I was adopted when I was almost two years old from a family in New York. I am looking for any information you may have that could help me find my birth parents. My moms dad was a truck driver (53) and her mother died of Cancer before I was born. She was the oldest of three. (One brother and one sister.) My father was 32, and a mechanic. He was the eight child out of 6 brothers and 7 sisters. His father was a chief electrician and his mother a house wife. I was born in Montreal, but lived in Gaspe. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!!

Wednesday December 30 11:03:19 2015
My Question is:Looking for information of parents of Jean Batiste Dunn who married Marie Cloutier in Riviere aux Renards...where did his ancestors come from...

Monday November 2 13:07:01 2015
Name:Alex White
My Question is:I am searching for the surname St Croix or De Ste Croix as my ancestry go back to my maternal side of my family. My grandfather Was John St Croix born in 1854 son of John St Croix born about 1810 I suspect he came from St Helier in the Channel Islands and into Gaspe Bay and into Argentia,Placentia Bay Nfld. I have found a piece of a head stone with the name John St Croix and a date on the stone 1772. Other St Croix names found in Placentia were Charles, William Richard and John St Croix as Volunteers to protect the Garrison in 1774 My Grandfathers settled in Point LaHaye St Marys Nfld. They were fishermen and possible soldiers. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

Thursday October 29 3:45:45 2015
Name:justin whitmore
My Question is:im looking for pictures and the complete history of my great grandmothers family their names are smith baird and diana baird nee white

Monday October 12 22:34:33 2015
My Question is:Looking for a photo of Clara Elizabeth Jamieson, born 1895 in Dalhousie, NB. Parents were James Jamieson (fireman) and Matilda "Tillie" McLean. She married Walter Gordon Belyea. She was my g-grandmother. Anything would be appreciated, I've been looking for over 20 years. Thanks, Beth

Saturday September 26 19:40:32 2015
Name:Carey Heistand
My Question is:Any information on last name of O'Rourke (or spelling close to) from late 1700's to 1890's, no matter how little would be appreciated. Thank You Carey

Saturday September 19 2:49:26 2015
My Question is:Hi, My great-great-great grandparents were Patrick Kaveney and Sarah McDonald from Keash (Sligo). They were abroad the 1847 Carricks of White Haven ship that was shipwrecked. I am interested in finding more about our family history and would love to hear more about my relatives.

Tuesday September 15 3:26:03 2015
Name:Bev Lang
My Question is:I'm researching my mother-in-law's family history.   Her father was a Le Boutillier, born in 1900 in Guernsey. Further back the family was from Jersey.   My mother-in-law has done an autosomal DNA test to assist with the research, and has one match who has Gaspe ancestors,  though we haven't yet established the connection.  Is there anyone with knowledge of Gaspean Le Boutilliers who would be able to point me to resources that may help my extend her tree back, please?  As I am in Australia,  I am limited to internet based services for my research at present.  Kind regards Bev Lang

Friday September 11 16:45:22 2015
My Question is:Bonjour Si vous avez des informations concernant la famille Gallagher de St-Siméon ou de Chandler, Québec ainsi que la famille Walsh de St-Jules Cascapédia. J'aimerais avoir plus d'information sur mes ancêtres. Merci

Wednesday September 9 12:56:44 2015
Name:Lucie Mann
My Question is:Looking for descendents/information on Fred Farrell who lived in Campbellton in 1940-1960. Anything you might have on his parents and grandparents would be appreciated. Thanks!

Saturday August 29 8:10:27 2015
Name:John Barker
My Question is:I am interested in information about a gentleman named Paul Castonguay, who was born circa 1937. May also have spent some time in the Quebec City area and Oshawa, Ontario, just of Toronto, in the mid-1950s.

Saturday August 22 1:04:56 2015
Name:John Enright
My Question is:James Enright born in Limerick West Limerick 1795. Question where in west LIMERICK?

Friday July 24 1:21:17 2015
Name:tammy croft
My Question is:I am looking for the name of germain leclerc's father and mother and any siblings. Germain inherited a limestone quarry in the Escuminac area of Qubec from his father. Thank you

Thursday July 23 4:36:17 2015
Name:tammy croft
My Question is:I am looking for the name of germain leclerc's father and mother and any siblings. Germain inherited a limestone quarry in the Escuminac area of Qubec from his father. Thank you

Thursday July 16 13:00:37 2015
Name:Gerald Duguay
My Question is:I am looking for info on my mother, Rosalie Bond (born 1905), who married my father , James Duguay (born 1905), in Montreal, Quebec.

Wednesday July 8 21:34:48 2015
Name:Marianne TKalec
My Question is:I am looking for information on the COULL/HOPPER family. My great grandparents were WILLIAM WILTON COULL DOB 21 MAR 1890 & MARGARET STEWART HOPPER DOB 11 JAN 1897 they had the following children: Harry Charles Coull - DOB 24 AUG 1915 Hamilton Stewart aka Johnny Coull - DOB 24 JUL 1918 William Lynden Coull - DOB 3 NOV 1919 Alfred Harrison - DOB March 3, 1921 Donald Alexander Coull - DOB 15 JUN 1922 WILLIAM COULL's parents were CHARLES COULL & MELISSA HARRISON MARGARET STEWART HOPPER's parents were HARRY HOPPER & ISABELLA(BELLA)MANN Any help would be appreciated especially related to MARGARET STEWART HOPPER

Wednesday July 8 1:34:37 2015
Name:Cheryl Mann
My Question is:I am looking for relatives of my grandfather William Peter Mann and my grandmother Margaret Edith Chatterton. They had 13 children: all last name Mann: Leslie, Della, Edith, Melvina, Vida, Alma, Earle, Stanley, Lyman, Ernest, Ruby, Murray and Kingsley. I am Kingsley Manns daughter and believe I must have a few cousins out there. I do remember Alma as she babysat me in Mimico Ontario.

Saturday July 4 11:01:17 2015
Name:Martine labrecque
My Question is:je suis a la recherche de la famille de Thomas Murray né 1801 marié a Ellen Kersey en janv 1828, ils aurait eux 8 enfant , Michael, Patrick, John , Mary, Ellen, Catherine, Margaret, thomas J. j,ai besoin de connaitre les parents de Thomas Murray pour continuer la recherche de ses ancetre Merci pour tous.

Saturday July 4 10:54:12 2015
Name:Martine labrecque
My Question is:Bonjour, je recherche les parent de Thomas Murray 1801 marié a Elle Kersey né en 1807 . ils se seraient marié en Janv 1828 ils auraient eux 8 enfants . je pense que Thomas serait né en Irlande, mais je suis certaine qu'il est déceder en 1887 a St-Patrice de Sherrington, Québec. svp pouvez vous m'aider a completer ma branche pour trouver les ancetre de cette famille merci

Saturday June 27 2:04:42 2015
Name:Daniel Mabe
My Question is:Grandfather was killed in car accident in 1957 at age 56. Grandmother was killed in the same car accident at 47 years of age. Their last name is Mabe as if you know them well, give us their first names also they have one daughter name was Mary Mabe

Friday June 26 6:50:12 2015
Name:Jason Thiessen
My Question is:I was born on August 13, 1973 by the name of Sebastien Lucas ? (not sure of last name) born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. I am looking for my mom and dad as I was adopted and picked up in Edmonton, Alberta on September 11, 1974. My mom was 21 and my dad was 22, she was a clerk and he was an officer. She was 5'2" and he was 5'11" I was given some medical treatment by a Dr. Brodeur a pediatrician. Both are musical and into sports, at the time she had four sisters and one brother and he had two brothers. Both were of french ethnicity with fair skin and my mom had freckles and dad didn't, mom had blue eyes and dad's were green. Any information as to possibly getting ahold of them would be greatly appreciated, can you help me find my biological parents?

Thursday June 25 17:52:53 2015
Name:Len Manny
My Question is:Looking for any information regarding my GrandFather Edred Hamon(Gaspe) or his Father Robert Phillip Hamon, Hammon, Hammond of Guernsey. Thank You !

Wednesday June 10 4:03:44 2015
Name:Lovisa Dennis
My Question is:Hello! I've been looking for records related to my great great grandparents who, I believe, met and married in Gaspe. Her name was Roxanne Urquhart. She arrived by boat from Scotland... And his name was John Walsh, from Wales. They lived in the wilderness in the Gaspe peninsula, and had two, or three children, one of whom was my great grandmother. My great grandmother married Joseph Dennis, and moved to Revere Mass. I'm blanking on her name right now (I only knew her as Grammy)! Thank you, -Lovisa

Thursday May 28 13:01:37 2015
Name:Charlene Gaul Mulder
My Question is:Hello I am trying to find out my grandfather' s and great grandfather's names. My father's name was Harold Gaul. He was born in Douglastown in 1922. He married Bride Rail. My father had many siblings: Thomas, Annie, Irene and I can't remember it he name of the brother who was killed in a train accident. Thank you so much for any help you may offer in this regard.

Thursday May 28 12:55:15 2015
Name:Barbara D'Orazio
My Question is: I am looking for a marriage record for Eli Desjardine and Eivelina Arsenault hoping to find the parents for both. They lived and died on St. Joseph's Island, Ontario just a 45 minute drive from Sault Ste. Marie. Any assistance you could give me would be most appreciated.

Saturday May 23 10:07:13 2015
Name:Tracey Montgomery
My Question is:Hello, I am an Adoption Search Angel and I have reunited birth families across Canada since 1998! I have alot of people in search of their birth families from Gaspe! If you are interested, Please join my group on Facebook! We would love to have you join, This is Free of Charge! Have a Great Day! Tracey

Saturday May 2 12:56:25 2015
My Question is:looking for information on the beauchamp family in gaspe. my grandfather was francis xavier beauchamp he died in tipper lake ny in 1970.

Friday May 1 4:29:10 2015
My Question is:Hi -I am looking for information regarding my paternal grandfather's oldest brother Doctor Thomas B. Ramsay, who served in the CEF as a Surgeon during WW1, contracted TB while overseas and upon returning home to London Ontario, was assigned to the Laurentian Chest Hosp at Ste Agathe des Monts. I have found a news clipping mentioning his death in 1928, listing his widow Winnifred H. Ramsay. I would be very grateful to find any information on my Uncle or any of his family.

Monday April 27 9:20:44 2015
Name:Mary Courtney
My Question is:GISELE FORTIN Greetings to all HELP!! I am searching for information about my birth family. My mothers name was Gisele Fortin and she was from the Gaspe area. She died from Lupus approx 20 years ago. I am her daughter ( marie nicole) but was adopted at birth. I am heading to the gaspe area in late June to try and find some relatives and see her primary school etc. Does anyone have any information that would help? She gave birth to me in 1963. I know she had a twin sister and lots of other siblings. Please help!! Mary

Wednesday April 15 18:40:20 2015
My Question is:My grandfather was George H. Renouf born 1906 in Guernsey. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth. Please send me something so that I may come and visit some family.

Tuesday April 14 23:58:19 2015
Name:Dona Mondragon
My Question is:Can you tell me what city I should plan on staying in to do geneological research for my ancestors who lived in Newport, Gaspe Gay Quebec? Thank you Sincerely Dona Mondragon Vancouver, Washington USA

Friday April 10 17:54:41 2015
Name:Lise Murray
My Question is:Je recherche mon ancetre Léon Ignace Lazare n 1803. d 1867, né a La Seigneurie de la Malbaie.Frere de Ignace Lazare Murray né le 14 juillet 1794. Son propriétaire était John Nairne.Écossais d origine. Léon est arrivé a Matane je ne sais pas quelle année. parents inconnus sur son Baptistere. ainsi que Ignace Lazare, Peter, Alenxandrienne, Augustin,Daniel.en tout j ai retraceé 12 enfants illétimes. nés dans cette Seigneurie .Le Seigneur Nairne leur donna le Patronyme Murray.Arrivée en 1759 a La Malbaie avec Malcolm Fraser ils occuperent les 2 seigneuries données par James Murray le colonel anglais qui avaient participé a la conquete la guerre de 7 ans. Lise Murray Merci si vous pouvez m aider.

Tuesday April 7 16:28:37 2015
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for information on George H. Renouf born 1906 approximately in Guernsey, England. I am frustrated. Everyone wants money that I don't have. I want to go and visit and wish to meet family. I don't remember hearing much or if anything was accurate. All I know is he had several siblings. Any free help would be appreciated. Respectfully, Donna

Tuesday March 24 1:23:50 2015
Name:Christine Francoeur
My Question is:Hello! I'm hoping to find someone that can help my husband and I with our family tree. My husband Patrick Francoeur is trying to find more information about his dad's side of the family. His dad's name is Daniel Francoeur originally from Rivière-au-Renard. Daniel's parents were Yvonne Smith and Philippe Francoeur. Daniel's sibilings were Eva, Helena, Gisele, and Herman. If you have any information please email me at Thank you! Christine

Thursday March 19 23:41:43 2015
Name:Berryman Minah
My Question is:I was on this site a few years ago and am hoping to find some relatives on Gaspe. My great grandfather was Charles Patrick Girard, born July 2, 1830 ,died October 9,1927. He had four sons. My grandfather Edmond Gregory Girard, brothers , Edom, Hilaire,Jerome .My grandfather came to the US around 1879 and changed his name to Edmond Minah. My father was Berryman Minah , I found a letter from a cousin Richard , Dick Gerard written to my father in the 1970s talking about still having the farm in Fox River. Would appreciate any correspondence. Thank You Berryman Minah

Wednesday March 18 12:49:59 2015
Name:Anne-Marie Moses
My Question is:Henry Moise, "nègre, enfant naturel né à la Baye des Chaleurs," was a resident of St-Michel-d'Yamaska when he married Catherine Montigny, a minor, natural daughter of Marie Montigny, also of St-Michel on 9 February 1824. OK So I would like to know more about Henry Moise - his birth date/birth place etc... So exciting!!!! Our family tree starts/stops with him and we have been unable to find where he came from and who his parents were. Enfant naturel...does this mean born outside of a 'legal marriage'? If so... TRADUCTION: Henry Moise était un résident de St-Michel-d'Yamaska quand it a épousé Cahterine Montigny, une mineur, enfant naturelle de Marie Montigny, aussi de St-Michel le 9 Février 1824. J'aimerais en apprendre plus sur les origines de mon arrière arrière arrièrre grand-père, savoir si il existe des renseignements sur ses parents, ou il étai né, quand est t'il né! Quelle surprise aussi de savoir que notre ancètre était noir!! YEAH - c'est tellement fascinent!!!!

Saturday March 7 13:31:17 2015
My Question is:Bonjour, Hi Looking to connect with any living descendants of Charles Marie dit CHARLEMAGNE DUGUAY 1781-1860 (died 29 Jan 1860 - Gaspé, Quebec, Canada) and Ursule LOISELLE 1789-1867. The DUGUAY family I am looking for and interested in have deep roots in Gaspe.. Please get in touch with me at: Many thanks.

Friday March 6 17:45:41 2015
My Question is:Bonjour, Je constitue une banque BMS par famille sur les autochtones des deux côtés de la baie des Chaleurs (Québec, Nouveau-Brunswick). Essentiellement, j'utilise les registres existants et les sources fiables disponibles. J'aimerais savoir s'il y a des sources qui n'existent pas en ligne qui seraient accessibles dans les universités, bibliothèques, etc. L'une des difficultés résident dans l'identification des familles dans les années 1700 où plusieurs n'avaient que leur nom propre indiqué dans les registres. Une autre difficulté est la variation des noms de familles au cours des années (ex.: Laroque, Paul, Noël et autres). 8 255 personnes, 2 565 mariages, 11 597 notes, 366 sources, 13 229 citations. La période couvre de 1750 à 1962 et suit certaines familles de Trois-Rivières à Miramichi. J'ai complété certaines familles en Gaspésie, dont les Boucher, Broom, Lambert, Soucette, Arguimeau, etc. Si vous avez des infos, vous pouvez me contacter par message personnel sur ce site. Merci JP

Wednesday February 11 11:33:25 2015
Name:Vicky Quirion-Breton
My Question is:Je suis Vicky Breton-Quirion j'Habite a la Nouvelle Ecosse Je suis la fille de Micheline Quirion son pere est Donat Pierre Quirion date de Naissance Le 28 Jan /1922 ça mere Jeannine Girard Naissance Jan 13/1926 les parent de Donat Pierre Quirion sont Clara Laflamme /Cleophase Quirion qui vien de Bridgeville compté de Percé qui Ma été dit de Ma mere qu'il était Mikmaq les Parent a Cleophase Quirion sont Marie Anne Thibault de St -Michel de la Malbaie et Joseph Quirion qui est Mikmaq les parent a Joseph Quirion sont Anne Arbour Charles Quirion marié Le 28 Decembre 1848 a Percé si ils don't tous Mikmaq les Holmes dans Ma famille a tu quelle qu'Un qui peux me dirigé comment avoire les preuve Silvousplait jamerias avoir des documents si quelle qu"un les a tous notre vie nous nous faisions demandé des question si que ont était Autochtones my mére mad it que Donat don't pere a Elle a caché ça jus que avant qu"Il Muert parce que les famille ce faissat enlever de Leure famille et envoyer a les école du penssionat pour les Autochtones pour la deconolisation pour enlever les traditions Autochtones ..Ils se faissait violé torturé travailler des fois Jus qua leur mort mexcuse jecrit mal en Francaise he suis neé a Nouvelle Ecosse Ma mere a toujour Parlé en Framcaise a maison ...alord silvousplait aided moi a trouver Le Morceau du puzzle qui Manque.. Merci :Vicky Breton -Quirion

Sunday February 1 15:08:58 2015
Name:Simon Brown
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for information regarding my great-grandmother Emmeline or Émeline Lebuffe (b. June 6, 1863) later Coull (James Jamieson). They are not, however, buried together (he at St. Andrews in New Richmond). She lived in Grand Cascapedia and was, according to oral sources, adopted. I was told by family members that she had been refused from an orphanage in Bonaventure County because of the protestant faith of her parents, whom I believe died from smallpox in the 1980s (though this is just a theory). I am not sure about the Catholic-Protestant story, which I suspect may have been coloured by the prejudices of my informer. Seeing as the name is uncommon, I am assuming that the original ancestor in the area is Jean Lebuffe (b. 1773). Catholic, I believe he was Acadian, though it is a rare name. I have not found this name linked to Channel Island sources either. Any help would be appreciated. ------------- Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'informations sur mon arrière-grand-mère Emmeline ou Émeline Lebuffe, née en 1863, probablement à New Richmond. Elle a vécu à Grande-Cascapédia et était mariée à James J. Coull. Ils ne sont pas enterrés ensemble (lui au cimetière Presbytérien-United de New Richmond). Elle était orpheline, si je me fie à mes sources orales (famille). D'après mon informateur (maintenant décédé), l'orphelinat (catholique) ne voulait la prendre en raison de la foi protestante de ses parents, mais il se peut que cette histoire soit teintée par les préjudices de mon informateur. Je crois que ses parents sont morts de la variole dans les années 1880 (ma théorie). Vu la relative rareté de ce nom en Gaspésie, je présume que son premier ancêtre dans la région était Jean Lebuffe, né en 1773 et marié à une Legouffe à New Richmond. Je crois qu'il était d'origine acadienne, mais ce n'est pas impossible qu'il était un Jersiais converti au catholicisme (sûrement dans le but de se marier avec une Acadienne). Dans tous les cas, je ne trouve pas de références à ce nom ni dans les sources acadiennes, ni les jersiaises. Toute aide serait appréciée.

Saturday January 31 23:20:14 2015
My Question is:I am looking for information on 2 George Lucas's: the first one left Gaspe and went to England. He was b. 1842 and went to England on the Scotian and arrived in London,England Nov. 28,1912, he was abt 70 yrs. old. I don't know anything more about him or George Lucas b. 1846, he was 78 yrs. old when he arrived in Southampton, England on Oct.29,1924. I know nothing abt. him either. If anyone having any information on either of these men could tell me anything I would be grateful. Grace

Saturday January 31 12:41:09 2015
Name:elisabeth blanche
My Question is:does anyone living in bruxelles or close to,know my family blanche,we were related to edouard blanche who was a great couturier in the 1930,hehadlots of children,jean,georges,jose,thamara,lea ,mimi.they called his wife (mamic)she was his third mother was madeleine moutarde and died at my birth.she was much younger than my dad.She was 22 and my dad was grand mother was married afew times and her late husband was petit jean.if anyone knew them Please write to me. I would be so grateful,thank you Elisabeth blanche

Thursday January 22 13:25:25 2015
My Question is:I am trying to find out a general house or property actual location documented on the 1891 Census. I have been unable to to find any type of map. Any advice on how I would find a map or location of the property would be fantastic. Thanks, Blake

Sunday January 18 13:54:44 2015
Name:jean arthur venerand blanche
My Question is:iamsearching for my family name blanche,my dad was edouard blanche and was agreat couturier

Sunday January 18 13:45:57 2015
Name:jean arthur venerant blanche
My Question is:iamsearching for my family named Blanche,my dad was afamous couturier name edouard blanche.inthe1930--40. Anyone who might know him,please let me know iwould like to reconnect with the rest of the family /blanche.there was 3brothers,and 3 dad was remarried with alady of Russian descent named Mamic,it was an endearing name.she is the one who had 3 daugthers,tamara,mimi and dad had a son(jose)who was abit handicapped since he lost his mother.He was my blood brother,but we were not very close.they put him in an institution with monks.he became a very good tailor ,my dad died in 1940 at the beginning of ww2 and he died young at 54 years of age.ithink the studio{Brussels ma belle)was mostly all his vintage clothes,he had leftat his mother was his favorite model,and she died at my birth dad was so distraught he remarried,my mother,s friend Mamic who took care of the family.when my dad died she was totally destroyed.elisabeth blanche

Saturday January 17 11:38:35 2015
Name:Sonia Patterson
My Question is:I'm looking all about Patterson, specifically John Patterson was born in 1799 and died in 1876. It is my ancestor.British Colony on July.

Saturday January 17 1:52:28 2015
Name:Glenn Wightman
My Question is:Does anyone know where Lobster Cove is the Gaspe area? Thanks

Thursday January 8 14:35:38 2015
Name:david fitzgerald
My Question is:does anyone know GRETCHEN MILLER who went to Campbellton High School in the 1956

Wednesday January 7 15:52:29 2015
Name:Carry budd
My Question is:I am looking for info &pictures of annie peterson/WILLETT & Lornie willett. They are my grandparents

Saturday December 27 12:22:26 2014
Name:Mike OConnor
My Question is:I am looking for any leads regarding my ancestor Stephen OConnor whose ship the Carrick crashed off the coast of Gaspe in 1847. I canonly find records for his son, my great great grandfather Alphonse OConnor born 1872 - 1915 married to Eugenie Fortin. I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Mike OConnor

Wednesday December 3 18:11:51 2014
My Question is:Ce est l'information qui nous a été transmis du Centre Jeunesse . Joseph Christian Bélanger Né Janvier 29 , 1966, à l'Hôpital Saint- Michel , à Montréal . Transféré à Crèche d'Youville le 25 Février , 1966. Transféré aux services sociaux de la Gaspésie 23 Avril , 1966. étais dans deux foyers d'accueil à Gaspé jusqu'au 30 Septembre , 1967. Puis a été adopté à une famille aux Etats-Unis La mère de naissance était de Bonaventure et est toujours dans ce domaine ! Sa naissance mère était âgée de 20 ans , de Bonaventure est censé être encore dans ce domaine ! Elle avait 10 frères et sœurs . Si quelqu'un peut aider dans cette recherche de sa famille de naissance , Toute aide serait grandement appréciée! This is the information that was received from the Centre. Joseph Christian Belanger was born January 29, 1966 at St. Michel's Hosp in Montreal! He was then transferred to Creche d'Youville on February 25, 1966, then transferred to Gaspe Social Services and was placed in Foster homes until he was adopted by an American family in 1967. His birth mother was 20 yrs old, from Bonaventure is supposedly still in that area! She had 10 siblings. If anyone can assist in this search for his birth family, Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday November 13 17:11:53 2014
Name:Brenda Price
My Question is:I am trying to trace the Savard family back to Mi'kmaq tribe. I know they were in the area where the tribe was at the time. Would anyone have any information that could help me in this? One family member I have is Joseph Simon Savard 1689-1755 married to Marie Josphile(Morel)1686-1727, I have many more names/dates I could share if anyone might have an information to help me. Thanks so much for any help or guidance you could provide. Brenda

Sunday October 26 21:01:49 2014
Name:Georgina Shumway
My Question is:I am the great-granddaughter of Appoline (Pauline) Castonguay who married Alexis Robinson (my grandfather Joseph John Robinson was their son) - can anyone provide me with any information regarding Pauline? Thank you.

Tuesday October 14 19:01:39 2014
Name:Chris Burton
My Question is:MURRAY family. A few days ago I received an email from a good friend in Ireland. HIs cousin has come to a dead end researching the family tree. In 1847, because of the famine, two of his Murray ancestors left Ireland. Thomas Murray, his wife and 6 kids as well as the widow Murray with her 7 children all sailed on The Carraig of White-haven for Canada. It sank at the Cap-des-Rosiers and of 187, only 47 lived. His cousin cannot trace any Murrays who survived but some children were taken in by other families and may have a new name. Are there any websites that provide information on Irish children adopted in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada during the famine years? Thank you, any help will be most appreciated.

Tuesday October 14 18:13:06 2014
Name:Christian H.
My Question is:I am an adoptee born in Montreal but whose biological maternal family is of the Bonaventure, Gaspe area of whom I am searching for (if not Bonaventure itself). My biological mother would have been born in 1945 or no later than late January 1946. She is approximately 5'4" in height,Brown hair and eyes and weighed approximately 125 at the time of my birth. To the best of my knowledge she currently resides in Bonaventure. Both of her parents were born approximately in 1916. She was third of eleven children (4 brothers, 6 sisters). The father was a machine operator and the mother a housewife. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thank you. Je suis un enfant adopté né à Montréal, mais dont la famille maternelle biologique est de la région de Bonaventure, Gaspé dont je suis à la recherche pour (si pas Bonaventure lui-même). Ma mère biologique serait né en 1945 ou au plus tard la fin de Janvier 1946, elle est d'environ 5'4" de hauteur, cheveux bruns et les yeux et pesait environ 125 au moment de ma naissance. Au meilleur de ma connaissance elle actuellement réside dans Bonaventure. Ses deux parents sont nés à peu près en 1916, elle a terminé troisième de onze enfants (4 frères, 6 sœurs). Le père était un opérateur de la machine et la mère femme au foyer. Si quelqu'un a des informations s'il vous plaît contactez-moi. Merci.

Thursday October 9 13:35:59 2014
Name:Lynne dugas
My Question is:I am looking for information if any on magdeleine Bond husband is jean dugas, and they are my great great grandparents, and they would have had a son achile dugas, his wife is marie josephine patry, they are my great grand parents, and their son my grandfather is joseph dollard, and any information would be great appreciated, just thought i would ask here, since my great great grandmother,s last name is bond, and I know there are alot of bond,s in gaspe, and people there are really nice and enjoy everytime I am down visiting with bf from malbaie, Harris Vardon

Tuesday October 7 3:01:17 2014
Name:Rose-Marie Mallet
My Question is:Je recherche certificat de mariage de Daniel Mccarty et Judith Crowley marier le 19 Février 1854 à St-Michel de percé Q.C. Je recherche le nom des parents de Judith Crowley

Thursday September 18 18:03:40 2014
My Question is:I am looking where an ancestor (Laura Mercier) would have attended school in the late 1800's or any other information on this family. She was born and raised in around St-Georges de la Malbaie. She was born Marie Anne Soulange Mercier. I am not sure when she changed to name to Laura. B. 12 Dec 1879. Her Parents were Charles Mercier & Elizabeth Comeau. Some of her siblings were Charles Joseph Joachin Mercier, Marie Flore Mercier, Elizabeth Sophie Amanda, Mercier, Georges Ambroise Mercier She married Llewellyn Emor Mowry 1904 in Montreal. Thanks, Blake

Monday September 15 17:21:32 2014
My Question is:I am looking where and ancestor (Laura Mercier) would have attended school in the late 1800's. She was born and raised in around St-Georges de la Malbaie Thanks, Blake

Tuesday August 12 5:53:12 2014
Name:Marie Eden-Smith
My Question is:There was a picture of Harold Francis Eden(my great-grandfather) which hung in my great aunts house. I was hoping to have a picture taken off that picture for my family tree. Whom ever ended up with the picture, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me on my email.

Sunday July 27 21:48:57 2014
Name:Roberta Cain Fassett
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for descendants of THOMAS CAIN who came from Isle of Man in 1860's. His son was Thomas who had a son, John James. Cheers, Bobbi Cain Fassett

Sunday July 27 15:07:34 2014
Name:Sandra Keirstead Thorne
My Question is:My late father, Paul Frederick Keirstead, and his siblings grew up in New Carlisle. He graduated from New Carlisle High School in 1932. I am writing a biography of him and cannot seem to find a photograph of the New Carlisle High School on line - would appreciate if anyone could send me one. Thank You. Sandra

Tuesday July 22 12:02:04 2014
Name:Rose-Marie Mallet
My Question is:Bonjour --Je recherche de décès de Paul Leblanc né vers 1823 en Gaspésie.Et aussi les parent de Ellen (Nellie) Mccarthy 1833-1887 de St-Michel de percé---- merci

Monday July 14 15:20:52 2014
My Question is:looking for info on JOSEPH Brothers of Douglastown. Married Margaret KIROUAC in 1887 in St. Patrick's Church.....9 children;6 girls , 3 boys......Gabrial BROTHERS, Sarah BROTHERS, Anne Margaret BROTHERS, Mary Brothers, Bridget BROTHERS, Caroline BROTHERS, (MY grandmother ; Kathleen Victoria BROTHERS (1899) Johnny BROTHERS, Nora BROTHERS

Monday July 14 2:58:08 2014
Name:Rose-Marie Mallet
My Question is:Je recherche la date de mariage de Judith Crowley avec Daniel McCarthy Vers 1820-1833 a St Michel de percé ,Immigrant de Irlande et la date de l'immigration merci

Sunday June 22 3:49:42 2014
My Question is:I was born July 10, 1967 in gaspe. I am told my birth name was Barbara Marie Baird. I was adopted from a foster home sometime in August 1967. I am looking for any information on my birth mother, please contact me at the above email. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Monday May 26 2:11:16 2014
Name:J. Roden
My Question is:Does anyone know what newspaper the English speaking people of Gaspe area (Douglastown, Sandy Beach, Grande Greve, Cape Rosier, York, Gaspe) place there obits?

Wednesday April 16 13:01:32 2014
Name:Neil O'Boyle Connelly
My Question is:Does anyone know of a list of the 48 survivors of the Carricks wreck in 1847? I am trying to verify an old family story that my ancestor, Cornelius O'Boyle, came over from Banger Erris, County Mayo, on that ship. his name does not appear on the passenger list, but several accounts note that 4 survivors were not on the list. Any thoughts/guidance would be warmly appreciated.--Neil

Sunday April 6 17:08:46 2014
My Question is:My father, Joseph Gerard Murray (b. 1923) just passed away and I was looking for information regarding his family in the Gaspe region including New Carlisle. His father was John James (b. 1882?) and his mother Elizabeth (Letourneau). John's father was Charles Murray (b. 1851) and his mother was Flora Brotherton (b. 1855). Any information would be appreciated as I am hoping to visit Bonaventure, New Carlisle area. Glenda

Monday March 31 21:20:37 2014
Name:Marise Krampovitis
My Question is:Hello, I am seeking any information on my Grandparents who lived in New Carlisle. Their last name was Starnes and my aunts and uncles (those I remember) were Gerry, Rex, Lonnie, Elmer, Merle, Marion, Irene, Avis and my Mother was Evelyn. Please email me if you can offer information about my grandparents and anything else about the family. Thank you so much.

Friday March 28 21:49:21 2014
My Question is:My name is Theresa Mercier I am looking for my grandfather and grandmother, Ludger Martel and he married Marie-Ann Bouchard. They have both passed away a long time ago. They had several children before they split up .My mother was Florence Martel deceased. relatives live in Quebec near Trois Riviere. last name Tremblay . I am desparetly looking gmothers name before she was adopted. Would appreceate any help. possibly native descent. Jim Stunden's email. sincerely Theresa

Friday March 28 2:46:27 2014
Name:Shirley Ann Coffin
My Question is:I am looking for any related of my great uncle Ernest Miller of Sandy Beach his father was Joseph Edward Miller and his mother was Hannah Ann Nelson I have a pic of him when he came to visited my grand-mother in 1979 or 1980?

Thursday March 20 16:12:54 2014
Name:Betty Alexander roberts
My Question is:Looking for an old friend Nellie Maxwell (Devouge)she had two kids named Judy and Bobby..she also had a brother Bobby.any info would be great.thank you

Saturday March 8 14:36:20 2014
Name:deb lovelace
My Question is:Alex Maloney. I found an antique wooden box signed on the bottom, "Alex Maloney, Barchois" Wondered if someone wanted it.

Wednesday March 5 10:14:38 2014
Name:Jean Hegg
My Question is:I was born on May 13, 1967 in Montreal. My adoption was finalized in Gaspe. I was adopted in Sept 1967 and brought to USA. Sisters of charity handled adoption. My birthname was Marie Chantal Caron. I am looking for my birthfamily or info on them. For the last almost 47 years my heart has ached for the missing piece of my life please help me find it

Thursday February 6 21:14:36 2014
Name:Leo Allen
My Question is:Looking for an obit for James (Jimmie) Willett who died in Broadlands Quebec 14Dec1987. Married to Margaret Firlotte who died 2 Dec 1991 in Campbellton NB.

Saturday January 25 13:58:49 2014
Name:john warren
My Question is:john Warren is live cape-cove is married wife Émille MicheL john warrem born 1796 England

Thursday January 16 14:46:01 2014
Name:Phyllis Taylor
My Question is:Looking for any information about an uncle Arthur LeBlanc who was born March 4, 1902 who was appreatly killed by a CN Train where he worked looking for the date of his death. Parents were Edouard LeBlanc and Mother was Rosalie (Melanson - madien name )LeBlanc and the date of death for his brother Fidele LeBlanc who was born Feb 2, 1897... if anyone can help thank you... Phyllis

Friday January 10 18:29:49 2014
Name:Janet Hinrichs
My Question is:I am looking for any info on Pierre Joseph Simon birth 12 Sept 1820 in Belgium and/or Felicitie Laurent his wife, she was born 26 Aug 1824 Namur Belgium. I have been unable to find any info. Thank you Janet

Wednesday January 8 18:33:52 2014
My Question is:from what i can see this is the only sunny brook i guess i am at the right spot lol.looking for info on ellen johnston who married a man with last name eagle they had 11 kids wow thanks

Thursday January 2 8:39:00 2014
Name:Scott McIntosh U.E.
My Question is:My grandmother Murial Carter married Neils Brock Langbelle who was from Denmark he enlisted in the Canadian Army Expeditionary Forces He was a CoronelCanadian Intellegence Stationed Allied Headquarters London England when he enlisted two suitcases of arial photo's of Germany where he attended Enginering in Berlin he was a Forestry enginer for Canadian Paper he spoke 6 laugangues My Grandmother Muriel (Carter) Langbelle often misspelled Langbella was born in Gaspe Quebec Canada she attended McGill University Montreal where she taught English at McGill her daughter Margret Anne (Langbelle) McIntosh also went to McGill Nutritionest / Math Major later U Mass Lowell Tec Writer also her son my brother David L. McIntosh went to Yale 4 years then a doctorine in Medicine at McGill My other Todd went to University of New Hampshire Durum my name is Scott Lawrence McIntosh U. E. born Nashua, New Hampshire USA I am a dule cityson USA / Canada QUESTION My grandparents name is mispelled Langbelle is the corect spelling often mispelled Langbella which is only phonetic enunciated there should be an "e" at the end can there be a correction by the webmaster ? The Langbelle line of Neils Brock goes back to the 1400's Denmark my mother who now goes by Anne Dunlop Ask her if she knows how to spell her last name when she was born May 21, 1931 Montreal Quebec Canada

Tuesday December 31 0:38:19 2013
Name:Paul Mc Naught
My Question is:I am looking for any information,pictures or family information regarding my grandmother Sarah Victoria (Roussel) Mc Naught b. 12 Nov 1887 Barachois, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, and her livimg or deceased relatives.She married my grandfather Alexander Adam Mc Naught on October 20, 1906 at the St. Mary of Annuniciation Church, Cambridge, Ma. d. 9 April 1932 Medford, Ma. USA, place of Burial Oak Grove Cemetery Medford, Ma., she was 45 yrs old. Her father was Hermenegile Rousell and her mother was Mary Paulmart. Information fr4om Church of Latter Day Saints web page indicate that during the 1901 Canadian Census, Page 4 household number 39, the household of Hermenegile Roussel age 38 were d. Anastasia age 16, Sarah age 13, Brigdet age 10, Emeilia age 9, John age 6, Alice age 3, Edmund age 1 and Philibert Stcroix age 19 domestic. His wife Mary Paulmart is not listed on the 1901 census, leaving the question whether Mary may have died a year earlier during or right after the birth of Edmund. I have a web site, which has all of the information that I have regarding our grandmother. Any further information will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Paul

Friday December 20 23:13:32 2013
Name:lucie menard
My Question is:Renseignements trouvés: Zéphirin Bond décédé le 14 août 1919 sépulture 16 août 1919 à l'âge de 88 ans. Trouvé à Saint-Maurice d'Echourie, Gaspésie. Trouvé sur Emily Bond (nom de fille : Marin) épouse de Zéphirin Bond- décédée le 26 décembre 1929 au New Jersey, Etats-Unis à l'âge de 89 ans. Trouvé sur

Monday December 9 4:31:19 2013
My Question is:Does anyone know if Jane V. Languedoc (1878-1962) has any (even if it's a only a little) native (as in First Nation) ancestry?

Thursday December 5 18:50:54 2013
My Question is:BOnjour, je fais un répertoire des Familles Clavet(te). Si vous pouviez m'aider en me donnant le nom, date de naissance (parrain et marraine) mariage et déces ainsi que celle des conjoints et aussi des photos ou acte des événements. Vous pouvez me les retourner a mon adresse e-mail Je vous remercie Denise Clavet

Wednesday December 4 23:27:09 2013
Name:Dorothy Kavanaugh
My Question is:I once found the death records of my ancestors who perished when the Carrick of Whitehaven crashed on the shore of Cap des Rosiers. I am searching for these again. Can anyone offer a suggestion. Thank you.

Sunday November 24 2:58:29 2013
Name:L. Menard
My Question is:Bonjo Je cherche les dates de décès de Zéphirin Bond et son épouse Emilie Marin dont les deux sont originaires de Rivière-au-Renard. Ils ont quitté pour Fall River, Mass. vers 1865. Si j'ai bien lu le Recensement du Canada 1911, Zéphirin est sur la liste pour la Gaspésie mais Emilie n'y apparaît pas. Par contre, Emilie aurait traversé la frontière Canada-E.U au Vermont avec son petit-fils Victor Trottier en 1920 mais je n'arrive toujours pas à trouver les dates recherchées pour l'un et l'autre aux Etats-Unis et au Canada. Merci à vous.

Thursday November 21 1:38:46 2013
Name:Yasmina Thomas
My Question is:I am looking for information on my sister (Brenda Boulay)that died in either 1966 or 1967. She was an infant. I believe she is buried in St Hubert in Canada. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Sunday November 3 18:09:13 2013
Name:Suzanne nolan
My Question is:Does anyone have any information on the Bernatchez family. I was born Marthe Bernatchez on Novemer 1, 1963. Birth certificate says York Harbour. Please email me.

Saturday September 21 12:38:40 2013
Name:Jessica Clark
My Question is:Does anyone have any information about Oliver Simoneau and Camillia Annett? They are my grandparents and I spent many summers in Gaspe. All I really know is that they were in wwII....any info would be great! Thank you

Friday September 13 22:20:29 2013
Name:lani baker mitchell
My Question is:I am looking for descendants of Arthur Ollivier and Eva Louisa leGrand who married in 1927 in Cape Cove.Someone from the Channels Islands has asked me to find this descendant as they have the Ollivier family bible meant to go to Arthur's descendant. Thanks

Tuesday September 10 18:19:45 2013
Name:Jody Mair
My Question is:i am in search of relatives of Georgina Robinson who married Edward White. Georgina was probably born around 1900??? She had 2 sons. One is Kenneth White of California, who may still be alive. She actuall had 3 sons! My grandfather was born Phillip Woods on Dec 12th 1928. He was given up for adoption on Dec 24th 1928. He was adopted by Georgina's cousin Phyllis and George Mair.She took her secret with her to the grave and never told her Husband Edward she had a son out of wedlock! My grandpa George Mair (84) has 2 brothers. i want to speak with them if they are still alive. My gpa is the best gpa anyone could ever ask for! Hes a wonderful man and he should know his roots! Please help !!!

Thursday September 5 23:53:35 2013
Name:James A Mullin
My Question is:I would like some of my grandfathers history.

Thursday September 5 17:22:11 2013
Name:Louise Beaudry
My Question is:Does anyone have a picture of the headstone and cross in the old cemetery in St-Majorique? I would appreciate if one does to send it to me via e-mail. I am particularly interested in the names on the headstone. I believe it is behind the community or old community center, in St-Majorique. My gr.grandmother`s name is on the stone. Her name was Elizabeth Mullin d. 1883 m. to Daniel Callaghan and in the 1881 census they have a son Peter with them born in 1880. My grandmother Mary Ann was born in St-Majorique in 1882 and a 3rd child George was born Dec. 1883 a couple of weeks before Elisabeth died. I wonder if George is on the headstone since we cannot find any record of his death. he was baptized in St-Majorique. I cannot find Peter,s baptismal record either. Any information on any of these individuals would be appreciated. in 1884 Daniel is married to Mary-Anne Adams

Monday September 2 22:35:52 2013
Name:Faye (Gallie)Massey
My Question is:Hello, Looking for information about the death of my great grandfather of Flatlands.. William Thomas who disappeared between 1871-1874 in Matapedia, his horse and wagon was found and it is assumed he drowned.I was told by family members his body was never recovered. William was the husband of Sarah Firth daughter of George Firth. Sarah remarried in 1874 to John Brown. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Faye Gallie Massey Ontario

Monday September 2 17:13:25 2013
Name:Ted Morin
My Question is:I am trying to trace my great grand father, his name was Francois Morin. According to the 1891 Census he and his family left the Gaspe Basin in 1884 or 1885. He was born September 15, 1841 and married a Philomena Mallon (her last name may not be spelt correctly). It is reported that he was a carpenter/boat builder. They had 7 children, before moving to Ontario, Francois Jr, Tuffield, Philip, Frederick, Philomene, Daniel and Emilie. Can anyone help me in my quest.

Monday September 2 12:32:00 2013
Name:Brett Emery
My Question is:Looks for records and photos of gravesites in the Sainte-Adelaide-de-Pabos Roman Catholic Cemetery for the McTavish and Murphy families which lived in Pabos in the 1800's. Do you know where these photos are or would you be interested in taking photos? Thanks!

Wednesday August 28 21:36:57 2013
My Question is:does anyone have a copy of funeral bookmark from the funerals of Wendell Leggo 2011? and Denver Leggo 2012? if so could you and would you please scan it on both sides and send it to me. if you contact me with this info I will send you my address. you would be helping me save my family life. Please and Thank You from the bottom of my heart. grace

Saturday August 24 8:39:44 2013
Name:Cynthia Perry
My Question is:Looking for information on Amedie Lepage (Page)born abt 1860 and his wife. He Married Marie(Dina) Laronde..(Daughter Aldia born 1882. Aldia Married Prive in N.H. TYVM CynthiaR Perry

Saturday August 17 14:39:43 2013
Name:Linda Russell
My Question is:I am looking for Russells or Rouselles or Bergerons with family ties in Cox Township and New Carlisle, Quebec. It's been a year since I posted and still nothing. Thank you, Linda R

Friday August 16 22:13:02 2013
Name:Carey Heistand
My Question is:My Grandmother told me her great great grandmother was the first white child born in Gaspe Basin. Anyone with informaton on this ? Also that Mary Rourke / or O'Rourke (married name) lived to be 104/5 years old, not sure if she was speaking of the same person. Canadian family names: Cunning,Forsyth/Forsythe, Goldthorp /Goldthorpe,Harrington /Herrington, Kinsman,O'Rourke,Paine, Reed / Reid, Rourke (Rook),Tripp. Would be so blessed to have any information or pictures on those above who are related. Thank you, Carey

Monday August 5 12:54:12 2013
Name:Lincoln Keays
My Question is:Hello Ila Main, I recently saw your posting on the GoGaspe Genealogy Bulletin Board requesting information the train wreck in Pointe a-la-Garde. My name is Lincoln Keays and I lived about two miles or so west of where the wreck occurred in a little place called Oak Bay. I remember the wreck very well as I was about 16 years old at the time. I have information and photos that you may be interested in.

Saturday August 3 18:29:20 2013
Name:Janet Hinrichs
My Question is:If you have ANY info as to parents siblings ect for Felicitee (Philistine) Laurent Simon, she is the only relative that I have not been able to find info for.

Saturday August 3 12:58:54 2013
Name:Paul LeBreton
My Question is:(LeBreton) Look to find someone who has a picture of my grand-father Charles LeBreton (Breton) from Newport he married Marguerite Helene Giroux. I have a picture of my Grand-mother and would love a picture of my Grand-father Thanks.

Wednesday July 31 3:48:28 2013
Name:Rose-Marie Mallet

Wednesday June 19 12:23:42 2013
Name:martha Patterson Costello
My Question is:GAUL family history. Would love to hear from anyone who knows if Gaul family history has been researched / written, or if there is someone currently doing research. Thanks. Martha Patterson Costello at

Sunday June 2 13:07:01 2013
Name:Roland Vardon
My Question is:IF anyone has any information about VARDON, please pass it along. The Charles VARDON line came from Jersey abt 1820 and married Elizabeth Lucas in 1824. They raised a large family in Mal Bay Quebec. thanks in advance for your assistance

Sunday May 26 16:06:22 2013
Name:Deanna Miller
My Question is:You can email me at If any of the relatives of my grandmothers(Sybil Marjorie Patterson(Married last name Nelsons)brothers and sisters are still around would like to hear from them. Deanna Miller Grand daughter of Sybil Marjorie Patterson Has Children - Peter Henry Patterson b: 28 Aug 1898 in , Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died March 1967 - montreal, quebec Has No Children - Sydney Ross Patterson b: 20 Dec 1899 in , Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died - 1955 - death registry does not say where he died Has Children - Sybil Marjorie Patterson b: 13 Dec 1900 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died Oct 1996 - Ottawa, general Hospital(smyth Road) Has No Children - Russell Elvin Patterson b: 27 Apr 1902 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died April 1989, Gaspe, Quebec Has No Children - Henrietta Sarah Patterson b: 2 Dec 1904 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died: July 1927 - youngest to die- 23 years young Has Children - Lionel Clark Patterson b: 31 Oct 1905 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died: Oct 1969 Has No Children - Howard William Patterson b: 13 Jan 1906 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died 1926 Has No Children - Leonard Ernest Patterson b: 21 Sep 1908 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died: Nov 1984 Has Children Kenneth Alpheus Patterson b: 7 Mar 1910 in Sunny Bank, Gaspe, Quebec-died: feb 1989 Has Children Oscar Hillary Patterson b: 12 May 1912, Sunnybank, Gaspe, Quebec-died: 1993- registery did not say what month he died

Wednesday May 15 17:01:19 2013
Name:Steve de la Haye
My Question is:I'm looking for any information on the de la Haye family who lived in the gaspe area. Charles de la haye (married to Elsie Legresley) came from Jersey around 1904. He worked for Robin Jones & whitman in Magpie, Malbaie and Paspbebica. They had two sons, Kingsley, Selwyn and a daughter Thelma.

Thursday May 2 13:33:15 2013
Name:Mary Delaney Krugman
My Question is:I am looking for a historian, Don Delisle, who was working on a history of the Adams family in Gaspe/Dougleston area. I have been unsuccessful in reaching him at his previous email address. Would anyone know how I could contact him? Mary Krugman Montclair, NJ

Thursday April 25 3:10:58 2013
Name:Janet Hinrichs
My Question is:Looking for the parents, grand parents ect for Felcitee Laurent born 1824 Namur, Belgium and her Husband Pierre Joseph Simon born 12 Sep. 1820 Lieru, Namur, Belgium. I just do not seem to be able to locate any info.

Wednesday April 17 3:50:09 2013
Name:rose-marie mallet
My Question is:Je recherche le décès JosepH Edward Mallet (Mallais )né à 1901 à Inkerman n.b. et son frere Judas Mallet (Mallais) né 1904 à Inkerman n.b.certificat de mariage ou décés

Sunday April 14 17:52:18 2013
Name:Ila Main
My Question is:Just wondering does anyone know the year of the train wreck that Mr Finley Sinclair was in i believe it happen in the 1960 or early 1970's...Plus their was a song of the train wreck and i forget the name of it as i want to get the song and the info on the wreck as i know the member of Mr Finley Sinclair Family...Thanks for your help much appreciated...

Thursday March 21 14:44:22 2013
Name:beatrice lavoie
My Question is:Good day all I want to know if someone could tell me if someone has information on Sarah Martel - Lavoie she was born in gaspe what i want to know if she was native. Her father was Jean-baptiste Martel . Her mother was Josephte Emery- Codere Ty in advance

Thursday March 14 15:00:30 2013
My Question is: I have not been to gaspe in years and years wondering if the area has changed much i.e. any new stores, restaurants, etc. etc.?? Comments: Our family use to live in York down the road from the fish Hatchery years ago. My grandmother sybil nelson use to live there numerous years ago..My parents-her daughter- got her to move to ottawa in 1980. Her brother my great uncle lived 2 doors over to her years ago. I still have some "small" amount of relatives still living in gaspe. ie. pattersons, Millers, clarkes, etc. To:-if u find this message- any of my relatives still living in gaspe or to Lisa Patterson in Burlington or Wendy Coffin in new Brunswick..if you see this note email me...thks..would like to hear from you via email thks. Would like to know how gaspe has changed since I was there 20- years ago. i.e. any new stores, malls, etc. etc. thks for reading

Friday March 8 13:49:28 2013
Name:Berryman Minah
My Question is:I found some old letters to my grandfather from his brothers . His name was Edmund Gregory Girard. His brothers are Philipe E Girard from Point aux Qrembles must be near Fox River? . Elomond Girard. Jerome B Girard, Mal Bay Gaspe . Hillier E Girard of Rivière au Benard Qubec. The letters were requesting baptism record from Douglastown to settle an estate. My grandfather was married in Lancaster New Hampshire in 1878 . Any information would be greatly appreciated Berryman Minah

Wednesday March 6 16:19:08 2013
Name:Paulette Paradis Porco
My Question is:Looking for any information on grandparents Arthur Paradis and Rose Dufresne Paradis, I believe they were from the Riviere au Renard area. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

Saturday February 9 18:03:52 2013
My Question is:This is for Marlene Lucas(Maloney) email didn't work ? RE Mary Lamb Name: Mary Ellen Jane Lamb Event: Baptism Baptism Year: 1873 Baptism Location: Percé, Québec Canada (Percy Rock)

Friday February 1 9:32:40 2013
Name:Gladys Marie Langfor
My Question is:I am looking for Laurence Bradley Patterson, not sure of the correct spelling of the name. He was in Minnadosa Manitoba or the general area in around 1956. New Marlene Hamlin who worked as a nurse at that time. Please forward any information to Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday January 31 0:16:56 2013
Name:Diane lelievre
E-mail:diane.lelivere@hotmail .com
My Question is:je recherche les parent de daniel smith nee environ 1760 est decede en1832 mais il me donne thomas et ronda worthington j'ai virifier le daniel smith et enterrer aux etas et lui je recherche est decede en gaspesie. le daniel etais marriera marie-anne stibre

Sunday January 27 15:29:00 2013
Name:marlene lucas(maloney)
My Question is:I am searching for the genealogical background of my grandmother. Her maiden name was Ellen Lamb born in 1874 and died in 1941. I would also like to see photos of her if available.

Wednesday January 9 1:32:04 2013
Name:Kim Brotherton White
My Question is:Reposting from 2004: Friday February 25 11:44:02 2005 My Question is: Looking for information about ancestors from Paspebiac,Gascons, and Port Daniel area: Family names: Brotherton, Chapados, Lemarquand - especially looking for any information about Mary Jane or Jane Lemarquand, daughter of John Francis Lemarquand and Marie Delphine Castilloux of Paspebiac. Jane married John Adam Brotherton in 1880, emmigrated to Cloquet/Duluth, Minnesota, and was living in Superior, Wisconsin in 1924. What happened to her and who are her ancestors in the Gaspe?! She had a son, John Joseph Brotherton, born in Paspebiac in Feb. 1881; he was living in Superior, Wisconsin with his mother in 1924, then they both disappeared.

Monday January 7 1:41:13 2013
Name:alma adams
My Question is:My mom alma adams will be 95 on the 13th of jan. I would appreciate any information or records of her birth or any other information available, it would be nice to have her read or see her history from gaspe . Thank You

Monday December 31 18:25:51 2012
Name:Marcia Quinn
My Question is:I am trying to find information on my grandfather's parents. His name was Francoise Xavier Savoie, born to Mary Roussell and Peter Savoie in 1890 in Big River, Tracadie, NB. Sadly, that is all I know about his relations but I know there are many still living in the area. He left the area around 1904/05 and died in Montreal. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful.

Sunday December 9 0:22:06 2012
Name:margaret pietro
My Question is:Did any Adriens live in Gaspe? I'm looking for my great grandmother, Philomene Adrien. She married Alec Dupuis in Quebec. Their son Emile, my grandfather was born in 1883 at Hull Quebec. Thanks for any help. Any information would help. Margaret

Tuesday December 4 18:10:13 2012
Name:Tom Eden
My Question is:I will be heading to France and Belgium next spring and will be taking photographs of all of the headstones of the men from Gaspé who were killed there during World War One. If you would like pictures of a particular headstone or marking on Vimy Memorial or the Menin Gate, just e-mail me at and I`ll gladly forward photos to you.

Wednesday November 14 0:09:16 2012
Name:joan girard annett
My Question is:who were the children of ronald girard sr. of belle anse gaspe co quebec

Sunday November 4 12:35:46 2012
Name:Pamela Broome
My Question is:Hi there, Just looking into my family history. Both my Grandparents were born in Gaspe. Ruby Girard nee Rehel and Herbert Girard. I know a bit about my Grandma's side as my mom is still in contact with most of her aunts and uncles. I know my great grandparents were Annabelle and Emadie Rehel. I'm just very curious to know more about my family. Any information would be greatly appreciated as the generations move on we lose so much history. Pam

Monday October 1 22:50:13 2012
Name:Daniel Rankin
My Question is:I am looking for a Denis Morris who visited Mabou Harbour,West Mabou, and Mabou between the years1891 and 1901.He could have been a fisherman or he could have been a dredge worker in those years.If anyone has any info on this man could you please contact methrough the above email address. Thank you so much!! Cheers Daniel

Friday September 28 22:25:13 2012
Name:charlene beliveau
My Question is:This is for Claire Beliveau, i am the grand daughter of Zepherin Beliveau and he was the brother of Charles.

Sunday September 16 2:37:16 2012
My Question is:I am looking for Ernestine nee, Porco if she is still alive. Born Oct. 1921. I do not know her married name. Thank you.

Friday September 14 14:23:05 2012
Name:Ann lebrun Anderson nee Coutts
My Question is:looking for any information on whereabouts of Edourd Lebrun would be in his late 80s if still alive.He was in Scotland with Canadian loggers in the 1940s

Wednesday September 12 23:50:16 2012
Name:Paula Cameron
My Question is:Hello, looking for relatives of my grandfather born Joseph Napoleon Legouffe in 1890's possibly at Eel River. Thank you.

Thursday August 23 0:55:55 2012
Name:Frank LeMesurier
My Question is:Looking for information regarding my grandparents Arthur and Greta McKay, im told may also have been spelled McKoy...five children, linda ,scott,Edith , Francis and gladys.

Tuesday August 14 18:23:40 2012
Name:Cherie Bowers
E-mail:cpt.bowers {at} gmail (.) com
My Question is:Correction: Thanks to an alert reader, I have a correction to my Crotty family posting regarding Mary Ann Jane Briand's marriage to Oliver Morris. It appears that it was her sister Jane married William Girard with five children, not her. Mary Ann Briand married Oliver Morris as a single woman. Sorry for the error.

Saturday August 11 2:30:48 2012
Name:M Lenfesty
My Question is:I notice that many of you could access information on your ancestors if you could: 1. go to a local Family History Centre of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where they have access to programs, books, films, microfiche of vital records plus census records, etc. Yes, you may access some of this online, but the personal service to get you started will help immensely. Many sound like beginners who would love some organizational methods. 2. go online to and access the site on the right, Family Search Website which may help showing what records are available for various provinces & states. 3. you can access canada census records directly from this website: 4. if you can afford a membership in (Canada), you can access the Drouin Church Collections of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths & burials.

Wednesday August 8 16:36:22 2012
Name:Cherie Bowers
E-mail:cpt.bowers {at} gmail (.) com
My Question is:I just got back from attending the 2012 Douglastown Irish Week and had a great time. It was my privilege to give a presentation on the Crotty family of the Gaspé area and to met new cousins. Before I left, I donated a Grady - Crotty - Langlois family notebook compiled and written by a team of Crotty cousins to the Musée de Gaspésie for all Crotty relatives to enjoy for years to come. I am actively looking for Crotty family photographs, especially of Mille Crotty who married Oliver Morris in St. Patrick's Church in Douglastown. Mary Pomella {Emilie, Emelie, Amelia, Emily, Millie, Mika, Milia, Pomelia, Pamela} Crotty was born 23 December 1868, baptized as Emilie on 3 January 1869 in Barachois, St. Pierre de la Malbaie, Québec, died 14 February 1938 at 69 years old, and was buried 16 February 1938 in St. Patrick, Douglastown, Gaspé, Québec. She married Oliver Morris, son of Thomas Morris and Mary Jane Rail {Rehel} on 26 September 1890 in St. Patrick. Oliver was born 13 June 1843 in St. Patrick, died 28 November 1911 at 69 years old, and was buried 1 December 1911 in St. Patrick. Oliver and Emelie had 9 children. With his first wife, Marie Ann Jane Briand, Oliver had 8 children. Marie Ann Jane Briand had five children with her first husband. Therefore, Oliver Morris was responsible for bringing up 22 children with his blended families. Also, I have never found any Crotty tombstones in the Gaspé area. Does anyone know of any? If so, I would love to see a .jpg photograph and learn how we are related. Thank you, Cherie Bowers cpt.bowers {at} gmail (.) com Notes: my email address above is coded to avoid unsolicited emails and spam harvestors; so, when you email me, you will need to break the code -- for example, myaddress {at} domain (.) com becomes Be sure to write Crotty Family in the subject line so I can recognize you through my spam filter.

Monday August 6 21:09:19 2012
Name:Lucie Caron
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for information on Judith Julien m to Georges Frederic Tremblay. Now do they have any Native lines in their familie. My Grandmother was Judith Beliveau of Grande-Riviere, Gaspe m Alfred Caron. I would appreciate any info.

Saturday July 28 1:16:49 2012
Name:Clara Bond, married Edouard Mathurin
My Question is:My mother Clara Menard -nee Mathurin was born in Riviere aux renards in Gaspe Bay in the late 1800. Her mother was Clara Bond who married a fisherman named Edouard Mathurin. Clara Bond was a Royalist who did not want to become an American and went to Canada from Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1800 when the United States separated from England.

Wednesday July 25 17:53:50 2012
My Question is:ESUl2h dsqvgmosjapb, [url=]ejhbjqosxjme[/url], [link=]gxhjbjxssbov[/link],

Friday July 20 17:47:16 2012
My Question is:je recherche les descendants de james smith et elisabeth decarie

Sunday July 8 23:34:12 2012
Name:D. L. Phelps
My Question is:My great grandmother's name was Matilda Maude Phelps. Her maiden name was Rivers. Her sister's name was Anna Rivers.She was born on the Gaspe peninsula in Canada.Her father's name may have been Nelson Rivers.Both sisters moved to Connectcut. Matilda married my great grandfather, Byron Irving Phelps.Matilda died after 1955, not sure of the exact date, at the masonic home in Wallingford, ct.. Does anyone have any knowledge of the River's family.Please e-mail me, thank you.

Sunday July 8 0:53:05 2012
Name:timothy bisson
My Question is:Timothy Bisson of Port Daniel - trying to find the family crest. there are 2 - 1 for english / 1 for french. need to determine which is the correct one. The late Timothy Bisson was married to Gwen Lepoidvin Your help is much appreciated.

Tuesday July 3 22:39:47 2012
Name:Lynn Ayres
My Question is:Any info on the Carbery family would be appreciated. Does anyone think the family was related to the Carbery/Carbray family of Quebec City? Anyone have any idea where the Gaspe Carbery's originated in Ireland? The Quebec City family originated in Carrycastle (Carrickcastle), Eglish Parish, Co. Tyrone. Many thanks.

Thursday June 28 23:09:42 2012
Name:darlene pokrywa (nicol)
My Question is:Looking for Dennis Connelly in Douglastown, Gaspe. He is part of my grandmothers family Bridget Nora Brothers(Heppell.

Monday June 4 15:05:17 2012
My Question is:I am seeking the parents of Virginia Gouthier or Gauthier,(believed to have been born 24 May 1856 in Grand Rapids Michigan, or born in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana). Virginia married a Jean Louis Goulet/ Gooler/ Goulait on (or around) 3 September 1871. Virgina died in or between 1878-1881. Jean Louis Goulet/ Gooler/ Goulait married after her death to a woman by the name of Rose Beaudry. If you have any information on Virginia Gothier/ Gauthier parental genealogy line please contact me back... I have hit a brick wall going onto 6 years.

Saturday May 26 12:05:25 2012
Name:claire beliveau
My Question is:I am looking for the family tree of charles beliveau married to. emilia cloutier children marierose lionel real gladys. leonie antonio fleurette leonidas roseanna

Saturday May 19 11:11:23 2012
Name:Leslie Manion
My Question is:At 56 years old, I am trying to find some information about my birth mother and her family. In 1956, my mother was 29 years old. She was 5'3 - large bone structure with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was Catholic, born in Gaspe, and had a high school education plus a business course. She worked as a stenographer and moved to Montreal. My grandparents were 68 & 70 of Irish/French descent - he was a retired Insurance Manager. She had 2 sisters + 8 brothers - - one brother was killed in WW II, - one died of diphtheria - one died of streptococcal infection - one was in the hotel business - one was a photographer - one was in insurance - one was in real estate - one was an office manger - one sister died 1956/57(?) - reason unknown - one sister managed her brother's hotel My birth name was Mary Claudia Susann (perhaps after someone?) I am simply looking for information, especially a last name. If this sounds like a family you might know, please contact me at Thank you for any help you could provide - Leslie Manion

Friday May 4 19:11:52 2012
My Question is:Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any information as to when the ANNETT family came to Gaspe and where they came from. I would also like to know if anyone knew what part of Ireland the MAHER family came from and if anyone had any information about the SWEENEY family. any bit of into would be appreciated. thanks a lot

Monday April 30 20:36:22 2012
Name:jean marie lavoie
My Question is:my brother daniel lavoie married suzanne nicolas at grande riviere, gaspe.Parents of suzanne are rita cyr and joseph nicolas, grande riviere.parents of rita cyr are genevievre mcinnis and aime cyr.parents of joseph nicolas are joseph jos nicolas and clara blanchet. can you help me for a genealogy tree for them. thank you.

Friday April 20 22:41:42 2012
Name:Linda Miles
My Question is:Does anyone know of a James C/Kavanagh being married to a Margaret Sweeney. With children being Michael, Charles, Helen, and Margaret. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Monday April 2 15:13:48 2012
Name:Georgina Shumway
My Question is:I am the great grand-daughter of Appoline Castonguay, daughter of Hubert Castonguay. Does anyone have information of any Castonguay related to Hubert that live in the Gaspe area. My grandfather, Joseph John Robinson, was the son of Alexis Robinson and Appoline Castonguay.

Sunday March 25 23:08:18 2012
Name:Peter Flemming
My Question is:I am looking for information on Thomas Collins and Elizabeth Sweeney. The current information I have is on their daughters. Elizabeth Collins married Charles Paget, Josephine Collins born 2 Oct 1858 and Prudent Collins born 1847 and died in Gaspe, Quebec, Canada 20 July 1856. Charles Paget and Elizabeth Collins were married on 14 Jan 1862 in St. Joseph de cap d'Espoire, County Gaspe. This information is for me and my spouse, Norma Mary Morris, who was born in Little Pabos, Gaspe.

Monday March 19 19:22:57 2012
My Question is:Can anyone send me info about my ancestors William Mccrae 1802-1874 and his wife Agnes McNair 1810-1897 parents of William Mccrae and Eliza Willett who were parents of my grandmother Emma Mccrae McLellan? Would appreciate any thing about them.

Saturday March 17 20:20:10 2012
Name:william e . kenney
My Question is:i am looking for any family relailative of my great grandfarther and grandmouther james and mary kenny. both born in ireland about 1832 and came togaspe about 1850 , they had 17 chieldren one being my grandfarther thomas .e. kenny he was born about nov. 19 1880 ,all the chieldren were born in gaspe. most moved to bristol .new hampshire, u.s.a. i would love to hear from anyone that could share some information i hope to come to gaspe this summer .thank you.

Tuesday March 6 19:52:16 2012
My Question is:Looking for information on the Couillard family from Riviere Au Renard. Great Grandfather born 1875-1948 Jacques Felix Couillard, son of Octave Couillard 1846 and Octavie English born 1848. Benoni Couillard 1809-1880 was father of Octave. Thanks

Saturday March 3 16:33:32 2012
My Question is:I am looking for information on Sarah LeBlanc, ahe was born around 1885-1995. She married William Albert Turpin, he was born 19 Nov 1885 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Any information you can give me will be great. Thanks.

Sunday February 26 18:45:10 2012
Name:Crystal Hussey
My Question is:I am looking for information on my maternal grandmother. Her name was Marie Jeanne Sweeney. She was born to George Sweeney and Elizabeth Helene Hamond around 1903. She had an older sister named Elizabeth Hermeline and a younger sister named Brigitte Ann. I am trying to find out if Marie Jeanne got married and had any children before leaving Quebec for Ontario. My mother has avoided giving me any information on the history of her parents.

Sunday February 26 11:54:39 2012
Name:Pat Gillis Willett
My Question is:Trying to locate relatives. My great grandfather was Charles Alexander Gillis, b: 2-16-1882 d: Oct 1941 in New York State. In his obituary it was noted he was born in Gaspe, and had two surviving sisters, Dora of Montreal and Emma of Gaspe. Anyone who may have ideas of connections, please contact me. I'd like photos as well. Thanks for your time.

Saturday February 25 23:22:59 2012
Name:Jamie LeClair
My Question is:Hello, had family leave gaspe turn of 19th century. leclair and maltais in the nouvelle area. wishing to find people with same relitive connection-Jamie

Friday February 24 19:23:16 2012
Name:rod gamache
My Question is:Hi I am just looking for info on my family in Gaspe.

Wednesday February 22 15:28:25 2012
Name:Jennifer Sylvain
My Question is:Hello I have been attempting in vain to locate any information regarding my great grandmother Caroline Pare. Here is what I do know based upon her death certificate: Born: St Agathe des Monts, Quebec on or about 1865-1868. Married Ovide L?Louis Poulin and emigrated to Gorham NH ? 1890. Had several children: Hattie,Lillian, Isabelle,Dorothey,Robert,Alphey(my grandfather)third born on1893 in Gorham NH.The family relocated to Rumford Maine where Caroline died in 1927. Any information would be most helpful as I know nothing more about her ancestry. Thank you Jennifer Sylvain

Monday February 20 15:20:50 2012
Name:Lisa Millimet
My Question is:Dear friend I am looking for ANY information you might know of for relatives in the Gaspe (Perce, New Carlisle etc) area for the years from about 1783-1825-especially taken from records such as births, deaths, marriages, land etc. The names are O'Brien, Betts (I have some infomation on Benjamin), Isaac Montross etc. Thank you for helping! My email is enclosed. Yours Lisa M

Sunday February 19 1:05:28 2012
Name:diane sweeney
My Question is:hi looking for any info on my dad side is name is romeo sweeney one sister therese, his dad william sweeney married marie jeanne collin and my dad married diane comeau romeo sweeney was born in st george de malbaie gaspe any help will be so great

Sunday February 19 0:35:20 2012
My Question is:Bonjour, Je recherche des informations sur la famille Gallagher soit de Caplan, New-Richmond, St-Siméon, ou Grand Cascapédia, Vous pouvez me rejoindre à mon adrese internet. Merci

Tuesday February 7 17:02:30 2012
Name:Barb Nelson
My Question is:Hello; I'm trying to locate a picture of my Grandfather, Ernest Harold Dow. He was born on Feb. 24,1898 in Port Daniel, Que. His Mother was Mary Elizabeth Robinson and his Father was Joseph Dow. There were 11 children in their family, Mary, Walter, Ena, James, George, Hattie, Thomas, Leslie, Lester, Sarah. In 1916 he married my Grandmother, Greta Maria Flowers. In 1923 Ernest Harold was killed in an accident, in Restigouche. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Barb. Nelson

Friday February 3 14:42:47 2012
Name:Christian Banner
My Question is:Hi there, I was interested in getting ahold of a very good friend of mine that I havent seen in a long time. Her last name is Ste-croix, her first name is victoria. She has a brother robert, and her mothers name is cecile. I would love an address so I cam write some letters to them and re-connect with them! I believe they reside in the Percy region? Im not sure though? Please let me know if you can help me out. Sincerly, Christian

Thursday February 2 18:12:48 2012
My Question is:Was there a family by the last name of COSTELLO living in the Halimand area and if so are there any family members left around here?

Monday January 30 14:49:49 2012
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for any information on JOHN PAUL DUBE who came to London, UK during WW2. He served with the Royal Canadian Ordance Corps. I believe he was born 1920 (ish). I believe he served as a Cook in the army. He is my Mother-in-Law's Father and we would love any information any one could give. Thanks Zoe

Sunday January 22 15:11:48 2012
Name:Elais Falle fr.York Center
My Question is:I would like to know my Grandfathers relatives,as I have no information on him. My name is Barry Davis and this was my mothers father .her name was Evelyn and she married Donald Davis which is my father.. Thank you.

Saturday January 14 11:26:55 2012
Name:Brendell Claudette B
E-mail:Please post response
My Question is:Hi there this is Brendell I am looking for any living relatives of my dad Claude Joseph Villeneuve. If any one knows of him please get back to me I am in search of anyone who knows of his kids. I was born March 24 1976 I have a younger sister as well her name is Genevieve Denise Begbie. We were both adopted our last name was Rain before we were adopted. My sisters birthday is April 26 1978 I don"t know what other info I can give you. Hope to hear back from someone soon thanks Brendell Begbie

Friday January 13 16:00:34 2012
Name:Scott Flewelling
My Question is:I'm adopted in Montreal in 1966, have found my birth mother and have my fathers name. He was apparently born in Gaspe. His name is or was Gerard Gagne and was according to my birth mother was a lot older than her. She is in her sixties now. I am assuming he is dead but am not sure.i realize that Gerard Gagne is a very common name but is there a record of birth or death that might fit the timeline? Any help is greatly appreciated . Sorry for the English but I grew up in Ontario Ps- not sure about the spelling of his name

Tuesday January 10 17:42:37 2012
My Question is: Looking for Joseph LaPointe born November 14, 1846, where in Canada not sure? The only thing I know is that his fathers name was also Joseph and his mothers name Mary. Married a woman named Margerite Pelletier date and place unknown? He is a big mystery. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday January 4 12:56:27 2012
Name:lise murray
My Question is:bonjour je fais une recherche généalogique sur mon ancetre ignace lazare murrat ne le 14 juillet 1794 mere genevievre jeanmont né de pere inconne. ignace marié a modeste brassard. pouvez vous me donner des informations merci a al avance.

Tuesday January 3 13:10:13 2012
Name:Joana Pereira da Silva
My Question is:Je cherche information sur mom ancestre, grand, grand, grand père, qui s'appelle Jules George Lambert, est nait a Jussey , Haute -Haute et arrivait a Portugal avec les soldats de Napoleon, el le General Junot. Il s'est marriait en 10.06 1834 avec ma grand, grand...mère, Rita Xavier da Cunha à Porto. Je

Tuesday January 3 12:54:55 2012
Name:M. Cyr
My Question is:I'm looking for any information on parents of Georges Gallagher married to Elisabeth Loubert 12-nov-1876 in Caplan or Maria. Very much appreciated

Friday December 30 2:30:11 2011
My Question is:Je recherche Joseph Michel Denis qui épousa Marguerite Mailloux vers la fin des années 1790-1805. Leur fils Joseph (Michel) épousa Anne Henley 21 mai 1835 à Percé. A son mariage, le registre nous dit que les parents de Joseph demeurent à Pointe-aux-Trembles (Neuville). Il m'est impossible de trouver le mariage the J.Michel et Marg Mailloux ainsi que la date de naissance (baptême) de Joseph. Merci à l'avance si vous pouvez m'aider.

Sunday December 25 9:53:42 2011
Name:Fred Dubé
My Question is: Hello; I am trying to find out more on my family. My father Leo John Dube was born in Grand Cascepedia around 1909 I know little other than that I think his father may have been Frederick but I'm not sure. any help that might point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday December 21 23:46:16 2011
Name:Roland Vardon
My Question is:Has anyone come across the family name VARDON in recent searchesÉ. Charles Vardon married Elizabeth Lucas in MalBay in 1824. I do have some history of various family members since that time, however, I am always interested in learning more. Perhaps the family name was spelled VERDON or VARDEN as it was common to spell names as they were pronounced. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Monday December 19 12:02:19 2011
Name:lise murray
My Question is:Bonjour Je suis a faire ma généalogie. Mon ancetre Ignace Lzare Murray. Sa mere Genevievre JeanMont. Pere inconnu.Ignace né le 14 juillet 1794 st-étienne de la malbaie. charlevoix. Ignace est né a la seigneurie de Mont-Murray propriétaire John Nairne. Merci si vous pouvez me donner des renseignements. Lise Murray

Sunday December 18 18:52:41 2011
Name:Jeanne Loiselle
My Question is:Hello, I am making my husbands family tree for our grandchildren. His ggreat Grandfather was Charles SIMNEAU(1797-1852) (m:12 May 1828 in Percé) Marguerite METHOT(1802-1820)..unfortunetly I cannot confirm his parents. If someone has any Info it would be greatly appreciated. Also his gson Joseph Baptiste Simoneau(1865 1930) (m:6 Feb 1894)Marie Louise LAPOINTE(8Sep 1874, in Grande Rivière, Percé)...I am trying to find and confirm that she was Métis from MICMAC reserve. If anyone has proof, any info or lists of name from this reserve it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Thursday December 15 13:53:02 2011
Name:Després, Marie-Paule
My Question is: Je suis une descendante de Jacques Couillard, sieur Després et d'Elisabeth Lemieux. J'aimerais joindre a mon arbre généalogique tous les Després de la région de Percé, Bonaventure, de toute la Gaspésie. Je suis prête a partager les données que j'ai avec qui de droit. Merci Je suis aussi parente avec les Blanchette, les Boulet et les Cassivi de Cap-des-Rosiers et les environs. Merci de votre collaboration.

Monday December 12 12:03:47 2011
My Question is:Hi I am seeking information on the Stanley surname. I know my great grandmother was Edith whom married a Stanely had daughter Inez. Can't recall his first name. Inez ends up in PEI married to a Edward McWilliam.

Wednesday December 7 15:26:44 2011
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
My Question is:Hello Victoria Noble & anyone who might be interested in this. I do have a John Packwood in my files. He was married Aug. 17, 1823 Malbay Episcopal Gaspe. My gggrandmother was Caroline Packwood who married Hubert Bond. Their daughter Evaline married Charles Auguste Augustin Despres Sept. 28, 1891, Cap des Rosier. Their son Joseph George Amede Despres was my Dad's father. Dad was born in Tupper Lake NY. A lot of people came from the Gaspe to Lumber here. Hope to hear from you. I could not get through with your e-mail address. We are also related to Boucher, Girard, Henley, Roussell, LeMesurier, probably just about everyone. I would be happy to help with any ones research here and welcome any information. Dad's family is from the Riviere Renard Area. Thanks, Marlene Dupre' Hyde

Sunday December 4 18:22:01 2011
Name:cyril annett
My Question is:i like to meet my old friends carlo mc monald befor i die

Sunday December 4 16:32:43 2011
Name:Robert F. Couture
My Question is:Hello, My maternal great Grandmother ,was born in Quebec around 1849.Her name was Marie Clarise Cote. Her Father was Joseph Cote, an Anishinabe native, and her mother was a Dupuis. I am having problems gathering her and her parent's information , and would personally love to hear from someone who could shed some light for me. I believe that the problem lies with the fact that this was a mixed marriage or Metis, and these records were not kept too well, but i hope that I'm wrong. Sincerely, Robert F. Couture

Tuesday November 29 16:07:26 2011
Name:victoria noble
My Question is:Hello A message for Marlenedhyde @ I have researched and found a John Packwood from PEI who married one of my relatives in the 1700's i believe. All my work has been handed over to a family member to review, and I will be getting it back soon. Will try to follow up with more info. But for the meantime look up Packwood ( i believe Mic Maq) good luck

Sunday November 27 21:52:16 2011
My Question is:Hi I am looking for any info on achille gallant, he had a son named jerimiah gallant who married a gertrude costello 1914 prince edward island. achille would be my great grand father. looking for any info photos etc about this familys background, where they where from thanks

Wednesday November 16 0:25:26 2011
Name:Laura Kelly
My Question is:My mother was adopted from Gaspe in the late 1950s and I'm trying to search her family. I've never seen her records but I've been told that her name was Marie Lyne Gauthier and that she was in an orphanage in that area. She has a strange burn on her ankle. Any bits of information would be amazing, as I'm trying to search for my extended family.

Saturday November 5 14:59:43 2011
Name:Helen Masterson
My Question is:I am looking for a Peter Evans who is an Historian and Genealogist in Ottawa Canada, who sent me a message through, and left me his email on message, but they dont allow address of email to be seen on the board. He has info on Evans family in West Cork Ireland. I would really appreciate if anyones knows him, or he himself sees this, to contact me asap. Many thanks. H

Saturday September 24 19:56:08 2011
My Question is:Larossignol, Lantin, Chouinard I am looking for information about my grandmother and g-grandmother. My great grandmother was born on Gaspe, Marie Larossignol. Her daughter Elizabeth Lantin married Joseph H. Chouinard. Elizabeth died in New Hampshire around 1917 of TB. I do not know if she had brothers or sisters.

Thursday September 22 5:04:31 2011
Name:Lori Hardy
My Question is:Looking for information on my ggf Thomas Blanchet, born in Douglastown 1858, died in L'Anse au-Griffon 1904. Married to Malvina Bois. Wondering how he died, why she left with her 7 children for Ontario. His parents were Louis Blanchet & Mary Ann Robert. Any information, where they may be buried,etc would be appreciated.

Sunday September 18 11:01:58 2011
Name: ignace murray ne 1794 a st-étienne de la malbaie
My Question is:mon ancetre ignace murray né malbaie 1794 seignerie de mont murray mere gennevieve jeanmont ou marie-victoire gagné. on dit que son pere était malcolm fraser. descendance imbeault peut-etre. j aimerais savoir si vous avez des renseignements mairié a modeste brassard. mon ancetre etait un pionnier du saguenay.merci si vous pouvez m aider. voulez vous m envoyer un email a je ne suis pas certaine que mon émail au nom de fonctionne bien. matane gaspésie.

Friday September 9 14:27:26 2011
My Question is:Bonjour, J'aimerais avoir de l'information concernant la famille Gallagher St-Siméon Vous pouvez me rejoindre par internet. Merci

Thursday September 1 22:47:47 2011
Name:Kim De Roy
My Question is:Bonjour j'aimerais avoir des infos sur mes ancêtres, j'ai entendu dire que tous les infos avaient été brûlées... mais je ne suis pas certaine. Alors voilà, mes grand-parents se nomment Ernest De Roy et Rose Vézina. Réserve de Maria, Restigouche, ils étaient tous les deux Mi'kmaq. Si quelqu'un a de l'information, j'en serais très heureuse. Merci!

Thursday August 25 15:56:39 2011
Name:David Murray
My Question is:Bonjour at tout, Je cherche de l'information de ma famille et aussi l'histore de la Famille Murray . Mon grand pere ce nom Leopold Murray et ma grand mere se nomait Jeantte Levasseur. Hello people, I'm looking tracee back members for my family tree My grand Parents Leopold Murray and Jeanette (Levasseur)Murray who were from Matane Que....My great grand parents(parents to Leopold) where Louis Murray and Adele (Lebreux)Murray. I recently travelled to the east coast and notice that the Murray name has strong significance in certain parts on the maritme area. I'm very intrigue of where Murray's all came about in their first steps on Canadian soil and where they sellted etc. If anyone having any information to the Murray from Matane Que would be amazing to chat and discover more info as well. David Murray

Tuesday August 16 14:34:32 2011
Name:Gisele Foxton (Nee Clavet)
My Question is:My grandfather, Joseph Alexandre Clavet married a Tapp woman from Douglastown in the late 1800 to early 1900. Can anyone point me to the way back from them to France and England? I am also looking for family in the Gaspe region whom I would like to visit in the near future.

Tuesday August 16 13:32:28 2011
Name:Philomène Sainte-Croix
My Question is:Je cherche les ascendants de Philomène Sainte-Croix de Barachoix en Gaspésie.

Saturday August 13 11:32:31 2011
Name:lise murray
My Question is:bonjour. Je cherche mes ancetres.Je sais que mon ancetre leon ignace lazarre murray ne 1714 juillet 1794 la malbaie charlevoix quebec.canada.marie a modeste brassard. leon baptise 2 aout marie 9 juillet 1821 la malbaie. merci si vous pouvez m aider.

Wednesday August 10 0:16:34 2011
Name:theresa lucey
My Question is:i am looking for a Claudette Marie Chouinard born in 1943 in Canada. I believe she was married and divorce in massachusettes in 1964. Her married name was allard. Married to a Rolland Allard

Tuesday August 9 19:54:23 2011
Name:Roberta Wilson-Garrett
My Question is:I am looking for information on Marie Therese Simon Grenier. She would be born approx 1941. When she was about 15 yrs old she may have lived in Elliot Lake for a short period of time with the family of Cyril Garrett who was my father-in-law.

Tuesday August 2 2:04:24 2011
Name:carol roberts
My Question is:Hi i would like to know forst where is Grand Greve Gaspe that is where my mother jeannine boulay and my father Reginald Roberts were born i have looked for everything still cant find records i know my father Dad his name was Samuel Roberts he died when my father was very young I would appreciate help on this to know my history of my family

Wednesday July 13 13:29:49 2011
Name:Lisa Toalson
My Question is:Hello! I have been searching for a while for information on my great-great-great-grandfather who was born in Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada. The name I have is Murray or Murry Mason. His first name could possibly have been James. James Murry Mason born January 4, 1844. The only Census' I have is from Iowa and Arkansas late 1800's. He apparently moved sometime to Iowa by the age 16. Any help locating any of his family would be appreciated. Have a nice day!

Friday June 17 12:14:18 2011
Name:valerie baker
My Question is:I live in Murdochville,my Mother passed away in Dec and we had Jason Pollark as the miniter at the funernal,i need him tomorrow at her burial could you please give me his no. so i can phone him ,having trouble to get a layreader ,thank you Valerie

Wednesday June 8 9:12:20 2011
Name:Kem Farr
My Question is:Robert Simpson Year of Record: 1783 Source/Event: War Office Records: Returns of Detachments and Companies of the Kings Rangers and Loyal Rangers stationed in Lower Canada. Comments: from America Age: 25 Reference: National Archives of Canada: Microfilm Reel No. B-2867 (MG 11, W.O. 28/10), page 184 I am interested if anyone can find out more info on this index of record for Robert Simpson who came to Douglastown right after 1784. I am hot on Robert Simpsons trail from the past and looking for John Rose military records as well. His wife Mary lives next to son and Rose family in Gaspe Bay North. Thank you my Gaspe friends for helping me. I got good information from great people. Does anyone know if John Rose who married a Charlotte is John Rose Jr. I suspect he is. Also, Is Charlotte a Simpson or a Rabey or ?

Friday June 3 8:48:45 2011
Name:Kem Farr
My Question is:I am looking for someone to help with the 1861 census in Sydenham south of Gaspe. I am looking for Mary Simpson age 90 and want to know who she is living with at that time. She is wife of Robert Simpson who moved to Rosebridge from Douglastown after the land drawing in 1785 but moved around 1807. After Burgoynes troops were defeated by the Americans in 1784 they were routed to Montreal for the winter and then got their grants in Douglastown and New Carlisle . John Rose had some land issues at Douglastown and moved down the coast He was close friends with Robert Simpson and there were marriages into the family. I would also like contact with Simpsons, Rabey, Rose, Trudeau, and Hollands if interested. Thanks From Kem, Oklahoma, USA

Tuesday May 17 14:15:54 2011
My Question is:Any information on the Hunt Family genealogy would be greatfully appreciated especial John Hunt who died 1812. Wifes name unknown for sure Please any help would be appreciated Thank You Donna (Hunt) Grasby

Monday May 16 3:29:34 2011
Name:Marie Eden-Smith
My Question is:Who do we contact to have corrections and additions made to the genealogy lists? can someone please email me with the info thanks

Friday May 13 23:22:25 2011
Name:Tom Graham
My Question is:Hi Group! I'm researching a Bond family from around Cap-aux-Os,starting with Jeremie Bond my grandfather and his wife Marguerite Allaire.Ernest Bond was one of 11 siblings who last lived out where Forillon Nat.Park is today.My mom is Dolores (Bond),and there are a lot more.Trying to get back to the roots.If you could help,I'd appreciate it! Thanks! Tom Salut groupe! Je suis à chercher une famille Bond du monde Cap-aux-Os, à commencer par Jeremie Bond mon grand-père et son épouse Marguerite Allaire. Ernest Bond a été l'un des 11 frères et sœurs qui vivaient dernière où Forillon Nat.Park est aujourdhui.Ma mere est Dolores (Bond), et il ya plusieurs membres Bond vivait.J'essaie trouver ma famille Gaspesienne.Si vous pourriez nous aider, je l'apprécie! Merci! Tom

Tuesday May 10 2:54:30 2011
Name:Patricia McGrath
My Question is: McGrath-Kennedy-Morris-St. Croix families of Douglastown, Seal Cove. My g.grandfather Felix McGrath, his brothers William, Philip & Charles worked at Old Chelsea, Quebec. Charles was a blacksmith & return to Douglastown where he died in 1932. William went to the USA. Felix remained in Chelsea, married & raised a family. I know that some of the family went to Montreal. One sister married Joshua Falle, another Mathew Morris. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

Wednesday May 4 4:51:37 2011
My Question is:Hi fellow Gaspesians. I'm looking for info. about my maternal grandfather Arthur Lamarre who lived in Gaspe w/Elvie(?). Any tidbits are welcomed. Just curious about the big, handsome man.

Wednesday April 27 18:57:44 2011
Name:Aldo Brochet
My Question is:The Morris Family of Douglastown. The Morris Family descends from the marriage of Thomas Morris and Catherine Samson celebrated 09 January 1781. Presently looking into the folklore on the Thomas Morris and Catherine Samson family, whether original records, land deeds, testaments, maps, photographs, old legends, tall tales, myths, or funny stories retold, for a general talk on the Morris family history in August. Please contact me for details.

Friday April 22 19:35:10 2011
Name:Laura Viger
My Question is:Looking for any help possible to find information about my grandmother Laura Lebreton Ruel. She was born in New Hampshire, USA in the early 1900's. Her mother was Julia Ferguson Lebreton and her father John Lebreton (b. 1805). I have found his parents were Gilbert Lebreton and Charlotte Robertson. I have found records with the last named Lebreton and Labritton. John had other children...Frank and Marie. My understanding from family is that the earliest roots we know of indicate they came from Cape Breton. Thank you for any info out there. Laura Viger

Saturday March 26 3:13:59 2011
Name:De Lana Gray
My Question is:I need to locate and purchase a historical/genealogy book titled "The History of Delta County 1870 to 1991" it was authored by the Delta County Historical Society. It was published in Dallas, Texas in 1991 by the Taylor Publising Co. My family were some of the early settlers of this county and it contains valuable information. The contact that had a copy and could give me valuable information from it has disappeared. I am desperate to purcase a copy. HELP!

Friday March 18 9:40:33 2011
Name:Jaclyn Patterson
My Question is:I would appreciate any information concerning Isa Mcay Patterson. THe person would PROBABLY have lived in the 1880"s or around about that time.

Sunday February 27 15:32:22 2011
Name:alison grant
My Question is:I have recently started to research my Scottish family members that emigrated to Canada from the 1800's onwards. The first migrants probably spoke English or Gaelic but were NOT English people! Many would have been fluent in French . Many Scottish words were derived from the French language although it is less likely that they will be spoken nowadays.In terms of research that is really significant that this distinction is made as the English databases will not list Scottish families. On my paternal side the GRANTS were from the Highlands(Speyside) and possibly worked in the trading companies.Many would learn French and native languages It is unlikely that they would associate easily associate with the English settlers. In the 19th century in my family many Ditchburns,(Dunfermline Fife ) Scotts,Patersons(Fife,and Clackmanan) Hasties (Linlithgow )Muirs and Bennetts (Borders ) migrated to Canada. I have managed to find several Hastie connections(in Ontario) thanks to Canadian cousins but so far I have not yet found any links with any area of Canada for the rest of my family links I have found a book by Colin Galloway " White People,Indians and Highlanders(Oxford University Press ) a good start to understanding the conditions that many faced in the New World.

Friday February 25 16:37:47 2011
Name:Lisa Barnhart
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother. Her name was Eliza Morgan Cunning(ham). She lived in Gaspe' and Montreal. She was married to Thomas D. Cunning. I believe her Mother's maiden name was Snow. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa

Tuesday February 22 19:07:36 2011
Name:Solange Roy-Thompson
My Question is:I am trying to find out if my paternal grand-mother was a Mi'kmaq from Gaspe. Her name was Caroline Jacques, D.O.B. 1878. That is all the information I have. Thank you.

Monday February 21 9:44:54 2011
Name:Linda Russell
My Question is:Do you have any information on John Restle(russell) and Marie Joseph Bergeron in that area 1785 to 1825? I would be very interested in a reunion gathering this year. My husband is their ggggrandson. I have been doing his family tre for over 6 years now, and have a friend in New Carlisle.Some of their children married into the Powers(Poors) and Blairs(Belair). Thank you Linda Russell

Monday February 7 4:44:14 2011
My Question is:I just recently asked a question, but I found more information. I am looking into my first nation's heritage. My great grandparent's were born in Gaspe Bay and their names were Ben and Marie-Jeanne Bujold. I am not sure of my grandmother's maiden name. My grandfather's name is Rene Bujold, and my mother's name is Suzanne. Any information would help. Thank you

Monday February 7 4:38:54 2011
My Question is:I am looking to find out more about my first nations heritage. My grandfather's name is Rene bujold and his mother and father were both born in Gaspe Bay. I am not sure what my Great Grandmother's maiden name was. I know this is vague, but any news would help.

Wednesday February 2 0:43:16 2011
Name:William Gault
My Question is:My grandfather was Francis Gault born in gaspe in the early 1900s he had a brother named alvin his father was Harvey Gault his mom was jane miller i'm looking to see if anyone has any knoledge of reletives i may still have in gaspe or anyplace in the world alvin apperently moved to new zealand i would like to know if i have reletives there too any information would be great also francis had two sons william and robert and a daughter reta anyone who thinks we may be cousins please contact me. Thanks

Monday January 31 20:57:40 2011
Name:Louise henley
My Question is:Je cherche des informations au sujet de Jacques James Henley (ainsley) marié a Catherine Chicoine. j'aimerai avoir le nom de ses parents ou l'endroit ou il est né. j'ai tous les informations pour Catherine Chicoine.

Sunday January 23 0:00:07 2011
Name:Barbara marden
My Question is:hello Iam looking my native family in new carlisle gaspie ,the family name is woods ,my mother s name is margert rose woods my grandfather passed away when he was in the army and my mother and grandmother then moved to montreal but i wasn't raised by them now i am trying to find my other family i hope you can help than you bye .

Friday January 21 0:15:23 2011
Name:M. Blake
My Question is:I Have relatives in Gaspe by the last name " Chicione ". Looking to contact them via email. Use Your name as subject matter. Have a nice day .

Monday January 10 2:38:24 2011
Name:Melissa Syvret
My Question is:My name is Melissa Syvret... I am looking for any imformation regarding my grandfather Sidney Syvret... he was from Gaspe . He moved to Toronto with his Wife my grandmother Ann. They had three chikdren Beian,David, and Brenda. he died in 1998. If anyone has any imformation it would be greatly apreciated.... THANKYOU

Saturday January 8 21:51:06 2011
Name:Roxane Cassivi
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for an ancestor would be my great grand mother on my Dads side of the familly. Her name is "Marie Anne Jeannotte" she maried Louis langlois in 1904 her father was John Jeannotte and his wife was Mary Galien or Gallienne. I would like to know where she was baptised. she got maried in Port Daniel but can't seem to find any record.

Saturday January 1 1:49:22 2011

Thursday December 30 0:36:34 2010
Name:susan schaefer
My Question is:Looking for information on Robert Magill or any Magill's that lived in Metis Beach My grandmother's maiden name was Meikle. My great grandmother's maiden name was Morin (Victoria) My father went to the school house down the road from his home (he still own's the land) Do you know the name of the school house?

Monday December 20 20:09:43 2010
My Question is:I've been researching the Birmingham line of my family and I'm stuck with John Thomas Birmingham (born:1797, Ireland). I was just wondering if anyone may have any information on him or his parents. I know he was married to a Sarah Mulhall, but I've yet to find any information for either one. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Saturday November 27 0:36:47 2010
Name:Paulette Cote Wiskin
My Question is:My grandmother Anne Mongrain was married to Nacisse Napolion Francoeur and trying to locate their history . If anyone has any information please contact me . thank you

Wednesday November 24 2:34:51 2010
Name:Jennifer Ascah-Nicholson
My Question is:Hi I am trying to locate two books about Gaspe written by Mr.Coffin I believe - 50 Summers and Dancing Waters were the titles. A lot of info and history about my dad, Gordon Alexander Ascah and his family were published in these books.I would like to give these to my mum for Christmas. Any help would be appreciated. I an not find them anywhere. Thanks and Regards Jenni Ascah -Nicholson

Saturday November 20 15:48:23 2010
Name:smith jeancharles
My Question is:je cherche information sur les noms Smith arrivé de Dundee scotland my grand father john lawrence smith and Marie jane legouffe

Saturday November 13 22:37:06 2010
Name:Debbie Matchett
My Question is:My father in law, Sterling Matchett, worked for a number of summers at Mattis Beach for the Astle family, he said he would love to see if Clive Turriff was still alive or if he had any relatives left in Mattis Beach. Can anyone tell me anything. Thank you

Wednesday November 10 3:54:12 2010
My Question is:If anyone has any information concerning ELIZA ELVINA SYVRET (Sep. 12, 1863-Jan. 20 1945), please contact me. I know that she married John William Girard, and although I have information about his family, I have no information on hers. Thank you very much. Any and all information is welcome, and greatly appreciated. Thank you, again.

Wednesday November 10 3:49:51 2010
My Question is:Looking for any information on surnames JOHNSON, LEPAGE, OUELLETTE (OUELETTE?), HOTTON, COLE, GIRARD, PLOURDE, HUNT, ROBERTS (possibly VON ROBERTS at some point). PHILIP SAMUEL GIRARD married MARGARET GEORGINA HUNT THOMAS GIRARD married '?' PLOURDE STAFFORD COLE married '?' ROBERTS If anyone has information about any of the surnames or names mentioned above, please contact me via email. Thank you so much. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday November 10 1:13:28 2010
My Question is:Hi. I'm looking for my grandfather's parents: Gordon Johnson and Melinda '?' (don't know her maiden name). I know two of their children (although there were others). My grandfather; Levis Johnson, and his brother; Tennyson Johnson. Not only would I like to find out about my grandfather's parents (Gordon and Melinda), but I would like to find out any information possible about THEIR parents as well (Gordon and Melinda's parents). So if anyone has ANY information at all, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Sunday November 7 21:37:05 2010
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
My Question is:Hello everyone, Just reposting this. I am still researching my family names. Despres, Syvia, Augustin, Charles, Arthur, Hilare, Bond Evelyn, Packwood, Samuel. If anyone has information or a connection to, I would love to hear from you.

Saturday November 6 23:59:41 2010
Name:Kim Howell
My Question is:I am wondering if anyone knows who the parents of Helen Casey were. I would be very grateful for any help. Any information regarding the Morin or Moran family would be appreciated too. Merci!

Saturday November 6 7:23:39 2010
Name:claudette crepeault
My Question is:Je cherche le nom des parents de Marie cloutier mariee avec Jean-baptiste dunn mere d'odillon dunn.

Friday November 5 10:24:52 2010
Name:Bob Caldwell
My Question is:Hi! All GoGaspiens, Have just dropped in to touch base and to ask if anyone has any idea how I would be able to establish "how,when & where" my g/g/g.f Charles Campbell (b. 1812,New Carlisle) left Canada to marry my g/g/g.m Margaret Jane Symington in Sydney, Australia in 1842. Hope to receive some form of feedback on my enquiry. Chow for Now! Bob C.

Tuesday October 19 18:30:30 2010
Name:Sue Abbott
My Question is:Hi I am looking into my husbands family history and would love to hear from anyone who can help. His grandfather was called Ernest Wyndam Suddard, he came to England to fight in ww2, he met and married Georgina here in England and they had two daughters, he then went to Italy where he died in service. In around 1984 Georgina and her daughter visited family in Quebec and around 12 years ago a cousin came to England to visit, we have since lost contact. Ernest's mothers maiden name i believe was Coffin,it would be great to hear from anyone with a Suddard or Coffin connection , I do have a family tree that has been produced for me, however i am unsure of the accuracy and information will be very much appreciated. thanks. Sue and Keith.

Sunday October 17 18:30:29 2010
Name:Sue Abbott
My Question is:Help !, i am trying to research my husbands family, his grandfather was born in Gaspe, quebec in Nov 1915, his name Ernest Wyndham Suddard, he came to England to fight in ww2, he met and married Georgina and they had 2 children before he was killed in service in Italy. Georgina did visit Quebec with one of her daughters in around 1983 so i know that there is or was surviving relatives still around in the area. I believe the mother of Ernest was Ellice Coffin. Any information will be gratfully recieved. thankyou. Sue .

Tuesday October 12 17:26:33 2010
Name:Linda Disbrowe
My Question is:I am researching my Grandmother's Family Lemore. They were from Grand Cascapedia Qc where she was born Jan 29, 1900. Her full name was Eunice Elizabeth MArgaret May Lemore , called Mamie. She married John Billingsley form New Carlyle QC in 1921. If anyone who can provide any info on her, it would be gratefully appreciated. A family member extensively did the Billinglsley family tree ( my dad...Robert) but we know little about Grandmother's side. Have a great day...Linda Disbrowe (Billinglsey),Mississuaga Ont

Sunday October 10 22:41:05 2010
Name:lori ann day
My Question is:I am currently living in Montreal and would like to know if i have any relatives here.My grandmothers name was Ida Renouf AND grandfatheres is Jimmy Renouf.Greatgrandmother .Sarah Ann Renouf and Bert renouf...on the day side my grandparents are Bertha and Clide DAY from fauvel...renoufs from new would be nice to correspond with someone form my family. Lori Ann Day-Renouf

Sunday October 10 22:31:12 2010
Name:Lyndsi Longpre
My Question is:I've been working a family tree for a couple of months. I'm not too sure if I'm in the right place or not, but I was wondering if there is anyone who might have some information on a Georginna Birmingham. I have a date of death and marriage but nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lyndsi

Saturday October 2 19:14:32 2010
Name:Patricia Longpre
My Question is:My great grandparents lived in Gaspe. I am trying to locate the Pabos cemetary but cannot find where it is located. I have information that Thomas Birmingham and my great grandmother Clara (Garrett)Birmingham are buried there. I am looking for this information for the family tree. Thank you for any assistance that you may be able to provide. Patricia

Friday September 17 2:48:28 2010
Name:sheranne johnston
My Question is:Seek ancestors and siblings of Sarah Jane Smith. my great grandmother, born in New Carlisle, 1868. She married Thomas Balfour in 1889 in Dalhousie, New Brunswick. Any information or leads appreciated. Sheranne

Saturday September 4 16:43:16 2010
Name:Diane Dugas Lapointe
My Question is:I am searching for information on Augustin Dugas D.O.B. 1861 married to Rose Anne Jalbert on October 07, 1884. I am hoping to get information on when they died and where they are interred. They are my great grandparents who originated in Gaspe. I hope someone can help me. Thank you.

Thursday September 2 23:01:25 2010
Name:Robert Charles Caldwell (Snr.)
My Question is:Hi All GoGaspeins Please find attached a message posted on "Guest Book" that I should have also posted on G.B.B.if I was to receive some feed-back. Monday July 19 12:59:05 2010 Name: Robert Charles Caldwell (Snr.) E-mail: Birth Place: Melbourne,Victoria,Australia. Current Location: Bendigo,Victoria, Australia Comments: What! may you ask, is an Aussie doing visiting your GoGaspe Guest Book. Well, I wish I had found your brilliant community website a month ago. I would certainly have not run into so many brickwalls in endeavouring to follow the Caldwell Trail of my g/g/grandfather Charles Campbell Caldwell, who married in 1842 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. His marriage certificate had no details of his: date of birth, place of birth or the name of his parents. Hence, with such little background to work on, Brian Ross Caldwell (a second cousin of mine & the genealogist of our Caldwell Descendants in Australia, has spent many dollars & 20+ years, trying to get a lead on him. It is only very recently that he had a hunch/inkling, that " New Carlisle, Canada 1812", might be worth investigating. Obtaining any information of any birth in 1812 New Carlisle has been impossible, because all the different churches' records from 1811 onwards for a number of years, have been lost/missing. Just another brickwall to block my journey, as I have been searching 7 days a week, 10-12 hrs a day for the last 4 weeks, trying to track down where he came from. Would you believe I have made a breakthrough by tracking down the whereabouts of a Caldwell in B.C, who 50 yrs ago drove from Vancouver to New Carlisle with his family, given a guided tour around the town by a relative, introduced to a lady who showed him and gave him access to a book, while the guide stood in total disbelief, as the lady never let it out of her possession. Because, he only had it for a short time he took down the details of his descendants, but just happened to also take down some details of one Charles Campbell Caldwell(b.18120, whose father was John Todd Caldwell(b.1763 New Carlisle-N.B this should have read NY State) & whose father was Robert Caldwell ( in Co Antrim, Nthn Ire.). a "Loyalist" & an early settler of New Carlisle in 1784. I would like to know who the lady was and whatever happened to the book with the details of my descendants? Is there anyone who accesses this brilliant website able to give me some clue/s. A Bill Flowers (a descendant of one of the 1st settlers of New Carlisle) who I have been in contact with and relayed this information, states and I quote: "Just a guess, but I think the woman who had the Caldwell book was Eleanor "Tike" Blois-Hall. She died a few years ago, but was the resident genealogist/historian of New Carlisle who had many old documents, artefacts, etc. in her possession. Who knows what happened to that treasure-trove of material envied by other researchers--a mystery all by itself?!: End of quote. Any information would be greatly appreciated by all our Caldwell Descendants in Australia. Highest of Regards to All Area Residents. Keep up the great work! I am certainly looking forward to continuing to log onto your website. Bob Caldwell Snr.(b.1945) P.S Well before this intensive search of mine, my wife & I had planned a trip to Canada next year, before the scenario above appeared on my radar, or should I say monitor.If this documentation could be verified, then the whole of the Gaspe Area would be our No.1 Prority and the 2nd Priority would be to visit Washington Co. NY, where Robert C. leased land, raised his young family of 5 children, after arriving in the port of NY in 1761 with his wife Sarah H (nee Todd) from Ulster/Nth Ireland. And so the "Journey of Discovery" of the Caldwell Trail continuing from Australia, to Canada, to NY State, to Ulster and to Scotland possibly, due to 'the Plantation' era ), all hinges on the details found in "the book". Let the 'Journey' continue (hopefully!!) Additional Comment(3/9/10) As you can see it is a while since I have been into, as I have been tryig to find Robert Caldwell's birthdate & birth- place in Co. Antrim. But being so far back and not having a name of a townplace, parish or church it is like searching for a needle in a hay-stack. But, as I was gently reminded, it was about time I got back into G.G website, when I received a lovely note (see attached) from a Lani Baker Mitchell today. Hi Bob Thanks for the comments on 'Our Gaspé Roots'. I would love to receive some more data from you on your family, any documents and old family photos also appreciated. I love that we are all spread far and wide! :-) Lani Baker Mitchell Once, again the highest regards to all Go.Gaspeins Bendigo Bob C.

Thursday September 2 15:28:57 2010
Name:Mary Chicoine
My Question is:I am working on my family tree since 2006,Chicoine-Garrett,Quirion-Bacon and other families. I cannot find Elizabeth-Genevieve Chicoine born 22-12-1869 and Helen Jane Chicoine born 27/03/1872. They were the daughters of Cpt Robert Aubin Chicoine and Jane Walsh,,,according to family stories they had left Barachois as young girls but I cannot find any marriages records in Quebec. If anyone would know something please advise me.They were sisters to Henriette (Lazaire Rehel) Thomas, Sanfield, Alexander and half sisters to Whindam and Robert.

Thursday September 2 13:03:08 2010
Name:grant boucher
My Question is:I am a descendant of William Boucher and Martha Lemesurier of Barachois Gaspe Quebec. Martha had a number siblings LeMesurier, Hannah E 1846 LeMesurier, Frances Jane 1851 LeMasurier, Maria 1856 LeMesurier, Zerubabel A. 1860 - 1952 LeMesurier, Hannah J. 1868 Vibert, Thomas John Vibert, Lydia Amelia 1894 If you are the descendant of any of these people I encourage you to document your ancestors on the OUR GASPE ROOTS website. grant

Wednesday September 1 23:14:23 2010
Name:David Birmingham
My Question is:Hi looking for relatives my grandfather was born in Gaspe Quebec in about 1900 his name was George Irvine Birmingham. From what I understand he had 2 brothers Reginald and Edgar and siters Lilly and Emma. Supposedly Edgar stayed on the family farm and may have never married. I checked the census papers a couple of Birmingham families including George but not all the names seem to allign...Any info please

Sunday August 29 17:57:24 2010
Name:claudette journault
My Question is:Je cherche les origines de ma famille qui vivait à l'Ile Bonaventure en 1800 a peut-prêt cette là. Le nom de la famille est JOURNAULT. Il y a-t-il quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider ? J'en serais bien reconnaissance de leur part. Merci à l'avance.

Tuesday August 3 0:47:21 2010
Name:Nancy Smith
My Question is:Hi, My relatives on my fathers side are blanchette and smith from grande grave. maison blanchette is my great grand fathers house. i would like to have info or pics or anything about xaviers blanchettes family and his wife as well and all the decendants to this day if anyone has any ifo please contact me by e-mail.thank you

Monday August 2 11:12:00 2010
Name:dave langlois
My Question is:My parents were both born in gaspe, my father comes from grand grave his name was melvin, his mother's name was Nora Roberts i think she married twice. My mother comes from cap-des-rosier,her name was Marie-ange Dunn her father name i think was Horace. My father was born in 1921 and mother in 1925. Any info would be apreciated.

Thursday July 22 1:48:37 2010
Name:Marlene Dupre' Hyde
My Question is:Hi, Just reposting this. Looking for connections to the Dupre, Despres, Dupuis, Despres, Desprez, Any of these spellings might be my Dad'd family. His dad was Augustine and mother Evelyn Bond Dupre. We might be related to Jean Baptiste. Other family names Boucher, Girard, LeMessurier, love to hear from any. Dad'd family came down to Tupper Lake, NY. Thank you.

Monday July 19 18:24:04 2010
Name:Barb Paul
My Question is:Jeanne Le Maitre was born in Petit Gaspe in the late 1880's or 1890's. Her mother was a nurse at the hospital in Gaspe and her father was a doctor. They were not married and Jeanne Le Maitre's mother raised her. Does anyone know of Jeanne Le Maitre or other Le Maitre families in the Gaspe? She went to a private Catholic school (girl's school we believe) until moving to Montreal where she married and had children.

Monday July 12 16:31:07 2010
Name:Robert Boulay, Isle D'orleans, PQ 1700's
My Question is:

Thursday June 24 7:10:33 2010
Name:Jason Chicoine
My Question is:Does anyone know who murdered my uncle Alan Cabot back in the 70's in gaspe quebec?

Wednesday June 23 15:46:38 2010
My Question is:anyone have information on jane Russell born 1800 and mary Russell born 1797 , New Carlisle Bonaventure Quebec, daughters of john Russell 7 marie josephte Bergeron did these woman marry brothers ? richard Power and edward Power , or is richard and edward Power same person, It gets too confusing anyone have proper infor on jane Russell and mary Russell and which one married richard Power ? for I have seen where someone has mary Russell born 1797 married to richard Power, then elsewhere where someone has jane Russell married to richard Power.,then I have seen where some have edward Power married to one of the woman. Thankyou all in advance Heidi Russell

Saturday June 19 13:52:22 2010
Name:brian mitchell
My Question is:Hello I am looking to do a family tree for my kids the only thing that I know is my grand father was the son of marry tapp and robert mitchel his name was albert born 1895 december 25th and my grand mother was emilie chicoine born feb 7th 1907 I am trying to do a family tree for my kids i was always told my grandfather came over on the boat but my girlfriend found out that his mom was marry tapp I do not know anything about my grandmothers parents I do know that she has a sister Dianna and a brother Stanley her sister married a dee but that is all i know my dad has 13 brothewrs and sisters and today 12 are alive my dad dennis and his brother Jimmy are dead I would like to find out when Jimmy died . Thank you Brian Mitchell

Thursday June 17 2:26:48 2010
Name:Pierre Le Mesurier
My Question is:Bonjour a tous, je suis nouvellement a la recherche de mes ancêtres, mon père Edgar Le Mesurier ( 1927-2001 ), épouse Bella Roberge en 1954 a Mtl. mon grand père Albert Le Mesurier , année de naissance et de décès approximatives ( 1894-1965 ) marié a Marie Anne Robin, Ce que je sais de mes grands parents, Albert vient de Barachois et Marie anne de Percé, leurs enfants: Gerald ( décédé vers l'âge de 14 ans ), Edgar, Edna, Léona et Monique. Si vous pouvez me transmettre un peu d'informations, ça me donnerais une piste pour poursuivre ma recherche. merci, Pierre Le Mesurier Repentigny, Qc

Monday June 7 21:06:24 2010
Name:Janice McClain
My Question is:Am looking for information on my Grandfather, William Tremblay, born Matane, Rimouski in 1861. He had lived in around Batoche, Saskatchewan until about 1885, and after burying his wife and infant daughter relocated to the Quappelle Valley where he started a new family. He died in the Quappelle Valley in Saskatchewan in the 1920's or 1930's - Please let me know if you have any info - all connecting family info was lost when the family home burned around the time of his death. We know he used to correspond with a sister still in Quebec.

Sunday May 30 22:49:52 2010
Name:Donna Suddard-Van Hoof
My Question is:I am looking for stories, information, history about Ina Mullin (nee Alexander). I am her granddaughter, the daughter of Adair Suddard (nee Mullin). As Ina died when my mother was only 13, and her father died when she was 23 alot of history was lost. Most of my mom's brothers and sister are in the situation and people tend to "sugar coat" or be evasive. I would like to hear anything; good, bad, whatever. I want a sense of who she really was. I would like to hear about Sydney also, or Ina and her brothers, or Ina and her children. Please email me at Thank you

Thursday May 13 21:37:34 2010
Name:Karen Loftus
My Question is:Where is the Catholic cemetery located in Ste. Adelaide de Pabos? I am planning a trip up to the Gaspe this summer. Thank you for your help.

Wednesday May 12 16:17:58 2010
My Question is:I am looking for a translation of my family name HAPPY. I was told that it came from French? Louis Happy was my GG Grandfather? Any ideas on the translation? Thanks Melanee Joy Happy

Monday May 10 11:31:26 2010
Name:Heidi Russell
My Question is:anyone have information on michel toussaint Belair born 1,Nov,1759 married marie des Janson 7th,Feb,1785,who were there children and who did there children marry ? did they have a son jean jacque Belair that married a margureite Russell ? michel toussaint Belair born 1,nov,1759 was son of joseph Belair and catherine Boissel,joseph was son of jacques philippe vetu dit Belair and marie ann Laroche,and jacques pjilippe vetu dit Belair was son of jacques philippe vetu dit Belair and madileine Feret. and does anyone know for certin that the surname Belair became Blair ? only other date is marie ann Laroche was born,17,aug,1702 in La Prairie. Thankyou all in advance Heidi Russell

Monday May 10 11:05:22 2010
Name:Heidi Russell
My Question is:Looking for info on a john Russell married to a marie josepthe Bergeron. Looking for birth place and date for this john Russell. posibly he was born in England about 1758. marie josepthe Bergeron was born july,25,1777 Mirimichi New Brunswick, baptized abt 1783 in Bonaventure Quebec. They had 7 children born in New Carlisle Bonaventure Quebec. There 7 children were margaret born 1795,married john Beller or Belair in 1821 in Bonaventure Quebec mary born 1797 jane born 1800 john born aug,2,1802 married elizabeth Murray july,11,1827 in Bathurst New Brunswick martha born 1805 ? james born 1808,married agnes ann (nancy) Howland peter born 1812 ? possibly married rachel Howland or rachel Horth. Heidi Russell

Monday May 10 10:50:57 2010
Name:Heidi Russell
My Question is:Am not sure but looking for info on james Blair who married margaret Daigle, no dates only date is they had a daughter margaret Blair born abt 1848 in Belledune New Brunswick I believe, she married william richard Matthews) Was james Blair from Bay of Chaluer or Gaspe ? And if anyone knows dates and syblings for james Blair that would be great. Heidi Russell

Monday May 10 10:44:55 2010
Name:Heidi Russell
My Question is:anyone have info on a john russell Blair born 1822 in the Bay of chaluer, he possibly had brother named isaac or jacob or both. We not know too much about john russell Blair before his marriage to margaret king Gibson in 1863 in ST.James charlotte county N.B.(john russell Blair he possibly grew up in the Bathurst, jaquet river N.B. area) john russell Blair born 1822 Bay of Chaluer,died 1910 Marysville N.B. He was a grandon or great grandson of a Sir john Russell or Lord john Russell. thankyou all in advance Heidi Russell

Thursday April 29 4:25:18 2010
Name:Cheryl Papin
My Question is:I am looking for the birthdate of a Rose St.Pierre that later in years married Alex Brotherton. They moved to Calgary Alberta after that. From what I know she was born in 1897.

Tuesday April 27 22:45:50 2010
My Question is:Looking to hear from anyone with info on the Burtons of Black Cape. They settled in New Richmond, and my direct ancestors moved to New Carlisle before coming to Ontario. I have quite a bit of info, but am looking for more info or places to find more info. Thanks

Sunday April 25 18:48:42 2010
Name:Barb. Nelson
My Question is:I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Earnest (Harold) Dow. He married my Grandmother, Greta Maria Flowers, in Campbellton, NB, Restigouche County on January 14,1916. They had 4 children. My Grandmother moved to Ontario with the children. We were told as youngsters that my Grandfather died in an accident. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it.

Sunday April 25 12:46:36 2010
Name:Denis Hince
My Question is:I was born September 24, 1944. Adopted by Eva Chalifoux Hince and Lucien Hince from Montreal. The only information I have is: my birth mother was a young girl from Matane and her name was Rita. She got pregnant by a Italian sailor who was in Matane at that time. She left Matane through the help of a local parish priest to give birth to me in Montreal. This could have been arranged with the help of my adoptive mother's sister Cecile Chalifoux. I was informed of this in the fall 2008. This is the only information I have since everyone who would have information has passed on. Any information about my birth mother would be appreciated. My birth mother could be between the age of 81 and 87 years old.

Tuesday April 20 18:31:59 2010
Name:Paulette ParadisPorco
My Question is:Hi, I put and inquiry last week looking for any family of Arthur Paradis and Rose Dufresne Paradis, I accidently gave the wrong email address. I hope I didn't miss and information. Thank You

Monday April 19 21:16:07 2010
Name:Lin Sweeney
My Question is:Dear/Cher Gaspesians: I am looking for information on my maternal and paternal grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was Anna McRae and had a sister Rose. There were reputedly from Mal Baie, Anna McRae married Walter White of Douglastown where they had 12 children, Harold, Idella, Louella, Shirley, Leona, Regina, Patsy, Sheila, Louise, Gerald, Donald White, all whom are my aunts and uncles (though many have already passed). I need to know where my maternal grandmother was born. Some said that she was adopted, but I would appreciate any information about her. My paternal grandmother was Winnifred Element. I know nothing about her family except that she was orphaned and put out to work when very young. She married my grandfather, Joseph Sweeney, and they had my father, Gilbert Sweeney, my aunt, Ethel Sweeney, and my late uncle, Regis Sweeney. Winnifred Element remarried Edmond Annett and had my step uncles, Herman Annett and Ross Annett. I would like to know where my Paternal Grandmother was born and anything about her family. Anyone knowing anything or anywhere I can get information on the surnames McRae, White, Element, Sweeney would be well appreciated.

Sunday April 18 16:44:48 2010
Name:Melanie Brown (Gillis)
My Question is:My grandfather is Charles Carl Patrick Gillis (Carl Gillis) of Gaspe, Quebec (Wakeham), his parents are Ellen McKenzie (born about 1875?) and James Gillis. I have Ellen's parents as Patrick McKenzie (b. 1848 d. 1921) and Esther O'Toole. I have Patrick McKenzie's parents as Neil McKenzie (b. 1816 d. 1867) and his mother was Mary McKenna (b. 1820 d. 1854). I have Neil McKenzie's father as Duncan McKenzie (b. 1774 d. 1830) and that's where my tracking ends. The dates I have may be a little off.. I have been doing my research on I would love to find some more information for my Grandfather on the McKenzies and the McKennas!! Thank you!

Friday April 16 19:49:34 2010
Name:Paulette Paradis Porco
My Question is:I'm looking for any one related to Arthur Paradis or Rose Dufresne Paradis, St Croix, children of their brothers or sisters. I believe there are still family living in the Gaspe area and Montreal. Would love to touch base with someone from the extended family. Arthur and Rose were my grandparents.

Wednesday April 14 11:28:38 2010
My Question is:hi i am looking for imformation on my mothers side her father was ferdimand leduc her mother was delia jacques it would be nice to find some imfo thank-you

Sunday April 11 12:26:57 2010
Name:Shawn McGowan
My Question is:I am looking for information on any information on Joseph Morin of Cap des Rosiers and Elizabeth Whelan. My great grandfather was Joseph Arthur Morin his parents were Joseph Morin and Elizabeth Whelen. My grandmother told a story that it would be hard to trace her family because her grandfather's parents were lost at sea and that he was washed a shore in a barrel. That he was actually a Dumas but was called Le marin, the sailor because of this occurence. If anyone has any information about the above especially if any thing drastic happened to Elizabeth and Joseph I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Shawn

Sunday April 4 13:02:40 2010
Name:Jasmine Castilloux
My Question is:Hello. My father, Paul Louis Castilloux, just recently passed away. My Grand-father and his brothers moved to Maine (USA) after growing up in Gaspe. We have been raised and lived in the Winslow, ME area for 80 years or so now. My Grand-father was Clifford "Pancho Villa" Castilloux. He was a light-weight boxing champion, as were my Uncle's; David and Alexander (? spelling) Castilloux. Great Uncle Dave was the heavy weight boxing champion of the World and I am not quite sure how far Great Uncle Alex got. I would like more information on my family and I only have pictures that tell some of the story, but not all. I know that my Uncle and/or my Grand-father Clifford are in the hall of fame somewhere near or in Gaspe. If anyone has any information PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. I do not know of any family I have left that are alive and it would be great to get to know my family who may be and I just do not know it. Thank you for reading! Sincerely, Jasmine Castilloux

Saturday April 3 13:38:50 2010
My Question is:Looking for the ancestors of married couple Ovide Normand and Isabelle Cassivi, born circa 1900-1920.

Thursday April 1 22:33:03 2010
My Question is:To all of you, If anyone can help me find a list of survivors of the Carricks of Whitehaven that was shipwrecked April 28, 1847 near Cap des Rosiers I will be forever grateful. I think my great grandfather was a child that survived. I wish all of you success in your endevors. Clarice

Thursday March 18 2:34:23 2010
My Question is:do you have any jeromes listed from the gesgapegiag reserve .. alexnader jerome sr ( D.O B UNKNOWN percy jerome (date of birth april 06 1922

Sunday March 14 20:22:13 2010
Name:Anna Marie McCabe Campbell
My Question is:I am researching my family roots. My ggg grandfather was Anthony (or Anthoney) McCabe. He was born in New Carlisle (Cox Twp) Bonaventure County. He was born around 1803. He married Sarah Sherar in 1833 at the Anglican Church. He is listed as Rev.Anthony McCabe. Sarah is the daughter of James Robert and Margaret McVey Sherar. I cannot trace this McCabe any where. I do know he and Sarah had a son James Alexander McCabe born in 1847 in Kentucky. They had a daughter Lou E. McCabe born in 1837 in New York. Any help on this elusive ancestor would be most grateful.

Wednesday March 10 23:04:36 2010
Name:Sue McManus
My Question is:I am trying to find info on my grandfather Peter George Miller b. 1889 in Inverness, Megantic, Gaspe; his father Charles (Charlie) Edward Miller and their families and ancestors. I believe that Charlie's parents were Richard Miller and Christianna Patterson. Can anyone confirm this? I keep finding conflicting information on them and on Charlie's wife's (Ellen Brodie Johnston)ancestors. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Monday March 8 13:04:41 2010
Name:Lloyd Willett
My Question is:Remembering the bluebird cafe fire of 1972 in montreal This is a group to see if we can generate interest in erecting a memorial to the 37 people who died and the 56 others who where injured this is a site on facebook just go on facebook or google it search for Remembering the bluebird cafe fire of 1972 in montreal if you wish to join this site there were some people from Gaspe at the bluebird that night please pass this on to your friends

Sunday March 7 20:04:38 2010
Name:Donna Jane Element
My Question is:1. For my genealogy tree, i would like to find out more about my mothers grandparents.My mothers name Mary Ann Hunt. 2. Also i would to find out about my Fathers grandparents My Fathers name is Ansil Element. if anybody have this information please e-mail me this info @

Sunday March 7 2:51:01 2010
Name:Lauretta Alesi
My Question is:I am trying to find out more about my great grandmother Adelphine Wae who married my great grandfather William Stroud (born Wantage,Berkshire, England) in the Anglican church of St Peter, Quebec on the 9/6/1870. If anyone knows anything of this surname, could they please contact me. Thanks Lauretta Alesi (Stroud) Australia.

Tuesday February 23 12:50:37 2010
Name:Marie Lucille White Cornine
My Question is:My adoptive parents told me that they adopted me from an orphanage in Gaspe, Quebec. I was born on August 13, 1958. Does anyone know what the name of the orphanage was? Thank you.

Monday February 22 23:42:17 2010
Name:Wanda Darbyson
My Question is:Hi all, I'm working on my family tree and am stuck. I can get to my GG grandparents and no further. I'm looking for info on Joseph Boulet (died mid 1870-1881) and his wife Aglae Fortin. They were from Gaspe. I know their son was married in Douglas Town. Also looking for information on a William Darbyson (my g-grandfather). I know he had at least two sons William and Leonard. He was living in Chatham around 1900. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thursday February 18 14:48:12 2010
Name:john enright
My Question is:James Enright born in Limerick Ireland 1795 died in Port Daniel 1840.His father also born In Limerick Ireland around 1770 ( What place in Limerick Ireland.

Monday February 15 23:31:28 2010
Name:ann haughton
My Question is:i am looking for info. on cornelius labrie, from ste. anne des monts. he had a son named arthur, who was a soldier in the second world war . am trying to do a family tree thanks... merci ann

Monday February 15 22:30:07 2010
Name:diane rochon
My Question is:yes i would like to know if anybody know my father i am looking for him good many years his name is andre rochon his from montreal his date of birth as known 5 december he was married to my mother sylvia blanchette from grand greve he have two childrens name carole and me diane he also have a brother call gary rochon if you have any formation about him or their a way to find him let me know by email please and thank'you

Saturday February 13 18:23:59 2010
My Question is:Looking for information about Marie Ovila Beaudin born in Grande Riviere, Gaspe to parents Charles Beaudin and Angelique Saint Coeur. Her siblings, Angelique, Evelyne(ovila), Simone, Isabelle, Xavier, Gerard, Adrien, Catherine, Therese, Armand, Charles, Leon and Adrienne. She was baptised at Pariosse Notre Dame De Grande-Rivere. Her nother Angelique comes from the MicMac Tribe. Thank you

Saturday February 13 4:01:08 2010
Name:Michele Jacob Kelly
My Question is:I am reposting this February 2010, Tuesday July 10 18:01:13 2007 Name: Michele Kelly (Nee Jacob) E-mail: My Question is: I am looking for information on the family name 'Beaudin' in the Gaspe area. There were a number of children, Corona, Regina, Albertine, Catherine, etc....... Regina Beaudin married Leon, Frank or Francis Blair or Belair. His family from NBrunswick. (1905 - 1923) Albertine Married Rene Chapelle. From what I understand Frank (driver) and Regina were traveling in a car and were there was an accident with a train. Regina's parents were killed. There was a baby in the car which survived. This would have occurred between the 1920's and 1930's. If anyone has any information about this family it would be appreciated. Regina Beaudin and Frank Belair adopted my Mom so I am looking for information related to the Beaudin or Blair or Belair family. I have located the grave marker of Frank leon Blair ( his real name was actually Moise Leon Belair) and the grave marker for Regina Beaudin and Albertine Beaudin - Same marker. These are in Cote de Neige in Montreal. any information would be greatly appreciated. Michele

Thursday February 11 11:59:11 2010
Name:Jaclyn Patterson
My Question is:If anyone has any knowledge of the Languedocs in Douglastown or anywhere in Gaspe I would appreciate it if you would contact me. Jaclyn Patterson

Wednesday February 10 17:36:59 2010
Name:Lorraine Potter-Cooper
My Question is:I am looking for information on the Boulay family of Rimouski Canada. My grandmother's family came from Rimouski in the late 1880's to New England. My great-grandparents were August and Adell Boulay. They had 13 children but only the first 11 lived. In order, Claudia, Adela, Margaret who was a nun, Marie Louise, Rose, Jennie(known as Eugenie), Marie Delvina, Louis, Frank, Joseph, Marie Exilda(known as Mary Anne)who was my grandmother. I am hoping to visit Rimouski in June 2010. Any help will be appreciated. I am trying to learn to communicate a little in french.

Monday February 8 12:42:51 2010
Name:Lynne Dugas
My Question is:hi i am looking for any information on my great great grandmother madeline bond she would have married jean dugas in 1850, i don,t know all their children, just my grandfather they had his name was joseph achile dugas and he maried josphine marie patrie, if anyone has any information on madeline bond, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much for your time Lynne Dugas

Monday February 8 12:28:29 2010
Name:jocelyne boulay
My Question is: bonjour,eldge boulay(rose-anne boulay)j,aimerais bien que tu me rejoindre car possiblement je pourrais t'aider dans tes recherches et a moi de meme . a plus!

Sunday February 7 4:09:08 2010
Name:John Olsen
My Question is:Hello I am looking for any info on a John Olsen who was married to Emily Emma Tapp. I believe he had a daughter Melinda Isabel who is my great grandmother. Thank you.

Sunday February 7 1:29:06 2010
Name:Karen Coull
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for any photo's or information you may have on my grandfather, John Alexander (Freddy) Coull married to Amelia Best Coull (Mom Coull) I would like to know about when he inlisted and was discharged from both World War 1 & 2 and photo's of him in uniform. Thanks Karen.

Saturday February 6 18:14:09 2010
Name:Fern Perry
My Question is:Would like to know the name and a site or pictures of the cemetary in Sainte Anne des Monts, Qc Thanks, Fern

Wednesday February 3 2:26:34 2010
Name:Lucie Fournier
My Question is:Je travaille ma généalogie depuis 27 ans; j'aimerais avoir des renseignements sur la famille Allain de Paspébiac j'ai quelques renseignements mais il m'en manque beaucoup aussi j'ai certains documents à partager au besoin. J'ai aussi des renseignements sur les familles Fournier: Cormier: Lavarière: Pinsonneault; Duquette: Lebeau; Hébert: J'aimerais savoir s'il y a quelqu'un qui saurait où se sont mariés le couple de Joseph Walker et Mary Smith je sais qu'ils hanitaient à New Carlisle en 1829 et aussi j'aimerais savoir des renseignements sur ces deux personnes Merci beaucoup j'ai espoir qu'il y a quelqu'un quelque part qui pourra venir à mon secours

Sunday January 31 13:51:34 2010
Name:john enright
My Question is: Greatgrandfather James Enright born Limerick Ireland .Greatgrandfmother Catherine Enright born Tipperary Ireland .live and died Port Daniel Que .Qluestion Where in Co,Limerick was he born?

Tuesday January 26 10:42:21 2010
Name:Roland Vardon
My Question is:The VARDON family has been in and around the Mal Bay area for 200 years and if you have any links in your family tree please share with me. Two names that are of particular interest are Charles (married to Elizabeth Lucas in 1824) and George who I believe had a son John and John married Jane Lucas in 1839. The descendants of George and Charles are my main interest at this time. Thank you. Roland Vardon

Sunday January 24 23:19:39 2010
Name:Roseline Smith
My Question is:je recherche l'arbre généalogique de Phillippe Francoeur époux de Yvonne Smith fait par Hermel Francoeur

Saturday January 23 19:22:48 2010
My Question is:J'aimerais savoir le nom ou les noms des cimetieres a Ste. Adelaide de Pabos Mes ancetres viennent de la.

Wednesday January 20 19:37:21 2010
Name:ann lebrun anderson
My Question is:looking eduard lebrun in ottawa ontario or family history would be in his 80s

Saturday January 16 0:09:59 2010
Name:Murielle Cyr
My Question is:I would like to find out if there was any Indian ancestry connection in my family: great grand father JOSEPH GORDON CYR married to MARIE MALVINA CHRÉTIEN on maternal side or with JEAN LOUIS POIRIER married to MATHILDA APPLEBY on the paternal side any information would be greatly appreciated

Monday January 11 17:19:51 2010
Name:rené smith
My Question is:je cherche information sur l'arrivée de John Smith, né en angleterre et décédé a grande-Grave,Gaspé en 1908. Il s'est marié en 1852 à l'église protestante st-paul de Gaspé à Elizabeth Degarry.

Sunday January 10 3:16:44 2010
Name:B. Lawrence Mullin
My Question is:*my great grandmother was MARY OLIVE MALLEY married to JOSEPH RAMSAY and then to ALEXANDER ALLISON *daughter of (THOMAS?) WILLIAM MALLEY married to EMELIA THIBODEAU ------------------------- if you know can you help me with who the parents of william malley were, i've been told they were JULES MALLET and MARY AYLWARD but when william came from northern nb to the miramichi he changed his name from mallet to malley, if you haves info please email me

Thursday January 7 14:09:11 2010
Name:Paulette Paradis Porco
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for any family member of Rose Paradis, married to a Mr Jacques, sister of Arthur Paradis, son of Richard Paradis. I am also looking for any family member of Richard Dufresne, brother of Rose Dufresne Paradis, daughter of Paul Dufresne from the Gaspe area. I want to make contact to add to my family tree. Anyone who knows of these families please contact me. Thank you Paulette

Thursday January 7 13:26:37 2010
Name:Paulette Paradis Porco
My Question is:Looking for any information about my grandparents who were originally from the Gaspe region and later relocated to Ontario. Looking for family member (family of brothers or sisters) of Arthur Paradis born December 1894? and died in August of 1944 in Timmins Ontario. Rose Dufresne born February 15 1897 in Riviere du Renard Quebec and passed away on October22, 1989 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. They were married in Quebec in 1917. I have a record of all descendents of these grandparents but I'm looking for any member of these two people.

Thursday January 7 10:49:11 2010
Name:Maureen Bourgaize
My Question is:Iwould like to know if there is another trip planned to The Channal Islands .If so when? I would like to go. Maureen Bourgaize

Saturday January 2 23:36:08 2010
Name:Robert Nish
My Question is:Hi, I am trying to find out information on the family of James McNish who lived in or near New Carlisle and was a school teacher there but died in 1830 when he was 30 years old. He was married to a Sherar who later married a Hall. I would like to know if he had any siblings and who his parents were. Thanks Bob

Sunday December 27 4:11:15 2009
My Question is:I am looking for information re George Ascah and Margaret Thompson or George Cunning and Rebecca Gault who lived in Haldimand Gaspe Quebec

Thursday December 17 0:36:19 2009
My Question is:Seeking information of the families of my grandparents who were born in Saint-Godefroy, Bonaventure, Gaspesie. Simone DUGUAY, daughter of a LAROCQUE I believe & Donat COUTURE. Any information about the family tree would be greatly appreciated, especially the Couture side as the family was seperated at a young age & very little information is available.

Wednesday December 9 14:36:43 2009
Name:Gladys Labonté
My Question is:Hi, I would like to apply for my Metis card, I have a cousin who received it from Maniwaki but now he is deceaced. I would like to know if anyone out there who might be related to me has it. My mother Laurette Corneau daughter of Ovlia Corneau whose ancesters were from Joseph Gagnon maried to Madeleine Gagnon who was a decendent of Francoise Grenier (Garnier) Algonquin Metis, d-1665 wife (I)-Noel Langlois dit Boisverdum, pilote (1606-1684) that I found in the NEW FRANCE 1635 - 1636 Quebec Culture web site I might also have Metis blood on my mother's mothers side her name was Domitilde Emery daughter of Joseph Emery b. wife's name was Marie Oct 28 1868, Marie Guénette d. très jeune et Joseph s'est remarié à Rose Rawyer en 1907. Thank you very much Gladys

Monday December 7 18:54:10 2009
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
My Question is:Hi, Just wanted to resubmit this question. Still looking for information on Augustine, Arthur, Amedie and Evaline Dupre. They lived in Riviere au Renaud in the 1930's. Traveled to Tupper Lake NY. Other names connected to: Girard, Boucher, Roussel, Henley, LeMessurrier. I have no info on the Dupre family. Anyone have a thought. Thank you

Friday December 4 17:47:10 2009
Name:Peter Evans
My Question is:I am looking for some information about three of the male children of Charles Frederick SIMPSON. They are Charles Fredercik SIMPSON born July 29th 1865 in Roseville married to Ellen HOLLAND. Also David Genvern SIMPSON born October 20th 1863. Suzanne RABEY was the mother of both. then Richard Simpson born May 9th 1889 mother was Ellen HOLLAND. Charles Frederick Simpson SR married Ellen Holland after the death of Suzanne RABEY. Does anybody know when or where and how Suzanne RABEY died. Many thanks

Monday November 23 15:15:37 2009
Name:Alex Joseph
My Question is:Hi/Bonjour - I am a direct descendant of the Jacques (James) Huard (father Pierre-Joseph Huard born in France 1705, mother Catherine Louise Capelan born in Paspebiac) married to Anne dit Nanette Marie-Anne Duguay (father Rene Duguay born in France in 1710 and mother Marguerite Prejean dit le Breton born in Port Royal or Isle St Jean in the early 1700s) who were born in Paspebiac around 1729-33 to parents from France. Does anyone out there have information relating to them? Thanks/Merci Alex Joseph Calgary, AB

Sunday November 22 10:34:55 2009
Name:Peter Evans
My Question is:Looking for information about either Philip or Charles Simpson born in Roseville on or about Ocotber 4th 1865. Thanks

Tuesday November 10 2:46:28 2009
Name:elisabeth Sligar blanche
My Question is:I would be greatly grateful for information from anyone, who knew of my real family who lived in Brussels in the 1930 , my Father was in haute couture, his name was Edouard, theodore,Francois, Blanche, he was born the 11/19/1883 and died the 3/24/1940. He was married to my Mother Madeleine Helene Ghislaine Moutarde morte a ma naissance, et remarier avec Lucie Jeanne Mary Peuteman. Please anyone, bring me some closure about my Belgian ancestors... Elisabeth Blanche Richardeau Sligar

Tuesday November 10 2:35:44 2009
Name:lisette sligar richardeau blanche
My Question is:Dear Sir: I am desperate to find inf. on my family in Belgium who lived in the 1930th , my Father died in 3/24/1940.His name was Edouard Theodore Francois Blanche il etait dans les coutures a brussels.. fils, Jean Arthur Venerand, Blanche, mr Georges Leon Edouard Blanche, et Mr Joseph Desire Laurent Blanche.. Je suis Elisabeth ( lisette) Denise Blanche

Thursday November 5 23:39:12 2009
Name:Paul Foley
My Question is:When did Paul Foley die please what year?

Sunday November 1 2:52:57 2009
Name:Roger Mahar
My Question is:Looking for anyone who can tell me about the Mahar family Douglass Town Thanks

Saturday October 24 19:49:07 2009
Name:Marcel Lsfond
My Question is:I would like to find out the full name of my great grand father that came on board the Carrick of whitehaven and was shipwreck on april 28,1847 near cap de rosier. Is name was Dunn. My grand father's name was Charles Dune and was married to Doria Jalbert . Thanks... Je suis a la recherche du prenom de mon arriere grand-pere. Il etait parmi les passagers lors du naufrage du Carrick of whitehaven le 28 avril 1847 pres de cap de rosier. Mon grand-pere Charles Dunn etait marier a Doria Jalbert a riviere aux renards. Merci.

Sunday October 18 22:01:40 2009
Name:Roland Lapointe
My Question is:Searching for First Nation connection of Sophie Catineau (born + baptised 11 July 1830 @ Tres Sainte Trinite,Contercoeur,PQ). Her parents were Antoine Catineau and Marie Reine Bonin (married 11 Jan 1819 @ Contrecoeur). I have a tintype photo of Sophie taken in the 1870's. There is no doubt that she is First Nation. Family legend says Mi'kmaq. I'm looking for documentation.Any info would be welcomed.

Friday October 16 13:56:06 2009
My Question is:je veux traduction fracaise

Sunday October 11 13:29:19 2009
Name:Charles Simpson
My Question is:I tried to contact Willa Sawyer-Ormond (see messages below 2005) but her address no longer works. If anyone knows her new address or is themselves interested in the Marshes and Caseys of New Carlisle I'd be glad to share information on them. Here is what I tried to send to Willa: I had been looking for info recently on the New Carlisle Marshes and ran across several messages from you on family research boards back in 2005 asking for info on George Marsh who was married to Alice Moriarty. They are my great, great grandparents on my mother's side. Their daughter Mary Magdelen Marsh was my great grandmother and I have a fair bit of info about her and her brothers and sisters. My mother visited New Carlisle in the 1920's and 30's with Mary Magdelene, met her great aunts and uncles (including Hiram Casey), saw the ruins of the original Marsh house etc. and heard quite a bit of the family history from that generation. I'd be glad to share this with you and learn whether you have found out anything else since your messages or have been in contact with anyone who might have other information. My interest at the moment is centred on the first Marsh to come to Canada and settle in New Carlisle a generation or two back from the George above. It's unclear whether his name was George or John (the family recollections differ on this) but it is certain that he was a veteran of the Penninsula War and probably Waterloo as well, settled at New Carlisle after 1815, built a house, a store, a wharf, ran schooners to the Barbados and England and was a postmaster for a while under the postmark Fauvel. If I can find a bit more info and better identify him, I can find out quite a lot more in the UK where I am working about his background, military service and departure for Canada. My problem at the moment is that there quite a few Marshes in Wellington's armies. If anyone has mentioned him to you, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it. I'm away from home, where I have my papers on this, but if anyone contacts me ( the meantime I will put together the Marsh info I have and sent it to you when I'm back the weekend of the 24-25th. Thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you. Charles Simpson

Friday October 9 2:20:25 2009
Name:lori st. croix
My Question is:Llooking for any La pointe/ Dufrene or St. Croix connection. I know some first names - My gr parents were Emma Lapointe and Walter St. Croix wed around the early 1900's had 3 kids my dad Harold st Croix Oct 28, 1928 his brother Walter Jr amd a sister Isabel. His mother Emma and sister drown in a the Goulai River around 1937. Im trying to find my gr Mothers back ground her father was a Lapoint and her Mother I think was a Dufrene. Can anyone help!! I have traced the St. Croix side as far back as France. I think I have strong ties to the Natives which would be in the Blind River area. I know my Gr Mother was almost full native!!!Thank You Lori St. Croix

Wednesday September 30 1:58:06 2009
Name:Doris Neptune
My Question is:My grate grand father was William Smith,b.1867 his father was William Smith, Mother Annie. all were MicMac from N.S. can anyone help me. Thank you

Tuesday September 22 15:44:20 2009
Name:Keith Sinclair
My Question is:I have been working on a family tree for more than 3 years . I am interested in Bonaventure and Restigouche Counties as well as Restigouche and Northumberland counties in New Brunswick . Some of the names are; (father's side ) Sinclair ,Woodman, Tozer, Campbell, Kerr, Casey(Kasey) , Appleby,Allen,Law ,Barter( mother's side ) Ross,Thompson, Gallon ( Gallan),Flowers,Sawyer,Coull, McRae , Smith,McDonald(MacDonald),many more . I currently have 17,000 names , near 1000 pictures and documents on . I would love to hear from any interested parties , will trade info or give any assistance I can . Tree called ; Cullen's Brook Quebec Sinclair Family Tree . I particularily need help from the Miramachi , Eel's River,Campbellton areas . Love to communicate with Gaspe people anywhere .

Thursday September 17 19:20:05 2009
My Question is:Would ove to hear from anyone related to the decease family of JOHN HUNT of Malbaie County of Gaspe Quebec? Where was JOHN born when did hedie? Who did he Marry,when and where?

Wednesday September 16 16:19:13 2009
Name:Lois Laminger(Patterson)
My Question is:I am looking for any information on Emery Ross Miller or Edna Muriel Patterson. They were married in 1943 and they are my aunt and uncle but I do not know much about them. I would like to know their children's full names and birthdates and their grandchildren's full names and birthdates. Thanks, Lois

Sunday September 13 4:31:42 2009
Name:Helga Jahrig
My Question is:Looking for information on William Francis Roberts: Born Aug 2,1885, died in active service January 20, 1940.

Wednesday September 9 0:53:31 2009
Name:Heather Ryan
My Question is:LORRAINE MARIE entered question re. FOX BAY, ANTICOTI descendents on Jan. 2007 but email returned. I believe Mrs. Dan Whting was my great grandmother..Please contact me for more info

Monday August 31 15:10:21 2009
Name:Mary Ann Burrows
My Question is:looking for descendants of Romeo Oliver from Edmonton Alberta - looking for Romena and her sister a second family of Romeo Oliver

Thursday August 20 20:04:26 2009
My Question is:Looking for info on a john Russell & marie josephte Bergeron,they had 7 children born in New Carlsile Bonaventure Quebec 1.margaret Russell born 1795, married john Beller or Blair 2.mary Russell brn 1797,posibly married william or richard Power 3.jane Russell brn 1800 , posibly married richard or william Power 4.john Russell brn aug,3,1802 married elizabeth Murray july,11,1827 Bathurst New Brunswick. 5.martha Russell brn 1805, posibly married john Power 6.james russell brn,1808,married agnes ann Howland 7.peter Russell brn abt 1812, posibly married rachel Howland Have not ever found marriage date or place for john Russell & marie josephte Bergeron. however it seems his surname Russell can show up under siffernt spellings, such as Restell, Rossel, Rousselle,De Rousselle, Russel ,Rufsell and so on. john Russell no idea when he was bor posibly abt 1758 in England. marie josephte Bergeron was born june,25,1777 in Miramichi New Brunsick, baptized abt 1783 in Bonaventure Quebec, daughter of pierre Bergeron & geneieve Potivin. I would like to learn birthdate and place for john Russell and where and when he and marie josephte Bergeron married,and if he were married before her with kids ?? It was unconfirmed but once someone sent me unconfirmed info saying Lord john Russell & marie josepthe Begeron had 7 children brn in Bonaventure Quebec. Thankyou all in advance.

Thursday August 20 19:33:04 2009
Name:raymond hammond
My Question is:i am searching for records of the ASSELIN-GAGNE family late 1800s,early mother was irene blanche gagne.i know that her mother was rose emelda asselin before she married my mother was the eldest of 14 children and left school early to look after her brothers and sisters.the family emigrated to ottawa from perce(or visa versa) at some point but unsure if it was before or after my mothers birth in 1911.

Wednesday August 19 21:13:55 2009
My Question is:I am looking for info on my gg grandfather john russell Blair born 1822 Bay Chaleur,died 1910 Marysville New Brunswick, No info on him from time of his birth till his marriage to margaret king Gibson,in 1863,they married in ST.James Charlotte county New Brunswick. He is suppose to have a brother named either isaac or jacob. Also he is suppose to be a grandson of a man named john Russell. also posibly he had a sister named mary Blair. thankyou all in advance Heidi Russell

Sunday August 16 12:48:21 2009
Name:anita melanson
My Question is:am lookingfor information on a birth that took place in 1944,in campbellton nb area.mother christena arsenault,father arthur joseph reuben melanson both from campbellton,i want the name of their son,thank you,anita melanson

Sunday August 9 22:14:51 2009
Name:Roseline Smith
My Question is:I am seaching for some peaple who can tell me about my gran-parent Frank Smith Rosaline Lapointe

Tuesday August 4 18:28:25 2009
Name:Jean Freeborn
My Question is:Does anyone know of any members of the Le Cras family- St. Helier Jersey branch. Particularly Francois (Frank) Le Cras who left Jersey in the last 80 years and was missing at sea.

Tuesday August 4 0:04:12 2009
Name:Jean Freeborn
My Question is:I saw a mention of my Great Uncle Rev Alfred Stanley Le Moignan. I couldn't find it on the page. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him, or like me is related. Jean

Wednesday July 22 23:05:39 2009
Name:Gisèle Drapeau
My Question is:Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche de mes descendances Boulay. Mon grand-père se nommait Eldège Boulay et ma grand-mère Rose-Anna Boulay née Boulay (possiblement son prénom aurait changé avec les ressencements), tous deux né à l'Anse Aux Griffons en 1898 et 1899. Ils se sont marié à Sturgeon Falls en Ontario. Je suis descendant de la famille Cassivi d'Italie. Nous sommes allés visiter les soeur de Grand-Maman, une était marié avec un Blanchette dans les rangs derrière Chandler, je crois que le rang a été fermé par le gouvernement dans les années 60 ou 70. C'est un rêve de Maman et moi de retrouver un peu de notre parenté avant quê le temps s'enfuit. Un gros merci à ceux ou celles qui réponderont à nos prières.

Tuesday July 21 20:07:06 2009
Name:Lynne M. Witty
My Question is:I am researching the lineage of the Le Gresley family (or Legresley as it is spelled here in Canada). Here is what I know thus far: - Philippe Legresley came to Newport, Quebec (Gaspe region of Canada) circa 1850 from the Island of Jersey - he married a CYR and brought over his 2 unmarried sisters, one of whom married the brother of Philippe's wife. - Philippe and his wife had a son, also named Philippe Legresley, who married Mary Anne Beauchamps. - they had a son named Joseph Legresley, who married Flore Castilloux (born in October of 1896). - one of their 15 offspring was my mother, Clarisse Legresley (born December 7th, 1933). That's all I really know so any input would be much appreciated!

Tuesday July 21 0:30:43 2009
Name:Michael Rooney
My Question is:Wondering if anyone has any history or stories on the Roonies from Douglastown Que :)

Saturday July 18 15:02:47 2009
My Question is:what house is the olcest in rose bridge gaspe que.

Tuesday July 14 22:54:56 2009
My Question is:What/where are the Presbyterian/Methodist cemeteries in Grand Metis and Saint Octave de Metis? Looking for Corbet/Corbett. Thanks

Friday July 10 23:40:37 2009
Name:John Savoia
My Question is:Hello. I am searching for my birth parents or members of their family. I was born in Gaspe, Gaspe Est, PQ on June 06, 1969 and adopted to New Jersey in 1970. My birth name is Sebastian Clark. I do not have any information regarding my birth parents.

Thursday July 9 16:52:32 2009
Name:don cayen
My Question is:I will be in New Richmond on August 21. I would like to do research that day on my Cyr and Goulet ancestors. Can somebody advise me where to go? Thank you.

Tuesday July 7 0:14:11 2009
Name:Jeff Price
My Question is:I am a great grandson of Edward Price (b. 1839, Little Gaspe) and Flora Price (b.1846, Little Gaspe; d.1895 Cap-des-Rosiers, and would be interested in sharing information with any other living descendants.

Tuesday June 30 2:57:33 2009
Name:Alison McDavid
My Question is:Looking for any information on the history of the Pratt and McDavid family from McDavid Mountain. Thanks, Alison

Wednesday June 17 19:24:13 2009
Name:Victoria Richardson
My Question is:I am trying to obtain information on a Eugene Hecht, who came over from Europe with his father Laezer & sister Gretchen. His name was changed to Eugene Holmes. He married my grandmother Olga Carter under the name "Hecht" in the late 1920 to 30's. The family is guessing that he came over from Europe anytime from 1915 onward & I do know that his father had a general store & operated somekind of a fishing business, between Gaspe & New York. We would really like to know if there is someone still alive that knew about Eugene. Here's hoping!

Thursday June 11 13:38:33 2009
Name:Darlene Murray
My Question is:I am searching for information on Mary Sullivan who was married to James Pentland and was the mother of Ernest Magnes Pentland. She was born approx, late 1700's to 1800's, not sure where, but lived in Escuminac, PQ. Also for the same info on Orlie Pentland, and James (was Scottish seaman)

Thursday June 4 14:48:36 2009
Name:Linda Saks
My Question is:I am searching for Ronnie Burke born approximately 1950-51 in Gaspe. He was a labourer in the 1970's. I would appreciate any help in locating him as I have important personal information to pass on to him. Many thanks

Monday June 1 17:54:20 2009
Name:Paul Burns
My Question is:While in Sligo, Ireland, a few weeks ago, newspapers there said the hull of the Carrick of Whitehaven had emerged fromthe sands near Blanc Sablon. While sailing from Sligo to Quebec in April 1847 the Carrick sank on the rocks off Gaspe, and later the tide floated the remnants to the north shore. Although more drowned than were saved, some 80 to 100 survived and supposedly many settled in the Gaspe area. Would anyone know where I could obtain a list if survivors?

Tuesday May 26 22:10:44 2009
Name:Helene Vezina White
My Question is:I would greatly appreciate if anyone has information on: Alexandre Alphonse LeBel's wife Marie Élisabeth Gagnè-dit-Gagnon They were married August 29 Oct. 1849, in Saint Jerome. cte. Matane, Qc. His wife has been reported to be an Amerindian. Also in what tribe was she born in. Thanking you in advance, Helene White

Wednesday May 13 19:52:36 2009
Name:Eileen Gillis
My Question is:My father, Gene Gillis from Wakeham, passed away in February. Since then I have started searching for my ancestors. I have gotten as far as James Gillis and Margaret McDonald. Where can I go to find out farther than that and where can I find a little bit about these people and what Gaspe was like when they lived there? I know pretty stupid questions but I am new at this.

Friday May 1 23:44:31 2009
Name:Richard Jalbert
My Question is:Hello: My grandfather (Placide Jalbert) and my great-grandfather (Hubert Jalbert) were both born in the Riviere-au-Renard area of Gaspe. I am searching my family tree and am looking for info from other family members from the Gaspe area. I have heard that we may have native ancestry in our family tree. I am very interested in finding out more about my family tree.

Saturday April 25 20:10:26 2009
Name:Marlene Dupre Hyde
My Question is:Hi everyone, I am reposting this. I am still looking for any information on my Dad' family the Dupre. His dad was Augustine Dupre, married Evelyn or Blanche ? Bond. The children I know of were Amedie and Arthur. I am also related to Girard, Henley, Boucher and LeMessurier on my Mom's side. Would love to hear from all. Many came down to Tupper Lake NY area to work in the 1920's and 30's. Thank you. PS Mom's family is from the Malbai Barachois area.

Saturday April 25 7:41:08 2009
Name:David Parish
My Question is:Question to I note your reference to Archibald McKenzie ex Scotland. I have an Archibald in my ancestry, born c1784 somewhere in Scotland, married a Catherine ……. Was a soldier in the Army, living at Woolwich Arsenal in both 1841 and 1851 censuses. In 1851 he is shown as a pensioner. Does this compute with your records. Would love to hear David Parish, Humpty Doo Northern Territory Australia

Wednesday April 22 23:35:20 2009
Name:Carolyn Clark
My Question is:Fort Ramsey Shirt Company A little known business which employed a number of Gaspesians around 1950. Located on Sandy Beach point. Made work shirts of various colours. If anyone has any information (or pictures)that they could share, please contact me.

Tuesday April 21 17:17:54 2009
Name:Leslie Allain Emond
My Question is: Hello, I am searching for lists of Cemeteries in Paspebiac, Perce, Riviere au Ranard, areas. Is there any research on graves and headstones there? Searching for ancesters graves. Thank You, Leslie Allain Emond Detroit, MI USA

Tuesday April 14 15:21:28 2009
Name:Brian Brochet
My Question is:I am organising a visit to the island of our ancestors (Bonaventure Island) outdoor event day on August 9, 2009. I would like to know if you can give me some help in contacting other members of this community and/or any descendants of any of the other families that once lived on the island. I am also interested in organising a photo exposition on the human aspect ( those who once lived there) of the island. The photo exposition would be in a café in Montreal in July and transferred to Percé for the month of August. The café proposed has accepted my idea and so has the SEPAQ. Would you have any ideas or photos that you could share to help with the realisation of this project. My objective is to unite the descendants and promote/ share the history of our past. I would appreciate your comments or suggestions Sincerely Brian Brochet

Sunday April 5 0:50:13 2009
Name:Mike Nelson
My Question is:METIS I am looking for information about John McMillan, born in or about 1810 in Scotland, Married Margaret Craig born in 1823 in Metis, married in Aug 5, 1841 in Riviere-du-Loup Anglican Church. Margaret Craig is the daughter of William Craig and Janet McKelvie from Scotland. They moved to Green Bay, WI in the 1850s. They had seven children born in Metis. They moved to Green Bay about the same time as the Turriff and Cavil families. Any help would be appreciated.

Thursday March 19 18:14:30 2009
Name:Helen McLellan Marney
My Question is:Can you tell me about the McLellans who settled from New Carlisle to Dimock Creek on the Gaspe Coast?

Sunday March 15 1:27:12 2009
Name:Patricia Shannon
My Question is:I am looking for any information regarding the decendants of my great-great grandparents, Jeremiah Shannon and Charlotte Rehel. My great-grandfather was also named Jeremiah and was married to Bridgette Fahey. My grandfather was their second child, John Michael Shannon, born March 23, 1889, died May 17, 1955.

Thursday March 12 21:06:11 2009
Name:tina rasmussen
My Question is:lokking for my husbands birth parents he was born in miontreal quebec on oct 16 1966 and was placed in an orphanage a catholic orphanage and was adopt when he was 8 months old to a carl rasmussen and a constance stonehouse my husband name is peter jAMES RASMUSSEN if anyone can help locate his birth parents it would be greatly appreciated my husband is also of italian ancestory he believes his birth mother was italian and shiped over by boat and was young when she had him

Monday March 9 4:24:32 2009
Name:Louis Fournier
My Question is:is there anyone looking for fourniers from gaspe coast

Friday March 6 13:32:46 2009
My Question is:Hello to all. I am just beginning to do some research about my Heritage. I was born in Oct 1969 in Gaspe.(I remember seeing the town Chandler on my birth Certificate if that helps) My Birth name was Richard Lemieux. I was adopted when I was three months old and moved to NJ USA. I have never looked for my birth parents and figured I would give it a try now. I do not have any information on them except that they were yound and I think not married. If anyone know how to go about searching the Canada birth records or anything else that would help my search if would mean alot. Thanks in advance. Rob

Wednesday March 4 23:10:04 2009
Name:Mandy Vandal
My Question is:Hi I am researching my family background Vandal-Huppe from Richer Manitoba.... I am wanting to find out the Indian lineage for my family. My grandmother's family is a descendant of the Fortin-Berard....anyone know anything....let me know please.....

Tuesday March 3 20:58:04 2009
Name:teri beauchamp
My Question is:Hi, I am interested in learning about Francis Xavier Beauchamp. I believe he was from gaspe Quebec and he was bormn around 1889. He married Hermine David. Thank you

Tuesday February 24 19:43:19 2009
My Question is:if can anyone help me to find a person who was live in gaspe manny years ago. i'm looking for Carole Roussy! i apreciate any help i can get thank you

Saturday February 21 13:54:15 2009
Name:Scott F. Olson
My Question is:I would like to know from what tribe my Great Grandmother is from in the town of Griffon Cove. I asked my Uncle Leon but he did not know. Uncle Leon did tell me that her name was Sysnitte who married my Great Grandfather Albert Dunn. My Great Grandmother was full blooded Indian according to Oncle Leon. My mother Gaetane Dunn is the youngest of 9 siblings, Uncle Leon is the next youngest. Maman Gaetane gave birth to my twin brother Craig and I on Nov 1st, 1954 but had to give us up immediately for adoption. We found her in 2002 and have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with her ever since. My wife Nancy and I just visited her in Montreal along with my Oncle Leon and Tante Claudette. We would love to know more about our heritage and genealogy...thank you. By the way, my brother Craig lives in Nashua New Hampshire and my wife Nancy and I live in South Portland Maine. It has been a major blessing to reconnect with family in Canada. Scott

Thursday February 19 16:24:24 2009
Name:Line Prévost
My Question is:J'ai une arrière grand-mère qui se nommait Marie-Emma Leblanc née à New-Richmond en 1873. son père s'appellais Jean Léandre et Marie Anne Audet. J'aimerais savoir si vous pouvez decendre plus bas dans mon arbre généologique et si j'ai des descendant amérindien? Merci Line Prévost

Sunday February 15 23:49:49 2009
Name:Barbara Fried
My Question is:I would like to hear from anyone researching Dumas, Bond, Ste Croix, Chicoine, Cassivi,O'Conners,Boudot/Beaudot/Boudrot/Boudreau, David,Couroit, or Vautour.

Monday February 9 19:24:45 2009
Name:Joyce Bladek
My Question is:Looking for anyone with the last name of Robertson, I was born in 1965 with the name Marie Nathalie Robertson, given up for adoption , I believe at birth, I was adopted and with my adopted parents since I was 6 months old, was adopted from a convenant in Montreal Canada.

Wednesday January 21 19:09:09 2009
Name:Manuella Piovesan
My Question is:Hello, I am trying to reach someone by the name of Joe (or Joseph) Gaul who was born in Gaspé. He was born approximately 1948 or 1949. He was one of 12 children. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Tuesday January 13 22:26:22 2009
Name:Ann V. Haughton
My Question is:I am looking at the history of the Labries, in the Gaspe town of Ste. Anne Des Monts Can anybody can help???

Saturday January 10 5:16:45 2009
My Question is:Hi Lori, I was researching family roots from gaspe and came across renouf genealogy dating back to late 1700's. If you type in "Agnes Beatrice Renouf" search you will come accross it. Someone from ontario has done alot of work of the history of this family dating back several hundred years.

Thursday January 8 23:03:44 2009
Name:lori ann day
My Question is:looking for my family tree of the day-renouf family of new carlisle grandfather james renouf..his father claude renouf,,grandmother ida renouf,greatgrandmother anne renouf and hysband bert renouf im loking for the day would mean alot to me to find lost relatives

Thursday January 8 22:59:09 2009
Name:orvel chatterton
My Question is:looking for all family of william chatterton and more call .

Saturday January 3 5:06:51 2009
Name:Kelly Hunter
My Question is:Good morning, Gaspe Greeting from the west coast of Africa. The ship should make Lagos, Nigeria sometime tomorrow. Well, it'll give me another day to research my Gaspesian relatives. Speaking of which, I would appreciate any scans of old family pictures. I am interested in the Keays, Mann, Williamson and Hunter families over in the Bonaventure area. Lydia Keays was my grandmother. I'm trying to gather faces for the names. Once I get back to Maine and have access to all my information, I'll be glad to return the favor. Have a good day all.Regards, Kelly Hunter

Friday December 26 18:31:25 2008
Name:Pat McGrath
My Question is:Reearching McGrath, Morris, Flynn, Kennedy, Ste. Croix & connections I am a descendant of David McGrath & Catherine Flynn. I am interested in corresponding with anyone who connects to these families. Families resided in Douglastown, Sand Beach, Haldimand East, Bonaventure Island. Records held at St. Michel Perce and St, Patrick's Douglastown etc.

Monday December 15 0:01:03 2008
Name:doris Anglehart Sellick
My Question is:je suis une anglehart, jaimerais savoir qui est ma famille? mes parent etais William George et irene anglehart.ont est famille avec des grenier, cyr, michel,etc.

Sunday December 7 1:10:35 2008
Name:Delphine Large
My Question is: I am seeking the surname CAMERON who served at Louisbourg and/or on the Plains of Abraham who may have migrated to Gaspe'. These Camerons were either from Inverness-shire, Scotland or b in Quebec. Thank you for any bit of information. Delphine Cameron Large

Sunday December 7 1:05:57 2008
Name:Delphine Cameron Large
My Question is: EUPHROSYNE BLAIS b 1860's , Port Daniel. Gaspe'. She was in Northern Ontario before 1890. Other associated name is Grenier in same area. Thank you for any information regarding these early years. Delphine Cameron Large

Tuesday November 18 18:38:38 2008
Name:Bruce D. Hicks
My Question is:Hi, Iam trying to locate any releatives of Adelia Alice Patterson born 18-- in Haldiman Gaspe Quebec. She was baptised at St John's Church Sandy Beach Quebec. I would appreciate any information. Thanks, Bruce D. Hicks

Sunday November 9 20:29:57 2008
Name:Mike T.
My Question is:Hello, I'm looking for datas about the HACHEZ family. Patrick CODY (born 1848) married in 1881 in Grande-Rivière Marie Anne HACHEZ (HACHÉ ?) (born 1856). Thank you. Bonjour, Je suis à la recherches d'informations sur la famille HACHEZ. Patrick CODY (né en 1848), épousa en 1881 à Grande-Rivière Marie Anne HACHEZ (HACHÉ ?) (née en 1856). Merci.

Monday October 27 14:00:28 2008
Name:Mary Avery
My Question is:My name is Mary Avery nee (Marr). My father is dead now but someone told me a story about when he was on a vessel named Gladys Sweeny It sank on July 7,1952 off Newfoundland. If anyone has information on this could they e-mail me Thank you. Mary Avery in Nova Scotia

Sunday October 26 23:16:55 2008
Name:Jack Broadbent
My Question is:Re-post - Monday October 29 23:12:50 2007 Name: Jack Broadbent E-mail: My Question is: I am looking for information on my mothers side of the family. They were from Grand Grave Gaspe - last name Bourgaize I have some additional information: My grandfather was - Alpheus Wyndham Bourgaize - Birth: 14 Jul 1885 in Shiphead, Gaspe, Quebec My great grandfather (I believe) was Peter Elijah Charles Bourgaize - Birth: 31 May 1836 in Indian Cove, Gaspe, Quebec - Death: 17 Sep 1916 in Indian Cove, Gaspe, Quebec - Burial: Sep 1916 Methodist Cemetery, Indian Cove, Gaspe, Quebec. My great grandmother (I believe) was Mary Maycourt - Birth: ABT 1812 in England - Death: 9 Aug 1898 in Ship Head, Gaspe, Quebec - Burial: 11 Aug 1898 Methodist Church Cemetery, Indian Cove, Gaspe, Quebec. Thanks and any information would be greatly appreciated.

Friday October 24 20:40:21 2008
My Question is:Am looking for my great grandmothers grave. Her name was Catherine Gallant Bastarache. Wife of Gilbert bastarache. They were in the area of St Olmer bonaventure in 1913 when she had a child named Joseph Albert Bastarache. She Died between 1913 and 1915 when the children were all displaced to other to raise. In 1911 Gilbert was working in Dalhousie in the the lumber mills so I think he was working the lumber work up in dow the Restigouche river and end up with the last record showing in st olmer. On the old maps of this are where st olmer is listed the newer maps say bonaventure. So I am looking to find a place on line where I can look at cemetery in the area. Has this are got a cemetery on line list with photo's of graves?. If anyone stumbles on a grave with this name while researching please email me. Theresa

Tuesday October 21 4:18:05 2008
Name:Michele Kelly nee Jacob
My Question is:I am reposting this Oct 2008, Tuesday July 10 18:01:13 2007 Name: Michele Kelly (Nee Jacob) E-mail: My Question is: I am looking for information on the family name 'Beaudin' in the Gaspe area. There were a number of children, Corona, Regina, Albertine, Catherine, etc....... Regina Beaudin married Leon, Frank or Francis Blair or Belair. His family from NBrunswick. (1905 - 1923) Albertine Married Rene Chapelle. From what I understand Frank (driver) and Regina were traveling in a car and were there was an accident with a train. Regina's parents were killed. There was a baby in the car which survived. This would have occurred between the 1920's and 1930's. If anyone has any information about this family it would be appreciated. Regina Beaudin and Frank Belair adopted my Mom so I am looking for information related to the Beaudin or Blair or Belair family. I have located the grave marker of Frank leon Blair ( his real name was actually Moise Leon Belair) and the grave marker for Regina Beaudin and Albertine Beaudin - Same marker. These are in Cote de Neige in Montreal. any information would be greatly appreciated. Michele

Saturday October 11 10:59:39 2008
Name:Murielle Cyr
My Question is:Looking for any info on MY great granddad JOSEPH GORDON CYR married to Marie Malvina Chretien. Does anybody have anything ? M.C.

Thursday October 9 21:51:38 2008
Name:Paul Kenny
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for my grandfather. James Kenny born 15 Oct 1884 in Nouvelle QC, Married Charlotte Duguay on 10 Jan 1911 in Thurso QC. Then moved to the Montreal area but moved to the Gaspe area in the mid 40s. He passed away in Gaspe but not sure where or when. Can anyone help me. Thank you

Thursday October 9 13:41:22 2008
Name:Rubnawaz Balouch
My Question is:Respectable Sir, My great grand father Mr.Kala Khan and his two nephews Mr. Hadatulla Khan and Mr. khan Ali Khan did job in British Army. They were Tailor in British Army (Royal Artillery) Mr. Kala Khan (Tailor Master) did job in British Army for about 21 years. They performed his services in unit of 10 BATTERY R.A ( 1891 - 1898 ) 12 BATTERY R.F.A ( 1898 _ 1902 ) 78 BATTERY R.F.A ( 1903 _ 1913 ) His two nephews also performed his services Mr. Hadatulla Khan Mr. Khan Ali Khan Mr. Kala Khan passed away in January 1913 when he returned home from his unit 78 BATTERY R.F.A ( 77 campbellpur Attack) we have been living in this house since one century,this house is in same condition as Mr. Kala Khan built be fore. I have some certificate handwriting & signature army officers. The British Officer named in the certificates was 1. Sir PERCEVAL, EDWARD MAXWELL, Major General Sir PERCEVAL, EDWARD MAXWELL, Major, was born 13 August 1861, at Bellewstown, County Meath, Ireland, son of General John Maxwell Perceval, CB, JP, Colonel of the Suffolk Regiment, and of Isabel Catherine, daughter of the Reverend The Honourable R Maude, Dean of Clogher. He was educated at the Royal Academy, Gosport, and at the Royal Military Academy (has passed the Staff College, and held the Diploma of the Royal Geographical Society), and was gazetted to the Royal Artillery as Lieutenant, 19 May 1880. He became Captain 4 August 1888, and Major 23 February 1898, serving in India and Burma. Mr Sir PERCEVAL, EDWARD MAXWELL visited our house for lunch and gifted book with pleasure & happy mood. we have the crokery in which Sir PERCEVAL, EDWARD MAXWELL had lanch with us . my great grand father stitched bridal clothes of Sir PERCEVALEDWARD MAXWELL . I have 1 documents Britsh army certificate handwriting & atugraf PERCEVAL, EDWARD MAXWELL (Certificate Date september 1893 Multan as Capton ) One another documents in my opinion is very important , he gifted wherein name of clothes were mentioned which he dressed himself I have .........Book,& Crokery, & Certificate,& name of cloth documents( 4 item ) 2. Sir General Sir Walter Mervyn St George Kirke General Sir Walter Mervyn St George Kirke Entered Royal Artillery, 1896; Capt. 1901; Bt Major, 1914; Major, 1914; Bt Lt­Col 1915; Bt Col 1917; served in Waziristan Campaign, 1901-1902 (medal and clasp); Commandant Bhamo Bn Burma Military Police; commanded Wellaung, Punitive Expedition in S. Chin Hills, 1905-1906; psc; GSO, 3rd Grade, at War Office, 1912; 2nd Grade on mobilisation, 1914; served European War, 1914-1918 (despatches six times, Bt Lt­Col, Bt Col, CB, DSO, CMG, Order of the Crown of Belgium, Officer Legion of Honour, French and Belgian Croix de Guerre, White Eagle of Serbia, Comdr, George I of Greece); Deputy Director Military Operations, 1918-1922; Colonel on the Staff, GS Aldershot, 1922-1924; head of British Naval, Military, and Air Force Mission to Finland, 1924-1925 (Commander White Rose of Finland, Grand Cross 1939 and Finnish Meritorious Service Medal 1939); President Inter­Allied Commission of Investigation for Hungary; Deputy Chief of the General Staff in India, 1926-1929; Commander 5th Division and Catterick Area, 1929-1931; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Command, 1933-1936 Colonel Commandant, Royal Artillery, 07.01.1934-1946; Honorary Colonel 70th Anti-Aircraft Regiment (now 470th HAA Regiment TA) 1934-1939; and 2/5th The Queen's Royal Regiment, 1939; Pres. Witley and District Branch of British Legion and RA Assoc., Surrey; Vice-President, RUSI and Old Contemptibles, Godalming. Sir. My great grand father nephews Hadatullah Khan stitched clothes of General Walter Mervyn St George Kirke . I have 1 documents Britsh army certificate handwriting & atugraf Sir Walter Mervyn St George Kirke ( Documents Date 25/01/1900 As a Lieutenant ) One another documents in my opinion is very important , he gifted wherein name of clothes were mentioned which he dressed himself. I have........ Certificate,& name of cloth documents( 2 item ) 3. Col Leslie Herbert, QUERIPEL(1881-1963) Born in 1881; cadet, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, 1898; 2nd Lt, Royal Field Artillery, 1899; joined 12 Battery, 1900; served in North China, 1900-1901; served in India, 1901-1914; commanded 7 Ammunition Column, 1901; Lt, 1901; commanded 12 Battery, 1902-1903; Range Officer, Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery, Madras Command, 1903-1905; Capt, 1908; Instructor, Army School of Signalling, Poona, 1908; Assistant Inspector , Army Signalling, Southern Army, 1908; raised and commanded 5 Ammunition Column, 1909; raised and commanded 33 Indian Divisional Signalling Company, 1911; raised and commanded 36 Indian Divisional Signalling Company, 1914; Maj 1914; Deputy Director of Army Signals and Telegraphs, Mesopotamia, 1915; Director of Army Signals and Telegraphs, Mesopotamia, 1916; served with 112 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, France, 1918, and with 65 Battery and 28 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, Black Sea, 1920-1921; Lt Col, 1921; commanded 6 Reserve Bde, 1921-1922; commanded 16 Bde, India, 1922-1924; Commander Corps of Royal Artillery, Southern Command, India, 1924; Col, 1925; Commander, 28 Air Defence Bde, Tonbridge, 1925; retired pay, 1930; died in 1963. My great grand father nephews Hadatullah Khan stitched clothes of Col Leslie Herbert, QUERIPEL . I have 1 documents Britsh army certificate handwriting & atugraf Sir Col Leslie Herbert, QUERIPEL . ( Documents Date 27/061900 As a 2Lieutenant ) One another documents in my opinion is very important , he gifted wherein name of clothes were mentioned which he dressed himself. I have........ Certificate,& name of cloth documents( 2 item ) 4. Sir lieutenant colonel Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard The British Officer named in the certificates was Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard who later became lieutenant colonel of the 15th Brigade Royal Field Artillery and was killed in action at the Pas de Calais, France on 11th February 1915.He live in Edinburgh Scotland. He was the son of George Alexander Ballard, a member of the Madras Civil Service who lived at Garden Reach, Calcutta and his mother was Julia Mary Anderson my great grand father stitched clothes of Sir Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard. I have 2 documents Britsh army certificate handwriting & atugraf Charles Naesmyth Bruere Ballard(Documents Date 1894&1898 As a Lieutenant & As a Capton) One another documents in my opinion is very important , he gifted wherein name of clothes were mentioned which he dressed himself. I have.............. 2 Certificate, & cloth documents ( 3 item ) Dear Sir, I want to present all these things( documents,crokery,Book, name of clothes document ) to any officers family member. Plz help me Anxiously awaiting your reply Rubnawaz Balouch House no 1962 Mohallah GIllania Wala i/s Haram Gate Multan Pakistan

Thursday October 2 4:18:47 2008
Name:Dave Dupuis
My Question is:Any info on the Dupuis family

Monday September 29 21:57:29 2008
Name:Janis La Couvée
My Question is:I am looking for information on the LaCouvée/Lecouvey famililies - some of the genealogies posted online are missing major chunks. Je cherche les renseignements sur la famille Lacouve/LaCouvée/Lecouvey Mr great great grandfather was Jean Lecouvey (also known as John Lacouvee)born about 1815 in France (or the Channel Islands) He had two sons - JB (Jean Baptiste) born about 1853)and Alfred (my grandfather) born 1865 JB had son John (born 1881) and Edmund (born 1887) plus daughters- it is this side of the family that I am completely missing (I think)- Alfred had: Leo Blanche Nora Reginald (my grandfather) Agnus Ivan Louis (Lewis) Charles My grandfather moved from Gaspé during the war so other than one or two visits back, we have had little connection. Thanks for the help, merci pour l'aide.

Monday September 29 21:51:11 2008
Name:gloria garrant
My Question is:Apparently there was a monument that was unveiled in 2000 in St. Marjorique to pay homage to the five Fournier brothers and their spouces of St. Marjorique between 1840 and 1860. Does anyone have a picture of this monument or know what is inscribed on it. My mother's family of Fourniers lived in this area at that time. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Sunday September 14 1:25:00 2008
Name:Blanche Otero Rich
My Question is:I am the granddaugher of Juan Otero from Ciales, Puerto Rico. My grandmother, Dolores Rivera. My grandmother had 4 daughters, Isabel, Carmen, Emilia.....and one son Ramona Otero Rivera... I am trying to find information on my grandmother. I'm not sure what year she died, I've been told about 1935 - 1937. She was living in Ciales, but I am not sure if she died there. I have some information on my grandfather Juan Otero, his father's n ame was Benito Otero Gonzales also from Ciales, Puerto Rico. If anyone has more information on my grandmother, please help me. When you email me, on the subject line put down genealogy information, so that my husband doesn't think it's "junk mail". Thank you Blanche

Tuesday September 2 0:55:27 2008
Name:Lani Baker
My Question is:Don Potter I'll email you a record for Amble Landry's death in 1935. Maybe this is your friend's Dad.

Monday September 1 23:37:00 2008
Name:Nancy L. Vertz
My Question is:Hi This is the 3ed message i'm putting up. Since the last one i have found the name of My 3ed g, grandmother Archange BOULAY PARENTS NAME & HER SISTERS & BROTHERS names. They are Jacques Bouley & Marie Louise Villiot Married 1788, Have there mariage records only its in franch & i need to know if there is any one that knows Franch & could trancefer it in to english for me if i was to forward it to you's. Also i have the baptism records of all there CHILDERN & THAT ALSO IS IN franch & i would like to also forward that as well if any one cam help me. I think the childern are Marie Louise, born 1788 Canada Charlotte born 1793 Canada, Jean Baptiste born 1796 Canada, Louise Born 1797 Death 1797 Canada, Archange Born 1799 Canada,Antonine Born 1803 Canada, Ursule Born 1801 Canada, Ursule born 1805 Canada . Please e mail if you can help me. Nancy L. Vertz Green Bay, Wi

Sunday August 24 13:19:15 2008
Name:Aline Cormier
My Question is:Hello everyone, I do know that Etienne Bergeron dit Damboise settled in the Gaspe area, we are looking for any descendants of his, or of Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and Genevieve Serreau dit ST Aubin, and any descendants of the children of Gabriel Godin dit Bellefontaine who married the children of Barthelemy Bergeron dit damboise. We are holding a Bergeron-Damboise Reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick July of 2009. Here is a write up about it. T his story begins in the last decade of the 17th century. When in 1692 Governor Villebon granted Point Saint Anne (all of the lower part of today’s Fredericton) to Gabriel Godin. (The census of 1693 confirms this fact for us) Gabriel Godin and his wife, Andree-Angelique JEANNES settled the village of Point Saint Anne. During the following years the village prospered and grew. Then in February 1759 a small force of British Troupes (16 men) led by a Lt Moses Hazen raided and destroyed the Acadian village of Pointe Sainte Anne, as a consequence of this raid some innocent civilians were killed. These civilians were hastily buried in the village cemetery. This cemetery has since been mistakenly identified as an Indian Cemetery when in reality it is an Acadian Cemetery. Now, we fast forward to 1933 when the cemetery was once again disturbed! This time by a Dr. Wintemberg who came to Point Saint Anne with the expectations of finding pre-historic (First Nation) remains and was surprised to find, buried closely together, and in one case two in one grave, not Indians, but Europeans. In all, seven skeletons were examined. (Two of these remains were those of Anastasie Godin and Madeleine Guilbaut) In no case was there any evidence of Indian (First Nation) at the site. The remains of the two women were removed to Ottawa where they remain today. As Acadian’s and descendants of Anstasie’s family our desire is to have her (their) remains returned to her (their) rightful resting place, Pointe Saint Anne. And the cemetery there properly identified and declared as a National Historical Site. The Bergeron-Damboise families are planning, in conjunction with The Society of History of the River Saint Jean (SHRSJ) a commemoration of the 250 year anniversary of the destruction of the village. We are calling for all Acadians to rally with us in Fredericton on the weekend of the 18th/19th of July (Saturday and Sunday) 2009. This calling includes all Acadians who are descended from the Godin, Saindon, Pare, Bergeron, St Aubin Families as well as any other family group. Please contact Aline Cormier ( or Lawrence Bergeron ( for further details.

Thursday August 21 21:24:58 2008
Name:Don Pottie
My Question is:Thank you for your site. My search is for a friend who lost his father, Amable Landry, in the early war years when he died as a result of an accident on board ship when the ship was tying up. All he knows is that the accident happened at Gaspe. If anyone could direct me to a source that maybe of help, that would be greatly appreciated. Merci Beaucoup Don

Friday August 8 16:36:04 2008
Name:George Urquhart
My Question is:My mother Claire was a Stanley from Fontenelle. I am seeking any info on her Father "Arthur W" born approx. 1885 died ... ? He was married to Sara Adams (1886-1959). They had 12 children : Maynard, King, Eddy .. Jessie, Nellie ...) Just came back from a Gaspe trip some many nice memories of my summers there came wafting back. Many thanks, George Urquhart

Sunday August 3 19:02:42 2008
Name:Nicole Barter Jerome
My Question is:Hello. I am looking for information on Mary Barter Cody who was born roughly around 1892. She lived part of her life in the Gaspe part of Quebec, more specifically as farmers at Grand Cascapedia on the north shore of Baie Chaleur. Any information would be welcomed, as I'm doing a search on the Barter family. Nicole

Friday July 18 8:23:27 2008
Name:Francine Dassylva
My Question is:Good day. I am looking for any information on my grand parents. My grand father name was Frank Bélanger, born in 1887 and died April 12, 1963 in Bridgeville Barachois. His wife was Elisa Anne (Elizabeth) Asselin. My mother name is Rita Bélanger and was married to Marcel Dassylva. My father passed away a few months ago. I know that I still have family in Bridgeville and Gaspé. I learned recently that my uncle Valo (who was the youngest of the family) died 2 weeks ago. All I remember about him is that he was such a great looking guy. Can someone help me. Thanks. fd

Thursday July 17 3:03:44 2008
Name:Herb Ouellette
My Question is:My Great Great Grandfather, George William McLean died in December of 1930 in the Mann Settlement above Point a la Croix. He was Catholic, and may have been buried in Matapedia or the area. He would have been in his early 60's. Could anyone possibly check burial lists for the area? I don't speak french, and have had no luck thus far finding his burial site. Much Thanks, Herb

Monday July 7 11:13:27 2008
Name:Alice Prokipczuk
My Question is:How do I go about tracing the MicMac heritage of where it comes into the French lineage of my family tree? My understanding is that on my father's side of the family( my grandmother lineage)is that a MicMac great-great-? ( don't know how many greats back) grandmother married a Frenchman ( last name Poitras). She was stripped of her Native name and rights. My understanding is that her father was a MicMac medicine man. I have traced the French side of the family back to France 1589 and cannot figure out where the MicMac heritage comes into the Poitras family tree. My understanding is the Poitras had settled in the Gaspe Bay area.

Friday July 4 19:05:00 2008
My Question is:Thank you again Peggy for your help finding information about my great-grandmother, Nellie Casey. Merci Peggy pour ton aide lors de ma recherche au sujet de Nellie Casey! Kim

Friday July 4 9:06:51 2008
Name:jackie whiffen
My Question is:i am looking for my birth mother she was 18 when she had me born in the 1950 around ther anyway she was a waitress she aso had a daugher before me she was born 1967 and me at1968 she was on social services at the time she has 6brothers and 6sisters all names unknown i think she lived in stephenville nfld and bapized at st .stephens parish if anybody knowns her whereabouts please e-mail me here looking for a long time she has a grand son wants her to know thank you

Thursday July 3 21:12:40 2008
Name:Ryan Miller
My Question is:I am looking for information on the following Surnames: Loiselle and Duguay. They come from the Paspebiac, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada region. This is my maternal grandfather Emile Loisel (the surname spelling changed when he came to the USA). He married Marie Jeanne Tremblay. (Possibly in Paspebiac, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada). His parents were Andre Loiselle who was married to Marie Jeanne Duguay. From past family history, there were (are) 2 Loiselle Families from that region. I am not sure if they were related though! Any Help would be GREAT! ******* Je suis à la recherche d'informations sur les patronymes suivants: Loiselle et Duguay. Ils viennent du PASPEBIAC, Bonaventure, Québec, Région du Canada. C'est mon grand-père maternel Emile Loisel (le orthographe nom de famille a changé quand il est venu aux États-Unis). Il a épousé Marie Jeanne Tremblay. (Peut-être dans PASPEBIAC, Bonaventure, Québec, Canada). Ses parents étaient André Loiselle qui était marié à Marie Jeanne Duguay. Du passé, l'histoire familiale, il y avait (sont) 2 Loiselle Les familles de cette région. Je ne suis pas certain si elles sont liées malgré! Toute aide serait génial!

Thursday June 26 11:50:56 2008
Name:Denis Duguay
My Question is:I am looking for any info on Georgianna Desjardins, she married Joseph "dit" Remi" Duguay from Caraquet NB. and had the following children: Alphonse Duguay, Marie Eliza Duguay, Joseph Adalbert Duguay,Joseph Camille Duguay, Julia Ann "dit" Josephine Duguay, Charles Duguay (born in NH USA in 1906) Pierre "dit" Peter Duguay b.1909 in USA. Any info on any part of this request would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sunday June 15 18:25:32 2008
Name:Ros Harris
My Question is:Hi there I am hoping someone may be able to help me track down a Bev Veale - there was a memorial held for a Bev Veale in Buurlington in Oct 2007 and I am wondering if this was the same person. My Bev's father was Kenneth Beverly and his mother was Bessie Shiers who was my father's aunt. As I am in the UK I am finding it difficult to track him down and he was last known to us in Canada. I can find no trace of Bessie's death either can anyone help?

Friday June 13 14:12:34 2008
Name:Sharry Budd
My Question is:Does anyone know how I could get in touch with any of the Cormier girls? Joanne, Helen or Carole?...What about Donna Willett? All from New Richmond. Thanks Sharry Budd (Daughter of Catherine Willett and Allan Budd)

Friday June 6 22:01:29 2008
My Question is:I am trying to find info on my Cronier ancestors...I know JEAN CRONIER born Abt 1805 in Percé, Gaspé married ROSE ALEY b Abt 1807 in Percé, Gaspé in 1828 Percé, Gaspé. ...They had a son AMBROISE CRONIER born 1839 in Percé, Gaspé married HERMINE GIGNAC (b 1839 Gatineau, Québec) 1 Dec 1861 in Maniwaki Gatineau. If you have any info on either "cronier" or "Aley" I would really appreciate it . Thanks in advance

Friday June 6 14:02:56 2008
My Question is:Someone was looking for information about a Renouf family in Campbellton, If you haven't found the information you were looking for, I may be able to help you!

Friday June 6 2:18:04 2008
Name:Kim Howell
My Question is:I am searching for information regarding Nellie CASEY. She married Charles HOWELL of Sandy Beach. They had a son, Homer Ambrose HOWELL, as well as many other children. Je suis à la recherche de l'information au sujet de Nellie CASEY. Elle a marié Charles HOWELL de Sandy Beach. Ils ont eu un fils, Homer Ambrose HOWELL, et plusieurs autres enfants. Thank you Merci :)

Sunday May 25 12:00:32 2008
Name:Flo Bird
My Question is:Hi I am interested in knowing if there are any families by the name of Desmarais living in this area...........if you know of any such families I would like to hear from you..........

Monday May 19 2:47:04 2008
Name:Patricia Goodwin
My Question is:I am interested in any information regarding the families of my Grandmothers families, Adams and McKinnon, who resided in Escuminac, Bonaventure. I have William McKinnon/ Marion Adams as my last link, these are my G-grandparents, who had several children, including Alice,my Grandmother, who apparently was their youngest child, born in Escuminac. Thank you so much....

Thursday May 15 21:35:02 2008
My Question is:IF i got family born in canad a Smith, John Edmond b. 25 JUL 1873 Family: Spouse: Barter, Zephronia b. 22 NOV 1866 Grand Cascapedia, QC how do i find out more?

Wednesday May 14 23:55:56 2008
Name:bob roberts
My Question is:I'm interested in contacting Peter Evanchuck if anyone knows his whereabouts would appreciate a return contact, thanks

Sunday May 4 0:18:56 2008
Name:kelly rathwell
My Question is:my grandmother was alice francoeur. she married w. j. stewart in the states somewhere. She is said to be born in 1914 but that is a question mark. Actually november 30th 1914. Alice was the daughter of narcisse napoleon francoeur and ann mongrain who died in timmins ont. My grandma had several siblings, aurore, beatrice, annette,rose are a few of them. It is said she was in a sanitarium for years with tuberculosis and finally died in timmins memorial hospital of failing lungs in the 1940's. Also sais she worked at the empire hotel in timmins on switchboard. They had a daughter gail stewart bornsept 14 1936.I don't know if gail was adopted as it is said alice also had another child that died only days old. Was Alice in gravenhurst sanitarium? Gail went to timmins high school, later married don sutton, son of angelina and george. Don and gail had six children who now live in alberta canada and very successful. I woild like to find pictures of alice and her family, their daughter gail, and family. W.j stewart ended up in cambell river british columbia where he died in the late 70's. I would love pics and info on him also. Somebody somewhwere must have some info and pics of this family, please help me put the pieces together. Where is alice buried, where is the obituary in archives. This was a well known family in timmins ont, someone must have info. I would appreciate anything from anyone. Thank you in advance frusterated and bewildered kelly

Thursday May 1 17:23:47 2008
Name:Patrick Kelly
My Question is:Hello, I'm looking for information on a long lost friend, Paula White (New Richmond), She's 50 years old now and likely married with children. A beautiful woman and my childhood love. Please send any information you might have about Pauls.

Friday April 25 1:15:35 2008
Name:M Therese Thibodeau
My Question is:I am looking for information on Aurelie Cote and her family. She married Phillip Castonguay. Aurelie was one of a large family from Petite Valle, Gaspe. Does anyone have any information on the Cote or Castonguay family. Aurelie was born sometime around 1880.

Sunday April 20 17:24:39 2008
My Question is:I am looking for information on my brather EL JAI Nourreddine live in fayetteville north carolina

Saturday April 12 1:32:51 2008
Name:Bob Simpson
My Question is:Looking for info on Charles William Simpson born around 1825 in Rose Bridge, Gaspe, Que. Death after 1881....He married twice...spouses unknown......He had 2 sons..William Frederick Simpson and Kenneth Simpson (half brother).....

Saturday April 5 17:52:41 2008
Name:Donna Ouellette
My Question is:Looking forinformation on a shipwreck in April 1847. The ship was the Carricks of the Whitehaven line. It was about4 miles to the east of Cape Rosier. It wastransporting Irish immigrants durine the potato famine in Ireland. The story I have heard is that when the passengers sighted land a storm came up and wrecked the ship. there were few survivors,among the people saved were the family of my great great grandparents. All ten of them survived the wreck and made it to shore. The family was Felix and Ellen O'Rafferty and their 2 sons and 6 daughters. There was another family of Patrick Kavanagh and his wife Sarah MacDonald and one son Martin who survived the wreck, their five other children drowned. TheKavanagh family stayed and settled at Jersey Cove and had another 4 children. I would like to hear from any decendants of this family in hopes of learningabout this voyage and shipwreck. Thank you

Saturday March 29 19:00:19 2008
Name:Hellen Holland
My Question is:We are looking for information on Hellen Holland born either 1852 or 1857....she married William Simpson ...and later they made their home in Mattawa, Ontario.... William arrived in Mattawa around the age of 28 with his bride......

Sunday March 9 23:12:47 2008
Name:joyce langlois
My Question is:I am looking for any family history for joesph romain langlois born approx. 1901. Married clarissa labarsure in 1925. They had 18 children in the gaspe region. Eldest son Majorque langlois lives in thunder bay, he has three children, Rejean, Jean-Pierre and Deloris(Nemith) any info greatfully welcome.

Saturday March 8 21:16:22 2008
Name:Joan Forest
My Question is:Hello I am looking for anyone who would have information on the LePotvin family. My great grandmother, Mary Ann LePotvin was married to Edmund Forest and her sister, Lucy married Edmund's brother, Frank (Francois) in St Godefroi... in 1879... any information would be greatly appreciated. also, I would like to offer my help to anyone researching Forest,Senechal, Wall, Mercier, McGrath, families I also have information for the Chandler cemetary - I can also help anyone who would like confirmation of dates of birth, mariage and/or deaths in the province of Quebec.. Bonjour. Je suis à la recherche d'information concernant mon arrière grandmere, Mary Ann LePotvin, elle à épousé Edmond Forest à st Godefroi en 1879 et sa soeur à épousé le frère d'Edmond, Frank (Francois) Par la même occasion, je peux offrir mon aide à ceux et celles qui recherche des informations pour les familles Forest, Senchal, Wall, Mercier, McGrath J'ai aussi répertorié les informations dans le cimetière de Chandler et je peux vous aider à confirmer des dates de naissance, mariage et/où décès dans la province de Québec.

Monday March 3 14:19:40 2008
Name:Peg Compton
My Question is:Looking for Gaspe MCKENZIE information/contacts/researchers. This family was Roman Catholic from Scotland. Any connection to Archibald McKenzie of PEI? My gt gt grandfather William Henry McKENZIE b. 15 Oct 1858 Gaspe d. 14 Jan 1935 Marne, Ottawa, Michigan, bd. Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan; md Ellen SHEA 8 Mar 1886 in Toronto. Issue: 2-4 died young (Ellen, William Jr and ?), Mary Ann, John Joseph, Rose A. and Catherine Maude survived. These 4 children were moved to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area after their mother died in Toronto in 1901. William's brother, Thomas McKENZIE b. c1857 Gaspe md Mary SHEA 20 Jul 1892 in St. Michael's, Toronto. These are the sons of NEIL McKENZIE b. c1816? Scotland and ELLEN HOLLAND of Douglastown, Gaspe. Neil McKENZIE md 1st Mary McKENNA, issue: Patrick and Ellen. Neil md 2nd Ellen Holland, issue: Mary, Thomas, William (and possibly Amelia?, Alexander?). Also, found a brief clip from Deal, 7 Apr 1825: The MARY sailed from St. incents, on the 4th October last, and after reaching Magdeleine river about 100 miles on this side of Gaspe, compelled by ice and stress of weather to put back to Gaspe on the 17th November where she wintered and whence she sailed on the 6th instant. Mr. McKenzie, a passenger, was drowned about the 22nd November while crossing the ice in the basin after sunset. His body was not found. Does anyone have any info on this Mr. McKenzie? The McKenzie's I'm looking for were in Gaspe South. Drowning would have been 22 Nov 1824. This wasn't Neil, possibly a brother? father? Any and all info/ideas welcome. Thank you! Merci! P.S. A HUGE thank you to the Pattersons! Neil and Ellen were a brick wall for my mother for years until I ran across your site!!!

Wednesday February 27 5:19:23 2008
Name:Darline Mergelides
My Question is:I am looking for information on the Sweeney family and the White family who resided in Douglastown leaving in the 50s and 60s. Joseph Sweeney married Winnie Element who had three children, Ethel, Regis, and Gilbert Sweeney and remarried an Annett and had Herman and Ross Annett. The White side of the family were Anna and Walter White who who children named Harold, Idella, Louella, Regina, Leona, Shirley, Regina, Sheila, Gerald, Donald, and Louise White. (All of which immigrated to Montreal). My maiden name is Sweeney and I am looking for the history of the both families. I would appreciate if anyone has information. Thanks

Tuesday February 26 1:28:59 2008
Name:Brian Dea
My Question is:I am interested in any information on the origins and early history of the “Enright” name on the Gaspe Coast. Specifically, Enrights already on the Coast that might have influenced or facilitated the migration of Thomas Enright and his wife Margaret (Peggy) Myers/Mayers/Moir/Morey to Port Daniel around 1818/1820. My interest stems from the fact that my GGG grandfather James Dea also migrated from Ireland to Port Daniel about this time. He was married to Ann (Nancy) Enright. Although I have never been able to prove a relationship between James and Nancy, there is every possibility they were siblings. There is evidence that both the Dea and Enright families came from Bruff Parish, County Limerick, Ireland, but this also still requires firm confirmation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday February 19 2:50:43 2008
Name:Lucy Roper
My Question is:Has anyone information of Phillip Holcombe, born 1816 SC, died ca 1897 Madison County, Jackson, TN. ?

Monday February 18 17:46:31 2008
Name:Lisa Lyons
My Question is:Looking for family history for Clark and Bernice Lyons. Parents, grandparents, births and deaths, along where they are burried. Thank you Lisa Lyons Former resident.

Monday February 18 13:17:28 2008
Name:Roland Vardon
My Question is:The VARDON family set down roots in Gaspe around between 1815 and 1820. I have some information on Charles who became a Justice of the Peace in Mal Bay, but little about his brother George. Charles died in 1842. His wife Elizabeth Lucas and daughter Mary Ann are buried in the St. Peter's Anglican Church Cemetary, in Mal Bay. I am trying to gather as much information about the VARDONS as possible and appreciate the help others are willing to provide. I have some informaion on the LUCAS Family. Thank you. I live near Toronto, Ont. can be reached at

Sunday February 3 0:44:02 2008
Name:Laura Chatterton
My Question is:Hello. I put a message on a board in mid January to enquire about the family of my great grandfather, Joshua Chatterton. I am trying to contact one person in particular who sent a couple of emails. I have been unable to respond to the second email because it appears the email address he provided is no longer valid. If JamesS1939 reads this please contact me again with another email address where I may reach you. Thanks. Laura

Tuesday January 29 23:35:15 2008
Name:Darleen DeGaspe'
My Question is:Hello I am the Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Phillippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspe' (1786-1871). I have been working on our family tree. And I am looking for any information about the Aubert de Gaspe' family. If anyone has any information it would greatly be appreciated please e-mail me. Thank you

Wednesday January 23 15:16:21 2008
Name:lucie caron
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for information on a Armand Beliveau, who lives in St. Georges, Vermont. My Great Grandfather was Josephat Beliveau of Grande-Riviere. I would like to know which of Josephat's siblings Armand come's from. I would appreciate your help. Also did one of his sibblings marry into the Lucas family. I would appreciate any help. Take Care Lucie Caron Eby

Monday January 21 21:25:11 2008
Name:Brian Gawne
My Question is:My grandmother, Mae Briand and great Aunt Ada Briand were of a family of 12. (They also spoke of an Uncle Charlie.) They were from Gaspe. Both moved to the US and lived and died in NY, Buffalo. My dad -Howard F. Gawne II (an only child) said he used to spend summers in Gaspe. I am wondering if I have any relatives still in Gaspe. Thanks Brian Gawne

Tuesday January 15 21:31:11 2008
Name:Barbara Huard
My Question is:My family is from Paspebiac. They came to the US in the twenties. Napoleon and Julia Huard. I have never met any of my relatives there, although my grandmother went to Montreal to visit often in the 60's and 70's. Napoleon died in 1963. If you know anything about them or how they decided to come to the US please email me.

Tuesday January 15 17:50:47 2008
Name:Richard Loiselle
My Question is:Bonjour ! Je cherche à contacter la parenté de David Loiselle, né à Paspébiac en 1842. Il quitta Paspébiac pour aller travailler à Oconto au Wisconsin. Là il se maria pour ensuite déménager sa famille au Manitoba. Merci de me communiquer les renseignements que vous pourriez avoir. Hi ! I am looking for relatives of David Loiselle born in Paspébiac in 1842. He left Paspébiac to go work in Oconto, Wisconsin. There he married and subsequently moved his family to Manitoba. Thank you for any information you may have.

Tuesday January 15 13:47:26 2008
Name:Robin Grant
My Question is:I am reposting with a new email address in case any emails got sent to my junk folder. I am looking for a brother and sister by the names of CYNTHIA LEE HUNT (CHARTRAND), born sometime in October 69 and JAMES WILLIAM LEWIS HUNT (CHARTRAND), born sometime in July 67. Their mothers name was Carol Yvonne Chartrand (Nee: Hunt), born sometime in 1948. Carol lived in Brandon, Manitoba. Carols parents were Lillian and Claude Hunt. Last know address for Lillian and Claude was 242 13th St. East in Brandon, Manitoba.

Thursday January 10 23:31:42 2008
Name:Patty (Arsenault) Mahoney
My Question is:My Mom was born in Chandler (Blandina Sutton). Her Mom (Mabel Greene) was born in Novelle and Dad (Cornelius Sutton) was born in ?Chandler. I am working on my genealogy and any info would be great

Wednesday January 9 19:22:39 2008
Name:Anderson family
My Question is:I am looking for information about Antoine Anderson family married to Marie Vezina in Gaspé peninsula. If you are relatives please contact me. Louise Savard for Anderson family. Thanks

Saturday January 5 23:13:25 2008
Name:gail allarie
My Question is:I am trying to clarify a few ancestral questions for the Metis, Matane, Rimouski area families in my tree. 1) There are two LePage names in Petis Metis for the 1911 Census. Both are E. W. Lepage with slightly different birth dates. The wives names are different but both girls are the same with slightly different birth dates. Does anyone know the parents of the E. W. Lepage's listed and if and how they were related? 2) Can someone in the area check for the death date for Effie Lepage and her young daughter ( I don't have the name or birth date for the girl) I beleive that they are buried in the church yard in Metis with Effie's father Malcom McGugan. 3) I am also trying to find the actual birth date for Malcom's wife Catherine and where she was born. 4) My grandfather Percy Gilbert Nichols met his wife (Effie) up in Metis when he was hired as a private police officer for the Petite Metis area. I would like to know if there is any information regarding him in any archival local papers. I realize that it is a long list but any info would be a great help. Thanks Gail

Wednesday January 2 2:59:13 2008
Name:Ann HarveyHope
My Question is:I am a descendant of the SUDDARD and GAUMOND (sp?) families. The Patterson family has done a great job with the Suddards but the trail goes cold with Sophia Louisa Gaumond born in Whale Head (Tete a la baleine) Quebec. I would really like to explore this branch further. Sophia Louisa (known as Louisa I believe) married Joseph Eden Suddard and lived in Sandy Beach Gaspe. Eventually she followed her daughter Elsie S. Suddard (later POCOCK) to the Brockville area. I would also like to nail down whether it's GAUMOND or GOUMOND. Anyone help? thanks Ann

Sunday December 23 14:00:48 2007
Name:Kelly Genert
My Question is:Needing to fill in some blanks spots in my family tree.I have numerous names of ancestors that were born on Perce Gaspe, Point St Peter and Malbie. Baker dit Blondin (not sure what the dit between surnames mean), Seymour, DuBois, Maloney and Tapp. If anyone needs info on these families or would like to share if there is a connection please drop me a note. Thanks so much Kelly

Tuesday December 18 2:49:31 2007
Name:Donna Leclerc Sorensen
My Question is:Hello, I have been trying to narrow down the exact place where my Grandparents were living in 1918, and the Parish they attended, as the church would have records of them. Their names were "JOSEPH" NORBERT LECLERC & "ELISE" BABIN. On the 1911 Quebec Census they are listed on it as living in NEW CARLISLE WEST QUEBEC. JOSEPH'S occupation is listed as working for the railway. That is the last bit of fact finding information I had to go on. Both of my Grandparents died in 1918 from the Spanish Influenza leaving behind 11 children. I know JOSEPH LECLERC was born in MARIA, Quebec on July 27, 1862, his parents were JOSEPH LECLERC & PHEBEE NOMAND. For ELISE BABIN she was born in CAPLAN, Quebec on March 16, 1872 and had a twin sister IDA BABIN. Their parents were, ALEXANDRE BABIN & JOSEPHINE CYR. I would so appreciate any information anyone could share with me, and Thank You. Regards, Donna Leclerc Sorensen

Thursday December 13 0:22:52 2007
Name:René Smith
My Question is:Je cherche des photos ou informations genealogiques sur la famille de John Smith de Grande-Greve,Gaspé. Il s'est marié en 1852 à Gaspé (Anglican) avec Elisabth DeGarry. Leur date de naissance, on peut les retrouver juste dans les recensements. John Smith venait de Cork,Irlande et était pêcheur.

Tuesday December 4 14:08:23 2007
Name:Marlene Dupre' Hyde
My Question is:Hello, Does anyone have ANY information on the Dupre family in the Gaspe. I have hit a wall with my Dad's family. I was told they were from the Fox River area. The names I know Amede, Augouste, Arthur Dupre'. I think my GGrandmother was a Bond (Blanche?). Anything would help. Marlene

Tuesday November 27 5:16:34 2007
My Question is:I am looking for information regarding Laurent Duguay, born circa 1865, 1866. Married to Delia Cousineau in Bonfield Ontario, April 14, 1888. Had son Jean Baptiste born 1890. Laurent was supposed to have died in logging accident near Sudbury, On shortly after his son's birth, but he is on the 1901 census in Gaspe, living with his parents. Delia took the Child to the U.S. and Married Jack Arnold (Arno) who raised the child as his. I cannot trace Laurent after the 1901 Census in Gaspe. His parents, Romain and Sophie Duguay were prominent in St. Joseph de Cap d'Espoir Parish where their children were baptised. If you have any information after 1901 regarding either Sophie Loiselle, Laurent Duguay, or Romain Duguay please email me. Thank you J. Hiscock

Monday November 26 16:39:02 2007
Name:Marilyn Fernandez
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for distant relatives related to Charles and Louisa (Trudel) Kennedy of Douglastown, Gaspe. Please contact me if you are related to any of the following ancestors: 1. (Charles) Leopold Kennedy - born November 1883 & married Jeanne Louise Doggett in June 1918 - Last known residence: Black Lake, Magantic, QC - Son Kennedy, granddaughter who married a Cody 2. (Joseph) Remi Kennedy - born November 1889 & married Bridget Edith Morris in September 1918 - daughter who married a Howell, grandson Howell, ...great grandchildren 3. (Joseph Henry) Armand Kennedy - born July 1888 & married Adrienne Clement in August 1920 - Last known residence: Fraserville, Temiscoutta, QC - Son Roger Kennedy, grandson Andre Kennedy....great grandchildren in Montreal 4. Eveline Kennedy - born December 1895 & married Andrew Rupert Rooney in November 1918 5. (Marie Emilie) Ernestine Kennedy - born September 1897 & married James Hubert Morris - Daughter who married a Kennedy - Daughter who married a MacInnis - Daughter who married a Howell

Wednesday November 21 19:48:42 2007
My Question is:Info on twins Herbert Forman Adams and Harold Raymond Adams born Sept. 8 1929 to Archibald Alexander Adams 17 july 1875, Matapedia and Marie LAURA Keays 4 June 1889, Millstream. Also, any info on descendants of Charles Court 29 Oct. 1843 Rustico, PEI married to Jane Gaudin 3 Dec 1845, PEI

Tuesday November 20 23:52:15 2007
Name: Mavis Jr. Smith
My Question is:Looking for info on John Cameron Flowers of New Carlisle, Quebec children Harvey, Jerry, Arthur(Clement), Agnus, Sylvia, Racheal, Mavis, Sherman

Saturday November 17 1:07:20 2007
Name:M-A Leclerc
My Question is:Bonjour! Je suis ici aujourd'hui pour essayer d'aider ma mère à retrouver sa famille biologique. Ma mère est née à l'hotel dieu de Gaspé le 8 juillet 1960. Elle fut adoptée quelque jours plus tard. Nous essayons de faire des recherches, mais étant donné que les 2 parents "serait" décédés, nous avons pas beaucoup d'informations. Elle aurait des frères (soeurs?) et ils porterais le nom de famille PATTERSON. Concernant les parents, dans une lettre reçue en juin 1987, son père serait décédé depuis plusieurs années (statut indiqué: veuf). Il occupait un emploi dans le domaine des transports. Pour la mère, une lettre reçue en 1994 suppose qu'elle serait décédée il y a un an (donc 92 ou 93). Elle est décédée à TORONTO (statut sur la lettre: veuve). Ils auraient habité à Gaspé pour aller vivre en Ontario. Je sais que j'ai pas beaucoup d'informations, mais le centre jeunesse ne peu dire plus. Si quelqu'un aurait des informations, ce serait très apprécié. J'aimerais réaliser un rêve de ma mère, de savoir ses origines, ses antécédants médicaux et bien sur, connaitre ses frères/soeurs si possible bien sur! Un gros merci !

Friday November 2 21:28:13 2007

Monday October 29 23:12:50 2007
Name:Jack Broadbent
My Question is:I am looking for information on my mothers side of the family. They were from Grand Grave Gaspe - last name Bourgaize

Sunday October 28 15:24:52 2007
Name:Teresa Bagyan
My Question is:I am hoping that someone can help me. I am looking for information on the Olsen family of Gaspe. This family is also related to the ouelettes and the Tapps. I know that John Olsen married Emily Tapp and that one of their daughters married Frances Ouellette. Does anyone have further information on these families. Anything would be helpful. Thanks

Saturday October 27 15:34:01 2007
Name:Armand Cyr
My Question is:Looking for Cyr in Huard family members.Gaspe je cherche ma famille dans le region de Gaspe

Thursday October 25 15:34:16 2007
Name:David L. Howell
My Question is:Looking for decendants of Albert Howell who was born in Caribou Maine in 1851; his family moved from Caribou Maine in 1869,which would put Albert at 18 years of age.He obviously did not go with his family and no trace of him has shown up elsewhere.(HELP)

Tuesday October 23 23:15:41 2007
Name:Lise Charette-McKay
My Question is:I was wondering if anyone can help me out...My great grandmother's maiden name was Modeste Derosbil and she married William Matte they had four or five boys and one grandfathers name was Phiias Matte...he married Marie Annie Boucher from Byng Inlet in Ontario...any info..would be much appreciated...thank-you and merci...Lise

Monday October 15 20:32:09 2007
Name:Diane Doherty
My Question is:I would like to have info on my Father's family. He was Kenneth Doherty and he died when I was 2 in 1948. I believe his Fathers name was Walter and he had several brothers and sister two of which were named Lionel and David,.His family lived in New Carlisle and unfortunately I did not know them. I would like to know where my cousins live, what my Grandmother and Grandfather died of, if there were any illnesses in the family and anything else that someone might know about my family.

Sunday October 7 15:20:04 2007
Name:Bill Willett
My Question is: Hello, My Father Thomas Willett was born in the Grand Cascapedia / Gaspe area in 1902. I am hopeful that I might find decendents of his family. He had brothers named Byron and Bryce and sisters named Ann, Ruth and Viola. He and brother Bryce left home in their teenage years and never returned. My Uncle Byron was in the Royal Rifles during WWII. He came to visit us in Spokane in the late 50's. If anyone is aware of information about my family, please send an E-Mail. Best Regards, Bill Willett

Thursday September 27 14:56:33 2007
Name:Nancy L. Vertz
My Question is: I already posted one message but i would like to add that my 3ed great grandmother's Angelique maiden name on the letter of marriage to my 3ed great grandfather Jacob Wertz (Wirtz, Vertz) was spelled Poulet. Jacob Wirtz also with the spelling Wertz & Vertz Also they had one suvieing son named Jacob Wertz who married B. Rosa Lefebvre-boulanger 08-08-1837 at the parish of St. David, Quebec, Canada. She was born 02-18-1812 to Joseph Lefevra Belanger (Boulanger)born 01-15-1778 Yamachiche,Canada , & Marie Josehe Fortier born 07-31-1785 Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada married Joseph Lefevre 05-16-1803 at Ste Anna de Yamachiche Nancy L. Vertz Green Bay, Wi Would like information on this family as well

Monday September 24 17:32:47 2007
Name:Francine Sabourin
My Question is:Je cherche des informations sur mon arrière-arrière grand-père Gabriel Nadeau ayant demeuré à St-Jules de Cascapédia...y est peut-être même décédé.

Sunday September 23 22:25:49 2007
Name:Tracey Qurion
My Question is:Can you offer any information on the Quirion family in Bridgeville?

Sunday September 23 20:12:55 2007
Name:Elsie Girard
My Question is:Hoping this will help anyone searching adoptees, or parents, birth family, sisters, brother searching. It is free to post on this site and to search by year, birthdate, born, hospital, if known. If not post whether it is a male or female you are searching for and any info you may have. Good luck and don't give up.

Sunday September 23 0:03:46 2007
Name:David Cassivi
My Question is:I am compiling a complete Genealogy of the Cassivi family from Gaspe, beginning with the first to set foot in Canada (from Ragusa, Sicily) Antoni Cassivi (1799). If your surname is CASSIVI, please contact me. With thanks, David Cassivi

Saturday September 22 22:58:16 2007
Name:Joe Hunt
My Question is:I'm looking for information on Nazaire Huard, born 1829, (wife Marie Rose Glazier) listed in the 1881 census foe Bonaventure district as a cultivateur. I'm looking for the name of his parents and possibly grand-parents. Thanks.

Saturday September 15 15:33:21 2007
Name:BarbaraAnn Brannen-nee Howell
My Question is:My grandparent''s were Godfrey and Annie Howell,her proper name was Martha Ann LaCouvee.Would like info on the LaCouvee side of the family.My grandparent''s lived in Sandy Beach,and had 10 children.Grandpa was a Blacksmith.I''m also looking for my half sister,who was born to my mother Dora Howell in the thirties,probably in Montreal,and put up for adoption.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Barbara Ann

Wednesday September 12 21:53:32 2007
Name:kem farr
My Question is:1760 -1772 probably In usa. He Married Mary about 1771 in USA 1776 Robert Simpson help on March with General Burgoyne through New York. 1777 by month of May Robert Simpson has left with General Burgoyne from Canada 1777-1780 From 1777 until late in the 1780's people left their homes to the south and made their way to Canada. Most of the Loyalists who eventually came to the Gaspe coast made their escape along the Lake Champlain - Richelieu waterway. On their arrival they were housed in refugee camps at St. Johns, Montreal, Sorel,Yamachiche and Coteau du Lac. By the conclusion of the war there were nearly 5,000 people in the scattered camps 1781-1783 The men were organized into regiments; Butler's Rangers, Burgoyne's provincials and the King's Loyal Americans to name a few. They were responsible for the defence of Quebec and campaigned mostly in the state of New York. With the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in October of 1781, the fighting for these men came to an end. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in Sept.of 1783. The treaty gave official recognition to the United States as an independent nation. 1784 Late fall of 1784 Robert Simpson comes to Douglastown with Ohara from New Carlisle 1784 Robert Simpson and John Rose could be part of 435 settlers arriving in Douglastown area. June 9,1784 1785 Town of Douglastown laid out and both Robert Simpson and John Rose receive town lots 39 and 19 respectively 1800 Report states Robert Simpson still living in Douglastown but John Rose no longer listed 1807 Robert Simpson moves from Douglastown to Gaspe 1809 Child Sarah Simpson Born 1816 Charles Frederic Simpson born any additions prior to 1816 or later would be appreciated

Wednesday September 12 21:49:19 2007
Name:Kem Farr
My Question is:I am looking for more info on Robert Simpson who came to Douglastown after Serving with General Burgoynes troops in New York and rec town lot 39 and John Rose who rec town lot 19. Canada archives shows he moved to Gaspe in 1807 from Douglastown. He was probably part of royalists that came on 8 ships to the area. He came with Ohara in fall of 1784

Tuesday September 4 10:57:40 2007
Name:Martha Patterson Costello
My Question is:Thru' the kindness of his son Richard, Raymond Patterson's monumental work from the 1950s is now, at long last, available to the public, produced as a spiral bound photocopy of the original typed manuscript & being sold on a 'not for profit' basis. Family Gatherings, 500 pages in 3 volumes, chronicles the genealogy of 43 families, from their arrival until the mid 1950s - families that settled the South West Arm [today Gaspe town, Wakeham, Sunny Bank, York etc] plus a few additional from the wider Gaspe Bay area. Passing Years, 375 pages & also in 3 volumes, offers info on many facets of Gaspe history - 1819 land claims, extracts from the '31 & '61 census, schools & churches, roads & bridges, industry & many of the businesses, + much more. For more information or to order either series, contact me, Martha, at:

Sunday September 2 17:01:56 2007
Name:Peter E. LeGresley
My Question is:I am currently doing a family tree and could use any info someone might have. I also have quite a bit of info that may be useful to someone working on there own. My family originated in Jersey, Channel Isles and took up residence in the Gaspe. My father's parents were John Francis LeGresley Jr. and Henrietta Kate LeGresley (nee Montgomery). My Father had three sisters and six brothers Florence, Marjorie, Kathleen, Arthur, Percy, Harold, Ralph, Leonard & Kenneth. My Father married Ruth May Binet from St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles. December 20th 1945. I was born in Montreal, Que, January 16 1958. I am currently residing in Kamloops, B.C. As a child, my family and I spent our summers in the Gaspe visiting with my Father's siblings. I have very fond memories of Gascon, Port Daniel, Chandler, Perce, Fox River, Pabos, Grande Riviere, Paspébiac and the town of Gaspe. I remember some great times and in the Gaspe with my Uncle Harold and my Uncle Ralph and their families. I haven't been back since my Dad passed away in 1988 but I plan to come back soon with my family. I hope this information is helpful to expanding the Genealogy Register of Gaspe. If antone has more info that can help me, please contact me by email at I will return your email. I look forward to hearing from some of you. Take Care, Peter

Friday August 31 0:37:01 2007
Name:Susan Delmage
My Question is:My grand-mother and grand-father adopted (3) boys from the Gaspe orphanage in Quebec. Bertrand Luc Real Rose-Aimee Bergeron and Charles Bergeron are my Grand-Parents who lived in Barnston Quebec. My grand-parents have passed away. I am trying to find out if I have any relatives.

Tuesday August 28 1:46:14 2007
Name:Stephen Cassivi
My Question is:If you have information regarding Cassivi family geneology please contact me. I am the grandson of Louis Armand Cassivi and the great-grandson of William Cassivi of Cap-aux-Os. Si vous avez de l'information au sujet de la famille Cassivi, s'il vous plait, me contacter a l'addresse - Je suis the petit-fils de Louis Armand Cassivi et l'arriere petit-fils de William Cassivi - les deux nes a Cap-aux-Os. Merci d'avance; Thank you.

Saturday August 25 4:43:41 2007
Name:kelly White (nee Assels)
My Question is:How do a get a copy of Paul Almond's Isabel movie? Help! Thanks again, Kelly

Saturday August 25 4:18:00 2007
Name:Kelly White
My Question is:I was advised that Kevin Dea written a book called "Welcome to Port Daniel West and The Golden Land 1866 - 2006" Does anyone know how I can get a copy of it. Thanks in advance, Kelly

Saturday August 18 22:35:41 2007
Name:Viola Alcock
My Question is:Hello I am looking for some help finding information about my maternal grandfather and other ancestors. My grandfather was Napoleon Sylva Bourget and was born in Perce in 1903. His father was Louis Bourget born in Perce in 1856. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Monday August 13 19:46:00 2007
Name:Darlene Ouellette-Richardson
My Question is:looking for relatives of the suvivors of the Carricks that shipwrecked at Cap des Rosiers in April 1847. My great grandmother Lucinda O'Rafferty & her 5 siblings, parents Felix Patrick O'Rafferty & Nellie McCormick all survived. Just visited Cap des Rosiers community, lighthouse & monument first wk in Aug. 2007.

Friday August 10 4:30:46 2007
Name:Nancy L. Vertz (Wertz) Wirtz)
My Question is:My 3ed great grandmother Was Angelique (Archange) Boulay . She was living in Montreal, Canada When she met & married my 3ED great grandfather Jacob Wirtz (Wertz (Vertz)from Aarau, Switzerland, He was born in Circa 1789/90 He join the Regiment of Meuron in 1812 at the age of 22, He came to QucBec, Canada in 1813 with the regiment. Archange Boulay & Jacob Wirtz married 07-14-1816 at the church of christ at Sorel. They had between 13 & 17 childern but only 3 suvied the rest died shortly after there briths. There only son who suvied was Jacob Wirtz (Wertz) (Vertz) was my second great grandfather who married Rosa Lefebvre-Boulanger born 02-28-1813 daughter of Joseph Lefebvre & Jospehte Fortier From lower Canada. Jacob Wertz &Rosa Lefebvre married on 01-08-1837 at St David, Quebac, Canada. They had between 10 & 13 children. All of them came to america between 1849 & 1851 Inculding my 3ed great grandfather Jacob Wirtz (Wertz) (Vertz). There was no MENSION OF HIS WIFE Archang Boulay coming with so i asume she had died befor then in Canada. She had a sister who married John Leckinger who also was a vetern of the regiment of Meuron & came to Canada in 1813. He married Charlotte Boulet (Boulay) of Montreal. Canada 05-07-1816 in Laprairie at the church of christ. THEY HAD A DAUG BORN 1820, BAPTISE 06-22-1820, A SON Jean BORN 1823 BAPTISE 03-07-1823 AT Yamaska, daug Archange born 1824, Jean born 08-30-1824, baptise 10-03-1824, daug Marie 10-23-1825, baptise at Saint n 1831Frederic de Drummondville, Canada, daug Sophie born 1827 daug Angele borN 1831 Archange, Marie, Sophie & Jean died in childhood John Leckinger & Charlotte Boulet died in the spring of 1842 in probably tragic circumstances. Two minor childern became the wards of Jacob Wirtz (Wertz) (Vertz). Can anyone tell me who the parents of Archange Boulay (Boulet) & Charlotte Boulet (Boulay) were and any thing beon them. I think they started out from france e mail me at thanks Nancy L. Vertz Green Bay, WI

Sunday July 22 19:50:10 2007
Name:William Flowers
My Question is:I would like to correspond with descendants of Alfred Thompson and Catherine Girard. Please email me. Thank you!

Thursday July 19 14:37:28 2007
My Question is:hello i was wondering if anyone could help me, i have traced my gggrandfather William LePoidvin born about 1801 from Guernsey, Channel Islands. he came to Shigawake and married Mary Ann Johnson. if anyone would have information where he came from in Guernsey or who his parents were or the parents of Mary Ann Johnson i would be very grateful thank you

Tuesday July 17 19:47:15 2007
Name:Alan Mealey
My Question is:Hello, I am contacting you from Scotland regarding the shipwreck of the Barque Bristolian on 23 November 1880,at Anticosti Island, my GGGrandad John Edwards died of exposure on the shore at anticosti, Does anybody know of a Cemetery on Anticosti or of any sailors graves on the Island, and where would a death be recorded in that region, my family have tried to find his last resting place for over 120 years now so can anybody help us please, Regards Alan

Saturday July 14 21:29:53 2007
Name:Sheila Douglas
My Question is:Hello from Montreal - I am not sure this is the best site for my question but maybe someone can help/direct me in some way regarding two paintings which I believe come from the New Carlisle region and are signed by S.V. Cattermull. Would apreciate any information re sourcing this artist. Good day to all - look forward to some news if it is out there. Thanks

Thursday July 12 20:15:50 2007
My Question is: Hello, I live in Detroit, Michigan. I am seeking any information about the Alain Family from the Gaspe area. I am descended from Honore Henri Alain, born in 1836, and his wife Hortense Marie Bond. Are there any living Alain's in the area from this family. Thank You, L. Emond

Thursday July 12 13:28:57 2007
Name:Anne Smith
My Question is:I am trying to help a cousin fnd information on an ancestor born in Escoumins or Escouminac Quebec. His name was Jerome Henry Cote born Dec. 1862. He lived in Vermont before 1900.

Tuesday July 10 23:34:48 2007
Name:Annette Kign
My Question is:I am looking to find out any link or connection to my Native heritage. I was told there was Native blood on my great grandfathers side. His name was Noe Charron married to Alice Charron. I believe they lived in Poltimore. I would like to obtain my Metis status card but have tried in vain to find the Indian connection to link it all together. If anyone out there has any info please do email me at anytime, it would be much appreciated! Many thanks and have a great day, Annette (Leblond) King Ottawa Ontario

Tuesday July 10 18:01:13 2007
Name:Michele Kelly (Nee Jacob)
My Question is:I am looking for information on the family name 'Beaudin' in the Gaspe area. There were a number of children, Corona, Regina, Albertine etc....... Regina Beaudin married Frank or Francis Blair or Belair. (1905 - 1923) Albertine Married Rene Chapelle. From what I understand Frank (driver) and Regina were traveling in a car and were there was an accident with a train. Regina's parents were killed. There was a baby in the car which survived. This would have occurred between the 1920's and 1930's. If anyone has any information about this family it would be appreciated. Michele

Tuesday July 10 13:45:46 2007
Name:Barbara Huard
My Question is:I am looking for any HUARD'S in PASPEBIAC who might be able to help me. I want to find my living relatives there. Any descendants of Romain Huard (1869 to 1936) I beleive that the descendants of Romain's son DAMASE HUARD (1901-1979) may still live in Paspebiac. His childrens names were Abel, Ludger, David, Noel,Leonard and Hazen. I have never met them but have a fabulous family website on the internet complete with many old photos of thier ancestors that I think they would love to see. If anyone living in Paspebiac reads this that can help me to locate them I would be so very grateful! My email address is I live in Bali, Indonesia, formerly of northern Ontario and my grandfather was Romain's son but he left Paspebiac at a young age and never returned. Our family would very much appreciate if anyone could help us to locate these people. Thank you Barbara

Saturday July 7 23:13:40 2007
Name:Evert L. McCallum
My Question is:I am going to Gaspe on July 20, to specifically look into my Mother's family as I am doing a family tree which I started a few years ago and am going to finish it now. My Mother's name was Jane Huntington Girard, and her Mother was Mary Ellen Regina Sullivan. My Grsnd-fsther was Thomas John Girard, son of John Thomas who married Mary Plourde, and he was the son of Thomas John Girard who married Martha Lucas in Malbay 1823. I am related to the Sullivan's, Huntingtons, Flower's and Le Gresley's, Journeau's and others from the Port Daniel, Shigawake and Paspebiac area etc. I hope to meet many distant relatives on my hunt this summer. Evert L. McCallum

Monday July 2 20:16:57 2007
Name:Catharine Smith
My Question is:I am trying to find out as much about my family history as possible. If anyone has any information please email me. My fathers name was Donald Alexander Smith born Jan 24, 1935 Shigawake, QC died Feb 19, 1996 his fathers name was George Smith 1888-195?'s his mothers name Rita Katharine Smith (Huntington) 1903-1988. I would love to trace their history for my children back to when our family first landed on the coast & where? Thank you kindly for any responses/information leads to this email. Cathy

Sunday July 1 23:21:47 2007
Name:Lani Baker Mitchell
My Question is:I've created a web site (genealogy & photos) and am missing information on my great Uncle Charles Albert Baker b. April 1 1876 in Gaspé, married Elena White at St Patrick's Church in Douglastown on Nov 5 1922. Charles died Feb 23 1929 and is buried at St Albert's Cemetery in Gaspé. I know more nothing of Charles and Elena other than this information. Does anyone have more information, photos, documents????Did they have children? More information on Elena White? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

Tuesday June 26 0:06:23 2007
Name:Laurent Tardif
My Question is:I looking for information on my grandfathers (Paul-Emile Samuel) father, Horace Samuel and mother Elisa Briand (Samuel). Paul-Emile was born here in Rivere au Renard, Gaspe, Quebec in 1900. 11 of April. Thank you Laurent Tardif

Wednesday June 20 14:21:54 2007
Name:Mary Gonder
My Question is:I have tried to reply to Lorraine Marie at but the email address doesn't work. I have information regarding the Fox Bay settlers.

Friday June 8 10:08:31 2007
Name:Kem Farr
My Question is:I am looking for info on Alvin Simpson born 19 Mar 1905 and probably in Rosebridge and probable son of Charles Fredrick Simpson. What I know for sure is that he moved before 1928 to Boston Mass and my father Charles Harold Simpson is born in 1929 and shows up on 1930 census. Alvin Simpson shows up as from Canada and his wife Irene shows to be born in Nova Scotia. My father said his father was born in Quebec. This Simpson family probaby involved in the SAint Matthews Methodist Church. There was a marriage into the Rabey family who originated from the Channel Islands and lived close by in the 1881 Gaspe census. My father Charles Harold Simpson I suppose was not too close to his father as he probably was not with him due to a divorce and I have only met my father one time In Weston, Ontario. My father holds dual citizenship. Alvin Simpson Name: Alvin Simpson Arrival Date: 13 Aug 1937 Port of Departure: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Ship Name: Evangeline Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts Microfilm Roll Number: 427 The above may be a ship rec from a trip to his wifes family house or something.

Thursday June 7 23:16:40 2007
Name:Connie Dunn
My Question is:Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche de mes descendants,famille Roberts et Bourgaize de Gaspé à Ship Head. Leslie Roberts époux de Gladys Bourgaize. Gladys Bourgaize est décédée très jeune en 1932 environ. Les parents de Leslie Roberts se nomme Samuel Roberts et Hannah Roberts nés en 1874 et 1860. Merci de me revenir si vous avez des informations.

Friday May 11 16:35:50 2007
Name:Michael Thompson
My Question is:Hello, I have been researching my family heritage and have run into numerous stumbling blocks on my father's side of the family. My mohter is Beatrice Patterson - I have no problems here thanks to some excellent work by the Pattersons in keeping accurate accounts of all relatives and relations...if only the Thompson's would have done this, my job would be complete... in Canada at least. My father is Alfred Thompson (born August 03,1944) - he has three living sisters (Ola, Jan, and Bridget) and one deceased brother (Zeno) - their father was William Thompson who was married to Mary Rooney - his father was also Alfred Thompson (born around 1880) who was married to Catherine Girard (who I believe was also born around 1880). It is at this point where my journey becomes foggy. I have heard that my original ancestor was a survivor from the shipwreck of the Carrick of Whitehaven which brought up on the rocks off the coast of Cap des Rosier. This ship wrecked in 1847. I can't locate a passenger list or a list of the survivors to confirm there was even a Thompson there at all. In researching the Thompsons in the Gaspe region (specifically in the Douglastown and Haldiman areas) there are records of them being there in the early 1700's or maybe even sooner...that is 100 years plus before the wreck of the Carrick of Whitehaven. So, if there was a Thompson on that ship that survived, did he seek out an area (Douglastown, Barachois, Haldiman, etc.) where other Thompsons were settled after coming up on shore in Cap des Rosier because the location of these two regions aren't exactly next door to each other?? I know that fisherman assisted in saving the survivors of the wreck and I know that there were plenty of fisherman in the Douglastown area so I guess it is possible although from the people I have spoken to, the fishermen wouldn't normally fish up there...they would head across to Grand Greve if they were to travel to fish. This all leaves me confused and seeking out answers. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike

Tuesday April 24 0:52:40 2007
Name:pierre lelievre
My Question is:Je voudrait savoir la généalogie de moi Pierre Lelièvre née le 7 mai 1981 à l'Hôpital de Maria ,fils de Monique Poirier née le 10 janvier 1958 et Alain Lelièvre née en 9 mai 1958. Plus précisément du côté des Lelièvre à Partir de mon père. Merci!

Monday April 23 21:31:20 2007
My Question is:Je recherche jour, endroit où ma grand-mère maternelle est née. Son nom est Rose-Délima Cronier(Crosnier), née en 1877.Elle s'est mariée à Guillaume Duguay, le 22 octobre 1906 à Newport. Ses parents sont Jacques Cronier et Adéline Grenier,de Newport.Merci pour la recherche

Sunday April 15 6:42:53 2007
Name:Lamarre, lisa
My Question is:I am looking for siblings who were adopted from the Gaspe area born in the '50's & 60's. I know they exist from records at Le Centre Jeunesse, however my birth mother refused to sign papers to contact them. She died this February. I know I have a brother born in 1963. I was born in 1965 at Hotel Dieu in Gaspe. My surname listed as Lamarre on my adoption records and it really was my mother's surname. She adopted out many of her children. The siblings she kept & I know...I cherish them. Proof that genetics plays a part in who you are. When I met them in my 30th year at a reunion in Gaspe, I felt as though I've know them forever. Anyone with info, please contact me. Also, I'm interested in info about a STANLEY MCCOY. Also I cannot find my family geneology past a certain point. I'm stuck at Pierre Lamarre who married Louise Vallee. Her parents were Francois Vallee & Lise Stevens. Who is Lise Stevens? Pierre & Louise married in Perce, August 12, 1830. merci/thanks

Monday April 9 23:55:25 2007
Name:leblanc ?
My Question is:born about 4-10-59 chandler hospital. adopted from st. josephs, gaspe about 7-59 seeking parents or relatives for medical reasons.

Monday April 2 20:19:37 2007
Name:Bernard Carroll
My Question is:I am trying to find information regarding my grandmother. She was born approximately 1875-1880 in Matapedia area. Her name was Matilda Martin and I am told that she was of Indian Heritage ( Micmac ). She came from a large family and in early 1900's moved to Escuminac, New Brunswick. She married my grandfather, Michael Jimmo and had 12 children. I don't have much more information. Thank You Bernard Carroll Ottawa, Ontario

Monday April 2 19:55:17 2007
Name:Laurel Dobbs
My Question is:Looking for my my brotherin law born in St godfroie born December 1947 or 1948 PaulEmile Cayouette jr. Father same name if some know him a lot ofthanks if thay can lite me know his mother name Therese Beaudet we wood like to find his we fond out two years now thank you very much

Monday March 26 17:19:34 2007
Name:Mark Graham
My Question is:Did you know Rita Ellement? She was born in 1925 in Douglastown and left Gaspe in 1948/49. She may have worked at a hotel from 1945-1948. I am conducting a genealogy project and would like to speak with anyone who remembers Rita Ellement. Please email me even if you only have a fleeting memory, or even if you know someone who might have known her at that time. She may have been dating a soldier. If you know who that person might have been, also, please email me. I can be contacted at Thank you. Mark Graham

Wednesday March 21 16:28:06 2007
Name:marlene Dupre' Hyde
My Question is:Hello, My grandfather was Amede Dupre' (Dupuis, Duprere?) born in Fox River about 1898, brother Arthur, father Edmond, mother Blanche ? Bond. Would anyone have any info on any of these names. Thank you. Marlene

Wednesday March 21 11:54:23 2007
Name:Maurice Englehart
My Question is:I am resubmitting this e-mail under a different e-mail in the event that a reply may have been junked in my other e-mail address and I might have missed it: "I am trying to find if their is a relationship between Alexander Joseph (Sandy) Leblanc (Married Annie McAskill) born Feb 20,1865 died April 20th 1931 and Octave LeBlanc (Married Emer Belzimer Sequin) born Feb 17, 1842, died Jan 31, 1915. They both came from Carleton, Que. I would apprecite any help anyone might give me." Maurice Englehart

Monday March 19 12:01:33 2007
Name:Maurice Englehart
My Question is:I am trying to find if their is a relationship between Alexander Joseph (Sandy) Leblanc (Married Annie McAskill) born Feb 20,1865 died April 20th 1931 and Octave LeBlanc (Married Emer Belzimer Sequin) born Feb 17, 1842, died Jan 31, 1915. They both came from Carleton, Que. I would apprecite any help anyone might give me.

Saturday March 17 12:53:16 2007
Name:R. Grant
My Question is:I am looking for a brother and sister by the names of CYNTHIA LEE HUNT (CHARTRAND), born sometime in October 69 and JAMES WILLIAM LEWIS HUNT (CHARTRAND), born sometime in July 67. Their mothers name was Carol Yvonne Chartrand (Nee: Hunt), born sometime in 1948. Carol lived in Brandon, Manitoba. Carols parents were Lillian and Claude Hunt. Last know address for Lillian and Claude was 242 13th St. East in Brandon, Manitoba.

Wednesday March 14 13:45:18 2007
Name:O'Neil, D.
My Question is:Je cherche à compléter la fiche du mariage de GALLEGHER, Laetitia et DUMAIS Denis célébré à ST-CHARLES DE CAPLAN abt mars 1920 et avancer dans la généalogie de chacun des époux.

Monday March 12 18:34:21 2007
Name:Pierrette Bouchard
My Question is:I am looking for descendants of Mary Galligan (Gallaghan) from Ireland who arrived in Canada in 1847 on the boat Carricks which was shipwrecked on Cap des Rosiers' shores. She was one of the survivors and about 14 at the time. She married a Mr. Francoeur.

Monday March 12 12:19:46 2007
Name:John Reifel
My Question is:Baby Shumway was born August 27, 1949 in Detroit, MI. He was adopted John Reifel. He would like to locate his mother or relatives only for medical purposes.

Sunday March 11 23:04:12 2007
My Question is:We are beginning to trace the family of Douglas and Theresa Thompson who lived in Haldimand Gaspe Quebec in 1911 son Llyod born 1909 Any one know how to get Census results for 1921 Thanks Robert Thompson Grandson

Monday March 5 19:19:20 2007
Name:George & Jackie Inama
My Question is:ggggrandfather Edward Milligan & wife Elizabeth Ho(a)lliday from kirkcudbright, Kirkpatrick,Dumfries-gallawy,Scotland,son John Milligan, wife Lucy Woodman, Children: Lucy, Agnes, John Eli,Jonathan, Jane, Mary Ann and Robert Edward. ggggrandpa Milligan lived & owned a farm in the New Richmond, Cascapedia St. Jules area. Homestading sometime between 1778 & 1820. Looking for maps and land records, photo's of their holding for a book i am writing on the Milligan/Martin Families.

Tuesday February 6 18:06:09 2007
Name:fortin georges
My Question is:for try fortin genealogy from google

Wednesday January 17 12:10:11 2007
Name:yvan fortin
My Question is:oui ton grand-pere se nommait elisee fortin une famille nombreuses,nous ne sommes pas de la meme branche de fortin notre ancetre etait julien fortin,le votre a toi de faire des source de nos ancetres est l,islet me souviens qu,a noel nous et beaucoup d,autre se courtissait dans le rang pour faire la fete et manger des choses delicieuses

Wednesday January 17 4:14:48 2007
Name:Lorraine Marie
My Question is: Searching for descendants of the Fox Bay Settlers who left Anticosti Island in the late l890's and settled in Dauphin, Manitoba and some in Garland, Manitoba and others further north in Manitoba. They were accompanied by Rev. Dr. Griffith of Quebec. We have some descendants buried in a private cemetary in Garland (Mrs. M. Stacy, Mrs. Daniel Whiting, Daniel Osborne). They died of Typhoid fever in Garland, Mb. Any further info would be very much appreciated. We have a short history on these settlers in the Garland History Book but would like to know more about them. Thank-you in advance.

Saturday January 13 10:46:33 2007
Name:Lisa Barnhart
My Question is:Hello, I am researching my Mother's family from the U.S. and want to plan a trip to Gaspe. Her Father's name was William Thomas Cunningham b 1886 and died in 1952. He married Marion Akred from St. Clair Michigan and settled there. All of his family remained in Canada. His Father was Thomas Daniel Cunningham born 1847,died 1925, married Eliza Morgan of Newfoundland in i876 (she was born 1852 and died in 1929). They Lived in Newfoundland breifly with their 6 children and then moved back to Gaspe. I know the first generation was James Cunningham a united Empire loyalist and first master of the Cunning(ham)? family to settle in Gaspe and arrived in 1786. He settled in Haldimand(?) on lot No 8. His land was a government grant by the honorable John Collins. He built his home on a point near the St. John River. James was a farmer and a fisherman and owned at one time 700 acres of Land. The sit e of his old homestead is occupied today by Frederick Cunning a great grand son of James. Please, please email me if you have any information that could help! There is confusion as to the real family name..Cunning or Cunningham??? Were they of Scottish decent? I know very little about my great grandmother Eliza Morgan. Is there a Vital records site for Gaspe? Thank you!

Friday January 12 0:10:56 2007
Name:Lorraine Marie
My Question is: I have just started a family history search on my maternal grandfather, Guillaume Alfred Langlois; also known as William or Willie Langlois. He is the son of Alfred Langlois and Marie Anne Michel. He married Albina Dereche on August l3th, l9l3 in Port Daniel, Quebec. Whatever information you can give me will be appreciated as my mother, Claire Ida, has forgotten a lot of her family history. Thank you kindly in advance. May God bless you!

Thursday January 11 18:17:46 2007
Name:Donna Beauchamp
My Question is:Hi, My grandmother was Eva Sherar Stewart from York, Gaspé. Her brother was Melvin Stewart. Her mother was Florence Christie Stewart. Does anyone know Eva's father's name? Or the names of Melvin's wife and children. Eva's grandparents were Charles Stewart and Margaret Starnes. Would like to hear from relatives or people with linking family trees. Love this site. Thank you. D.

Wednesday January 10 17:48:57 2007
Name:Ashley Fortin
My Question is:I was wondering if someone may have any info on Fortin genealogy (Napolean Fortin married to Amelia Roy originally from quebec, canada).. i've been trying to sort my family genealogy out for 3 years and i'm very interested in it just kind of came to a rut.. if anyone may have any info or even ideas of how to continue my search please email me thank you for your time. sincerly, A. Fortin

Saturday January 6 2:34:47 2007
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for information on Boucher, Girard, LeMesurier family. My grandfather Albert Girard was from Barachois and my ggrandfather was also I believe. My grandmother was a henley. Thank you.

Tuesday January 2 0:56:33 2007
Name:Liz McGregor, New Carlisle, Quebec
My Question is:I am looking for anyone who may have any information on one Wilfred Mcgregor and Bertha Thibeault..married and lived in Sandy Beach, Quebec raised 16 children. The "a" in Mcgregor was removed at some point in the family history, so there may be a mix up in information. According to my father Hector McGregor, his great grandfather was born in Barachois, Quebec...his name being John Thomas McGregor or Macgregor..John's father apparently died on his way from Scotland. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Friday December 29 10:37:20 2006
Name:Morris Patterson
My Question is:Photos of headstones have been taken at most of the local cemeteries in and around Gaspé. Included are photos from all of the non-catholic cemeteries from Cape Cove to Shiphead. Three of the Catholic cemeteries, Gaspé, Douglastown and St. Marjorique, have also been completed. These photos have been compiled on CD and DVD. Would you like more information about this photo album? Contact

Thursday December 21 10:27:10 2006
Name:Yvan Fortin
My Question is:I don't know why I wanna know but I'dlike to know My father was in St-majorique , Gilbert Fortin his Father was Elise I think , and he was married to Andrea Dunn from Cap des Rosiers . I'm just trying to match things up in my mind . regards YF

Thursday December 14 12:50:17 2006
Name:theresa chicoine
My Question is:i am looking for Delilah Bourgaize originally from Grand Grave, She was in Gaspe until 1977

Monday December 4 8:02:02 2006
Name:marie houldridge
My Question is:hi i am looking for information about my mother and her family in gaspe. my mother is buried in the catholic graveyard in gaspe her name is Amelia Mcintyre (Jacques) sister to Alfred. father Arthur Jacques. she died 16 years ago i have aphoto of her grave. it is on a hill overlooking a large lake. it is black marble and has both her married and family name on it. i would be greartful for any information with regards Marie

Tuesday November 28 23:39:24 2006
Name:Paul McKettrick
My Question is:I am looking for information about my father's family - the Mckettricks. They were from Barachois. My father was born there in 1902 and kleft when he was a teenager. I believe that we are related to the Tapps from the sdame area. If you have any information, please contact me.

Monday November 27 21:03:37 2006
Name:Sandra Jean Malley/Mallet/Mallais
My Question is:Hi there...I'm attempting to obtain information on several of my ancestors who were from the Gaspe area. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I have some distant cousins up there somewhere: My 3rd Great Grandparents Jean Baptiste Mallet b: Pabos, Gaspe, 1742 d: Shippagan, NB 1808 Marie J. Duguay (Mallet) b: Pabos, Gaspe, 1751 d: Shippgan, NB 1830 My 4th Great Grandparents Francois Mallet b: France, 1702 d: Pabos, Gaspe 1752 Madeleine Larocque (Mallet) b: 1731 d: Paspebiac, 1816 Renee Duguay b: France 1710 d: Pabos, Chandler, Gaspe 1776 I also have other named family connections to Chatham Head, Saint Isodore, Prince Edward Isle, Pochmouch(?), Shippagan, Port Royal, and Isle Saint Jean(?) It would be wonderful to make conact and possibly share information Thank you...

Friday November 24 16:31:30 2006
My Question is:Does anyone reading this posting know anything about JOHN HUNT he was a fisherman in the 1777 census stated he had 2 ships and 8 servants. He never claimed land in his name but his Son's have. Please if you know any details about our lost John I would like to hear from you Thank You for your time

Wednesday November 22 3:54:26 2006
Name:Pauline Rehaume
My Question is: Hi I ask about the Deraiche, Daraiche family and I did not get an answer. My grandfather Michel Deraiche or Daraiche was born in St Adelaide de Pabos Gaspe. My family and I would like to know the nationality of my grandfather. Was he a native. Thank you

Tuesday November 21 21:46:58 2006
Name:Pauline Rehaume
My Question is: I am searching for my nationality. My grandfather Michel Deraiche was born in St. Adelaide de Pabos. I want to know if the deraiche are descendance of native. We are related also to Daraiche. His brother Oscar Daraiche wrote his name differently. I speak the French language and I am able to write in French. If anybody knows about the deraiche family and their nationality I would appreciate their informations. Thank you Pauline Rehaume.

Friday November 17 4:04:29 2006
Name:Nicole Paterson
My Question is:Came across this site trying to find a Lee Edward Paterson or Patterson. He was born on April the 13th cant remember the exact yr but I'm between 37-39 yrs old now. I believe he grew up in England then moved to the Toronto/Ontario area with his parents, they have since moved to the BC area, while he remained in guelph.. I've lost touch with him and really need to contact him..If you have any information please let me know..Much appreciated, thanks

Friday November 10 17:09:10 2006
Name:Cindy Nelson
My Question is:I am looking for the family of CHRISTINE AUGUSTINE DERAICHE. She was born @ 1884 in Port-Daniel and died 28 Feb 1920 in Manistique, Michigan. She is my great-grandmother. She came to Michigan from Port-Daniel, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada. She has one surviving daughter, my grandmother Letitia Violet (Terrian) Colegrove. I believe her parents were Alphonse DERAICHE & Eloise LANGLOIS. Her paternal grandparents were Honore DERAICHE & Louise POMMIER. Her maternal grandparents were Romain LANGLOIS and a ROUSSY. I believe Christine had a sister Louise who married Abel ALLAIN and a brother Andre who married Louise Roussy. Any information would be welcome. Thank you! Cindy Nelson

Monday November 6 20:26:00 2006
Name:Lucie Champagne-Collins
My Question is:In the 1901 Canadien census I found Joseph Collin (b Feb 20, 1845) and his wife Rosala ??? (b Apr 2, 1852) The first child listed is Eugin (Eugène ?) born in 1880. The others are Narcisse (1882)Charles (1883) Orelia (i885) Delima (1895) and Archie 1897). I am trying to find both set of parents, and their wedding date, in order to "fit" them in the Collin's tree. Thanks in advance Lucie

Tuesday October 31 0:02:04 2006
Name:Olivine Eve
My Question is: I have come to a dead head in my family tree project. My great-grand-father, Jacques-James EVE also known as REEVES, from Grande-Grève and Cap-Des-Rosiers, was married in 1860 to Angelique Fournier from St-Majorique. It seems that he had been married previously to a Ann FINNIGAN or FLANNAGAN,( place and date unknown). Any info concerning this first wedding or the FINNIGAN family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! N.B. My great-great-grand father's name is Jacques Thomas EVE, born in Saint-Remy (France) and married Olive BOND from from Grande-Grève in October 1827

Thursday October 26 23:41:43 2006
Name:Lucie Champagne Collins
My Question is:I am looking for the weedding date of Jacques Collins(Jacques and Louise Rehel )amd Genevieve Chouinard (Pierre and Louise Dunn)They has nine children born in Grande Rivière PQ Thanks Lucie Champagne Collins

Saturday October 21 17:31:14 2006
My Question is:I am looking for information on DORIS LILLIAN TAPP nee HAWKSWORTH/BROADHEAD, she left England in the early 1940's and married a farmer (I think) in sask. I believe that she had a daughter in 1946. After this I have no idea what happened to her. I believe she was born around 1920. Please contact me if you have any information. Many Thanks Jennie

Sunday October 15 11:46:10 2006
Name:fortin caroline
My Question is:je recherche des infos sur les fortins de cortereal et leurs origine et leur affiliation avec les amerindiens merci des infos (surtout cesaire fortin)

Sunday October 15 11:40:27 2006
Name:fortin georges elwood
My Question is:quelqu,un a-t-il l,histoire des irlandais de st-majorique

Wednesday October 4 22:01:22 2006
Name:Jane Fitzgerald
My Question is:I am looking for the decendants of John & johanna Fitzgerald who emigrated to Meridan Ct Us from Ireland on c 1863, they had several children including James Patrick Michael Hanora and John

Tuesday October 3 11:05:04 2006
Name:christine stanley
My Question is:which branch of the stanley,cortereal gaspe ,fontenelle,

Sunday September 24 13:16:28 2006
Name:Scuddy Fontenelle. III
My Question is:Re: Geneology of the Fontenelle Family, Bernard Fontenelle, siblings, or of the French Naval Luitenant Jean Batiste Fontenelle to Louisiana territory in 1752...looking for ancestry...ThaNKS

Sunday September 24 12:03:02 2006
My Question is:re:le e-mail est merci pour les renseignements parce que langlois prepare ,je pense quelque chose sur le sujet en question

Tuesday September 19 14:27:48 2006
My Question is:I have lots of names ,dates etc. on Fred Stanley that George Fortin wanted but when I tried to e-mail him,I got a notification failure. George ,je des dates,noms etc pour toi sur les Stanley.J'attend ton e-mail!!!!

Sunday September 17 21:22:42 2006
Name:Amelia Sweeney
My Question is:If you have any information on either of the two following families (or descendants thereof), please email me. Their names are: Thomas L'Italien (husband of Marie Anne Levesque) Lina Lefrancois Gordon (Wife of James Allen Gordon) Thank you.

Wednesday September 6 0:44:06 2006
Name:Claude Leboeuf
My Question is:Who was Marie Tapp AKA Tartre. She was born at Riviere aux Renard around 1876

Monday September 4 19:20:51 2006
My Question is:I am looking for Kevin who's last name used to be Omerod. He was adopted and moved somewhere in the Gaspe. He was about 13 or so when he moved there in approximately 77' or 78'. He is mixed race with red afro hair. He was an extraordinarily handsome kid in a very striking way. Certainly not one to be overlooked. I would appreciate any information on him. I just want to know where and how he is.

Saturday September 2 23:06:04 2006
Name:Gail Tomchishen
My Question is:I am looking for info on Frances Xavier Cronier also on Cronier Street and is there a Cronier living on Cronier Street. My grandfather was born approximately December 12, 1886 in the Gaspe area. I have no info on his parents.

Sunday August 20 21:53:06 2006
Name:Janet Lyons
My Question is:I am trying to add or update some family info on the database but am having a hard time. I noticed that the record for Laura Grace CUNNING and Neil STANLEY ends in 1900 after the birth of their first two daughters. My grandmother was her 3rd daughter and i can fill in the data for the next 100 + years but don't know how to do it. I have info for their children and their grandchildren and g-g- grandchildren etc. So if anyone knows how I can reach Curtis or andy Patterson please email me, thanks

Sunday August 20 19:02:20 2006
Name:Janet Lyons
My Question is:I'm looking for any family memebers in Gaspe as my great grandparents were from there. My grandmother was Ada Ememline STANLEY and her parents were Laura Grace CUNNING and Neil William STANLEY. She was from Haldimand I think and he was from Fontenelle. Laura Grace's parents were George Henry Cunning b 1840-d. 1909, and Rebecca Gault 1847-1903. She had siblings named William Wilfred, Robert Wallace, Natheniel, George Edgar, Mary Jane, Arthur, and Eva Mabel. On the Stanley side I don't have much info other than the names William, Henry, Neil, and maybe a surname of Adams, (Tom Adams?) If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, thanks in advance.

Sunday August 20 18:08:49 2006
Name:fortin georges
My Question is:je cherche des stanley de st-majorique surtout mr fred stanley qui a eu 4 enfants,sherman pencer irma marjorie ma mere quia marrie raoul fortin en 1939 et est morte a la suite d

Wednesday August 16 1:28:30 2006
My Question is:my grandmother was susan thompson from barachois her father was oliver thompson married to katherine girard from douglastown iwould like to know if any one would have any info on where the thompson's originated from .thanks glad to hear from any one with this knowledge

Friday August 11 19:08:06 2006
My Question is:I am trying to find information on my great-grandmother, Jane or Mary Jane LeMarquand, married name Brotherton. She was born in Gaspe about 1851, and married John Adam Brotherton. They immigrated to the United States, first in 1880's to Minnesota, then to Superior, Wisconsin in the 1900's. She is listed in the Superior City directory in 1924, along with her oldest son, John Joseph Brotherton, called Howard. There is no record of them after 1924 in any of the U.S. census information. Is it possible they came back to Paspebiac, or other area of Gaspe? Anyone having any information about these two family names, please email me. Thanks/Merci!

Wednesday August 9 23:04:17 2006
My Question is:Je recherche Francois xavier Poirier¸marié à Philomene Ayotte ils ont déménadés avec leurs enfants à Fall Rivers .Mass us ils sont nos g-g parents si quelqu'un pourrait nous donner des informations Merci à l'avance.

Tuesday August 8 21:36:07 2006
My Question is:i am looking for any information on my mothers family her father was ferdimand leduc her mother was dilia jacques for our family history any information could you please let me know thank-you

Tuesday August 8 18:39:26 2006
Name:Ron Woodman
My Question is:The first Woodman that came to the New Richmond area was a Jonathan Woodman, married to Mary Oswald Ramsey McCormick. I have not been able to find the birth date, death date and place of burial for both Jonathan nor Mary. I would also like to know if he was a Loyalist, or did he come directly from Europe or elsewhere.

Tuesday August 8 0:46:53 2006
Name:Georgie Mallais
My Question is:J'aimerais connaître mes ascendants à partir de François Mallet né en 1702 environ à Pabos, Pasbébiac; son père serait de Bouillon, évêché d'Avranches, merci! Georgie

Tuesday August 1 22:43:30 2006
Name:Terry Dranitsaris
My Question is:I am trying to help a friend search her family genelogy. Her families are from the Micmacs of Gaspe and the names that she is searching for is >>> , Nancy du plessis who was married to Elezeaur Manseau Le Journelier ( 1860 time frame) also Ludivine Manseau (1917) Billeau (Brill) Dupuis time (1897). These are the names of families that she is a decendant of. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday July 29 13:47:11 2006
Name:G. Mallais
My Question is:Je suis à la recherche des mes ancêtres et en faisant mon arbre généalogie j'ai remarqué que le tout premier de la famille Mallet, Jean était de Pabos ou Paspébiac dans les années dans les années 1800 et + Auriez-vous des renseignements sur ce Jean Mallet ? Merci Georgie

Saturday July 15 16:35:31 2006
Name:BJ Sturman
My Question is:Hi I am looking for any info on John Joseph Boucher. He lived in the Gaspe area with his grandmother, last name Gallant. I really don't have more info on him other than his birthday may be Nov 21, 1949 or 1950. I do know in the late sixties or early 70's he went to work in Ontario at Albert's meat market. If you have any info please contact me. He also susposedly got married about 1973 to a woman named Linda.

Thursday July 13 23:18:38 2006
Name:Erika Lewis
My Question is:My great-aunt Hilda Grenier was born in England in 1800's, was a dresser to Queen Mary (grandmother to present Queen Elizabeth 2) and went to California to work in the film industry. Any further information would be most welcome. Thanking you in anticipation.

Thursday July 13 15:01:40 2006
Name:Denise Roussel
My Question is:My grandmother's name is Annie Lavalee she married Napoleon McKinnon i am trying to find out my grandmothers and grandfathers ancesters

Tuesday July 11 16:40:40 2006
Name:Fred Sennette
My Question is:Any info reguarding Horace Joseph Sennette (synnott) born Dec 1904 would be appreciated.Left the Gaspe' region as a teenager possibly.Thanks.

Tuesday July 4 14:36:45 2006
Name:Mélanie Daoust
My Question is:Hello, I'm looking for information about my great-great-mother Marguerite Caron, who is born in 1875 in Paspebiac. After that, she married my great-great-father Jean-Baptiste Belcourt (I don't know where). I just know they moved eventually in Montréal around 1900. If you have any information about them, I will be grateful. Thank you for your help. Mélanie Daoust

Tuesday July 4 0:12:49 2006
Name:Georges Collins
My Question is:This time I am writing to ask ANYONE who can have only one name like (COLLIN with STEEVENS)from start of Canada till 1919 to take a small minute to answer Genealogy Bulletin Board.Take a look at the STEEVENS Association and collin association!I just want to know about our family who is installed in Grande-Rivière;Cap-d'Espoir;Gaspé;Ste-Anne-des-Monts;etc...It's impossible to pass away. Truly,very truly yours!!!! Georges

Monday July 3 21:16:34 2006
Name:Georges Collins
My Question is:Suite de la page du 03-07-2006 Enfants de Jacques et Malvina:Jean-Jacques né 09/08/1877,marié à Malvina GRENIER née 22/09/1880 à Newport.Se sont mariés à Ste-Germaine de Gascon le 08/08/1904.Elle était la fille de Docibhé GRENIER et Basilice LANGLOIS.Ils eurent :Ernest ???;Robertine née 07/06/1907 mariée à Léon BOULANGER;Alicené??;Marthe-Elise née ??;Hector né 30/01/1912 et marié à Agatha DUMAS;Hectorinenée 5/8/1914;Nellie née 26/06/1916 mariée à Michel James Bouchard;Yvette née 18/8/1918;Léonard 25/2/1920(vétéran 2e)marié à Marie-Reine ???;Henri né 18/1/1922;Germaine née 20/7/1924;Carmelle né 9/6/1926;Autres?? Alice-Victoria née 3/8/1879 mariée à Wilfred AHERN :??:;Wilfred était le fils de Philip AHERN (1854 à 1939) et Mary Margaret CARBERY(5/03/1902).ILS eurent des jumelles dont Lina Irène AHERN;Albertine ou Robertine;Agnès-Isabelle Ahern née en 1901 et décédée 20/01/1935;AUTRES?????:Pierre-Arthur Théodule et ??? eurent plusieurs enfants et entre autres:Lauretta née???;Irène(BERTHA)née???; Marie-Reine née ???: Magella né ??? et autres???:;Edouard né 17/2/ 1884 et????? Francois-Xavier né 22/05/1891 à St-Joseph de Cap-d'Espoir et il s'est marié à Chandler le 9/04/1919 avec Marie-Flavie-Laura LAVOIE née le 27/11/1902.Elle était la fille de Joseph LAVOIE et Flavie MORIN de La Malbaie,comté de Charle- voix.Ils eurent deux fils:Joseph-Jacques-Edgar COLLIN né 08/05/1924 en la Pa- roisse de La Malbaie de Charlevoix:Parrain:Edgar LAVOIE et Marraine:Marie-Anna FORTIER,(époux)Tous deux de La Malbaie.:Joseph-Georges-Paul COLLINS né le 27/04 1943 en la Paroisse de St-Georges de Jonquière:Parrain Paul DESFOSSES:Marraine Jeanne MARTEL.:Basile né ???? Femme??? enfants???:;Achille né?? épouse ??? LELIEVRE en???,née???. En ce qui regarde Xavier le 5e enfant,LUI+EDWARD+BASILE changerent leurs NOM de Famille pour COLLIN(S) donc COLLINS. Il existe un livre très important:Les Registres de la Gaspésie 1750-1850 par le Père Patrice GALLANT.J'aimerais le trouver. EN PASSANT NOUS N'AVONS PAS DE SANG INDIEN NI N'APPARTENONS A UNE TRIBU. Loin de moi la PHOBIE des Races ou Autres.Si j'avais du SANG INDIEN de quelque tribu j'EN SERAIS TRES FIER!!!A ceux qui peuvent comprendre. Aux descendants Indiens de toutes nations je dis:"Le ciel est bleu et les prés sont verts et giboyeux".Georges COLLINS

Monday July 3 19:50:59 2006
Name:Georges Collins
My Question is:This letter is the continuity of the first wrote the June 25/2006. I recived partials informations but they go like this:IN FRENCH: Jacques Colin né ??,s'est marié en ?? à Geneviève CHOUINARD née en 1803.Elle décéda en 1890.LISTE PARTIELLE DES ENFANTS: Jacques COLLIN né 9mars 1848 à Grande-Rivière s'est marié à St-Joseph de Cap- d'Espoir le .23 oct. 1876 avec MalvinaSTEEVENS né à Grande-Rivière en 1853. Puis la liste est assez éparse:Ambroise né ??,marié à Elisabeth CLOUTIER le 08 janv. 1877:;Philippe né ??,marié à Elisabeth GRENIER le ??;;Francois né ?? marié le 24 juin 1879 à Brigitte STEVENS:;Daniel né le 16 fév.1843 marié à Elisabeth Collin le ??:;Sylvestre né le 24 janv. 1846,???:; Charles ??:; Baptiste??:;. Jacques COLLIN maria Malvina STEEVENS née en 1853,à St-Joseph de Cap-d'Espoir le 23 oct. 1876.L'épouse était la fille de Pierre STEEVENS et Rosina ou Reine BEAUDRY de Grande-Rivière.Ils eurent: Jean-Jacques; Alice-Victoria; Pierre-Ar- thur Théodule; Edouard (EDWARD); Francois-Xavier(mon père); Basile et Achille. Ambroise et Elisabeth CLOUTIER eurent:Georges;Geneviève;Elisabeth;Léda; possi- blement d'autres enfants. Philippe et Elisabeth GRENIER ont eu un fils:Jean-Philippe;possiblement d'au- tres enfants. Francois et Brigitte STEVENS ???? Daniel et Elisabeth COLLIN eurent un fils:Daniel; Sylvestre:?????? Baptiste: ??? Autres????? A SUIVRE SUR AUTRE

Saturday July 1 1:16:55 2006
Name:Debbie Black
My Question is:Good Day I was wandering if you can help me find my grandfather his name Peter Evanchuck born april 25/1911 or april 27 1911. He lived in Montreal in 1945. His mom and dad are Dora and William Evanchuck. Peter Evanchuck has three children Sonja, Shirley and Peter. I have never meet him. I was wandering if he is still live. Thank you for your help. His granddaughter Debbie

Wednesday June 28 17:49:42 2006
Name:Gwen Jezni
My Question is:I am looking for relatives to Willie (Reuben) Vibert or Dorothy (Meta)Lemesurier. Specificaly looking for information regarding Dorothy (Meta) Lemesurier mother. As per information known, mothers name was Jane Brown. Anyone having any more information, Ie: mother, father, and or any relation to the micmacs (Mi'kmaq) of Gaspe please contact me. Thankyou. Gwen ( Willie & Dorothy Vibert (nee Lemesurier, relationship- GRANDAUGHTER)

Wednesday June 21 19:41:21 2006
Name:COLLINS Georges
My Question is:Since longtime,I am looking for my family tree in gaspesia and I never founded any writing on.However I have my father date of birth and village and same for grand-father:ex:Father Francois-Xavier Collin borned in Cap-d'Espoir may 22 1891 and in 1919 he married Flavie-Laura Lavoie in catholic church of Chandler. He was the son of J-Jacques Colin and Malvina Steevens.Grandfather borned in 1848 march 09 at Grande-Rivière;He was the son of Jacques Colin (Fisherman of Petite-Rivière) and Genevieve chouinard.His godfather was Daniel Colin and godmother Euphrosine Chouinard.In 1876 october 23,he married Malvina Steevens who was the daughter of Pierre Steevens and Rosina or Reine Beaudry of Grande- Rivière.Grangmother borned in 1853 at Grande-Rivière. With those small informations,I hope that one of your readers will be able to help me finding my roots. My best THANKS to ALL. Georges Collins P.S.As you can read,Surname have change,but in those years much of those persons were unable to sign.We have to do with!

Wednesday June 21 16:16:05 2006
Name:Virginia Sand
My Question is:I have been trying to pinpoint who, in the Albert Family Tree of Paspebiac, has American Indian roots. My grandfather, J.-Adelard Albert of Winslow and Waterville, Maine (U.S.A.) use to tell my mother that his grandmother (in Paspebiac, Quebec) was American Indian. He did not say what tribe. If he mentioned her name, my mother cannot remember it, but the geneology lists a Julienne Denis who was married to Jean Albert, my grandfather's grandfather. My grandfather, J. Adelard Albert immigrated to Waterville, Maine from Paspebiac, Quebec. He married Virginie Delarosbil, whom I was named after. Jean-Baptiste Albert and Angelique Lebrasseur of Paspebiac were my great-great-great grandparents. Perhaps there was Micmac lineage in the Lebrasseur family? I would like to know. My great-grand parents, Jean-Baptiste Albert and M.-Jane Joseph married in 1883 in Paspebiac. Could there have been American Indian lineage from the Joseph family? In addition, my grandmother's parents, Elisee Delarosbil and Angelique Bernatchez, may have Micmac lineage in their family tree. I truly would like to find documentation of my American Indian heritage that my grandfather Adelard Albert talked about. I would also like to connect with any relatives I still may have living in Pasbebiac. Since so many generations of my Albert family and Delarobil family lived in Paspebiac, it would be surprising to me if I was not connected to anyone in the Paspebiac area of the Gaspe even now. Please contact me if you can help me connect with my French and American Indian roots in Paspebiac, Quebec in the Gaspe. Merci beaucoup!

Wednesday May 31 0:22:10 2006
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for the name of a catholic church in Port Daniel, Quebec. If I remember it correctly, it was on a hill. Can someone tell me the name of the church? Thanks for your help.

Saturday May 27 20:14:34 2006
Name:Kim Hogan
My Question is:My family from my Mother's side is from the island of Gaspe. My Granny's name was Victoria Wall and she married Philip Journeau. I would love information on the both of them. My mother and siblings were born on the island and apparently their home is a historical site. I am planning to go to the island this summer or early fall. My mother's name is Amenda. I am trying to find the history of Victoria Wall (she or her family is originally from Cork, Ireland). Any information would be much appreciated.

Monday May 15 23:06:43 2006
Name:sue mcguire
My Question is:Looking for information about Margaret Munro, b. abt 1730 in Scotland. She apparently married a Munro in Scotland and had two children Hugh, born 1764 Ross-shire, Scotland, and a sister, name unknown. After being widowed, she joined her brother John in New York. Later she married Donald Munro in NY in 1774. Donald and John brought their families to Montreal about 1779, and the Donald Munro family went to Paspebiac in 1784. Donald Munro died in Caraquet in 1804. Hugh married Martha Sherar in 1800. I am interested in knowing what happened to Margaret Munro and her daughter.

Sunday April 23 22:18:27 2006
My Question is:I am looking for my birth father. I have been recently told that he is from Chandler, Gaspesie but at the time of my birth he was living in Montreal. I was born Oct.5th 1972. My mother, Rina Hache died at a young age so I did not have the chance to meet her but I have found her family. Unfortunately, I do not have to much info on my father but I hope to one day find him. I know he saw me at birth, he is one of 7 or 8 children. I hope like my mother's family that his family are aware that I exist and would like to meet me. Thanks for taking the time to read my message.

Thursday April 6 14:21:31 2006
Name:Ryan Rehel
My Question is:I am doing a family tree and would really like to have information about the Rehel's. My grandfather came from Bridgeville.I would also like to know if anyone would have a Rehel family crest. Please email if any information. Thank-You! Ryan

Tuesday March 21 6:37:44 2006
Name:James Bowlby
My Question is:I am looking for information about Alice Adelaide Gerard, (1868 - 1944) whose first husband drowned leaving her with three children, Wavey, Alice and Daisy. She went to BC in 1900 and married Henry Fraser. She moved to Vancouver and died there. If anyone knows what her maiden name was, what her husband's name was, or any other background, I would appreciate the information. Thanks, James

Saturday March 11 14:13:14 2006
Name:Georgina B. Shumway
My Question is:My cousin and I plan to travel to the Gaspe area this June to not only see where our grandparents came from but hopefully to find some living family that we are unaware of. My grandfather was Joseph John Robinson, son of Alexis Robinson and Pauline Castonguary and my grandmother was Georgina Villeneuve(Newton) daughter of Jeremiah Firmin Villeneuve and Octavie Bernard. While I have gathered considerable information since originally searching I would be appreciative of any input relative to these families.

Monday March 6 17:09:11 2006
Name:nicole francoeur
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for someone who would be able to identify some very old pictures that i have. These were taken on a piece of "tin" which they used in the old days. They belonged to my grandmother and my aunt thinks they were probably from my grandmother's aunt who was a "Plourde" So the pictures could be of "Plourde", "Francoeur" or "Huard". I can't seem to find anyone who could identify them. The pictures are in good conditions considering how old they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nicole Francoeur

Sunday March 5 16:54:05 2006
Name:Jocelyne (Jalbert)Desrochers
My Question is:I am planning a trip to Gaspe this summer,would like to know if there is any Jalbert Family left there.My Father name was Ernest born in (petite Riviere Du Renard)His father my grandfather was (Hubert Jalbert) married to Zoe(Morin)Jalbert .They left Gaspe to relocate to Northern Ontario,place called Skead.I would like any info regarding this information,Would really appreciate it,thank You.

Sunday February 26 17:04:06 2006
Name:Heidi Kirschner
My Question is:Hello, I am looking for my birth father Jack Chicoine who was born around 1930 and would be about 25 or 26 years old. By adoption papers state that he had one married sister in 1955 and that he was employed in the US Air Force. His father was a garage owner in Great Falls, Montana. He apparently was born in Montana but I have not been able to find any clue in the past 13 years of searching. My birth mother was Annie Guckert of Saskatchewan and I was born on Nov. 30th, 1955 in Edmonton. I believe that I was conceived in Moose Jaw, Sask. around March or 1955. I would appreciate any information at all. Thanks so much!

Monday February 20 12:39:56 2006
Name:Joan Forest
My Question is:Hi.... If anyone could give me information on the Wall family from the Gaspe Coast I would really appreciate it. Also, if you are looking for info on other families, I have information for: Mercier, McGrath, Forest, Senechal, Murphy, Murray, McInnis, England, etc... from Chandler and around. I also have compiled information on the cemetary of Chandler, so if you are looking to confirm a passing, let me know... Thanks so much

Saturday February 4 19:15:23 2006
Name:ronnie chicoine
My Question is:i am looking for any information on my uncle"alan cabot".if you heard of him please e-mail me

Saturday February 4 18:23:52 2006
Name:Debbie Dee
My Question is:I'm having an awfully hard time trying to find out the origins of 4 of my ancestors. Jacques James Henley (Irish?) mrd. 1775 to Catherine-Marguerite Chicoine dit Cotton; Joseph Element born circa 1760 (English?) mrd. circa 1778 to Elizabeth Churchward, aka Ann Leswan; John Dunn (Scottish?) mrd. circa 1782 to Marie-Anastasie Plourde; Richard Francis born circa 1805? (English?) mrd. 21 Oct. 1831 to Genevieve "Jane" Rehel. Does anyone know where these men were born? I would appreciate any information and sources!

Tuesday November 22 10:03:53 2005
Name:J.C. LeBlanc
My Question is:Looking for living ancestors of Felix Honore LeBlanc (Joseph, Cyrille, Marin) of Carleton & Nouvelle. Have completed line back to Daniel LeBlanc. Interested in side branches and establishing contact with cousins. Planning reunion summer 2006. J.C. LeBlanc

Thursday November 10 20:40:27 2005
My Question is:One of my father's ancestors supposedly had a bridge in Gaspe named after him -- Bishop Ross. No first name is known. The story is that the Bishop wanted the children attending parochial school to be able to ride the public school buses. When the school district said no, the Bishop said the buses couldn't cross his bridge. So it all worked out and the Bishop got his way. Does anyone know if there is such a bridge or how I can find it?

Thursday November 10 19:40:52 2005
Name:Ardy Born With 3 Thumbs
My Question is:Looking for a Daniel Laborn born around 1850's. Surname may have also been spelled Leborgne. He was my great grandfather. He lived in NB for a time but I believe he was from que.

Friday November 4 19:17:35 2005
Name:louise c.
My Question is:bonjour! jaimerais avoir de l'information sur la famille de james ou jamie syvret qui a été mariée en 2 noce a une dame verdon ,vardon ou verdun habitait en gaspésie environ percé barrachois il a eu plusieur enfants avec mme verdon j,aimerais avoir un portrait de ma généalogie merci à làvance louise

Saturday October 15 19:02:50 2005
Name:lani baker mitchell
My Question is:Hi..the geneology on this site is great. I'm trying to trace some ancestors back further than the information on that site. Here are some names from the 1880's that I'm trying to gather info on. Jane Costello,Mary Smyth,Michel Castellae,Bridget Farman, Elizabeth O'brien.I'm wondering who they are, who their parents were, etc.I do know who they married and can follow them forward thru' the 1900's, just not back...., any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lani

Monday September 26 6:24:41 2005
Name:Amelia Clark Pelletier
My Question is:While checking marriage bonds at I found the following marriage bond: John Wood Langdon of London, England and Charlotte Eden of Gaspé Basin dated 1840-02-24. Does anyone know who this Charlotte Eden is - was she a sister of John L. P. Eden and Joseph Eden? Thanks for any help with this.

Wednesday August 31 7:20:07 2005
Name:Antony Connor
My Question is:Hi! Looking for some information about my grandfather John (o) Connor married to Beatrix Wilson ... in Co. Cork? time from: 1900 to 1925 Thank's for any help!

Friday August 19 18:57:24 2005
Name:Daniel(Danny) Briard
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for information regarding the Briard family of New Carlisle. My father was from New Carlisle is name was Earl Briard and he had a brother named Lawrence Briard. I was born in Campbellton NB and now live in Montreal working for CN Rail. Both my father and grandfather worked for CN, my father out of New Carlisle was fireman for CN. He was married to Margaret Maloney and lived in New Carlisle. I would be interested in finding out about my cousing Bradley Briard and Orrin Briard which i knew a bit but dont remember their sisters. Also if anyone could help be about the family tree and descendesnt of my garndfather Elias Briard and my grandmother Margaret Maloney. Thank you very much Danny Briard 5515-301 Plamondon Blvd., St-Lamberet Qc J4S-1W4 Email:

Monday July 25 18:34:48 2005
Name:anthony marsh
My Question is:does anyone have info peter marsh married minerva arbour early 1900's or late 1800's they had a farm in cullens brook ,quebec in the gaspe.had son john peter marsh who married elizabeth veronica bliven of albany n.y.about1930,then moved to albany,n.y.john died 1942 elizabeth still living,age 92,any info appreciated,thanks,tony

Friday July 22 7:56:13 2005
My Question is:I am looking for information about my ancestors. The Smith Family of Chandler QC , Michael, Mildred, Bernice and Wilbod Smith. Their father owned a Wholesale Grocery Concern back in the '50's as far as I know. Michael would be approximately 74 yrs old right now. If anyone knows their whereabouts or any information about them please contact me.

Friday July 8 19:25:28 2005
Name:jean-pierre dumais
My Question is: je voudrais savoir de quel endroit sont les ançestres BROTHERTON , Merci !

Wednesday July 6 12:29:48 2005
Name:Mary Lockwood
My Question is:Thank you to all who responded with stories regarding my Mother, Betty Ann Dent, who passed away November, 1999. I have yet to find anyone who will check on the wherabouts her personal belongings -- one or two people have said they would since last November, but as of yet have been unable to do so. I and my three sisters would be grateful if anyone could find any of her sweaters, petit point that she made, or any of her personal papers, letters, clothing, dishes from England, photographs etc. Iheard she did not have her full mental facilities and sold or gave away much of our family history and possessions. Thank you Mary

Wednesday June 29 17:57:54 2005
Name:marilyn banner
My Question is:I'm trying to find out who freda vardons parents were.She was married to james(jimmie )marion from malbaie,if anyone has any information on this person i would appreciate hearing from you ,Freda vardon 1903-1963

Tuesday June 28 4:17:43 2005
Name:Kathie DeLugo
My Question is:Good Morning/Bon Matin! I'm looking for two pieces of information.... My great grandparents were Jean Baptiste LeBrasseur born 7/4/1848 in Paspebeiac, married to Flore Adelaide Ross born 6/6/1858(in Hopetown?). First, I'm trying to find exactly who in the LeBrasseur family had MicMac lineage, if any. Jean Baptiste's parents were Seraphin LeBrasseur and Genevieve Anglhart. And to go back one more generation, Seraphin's parents were Emmanuel Lebrasseur and Angelique Roussy..all in Paspebiac Second, my great grandmother was Flore Adelaide Ross...her adoptive parents were Modeste Duguay, and John Ross. It is believed she was adopted into this family, and I know it's a long shot, but I'm trying to find out her birth name, or family. Any help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!/Merci beaucoup!

Monday June 27 18:06:42 2005
Name:Jacqueline Desroches
My Question is:I am searching for a birth certicate or baptismal registration for a Eugenie Lapointe born on or about December 02, 1918 to Francois-Xavier Lapointe and Henriette Gaumond. She died at about 14 or 16 months old. We are not sure where she died. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Jacqueline

Monday June 27 17:51:20 2005
Name:lucie eby
My Question is:I'm looking for decendants of my Grandmother's side. My grandmother's name was Judith Beliveau, born June 2/1892, in Grande-Riviere, Gaspe. Here is the following sibblings. Antoine, Lucien, Flore, Georges PJ, Andre. All born in Grande-Riviere. Would like to find my cousin's to the following people. Lucien, didn't have any children. Also looking for Tremblay cousin's. My Great Grandmother was Flore Adele Tremblay married to Josephat Beliveau, in Grande-Riviere, Gaspe. She was my Grandmother's mother.

Friday June 24 11:02:32 2005
Name:lucie eby
My Question is:Cape Cove, Gaspe. Is there a Native Reservation in that area. Also for anse aux Beufilf. Trying to find information on both area's.

Thursday June 23 22:29:58 2005
Name:Christine Stanley
My Question is:I am looking for any info about any Gaspe STANLEY'S. William Elias Stanley was my greatgrandfather and I am looking for any information pertaining to him or any relatives of his.

Thursday June 16 6:11:46 2005
Name:joni chicoine
My Question is:hi there does anyone have any info on thte chicoines or boyles or laflammes from malbay and belle anse plzz let me know thnx bye

Wednesday June 8 20:27:48 2005
My Question is:does anyone know anything about the smiths,blanchettes or shaws from grande grave? im looking on info as to who was the first smiths shaws and blanchettes of gaspe.

Wednesday June 8 14:02:39 2005
Name:Jacqueline Desroches
My Question is:Does anyone have info on a Joseph Lapointe who married a Genevieve Laflamme or Lambert on Feb 12, 1884 at St-Pierre de Malbaie Quebec. They had at least two sons for sure. Some say they had 4 sons. but no evidence to support that info. One son was Francois-Xavier born 1889 married Henriette Gaumond. The other one Alexandre born 1890 To Celina Brisson.

Sunday June 5 12:18:59 2005
My Question is:I have been searching my ancestry and have found to be stuck in these two areas. Any help would be great. I am trying to find information on the parents of my great-great grandfather, George(s) Asselin. I do not have his date of birth, however he was married to Elizabeth Trudel who was born in 1821. I found information on her and my great-grandfather Narcisse, b 1872, but at that time, she was listed as a widow. I can't seem to find anything on George(s). I am also trying to find out the parents of Henry Johnston, born 1787, died 1847. He was married to Jane Element.

Tuesday May 24 17:27:58 2005

Sunday May 22 17:16:11 2005
Name:Jacqueline Desroches
My Question is:I am looking for info on my family tree. My ggggrandparents are from around Gaspe. They are the lapointe or Audetdit lapointe. My gggrandfather was Francois_Seraphin Audet dit Lapointe married to Elisabeth Vallee. He would have been born on August 20, 1827 and died november 16, 1907.They were married on April 24, 1855 in Grande-Riviere, Qb. Any info on their children on other relatives would be gladly appreciated. Sincerely, Jacqueline

Sunday May 22 8:15:22 2005
Name:Paul Lemoignan
My Question is:My father tells me there once stood a wooden chapel in New Carlisle, Gaspe, where the my great uncle, Canon Alfred 'Stan' Lemoignan, installed a window as a memorial to my grandfather, John Philip Lemoignan who was killed in a quarry accident in Jersey, channel islands before I was born. I would like to know if this church still stands as I plan to pay a visit. I live in Southampton, England as does my father, Charles who moved here from Jersey fifty years ago with his wife and my two brothers. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Paul Lemoignan

Friday May 20 10:32:49 2005

Friday May 20 9:57:38 2005
Name:Doreen DesRoches
My Question is:I am looking for information on my grandmother's (Florence Eva Ouellette b. May 28, 1907) family. She had one brother (Frank) and four sisters (Maude, Katherine, Carrie and Bernadette). I believe her parent’s names were Francis Xavier Ouellette and Melinda Isabel Olsen and they were married in approximately 1891 in Gaspe Bay South. I have also been told by my mother that Melinda’s father was from either Sweden or Norway and that he was connected with the Olsen Steamship Lines. The Ouellette family moved to northern Ontario (Espanola) in the early 1900’s. If you have any information at all that can shed some light on either Francis Xavier or Melinda Isabel I would be very grateful. Doreen

Saturday May 14 17:03:45 2005
Name:Jim McMurdo
My Question is:I am looking for a link between the Metis/Indian and Duguay. My great grandfather was Jean Babtiste Duguay. He married Elizabeth Allain. My GG grandfather was Alexandre Duguay. He married Genevieve Loiselle. They all were born in Paspebiac, except for Genevieve, who was born in Port Daniel. Both couples had many children. What was/is the name of the Indians in the Gaspe? I have Abenakis, but I am not sure of this. Any information would be appreciated.

Monday April 25 17:40:35 2005
Name:Clare Tapp
My Question is:Looking toconnect with anyone connected to the Tapp family of Gaspe. The site mentioned here is mine, I have not updated in a long while and have much more. To date I have 32,000 connected Gaspe names prior to 1900. Mostly Grande Riviere, Douglastown, Barachois, Perce, Gaspe Village around to Riviere au Renard. Would really appreciate a Tapp connection

Thursday April 14 16:57:28 2005
My Question is:I am organizing a Vibert's Reunion in Gaspe July 31 to August 5, 2005 Reservations are still open at Fort Ramsay - ask for Barry. I am also searching for Viberts who may be descendants of a John Vibert who came to Canada around 1840's. He married a Rehel or Rail and when she died he married a Trudel. I am also looking for the ancestors of a Willy Vibert and Charlie Vibert who lived in Bridgeville. Their father was Philip Vibert who married a Margaret Brown. When Philip died she married John Vardon. I believe they lived in Malbaie. Many thanks Ellen Vibert

Wednesday March 30 17:10:36 2005
Name:Dale Trotman
My Question is:Looking for information on Mary Jayne Stacy (maiden Name) of Lebanon, Tn., married around 1968-69.

Wednesday March 30 17:05:26 2005
Name:Dale Trotman
My Question is:I am looking for information on Nute Trotman, born around 1840 at Fullers Cross Roads in Crenshaw, Al. Like to know the name, location of birth, and year of birth of his father and paternal grandfather.

Monday March 28 19:19:10 2005
Name:Gail Hjlesvold (nee LeMoignan)
My Question is:Does anyone have any information on the LeMoignan family name? I understand my grand parents came from Guernsey, last name LeMoignan; Lemoignan, first name James/Jim, married a lady by the name of Dora- no family last name unfortunately- immigrated to Canada, settled in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Missed the Titantic- advised they took the next sailing ship. "Alfred" seems to be a family name. Any info would help a great deal- vrey curious and cannot find out much as Ihave sketchy family info. Thank you so much.

Wednesday March 16 10:58:23 2005
Name:Susan (Magill) Schaefer
My Question is:Looking for any information on the magill family of metis my grandfather and great grandparents are from this area. My great grandmother is buried at leggats point. Victoria meikle (ggm) is buried beside her sister last name bell Victoria was married to david meikle. I would like to find all relatives in this area. I understand that they came from New York (magill) having landed at ellis Island from Ireland and before that Scotland.

Monday March 14 16:12:02 2005
Name:marilyn banner
My Question is:would anyone have information on: Jacques Syvret wife Nancy Lepage, place belle anse que. Jacques marion, both jacques are from jersey islands.Elias marion wife #1 selina vardon wife#2 Deliha paquet. John William Charles marion wife susan st.croix lived in malbaie quebec

Sunday February 27 7:05:47 2005
Name:Donna Renouf Robinson
My Question is:I have attempted to Email Jacky Renouf. Any Renouf response for any Guernsey Renouf families would be most appreciated.

Saturday February 26 21:52:36 2005
Name:Donna Robinson
My Question is:Mh grandfather was born in Guernsey. His name was George Henry Renouf. I am trying to locate any living family members in Guernsey. I would like to travel to the island to meet some relatives. I think he came to the U.S. on some type of cattle boat. He settled in New Jersey. I think he had several brothers and there was a book written which mentions the Renouf boys, however I don't know the title. Maybe Jacky Renouf is a relative.

Friday February 25 11:44:02 2005
Name:Kim Brotherton White
My Question is:Looking for information about ancestors from Paspebiac,Gascons, and Port Daniel area: Family names: Brotherton, Chapados, Lemarquand - especially looking for any information about Mary Jane or Jane Lemarquand, daughter of John Francis Lemarquand and Marie Delphine Castilloux of Paspebiac. Jane married John Adam Brotherton in 1880, emmigrated to Cloquet/Duluth, Minnesota, and was living in Superior, Wisconsin in 1924. What happened to her and who are her ancestors in the Gaspe?!

Wednesday February 16 13:27:23 2005
Name:joni chicoine
My Question is:hi i just wanted to point out my mistake to everyone that the site i written didnt work i have gotten an email about it thhnx to the one who informed me.. anyways i have a full adress here that someone had wrote into my adress bar and thats how i get in all the time so here it is and im really sorry about that again thnx... http://worldconnect.rootsweb' so plzz try that and if notting happend go to google or some genealogy site and look for a clare tapp and then it says gaspe and quebec genealogy..just look for her name and u should have it ok then thnx sorry again....joni

Tuesday February 15 15:33:42 2005
Name:joni chicoine
My Question is:hi its me again i just wanted to say that if anyone wants to find their family and elder ancestors i have jus the site for u go to WWW.ROOTSWEBS WORLDCONNECTION.COM and i have just found my great great grandmother bridgette element which was my grandfather alan chicoines mother and alan was my dads father.. this is really a neat site so hope u guys finds lotsthis is a site for GASPE and QUEBEC... you will be amazed.. so let me know if u have found any goods ok..i hope this will help u let me know thnx

Monday February 14 20:26:08 2005
Name:joni chicoine
My Question is:hi i was wondering if anyone would have information on the chicoines,boyles,laflammes and johnsons from belle anse ,barachois and st,georges and bougainville rd.. from later dates . my father is ronald chicoine and his parents was alan chicoine and alam chicoine they are both chicoines. my grandmother alma chicoine her father was joesph chicoine and her mother albertine vezina. my grandfather alan chicoines mother was bridgette element and his father was john mother is beatrice boyle and her parents is geraldine laflamme and oswald boyle. now my grandmother geraldine laflamme's parents was rosario laflamme and armande gehu. my grandfather oswald boyle parents was laura rehel and fracois boyle..anyone with information more than that can u please contact me at my email adress posted here thnx..also i was wondering for more info on my boyfriends family the johnsons.. my boyfriend is jason johnson and his parents are joyce johnson and tennyson johnson they r both johnsons.. his fathers parents were maliney johnson and his father was gordon johnson.his mothers parents was bertha lamour and william johnson.. anyone with more information can contact us at the email adress posted plzz mark genealogy in the subject line so i would know what it is and not think its junk mail..thank u.. i want to so a book for our 2 yr old daughter mila johnson..that is joni chicione and jason johnsons daughter..well us who is posting this,, thnx so much anything is greatly appreciated.

Friday February 11 18:37:00 2005
Name:Jacky Renouf
My Question is:I am tracing the movement of Renouf families from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Seeking contact with descendants of any who settled in Quebec and Eastern Provinces.

Friday February 11 17:45:00 2005
Name:Donna Cass
My Question is:I am searching for the "LeLacheur" family in Quebec, Canada. My ggrandfather was Jean Baptiste born in 1864. He had 1 brother James and his father was Jacques LeLacheur, mother was Emilie Fournel, daughter of Jean fournel and Euphrosine Felicite Gingras. They married July 9 1861, St Genevieve de Bastican, Champlain, Quebec. His origins go back to the guernsey Islands, however I cannot go back any further the his father and do not know where he was born. Any additional help would be appreciated. Thank you

Monday February 7 13:48:49 2005
Name:Barbara Maher
My Question is:I would love to exchange any information about the Maher family. I am looking for information about when Mahers arrived from Ireland. I am putting together a Maher family reunion in the Gaspe/Douglastown area July 30th 2005 and hope that all Mahers will take part in the fun weekend planned.

Thursday February 3 18:16:00 2005
My Question is:Looking for any information on Daniel George Seymour born October 25, 1859 to John and Marie-Charlotte Dubois. Daniel was the 11th child and also my great grandfather. I am carrying on with the family tree and would really liek to talk with someone who knows any information. Thank you in advance

Tuesday February 1 2:42:02 2005
Name:don miller
My Question is:hi everyone...does anyone know the wherabouts of any of the walsh's that lived in douglastown....the ones i really want to contact are any of the following....thank-you for any info on these people....alley,donna,martina,suzanne,sharon,roderick,ricky and lenny...

Saturday January 22 2:48:00 2005
Name:D O'Connor
My Question is:O'Connor - Looking for O'Connor's. GGGrandparents Patrick Henry O'Connor married to Kathleen Casey. Children from this marriage, Thomas(b.1890),Eddie(Hilda Corbette),Harold(Anita Morisette),Ernie,Lily,Florrie(Florence)& Mildred. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Friday January 21 14:54:34 2005
Name:Gordon K. Bern
My Question is:I am seeking information about Percy or Mabel Hyman - also William Hyman & Sons - they had 14 stores along the coast headquartered in Gaspe and Grande Greve - they started about 1825 - so any information would be appreciated. Thay were started by my Great Grandfather !

Tuesday January 18 12:37:20 2005
Name:Jason Patterson
My Question is:Hello all!! My family have been in the Gaspe area for a very long time. I happened to come across this site and noticed how many Patterson's there were around this area. I was just wondering if any of these people are relatives of mine. I know for sure that my Great Great Grandfather's name was George Patterson, one of his sons was named Frank (Francis) Patterson. One of Frank's son's was named Alex Patterson (my Grandfather)who served as a Battalion Seargent Major during the second World War. Frank also had a son Keith who I believe still lives in Gaspe. My Grandfather was a superintendant at Gaspe Copper Mines. He had 3 son's, Blaine, Gary (my dad) and Peter, and a daughter Sharon. All of them grew up in Gaspe and had a cottage in Murdochville where they spent almost every weekend. If anybody has any information that would help me trace any of my relatives please e-mail me. I would love to know more. Hopefully this letter finds all of you well and hopefully someone sees this and can help me out. Thanks a lot and hopefully I can run into a relative or two through this. Cheers!!! Jason Patterson Sudbury, Ontario

Tuesday January 11 10:44:11 2005
Name:Willa Sawyer-Ormrod
My Question is:I was born in New Carlisle in 1956. Dad's family were Sawyers and Renoufs, and my mother's family were Caseys and Marshes. My great grandparents on mom's side were I believe from Ireland, greatgrandma being one Alice(I think!) Moriarity. I remember mom saying greatgranpa came from county Cork in Ireland as well. I am now in contact with some people on another site who know more than I do about relations from down home, and any other help I can get will be much appreciated. I tried to contact a "Patti Roe" on here, but my email came back, so if you read this Patti, contact me please.

Thursday December 16 0:49:45 2004
Name:Jo Ann Laberge Boyer
My Question is:Hello All / Bonjour à Tous I am trying to complete my sister-in-law's genealogy so that my nieces Caroline & Stéphanie, and nephew Patrick, will know who their maternal ancestors were. Je tente de compléter la généalogie de ma belle-soeur afin que mes nièces Caroline & Stéphanie et mon neveux Patrick puissent savoir qui étaient leurs ancêtres maternels. I have... / J'ai... Firmin COLLIN (Louis & Alexandrine Desbois) mar.: about/vers 1920 + Marguerite LAPOINTE (Séraphin & Marguerite/Margaret Warren) If anyone has any information on this specific couple and, if possible their parents, it would be greatly appreciated. Si quelqu'un a des informations quelconque sur ce couple en particulier, et sur leurs parents, ce serait grandement apprécié. Many THANKS / Grand MERCI Jo Ann Laberge Boyer

Wednesday December 8 13:07:38 2004
Name:Sylvie Girard
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for any information on John Girard married Martha Lucas at St-Peter, Malbay 1823 Gaspesie.Childs:Elizabeth, Hannah, Thomas, Philip Thanks for any information.

Saturday November 27 13:19:55 2004
Name:Jerry Dunn
My Question is:I am looking for ancestors of Georges TREMBLAY who married Robertina GARRETT in Pabos (Chandler) 13 Sept. 1904.

Friday October 29 5:51:16 2004
Name:Phil Authier
My Question is:Just to add to my message about James Beattie and Rebecca Adams. They were my great grandparents. Dora Julia Beattie was my grandmother. Thanks for the responses already.

Thursday October 28 15:04:31 2004
Name:Phil Authier
My Question is:Looking for any data on James Beattie and Rebecca Adams of Lobster Cover. He was a blacksmith. They had several children in the late 1800s.

Saturday October 9 5:30:08 2004
Name:Karen Loftus
My Question is:I have Remon/Blais/Daraiche connections to Gaspe region. Daniel Daraiche married Clara Remon 17 August 1885 Ste. Adelaide de Pabos. Daniel was the son of Raphael and Victoire (Cyr) Daraiche. Clara was the daughter of James M. Remon and M. Adele Blais. Does anyone know when M. Adele Blais died or who her children married? Karen

Friday October 8 15:18:59 2004
Name:Rosemarie Benson
My Question is:Hi, I am looking for the death date of Sebastien LeBrasseur. He was bn. 3 21 1809 in Paspebiac,son of Emmanuel and Angelique Roussy. He married Modeste Derosby 1 17 1832 in Notra Dame de Purification, Paspebiac. My main lines are Albert,Denis,Duguay,Huard and LeBrasseur. Rose Ashland,MA.

Thursday September 30 11:00:59 2004
Name:Joseph Connell
My Question is:Looking for Birth mother. I was born at Hotel Dieu de Gaspe on March 9, 1965. I was given up for adoption shortly after. My birth name was Joseph Gilbert Kearney. Mother name Guylaine Kearney age 18 at time of birth. Mother has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Father 19 at birth also from large family. His last name unknown. Any information greatly appreciated.

Monday September 13 16:17:03 2004
Name:Mary Lockwood
My Question is:Hi Folks: I am looking for anyone who knew my mother in the late 1980s and/or early 1990s. What makes this difficult is that I don't know what last name she was using - it could be Labrie, Jackson, Clark or something else. She was living with a fellow in Douglastown -- and naturally I don't know his name. My mother's first name was Betty -- she may have been using "Betty Ann". She would have been elderly, overweight and walked with a cane. With darker hair naturally, she was about 5'3" or 5'4", and probably would have called upon the church and neighbours for a lot of help. She used to call herself a "shut-in". My mother had a lot of health problems -- diabetes one of them. She may have been rather demanding. She may or may not have mentioned her 4 daughters. I visited Douglastown in about 1984 and met a few neighbours. I have emailed the city in Douglastown, but no one has ever answered. I was looking for a name of a newspaper that has had to be in business for at least 15 years -- I was hoping to check the obituaries for my mother in the event she has passed away.

Tuesday August 31 14:18:44 2004
My Question is:Requesting any information on the Lepage family, this was my great grandmothers last name before 1900's.

Friday August 13 12:59:03 2004
Name:Caroline Maloney Lemieux
My Question is:Looking for any info regarding great grandparents Michel Maloney married to a Lawrence around 1860's also looking for info with regards to Henry Edmund Mahar married to Elizabeth Finn in 1887. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Looking for ancestors and where they originated from.

Monday July 12 6:53:55 2004
Name:Tanya Ellis
My Question is:My Grandfather is Irby Hall from Gaspe,Uncles are Vincent & Reynold Hall.Any info on my family please E-mail.Thanks

Monday June 28 19:49:11 2004
Name:Ron Fitzgerald
My Question is:I am looking for info on the Fitzgerald's from around the Port Daniel area. My great grandfather William Fitzgerald was born in 1823, died in 1905. Married to Deborah Elizabeth Hall b.1829. d.1907. A grandson Gus Fitzgerald died in a nursery home in Chandler ,Que. at over 100 yrs. old a few years ago. He had a big family and they would be my first cousins. I would appreciate hearing about this family and everything I can about my ancestors. Thanks Ron Fitzgerald.

Saturday June 26 16:24:08 2004
My Question is:I am searching for information on Christi ana CASS b. 1837 in Quebec. She was the daughter of Charles CASS and Elizabeth BUNTON. Elizabeth died and Charles married Diana Hunt, they then moved to the Guelph area, Wellington. Does any one have information on this family?

Sunday June 13 9:21:03 2004
Name:Jan Lupiano
My Question is:Am trying to trace Furlong family from Perce. Michael Percy Furlong (siblings: Wilfred, Carl, Della, Aileen, deceased baby - also named Della) his father Michael James Furlong (siblings: Jack, George, Fred, William, Joan, Agnes, Mary, Edith); Married Eleanor St. Croix) his father Michael George Furlong - Married Ellen Birmingham his father - name unknown came from Wexford, Ireland. This info all came from searching an aunt's memory and some may be missing. Nothing I have mentions a Peter, although she had a tough time remembering all the names and may have missed one).

Wednesday May 19 9:28:05 2004
Name:Tina Lemieux
My Question is:Hi, Does anyone a website other than that could give me some info on Gaspé names and dates? Tina

Tuesday April 27 16:56:03 2004
Name:Morris Patterson
My Question is:I am creating a CD Photo Album of our ancestors. It will include people who lived in and around the Gaspé Bay, in the 1800's, and early and mid 1900's. I’ve also been collecting pictures of the youth of the early and mid 1900's. As well I am making a collection of local scenery and events from the past. A recent addition is a folder of wedding pictures of anyone who has been married for at least 25 years. Do you have any pictures you would be willing to "lend" me for this album?

Wednesday March 10 18:41:50 2004
Name:Richard Loiselle
My Question is:Bonjour ! Je cherche à communiquer avec de la parenté de David Loiselle, né à Paspébiac en 1842. Elle quitta Paspébiac vers les 1870 pour aller travailler à Oconto, Wisconsin. Là il se maria pour ensuite déménager sa famille au Manitoba. Merci de me communiquer les renseignements que vous pourriez avoir. Hi ! I am looking for relatives of David Loiselle born in Paspébiac in 1842. He left Paspébiac around the 1870s to go work in Oconto, Wisconsin. There he married and subsequently moved his family to Manitoba. Thank you for any information you may have.

Tuesday February 17 20:57:31 2004
Name:Bobbi-Jo Sturman
My Question is:I am looking for the birth records John Joseph Boucher. Birth year would probably be 1950-1955. Really don't know much. was born in Gaspe area, roman catholic decent, one of his grandmother's surname is Gallant (not sure of spelling). Not much is known about his parents Thanks for looking BJ

Wednesday February 11 12:13:45 2004
Name:Fernand Janson
My Question is:Je suis à la recherche d'informations sur: JOHN WARREN et ÉMILY MITCHELL (Michel) Gaspésie (1832) Cap d'Espoir. Merci

Friday January 23 14:37:46 2004
Name:Richard Jalbert
My Question is:I am searching the Jalbert family tree, and could use help from anyone with information of the Jalberts from the Gaspe area. My great grandfather Hubert Jalbert came from Petite Riviere au Renard; also my great great grandfather Joseph Jalbert. My grandfather Placide Jalbert was also born here but later moved to Northern Ontario with his family when he was a child. If anyone can help me, please drop me a line. Thanks.

Friday January 2 0:20:39 2004
Name:Barbra Landry
My Question is:We are visiting Gaspe July 2004. Looking for family of: Anglilique Philippe-married Theodore Daigneault in Carleton 1843, mother of Mary-Anne who married Ernest Allard July 1880 in Carleton and were the parents of Corinne Allard who married Pierre Honore Landry August 1919 and came to Detroit. They remained Canadian citizens so all of their children were born with dual citizenship. Other family names are: Bugeald, Richard, Dugast, Bernard, Robichaux, Leblanc, Terroit, Petitpas,Bourg, and back to Rene Landry born in PortRoyal, Acadie 1640.

Thursday December 11 12:47:39 2003
Name:Tom Driscoll
My Question is:my ggrandfather was John Michel, his wife was Mary Quinn. Does anyone know of this family? I found them in the 1901 census. Did John have brothers or sisters in Gaspe?

Wednesday October 15 9:28:28 2003
Name:L A Cogswell
My Question is:LeBlanc Family, Searching for Doreen (Dorinne) Leblanc, last known address Halifax NS in 1952, supposedly form NB,: also Philippe LeBlanc, last known address Halifax 1952, birth place listed as Montreal. It is important I contact these people, daughter born 1952 in Halifax, requires medical history. Any help would be appreciated.Doreen is possibly the daughter of Thomas LeBlanc.Please contact me at all replies will remain confidential as to source .

Tuesday October 7 13:16:05 2003
Name:Bill Charron
My Question is:I am looking for any information on my grandmother who lived in this area. Her name was Armande Francoeur her father was Joseph Francoeur mother was Florida Dionne she had other siblings.She married my grandfather Edmond Charron son of Noe & Alice Charron of Poltimore Qc.Please any information would be of great appreciation thanks Bill Charron

Monday September 29 22:42:09 2003
Name:Morris Patterson
My Question is:Looking for pictures of older people who lived in Sunny Bank in the 20's 30's, 40's and 50's. I am creating a CD Photo Album that will complement Andy's book, "Sunny Bank, Our Ancestral Home". Do you have some photos I can scan for this album?

Monday September 15 18:01:35 2003
Name:lucie caron eby
My Question is:Looking for relatives of judith beliveau married to alfred caron of perce, gaspe. judith was my grandmother and she had a sister named flore, brothers georges pj, andre, lucien, antoine. she was born jun2/1892 in grande-riviere, gaspe.

Monday September 15 17:58:49 2003
Name:lucie caron eby
My Question is:Looking for relatives of my gg grandfather georges-frederic tremblay, married to judith elot julien. I decend from their daughter flore adele tremblay married to josephat beliveau of grande-riviere.

Wednesday August 27 8:10:09 2003
Name:yvette le mieux
My Question is:I am planning a trip to Matane and Mont Louis in mid-sept this year. I am looking for my cousins in this area. My grandfather was Joseph, son of Seraphin, born in 1860 and I would like to locate relatives in this area , the grandchildren of Seraphin (who had 8 children). Thanks to anyone who can help.

Friday August 22 19:38:10 2003
My Question is:Philip Loisel was born in Paspebiac 1n 1809. I'd like to know if he had any children.

Monday August 11 5:51:05 2003
Name:Gail Handleman
My Question is:I am looking for birth records for Xavier Loisel possibly born in Paspebiac Canada in 1880 or 1876. He married a Marieax or Mariaux from the same area.

Wednesday August 6 7:06:55 2003
Name:Francine Tremblay
My Question is:CHANDLER...I am trying to finish my son's family tree book. Need more names and info. Here is what I have. My father is Arthur Donat Tremblay from MOntreal. His parents were Arthur Tremblay and Delina Bourget of Chandler, Gaspe. My great-grandparents were Thelestar Tremblay & Florida Pinet. I know that someone in the family owned a hotel in Chandler (can't remember the name) and a restaurant (Chez Rita). I would love to know more and get in touch with relatives. Can somebody help me? Thank you

Wednesday August 6 7:04:23 2003
Name:Suzanne Van Cleef (nee Howell)
My Question is:Hello, I would really love to connect with folks who knew my family when they were growing up in Gaspe and Sandy Beach. I have a few relatives still living there, but feel completely detached from this beautiful area I still am proud to call my "first home"....Along with my parents (Bob and Vickie Howell) I lived with my great uncle; Ansil Miller and my great aunt; Ida Miller (Howell) for the first year of my life in Gaspe...a woodburning stove to this day, takes me back..My father's name was Robert (Bobby to all who knew him) and he had a twin brother Ronnie. Born in Montreal 1942, but resided in Gaspe as did their 5 bro's and sis's until their teens, they are both gone now, way before their time...any contact is much appreciated! Thank you. I look forward to visiting Gaspe summer of 2004! Suzanne

Sunday July 20 19:24:42 2003
My Question is:Hi I am looking for any relative of my grnadfather ALEXANDRE MALOUIN born Griffon Cove Gaspe March 19, 1894. His fathers name was Bill Malouin. His mothers name I do not know. Bill died before my grandfather was born and his mother remarried a Mr. Gerard. My grandfather had one brother and one sister plus half sister and brother. Grandpa left Gaspe to ride the trains during the depression to find work. He married Ruth Fulkerson, they had four sons Ernest my day, Maurice, Lou and Bob. My grandparents lived in Timmins, Ontario most of their lives, they later moved to Niagara Falls Ontario. My parents live in Niagara Falls Ont. I live in Timmins, Ontario. Thanks for your time. I hope someone can help me even with advise as to how to start looking. Sincerely Eileen Malouin Meunier

Thursday July 17 11:39:02 2003
My Question is:Does anyone have any information on James Girard, married to Mary Sproon. They had a son, John Girard who married Marie, or Mary Lemieux

Saturday July 5 8:26:25 2003
Name:Carol Beene
My Question is:My great great grandmother emigrated to the US after the death of her husband,(? Boulay?Bouley? Boulee?)from the St. Charles area of Quebec to the Woonsockett, RI area in the late 1800's or early 1900's. She had 5 children- Maryanne, Adele, Celanise, Wilfred, and Eva. I am desperately seeking info. Help?

Saturday June 21 1:22:43 2003
Name:Chris Le Moignan
My Question is:I'm trying to track down and buy several copies of the book "Genealogie des Familles Le Moignan, Ile de Jersey, Canada, Etats Unis" It was written by Michel Le Moignan & published in 1972 by the Société Historique de la Gaspésie. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.

Sunday June 8 18:30:41 2003
Name:Patti Roe
My Question is:I have come to a dead end in my research for my Marsh family from Gaspe in Canada. Any help anyone can give will be greatly appricated. My great-grandfather Andrew James Marsh born Aug. 1, 1871 in Canada and died Jan 29, 1940 in Middletown, Connecticut. His parents are George Marsh born in Canada and Eliza or Alice Moriarity born in Ireland. I am unsure of her first name I have two documents for Andrew Marsh and one states his mother's name is Eliza and the other states Alice same last name I am thinking maybe it is a first and middle name. I would like any information about this family. I can not find any records of them such as a census or birth/death/marriage. Any help will be greatly appricated. Thank you!

Wednesday May 21 11:57:22 2003
My Question is:Can anyone please tell me if there is a newspaper for Perce online? I am looking for some obituaries. My interest centers around the ARBOUR family. If anyone has an ARBOUR in their tree, please contact me. Thanks!

Thursday May 8 7:39:27 2003
My Question is:Would anyone know of a person by the name of Jack Chicoine??? He was born about 1930. He was born in the U.S.A., but his parents might have been from the Gaspe Area. He had at least one child who was born in Edmonton, Alberta. This child, a daughter, would, very much, like to know more about her birth family. If you have any ideas of who this family might be, please contact me at the above e-mail address. It would be very much appreciated.

Friday February 28 3:38:44 2003
Name:don delisle
My Question is:ADAMS OF GASPE working on a history book adams of gaspe 200 years following the settlement of adams point(lobster cove) move to st. majorique etc. anyone with info on adams or looking for same and with anything to contribute as to history pls feel free to contact me note have the genalogy from john henry adams to present fairly complete but as with all things in life not 100% so welcome contributions note key words adams (of course) adams point-lobster cove-sandy beach-st. majorique-fontenelle-north west arm-cortreal-rosebridge looking fwd to any contributions or inquires Don

Tuesday February 18 13:30:59 2003
Name:Stephen Walter LeBlanc
My Question is:Searching for relatives of grandmother Abigail Urquhart b.1898 from Barachois married my grandfather Emile Vincent LeBlanc from New Richmond 1918. Moved to Montréal. My father Philippe Edmour LeBlanc b.1926 Montréal Qc.

Sunday February 9 12:23:19 2003
My Question is:My grandfather said he was from Amqui Quebec Canada. His father's name was Philippe Gagne and his mother was Aurore LeBrun. My grandfather's name was Joseph and he had the following brothers and sister: Charles, Louis and Phoebe(?). they came to the US around 1907 in lived in Massachuettes and then moved to New York State. Would any one have any information about them and what was a cultivateur? Thanks Lois

Sunday February 2 19:03:36 2003
Name:David Cassivi
My Question is:My grandfather was William Cassivi from Cap-Aux-Os, Gaspe. He married Margaret Lemieux in 1891.They had 13 children, one of whom was my father Louis Armand Cassivi.His grandfather was Francois Cassivi,(spouse - Angelique Maloney) the son of Antoni Cassivi, from Ragusa, Sicily, the first Cassivi to come to Canada. I would be interested in hearing from anyone connected to that line.

Sunday February 2 18:12:42 2003
My Question is:tapp genealogie

Tuesday January 28 10:05:06 2003
Name:Louise beaudry
My Question is:I have several ancesters born in Lobster Cove, Gaspé. Supposedly this was situated between Adams point and Amelias point. I cannot find any of these places on the map. Probably they do not exist any more and have been replaced by othr names. Can anyone tell me where these places are. Thank you. Louise

Sunday January 19 11:09:59 2003
Name:Rhea Grandon
My Question is:I"m trying to find the exact location of Maria, West Canada in the 1830's. Is this the correct area? My gt.grandfather, Nelson Conrad VanSteenburgh was born 5-1-1832 at Maria, West Canada. He wrote his father's name was Jacob. Any information is appreciated.

Saturday January 4 12:01:52 2003
Name:Shirley Ann Coffin
My Question is:Yes i would like some info on a Earl Godrid White(Coull),b/03/8/1896,please help me about this he comes from Grand Caspedia,his is the grand of James P. Coull & sarah Maria Harrison Coull,he is the son of eva Helena Coull of Cascapedia?if anyone has any info please e-mail,Thanks Shirley Coffin

Thursday January 2 12:45:53 2003
Name:Clare Tapp
My Question is:If you are looking for Gaspe ancestors you might try the link below. I have collected over 14,000 connected Gaspe names for the period 1770-1900+ primarily from the Lands End area of Gaspe. If your ancestors were from the area between Grande Riviere around to Matane you will find some if not all of them here. Most of the entries in this file have documented source records.

Saturday November 23 8:53:57 2002
My Question is:hi,looking for information on a THOMES CAIN,i believe came to gaspe in the mid 1800,s from isle of man,i believe married a ,jess backer father was Josiah Baker?,had a son david b.1868,a son thomes and daughter mary?they went to the usa.could any body help ,thankyou, patrick..

Thursday November 21 12:38:34 2002
Name:Donna Boulay
My Question is:My grandfather was Arthur Boulay and he had a sister named Anita (Neatie). Both lived in Gaspe on or just off Boulay street. Arthur was born in the 1890's and married Alma Comeau. They had two children, Ralph born in 1934 and Eric (Ricky) born maybe 8 or 9 years later. I am looking for any information regarding Arthur and his parents, names I do not know. Arthur and Alma moved to Haldiman and lived in a little house on the river, next to the pump house. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about the Boulay's (last name may be spelled Boulet, my father Ralph spelled his name Boulet)

Friday October 18 17:36:35 2002
Name:George Dufour
My Question is:I am looking for any family or info. of Salomee Raymond, who wed Docitre Tremblay at Matane about 1850 and died in Grosses Roches about 1929. She is my GGmother. Some children were Emile, Eduard, Louise, and Marie Emma, my gmother. Salomee may have been Indian but I find her the daughter of Guillaume and Sophie Otis Raymond. Could she have been adopted? Anything will be appreciated. Thank you, George Dufour in N.H.

Tuesday October 15 22:26:54 2002
Name:Grace M Miller (Penman)
My Question is:I am looking for relatives of Grace, Jeane, Bessie, Edie, Bryce...Miller. Spelling of first names may not be exact. All are from Gaspe area and some are still there. Can you tell me if Patterson's are related?, and how? Mom moved to Montreal and was living there approximatly 1969 when family came from California to visit. Bryce lived in California and was married to Josie. He died some time ago.

Monday October 14 9:33:35 2002
My Question is:Looking for information of Dan & Lena Condo from Maria believe to be Indian had a daughter Bernice who left Maria at 17 and went to Caribou ME Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cannot find any infomation on this family and how many siblings etc.... If Indian what tribe association?

Friday September 27 21:43:39 2002
Name:Eunice Gambler
My Question is:Hi,everyone i am doing research on my family. If anyone has any information they want to share please call/fax or email me. I am searching for my great grandmother her name was Marie Powder(LaPoudre)she was born in the late 1890's she lived common-law with my grandfather Daniel Houle they had a son named Felix Houle any info. would be greatly appreciated

Friday September 27 21:41:40 2002
My Question is:I am looking for any descendants of James HENDLEY/HENLY and Marry HOLLAND/HALLIHAN. James was born 15 March 1822 in St Anne des Monts. He spent many years of his life in Griffin Cove now known as Anse au Griffon. He also sailed from Gaspe to Halifax, so i am supposing he was a fisherman. If anyone knows these names or has any info on these people, also if anyone can tell me the name of the church in Anse au Griffon in the 1800`s Please email me. Thankyou kindly. JoAnne

Friday September 27 9:54:33 2002
Name:Shirley Turpin
My Question is:I am trying to locate information about my grandfather (whom I never met). His name was Joseph Samuel Grenier. Born October 19, 1879 in Gaspe Quebec. His fathers name was John Grenier. His mothers name was Margaret ? . He married my grandmother Elizabeth Grenier (Leblanc) in Timmins Ontario in 1921. They had 15 children ( 10 girls and 5 boys). My mom said he may have been married before and had another son named John. He served in WW1 and was also a Police Officer. He is burried in the Kirkland Lake Ontario Legion Cemetary. He died around 1950 or there abouts. We do not know anything about his family...seems to be a mystery no one ever talked about. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thank you.

Sunday September 1 18:21:39 2002
Name:William Lemieux

Tuesday July 16 14:28:45 2002
My Question is:Am looking for Elizabeth Maloney who married Augustus Poirier, he had a brother Philip and a brother Frank.

Wednesday May 29 17:36:31 2002
Name:Jeannine DeRosby
My Question is:Will there be a DeRosby reunion near Paspebiac in July. My husband's people come from Port Daniel and Paspebiac. We are very interested in attending if there is a reunion

Saturday May 11 6:55:33 2002
Name:della langlais
My Question is:Hi; I am the great granddaughter of mr. George langlois, granddaughter of Randolph langlois and daughter of Zigment langlais ; I am looking for anyone that is related to any of these people . My dad loves to keep in touch with people and I think this would be a great way for people who are related to get in touch with him. I look forward to hearing from any of our relatives.

Sunday April 28 13:01:20 2002
Name:Len Delaney
My Question is:Looking for Delaney's from the Gaspe coast.I have a lot of missing cousins that i would like to hear from. Len D

Wednesday April 10 17:19:04 2002
Name:Gail Tomchishen
My Question is:My grandfather was born in the Gaspe area December 12, approximately 1886. His name was Francis Xavier Cronier. I have no information on his parents or siblings. While surfing the net I came across a site that should 14 rue Cronier and the current owner was Ville de Gaspe and 20 rue Cronier was owned by a M. Earl Rooney. Do you have any information on the Cronier family or the history of how the street came to be called Cronier? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Gail

Monday April 8 21:03:27 2002
Name:Elizabeth Claire Hunt
My Question is:Looking for anyone who may have a family records or Bertha Thibeault married to Wilfred Mcgregor..Married and lived in gaspe Quebec children 16. i would like to go back as far as i can to make a family tree or all their parents and those before.. the same for James Hunt married Patricia Cox 1700's Chandler Que or son James Hunt Married to Margaret roseann Wall

Monday April 1 17:50:35 2002
Name:Claudel Francoeur
My Question is:Je recherche des informations sur les personnes suivantes: Thomas Rooney(James et Jane Moriarty)marié a Margaret Lamb (Laurence et Jane Flynn).James Rooney serait le fils de Laurence et Margaret Heaffy et Jane Moriarty serait la fille de Thomas(Mortough et Jane Kingland) et Malthilda Fox. Je voudrais valider ces informations et en savoir davantage.

Saturday March 30 19:33:15 2002
My Question is:Looking for information on Queripel/Clement(s) family in the 1800's. Mary Jane Queripel was my Great Great Grandmother. She was born 31 October 1861. She married John Clement(s) and they had a son James Henry Clement(s) born 27 August 1886. We believe they lived in Bonaventure County in the towns of New Carlisle, Hope and Paspebiac. John was a cabinetmaker/joiner. We are looking for any information for our family tree. Thank you.

Sunday March 17 8:17:42 2002
My Question is:Looking for Delaney's born in Shigawake and Hope township with ancestorsborn in the 1825 - 1870 years.

Friday March 1 21:00:33 2002
Name:Dorion Family
My Question is:Zephirin Dorion ( Born: August 25 /1864 ) In Port Daniel's Gaspe Quebec. (died April 4 1956 )(he was 81 years and seven months old) Married:January 9, 1899 Philomene Roy (Born: 1880 )Port Daniel's Gaspe Quebec (died August 20/1954 )at age of 75 In Port Daniel's Gaspe Quebec. Children: #1.Joseph Placide Dorion Born: March 19, 1899;Port Daniel's, Gaspe Quebec, Died: 1974 Toronto,Ontario #2. Joseph-Louis: b. Dec 10, 1909, m. Alice Bujold, Campbelton, May 25, 1932; Louis died Dec 29, 1979; (GeorgeAimé and Joseph Louis were twins) Louis's house was just in front of across the 132 road in Port-Daniel. #3. Joseph Aime'George Dorion m.Dec 10, 1909 m. Hélène Duplessis, Atholville June, 20 1935; d. Nov.6, 1976 aged 66. #4Marie-Vitaline,Dorion b. June 3, 1912 m. Joseph-Albert Blais, Feb 9, 1932 and Antoine McInnis, Sept 12, 1949. #5.Armand Dorion ( First Born / Died sometime after he was born ) My grandfather was Joseph Placide Dorion , I never knew anything about his siblings. Like did they had kids, what were there names etc. If anybody could help I would with any information would be great.

Tuesday February 12 15:24:44 2002
Name:Donna Leclerc Sorensen
My Question is:Hello, I recently received a e-mail back from a genealogy site I had left a message. I explained that my Grandfather Joseph Norbert Leclerc(blacksmith) had lived in Gaspe and both him and my Grandmother Elise Marie Babin died of the flu influenza in 1918. What I received back was from the database Canadian Geneology Index 1600s - 1900s was a listing for Leclerc, Joseph Event: Living Year 1891 Place: Caplin River Province of record source: Quebec County of Records Source: Bonaventure Comments: Blacksmith Source: Lovell's Business and Professional Directory of the Province for 1890 - 1891 I tried to find where Caplin River was but could only find a city named Caplan. Is there any connections and is Caplin River near Gaspe? Would there be any other way for me to find out if this Joseph was indeed my Grandfather as the time in history is correct. Thank you so much for even having a GaspeLink "Genealogy" Bulletin Board to be able to post a question. I look forward to hearing back from you, merci. Donna Leclerc Sorensen

Tuesday February 12 15:02:43 2002
Name:Donna Leclerc Sorensen
My Question is:Hi, I have been trying to find information regarding my Grandparents who originated from Gaspe. Both of my Grandparents, Joseph Norbert Leclerc(blacksmith) & Elise Marie Babin both passed away from the flu influenza I believe in 1918. They left behind 11 children, one of who was my father, and he was placed in an orphanage. I have 10 dates for their childrens births, 9 registerd with the parish of St. Charles de Caplan and 1 in the "Registres de New Richmond". My father was a single parent when he passed away in 1970, I was 18 at the time, my siblings younger. My father spoke so lovingly of his home, Gaspe, to us when we were young. It is with much regret that I don't speak french, but have always been very proud of my "French Canadian" heritage. I don't know where else to turn in finding any information on my Grandparents. I believe they would have been born around 1870 and died in 1918. I was hoping someone could possibly help me find out their birth, marriage, or where they were layed to rest. It is like a piece of the jigsaw puzzle is missing and try as we may we just can't complete the picture. Once again the names are Joseph Norbert Leclerc and Elise Marie Babin. I want to "Thank You" for reading this and look forward to anyone who can help me. Donna Leclerc Sorensen British Columbia

Thursday February 7 12:29:23 2002
Name:Kathleen Burnstead
My Question is:

Tuesday January 1 17:03:43 2002
My Question is:Iam interested in information on the Adams family. I have quite a bit of research already completed, but have reached 'roadblocks' and would be delighted to hear from others working on the Adams family. Also interested in information on Beattie/Beatty family of Gaspe.

Tuesday January 1 15:35:31 2002
My Question is:During my research it has been mentioned that there is a family bible of the CASS family in the hands of a family member in Gaspe. In particular I'm interested in the bible of Andrew Cass & Sarah Hunt. I'm in need of the date of birth of their son Joseph/Josiah Cass who married Sarah Bunton. If anyone knows of this, could you please contact me? Thank you.

Sunday December 23 5:31:12 2001
My Question is:The Patterson Clan Newsletter After attending the one-hundredth-birthday celebration of Mrs. Pearl Patterson it was clear to me that our extended family needed better communication channels, so we would be able to keep in touch over the years. With electronic mail so convenient and readily available, I though it would be worth a try. I would like to propose a quarterly newsletter distributed via e-mail. For convenience, copies could also be posted on the web at However, it is evident that no one person could write such a newsletter. It would have to be a cooperative effort of all the families involved. My suggestion is that all descendants of Joseph Patterson of Sunny Bank (B 1871)share the responsibility of writing down interesting family news. Things like births, marriages, deaths, or other pertinent family information, like reunions or other family gatherings, would be sent to me by e-mail. Four times a year I would compile all the information and distribute it to interested family members. If you are a member of the extended family, I would like your opinion. Do you think you or someone in your family may consider writing for the newsletter once in a while? If it goes forward, would you subscribe? Any suggestions??? Also, could you mention this to anyone who may be interested.