Monday December 21 20:10:07 2009
Hi All
With Santa's arrival just a few sleepless nights away, you probably have family & friends visiting. I find that often Christmas time talk will turn to discussing old memories of family. Just to let you all know that Aldo Brochet and I are constantly updating the genealogy web site "Our Gaspé Roots". Have a look at the link to it on this site and feel free to comment, email me additional information,documents, photographs, etc. We haven't done all Gaspé families ancestors yet, but that's our goal :-)...always with your help!
Have a wondeful Christmas!

by Lani Baker Mitchell

Monday December 21 17:05:31 2009
The final event celebrating the 475th ann. of Jacques Cartiers arrival in Gaspe will be held evening of December 31st. location main St. Gaspe. Celebrations begin at 21:15 with a sound and image retrospective on a large screen. Gaspesian artists will then invite people to sing and dance with them followed with a fireworks display at 23:30. Organizers hope to see 5,000 people on rue de la Reine. Among others astronaut Julie Payette will be in attendance.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday December 13 15:46:38 2009
Ivy, I just wanted to add to your latest Gaspe News that my Aunt Jean Eden also had the great privilege of holding the Olympic torch in Summerside PEI.

Thanks, Marcia

by Marcia Eden

Saturday December 12 23:15:18 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller December 11, 2009

Old man winter hit us with a foot of snow ! Everything is like a winter wonderland and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Some belated November birthdays- Birthday wishes to Arthur Boyle of London, Ontario who celebrated his 94th on November 2nd Dawn Rooney of Burlington,Ontario celebrated her special birthday (big 4-0) on November 17th.. Hope you had a great day!

Happy Birthday to the December people- Pearl Patterson of Wakeham on December 1st
Louise Miller Nichum of Denmark on December 3rd Sharon Jean of Gaspe on December 6th Nancy Alexander Rooney of Burlington on December 7th. Barbara Shea Smith, originally from Gaspe but now living in P.E.I. celebrated her 45th on December 8, Connie Steele from London, celebrates a special birthday on December 20th and her brother Morris Coffin on Christmas Day! Art Jones of Moncton will be celebrating his big 6-0 on December 22nd. Krista Assels of Sunny Bank has a birthday on December 26th and Heather Simpson of Wakeham on December 30th Best wishes to all of you!

A very enjoyable afternoon of music, singing, and afternoon tea was held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Gaspe on November 29th. Over $3000 was raised for the local Cancer Association. These funds help to assist people who have to travel outside of Gaspe for treatment.

Our sincere condolences to the family of Bertha Suddard, wife of the late Reggie Suddard who passed away in St. Hyacinthe,Que on Novembr 15th.

Congratulations to Aaron and Stephanie Boyle of London, Ontario on the birth of their first child, a son born on November 25. William weighed in at 10 pounds.
Congratulations also going out to Chelsea and Mike Laurin of Port Colborne on the birth of their third child, a son, Aven Paul. Aven was born on December 2nd ,his great grandmother, Pauline Boyle Pattersons birthday. Aven is a little brother for Avery and Ava. Aaron and Chelsea are the son and daughter of David Boyle of Port Colborne and Christine Pelletier of London, Ontario.

The Church Sales are all now over with each and every one being a great success. Congratulations ladies on all your hard work!

Heartfelt sympathy to the family of Lionel Jean who passed away at the Hotel Dieu-Gaspe on December 1st. Funeral service and burial was at St. Andrews York on December 3rd. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.

Kathleen Clark Shumann came to Gaspe to spend time with her mother who is now living at the Ross Sanitorium and to visit with her sister, Lorna and her husband, Larry in Wakeham.

Wesley and Kelly Eden of Summerside, P.E.I. were very honoured recently to have the chance to hold the 2010 Olympic Torch as it passed through the Maritimes.

Good news for the Gaspe LM Glasfiber plant. They have a new 5-year contract with RePower.

May you all have a very blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. For those of you traveling to spend the holidays with your loved ones may your journey be enjoyable and may you be safe on the highway.

by Ivy miller

Monday November 30 22:16:10 2009
James Baird of Windsor,ON is the winner of the limited edition print, ``La Chapelle a Coin du Banc`` donated as a fund raiser for St. Lukes Anglican Church by Perce artist, John Wiseman. The print was presented to Mr. Baird's sister, Jean Barfoot at the Pre-Christmas Dance held at the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 85-90 in Lachine,QC on Saturday, November 28th. Approximately $600. was raised by the fifty persons who enjoyed the dance and silent auction with volunteer D.J. Gary Mabe providing music and novelty dances. The wardens of St. Lukes would like to thank everyone who helped or attended.

by Shirley Boyle

Sunday November 29 11:15:05 2009
Saturday evening, Nov. 28, the annual Christmas Carol Service was held in the Cap-aux_Os Methodist Church. About 75 people attended and most sang along as the birth of Jesus was played out in story and song. The little church located about 25 km from Gasp has no electricity and hosts but one service a year. Cole oil lamps adorn the walls and a wood fire keeps the little house of worship comfortable. Beautiful decorations topped of the setting and everyone was treated to hot chocolate and cookeies after the service. A unique experience for those in attendance!

by Andy Patterson

Saturday November 28 12:55:34 2009
La societe REpower Systems AG has chosen LM Glasfiber de Gaspe for its production of windmill blades which will be installed on windmill towers in 5 Parcs. According to TechnoCentre eolien this contract will consolidate employment in the plant thru 2015.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday November 19 7:44:10 2009
The investigation of the Wilbert Coffin case is now complete. .

It has taken nearly three years and now I feel confident in declaring that we have gone about as far as we can go in this investigation. Of course I want everyone to realize that no case is officially closed until such time that all elements have been explored. What I am saying here is, we know that there are people out there who have information that could shed new light on this affair and make certain aspects of it a lot easier. For whatever reason, these people have chosen to remain mute, and some of them would have known for the past half century, that had they spoken up, the results may have been a lot different back in 1954.

Most of the people that I managed to track down were very open and helpful and in most cases voluntairly came forward when it became apparent that I was not about to give up. There were a couple of instances in the Gaspe' area where folks chose to slam the phone down in my ear, and inform me that they did not wish to answer any questions about this affair, and to not call back. They need not worry. I have no intention of divulging their names. The offer still stands for them to come forward. They may even discover that it might put their minds at ease, to finally come clean on what they may have known about this case for the past half century.

As most are aware of my web site "Stoddard Online" and if you have followed it for the past three years, you are familiar with the fact that I have outlined my investigation as Lani and I gathered evidence and I published it in story form. I am certain that most would understand there were several elements pertaining to this case that were not written about as I wrote the story on my site. This was necessary in order that I might protect the integrity of my investigation. Assuredly, this information will be made available for the government body making a decision on this case through AIDWYC.

You may have had the opportunity to read my last posting titled "Why The System Failed Wilbert Coffin". A lot of that I had written about in the past, however, certain other information that became available enhanced the original posting. This last posting provides absolute proof of collusion between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States Of America in the final outcome of the "Regina Vs Coffin" case. Both governments were touting the story that if the case did not come to conclusion quickly that it would impede the tourist business to Quebec, when in fact, it had nothing to do with it.

After reading this posting one can understand why they hid certain things for 100 years from this Brossard Inquiry.

I still have a few postings to publish to complete the whole story. Lani and I are presently in the process of preparing our complete package for the AIDWYC lawyers involved with the case. I will be publishing another chapter online in a few days. If you found the last posting startling, I am certain the next one will tweak your interest in a big way as well.

I know that sometimes there appears to be a big gap between postings. I do not deny that. As most know, health issues have really wreaked havoc with me, and so often, I get ready to post and something comes up that enhances what I am planning. At that point sometimes it is necessary to go off in another direction.

We are still proud of the fact that we were able to accomplish what we set out to do with no budget, no staff, no research team, just sheer determination and drive by a couple of people in their quest to see justice done. I feel confident that we are presenting evidence that will have a very positive impact on any decision by government to overturn this case as a result of the application before them.

Again I thank Andy Patterson and Go Gaspe' for always welcoming us on board on your web site. I thank you for providing a direct link to my page from your home page. You only have to click on the "Stoddard Online" tab underneath the headlines on the home page.

Once again thank you and I shall keep you posted of future developments.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

by Lew Stoddard

Friday November 13 16:02:53 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller- November 13, 2009

We are enjoying the most beautiful fall weather for the middle of November wonderful sunny days- which makes it great to be outside preparing for the winter months.

Lena Bourdages, wife of the late Phil Bourdages, who now resides in Quebec City, came to Gaspe with her son, Raymond, in October to spend a week with her son, Gerald. While here she was able to visit with her old friends and have her hair done a couple of times by her favorite hairdresser of forty years. She enjoyed the delicious Harvest Supper in St. Pauls Church hall, one of her favourite functions to attend when she was living in Gaspe. She also did some visiting in Bonaventure and went to see her friend, Martha Carey who lives in New Richmond. She had a wonderful visit with everyone.

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of Roy Touzel, Ruth Fournier Adams, Pauline Adams and Marion Foley who have recently passed away.

At a recent ACW meeting of the Wakeham members we were very happy to be able to pack 24 sailor boxes which were sent out with all the other boxes which were collected from various organizations. These presents are sent to try to help the men and women who are at sea have a little happier Christmas.

On October 25th at a service with Deacon Lorna Baird in St.James Church Wakeham three ACW Life member pins were presented to Margaret Patterson, Paula Shannon and Ivy Miller. This was a very nice surprise for the three of us.

Marilyn and Donnie Whaley from Fonthill, Ontario were here for a week to visit Marilyns mother, Mrs. Ellen Clark, who is in the Ross Sanatorium. While here they had a nice visit with Lorna and Larry Miller.

Get well wishes go out to Alpheus Patterson who recently had heart surgery in the Laval Hospital in Quebec. While in Quebec he had a lot of family members visit him his son, Harold and daughter, Della and his sisters, Dora, Donna, Velma and his brother in law Carter. He was transferred to the Hotel Dieu,Gaspe and hopefully will be feeling better soon.

Happy Birthday to Hayden Sams of York who celebrated his 60th birthday on November 10th. This was the day that the Olympic Flame for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games passed through the main streets in Gaspe- probably the only time we will see such an event here- a great way to remember your 60th birthday, Hayden!

Happy Birthday to those who have November birthdays- Janice Syvret, Pearl Palmer, Glenn Miller, Elizabeth Baird, Roy Coffin, (Nov 2nd) Lisa Shannon (November 3rd) Chris Miller(Nov 4th) Dean Patterson(Nov 12th) Margaret Patterson ( Nov 5th) Lorna Baird (Nov 7th) Linda Mullin(Nov 19th),David Boyle(Nov 20th) Patrick and Paul Clark (Nov 23rd)Craig Carter (Nov 24th) Dawn Miller, Francis Patterson, Marguerite Palmer (Nov 27th) Lowell Patterson(Nov 29th)

This year the Remembrance Day Service was held in Douglastown. Following the service everyone gathered at the Cenotaph in Gaspe for the laying of the wreaths in memory of fallen comrades and loved ones. A delicious luncheon was then served at the Royal Canadian Legion.

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday November 11 11:38:06 2009
Vancouver Winter Games 2010 Olympique flame made its first stop in Quebec at Gaspe Town yesterday. Hundreds of spectators viewed its passage thru Gaspe Streets.
by Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Saturday October 31 11:10:57 2009
Petrolia drilling a new site at Tar Point (L'Anse Au Brillant)close to Gaspe.
You can visit the site at Tar Point November 8th. You must utilize the transport provided which will depart the Douglastown Community Center and the C.E.Pouliot school between 9h and 17h.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday October 28 11:23:46 2009
The Royal Canadian Legion invite the population to participate in the Remberance Day activities to be held on November 11th. A mass will be celebrated at the Douglastown Church time 9h. The ceremony will be held at 11h at the Monument des Braves followed by a diner at the Gaspe Legion.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday October 28 11:13:37 2009
The Olympic flame torch will pass thru Gaspe Town on its journey to the Vancouver winter games. On November 10th the relay will begin at the intersection of Adams and Rue de la Reine to rue de la Cathedrale,Jacques-Cartier and Boulevard Gaspe arriving at polyvalente C-E-Pouliot 13:50H. The flame will be carried by Gaspesien Camille Huard who participated in the 1976 Olympic Games held in Montreal.
by Don Delisle
from the Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday October 23 17:04:23 2009
As a result of drilling a second well on it's Halimand property Petrolia announced it has acquired the shares of its partner Gasterm. It's participation has increased to 65%. Junex retains its shares in the project.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday October 23 15:14:51 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller October 23, 2009

Winter seems to be on its way. This morning the ground was covered with a blanket of the white stuff. Its early but not unusual for Gaspe.

Congratulations to all the lucky moose hunters. Theres seems to be a lot of moose in the woods this season.

Faye and Blair Miller of Guelph, Ontario had a wonderful vacation when they drove out to Calgary in mid September for three weeks. They visited with Judy and Norman McCallum and their family in Calgary and spent a day and night with Scott, Maggie and Maria Miller in Stettler. They visited Banff and beautiful Lake Louise as well as Drumheller. Blair then drove to Gaspe to visit family and friends and enjoyed a couple of days of golf and trips in to the hunting camps.

Belated happy 70th birthday to Albert Patterson of Wakeham. We had a wonderful supper at Heather and Dean Pattersons to help celebrate this occasion.

Tommy Nelson drove from British Columbia recently to visit family and friends in Gaspe. It was wonderful seeing him after so many years. He picked up Herbie Nelson in Ottawa to travel with him to Gaspe.

The delicious harvest supper which was held in St. Pauls Church Hall, Gaspe on Thanksgiving Day was a great success. All proceeds go toward the Greater Parish of Gaspe.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Winnie Fournier who passed away on October 18th at a Seniors Home in Ottawa.

Dennis and Marg Palmer and Berton and Doda Miller recently traveled to Kingston to visit their brother, Cecil, who is in a seniors home and to prepare his mobile home for sale. Ivan Patterson and his son, David from Guelph and Danny Miller from Ottawa were there during that time as well. Upon their return, Dennis and Margs son, Stevie, from Toronto came to Gaspe for a visit with them.

Happy birthday to some little ones who had October birthdays Happy 1st birthday to Ellie Ann, daughter of Bruno and Gina Comeau of Nigadoo, New Brunswick (Oct 15th) Happy 9th birthday to Maria, daughter of Maggie and Scott Miller of Stettler, Alberta (Oct 17) Victoria, daughter of Cathy and Bill Whistle of Guelph, who celebrated her 4th birthday (Oct 18) and to Jack, son of Lisa and John Reilly of Burlington who turns two on October 27th.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Hollie Bourgaize, wife of the late Edwin Roberts, who passed away on October 5th, 2009 at the Laval Hospital in Quebec City.

Good luck to Archie Patterson of Wakeham who will be undergoing knee surgery next week. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Happy Halloween to all!

by Ivy Miller

Thursday October 22 12:00:04 2009

On Friday, Oct. 16, the New Richmond area played host to the annual Eastern Shores School Board Soccer Day. Over 400 students from Grade 3 to Secondary V participated in the event, showing the popularity of soccer in ESSB schools.
New Richmond High School was the host school for the elementary schools, organized by Debbie Mackenzie and the staff of NRHS. This event is a participation event where a student from a participating school is placed on a team with students from other participating schools. This is usually the first experience for many of the students to play in a regular style soccer game. Games were played at St-Jules (Grades 5 and 6 students) and New Richmond High School (Grades 3 and 4). The participating schools were: Belle Anse Elementary School, Escuminac Intermediate School, Gaspe Elementary School, New Carlisle High School, Shigawake-Port Daniel School, St. Patricks School from Chandler, Wejgwapniag School from Gesgapegiag (an invited school), and the host school, New Richmond High School.
The Junior (for students of Secondary I and II) and the Senior (for students of Secondary III, IV, and V) sections of the day were organized by Bonaventure Polyvalent School, with Mr. Guy Gallibois the convenor. These sections of the day are set-up in a tournament format as participating schools send girls and boys teams to compete for the championship of ESSB. The Junior tournament was held at Taylors Point. Gaspe Polyvalent School won both the Junior girls and the Junior boys, championships.
The Senior tournament was held at the New Richmond arena soccer fields. In the Senior girls final, Bonaventure Polyvalent defeated the Gaspe Polyvalent girls. The same two schools played in the Senior boys final with the BPS boys defeating Gaspe boys. Other participating schools in the Junior and Senior tournaments were: Escuminac Intermediate School, New Richmond High School, New Carlisle High School, Queen Elizabeth High School from Sept-Iles, and the Wejgwapniag School from Gesgapegiag (an invited school).
In the Eastern Shores School Board, sports, and other activities, are very popular for all students in both the elementary and secondary schools. The last two events, Track and Field and the Soccer, have seen over 750 participants. This comes from a small school board with about 1200 students that stretches from the Magdalen Islands to the North Shore, the biggest school board in territory in Quebec.
The next sporting event for ESSB schools will be the Volleyball Day. This will take place at Bonaventure Polyvalent on Friday, Nov. 27. This event is for secondary school students and is a tournament format with schools sending mixed teams, of boys and girls, to compete for the Eastern Shores School Board championships.

by Pat Drohan

Monday October 19 23:07:33 2009
Funeral arrangements for Blake Robar: the service will be held at St. Peter's, Malbay at 2:00 pm. Tuesday, October 20th with visitation 1 hour before. Interment following the service in St. Luke's Cemetery, Corner of the Beach.

by Ricky Sams

Thursday October 15 20:40:28 2009
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Blake Robar, late husband of Evelyn Patterson. Funeral arrangements to follow.

by Ricky Sams

Thursday October 15 13:15:36 2009
"Le Corps de Cadets 1933 de Gaspe" celebrating its 50th aaniversary. The 50th Annual Revue was precided over by the founding officer of the Gaspe Cadet Corps M.Paul Leblanc
by Don Delisle
from The Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday October 2 20:33:51 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller- October 2, 2009

Well it is beginning to look like fall is here in Gaspe. Leaves are starting to turn their beautiful crimson and yellow colors and some are falling already. Our days are still quite warm and we hope this weather continues for awhile yet. Maybe the hunters will be lucky in having good weather this year as well as having luck in their hunt.

Barry and Vernice Dumaresq were happy to have their son Michael, Wendy and daughter Kaitlyn here for a visit this summer. They were also here to visit Wendys parents, Eric and Kay Coffin. Barry and Vernices youngest son, Dale,wife Guylaine and son, Leon were here as well. The family had a lot of fun.

St. Matthews Church Peninsula celebrated its 125th anniversary on August 30th with Bishop Drainville officiating. A large crowd attended and a delicious lunch was served following the service.

Happy Birthday to two wonderful ladies in our community - Mrs. Bessie Patterson of Sunny Bank celebrated her 92nd birthday on September 25th and Mrs. Ellen Clark of Wakeham who celebrated her 97th on September 18th. Hope your both had a wonderful day!

The annual W.I. Fair was held this year at St. Pauls Church Gaspe and was hosted by the Wakeham branch. A most delicious dinner was served after the exhibits were viewed and the prizes were awarded. The branch cup was won by Wakeham.

Belated Happy 70th birthday to Linda Patterson (Donnie) of Sunny Bank who celebrated with her family on September 12th. Her granddaughter, Jaime, daughter of Earl and Krista Assels from Miramichi, New Brunswick came to spend this special day with her. We hope that Linda and Donnie are much better now after both not feeling well for awhile.

Amy Madeline Ann, daughter of John and Lisa Reilly of Burlington ,Ontario was baptized by Deacon Lorna Baird in St. James Church, Wakeham on September 13th. John, Lisa, little Jack and baby Amy were home for a month visiting Paula and Rick Shannon and other family members and friends. The weather was great at this time and they had a wonderful holiday.

Congratulations to Stacy and Andrea Patterson of Moncton, Ontario on the birth of their daughter, Haley Marguerite, a sister for Luke, who was born on September 2nd. Proud grandparents are Charles and Aggie Rooney of Moncton and Albert and Elaine Patterson of Wakeham.

Nona and Bill Burness of Trenton, Ontario were home for two weeks in September visiting Nonas sister Betty, other family and friends.

Get well wishes are going out to Murray Olsson of Welland, Ontario who is undergoing radiation in Hamilton Hospital. We hope he will be feeling much better when all his treatments are over.

Linda and Archie Patterson were in the Toronto area for a visit this summer. They went for a week but this stretched into five weeks when their van was hit by a falling branch during the effects of the tornado that hit parts of Ontario. They visited their new granddaughter, Tegan Rose- daughter of Jason and Kirsten, and their grandson, Seth in Milton, Ontario, their son Justin and girlfriend, Sue, in Toronto and Archies brother, Carter and his wife, Sharon in Mississauga. Carter drove Linda and Archie back home, stayed for a weeks visit and then Archie drove back up to pick up their van which has finally been fixed...

Congratulations to Hazel Patterson Boyle who celebrated her 88th birthday on September 28th. Hope you had a great day and best wishes for a healthy year to come.

A speedy recovery is being sent to Larry Miller of Wakeham who just had knee surgery.
Hope he will be up and dancing a jig real soon.

Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank have returned home after flying to Edmonton to attend their nephew, David Maloney and Allanas wedding. They then went to Vancouver to visit their son, Craig and to Kelowna to see Heathers brother Dale and wife, Wanda. Their house overlooks a vineyard and while there Heather and Dean were able to visit the vineyards and test the delicious wines. They had a wonderful holiday.

We are happy to say that at the service held at St. James Wakeham on September 27th, it was announced that Jason Pollick, who a few years ago was here as a student minister, will be our new minister for the Greater Parish of Gaspe. Jason will begin his ministry the first of November and we wish him luck with this new challenge.

by ivy miller

Wednesday September 30 15:34:59 2009
Beginning Sept. 25th the Gaspe Museum has 2 new expositions. "Birds a Feast of Colour and Fantasy" and "Migmaq Scripture"
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday September 30 12:36:18 2009
Record number of black bear sightings reported close to Quebec habitations this year. More than 3,000 sightings reported since Spring compared to 200 to 500 sightings normally. Even if sightings increased this year no need to limit excursions in the woods this Fall states Mr Rioux of Natural Resources.
from La Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday September 26 23:25:48 2009
!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

The first time proud parents are Cora Babcock, and David Carey are please to announce of the birth of their first son,
Cameron Warren Carey, Born on Sept 25 2009 at 11 34 pm, weighted in at 8lbs and 14 oz.

Grand-parent are Lorraine And Mark Carey, From Hamilton Ontario
Carol Babcock, from Oakville Ontario
Brian Babcook, from Missisauga Ont
Auntie Jen Carey From Hamilton Ont
Auntie Jen Babcock and Brad and Cousin Kylie from Burlington Ont
Uncle Jason Babcock Auntie dedra From Oakville Ont
Auntie dedra from Oakville Ont

Cameron Warren Carey welcome to the world with Open arms.

by Lorraine Carey

Tuesday September 22 11:40:36 2009
Petrolia is bringing in a 2nd drill rig for its Halimand site. Situated approx 1km from the present site Halimand well #2 will cost approx $3,000,000.

by don delisle

Sunday September 6 12:04:24 2009
Gaspe 475th standard returned from space. Julie Payette austronaute presented
same at a ceremony held at Place des Retrouvilles
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday August 28 16:17:36 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller-August 28, 2009

A very heart felt memorial service for Gregory Kruse, son of Penny Kruse and the late Ted Kruse was held at St. Pauls Church , Gaspe on August 6th with Bishop Drainville officiating along with Deacon Lorna Baird. Gregory lost his life in Afghanistan, serving his country. A reception was held following the service where everyone was able to offer their condolences.

Donna Phillips had all her family home with her at different times throughout the summer spending time at the cottage in Haldimand and her home in Sunny Bank.

Carley Patterson of Wakeham had lots of visitors this summer. His son, Vernon and Barbara from Manitouwadge , Alvin and Tilly from Manitouwadge and Laughlin from Mississauga.

Barbara and Glenn Patterson from Wakeham had a wonderful holiday in Prince Edward Island this summer. When they returned, their daughter, Sandi, husband Ritchie and four little ones along with Sandis brother Brian were here for a weeks visit.

Victor and Phyllis Miller visited their family and friends in Gaspe for three weeks. They got to see a lot of old acquaintances during Pioneer Days.

Congratulations to Alain Leblanc and Regine Boulay who were married on August 8th. They live in Sandy Beach with their two children, James and Leighann.

Get well wishes to Regent Levigne from Chateguauy who is undergoing treatment. We wish him the best of luck.

Brad and Janice Syvret had visitors, Lynn and Barry Jones from Simcoe, Ontario this summer. They are their winter friends in Florida. Brads father, Ovelan is also here for a visit. Keep looking so young and fit, Mr. Syvret!

Congratulations to Roy and Phyllis Coffin from Nakawic, N.B. on becoming first time grandparents. Their daughter, Wendy and husband Chris who live in Fredericton, N.B. became parents to a beautiful little daughter on July 31st.

Happy Birthday to Heather Patterson (Dean) whose birthday was on August 26th. We celebrated with her at lunch at the Brise Bise. Have a good year, Heather. Happy Birthday also to Heathers daughter, Stefanie, who has a birthday on this day as well.

Wesley and Kelly Eden from Chelton Beach, P.E.I. visited Gaspe during Pioneer Days. They had a nice visit with relatives and friends. Eileen Eden Boulay and John and Carol Eden were also home at this time.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Jimmy Levesque whose wife passed away at the Ross Sanitorium on August 19th.

Our condolences go out to the family of Jerome Rooney who passed away on August 20th at the Ross Sanitorium.

Arthur Boyle, his son Gerald, wife Marggie and their children Thalia and Ryan drove from London to Gaspe in their motorhome . Arthur spend a week visiting with Wayne and Linda Miller while Gerald and Marggie went to New Brunswick to visit her sister. Arthur visited with a couple of old friends, his nieces and nephews and got to see his sister Eileen, who was here on a visit from Vankleek Hill, Ontario. His visit was enjoyed very much by all.

Get out and kick up your heels at an old fashioned Gaspe dance that will be held at the Fonthill Legion with doors opening at 7:00 P.M. on October 17th. For more information please call Barry Davis at 905-732-7497.

Kathy Miller, daughter of Eileen Miller and the late Ronald Miller passed away suddenly in Cambridge on August 22. Our deepest sympathy to all the family.

Jeremy Betteridge, son of Ellen Patterson, was in Gaspe for a week in August visiting family and friends. He is working on his thesis in completion of his masters program at Carleton University while working at The Museum of Civilization. He plans to join a unit of the military in October. Good luck with all your future endeavors, Jeremy.

Congratulations to Pam Simon, daughter of Garfield and Sandra Simon of Wakeham on her recent marriage to Danny Valente of Laval. They were married on August 22nd at Haldimand Beach with the reception being held at Auberge de Commandants.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Joe Patterson of Sandy Beach who celebrates his 99th birthday on August 31st . 99, so fine!

Courtenay, son of Helena and Garry Tuzo and Kristal Peters were married in York Church on August 1. Justin Tuzo was the best man and Kristal's attendants were friends. Sophie Berger was flower girl and did her job very well. Guests attending the reception at the Auberge de Commandants were from Holland, France, India, U.S.A., Edmonton, Calgary, Sudbury, Ottawa, London, P.E.I and Nova Scotia.
Melville and Sueie Mullin were pleased to have all of their family home at this time-Anne from London, Christine, Paris and Alexi from Ottawa and Randy and Valencia from India. Forty three of the Palmer family were together this summer. Reta and two of her sons were here, Mitchell and family from Halifax and Peter and his children from Edmonton. Marina Clements visited from Sudbury. Dennis and Margs sons were also home -Tony and Agnes and sons Brian and Jonathan from Calgary and Stevie from Toronto.

by ivy miller

Sunday August 23 13:32:53 2009
looking for anyone coming down from montreal with empty trailer (min 8'-12') or semi-trailer to load up my apt. and bring it to Gaspe. Looking for the first week of september or around there if so contact me by email and we can figure sometihng out for money and stuff...

by Terry Patterson

Thursday August 20 10:59:08 2009
The Cdn Air Force group The Snowbirds will present their aerobatic show August 26th at 18h over Halimand Beach weather permitting. They will perform over 50 different formations.
from La Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday August 19 11:09:08 2009
100's of Firemen and Policemen converging on Gaspe Town Aug 26th thru Sept 6th to participate in the International Firefit and Top Cop Competions
from La Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday August 16 19:34:47 2009
Twenty-eight persons attended an Evening Eucharist at St. Luke Anglican Church on Thursday, August 6, 2009. The Very Rev. Dennis Drainville, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Quebec, assisted by Deacon. The Rev. Lorna Baird officiated.
During the service a plaque was dedicated to the memory of Doris Mabe Campbell formerly of the parish. Following the service refreshments were served at the back of th church. Collection from the service was shared with The Greater Gaspe Ecumenical Pastoral Care Society. A sincere thank-you to clergy and Verna Chicoyne-Gray the organist and all who attended.

by Shirley Boyle

Saturday August 15 12:15:58 2009
Gaspe 475th annv. flag unfurled in Afganistan by Major Cedric Aspirault originally from Riviere-au-Renard
by Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Saturday August 8 22:25:37 2009
In the latest Gaspe News which I submitted I mentioned how beautiful and handsome the bridal party of Erin Assels and Shawn Rooney looked. I forgot to mention the bride! Sorry, Erin, you and your little flower girls were beautiful too!!!

by ivy miller

Friday August 7 12:38:00 2009
We have been blessed with wonderful sunny weather lately after a very rainy spell. The weather actually changed the day that Pioneer Days opened and remained that way until the weekend was over. Every event was well attended and we saw a lot of out of town visitors. We saw four hundred(400) people go through the gates for the breakfast with the weather being just grand which allowed everyone to eat outdoors and meet old friends. To date we do not know what was taken in but it seems that it was the most successful year yet , with all proceeds going to the Greater Parish of Gaspe. Already the date has been set for next year.

Congratulations to Erin Assels and Shawn Rooney who were married in St. Andrews Church, York on Saturday, July 25th. The ladies of the bridal party looked very beautiful in burnt orange and the guys handsome in their black tuxedos. The reception took place at Gaspe Elementary School. It was very unfortunate that it had to rain but I dont think their spirits were dampened on such a happy day.

Belated birthday wishes to Dayna Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated her 18th on July 16th!

Our condolences go out to the family of Julia Coffin Patterson, wife of Ivan Patterson. Julia was originally from LAnse Aux Cousins, Gaspe, Que. and passed away in Guelph, Ontario on July 16th.

Get well wishes to Roy Jean of Wakeham who was recently hospitalized due to a stroke.
He is now at home and doing better.

On Sunday, August 2nd St. Andrews Church, York, celebrated its 80th Anniversary. Canon Stuart Pike came from Burlington, Ontario to officiate at this special occasion.
He also baptized two babies during the service- Jacob Carl, son of Sarah Hackett and Lorne Jean and Blaire Elizabeth, daughter of Kevin Patterson and Nyree of Kitchener.
The congregation gathered at the York Youth Centre for a luncheon after the service.

A group of old friends gathered for lunch one day at the Bourlingueur and we reminisced and showed off photos of our children and grandchildren. In attendance were Wanda Davis Maloney from Kelowna,B.C., Arlene Coffin from New Brunswick, Helena Palmer Tuzo from Chateguay, Jean Eden from P.E.I. , Beth Patterson from Sarnia, Ontario and Jan Miller of Cornwall who had not been in Gaspe for 27 years, Linda Miller and Ivy Miller. It was nice visiting with you, girls! Happy 65th Birthday Wanda on August 9th!

Archie Patterson of Wakeham was in Quebec City recently to have angioplasty performed. He is feeling much better and is now waiting to have knee surgery sometime in September. He and Linda and daughter, Tammy and sons, Tanner and Ty from Regina, attended the wedding of Lindas nephew Darcy Gray, son of Cathy and Billy Gray of Listiguish. The wedding took place at the Baie Blue Hotel/Motel in Carleton. Curtis Mullin and wife, Lorraine and their daughter, also came from Cambridge for the wedding.

Congratulations to Jason Patterson and his wife, Kirsten of Milton, Ontario on the birth of a daughter on August 5th. She is a little sister for Seth and a first granddaughter for Archie and Linda Patterson.

Lorna and Larry Miller of Wakeham really had their house full for a spell this summer.
Their daughter, Lisa, husband Jeff and two sons, Josh and J.J. and a couple of their friends were here from Seattle. Lorelei, husband, Boris and daughters, Ashley and Brooke from New Market. Louise and husband, Kim, along with Kims son and two of their friends and their son from Denmark and Louises daughter, Cassidy from Barrie were here for two weeks. Marilyn and Donnie Whaley and their son, Stacy, daughter, Melissa and their spouses and four children, Lornas brother, Leigh and sister, Kathleen. They all had accommodations but Lorna and Larrys house was the meeting place. They had a great time being together. Also Lornas cousin, Wendy Patterson with her three children and families visited Gaspe at this time.

Lorelei and Boris Nikolovs daughter, Ashley, had the opportunity to dance at a North American Championship competition in Nashville and placed 9th out of 165 competitors in the Irish Dance. Congratulations Ashley!

Paula and Ricky Shannon have returned from Burlington where they have been for five weeks visiting their family and helping out with the little ones. Nice to see you two, back!

Elaine Patterson(Albert) had a special birthday on August 4th!. Hope you had a very happy one.
Jill & Lani Baker were very pleased that so many Gaspesians helped celebrate the blessing of a new headstone for their ancestor, John Baker (1851-1930), founder of Bakers Hotel & the One Ash Inn. Following the grave side ceremony, all proceeded to the Manor William Wakeham, formerly the One Ash Inn, where a tasty Gaspe salmon lunch was served by chef/owner Desmond Ogden. Mario Mimeault & Fabien Sinnett spoke on the history of John, his hotels and his importance to the economy of the region. With the formal part of the day out of the way invited guests shared memories and favourite stories of their family members who worked in the hotels. Ghislaine & Monique Morin, grand daughters of Arthur Morin, Edna Cunning, the daughter of John Bakers valet, Leslie Thompson, and Judy Lequesne, daughter of Percy leQuesne were amongst those sharing old hotel stories. Baker family & friends, Sydney & Gwen Sams, Gaston Sinnett, Betty & Charlie leBoutillier & many others listened with delight to the tales told by Cecil Reeder & James Keays. It was a day well-spent, sharing old Gaspe memories.

Wesley and Arlene Boyle, their two daughters, Vicki and Ivy have been home for a visit to the Patterson home in Sunny Bank.

David Boyle and Lisa Annett from Port Colborne and Lisas mother, Marlene from Maxville were home for a week at their summer home in Prevel. While here, they had a get together to share photos and reminisce the life of Davids mother, Pauline Coffin Boyle Patterson. We enjoyed our afternoon and shared some touching memories of Pauline.
Theres just not room to mention everyone who was home this summer so more visitors will be in the next Gaspe News.

by ivy miller

Monday August 3 19:01:07 2009
St. Andrew's Church in York celebrated its 80th anniversary on Sunday, August 2. About 200 people attended as Canon Stuart Pike lead the service which included 2 christenings. The service was followed by a delicious lunch at the York Youth Center.

by Andy Patterson

Monday July 27 11:28:51 2009
Gaspe's 475th annv. party held at the municipal park attracted a crowd of approx 20,000. Astronaute Julie Payette was shown on a giant screen unfurling the Gaspe Flag and had a special message for Gaspesians on this special day.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday July 18 11:40:54 2009
Gaspe In Space. Among the items taken on her space voyage Julie Payette has a Gaspe Festival 475 flag given to her by Claudine Roy during last January's Traversee de la Gaspesie.
by Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday July 15 11:46:32 2009
La Course Jacques-Cartier 2009 regatta is the most important nautical event to be held in Quebec in years. From the 20th to 26th of July 454 sailors from different regions of Quebec will set sail for Gaspe arriving in Gaspe Harbour July 24th.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday July 14 15:44:34 2009
An agreement was signed last Monday between the organization committee of the Gaspe Firemen and Gaspe Corporation des Fetes Gaspe 2009 to hold the International Scott Firefit and Topcop 2009 competitions from August 26th thru September 6th in Gaspe. An amount of $15,000 was allocated to the competition by Fetes de Gaspe 2009.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday July 12 14:21:55 2009
Summer is finally here! We have been having wonderful sunny days lately much better for the beach lovers and for our gardens. Lets hope it continues for all our summer visitors.

Mr. Keith Patterson celebrated a very special birthday on June 25th. He turned a very young 90.

Happy 40th Birthday to Kevin Clark, son of Everett and Lorna Clark, on June 21st. Kevin lives in Stettler, Alberta with his wife and two children.

Blenda and Francis Patterson of Edmonton were recently home to visit family and friends. While here, Francis sister, Vera, had a 75th birthday party for him.

The ACW sales have been a great success even though they are early in the summer with Haldimand having theirs first on June 27th and not that many homecomers are here yet. The winner of the afghan ticketed off by Wakeham ACW on July 4th was won by Ada Coffin and the basket of toiletries, wine,etc was won by Colleen Drohan. The winner of the patchwork quilt which was drawn at the York ACW sale on July 11th was won by Marilyn Plourde, the Spiderman quilt was won by Jimmy Levesque and the set of dishes by Stacy Clark. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

Celebrations for the 475th anniversary of Jacques Cartier are continuing throughout the summer. The huge tent which has been erected by Place Jacques Cartier has been filled on several occasions including the evening with Michelle Wright and the Acadian Group 1755 on July 1st and the Kitchen Shakers starring Kevin Mark and Gaspes Dale Boyle on July 4th. Gaspe is certainly seeing a lot of visitors these days. In the daytime it is sometimes impossible to find a parking place.

Todd Miller of Sandy Beach celebrated his 40th birthday on July 10th. Happy Birthday, Todd. It seems like only yesterday we celebrated your 1st! Have a great year!

Mark Carter of Montreal celebrates a special birthday on July 13th. Happy Birthday, Mark and we wont say which special year it is!

Lorna Miller traveled by train to Montreal to bring her three granddaughters, Ashley, Brooke and Cassidy home for their summer visit.

Brad and Janice Syvret have visitors from the west. Janices brother, Rob and his wife, Sheila are visiting from Victoria, B.C.

Congratulations to Sandra White, daughter of Leo and Lorna White of Wakeham, and Michael Taggart who were married on June 6,2009 in Brampton, Ontario.

Maggie Annett and daughter, Maria, Jacinta Annett Donovan and Timothy Ascah are home from Stettler, Alberta visiting family and friends.

Our condolences go out to the family of Mrs. Alma Mullin Alexander who passed away in Montreal on June 26th Funeral services took place at St. Johns Church in Sandy Beach on July 3rd. She was a great lady and will be missed by all.

The family of Bryce Coffin of Halifax was in Gaspe the weekend of June 27th for the burial of ashes of Bryces wife, Shirley Davis Coffin. All of the family four daughters and their husbands and children except for three of the eleven grandchildren were able to attend the service which took place at Christ The Kings Cathedral in Gaspe. Her ashes were buried with her mother and father Lloyd and Elise Davis in the Gaspe cemetery.
Bryces great niece, Lisa Davis, husband Jeff and children, Kiera and Colby from Moncton, N.B. were also here at this time. Shirley will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Congratulations to Darren Langlois, originally from Gaspe and Julie Pennell on their recent marriage in Yellowknife on June 27th. They are now visiting family and friends in Gaspe.

by Ivy Miller

Saturday July 4 11:33:04 2009
The scientific sailing vsl. Sedna IV will be moored at Sandy Beach Wharf all summer. The deck will be open for visting from 10AM thru 16PM every day during the summer months.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday July 1 11:55:05 2009
More than 200 employees protected at LM Glasfiber. The Quebec Govt. has alloted $868,000 to the enterprise to maintain their employees thru January 2010 when they will resume their regular schedule.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday June 25 11:04:30 2009
Gaspe will host the Provincal Swim Competition June 26th thru June 28th. 200 swimmers from 20 clubs will participate.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday June 19 16:43:24 2009
La Ville De Montreal honors the 475th ann. of Gaspe Town. On behalf of all Montreal citizens Mayor Tremblay sent a congratulatory message to Gaspe Mayor Francois Roussy.

from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday June 14 20:31:46 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller June 12, 2009

The sunshine has returned after a spell of very cool, damp weather. Temperatures have been away below average for this time of year. Hopefully the sun will remain shining so our gardens can start to grow.

A belated Happy Birthday to Stacy Patterson of Moncton, New Brunswick who turned the big 4-0 on May 30th. We hear that there was a lot of celebrating going on.

Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Pearl Coffin, wife of Earle Coffin, who passed away recently in Burlington, Ontario.

Happy 75th Birthday to Lindsay Patterson of Sunny Bank on May 31st. Hope you had a nice day, Lindsay.

Our heartfelt sympathy to the family of Shirley Bourgaize Baird, wife of Watson Baird, who passed away suddenly in Quebec City.

Tony Patterson and Edmond Lizotte have moved to Gaspe from Ajax, Ontario and have bought a house in York. We hope they are enjoying their new home. It is so nice to see people moving back to Gaspe instead of leaving.

Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Lewis Mullin who passed away at the Hotel Dieu in Gaspe on June 4th. The funeral service was held in St. Matthews Church, Peninsula on June 09th. Lewis was very involved with the church and will be sadly missed by all.

Deepest sympathy to Billy and Kathy (Mullin)Gray on the death of Billys brother, Ivan. Kathys sister, Linda, and Archie of Wakeham traveled to Listuguj to attend the funeral service on Tuesday, June 09.

Scotty and Suzie Palmer are home to spend the summer months at Sids Kids Place in Wakeham. Suzie's brother, Freddie Patterson is also here at this time.

Billy Boyle is also home to spend the summer at the Boyle house in Wakeham.

We are sorry to hear that Linda Patterson (Donnie) of Sunny Bank has suffered a stroke and is in the Hotel Dieu hospital. Hopefully she will be feeling much better soon.

Happy Birthday to Doug Hedger of Sunny Bank who celebrates his 75th on June 28th. Irma Roberts of Sunny Bank also has a birthday on this day.

The A.C.W summer sales will be starting soon the first one will be Haldimand A.C.W.
which will be held on June 27th in Haldimand Hall. St. James Wakeham A.C.W. will hold
their sale on July 4th in St. Pauls Church Hall- Gaspe.

Deepest sympathy to the families of Georges English and Firmin Fortin who recently passed away in a fishing accident.

York Women's Institute celebrated its 70th Anniversary as an organization with a Wine and Cheese Open House, at the Gaspe Elementary School, on June 14. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Congratulations, ladies!

The Walk For Life a walk to raise money for the Cancer Society was once again a tremendous success. It was held at the C.E. Pouliot track on Friday, June 12th with over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars collected for this worthy cause. Over four thousand candles were placed around the track and lit in memory of departed loved ones and survivors.

The organization for Pioneer Days is well underway. The official opening with a wine and cheese will be on Wednesday, July 29th.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday June 11 14:03:56 2009
The Gaspesie is the 4th choice of tourists planning to visit Quebec this year. 47% of Quebecois surveyed stated they have the intention to travel in the Province from present thru Oct 31s7,2009.
from the Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday June 7 23:42:21 2009
Once again the Great Gaspe Golf Tournament was a great success. Of the one hundred and thirty-nine (139) golfers, Mr. Bill Palmer, of Sunny Bank and Burlington, ON, at 90 years of age, upheld his title of "oldest golfer" completing all 18 holes. Many of his immediate family were there to enjoy the day with him. Approximately seventy (70) people took advantage of the breakfast menu offered for the first time this year prior to the shot-gun start at 11:30 A.M. Winners of the Red Plaid Shirts for Low Gross were Valerie Rooney, Ladies and Stan Vibert, Mens.

On behalf of the two hundred and thirty-four (234) people who attended the 14th Annual Great Gaspe Golf Tournament at Cedar Glen in Williamsburg yesterday we would like to thank GoGaspe for their contribution. Everyone there was intrigued with the signs Gogaspe sponsored for the various areas of the club house and patio areas. They were a big hit! St. Patricks Parish was filled with people of Douglastown origin as was Barachois Station with "Down Homers". Some of the thirty odd Millers sat in Millers Cave and some in Sunny Bank which was just accross and a little down from Wakeham , "The Center of the Universe" where Mrs. Ralph Patterson, who I believe was attending for the first time, was the honoured guest.

A good time was had by all!

Also a reminder to everyone that next year will be special since it will mark the 15th Anniversary of the start of the GGGT and I hope as many people as possible will be there June 5, 2010.

by Gary Mabe

Friday June 5 22:36:25 2009
It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Mr. Lewis Mullin. Visitation with family and friends at Fortin's Funeral Parlour, Gasp on Monday, June 8 from 7-9 pm and Tuesday, June 9 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. Funeral Service at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Peninsula on Tuesday, June 9 at 3 pm. God's blessings to those who mourn.

by Ricky Sams

Saturday May 30 14:04:21 2009
La Place des Retrouvilles is being constructed on a site close to Place Jacques Cartier. It will accommodate 2,000 spectators under the roof and include a pic-nic counter,botique and ticket wicket. Will be used for concerts and plsays during the festival and will remain as part of gaspe's heritage.
by Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday May 27 18:14:15 2009
The 25th Anniversary of Cirque du Soleil will be celebrated in Gaspe June 16th where it began 25 years ago. Guy Labiberte founder will be in Gaspe to preside over the celebrations in Downtown Gaspe commencing 10AM at Places Des Retrouvaille created especially for Fetes475. Later in the day Mr.Labilerte will be invited to inaugurate the Gaspe Circus School which will be installed in the CGEP. Then the celebrations will move to the Gaspe Marina.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Friday May 22 14:29:41 2009
LM GLASSFIBER will be reducing its production by 2 days per week. Starting in June the majority of the employees (more than 200) will be on unemployment insurance Thursday and Friday. They will work Monday, Tuesday and have study sessions on Wednesday. LM GLASSFIBER will utilize Govt Progammes to assure employees will receive 80% of their normal salary.
by Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Thursday May 21 11:17:24 2009
First cruise ship of the season called at Gaspe May 18th. The Massdam a ship from Holland had on board 1600 passengers and 550 crew. Gaspe Port anticipates another 13 cruise ships calling from now till seasons end
by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Friday May 15 13:43:48 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller May 15, 2009

We are half way through the month of May and we are seeing May flowers and the early bloomers such as tulips, crocuses and daffodils. At the first of this month we would not have expected this by the amount of snow that we still had on the ground, however, with the rain and the glorious sunshine the flowers and beautiful green grass have appeared.

Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank recently went to Cambridge to attend the wedding of their great niece- Cassie Suddard, daughter of Cathy Miller and Robin Suddard.. They stopped in Burlington on the way and attended the 90th birthday party of Mr. Willie Palmer. They then went to London to visit Erskine and family and then on the Cambridge for the wedding. Their next stop was Montreal to visit their daughter, Stefanie, husband Marco and children, Chelsia and Christian who accompanied them to Nigadoo, New Brunswick to attend the baptism of Ellie-Anne Wanda , daughter of Gina and Bruno Comeau. Gina is the daughter of Dale Miller and the late Wanda Maloney. Ginas sister, Crystal, Ellie-Annes god mother traveled all the way from Calgary for this special day and also Dale, Joan and Dawn from Sunny Bank.

A Bingo at the Seniors Room in Wakeham and a food sale at the Carrefour were recently held to raise money for the Animal Shelter. Both events were a success and many people came out to support this worthy cause.

Sally Patterson of Sunny Bank celebrated a special birthday on May 3rd. Happy 50th Birthday, Sally.

Mrs. Gladys Patterson of Wakeham celebrated her 90th birthday on May 7th. Great to see you so well and looking so young!

Get well wishes going out to Harris Miller of Sunny Bank. Harris recently returned from Quebec City where he had to undergo open heart surgery. His daughter, Gina and granddaughter, Erin spent a week with him upon his return to Gaspe. Hope you are feeling much better, Harris.

Congratulations to Todd Miller and Michele Berube on their recent engagement. They have just bought Todds grandparents house in Sandy Beach .We are all very happy for them and happy to see the Miller home remain in the family.

A card party was held on Wednesday, May 6th at the home of Sharon Reeder, hosted by Sharon and Nancy Clark. A very enjoyable evening was had by all, a delicious lunch was served and some wonderful prizes won. First prize was won by Virginia Sinnett, second by Lorna Clark and third by Paula Shannon. Tina Bourgaize walked away with the booby prize. All proceeds went toward St. Andrews A.C.W.

Pioneer Days are once again fast approaching. The schedule of events is now on line on Go Gaspe. The ever popular Silent Auction is on the list. While doing your spring cleaning keep in mind that some of your items that you no longer need may be another persons treasure! A very successful bake sale was held at the Carrefour for Pioneer Days the first of May.

Get well wishes to Ellen Patterson of Gaspe who is back home after being hospitalized for pneumonia. We hope she is feeling much better soon.

Get well wishes also going out to Judith Lemasurier of Wakeham who is a patient at the Hotel Dieu.

Dorinda and Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank went to Quebec City last week to see their doctors. They both had good check-ups which is great news.

There seems to be a lot of deer around at this time. One morning last week seven walked out of the trees, one behind the other, between our house and shed. They then darted across the highway and into the woods to safety.

The 69th meeting of the ACW Gaspe Archdeaconry which was held at St. Pauls Church on Saturday, May 9th was hosted by the York branch. Twenty two members attended with two coming as far away as the townships. A service was held during which time Bishop Drainville addressed the ACW members with the presentation of Life Memberships. Cynthia Patterson spoke to us on her visit to Africa captivating our interest with her heart-wrenching stories about the lives of the African people. A delicious dinner was served by Albert and Elaine Patterson and everyone had a very enjoyable day.

Lennox Patterson and his wife, Sue, are home for a visit with family and friends.

Ashley Nikolov, daughter of Lorelei and Boris of Newmarket, Ontario recently competed in a regional Irish Dancing competition in London, Ontario. Ashley placed first in this competition and has very proud parents, as well as extremely proud grandparents Larry and Lorna Miller of Wakeham. Ashley will be competing in the nationals in Nashville in July.

by Ivy Miller

Friday May 15 9:27:44 2009
The Wilbert Coffin Case, "A special interview"

Hi everyone, it is good to be up and about again. Feeling much better. I saw that Clement Fortin on his web site sometime back reported me dead. As Mark Twain once said, "The reports of my death have been grossly exaggerated" It would be nice if some people would exercise some journalistic protocol before publishing junk like this, especially of a sensitive nature.

Just a note to let you know that we are back in high gear again on the "Stoddard Onlne" web page. Today I invite you to read a special interview that I did with Donna McGuire. Her father was Eugene Lindsey, and her brother was Richard Lindsey, two of the folks murdered in the Gaspe' woods in 1953. Just click on the "Stoddard Online" tab on the GoGaspe Homepage.

Also the invitation still stands, if there is anyone out there in the region who has information about this case, I would like to hear from you. Thank-you for being patient with me. It has been a tough year health wise.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Sunday May 10 12:44:54 2009
The moose population in Parc Florillon is on the rise. In 1997 the herd was evaluated at 135 individuals. The 2009 inventory shows approx 440. 3 times increase in 12 years. In terms of density this is an average of 18 moose per 10km2. This increase is atributed to the good management of hunting in the Parc Zone. The moose in the Parc have only one natural predateur the Black Bear.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Saturday May 2 13:02:47 2009
Optimism for oil in Halimand soil. Petrolia will invest $10millon in the Halimand project this year. The geological studies last year produced results that show oil deposits close to the surface. Tests done last December show many potential oil deposit sites in the region. From present thru 4 years Petrolia looks forward to producing 5% of the oil utilized in Quebec.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday May 1 14:46:05 2009
The deer population has nearly doubled during the past 5 years in Zone 1 which includes Gaspe and Lower St Lawrence according to a statement made by the Minister of Natural Resources and Game. The inventory taken from Feb. 24th to March 6th estimated the herd at 6984 deer. In the year 1990 the inventory showed that the deer had practically disminished with approximately 500 counted.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday April 30 14:06:39 2009
Gaspe 475 will be hosting the 2009 Jacques Cartier Race. 350 crew members and at least 76 boats will take part. They will enter Gaspe Bay on July 24th.,exactly 475 days after Jacques Cartier left St.Malo France. On July 23rd., they will gather at Riv-au-Renard and Anse-a-Beaufils to set out to-gether on the Bay the next day.
from La Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday April 26 14:48:18 2009
Once again the Gaspe Meet & Greet Breakfast was a tremendous success. There were 250 in attendance.
We especially want to thank the team Glenda Patterson, Ruth Armstrong, Elaine and Frank Miller, Pearl Coffin, Lisa Patterson, Shane and Karen Patterson, Evans and Daphenee Miller for all their involvement and help in making this a great day. Six players from the Legion voulentered their time to honour us with their music.
Also a great addition was Calvin Doody, Jimmy Doody, Ron Laflamme, and Lucy Gumond entertaining us with music and singing. Larry Patterson, Robert Stanley and Marjorie Lemieux did some step-dancing.
Many traveled long distances, Betty Stanley from Gaspe, Whorrel and Dorothy Stewart from Perth, Ontario, and other places.
We want to thank all of you who came, and let you know how much we really appreciate you.
Looking forward to seeing you all again next April 2010.

Jackie Patterson,
Earle Coffin,
Evert McCallum,

by Jaclyn Patterson

Saturday April 25 19:12:28 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller- April 25, 2009

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter despite the big snowstorm we had that weekend. However, the snow is finally leaving us now after a very long winter. We spotted our first robin on April 8th so that was a good sign that spring is here.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Elias Patterson who recently passed away in Kingston,Ontario.

Our sincere condolences to the family of Wilfred Carter of St. Andrews,New Brunswick who passed away on March 18th. Wilfred was a Gaspesian and very well known by all.

Deepest sympathy to the family of John White who passed away after suffering a heart attack on March 29th in Montreal. John was the husband of Nita Alexander, originally from Sandy Beach.

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Harris Patterson who passed away in the Ross Sanitorium on March 29th. The funeral service was held in St. Johns, Sandy Beach on March 31st.

A casserole supper was held in St. Pauls Church, Gaspe on March 28th. Over $900 was raised for the ACW Education Fund.

Billy Ascah and Michael Donovan of Stettler, Alberta spent a week in Gaspe at the end of March visiting family and friends.

Get well wishes going out to Donnie Patterson from Sunny Bank who was recently in the Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Eric and Kay Coffin of Wakeham visited their son Mitchell, Della and family in Belleville, Ontario at the end of March. They stopped in Ottawa on the way back to visit friends.

Stevie Palmer was home visiting his parents, Marg and Dennis Palmer of Wakeham. While at home he celebrated his birthday on March 26th. Hope you had a happy one, Stevie.

Congratulations to Sarah Hackett and Lorne Jean on the birth of a beautiful baby boy Jacob Karl on March 24th. A first grandchild for Karl and Sandy Hackett of York and another grandson for Lionel and Gertie Jean.

We were happy to have our brother, Bryce Coffin from Halifax to visit us for two weeks the first of April. While here he visited friends and relatives and stopped in Bathurst for a night on his way back home.

Happy 1st Birthday to our darling little grandson, Lucas Blake who had his birthday on April 16th.

Some of our Wakeham boys celebrated April birthdays. Archie Patterson had his birthday on April 12th. Happy Birthday to Glen Patterson of Wakeham who celebrated the big 6-0 on April 22nd. Happy Birthday to Doug Patterson who also celebrated on this day and to Rick Shannon of Wakeham on April 26th.

by Ivy Miller

Saturday April 25 11:33:08 2009
Gaspe CGEP will offer 26 programmes this autumn. 13 to 9 programmes will be suspended for a year however offered again in 2010. Of note are Forestry (french and english),Industrial Maintenance(english),and Industrial Electronics(french and english)
from La Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday April 18 13:11:42 2009
Gaspe lobster season opens to-day 2 weeks before the other regions.Fishermen looking to get $6.00 per lb for their catch. That would project a fairly hefty market price.
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday April 9 21:16:26 2009
LM Glasfiber to cut 65 jobs. The CSN union confirmed that LM Glassfiber was going to dismiss 65 workers in the coming weeks. The company intends to go from 245 employees to 180. Starting April 20th the plant will be closed on weekends. The weekly production will go from from 19 to 15 blades. One of the 3 moulds will be shut down resulting in the layoff of 65 employees.

from LaPharillon
by don delisle

by donald delisle

Saturday April 4 15:34:05 2009
Layoffs could be implemented soon at the Gaspe LM Glassfiber plant. The economic crisis affecting the United States could result in a decrease of orders for the windwmill components. Meetings will be held in the next few days to advise the employees of the outlook for the upcoming months.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday April 1 20:10:22 2009
We are saddened to pass on the news of the passing of Donny Fournier, Riverview,NB, formerly of Gaspe. He passed away March 26th with funeral services happening on March 28th. He was the son of the late Celestin and Bella Fournier. Brother of Debbie Fournier Miller, Marty Fournier, Lana Fournier, Peter Chasse and Marc Chasse. He is survived by his wife Michele, son Terry (Melissa) and daughter Krista (Remi)

by Tanya Miller

Monday March 30 14:47:02 2009
I am sad to announce the passing of Harris Patterson of Sandy Beach. Visitation with family and friends at Fortin's Funeral Home; Monday, March 30, 7-9 pm. Burial at Sandy Beach Anglican Church, Tuesday, March 31st , 3 pm.
God's blessings to those who mourn.

by Ricky Sams

Monday March 23 11:37:40 2009
The Brethren of Century Lodge 100 would like to thank the members and guests who participated in the St. Patricks Supper and Dance. The meal was enjoyed by all and the live music afterwards for the dance highlighted the festive evening.
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday March 22 21:33:58 2009
Jim Prentice Canadian Minister of Enviroment and responsible for Parcs Canada has announced a major investment in Florillon Parc following an agreement with Chief Claude Jeanotte of the Mimac Nation De Gespeg.
The Federal Government will invest $7.1 Millon in Florillon Parc. The funds will serve to protect and maintain the biologic and ecologic diversity of the Peninsula Point Sector,upgrade the Route du Banc and the camping sites in the Parc.
The agreement with The Micmac Nation De Gespeg will help preserve their culture and traditions and aid the economy of the region as a whole.

from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday March 21 10:29:48 2009
A celebration was held last night at the Town Hall in Gaspe to launch the 146th edition of "Magazine Gaspsie." This historical magazine is produced three times per year by the Muse de la Gaspsie. At last night's celebration Bessie Miller was awarded with a certificate acknowledging Frederick and Alfred Miller for their contribution to the economy of the Gaspe area.

by Andy Patterson

Friday March 20 13:38:14 2009
March came in like a lamb this year but since then we have had a lot of very windy days. The sun is becoming much stronger so the snow is settling down. Maybe we will have an early spring this year.
The York Winter Carnival was a great success again this year. I dont believe any of the outdoor or indoor events had to be postponed or cancelled. The ice at the rink has been in very good shape so has been used a lot this winter. Its good to see it being used and to see people out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
Our lives have been very saddened recently with the death of our sister-in-law, Shirley
Davis, wife of Bryce Coffin of Halifax who passed away on February 16th and of our sister, Pauline Coffin Patterson, wife of Erskine Patterson of London, Ontario on March 5th. They will be sadly missed by all. Internment of ashes will take place for both in Gaspe later on.
Muriel and Linda Cass who are spending the winter with Valerie Cass and family in Montreal, had Ruby Miller Ascah and Barbara Meldrum for lunch and an afternoon of knitting.

The community has been saddened with the recent passing of so many great people. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the following.
Gene Gillis of Montreal on February 15th
Leona Roberts Stanley of St. Marjorique on February 15th
Hildred Patterson of Sunny Bank on February 17th
Lulu Stanley Guignion of Rosebridge on February 27th
Marjorie Johnson Adams of Gaspe on March 1st
Fannie Patterson Lucas of Douglastown on March 7th
Fred Sams of Gaspe on March 10th
Elton McAfee of Cambridge on March 11th
Basil Leggo of Anse a Brilliant on March 14th

The Senior Citizens recently held at Bingo at the Seniors Room in Wakeham and raised
$995.00 for their organization. A lot of wonderful prizes were won.
Willie Palmer, originally from Sunny Bank, and now living in Burlington, will be celebrating his 90th birthday. A party is being held at the Burlington Legion on March 21st. Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Willie.
Tammy Patterson, daughter of Archie and Linda Patterson has recently been promoted to Staff Sergeant Major. She was appointed by Ottawa and is the first female to have been chosen for this position. Tammy lives in Regina, Saskatchewan ,with her husband Todd and two sons, Tanner and Ty. Congratulations, Tammy! We are looking forward to seeing you this summer.
On February 22nd Revered Ellen Rutherford, of the Greater Parish of Gaspe officiated at her last service in Gaspe at St. Pauls Church. Following the service a delicious lunch was served and she was presented with a beautiful painting of Perce Rock and other gifts from various organizations. Rev. Ellen has moved to New Jersey where she will have a position with two churches in Bridgeton and Vineland. She will be greatly missed by all.

Happy 65th Birthday to Faye Miller of Guelph on March 6th. Her daughter, Cathy, had a surprise party for her on Sunday afternoon, March 8th. Her grandson, Matthew, has his birthday on the same day as Faye.
Happy 40th birthday to Shelly Peters of Quebec who celebrates this special day on March 2nd.

Get well wishes going out to Errol Mullin of York who had the misfortune of having a skidoo accident. He is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital at present with broken bones and many bruises. We hope he will soon be back home and feeling much better.
Julia Clark recently was hospitalized with a broken hip. She is back at home and we wish her a speedy recovery.
Best wishes going out to Lewis Mullin who is in Rimouski undergoing treatment. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Lewis, and we hope you get back home soon.
Murray Patterson of Wakeham spent a couple of months in Oshawa with his son, Daryl, wife Brandie and children, Madison and Logan. Heather and Lowell, Jonah and Dayna and their two friends went to visit for a week and brought Murray back home.

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday March 18 10:35:43 2009
Gaspe swimming pool located in Pavillion Des Sports has resumed its regular schedule since March 12th. Approx $300,000 was invested since mid January in this project.
by Don Delisle
from lePharillon

by don delisle

Tuesday March 17 11:00:23 2009
Corporation des Fetes Gaspe 475th anniversary will be sponsoring the 33rd edition of the Coupe Desjardins of Hockey at the Gaspe Civic Centre Luc-Germain March 19th thru 22nd. All are invited to cheer on the Gaspe Atom,PeeWee and Midget CC teams .

from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday March 15 20:06:53 2009
Funeral arrangements for Mr. Basil Leggo: visitation with the family, Fortin's Funeral Home, Gasp, Monday, March 16th, 7-9 pm; burial at St. Peter's Anglican Church, Malbay, Tuesday, March 17th at 2 pm. God's Blessings to those who mourn.

by Ricky Sams

Friday March 13 18:50:41 2009
Another oil well to be drilled at Halimand site. The aim is to find oil at a lower depth. A lease has alredy been signed with the property owner for the new drilling project. This project scheduled to begin after the ground thawed out in the spring.
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday March 11 1:31:09 2009
We are saddened to announce the passing of my father, Fred Sams this evening, Mar.10th at the age of 92 less 3 weeks. He died peacefully while the 23rd Psalm was being read by Lorna Baird.

by Hayden Sams

Saturday March 7 10:24:28 2009
Keeping with the theme "year of celebrations" the Town of Gaspe has presented its programme for "Francofete" which will be spread over 19 days commencing March 6th thru 29th. In this context Gaspe will be twinned with Saint-Malo France. On March 28th a gala will be presented featuring the spokeswomen for La Francofete Laurence Jalbert and Gaspesien artistes Marie-Lys Trudel-Cote, Oliver O'Leary and French performer Maloh.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by Don Delisle

Thursday March 5 18:01:18 2009
The 14th edition of the Great Gaspe Golf Tournament will be held again
at The Cedar Glen Golf Course at Williamsburg; a short drive from
Morrisburg ON. Even though winter is still evident in Eastern Ontario,
Barb and Gary Mabe have made plans and have sent out Registration Kits
for the tournament scheduled for Saturday, June 6.

The cost is the same as last year, golf and dinner will cost $50.00
and dinner only will cost $22.00. This is excellent value. Diners will
have a choice of BBQ steak or 1/2 BBQ chicken. A door prize draw will be a
feature comprising of many excellent gifts, some donated by generous
companies or individuals.

A "shotgun start" is planned for this year. The heavy rain last year forced
a "shotgun start" and it proved popular. Breakfast will be served from an
'a la carte menu' beginning at 8:00 am. Golfers are asked to check in at
the registration desk at 10:30 for the 11:30 start. Golf carts must be
reserved when sending in registration forms but paid only at the Clubhouse.

The Registration Kit includes a list of area accomodations. The Kits may
be obtained from Barb & Gary Mabe by phoning 613-537-9923 or by email to The deadline is April 30. The tournament goes rain or shine!

See you there !

by Vic Miller

Tuesday March 3 14:42:58 2009
Magazine Gaspesie Hiver 2009 just issued. Features Les Explorateurs. Contains an interesting article on The Miller Brothers in english by Andrew Patterson.

Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday February 22 11:22:30 2009
Festival des Neiges Gaspe will be held March 4th thru March 8th. The site will be the Gaspe Marina. There will be a village of yourtes,ski competitions,sleigh rides on horse drawn sleigh,cross country skiing on the bay,ice sculptures,hockey tournament and many other events. This being organized by the Gaspe 2009 commitee.
by Don Delisle
from the Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday February 13 15:44:17 2009
We have had another heavy snow storm since last writing we saw 50 cm fall on the weekend of January 30th so to date we have had quite a bit of the white stuff.

Get well wishes to Terry Patterson of Montreal who is recovering from a ski-doo accident which he had was unfortunate to have awhile ago. He is presently at home in Wakeham visiting his mother and father, John and Valetta Patterson.

Linda and Glen Alexander and daughter, Leigh-Ann were in Ottawa visiting their daughter, Kim and Greg and grandson, Caleb for the holidays. They had a wonderful visit and while there got to see John McDermit in concert. He staged a fabulous show and they enjoyed it very much.

Lorna and Everett Clark spent the holidays in Montreal visiting their daughter, Deanna, Allison and family. Stacy, Darren and their two boys from Wemindji also spent the holidays with them.

Vernice and Barry Dumaresq were happy to have their son, Dale and Gaylin and their grandson, Leon from Sherbrooke visiting them for the Christmas holidays. Their son Michael, daughter in law, Wendy and children, Robert and Kaitlynn spent their holiday visiting them as well as with Wendys parents, Eric and Kay Coffin. Get well wishes to Barry who was recently in Rimouski to undergo surgery.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Wallace McAfee who passed away at the Manoir
St-Augustine on January 22nd and also Garnet Rail at the Ross Sanitorium.

Ricky and Diana Sams were happy to have their daughter, Kelly, son Graham , his wife Michele and their beautiful little daughter, Emily home with them for the holidays. They live in Grimsby, Ontario.

We have lost another of our dear seniors. On January 28th, Ruby Miller, wife of the late Charles Miller of Sandy Beach passed away peacefully at the Hotel Dieu Hospital, five days after her 91st birthday. She will be sadly missed by all.

The Wakeham York Winter Carnival begins this weekend. Check the local stores for schedules. Lots of activities are planned. Get out in the fresh Gaspe air and try your skills.

A belated happy birthday to Shirley Davis Coffin of Halifax who celebrated on February 1st. Shirley has been undergoing treatment and we do hope she will be feeling much better soon.

We send our best wishes to Pauline Coffin Patterson who is in the Victoria Hospital in London. My niece, Dorinda Patterson and I just returned from spending time with her.

Connie Coffin Steele from London, Ontario had a wonderful holiday in Hawaii. On route to Hawaii she stopped in Los Angeles where she visited Hollywood. While in Hawaii she visited the site where Gilligans Island and other shows were filmed.

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Scott Miller of Stettler, Alberta who celebrates on February 13th. Have a wonderful day, Scott.
Happy Birthday to Carleton Patterson of Wakeham who has a birthday on February 18th.
Birthday wishes also going out to Murray Olsson of Welland, Merle Coffin and Emery Patterson, of Wakeham who celebrate on February 20th. Hope you all have a great day.
Heather Patterson (Lowell) has a birthday on February 22nd. Hope you have a wonderful day, Heather!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday February 11 12:50:12 2009


Masonic Lodge 100 is hosting St. Patrick Party with Supper.

DATE: Saturday, March 21, 2009
WHERE: Masonic Lodge 53 Thomson Street
MENU: 17:00 hrs. Music & Cocktails
18:00 hrs. Pea Soup & Irish Corn Beef & Cabbage
Live Irish entertainment

PRICE: $10.00 per person (Tickets available from Alfred Cassidy)
(Only 60 Tickets available)



Monday February 9 14:14:12 2009
Town of Gaspe recognizes the accomplishments of its firefighters.
At a ceremony held last week in Riviere Au Renard Mayor Francois Roussy awarded diplomas to 29 firewomen and firemen.

from Le Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday January 30 23:23:58 2009
There was a recent unveiling of the new standard banner of the Gaspesie. This flag will be 36" by 72". Located in the east between the sea and mountains shows a rising sun. The sun rays are red for autumn, blue for winter, green for spring and yellow for summer. from La Pharillon

by Don Delisle

Monday January 26 13:37:35 2009
The Brethren of Century Lodge would like thank all who participated in the Robbie Burns supper. Approx 140 people attended and enjoyed the supper catered by Albert Patterson. The piper was from Cambelltown NB and is looking forward to returning next year. The group Blue Moon had the crowd up on their feet dancing after the supper.

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday January 26 11:01:45 2009
TDLG-la grande Traversee De La Gaspesie presently under way. The vessel transporting them to the next stage at Ste-Anne-Des-Monts presently stuck in the ice off Matane. 3 coast guard ships attempting to free them from the ice flows. Visit their web site
TDLG-la grande Traversee De La Gaspesie

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday January 21 16:03:17 2009
Mont Berchervaise is having a good season to date. Season ticket sales have increased by 25 units over last year. Thanks to the aboundant snow fall to date the center was able to open on December 26th 2008 and take advantage of the holiday season.

by Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Monday January 19 16:29:31 2009
A gathering of 50 sailboats are anticipated in the Bay of Gaspe to celebrate the 475th annv. of Jacques Cartier's arrival bt sea.
The Jacques Cartier regatta is organized by "L'Association des havres de plaisance de la Gaspesie et des Iles-de-la Madeleine" every 2 years.
As Jacques Cartier was a sailor the aim is to inagurate the participation of sailing vessels from la Societe nautique de la baie de Saint- Malo.
The event will take place from Monday July 20th thru Sunday July 26th 2009.

from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday January 15 14:19:56 2009
The Montreal mayor Gerald Ttemblay accompagnied by Gaspe mayor Francois Roussy announced the City of Montreal's participatiion in the 2009 edition of the Traveresse de la Gaspesie cross country ski event and the 475th anniversary celebrations of the Town of Gaspe. January 24th there will be a 30km cross country ski event on the Lachine canal to inaugurate the 2009 ski event and the 475th celebrations of The Town of Gaspe.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday January 12 17:13:30 2009
In my Gaspe News column dated January 9th, Terry Roy's wife is Natalie and not Michele. Please accept my apologies for this mistake.

I. Miller

by Ivy Miller

Sunday January 11 4:55:48 2009
Toronto News/Waterdown Legion Jan.8/09

A gathering of Gaspesians and exGaspesians at Waterdown
Legion took Place on Thursday, with about a dozen Musicians
on Stage with about 30 of us present. Jackie@Charles,Elaine@
Frankie,RuthPatterson Armstrong,Glenda Patterson,Kingsley
Miller,Willy Palmer,Ivan Patterson,Larry Patterson,Pearl@
Earl,AudreyMillerHoggart@ Ross Hoggart,Leda Patterson Beaumont
and granddaughter,Evert Mccallum and son Bert, and Berts Son
Jaimie,Andy@Debbie Patterson,Kevin@Nyree Patterson and daughters
Blair@Hanna, Nancy Alexander@Gary Rooney.Of interest on
Stage was a Fiddler from New Carlisle, Joe Babin.

By Earle Coffin

by Earle Coffin

Friday January 9 14:41:24 2009
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller-

2009 is here and with it lots of snow. We saw two major storms on both Christmas Day and New Years Day making it difficult for all the home comers to do a lot of visiting.

Fireworks on the Gaspe Bridge on New Years Eve started off the 475th anniversary of the arrival of Jacques Cartier with a spectacular display over the town. Hundreds of people lined the highway to see the New Year in.

Louise and Kim Nichum from Denmark and Louises daughter, Cassidy from Barrie, Ontario were home visiting Larry and Lorna Miller and Ellen Clark for the Christmas holiday. Marilyn (Clark) and Donnie Whaley from Fonthill, Ontario were also home at this time. Marilyn had the flu while here and we hope she is feeling better now.

Barbara and Glen Patterson of Wakeham had a houseful of family over the holidays-Sandy and Ritchie Mullin and their four little ones, Braeden, Makenzie, Riley and Savannah from Ottawa, Candy and Kurt and Kimani from Brampton and Brian from Ottawa. Coreen and Lon Mullin from Fonthill also spent time with them while home visiting their parents, Harris and Greta Mullin and Gladys Patterson.

Paula Jean and Jamie Donovan and son, Caleb and new baby daughter, Emma, spent the holiday with Myrna and Dale Jean. While they were home, Emma was baptized in St. Andrews Church, York.

Melrose Patterson is back home and feeling better after spending some time, including Christmas Day in the hospital in Quebec City. Nice to see you back home, Melrose.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Gregory Kruse who was killed serving his country in Afghanistan on December 27th. Gregory was the son of Penny Lacouvee and the late Ted Kruse.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Stanley Vibert who passed away at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Gaspe on December 24th.

Paula and Ricky Shannon spent the holidays with their children Mike and Dawn, daughters, Meaghan and Hailey, Lisa and John and son, Jack. While in Burlington they visited Faye and Blair Miller and their family in Guelph.

Heather and Dean Patterson had a wonderful but different holiday compared to a Gaspe one this year. They spent the Christmas and New Year Holiday in Florida with their daughter, Stefanie and Marco and children Chelsea and Christian, their son, Craig and girl friend, Lori Cormick. It must have been quite a change to have Christmas Dinner sitting in the sun!

Happy Birthday to Leigh Ann Alexander of LAnse Aux Cousins who celebrated on January 3rd. Hope you had a great day, Leigh Ann.

David Patterson of Wakeham celebrated his birthday on January 4th. Happy Birthday, David.

Happy Birthday to Andy Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated his birthday on January 5th. Hope it was a happy one!

Congratulations to Terry Roy and wife Michele on the birth of a baby girl, Tea, born on January 4th, weighing 8 lbs and 9 oz.. Terry is the son of Denis and Carol Roy of York.

At this time, I would like to wish all our readers a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday January 8 19:25:55 2009
A wonderful Gaspe Reunion was held at the Waterdown Legion near Burlington this afternoon and we were furtunate enough to be invited. Debbie and I, Kevin and Nyree, and our grandchildren joined about 30 Gaspesians and ex-Gaspesians who gathered and chatted while almost a dozen musicians entertained the crowd. It seems the gathering is a weekly event, and regularly enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

by Andy Patterson

Tuesday January 6 15:17:30 2009
La Corporarion des fetes de Gaspe 2009 announces that Laurence Jalbert will be "l'ambrassadrice des fetes" througout the 475th celebrations. We cannot dream of a better Ambrassadrice than our own Laurence stated Claudine Roy President of the festivaties. Laurence is a native of Riviere-au-Renard and as an artist is known througout America and Europe. Mrs. Jalbert stated that it is an honor to be nominated to this post and this will give her an excellent opportunity to speak of her native Gaspe and the people who are special and admired throughout the world.

from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday January 5 11:38:25 2009
Gaspe 475 starts with a BANG!!! The fireworks display at midnight Jan 1st was viewed by a crowd estimated at 5,000 spectators watching from downtown Gaspe and all around the Bay. It is with without a doubt the best fireworks display ever put on in Gaspe lasting approx. 20 minutes. The next event is the La Grande Traversee De La Gaspesie cross country ski tour. Schedule is Montreal Jan 23rd Gaspesienne Supper aboard the Ship CTMA which will accompany the tour and supply the dining and sleeping accomadations throughout the tour. Jan 24th Montreal 40km of skiing. Jan 25th Quebec 40 km of skiing. Jan 26th Sainte-Anne-des-Monts 40 t0 50Km of skiing. Jan 27th Chandler 50 km of skiing. Jan 28th Carleton 40km of skiing. Jan 29th Paspebiac - Port daniel-Gascon. Jan 30th Gaspe (Parc national du Canada Florillon )40km of skiing. Jan 31st depature of skiers from Gaspe by train, bus ,or plane .

By Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday December 30 11:32:06 2008
The developement of the propane gas project at Sany Beach will cause some reflection by the Gaspe Citizens. A first glance the advantages are many as this will benefit the rail line with an increase of 3,000 to 6,000 rail cars per year between Gaspe and Matapedia. However little is known at present with regard to the security of unloading the propane from the vessels and storing same in underground tanks waiting for the transport via rail tankers. Studies will have to be done regarding same during 2009 and part of 2010 to ascertain the envionmental impact of this project.

from Graffici
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday December 25 17:23:05 2008
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from
Barry & Marjorie Davis Welland Ont.

by Barry Davis

Tuesday December 16 20:20:13 2008
The Corporation des Fetes de Gaspe 2009 will start the New Year with a bang commencing Dec 31st at 22:30 hrs location Gaspe Rue De La Reine. The population is invited to gather there to enjoy music,warm drinks, and heating barrels will be provided.
Just before mid-night candles will be distributed to light and welcome in the New Year.
At mid-night a large fireworks display will begin. No less than 10,000 flares will illuminate Gaspe Bay with the biggest fireworks display to take place in Gaspe.
It is a rendez-vous Dec 31st at 21:30h in front of Place Jacques-Cartier for all Gaspesians to celebrate the event to-gether.

by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Monday December 15 17:45:04 2008
Burlington Gaspesians News
Happy belated Birthday to Glenda Patterson, October 19th, Earle Coffin November 12th and Pearl Coffin December 14th.Many happy returns to all three. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all fellow Gaspesians.

Evert L. McCallum

by Evert L. McCallum

Friday December 12 17:32:49 2008
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller December 12, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Gaspe and also a lot like winter as well.
York rink will soon be up and running with the flooding of the ice beginning the first week of December.

Belated Happy Birthday to Pearl Patterson on December 1st and to Pauline Patterson of London, Ontario on December 2nd.

Our condolences to the family of Philip Vezina of Pointe Navarre who passed away
atthe end of November.

On Sunday, November 30th, an afternoon of entertainment was held at the Royal Canadian Legion. A delicious variety of sweets and tea or coffee was served. Door prizes were given out to a lot of lucky winners. It was a huge success and over $1600 was raised for the local Cancer Organization.

Connie Steele from London, Ontario and Morris Coffin from Nackawic, New Brunswick were in Gaspe for a week to visit their mother, Merle Coffin who was in the Hotel Dieu Hospital. Merle is feeling better and hopefully will soon be back home. At this time Happy Birthday wishes are going out to Connie who has a birthday on December 20th and to her brother, Morris, who was born on December 25th, a special Christmas present to his parents fifty four years ago!

Neil Grant is back home after undergoing surgery in Quebec. Everything went well but now he is recovering from pneumonia. Hope you are soon feeling much better, Neil.

Happy 45th Anniversary on December 7th to Faye and Blair Miller of Guelph, Ontario. Anniversary wishes also going out to Fayes sister, Paula and her husband, Rick Shannon of Wakeham who celebrate on December 19th. We wish both couples many more years together.

On Saturday, December 6th, Friends of St. Pauls held their annual Christmas Bazaar in St. Pauls Church Hall. They had a wonderful sale with a large selection of beautiful Christmas items, white elephant table, food table,etc. They raised over $2000- way to go girls!

Joanne and Billy Ascah and son, Timothy, from Stettler, Alberta were home for a pre-Christmas visit with their parents, Victor and Coreen Annett and Dorothy Ascah.

Birthday wishes going out to Gina Miller Comeau from Nigadoo, New Brunswick who had a special birthday on December 7- her 30th! Dale, Joan and Dawn were there to celebrate this special day with her, Bruno, and Dales little granddaughter, Ellie-Anne. Congratulations to Dale who is a first time grandfather!

A very special lady, Mrs. Hildred Patterson will be celebrating her 99th birthday on December 11th. Happy birthday wishes are being sent her way.

Happy Birthday to Elsie Patterson of Wakeham who celebrates her 70th on December 13th. Have a wonderful day, Elsie!

Happy 65th Birthday to Judy McCallum on Calgary, Alberta who celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe trip and a wonderful holiday to all of those who are traveling to see their loved ones at this time.

by Ivy Miller

Friday December 12 15:59:42 2008
Gaspe 475th anniversary. The corporation for the Gaspe 2009 celebrations is planning a homecoming to reunite the 200,000 Gaspesians presently living outside the region. Carl Sinett Gaspe Fire Chief is extending a special invitation to all former Gaspe law-enforcement and firefighter personnel living outside the region. These folks are invited to register with the Gaspe Fire Dept. There will be celebrations organized in their honor during the Firefit and Top Cop championships. For more information vist their website

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday December 12 11:46:52 2008
The Port Of Gaspe could become an important hub in the movement of propane gas
transported to Gaspe from Western Canada. There will be enviromental and public safety studies done. $40,000,000 to $80,000,000 will have to be invested to adapt the present port facilities to receive the propane gas. The project is proposed by the firm Gaz propsne Rainville de Granby and its partner NGL supply Limited of Calgary.
by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday December 10 1:15:56 2008
Gaspe Fire dept. now selling t-shirts for Top Cop Challenge and Firefit Intertationals to be held this summer in Gaspe
Cost $20.00 each.
To obtain same contact the Gaspe Fire Dept.

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday December 9 10:59:47 2008
In Gaspe Liberal Canidate Georges Mamelot was elected. 15,845 people voted for a participation total of 57.38% reflecting the low particpation total provice wide. Mr.Mamelot is the current mayor of Perce.

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday December 4 19:48:20 2008
Winter sports propelled by the wind are inceasingly popular world wide. Gaspe is no exception!!! We see athletes on a board or on ski's all winter long on the Bay of Gaspe. They will no longer participate unnoticed with the offical creation of Club Velikite. The president of the new club which has already 30 members Dominic Bolduc is also creator of Air Adrenaline which offers courses in kite surfing since last year in Gaspe. The first offical Velikite Fest will take place this winter on Gaspe Bay March 6th thru 8th. This colorfull event will be inaugurated with the Fete Des Glaces celebrating Gaspe's 475th anniversary.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday December 4 13:44:38 2008
Burlington Ontario Once again the Burlington Xmas luncheon buffet hosted by Jackie Patterson,Earle Coffin and Evert McCallum was a great success. There were 43 in attendance. WE want to thank Elaine Miller and Ruth Armstrong/Miller for spending so much of their time looking after the name tags and money and greeting the people. Nelson Patterson/Sunny Bank had a great joke for us which was enjoyed by all. The Whalen sisters/Brassett Jackie Whalen and Marlene Delicart entertained us with song which put us in the holiday spirit. We want to thank everyone for attending ----- And wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

by Jaclyn Patterson

Wednesday December 3 21:29:19 2008
Firemen and Policemen from around the world will muscle in on Gaspe next year.
The best firemen and policemen world wide will participate in a 2 week programme of international competition in a 2 week Firefit and Top Cop competition to take place in Gaspe August 25th thru September 6th 2009.
This event will be part of the 475th Anniversary of Jacques Cartier arriving in Gaspe.
RDS ,TSN, and OLN will be on hand to teleavise the events.
To prepare for the 2 week event Gaspe will host the National Chapionship prior to the international competition.

by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday December 3 2:45:32 2008
just a note to let everyone know that neils surgery went very well and he is home again and doing quite well except he now has pnemonia. we would both like to thank everyone for their money donations, prayers, cards, and phone calls at this very difficult time for us, a very special thanks to our son jamie who travelled from b.c. to be with us in quebec and also to neils daughter nancy who came before we went to quebec,and to all our family for their love and support at this time. it is all greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. also we would like to say a very big thank you to jeanine hamilton in quebec city where we stayed for making us so welcome and treating us so well.thank you everyone'sincerely neil and stella

by stellaalexander

Sunday November 30 11:47:38 2008
During the 8th edition of Prix Coup d'Eclat held November 20th in Quebec City Le Festival Musique du Bout du Monde was awarded the prize in category internet site budget less than $500,000. Their web site is:

from LaPharillon
By Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday November 28 11:25:15 2008
Gaspe News by Ivy Miller
November 28, 2008

A very early winter is upon us as we saw our first major snow storm of 20 cm on November 19th. On November 20th, the bay started to glaze over. We can expect to see all the little fishing shacks out very early this year.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Jean Pierre Fournier and family. Jean Pierre lost his father, Amandus Fournier at the age of 93 on November 5th. Marc and Nathalie from Ottawa came home for their grandfathers funeral, as well as Jean Pierres two sisters, Gisele and Claudine and granddaughter, Julie from Quebec.

Melrose Patterson from Wakeham recently went to Rimouski to undergo tests for a problem with the veins in his legs. He has been off work for a couple of months and will be for awhile.

Dorinda and Heather Patterson from Sunny Bank recently traveled to Quebec for their check-ups. We are all happy to hear that everything is going well for both of them.

Belated birthday wishes going out to Linda Patterson of Wakeham (November 19th), David Boyle of Port Colborne (November 20th) and Craig Carter of British Columbia (November 24th) Dawn Miller of Sunny Bank, Marguerite Palmer and Frankie Patterson of Wakeham celebrated their birthdays on the 27th. Hope you all had a very happy one.

Garfield Simon celebrated a special birthday on November 24th. Garfield turned 60! A party was held in his honour earlier at the Royal Canadian Legion. A good time was had by all.

Stevie Palmer from Toronto was home the last week of October visiting his parents, Dennis and Marg Palmer, family and friends.

The church Christmas Sales are drawing to a close with each parish having large crowds and doing very well. On Saturday, December 6th, Friends of St. Pauls will be holding their sale at 9:30 A. M. in St. Pauls Church, Gaspe.

Congratulations going out to Lisa (McGregor) and Patrice Dagenais of Montreal who became proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, Noah, on October 27th. Congratulations to a proud first time grandma, Elizabeth McGregor of York.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Kathleen Lelacheur who passed away at the Ross Sanitorium on November 4th.

Get well wishes to Merle Coffin and Keith Patterson of Wakeham who are in the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Gaspe. We hope they are both feeling better and get home soon.

Neil Grant from York is in the Enfant Jesu Hospital in Quebec City where he underwent a very delicate procedure to remove an aneurism in his head. He is in all of our thoughts and prayers and we wish him a full recovery.

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday November 26 11:38:07 2008
The Town of Gaspe will welcome the Olympic Flame on its journey to Vancouver to open the 2010 games being held in Vancouver.
The flame will be received Nov 10th. 2009 in an offical ceremony as part of the Gaspe 475th anniversary. The ceremony will highlight different athletes from the Gaspe Region who will be honoured and carry the offical flame for 300 meters.
1000 Canadian towns will see the flame on its journey to Vancouver however only 187 will be honoured in ceremonies similar to the one to be held in Gaspe.
Mayor Francois Roussy states the passage of the flame in the Town of Gaspe will highlight the Town on the world stage and give the young atheletes of the region an incentive to strive to become world class atheletes.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday November 21 0:07:37 2008
The 2008 harvesting of deer and moose in Zone 1 is down signifcantly this year compared to last year.
In 2007 more than 4364 moose taken in 2007 compared to to 3911 in 2008
In 2007 1910 deer taken compared to 1076 in 2008
by Don Delisle
from lePharillon

by don delisle

Tuesday November 18 0:31:51 2008
Chemin de fer de la Gaspesie situation update.
Evenings of Nov 9th and 10th meetings were held and president of the society Francois Roussy gave an update of the situation.
"The inspection team on site confirmed that the land slide of the track bank was nor caused by the overflowing of the stream but due to the adbundant rain fall in the region during the past weeks."
The rail track will have to be moved 15 feet to the north and the retaining wall to the south will be reinforced with cement blocks. This work will take approx. 4 weeks.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday November 14 11:09:18 2008
Just spoke to a Via Rail representative and she stated rail service to Gaspe shud commence around December 1st but however depending on length of time it takes to repair washed out track bed.

by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday November 11 20:51:45 2008
Last Sunday's rain caused new damage to the Gaspe rail tracks. Rail service has been suspended since that time. The Via Rail Chaleur train service between Gaspe and Montreal is forced to stop on route once again.
This time the train stops at New Carlisle and the interupation in service could last up to a week. The rail tracks between Pasbebiac and New Carlisle were washed out when a brook overflowed its banks and the rails were damaged.
A pliot project for a tourist train that was to have been held between Gaspe and Chandler on which students from Saint-Rosaire school in Gaspe and the media were invited to test the "product" had to be postponed to a later date.
Till the work on the rail repairs are finalized the passengers of Via Rail must travel to and from Gaspe by bus.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday November 10 11:05:46 2008
475 anniversaire de l'arrivee de Jacques Cartier a Gaspe 2009 site now on line
At moment only in French but they are working on the english site.
Visit to find out about events that will be upcoming.
The big day will be July 24th 2009

Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday November 4 18:26:37 2008
Although a petition was circulated and signed by many in Murdochville the CSSS is closing its 3 short term beds at the Murdochville CLSC. According to the Conseil des medecins of Quebec the beds installed in 1988 do not meet the 2008 hospitalisation standards. Since Oct.1st any patients at the CLSC exceeding 48 hours stay are transferred to the Gaspe Hospital. Although the CLSC Murdochville offfers an emergency 24hr. service 7 days a week,no specialists or x-ray technicans are avaiable.

from the Graffici
by Donald Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday November 1 12:49:01 2008
The previous installations of Group GDS in Sandy Beach now property of de la Ville de Gaspe will be refurbished to accomadate its new tenants beginning 2009.
The first phase will be to convert the building interior to accomadate office spaces and workshops. This first phase will be at a cost of $700.000
Group GDS will begin removing its contents of the building in the next few days.
In January le Centre de formation professionnelle C.-E.-Pouliot carpentary division and the entreprises gaspesiennes ATT et Eocycle will be moving into their new location.
The second phase will be refurbishing the building to accomadate the garage and offices of the ministre des Transports et du Centre de gestion des equipments roulants. This second phase will be finished in automne 2009.

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday October 31 15:29:05 2008
Gaspe News

Gaspe is having a beautiful fall again this year with sunny days and cold nights, but I think winter is just around the corner.

Congratulations to all the lucky moose hunters. This year they had beautiful weather the first weekend as compared to the usual rain of most years.

Congratulations to Harold and Sarah Bechervaise of Wakeham who celebrated fifty nine years of marriage on October 5th. We wish them many more years together.

Pauline and Erskine Patterson of London returned home the middle of October after spending six weeks in Gaspe. Erskine's son, Paul and his girlfriend, Susan Doolittle, travelled down by train to drive back with them. While in Gaspe they were engaged on beautiful Haldimand Beach. We wish them many happy years together.

David Boyle, Lisa Annett from Port Colborne and Marlene Annett from Maxville spent their Thanksgiving holiday at their summer home in Prevel. They had a lot of family and friends in for Thanksgiving dinner which I hear was just delicious.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of Una Mullin, Earl Foley, Graham McDonald and Phil Stanley who recently passed away. They will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Happy 8th Birthday on October 17th to Maria Miller, daughter of Scott Miller and Maggie Annett of Stettler. I was in Stettler at the time of our granddaughter's birthday party and was so happy to be able to celebrate it with her. I spent the weekend in Guelph with Faye and Blair Miller and flew from Hamilton to Edmonton. We shopped in Edmonton and enjoyed lunch at "Chucky Cheeses" where Maria as well as the adults had a great time playing the arcade games. Scott flew back to Gaspe with me to go moose hunting. He enjoyed his holiday in the woods and we were certainly happy to have him home for a few days.

Alpheus Patterson of Wakeham celebrated a special birthday on October 28th. Happy 80th Birthday, Alpheus.

Congratulations to Gina Miller, daughter of Dale Miller, and Bruno Comeau of Nigadoo, New Brunswick on the birth of their daughter, Ellie-Ann Wanda who was born on October 15th. We wish them the best of luck with their darling little girl.

Best of luck to Wilson Patterson of L'Anse Aux Cousins who has recently undergone open heart surgery in Quebec. He is back home now and doing well.

Get well wishes are being sent out to Ruby Patterson of Sandy Beach and Hazel Patterson of York who both had the misfortune of falling recently. Thankfully nothing was broken and we wish them both a speedy recovery.

by Ivy Miller

Friday October 31 11:09:55 2008
New Gaspe Municipal Park. To facilitate the greeting of the thousands of people that will be attending the festival special presentations beginning the first of July a new site will be established behind the Carrefour Gaspe. The existing site will be completely revamped and a new stage built. Thousands of dollars will be invested in this project which will be a legacy left for the Gaspe population.

from Le Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday October 31 11:00:42 2008
La Corporation des Fetes de Gaspe 2009 will be creating a Village du 475e in the heart of Gaspe Town next summer to get the local population into the festival spirit.
The Festival program announced this week offers the population more than 20 special events thougout the year 2009.
After a winter and spring filled with special events the highlight of the festivity's will be the beginning of June with the opening of the Village 475 in downtown Gaspe. It will be tne center of festivities and a place to meet the tourists and returning Gaspe folks during the festivites.

by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Friday October 31 0:37:00 2008
I would like to congratulate the participants of the BYMC program for their success thoughout the past 5 months. You have shown tremendous work ethic and I wish you all the best in the future.


by Jennifer Morin

Wednesday October 29 11:26:13 2008
La Corporation des Fetes de Gaspe 2009 has released its programme that will highlight Gaspe next year in celebration of it's 475th anniversary. With the theme Finding One's Ancestary it will recall the roots of its inhabitants and share their history with the rest of the country. The celebrations will begin on Dec 31st 2008 in Gaspe Centre Ville with a huge fireworks display and continue with special events throughout the year.

by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Saturday October 25 15:50:25 2008
Last week the Societe Canadienne d'Hypotheques et de Lodgement (SCHL) announced that residental operational startups had tripled in Gaspe between Jan and Sept 2008. On the other hand the crisis of lodgement availabilty is being felt in the municapality. According to the SCHL lodgements available for rent in Gaspe is only 0.2% of all availalable rental units. 10 years past the availabilty rate was 13.5%

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday October 20 20:24:49 2008
Merle Coffin traveled with Hazel Bannier and Aida Jones by VIA to visit Family in London On.The visit was short but it meant having 5 generations together.

by Connie Steele

Friday October 17 20:44:32 2008
Within the framework of Quebec Public Library Week which is being held Oct 18th thru Oct 25th the Municipality Of Gaspe invites its citizens to visit their local library.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday October 15 10:51:18 2008
Gaspe News

Most of our summer visitors have now left Gaspe to return to their winter homes. Time goes by so quickly we will soon be watching for them to come back for the summer months.

Happy Birthday wishes to Hazel Patterson Boyle of Sunny Bank who celebrated her birthday on September 28th. Her son, Tony and friend, Edmond from Toronto and daughter, Judy and husband, Norman from Calgary have been home visiting with her, other family and friends.

Our deepest sympathy to Alton McCallum and family on the death of Mary Miller McCallum. Mary passed away on September 26th after a lengthy illness. Funeral service was held at Christ the Kings Cathedral in Gaspe on September 29th with burial of ashes to follow at a later date.

Our condolences go out to the family of William (Bill) Sams who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident while touring with his two sons in Nova Scotia. The funeral service was held in St. James Church Wakeham with burial at St. James cemetery on September 30th.

Lorna and Everett Clark have returned from their holiday. They visited their son, Kevin and wife Sandy and children, David and Matthew in Stettler, Alberta. They then flew to Vancouver to visit their son, Tony and his wife, Maureen. They had a wonderful holiday.

Get well wishes to Linda Mullin of Wakeham who has been hospitalized for the last week. Hopefully she will soon be feeling better and back home. Her sister, Kathy from Listiguoche and her son, Jason, who lives in Milton came to visit at this time.

Happy Birthday going out to Lon Mullin of Fonthill, Ontario who celebrates his 60th on October 1st.

Dean and Heather Patterson went to Montreal for their grandson, Christians confirmation on September 20th. This was a special day for all of them and they had a nice visit with their daughter, Stefanie, husband, Marco and grandchildren, Chelsia and Christian.

A surprise party was held in Haldimand Hall to celebrate the 75th birthday of Neil Grant. Many family and friends gathered to extend birthday wishes. A delicious lunch was served.

Phyllis and Victor Miller were home visiting family and friends for a couple of weeks in August. Their son, Michael and girlfriend, Josee were also in Gaspe for a few days at this time.

Happy Anniversary to Doug and Dorinda Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated their wedding anniversary on October 1st.

Happy 30th Anniversary to Erskine and Pauline Patterson of London, Ontario. This year they will be celebrating their anniversary in their cottage in Sunny Bank. Have a great day !

In the last edition of Spec, congratulations went out to Rhonda Stewart and Jeremy Hackett. In fact, it should have read Jeremy Adams. Please accept my apologies for this mistake.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday October 12 10:45:39 2008
Sunday October 19th venture outdoors and take advantage of a nice autumn day to celebrate the Day Of Natural Resources with family and friends. In the Gaspe Region we are blessed with an abundance of Natural Resources.
by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Thursday October 9 21:24:30 2008
Approx. 40 volunteers participated last Sept. 27th in a cleanup of the mountain behind the Gaspe CGEP. 2500 kilos of garbage was collected.
by Don Delisle
from LaPharillon

by don delisle

Thursday October 9 15:05:51 2008
hi my name is linda smith i was born and raised in gaspe quebec i miss my home town big time i now live in woodstock ontario i just want too write a message too all my friends who log on too this go gaspe site i just wanted too say hi and let them know that i miss them all very much including my family members like cynthia and nancy and regis and ronney and my mom diane and espically my dad harris and cant forget my adorable nieces amy lee and nikitta and my nephew devon love you guys so much and miss you hugs and kisses xxx

by linda smith

Saturday October 4 12:18:21 2008
Women are becoming more involved in the sport of hunting. Hunting courses now comprise 40% attendance by women. The Quebec Federation of Hunting and Fishing estimate that women make up at least 25% of new hunters in the last 5 years

from Graffici
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday October 4 12:05:58 2008
Xstrata has completed the decontamination of the 675 residental lots in Murdochville. Now they will begin the decontamination process of the land in Sandy Beach near the Port Of Gaspe. This project estimated at $26 millon dollars will involve approx. 50 residental lots and 24 commercial or industrial lots. The project will halt before winter sets in to begin again in the spring.

by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday October 1 0:52:22 2008
The 'Gaspe Cancer Foundation' will be holding the Annual General Meeting on Thurs. Oct. 2nd at the Gaspe Legion at 7PM. Everyone welcome.

by Debbie Sams

Saturday September 27 11:32:43 2008
TLDG cross country ski event next year 2009 will be held the week of 24th to 31st of January. To commerate the 475 ann. of Jacques Cartier landing in Gaspe the event will start in Montreal pass by Quebec City and then thru the Chic-Chocs and the Baie-Des_Chaleurs. 350 skiers will participate. The cruise ship CTMA Vancier will be used as the base of operations providing meal and sleeping accomadations for the participants. Non skiers can also book for the cruise from Montreal to Gaspe via The Baie Des Chaleurs. On it's stop over at Quebec City a ceremony between the organizers of Quebec 400 and Gaspe 475 will be held.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday September 27 0:52:24 2008
More history from Petite Histoire De Boom Defence En Rafale.
1871: A light ship was put in service at the tip of Sandy Beach Point.
1900: After purchasing the concessions and mill from Baird's Lumber Co. of Douglastown the York Lumber Co.relocated the equipment to Sandy Beach Point.
1904: A small lighthouse was constructed about 500 meters from the tip at Sandy Beach Point.
1920: The Howard Smith Lumber Co. purchased the mill and concessions from the York Lumber Co.
1942: Inaugration of the Naval Base at Gaspe,the NCSM Fort Ramsay. To complete the defence system in the Gaspe Bay a anti submarine net was installed between
Sandy Beach Point and Fort Peninsula. This type of installation was referred to as
1966: Dept of Lands and Forest demanded by letter that the Municipality Of Haldimand cease useing Sandy Beach Point as its garbage dump and to bury the garbage already deposited
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday September 26 10:40:07 2008
Excerpt from "Petite Histoire De Boom Defence En Rafale" in this week's Le Pharillon" 1860: The H.M.S. Hero under the command of Commodore Seymour grounded by accident on the sand bar at Sandy Beach Point. The Prince of Wales who later would become King Edward V11 was on board this British Naval Vsl. who carried 91 canons"

by don delisle

Thursday September 25 9:07:40 2008
I am very sad to announce to friends and fellow Gaspesians far and wide the passing of William (Bill) Sams. Uncle Bill was killed in a motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia while on a biking trip with his sons Lowell and Kim.
Ricky Sams

by Ricky Sams

Wednesday September 24 21:11:07 2008
West Coast News

On Saturday night, the 20th of September, Keith and Bobbi Baker celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. It started with a wonderful dinner held at the Sumac Ridge Golf Club at Summerland in the Okanagan, organized by Cindi Baker who made a large heart framing old photographs including Keith and Bobbis wedding photos as the center piece for the celebration. Out of town guests included Jimmy and Bridgit Miller here from Howick PQ, Frankie and Elaine Miller from Burlington, Ontario, Dan Mehrens from Idaho, as well as Keiths sister Marni Bawlf and Norma & Weston Patterson from North Vancouver.

Garth, Madeleine, and Lori Patterson, Sylvia McCallum, along with her husband, Al Schnatz and daughters, Val and Karen, and Jean Veale were amongst the Gasp/Peachland friends, joined by Keith and Bobbis children Bill and Cindi and their friends. To quote Norma Patterson, A friend of Cindis did the music and it was very nice old tunes from the 50s. There were dancing, lots of talking and laughs as Gasp people can do!!

Norma tells me, The visitors from east, Bobbi Keith and Billy plus Syl, Al and Dan had supper with us at Garths Sunday night. We had a real old fashion boiled dinner and Jean Veale brought beans from her garden. It was fantastic !!

A great weekend of celebration for a wonderful couple! Congratulations to Keith and Bobbi for 50 happy years together!

by Lani Mitchell

Wednesday September 24 2:30:02 2008
A Loss for all Gaspesians ... but especially for us history buffs of the Gaspe Bay area English community.

I'm sad to share word of the death, Sun Sept 21, of Mr Ken Annett.

Ken was passionate about the recording and preserving of our past; it was his retirement vocation.
His legacy, for which he was probably best known, is the more than 400 essays on the history of the Gaspe, many of which have been published in SPEC under the banner "Gaspe of Yesterday".

Many of us not only received inspiration but had the pleasure of personally benefiting from his generous sharing of his knowledge. He will be missed.


by Martha Patterson Cos

Friday September 19 11:19:15 2008
Musee De La Gaspesie has relocated to the 3rd floor of the residence of the school C.E.-Pouliot address 95 blvd Gaspe till June 2009. The services offered are archive services(genalogy,history etc.,) and subscribing to Magazine Gaspesie. Note visting the exhibitions are suspended till the opening of the renovated museum at its regular site. The personnel can be reached at (418)368-1534

from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday September 12 18:32:41 2008
Gaspe News

Our days are getting shorter here in Gaspe, with much cooler nights and here and there you see a few fallen leaves. Guess fall is just around the corner.

Jean Eden from Prince Edward Island is home visiting family and friends. She had been living in Edmonton and moved to the island last year. It has been several years since she has visited Gaspe. Nice to see you home, Jean.

Paula and Ricky Shannon of Wakeham are back home after visiting their family in Burlington and Guelph.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Robert Quiriple who passed away in Cambridge, Ontario on August 22, 2008. Visitation was held at St. Andrews Church in York.

Lillian Rooney Lavallee spent a month and a half in Douglastown with her family. She had recently returned from a trip to Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong. While in Sydney, She was lucky enough to be in the fourth row when Pope Benedict made his appearance for World Youth Day.

Dolores Rooney and her son, Kyle, from Edmonton, spent ten days with her family in Douglastown.

Roger Rooney and his family from Taegu, South Korea spent a month in Canada visiting his sister in Edmonton, brother in St. Catharines and family in Douglastown.

Congratulations to Rhonda Stewart and Jeremy Hackett who were married on Saturday, August 30th in St. Andrews Church. York. We wish them many happy years together.

Congratulations to all the W.I. ladies who won trophies at the Womens Institute Fair which was held on Saturday, September 6th at the St. Marjorique Hall. A most delicious salad supper was served following the viewing of the exhibits and presentation of the trophies.

Happy Birthday to Bryce Coffin of Halifax who had his 70th birthday on September 8th. Unfortunately at this time his wife, Shirley, is in the Halifax hospital . She is undergoing testing and we hope she will soon be out of the hospital and feeling better.

Happy Birthday to Mabel Carter of Wakeham who celebrated her birthday on September 9th.

Melrose Patterson has returned home after spending two weeks in the Eastern Townships visiting friends.

Congratulations to Tommy and Kristen Syvret of Calgary on the birth of their daughter, Madeline Lillian on August 22nd. Brad and Janice Syvret of Haldimand are the proud grandparents in Gaspe and Dave and Donna Severn in Edmonton.

Happy 100th Birthday to Mrs. Una Mullin who celebrated on August 31st Her brother, Joseph Patterson, turned 98, also on August 31st. A party was held at the Ross Sanitorium to honour Mrs. Mullin on this milestone in her life. Family and friends, along with her sisters, Ellen Clark, who will be 96 on September 18th and Mary Miller who is 91, were there to join in the celebration. Mr. Joe also had a birthday dinner for his family at Rons Restaurant. It is amazing to see four family members reach such a wonderful age.

Pauline and Erskine Patterson are spending the month of September and part of October in Gaspe. Nice to see you home again!

Eugene Suddard is back home after spending time in the hospital in Quebec and also in the Hotel Dieu, Gaspe. We hope he is soon feeling much better.

Our condolences go out to the family of Matilda Adams of Pointe Navarre who passed away on August 23rd at the Hotel Dieu Hospital- Gaspe. The funeral service was held in the Shrine at Pointe Navarre and burial of ashes at St. Marjorique Cemetery.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday September 11 11:05:29 2008
On August 28th., the fishing vsl. Le Mirabel trawling in the Baie-des-Chaleurs near Miscou caught a specimin not seen in Gaspesie waters for many years.
The Cpt. Real Turbide and crew members Ron Hunt and Robert Poirier from Paspebiac landed a Tuna weighing over 675 lbs. The waters of the Baie-Des-Chaleurs had not seen a vist from theis giant specimen for over 20 years.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday September 6 15:35:03 2008
Via Rail Canada has been advised by the Societe du Chemin de fer de la Gaspesie that the work to replace a rail bridge that had been washed out near Pointe a la Croix,Quebec (near Matapedia) has been delayed by one week. Regular Via service on the Chaleur between Matapedia and Gaspe is now expected to resume on September 10.
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday September 5 10:32:50 2008
Gaspe is positioning itself to become a major player in the lucrative Cruise industry. The project for Gaspe includes the lengthing of the Sandy Beach Wharf
(cost of $15,000,000) and improvements in the rail facilities to accomadate a tourist train at the wharf. Estimation is that from 2010 to 2014 the Gaspe Region will receive between 15,000 to 30,000 Cruise Ship passengers.
by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Tuesday August 26 14:12:41 2008
Via Rail Canada announced to-day the return of the regular service of the Chaleur train between Gaspe and Matapedia effective Sepember 3rd. Commencing with the Chaleur departing Montreal Sept. 3rd. in the direction of Gaspe tickets will be on sale for this service between Matapedia and Gaspe. The Chaleur operates between Matapedia and Gaspe Wednesday,Friday and Sundazy and Gaspe to Montreal Mondau,Thursday and Saturday.

from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by Don Delisle

Monday August 25 18:13:58 2008
Dear Mr Stoddard,
I would just like to comment on your very brave report that i have just recently read on this site. THANK GOD for people such as yourself, who have taken the time and energy to research the Wilbert Coffin legal information.... If only there had been more people like you, Wilbert Coffin would not have come to this terrible faith...It is with great anger and shame that our gouverment of Quebec and Canada did not take the same time and energy to do as you have done... I tip my hat off to you, Lani Mitchell and to anyone else you has the heart to research information pertinent to this case.
Iam but one person who will always say that Wilbert Coffin died for someone else's wrong doing.

by Carol Chicoine

Saturday August 23 22:34:13 2008
Douglastown Municipal Library will be holding its AGM on Sunday, September 7th at 2pm at the library. All members of the community are invited to discuss the role of the library and if the current hours meet the needs of the people and if additional weekend hours would be attended.

If you have an opinion on this issue or any other library business but can not attend the meeting, please contact Averill@ 361-3455 to have your voice heard.

by Averill Huxter

Thursday August 21 11:39:27 2008
Despite the decrease in the number of tourists visiting the Gaspe region this year ths societe de gestion des rivieres de Gaspe(SCRG) are pleased in the increase in the number of fishermen this year. They estimate the York and Saint-John rivers are heading towards record seasons with an increase of 4% and the Dartmouth river with a slight decrease which brings the average of the three rives combined to an incease overall of 1%.
There is an increase of 46% in the number of catches reported on the three rivers this year.

by Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Wednesday August 20 4:00:54 2008
Wilbert Coffin Case Coming For Review

I am saddened when I look at the current issue of the Spec Newspaper concerning the Wilbert Coffin case. It is alright to ask me why I find this upsetting. Pure and simply put, here you have a local newspaper, dishing out what the publisher and editor have determined is what you should know about this case. It apparently does not matter whether the story is accurate or complete.

Knowing this story as I do, I can personally guarantee much of the information in this story is not factual or accurate. I make that claim, not because I am spouting off, but because I have documented information that proves my point.

Earlier today I spoke at length with the author of the Spec story, Mr. Thierry Haroun. Mr. Haroun advises me that the information for his story came from Mr. Clement Fortin, who has recently authored some publication based on the transcripts from the Coffin trial and from the Brossard Commision.

It is important to note by his own admissions, Mr. Fortin did not do any research outside of the boundaries of the trial transcripts and the Brossard commision. Mr. Haroun makes a similar claim with reference to his own story, except that his information was garnered from other book sellers including Mr. Fortin.

It is obvious, Mr. Fortin's objective is to declare Wilbert Coffin guilty, based on the transcripts of trial, and those of the Brossard Commision hearing which took place eight years after the trial. It is easy to take statements out of context and declare a defendant guilty based on circumstantial evidence. That proves nothing. It is a different matter however when one involves suppressed evidence, deceit, and manipulation. The results are suddenly very different, different to the extent that in no way would Wilbert Coffin have ever been found guilty. I believe that his case would never have reached the trial stage, had these elements been factored in.

As most of you are no doubt aware, I have been investigating and researching the Wilbert Coffin case for more than two years. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a great assistant and researcher. Her name, and I know she is no stranger to most of you, is Lani Mitchell. She was the former Lani Baker from Gaspe' and her father was John Baker, the brother of Bill Baker. Many of you may ask why, and many might ask was it all worth it?

To answer the first question, I have to travel back into time, back to the early 1950's in the Gaspe' peninsula region of Quebec. This of course was the era when three hunters were brutally murdered in the Gaspe' forest. This was also the era when a Gaspe' resident named Wilbert Coffin was found guilty in Perce' of the murder of one of these individuals.

Throughout my life, growing up as a youngster in Central New Brunswick, there was always much speculation that Wilbert Coffin may not have been guilty, and that he had been railroaded by the government of Quebec, under the leadership of Premier Maurice Duplessis, who through self-appointment acted as the attorney general. As a youngster, I found this troubling, continuing on into adult life. There was something within me telling me that if the government was saying he was guilty, then he must be. There was however, another question from within that I yearned for an answer. That question was, what if he wasn't guilty, especially in view of the fact that he had already faced the executioner? I made the decision at this point that I would not leave this earth without doing my best to find out the answer.

That outlines my reasons as to why I embarked upon this investigation. I ask that you read the balance of this report. I am confident that my answer to the question as to whether it has been worth it will become abundantly clear.

I shall begin by listing relevant information pertaining to the Coffin case which precluded him from receiving a fair trial.

1. The refusal of the crown to accept a verdict of no responsibility on the part of Wilbert Cofin, sending the inquest jury back to the jury room to change the verdict. This fact has been proven, as I have personally spoken with an elderly man who was one of the hold-out jurors.

2. The holding of Wilbert Coffin without charge for several weeks, moving him to Quebec City, pounding and tormenting him relentlessly for a confession, both emotionally and physically. This was corroborated by by the jailer at Quebec.

3. Denying Wilbert Coffin legal council, based on the theory that he had not yet been charged, therefore, the rules did not apply accoprding to the police.

4. Denying Wilbert Coffin permission to speak with his father

5. Denying Wilbert Coffin his right to an English jury, forcing him to accept half French/half English.

6. Denying Wilbert Coffin access to his legal team by appointing a member of The Quebec Provincial Police to chauffeur him during his trial. I have spoken at length with the police officer involved who confirms this, outlining his duties with respect to Wilbert Coffin.

6. Not presenting the sworn affadavit by Dr. and Mrs. Mimi Wilson who witnessed a jeep and two occupants on a ferry crossing the St. Lawrence River. These people paralled the descriptions of people Wilbert Coffin described as having seen in the woods with the Lindsey party.

7. Not presenting as evidence, information given by Fabien Sinnett of Gaspe' reporting that he had also seen a vehicle of similar description in Gaspe'.

8. Not reporting the fact that the police were aware of two individuals who spent the night in Wilbert Coffin's cabin the night before Wilbert Coffin went into the forest. There names were Angus McDonald, and a Mr. Soucy. Angus McDonald was a partner of Wilbert Coffin's prior to this affair and was in a position to know of the Americans in the forest. I got this information from correspondence between Inspector Alphonse Matte and Sgt. John Vanhoutte.

9. Never investigating the discovery of a pistol in the vicinity of the crime scene area. The finder of this pistol disclosed the information to me. I shall be forwarding his name to the CCRG.

10. The crime scene was badly tarnished due to the failure of the police to secure it. One of the senior officers fired his service revolver into the carcass of a dead bear, thereby destroying it as a possible clue.

11. The crime scene did in no way suggest a murder by firearm as the police concluded. There were no spent cartridges, no bullets or bullet fragments, and more importantly there were no broken bones, and yet it was suggested that Frederick Claar had been shot perhaps five times. Forensic people have assured me, that would be a virtual impossibility, to shoot someone in the same general body area that many times and not break bones. The closest that one can come to a broken bone was a nick out of one bone and the medical examiner said it could have been done by a forest animal.

Based on the length of this report, I am certain that by now you are able to figure out the answer to my question from above as to why I undertook this path. There is much more to tell you. I am certain that you will find it chilling that the federal government of Canada in the end had a chance to save Wilbert Coffin. They chose not to do that. They chose that route because they wanted to look good to the American administration. It is a story in itself. It is not based on someone's theory. It has it's roots, hidden away under reams of other information. Some of it is marked "confidential", and some of it is marked "secret". I can honestly say that I do have copies of these drafts and reports, some authored by the American administration, and the greater part of it by the Canadian government. It all started out in a hotel room in the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. I might add also, it was a secret meeting being held, and the bottom line was, The Coffin case was the topic of discussion.

Perhaps you can now understand as to why I find it upsetting when I read stuff such as I read in the Spec telling you what they think you should know about an event that happened in your community. In my view, the good folks of the Gaspe' region deserve more. In the past two years, I have personally offered to supply documented information to the Spec about this case on numerous occasions. Though appointments were set up, I am still waiting.

I am currently in the midst of preparing a very detailed report to the CCRG (Criminal Conviction Review Group) on this case. Lani and I are both hopeful that our information will make a difference. One thing is certain, we never gave up, and I encourage all who may have something to add, the clock is ticking.

In passing, I want to say Thank-you. I know I have taken a lot of your space here, but we strive to keep the folks of Gaspe' and elsewhere informed.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Thursday August 14 19:06:28 2008
Items from Ontario

A few former Gaspesians got together at McDonald's to wish Elaine Miller all the best for her birthday which was July 20. A muffin had to suffice for a cake, but Jackie brought some candles and we all sang Happy Birthday.

Charles, Jackie, Lisa & Taylor Patterson motored to Gaspe to their new "Home away from Home" in Haldimand. They quickly bought a larger one and moved in to enjoy two weeks of beach and visiting friends.

Francis & Elaine Miller motored to Gaspe on July 27. The first week they were guests of Marlene Annett of Prevel and then spent a week in Wakeham with Weston & Dora Annett at the old Annett home.While there they travelled to Shigawake to visit a day with Carl & Lois Hayes. They also visited many friends and family members in Gaspe.

Glenda Patterson motored to Gaspe with Francis & Elaine Miller to spend two weeks with her aunt, Sybil Keays on Haldimand Beach.

Gary & Jeanne Vivian of Yellowknife spent two weeks at their cottage near Buckhorn Ontario. Their daughter Christa, and friend Jason, flew frm Alberta to spend some time with her parents. Mark, Melanie and Christine Craig of Burlington also visited with the Vivians for a few days.

Edgar MIller of Crapaud PEI spent some time in Gaspe. In Shigawake he visited cousins Carl& Lois Hayes and in Port Daniel he met up with cousins Margaret Ann Sweetman and Ruth Stewart. On to Wakeham where he found more family members and many friends.

Cecil& Phyllis Vibert and Brenda Scruton came from Saint John to spend some time with the Viberts at Corner of the Beach. In Wakeham they visited Phyllis' sister Ruth and brother Francis.So nice to see family.

Beth MacLeod spent two weeks in Gaspe. One week with Muriel and Linda Cass in Wakeham and then with Glen, Linda & Leanne Alexander in L'Anse Aux Cousins.I was fortunate enough to drive with her and had a most pleasant trip.

While in Gaspe, a plaque was placed on David Miller's tombstone to denote that he had been a prisoner of war in Hong Kong during World War Two. Several family members attended this event and also his good friend and fellow prisoner, Bill McWhirter. Bill talked of his experiences and showed a book that he had compiled as he had managed to keep a diary in spite of his confinement.

Sharon Boyle Dee entertained at her home in Barachois and served a delicious dinner of fried cod (and other main dishes). She cooked for all her sisters and brothers who were visitiing plus the Patterson clan. I lost track of numebers but there must have been 30 to 35 people who had a great time talking to old friends and enjoying the delectable dinner she served. A most magnificent view from her front window greeted everyone as you looked across the Bay to Perce Rock. Many thanks, Sharon.

"Sid's Kids Place" in Wakeham was hopping all week when all the family gathered there for a reunion. Aged from 9 months to 77 years there was, Gregory, Mariette, Scott, Susie, Ryan, Lois, Keri, Heather, Breanna, Kyleigh, Fred, Judy,Kelly, Gerry & Shoko and yours truly. We did many things to keep us busy: walked and biked the Pioneeer trail (and two brave souls went around the Bay on bikes), four wheeled in the woods, canoed, walked at Forillion Park, went to the beach, watched a DVD with pictures from various years (there were many oh's, ah's and is that really me's??). Ryan played the guitar and sang but could not get us stopped talking long enough to have a sing song! Scott & Susie put on a fish dinner consisting of fresh northern Ontario pickerel which was very good. Many friends and family dropped in to see us and we were very pleased to see everyone. Thanks to everyone who made our two weeks in Gaspe a very pleasant experience. Special thanks to Alpheus Patterson and Darlene Eden who gave extras a place to sleep. Also to Eric & Kay Coffin who do so much for us. See you in a year !!

I have written a small book about growing up in Upper Wakeham and my son had it published for me. If any one is interested I will get more done and the cost will be $15.00 plus mailing from Ontario. My e-mail address is;

We were all saddened to hear of Harris Eden's harrowing experience and consequent death. Our sympathy goes out to the family who are all dear friends and very close to my family.

Ruth Miller Patterson Armstrong

by Ruth Patterson Armst

Sunday August 10 1:26:57 2008
As MaryEllen Drody turned 80 on Aug. 9th, special friends and family came together to help her celebrate with music and song. Thankyou all for giving her this special day ! (Debbie)

by Debbie Sams

Wednesday July 16 0:00:11 2008
I would like to wish my aunt, Angela Boulay, a very Happy Birthday, she will be 97 years old on Wed. July 16... she is still in very good health and hope she is blessed to have many more years with us.. all her friends and family are having a luncheon for her at the "BOURLINGUEUR" Restaurant...I will be vacationing in Gaspe from July 24 to August 8...visiting my mother, Alice Morin, family and friends...

by Mandy Jack

Saturday July 5 22:42:35 2008
Lordy Lordy Mr. D is Forty!!

Happy 40th Birthday Darren.

Lots of Love from,

Averill and Owen

by Averill Huxter

Friday June 27 16:37:53 2008
Gaspe News - June 27th

The Walk of Life was held at the track of the C.E. Pouliot Polyvalent on June 13th. Over $93,000 was raised to help find a cure for Cancer.

A flea market and bake sale was held at Rons Restaurant on June. Over $1800 was raised for the local Cancer association.

Preston Clark and daughter, MacKenzie were home to attend the high school graduation of his daughter, Samantha. Also home at this time were her uncles, Cleveland Clark from Calgary and Alton Clark from Montreal and her aunt Lynn and uncle Rene. Her cousins, Dawn and Alice Langlois were also here for this happy occasion.

Dayna Patterson is to be congratulated on the awards she recently received. She was presented with: 1) Proficiency in English, Sec V; 2) Chris Kennedy humanitarian award; 3) Special Merit award; 4) Lewis Miller Citizenship award and 5) Senior Model student. She was also presented with certificates on achieving title of Gold Star Student (90% or higher yearly average), as well as Honor Roll student!!! Dayna also received two scholarships the C.A.S.A. and the Eastern Shores School Board scholarships at the graduation ceremonies! At a formal presentation Dayna was presented with the Lieutenant Governor's Award by the Lieutenant Governor himself! Congratulations, Dayna and also to all of the Grads of 2008!

Billy Boyle is back at the Boyle home in Wakeham for the summer. Nice to see you back again, Billy.

Congratulations to Jeremy Betteridge on his recent graduation from Bishops University. Jeremy graduated with honours and distinction. He will be attending Carleton University in Ottawa and is studying International Politics and Economy. Jeremy eventually will be studying Law. Happy Birthday to Jeremy on June 28th.

Happy 40th Birthday to Bruce Miller of Montreal on June 26th. Hope you had a great day.

Erskine Patterson is in the University Hospital in London, Ontario. We hope he will soon be home and feeling much better. Best of luck to his wife, Pauline, who recently has been undergoing tests as well.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Inez Cassidy, wife of the late Albert Cassidy, who passed away on June 9th. Funeral services were held at the Cathedral in Gaspe on
June 13th.

Congratulations to Stephen Dorion and Tanya Adams on the birth of their son, Riley.

Stan Vibert, Rick Shannon and Brad Syvret recently traveled to Fredericton with some of their friends to play golf. While their husbands were golfing, Paula and Janice took the opportunity to go shopping in Matane.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday June 26 10:36:53 2008
On June 21st the Masons hosted yet another successful prize bingo. This annual event was held at the Century Lodge and welcomed over 75 guests. The main event of the afternoon was the generous ticket draw.

1st prize donated by Via Rail-
Return trip for 2 in a bedroom from Gasp to Montreal.
Won by Leigh and Marie Stewart of York

2nd prize donated by Orleans Express-
Return trip for 2 from Gasp to Montreal.
Won by Stan Vibert of Wakeham

3rd prize donated by Telus-
Cordless phone
Won by Noreen Lucus of Port Daniel

4th prize donated by Adams Motel-
Room for 2 including a supper and breakfast
Won by Dale Miller of Sunny Bank

Thank you to all of our generous supporters.

by Rmi Dion

Wednesday June 25 21:28:46 2008
Items from Ontario:

Gregory & Mariette Patterson, Scott & Sue Palmer, Maureen, Gary & Lois Laminger and yours truly spent a week cruising to Alaska from Vancouver.In spite of cold and dull weather, all had a great time. Stopped at Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan for day trips and shopping. More jewelry stores in one of those little towns in all of Toronto !! The majestic glacier in Glacier Bay were a sight to behold. The photographers in the family took several hundred shots to try and get a perfect picture. We also saw eagles, whales (not close) and fantastic scenery. I spent some time with my friend, Norma Patterson and her husband Weston before the cruise s tarted. A wonderful week with family on a luxurious ship.

After the cruise ship docked, Scott & Susan Palmer met their son Ryan, nephew Troy and Scott's mother Sybil Palmer at the airport and from there they motored to Vancouver Island to spend a week with Scott's brother Brent. Sybil will remain with Brent and his friend for two months and then plans to come back to Toronto by train.

Gary, Lois & Maureen Laminger visited with their uncle Rudy Laminger in Surrrey for a few days. While there Rudy showed them around Vancouver and area and spent one day in US doing some shopping. They flew on to Winnipeg where they visited Gary's parents, his daughter, Gillian and grandson cody before flying home to Kitchener.

Victor & Phyllis Miller of Lombardy, Ontario flew to Victoria where they spent 10 days with Victors aunt and uncle, Celia and Cliff Gregory of Sooke, B.C.
They also have been to see their daughter Louise, near Peterborough, and to help her celebrate her 50th birthday.

Earl &Pearl and daughter Kim have been spending some time at their trailer in Waterloo. It is always nice to get out of a city to the more countrified areas.

June birthdays:

Victor Miller June 2 1932 Lombardy, ON
Shirley Suddard June 8 1952
Christine Pelletier June 17 1959 London, ON
Myles Patterson June 18 1961
Leverrett Miller June 21 1952 Cornwall, On
Carol Miller June 27 1945
Louise Miller June 28 1958

July birthdays:
Sharon Pelletier July 3 1968
Gwen Holmes July 6 1930 Didsbury AB
Phyllis Vibert July 8 1937 Saint John NB
Graham Miller July 13 1928 Edmonton AB
Jan Tuzo July 14 1944
Edgar Miller July 17 1940 Crapaud PEI
Denise Irvine July 18 1968 Burlington ON
Elaine Miller July 20 1934 Burlington ON
Elsie Bobbette July 23 1924 Barrie ON
Norma Patterson July 26 1930 Vancouver BC
Betty Coffin July 31 1931 Montreal QC

Gerry & Shoko Patterson are moving from Singapore to France where they will take a month long intensive French course and then hope to settle in Montpellier. In August they will be flying to Montreal and going to Gaspe by tain to join the rest of Gerry's family for a week in Wakeham.

All my children and their spouses and some of the grand kids will be in Wakeham the week of August 4th. Please do call in and see us as we are looking forward to seeing all our friends while there. Ruth Patterson Armstrong.

by Ruth Armstrong

Friday June 20 9:48:05 2008
Congratulations to the grade 6 class of Gaspe Elementary for winning at the provincials in Quebec City. Great job everyone and a big Thank you to Mrs Ellie McDonald for helping the kids with their project and to their teacher Marquita Roberts for always being there for them. Way to go!!!!

by Diane Kelly

Thursday June 19 20:50:28 2008

Yard Sale , There will be a yard sale on the 21 of june at 564 York Sud , starting at 8:00 AM cloths for girls and boys and toys and much much more also selling fresh rubarb cheap . Hope to see everyone there.

Darlene Smith

by Darlene Smith

Monday June 16 11:55:51 2008
YARD SALE, Saturday and sunday june the 21th and 22th 9:00 the 2 rue des Fauvettes, Wakeham.Part off the sale inside the garage... lot off antiques all kinds.
Marcel Lamoureux

by marcel lamoureux

Sunday June 8 14:38:42 2008
Yard Sale June the 14th rain date june 15th 19 rue Forest Sandybeach

by heather donovan

Friday June 6 14:47:09 2008
Gaspe News June 06, 2008

Berton and Doda Miller and Dennis and Marg Palmer motored to Kingston, Ontario to celebrate on May 18th the 90th birthday of the girls brother, Cecil Patterson. A party was held in his honour at the Worthington Park Club House where family members and friends gathered for a few hours of socializing which included a delicious hot meal prepared and served by Jim Perry and his crew. Jeannie Arsenault Tuzo brought along her guitar and was a much appreciated entertainer with many old well known songs. Most of the guests joined in the singing which was especially enjoyed by Cecil.

Belated birthday wishes to Michele Berube who had a birthday on June 3rd. Hope you had a great day, Michele.

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Whaley of Fonthill, Ontario who celebrated her birthday on June 6th. We are looking forward to seeing you in Gaspe this summer.

Birthday wishes going out to Vera Patterson of Gaspe who has a birthday on June 7th.

Mike Shannon of Burlington will have a special birthday on June 16th. Mike turns the big 4-0 on this day- celebrate well, Mike! Two days after Mikes birthday his mother also has a big day. Paula turns 60 on June 18th- a lot of celebrating is in the planning!

Happy Birthday to Dorinda Patterson who has a birthday on June 19th Have a great day and a good year, Dorinda.

Andy and Debbie Patterson have returned home after being away for seven weeks. They started their holiday in Kitchener, visiting their son Kevin and his wife Nyree to await the arrival of their second daughter, Blaire Elizabeth, who was born on April 23rd. Congratulations to the happy parents and grandparents. Andy and Debbie then went to Huntington Beach State Park for two weeks where they had a fabulous holiday. Disney World was their next stop were they were joined by their oldest son, Dale, his wife, Melissa and their two children from Vermont. They had a wonderful time.

Get well wishes going out to Edgar Clark who has been transferred back to the Hotel Dieu, Gaspe. Get well wishes also going out to his brother, Wilson, who hasnt been feeling well lately.

Betty Stanley has returned to Gaspe after spending the winter months visiting her family in Ontario. Nice to see you back, Betty.

Glenn and I are back home after spending two weeks in Ontario. We spent the first weekend with Faye and Blair in Guelph. We had a nice visit with them and especially on Sunday when all of their family got together for a B.B.Q. Mike, Dawn, Meghan and Hailey and Lisa, John and little Jack from Burlington joined us as well. It was nice visiting with all of our nieces and nephews again. We then went on to London where we spent the rest of a very enjoyable holiday with Pauline and Erskine Patterson.

A concert with Friends in Song was held at the C.E. Pouliot Polyvalent on Sunday, May 4th. The ladies and one gentleman Don Barclay- put on a fantastic show with Irish, down east and gospel songs. Four young girls did a wonderful job of entertaining us, each with a song of their own. The concert was enjoyed immensely by all and the group raised $500 which went to Pioneer Days.

by Ivy Miller

Tuesday June 3 19:53:31 2008
The Schooner Bluenose 2 will be moored at Gaspe on June 6th. This historical schooner will be accessable free to the public commencing at 10H at the Sandy Beach Wharf. The Nova Scotia Schooner is stopping over on her way to Quebec City to participate in Quebec City's 400 Anniversary Celebrations.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday June 3 11:34:45 2008
Congratulations to my brother Mitch McDonald who graduated from Bishop's University on May 30th with honours. To all the other Gaspesians who graduated with him on that same day, Congratulations to you as well. Good luck in all your future endeavours!!

by Tara McDonald

Tuesday June 3 11:18:23 2008
La Grande Traversee de L'Atantique a flotilla of over 40 sailing ships that departed from La Rochelle France will be calling at Gaspe. Events will be held in the area of the Gaspe Marina from June 11th thru June 15th. Some of the highlights as follows:
June 12th 20:00H Show by Laurence Jalbert and her choir
June 13th At the Marina bar de la Capitainerie Jam session
June 14th 11:00H Arrival of Jacques Cartier aboard the Bantry
June 15th Departure ceremony

by Don Delisle


by don delisle

Saturday May 31 12:43:31 2008
Baby Aiden James Lemieux was baptisted on May 18th, by Rev.Alice of St Andrews United Church in Chateauguay, Godparents were Brandon Lemieux, Constance Devougues, Serena Miller, And Peter Bober,
Aiden is the son Of Emilia Ascah and Alex Lemieux,
great grandson of Ruby Ascah (Miller).

by ruby ascah

Saturday May 31 1:37:39 2008
I would like for everyone to say prayers for Rory Fitzpatrick he is in the hospital.He is 9 months old and has lekeumia.They are all nice children and i love them all.Randy and Tammy keep possitive he will get along good.Take care

by Yvonne,jeannotte

Friday May 30 13:07:39 2008
This Sunday's edition of Le Pharillon will be the last one delivered on the week-end. Starting Wednesday June 11th.,it will be delivered on Wednesday becoming a mid-week journal enabling readers to peruse the sale flyers in time to plan the week-end shopping.
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday May 25 21:10:26 2008
hi.i just want to thank everyone who sponsored me for the walk for Alzeihmer. Merci pour vos dons pour la marche pour Alzeihmer. had a very nice walk. thank-you, Merci. Charles.

by charles smith

Sunday May 25 14:11:11 2008
Rendez Vous Naval Note one change in schedule. Wreath laying at Gaspe War Memorial will be at 16:00 in lieu of 17:00 hrs.

by don delisle

Friday May 23 13:19:07 2008
My son Tom Jack and his wife Jan from Alberta, visited his grandmother, Mme Alice Morin last weekend in Gaspe...they had such a wonderful time as they visited other family relatives... they stayed at Adams's Motel and were very pleased with the warm welcome they received from staff members... they returned to Toronto on Wed, May 21 to spend the remainder of their vacation with us and will return to Alberta on Monday, May 26.

by Mandy Jack

Friday May 23 11:07:25 2008
Rendez-vous naval Gaspe events for Tuesday May 27th., now finalized. Gaspe organizer Ray Rooney outlines as follows:
Tuesday May 27th: 3 warships will be entering Gaspe Bay 8:30am. One each from France,Ireland and Canada. The Canadian and Irish ship will be mooring at Sandy Beach wharf and the French vessel moored in the Bay up around the marina.
The public are invited to visit the ships on their stay in Gaspe.

14:30 Ceremony at Cap Des Rosiers Monument to commerate the sinking of the Carricks and a memorial to those who perished.. Sailors from the 3 ships will be on hand for the ceremony also dignataries from Quebec City and Dept Of National Defence Ottawa.

17:00 Laying of wreaths at the Gaspe War Memorial and the Jacques de Lesseps Monument.

17:45 Reception hosted by the Municipality of Gaspe at the Gaspe Museum.

21:00 Ships depart for Quebec City.

The public is urged to attend the wreath laying cemeony's to pay respect to Gaspe's historic personalities and war hero's.

by don delisle

Monday May 19 12:19:11 2008
On Tuesday May 27th 3 warships will be calling at the Port of Gaspe on their way to Quebec City for the Rendez -Vous Naval celebration being held to celebrate Quebec's 400 annv. The ships calling at Gaspe will be from Canada, Ireland and France. For schedule of activities being held at Gaspe visit the web site
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday May 17 10:40:26 2008
Gaspe intends to entice the cruise industry with the charm of the area states Gaspe mayor M.Francois Roussy. Mme Nathalie Normandeau met with the mayors of Gaspe,Perce and Chandler to announce an investment in the order of 42.7 millon dollars to develop the cruise industry in the Canada-New England corridor over the next 5 years. One of the most important elements of this investment is to upgrade the rail link between Chandler and Gaspe. The money will also permit Gaspe to upgrade the rail link between Sandy Beach Wharf and the Marina to facilitate the transport of tourists. The plan is to have this in place for 2009 to celebrate the 475th ann. of the Pennusila by Jacques Cartier
from LaPharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday May 14 8:46:17 2008
Halimand oil drilling project back on track. The 3 companies involved Petrolia,Junex,and Gastem have decided to join forces with objective to persue drilling already started at Petrolia-Halimand site #1. According to the presidents of the three companies " their teams are already at work planning the next phase of the project to be undertaken without further delay"
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday May 13 21:06:42 2008
Gaspe Entry Port For Quebec 400. Before sailing to Quebec 2 important naval fleets will be calling at Gaspe first before proceeding to Quebec.
May 27th 3 naval vessels coming from France,Ireland and Canada respectfully the Cassard,the Roisin and a Class Halifax vessel with their 500 crew members will be calling at Gaspe. 10 days later June 10th to the 15th a visit to Gaspe will be made by 48 sailing vessels that departed from La Rochelle France. They will be laying over to regroup before proceeding to Quebec.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday May 13 12:35:20 2008
Gaspe News May 09, 2008

Well, we can safely say that the snow is disappearing at a rapid speed as of now. Our early flowers are up and some have blooms.

We have some special birthdays on May 9th- Mark Lavigne, son of Sandra and Regent from Chateauguay will celebrate his 40th , Blair Eden from Kamloops will celebrate his 60th and Murray Patterson from Wakeham will be celebrating his 80th. Bobby Palmer from Sunny Bank and Erskine Patterson from London, Ontario also have a birthday today. Happy Birthday boys!!

Our community has been very saddened recently with the passing of four of our seniors- Mrs. Daisy Patterson, who would have been 106 on June 28th passed away at the Ross Sanatorium on April 27th . Mrs. Jessie Clark of Wakeham on April 28th , Mr. Reginald Annett of Forillon and Mr. Anthony Jean of York on May 1st They will be sadly missed by all and our deepest sympathy goes out to all of the families.

Our deepest sympathy is going out to the family of Kathleen Coffin, originally from Farewell Cove, wife of the late Raymond Coffin, who passed away in Chambly on May 3rd. Funeral services were held on May 8th

Happy Birthday to Blake Carter from Toronto on May 17th and to Brandon Patterson of Sunny Bank of May 19th. Have a great day, guys!

Larry Miller of Wakeham will be celebrating the big 7-0 on May 25th. Hope you have a very happy one, Larry!

Celebrating on the 28th is Blair Miller of Guelph, Norbert Patterson and Lorna Miller of Wakeham. Hope you all have a great day.

Happy 45th Birthday to Clark Patterson of Wakeham who will be celebrating on May 30th.

The Bake Sale which was held at the Carrefour Gaspe on Saturday, May 3rd was a great success once again. Over $1250 was raised for Pioneer Days. A wine and cheese basket was raffled off and was won by Irene Dea of Gaspe. All who gave their time, organized, and baked for this sale should receive a big thank you.

The season for trout fishing is open once again here in Gaspe but so far we havent heard of many being caught.

Debbie and Terry Walsh from Ottawa are home visiting family and friends and spending time with Debbies mother, Hildred Patterson, who is in the Ross Sanatorium.

On Sunday, May 4th, a confirmation service, with Archbishop Dennis Drainville presiding and Rev. Ellen Rutherford leading the service, was held at St. Pauls Church, Gaspe. Laura, daughter of Donna and Andre Preston and Isabelle, daughter of Lorelei and Donald Gauthier were the only two confirmed this year. A delicious lunch was served in the church hall after the ceremony.

Congratulations to Donalyn Adams and Ted Yip on the birth of their daughter, Addison, who was born on May 3rd- a sister for big brother, Riley.

Congratulations also to Kevin Patterson and his wife, Nyree, on the birth of their second daughter, Blaire Elizabeth, born April 23. Kevin is the son of Andy and Debbie Patterson of Gaspe, and they live in Kitchener, Ontario.

Harris Eden is now a resident of the Foyer Notre Dame. Mr. Eden has settled in and seems to be enjoying his new home.

Our condolences go out to the family of Harold Grant of Sarnia who recently passed away after a short illness.

by Ivy Miller

Monday May 5 1:41:29 2008
thank u very much to everyone who went to my moms service we all appreciate the love and support for my mom.

by ryan sinnett

Friday May 2 10:18:22 2008
Cap-des-Rosiers will be celebrating with vigor the 150th anniversary commemorateing the construction of the lighthouse. The festivities will be held over 3 days the 18th,19th,20th of July. Spectacles under the tent will include Bottine Souriante,Paul Piche and the closing performance by Ouimorucru a tradtional Gaspesien group. Passports giving access to the site for the 3 days go on sale May 20th. The lighthouse constructed in 1858 is the highest in Canada and one of the oldest.
by Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Thursday May 1 13:45:15 2008
It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I would like to let all know that my dear father-in-law, Anthony Jean passed away this a.m. Thursday, May1st. May God be with us all and he is at peace now.

Lana Jean

by Lana Jean

Monday April 28 23:56:41 2008
Hi there, I AM THE SANDY BEACH ROAD CLEANER! Several people have stopped to say thank you for picking up litter on the highway and others have asked why I do it. Here is the answer.

I walk about 2 miles a day, weather permitting. Why not make the walk a more useful exercise and add to the exercise value. It works because there is now a 2 miles stretch of clean road in Sandy Beach and I've lost 6 lbs!

We are so very blessed to live in this beautiful and safe part of the world. How can we be so unappreciative as to deface the landscape and damage the ecology with our garbage?

Each piece of plastic I pick up is one less to entangle in the intestine of a bird or animal; each smashed beer bottle retrieved may save someone or something a nasty cut. All other cans and bottles get recycled.

Thank you to those people who accept my bags of garbage in their driveways!

I am thankful to have both the time and the health to do this. Join me anyone? Adair Gay

by Adair Gay

Saturday April 26 12:48:51 2008
Les Barracudas de Gaspe swim team were aiming for 7th place in a Provincal meet held in Chicoutimi April 20,21,22 however ended up in 5th position overall.
In individual events they took home 8 gold,8 silver and 14 bronze medals. In the team relay events they won a bronze and a silver medal.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday April 25 14:52:03 2008
Gaspe News

After a wonderful sunny week and above seasonable temperatures it is back to snow for the Gaspe. As I am writing this news column large flakes are falling- hopefully wont amount to too much.

It was just brought to my attention that Edith LeGresley of Gaspe had a special birthday back in December. She celebrated her 70th birthday on December 16th at the Mason Wakeham. Hope it was a happy one!

A belated happy birthday to Fred Sams of Gaspe who celebrated his 91st birthday on March 30th and is still healthy and active. Way to go Mr. Sams!

The first week of April , Faye Miller of Guelph came to Gaspe to visit with her mother, Ruby Miller who was in the Hotel Dieu. Her daughter, Cathy (Happy 40th Birthday on April 30th,Cathy) flew home for the weekend to spend some time with her grandmother. Mrs. Miller was hospitalized for almost six weeks but is happy to be back home and doing well.

Bernard Baird of Douglastown has just undergone knee surgery in Montreal. He had complications and had to return to the hospital but is back out now and at his daughter, Lindas. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is soon back home.

Alan Miller of Sunny Bank celebrated a very special birthday on April 5th. Happy 65th birthday, Alan.

Birthday wishes going out to Natalie Coffin Muise from Halifax who celebrated her birthday on April 14th. Hope you had a great day with your family.

On Saturday April 19th a very special lady, Elsie Patterson, from Sandy Beach celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends at Sandy Beach Church hall. A very delicious lunch was served. Four of her six sons were able to attend- Reed who lives in Sandy Beach and Cleve, Dale and Lynn from out of town.

Congratulations to Todd Miller and Michele Berube on the birth of a beautiful baby boy. Lucas Blake was born on April 16th weighing in at 7 lbs 14oz. Lucas is another great grandson for Ruby Miller, first grandson for Glenn and Ivy Miller, and a little cousin for their granddaughter, Maria and first nephew for Uncle Scott of Stettler.

Carol Suddard had a special birthday on April 21st. Happy 55th birthday, Carol!

Marjorie Bechervaise Fournier would like to wish her twin sister, Gladys Bechervaise of York a happy 66th birthday on April 22nd. Also celebrating on this day is Doug Patterson of Sunny Bank.

Lance Clark of Wakeham will be celebrating his 35th birthday on April 30th. Also celebrating on this day is Ellen Patterson of Gaspe and Ralph Vibert and Marjorie Coffin of Wakeham. Hope you all have a very happy birthday.

Get well wishes go out to Edgar Clark who has been transferred from the Hotel Dieu, Gaspe to Quebec. We hope he will soon be feeling better and back in Gaspe.

Mr. Harris Eden of Wakeham is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Gaspe. Best wishes go out to him and also happy birthday wishes on April 27th.

Mrs. Jessie Clark of Wakeham is also in the Hotel Dieu. We send her get well wishes and hope she is back home soon.

On Sunday, April 20th, Rodney Savidant was in concert at the Gaspe Elementary School. Even though he was unfortunate enough to have a cast on his arm and couldnt play his guitar he was able to perform with his back up music and everyone enjoyed his wonderful country and gospel singing. Mr. Savidant lives in Summerside, P.E.I.and has traveled to Gaspe once before to perform for us. Proceeds of the concert went to the Ecumenical Chaplaincy Foundation. He hopes to return to Gaspe for another concert in the near future.

Mr. Joe Patterson of Sandy Beach has returned after spending the winter months with his daughter, Martha and son-in-law Brian in Ottawa. Nice to see you back, Mr. Joe! Dora Miller traveled down with him and will visit for awhile.

by Ivy Miller

Saturday April 19 13:56:43 2008
The 5 CGEPS in Eastern Quebec and Health and Services are uniting to find a solution to the decrease in the number of nurses in the region. They are launching a campaign to entice young students from the area to enroll in a health services programme. They have estimated 10 to 30% of nurses will be retiring in the next 5 years. A CGEP of Gaspe spokesperson confirmed that the number of students enrolled in the Health Services programme this year is 27 compared to 52 enrolled in year 2000 a decrease of 50%.
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday April 11 12:25:11 2008
200th Free Mason for Century Lodge
Last Tuesday evening, on the eight of April the members of Century Lodge proceeded with the initiation in the first degree of their two hundredth member. Mr. Ral Landry, a retired member of the Suret du Qubec was initiated by a team from the Shawenegan Lodge, comprised of, among others, two retired members of the Suret du Qubec, Bros. Andr Aubert and Pierre Lavoie. History was made at this initiation because for the first time since the foundation in 1932 the whole initiation ceremony was carried out in French. Quite a few Francophones have recently joined the ever growing ranks of Free Masonary at the Century Lodge of Gasp.

by Rmi Dion

Thursday April 10 23:38:10 2008
People have been asking us what we've been doing about the spca.
With the help of the sadc, we applied for the registration of the name-spca G
Gaspe. We finally got confirmation this week.
We have petitions in stores, depanneurs, at the Caisse and the TD bank. Thank you so much to the people who have signed.
Wednesday, April 2, we had a meeting with the mayor. He agrees with us that the shelter is needed. When the petitions are all returned at the end of April, they will be taken to him.
We met today, April 10, with someone from cld who gave us the forms to be filed for our charter. That will enable us to receive donations and we will be able to schedule activities to raise money.
We would like to thank the people who have shown us so much support. When we began, Adeline and I, we weren't sure how many people would be in agreement with what we are doing. We have been shown by your phone calls, e-mails and by the people we meet.
Thank you so much for being there for us so we can help others who are in need.
Thank you. Bonnie

by bonnie rooney

Thursday April 10 15:47:21 2008
Community Breakfast of the month
Marc, Genevive, Marjolaine and Jacob invite everyone to a special sugar shack style community breakfast Sunday April 20 from 8 : 00 to 11 : 00 a.m. Friends and families are welcome to celebrate spring with them. On the menu : eggs in syrup, sausages, fried potatoes, beans. (Voluntary contribution). Maple toffee on snow will be served outside at low price.

by Luc Chaput

Thursday April 10 12:39:25 2008
At their annual meeting held last March 29th The Quebec Salmon Federation awarded Quebec Sporting the Salar 2008 award for promotion of the sport in the Gaspe area and in particular their sucess in attracting female enthusiasts to the sport of kings.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday April 9 12:42:40 2008
Gaspe shrimp fishermen will be going out at the beginning of April. A last minute agreement was reached with the processing plants fixing the landed price of large shrimps at 52.5 cents per lb an increase of 06.5 cents per lb over last year. The shrimp industry employees approximately 500 people on the Gaspe Peninsula
From LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday April 7 6:42:16 2008
The Wilbert Coffin case has been updated with a new posting that places the Canadian federal government and the government of The United States Of America in the position of making a secret deal to facilitate the striking down of a Quebec Superior Court decision. This action dealt with the refusal of the Supreme Court of Canada to strike down an action by the Superior Court that would have made it possible to extradite two criminals.

In simplistic terms, the decision had been made for the Federal Cabinet to over-ride the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, however; the stumbling block was that the same federal government was being asked to review another Supreme Court Of Canada decision which had to be dealt with first. That particular action was the Regina vs Coffin affair.

The federal government under Louis St. Laurent knew that by meddling into that decision, the wrath of Maurice Duplessis would thunder across Quebec, and now, it was proposing to meddle into a second Supreme Court decision affecting Quebec, namely the extradition treaty.

With the deck stacked against him as we have uncovered, Wilbert Coffin never stood a chance. He was doomed.

It is important to understand, it did not matter to the authorities that it was Wilbert Coffin. He just happened to be the one who popped up and stood in the way.

Equally important, we must take the time to understand that the federal cabinet could have delayed Wilbert Coffin's execution with a simple order-in-council. That would have been sufficient to study the trial and various elements that were blatently illegal, such as evidence suppression, the inquest jury tampering, and a whole host of other things, especially the inconsistencies in the autopsy reports and the complete absense of ballistic reports, including no identified weapon etc.

I ask that you click onto the "Stoddard Online" tab at the bottom of the announcements on the home page of the GoGaspe Site today and read our report. Lani Mitchell and myself have put hundreds of hours into this posting of the investigation. Every claim in this posting can be backed up with documentation. You will see letters there to the White House, you will see correspondence between The Right Honourable Lester Pearson and the United States Ambassador. You will see a copy of a letter praising the president of The United States of the day, Dwight David Eisenhour.

You will also see something that I am totally ashamed to write about. You will see a note from a prominent Canadian government minister, indicating that a piece of correspondence has been edited, and the original removed and destroyed.

Heavy reading this time, yes it is. You may have to read and digest much of it several times, but trust me, the picture is there. If I can clarify something for you, you are welcome to send me an e-mail to If you choose to leave a comment on my site, you are most welcome to do that, but please remember to attach your name to the comment as I do not respond to "Anonymous" comments.

Thank you to everyone, and as usual, a special thanks to the folks who maintain the GoGaspe Site. You have been a tremendous source of support since I began this work.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Friday April 4 15:31:11 2008
With the future of Senior Hockey in the Gaspe area at the crossroads Le Salmos De Gaspe in the 10th year of existence wish to thank all the people who were associated with the team orginization over the years. They won the league title again this year for the fourth time in five years.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday March 29 10:38:03 2008
Gaspe News

Winter is still here with all its snow banks- the days however are getting warmer with all the beautiful sunshine which is slowly taking some of the snow away.

We were happy to have Bryce and Shirley Coffin from Halifax visit us for ten days. They wanted to see a good old fashioned Gaspe snowstorm while here but for some reason old man winter didnt co-operate at this time. They visited family and friends and they were happy to be able to visit Shirleys Aunt Daisy who lives at the Ross Sanatorium and is 105 years old.

The community has been greatly saddened with the passing of Gerald Phillips of Sunny Bank. Jerry passed away at the Ottawa General Hospital on March 13th and funeral services were held at St. Andrews Church in York on March 18th. He will be sadly missed by all and our condolences go out to all his family.

A special birthday wish going out to Stevie Palmer who celebrates his 50th birthday on March 26th while visiting his parents, Marg and Dennis Palmer in Wakeham. Also celebrating a special birthday on this day is Ricky Sams of Sunny Bank. Happy big 6-0, Ricky!

Maggie Annett of Stettler is having a special day on March 27th. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Maggie!

Marjory Patterson of Smithville, Ontario passed away on March 15th. Marjory was originally from Wakeham- daughter of Evangeline and Jimmy Patterson. A memorial service was held in St. James Church, Wakeham on March 26th. Her friend, lay reader Sharon Jean conducted the service.

Colleen Bechervaise of Toronto is home visiting friends and relatives in Wakeham for a couple of weeks.

Kevin Gillis from Edmonton was home for the Easter Holiday and is spending some time visiting his parents, Carl and Ella Gillis of Wakeham.

Happy Birthday to Jill Syvret of New York who celebrated her birthday on March 24th and also to her father, Brad Syvret, who has a birthday on March 30th. Hope you both had a wonderful day.

Birthday wishes going out to Bridget McDonald of Gaspe who turned 80 years young on St. Patricks Day, March 17th. She celebrated her birthday on Saturday, March 22nd with all of her family who came home for this special occasion. Hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Birthday wishes going out to Colleen Drohan of Wakeham who also celebrated her birthday on St. Patricks Day.

Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank have returned home after visiting their two grandchildren, Chelsia and Christian in Montreal while their daughter, Stephanie and husband Marco flew to Argentina to check on the vineyard which they have recently purchased.

Archie and Linda Patterson are back in Wakeham after spending the winter months in Regina with their daughter, Tammy and her husband Todd and their two boys, Tanner and Ty. They spent time in Ontario with their family on the way out and coming back from the west. They were amazed at the amount of snow that Gaspe has and its back to winter again for them.

Paula and Ricky Shannon spent the Easter holiday in Burlington with their children, Lisa, and John and baby Jack and Michael, Dawn, Meghan and Hailey. They returned home early to be with Paulas mother, Ruby Miller who is in the Hotel Dieu.

Vernice Dumaresq recently spent time with her son Brian, wife Christie and their two children William and Amy in Montreal. She then went to Sherbrooke to visit her son, Dale, Guylaine and son Leon. While visiting them she celebrated Dales birthday with him.

Get well wishes to Bernard Baird of Douglastown who had knee surgery in Montreal this week and is recuperating well.

Happy Spring everyone!

by Ivy Miller

Friday March 28 21:35:08 2008
Gaspe does not wish to miss the boat. It wants to position itself as a player in the rapidly expanding cruise boat industry. According to the North West CruiseShip Association 2,000,000 passengers debarked in Canada last year spending over 2 billon dollars. The cruise industry has grown by 28% between 2003 and 2007.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday March 27 12:31:40 2008

Just to let you know:::

Winners of the St. Matthews Guild, Easter Basket was won by::

1St Prize: Caroline Mullin

2nd Prize; Dwayne Simon

by Nadine Cassidy

Saturday March 22 12:31:00 2008
Gaspe a safe town for pedestrains. A study done last week by Institut National of Scientifique Research (INRS) revealed last week the The Town of Gaspe was rated in first place in all of Quebec with regard to pedestrain safety.
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday March 15 22:29:32 2008
It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Marjorie Patterson of Smithville,Ontario.Deepest sympathy goes out to her family.

by Sharon Jean

Thursday March 6 17:31:01 2008
St. Patrick Festivities Friday, March 14 at 9 p.m.
with Lorne Cotton, guitar (country, folk nad rock) and Grald Fullum, fiddler (traditional tunes, reels and waltz) Come dance and have fun. Entrance $5. Profits from the evening will go toward the Douglastown Irish Week next Summer.
Douglas Community Center
28 St-Patrick, Douglastown
Info : 368-0288

by Douglas Community Ce

Wednesday March 5 15:33:26 2008
Just heard that Gary Briand was ailing get we soon there are fewer of us every year would
not be the same in Douglastown if you were not there
all the best Victor Briann

by victor briand

Friday February 29 21:15:16 2008
Gaspe News

Snow, snow and more snow! We have had our share this winter and there is some still to come. March will be contributing as it does every year.

On Saturday, February 9th a bake sale was held at the Carrefour to raise money for the Gaspe Cancer Foundation. Everyone was very generous and a lot of delicious food was sold. $1900 was raised for the foundation.

Mary Miller and Marilyn Ahern are back in Sandy Beach after spending part of the winter out of Gaspe. Marilyn visited with her family in Ottawa and Mary in the Eastern Townships. Nice to see you ladies back.

Get well wishes going out to Lewis Mullin of Forillon. Good luck with your treatments, Lewis.

We also send best wishes to Gary Briand of Douglastown. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ashley Nikolov, daughter of Boris and Lorilee of Newmarket and granddaughter of Larry and Lorna Miller of Wakeham recently went to Ireland to compete in Irish dancing. She did extremely well and was recalled for several dances.

Happy Birthday to Heather Patterson (Lowell) of Sunny Bank who had a birthday on February 22nd. We also send her get well wishes. Her brother, Darrell, who lives in Oshawa celebrated his birthday on February 27th. Hope you both had a nice day.

Happy Birthday to Ellen Smith of Wakeham who celebrated her birthday on February 23rd. Hope you had a great day, Ellen.

A special birthday wish going out to Pamela Patterson of Wakeham who gets to celebrate her birthday on February 29th this year. Pam is a leap year baby so only has a birthday every 4 years! A great way to stay young, Pam!

On Saturday, February 23rd a few ladies got together and organized a card party which was held at the Seniors Room in Wakeham School. An enjoyable evening was spent by all and $200 was raised for the Chaplaincy Fund. A mantle clock, donated by Hart store was raffled off and won by Nancy Clark. Melba Patterson had the highest score for the ladies and Albert Patterson for the men.

Birthday wishes going out to Faye Miller of Guelph, Leigh Clark of Oakville, and Berton Miller who all celebrate on March 6th.

The Wakeham-York Winter Carnival was a great success again this year. The beautiful weather helped contribute to the well attended events. $5000 was raised for the York Rink and Community Hall.

Gerry Phillips is once again in the hospital in Ottawa. We hope he is feeling much better soon so he can return to Gaspe.

On Friday, February 22nd cross country skiers who were participating in the Grande Traverse de la Gaspesie arrived in town. Once again, main street was adorned with snow sculptures and many people stood by to welcome the skiers.

by Ivy Miller

Friday February 29 13:13:31 2008
Gaspe Relay For Life. For the 1st time Gaspe will participate in the event sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society. Event will be held June 13th 2008 at the C.E.Pouliot athletic track from 7Pm to 7Am.. 15 teams of 10 persons are invited to walk around the track during the night to raise funds for the fight against cancer. The objective of the event is to raise $25,000. To inscribe and information telephone 418-358-1119 or visit
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday February 24 22:24:19 2008
Gaspe Elementary was a busy school on Friday, February 22nd . Over 180 students in grades 4, 5, and 6 participated in a mini-basketball tournament held at the school. Students were placed on 18 teams mixed from Eastern Shores schools all the way from Escuminac up the coast to Gaspe. Athletes from the Gaspe Polyvalent Basketball teams assisted by refereeing and leading the elementary groups. The staff of Gaspe Elementary planned activities for the students who were not on the basketball court that appealed to many, including a movie room and computer time. The canteen offered a great variety of healthy meal and snack choices that fuelled and energised the students for their games. A special thank you to Mrs. Colleen Drohan who ensured that all the students had a great time on the court.

by Averill Huxter

Friday February 22 21:55:24 2008
The winter edition of Gaspesie Magazine was released this week at a press conference in Quebec City. The feature article highlights murders and mystery on the Gaspe Coast covering a period 1874 thru 1965. The Wilbert Coffin case is the featured article. Of interest is that their are English Articles in this edition.
by Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Sunday February 17 11:43:27 2008
Gaspe on track to set record for snowfall accumalation. With 320cm on ground so far compared to 230cm for all of last season Gaspe could break the snowfall record set in 1995 which had over 500cm of snow recorded.

from Le Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday February 9 12:42:31 2008
With the intervention of the troop commander Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Thibeault the Air Force Squadron 413 have decided to train in Gaspe this summer. States the commander " I have grown up in Gaspe and the training sessions have never been held there. It will be a great occasion to show the population what we are capable of doing " Each year the training sessions are held in a different locality.
by Don De4lisle
from le Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday February 8 17:28:05 2008
Gaspe News

Dale Dumaresq, Guylaine, and son, Leon, from Sherbrooke were home for the holidays to visit his parents, Vernice and Barry Dumaresq, grandfather, Melvin Roberts, family and friends. Vernice and Barry would like to wish their grandson, Leon, who was two years old on February 9th a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to Shirley Davis Coffin of Halifax who celebrated on February 1st. Her family treated her to a dinner and a live show. They had a wonderful evening.

Also celebrating on February 1st was Greta Mullin who lives in Wakeham and her twin sister, Dora, who lives in Fonthill,Ontario. Hope you had a great day..

Happy Birthday to our son, Scott Miller, from Stettler, Alberta who has a birthday on February 13th. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

A food sale and afternoon of games was held by the Seniors Citizens at Wakeham Adult Ed Centre on Saturday, January 26th. They had great prizes and raised $777 for their organization.

We would like to wish Samantha Sculley Miller of Toronto get well wishes and a speedy recovery after her recent surgery. Sam is the wife of Chris Miller and daughter in law of Blair and Faye Miller of Guelph.

Our condolences to the family of Deborah Baker of North Bay, daughter of Dora Patterson and Reggie Baker, originally from Gaspe. Deborah passed away on January 17th and funeral services were held in Kirkland Lake on January 25th.

Congratulations to Ross and Ivy Bechervaise who celebrated their 50th anniversary on February 3rd. A party was held in their honour at Dean and Heather Pattersons.

The Wakeham York Winter Carnival is being held from February 15th to February 24th. A great chance to get out in the fresh air to join your friends and have fun disco skating, skidooing, playing hockey, ice bowling and trying your luck at the strength and skills activities. You might want to go on the Moonlight Walk or dance to the music of Tammy Adams. Check you local businesses for schedules.

On Shrove Tuesday, February 5th, a delicious pancake supper was held at the Sandy Beach Church Hall. All proceeds go to the Anglican Church Women Education Fund.

Birthday wishes going out to Carleton Patterson of Wakeham who has a birthday on February 18th.

Happy Birthday wishes to Murray Olsson of Welland, Ontario, Merle Coffin, Muriel Cass and Emery Patterson of Wakeham who celebrate on February 20th. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

by Ivy Miller

Saturday February 2 12:04:01 2008
50 new low income housing units will soon be built in Gaspe and Murdochville. The minister responsible Nathalie Normandeau made the announcement in a recent visit to Gaspe. The Societe D'Habitation Du Quebec (SHQ) will construct 36 units in Gaspe and 12 units in Murdochville. The Gaspe building site will be on the land of the Ursalines Order and the existing buildings will also be utilized.
from LePharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday January 28 18:33:15 2008
Update of the "Wilbert Coffin" case. .

Thank you for your patience for the past weeks. Medical problems really got in the way of progress during this period. Once again, things are now going much smoother, and I look forward to bringing everyone up to date on the Wilbert Coffin affair.

Beginning tomorrow, January 29, 2008, I shall be delivering to you a special three part series on wrongful convictions in Canada. This special report will include the Wilbert Coffin affair.

We will be taking a hard serious look at wrongful convictions and why they happen at an alarming rate. You will see what happens when senior lawyers and judges across this country cannot be relied upon to get the facts straight in a courtroom. You will quickly see and understand that just because some fancy three dollar lawyer got a patronage appointment and elevated to the position of a senior judge, it is definitely not a given that he or she is necessairly very smart. That may be a bold statement, but I can cite many examples proving my point.

Another area of major concern will be displaying to you, the reader, what happens when the very infrastructure of a major court case is allowed to be tampered with, as was the case with Wilbert Coffin. We can now prove that through lies, through cheating, and through manipulation of the jury during the trial process that Wilbert Coffin's world came crashing down.

It is important that we learn these things at this crucial time. I say crucial, simply because the time is nearing for the Wilbert Coffin case to be presented to the CCRG (Criminal Conviction Review Group."

You may be aware there is a faction circulating in some of the Quebec media that appears to be attempting to undermine the progress that has been made with the investigation of the Wilbert Coffin affair. This has been spear headed by someone publishing another epistile on the affair, this time based on trial transcripts. It can be argued that this is nothing more than self promotion of written material, and at the same time, attempting to sway opinion just prior to this case being presented to the CCRG.

This report will chronicle as well, the involvement of police officer Lewis Sinnett. As I have told you in the past, I consider Lewis Sinnett to be one of the honest corner stones of this entire affair. There are things that I have not stated yet about Officer Sinnett. I have chosen to go this route so that all things can be put into perspective before any further attempt is made to discredit the late officer. This decision is based on material that I have in my possession that others do not have. At the proper time during this upcoming report, I shall be making public the information that I have acquired.

I ask that you take the time to read and consider this series. I am confident that after reading, you will be of the opinion that justice was indeed tarnished, and that Wilbert Coffin was hanged as a scape goat to satisfy the lust of a very crooked, cheap, and dirty administration that controlled the province of Quebec in the 1950's.

You can link to my web page by clicking on the "Stoddard Online" tab on the GoGaspe home page or at http://stoddardsviews.blogspot

Once again, thanks to the Patterson family for allowing me space on your page.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Monday January 28 13:46:54 2008
The 2008 hunting season dates are now on To find them click the "Hunting in Gaspe" link on the Tourist Information page.

by Ron Patterson

Sunday January 27 13:27:12 2008
Major break in the Gaspe aqueduct line occured Wednesday past. The alarm at the main site alerted the authorites early in the morning of a major drop in pressure. The cause was a weakness in the system after having been subject to major variations in pressure recently. With the co-operation of the population including closure of some commerical establishments, the CGEP, and schools in downtown Gaspe the line was repaired later in the day.
from Le Pharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday January 26 5:55:23 2008
Hi everyone we are having lots of cold weather here up here in Dalhousie,N.B,our Mill is closing on Friday the 31th of this month,it is very sad news for all of us up here,me and my families are all doing great,we might be going down this summer if all goes well,i love Gaspe very much,thanks again Shirley Ann Coffin

by Shirley Ann Coffin

Sunday January 20 19:06:43 2008
Gaspe News- January 2008

Happy New Year to all! Hopefully everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. We are presently shoveling out after an old fashioned Gaspe snow storm- one of several that we have had so far this winter. This last storm presented us with 60 centimeters of snow!

Congratulations to Charlene Marion and Steve Cassivi on their recent marriage which took place on December 22nd at Douglastown church. The reception followed at Gaspe Elementary School. We wish them many happy years together.

Candie Jones and Kurt Eccleston from Brampton,Ontario were home for the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve they had their baby boy, Kimani James, christened in St. Andrews Church, York. It was exactly 35 years before when Candie, herself, was christened in this same church. Congratulations and good luck with your little son.

Congratulations to Erin Assels and Shawn Rooney who were engaged on Christmas Day.

Faye and Blair Miller from Burlington were home for the Christmas holidays. They spent two weeks with Fayes mother, Ruby Patterson of Sandy Beach and visited both of their relatives and friends in the surrounding communities. Congratulations to Ruby Patterson who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on January 23rd. Another lady of Sandy Beach will also be celebrating her birthday on January 23rd- Mary Miller will be 91 years young. Happy Birthday, girls!

Craig Patterson, son of Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank spent his Christmas holiday with his mother and father, visiting family and friends. He then went on to Montreal to spend New Years with his sister, Stephanie, Marco and Chelsea and Christian. Heather and Dean also traveled to Montreal to spend News Years and stayed to visit a couple of weeks with their family and friends.

Lorna and Larry Miller have returned to Gaspe after spending a two month holiday in Ontario, Washington and Denmark. They first had a lovely visit with their daughter, Lorelei, husband, Boris and daughters Ashley and Brooke in New Market and then on to Olympia, Washington to spend a wonderful month with daughter, Lisa, husband Jeff and sons Josh and J.J. They then returned to Canada to pick up their granddaughter, Cassidy, and then flew to Denmark to spend time with their daughter, Louise who is now living there. While there they attended the wedding of their youngest daughter, Louise and Kim Nichum. They had a great visit in Denmark and learned a lot about their customs and way of life. While Lorna and Larry were traveling, Lornas mother, Mrs. Ellen Clark spent this time with her daughter Kathleen in Montreal and daughter Marilyn and husband Don in Fonthill. They all had a fantastic holiday.

Lorna and Everett Clark enjoyed their Christmas holiday in Montreal visiting with their daughter, Deanna, Allison, Samantha and Meghan. Their youngest daughter, Stacey, with her husband, Darren and sons, Samuel and Jake came from Wemindji to spend the holidays with them. While in Montreal they were at a Christmas get-together at the home of George and Sharon Dee.

On Friday, January 11th the residents of the Pavillion Ross were treated to an Epiphany Party and Eucharist, organized by our Ecumenical chaplain, Fran Aird. Members of the Pastoral team transported the residents to the chapel for communion and then over to the dining area for the party. Everyone was served a light lunch and a beautiful crown cake made by Marjorie Patterson was enjoyed by all. The volunteers came away with a great feeling, knowing that they had helped make the shut-ins so happy for an afternoon.

Myrna and Dale Jean traveled to Cambridge to spend the holiday with their daughter, Paula, Jamie and little grandson, Caleb. Paula and Jamie will be expecting their second child in the summer.

We are sorry to hear that Heather Patterson (Lowell) hasnt been feeling well lately and has been to Quebec to undergo tests. She is now back in Gaspe and has started treatment. Good luck Heather and we hope you will be feeling better soon.

Two very enjoyable card parties have been held recently. The first was held at Adair Gays in Sandy Beach and the second one was held at Debbie and Andy Pattersons in Sunny Bank. These are two of several that will be held to raise money to be donated to the Greta Patterson Memorial Fund which will help cover the chaplaincy expenses.

Melba Patterson was happy to have her son, Bobby, daughter, Cathy, husband, Danny and son, Jordan with her for the holidays. Danny, Cathy and Jordan shared their visit with Dannys parents, Berton and Doda Miller. Bobby also visited with his girlfriend, Leeann Drody in Douglastown.

Marjorie and Jean Pierre Fournier enjoyed three weeks visiting with their children and grandchildren in Ottawa during the Christmas holidays. Marjories twin sister, Gladys and Norman Mullin also enjoyed their three weeks visiting with their children and grandchildren in Lansdowne, Ontario and St. Lazare, Quebec during the holidays.

Carter and Ada Coffin had a wonderful holiday at home with their daughter, Barbara and Jaki and their three children, Rachelle, Sean and Olivia. They enjoyed the great fresh air by skating at York Rink, and sliding on the hills and they also went swimming while in Gaspe.

Congratulations to Lorna Baird on her retirement as Deacon of The Greater Parish of Gaspe. Her last service was held on Sunday, January 6th in St. James Church Wakeham with over one hundred people in attendance. After the service a delicious lunch was served at the Seniors Room at the Wakeham Adult Ed Centre. Lorna was presented with a gold cross and earrings, beautiful scarf and a voucher for dinner for two at the Auberge des Commandants. We wish her a happy and healthy retirement.

Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. Jessie Clark of Wakeham who celebrated her 93rd birthday on December 26th.. Also celebrating her birthday on this day is her daughter-in-law Krista Assels. Hope you both had a great day with your family.

Congratulations to Danny and Lisa Reeder of St. Constant, Quebec whose baby girl, Cassidy Dawn, was born on December 17th. A first granddaughter for Sharon Reeder of Sunny Bank.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday January 20 14:51:03 2008
8 new truck drivers in Gaspe. They finished their training this month in Gaspe completing the course offered by Centre de formation en transports de Charlesbourg. This institution has been offering training courses in Quebec since 1976 in collaberation with the Centre local d'emploi de la Cote-de-Gaspe. They started their programme in Sept. 2007 finishing Jan 11th 2008. Note that the graduates are all Anglophones.
from Le Pharillon
by Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday January 18 9:54:25 2008
Toronto News January 16/2008; We Gaspesians and Former Gaspesians would like to Wish Jackie Patterson a Speedy Recovery from her Recent Surgery. Evert Mccallum and Yours Truly Ventured out to, Waterdown Legion last Thursday Past for a most enjoyable Jam Session of Music, with 6 Fiddlers on Stage, starting with an 11 year old onwards and also a Lady Fiddler as well, 1 Banjo Picker, 1 On Piano a 3 Guitar Players doing there thing as well, for 3 Hours of Solid Entertainment. We strongly recommand this Venue for anyone out there Wanting to Hear this Music of which is Free and or, those who want Join the Jam Session as its scheduled for Thursdays and a Bluegrass as well, Fiddlers also Play Friday's occasionally as well. 11 Players in Group.

by Earle Coffin

Sunday January 13 14:07:40 2008
Ice fishing on Gaspe Bay and Saint-Majorique started a month early this season
however the warm weather the past week has made the access to the cabins risky. Carl Sinnett fire chief has stated it is now dangerous to traverse on the ice to access the cabins and very risky. Mr.Sinnett states we are very lucky no major incidents have taken place over the past years.

from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday January 6 12:44:42 2008
Le Pharillon features 2007 a look back at some major Gaspe news stories. July Gaspe Town hosts 700 Harley Davidson owners who visited the Gaspe area for 3 days with a huge economic spinoff. August who could forget the unprecented floods that hit Cortreal and Riviere Au Renard from which they are still recovering. September Government aid for the flood victims began to flow in. October was an important date for the Mimac Nation as an agreement in principal was signed with Parc Florillon authorities to redevelop the interpretation center at Peninsula.
Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Sunday December 30 13:29:27 2007
A Christmas Village to Discover. For 13 years a Douglastown resident has been creating a special Christmas minature village in her home.
A labour of love for Viviane Rooney the collection includes minature houses,figurines,xmas decorations,commercial buildings,outdoor secenes including a skateing rink. Open for viewing during the day and evening it takes on a special ambiance at night when the lights are luminated.
by Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Sunday December 23 13:00:24 2007
The installations owned by Group GDS in the Sandy Beach industrial park is to be taken over by the Municipality of Gaspe. A loan of $5,000,000 has been requested by the Municipality in order they may acquire the nearly new insatallions of Group GDS. The city plan is to istall the the municipal garage and maybe the fire station in the existing building at Sandy Beach. This option will repace the previous plan to move the garage to the Augustine industrial park. Discussions are presently under way with the Minister of Transport and 2 industries in the wind power domain to locate in the Sandy Beach installation

by Donald Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday December 21 3:32:25 2007
Update on the Wilbert Coffin case. .

I am pleased to inform everyone that the Wilbert Coffin case is still very much moving forward. Immediately after Christmas, I shall be publishing some information that is very pertinent to the case. This information will focus on Police Officer Lewis Sinnett, and lawyer Francois de Billy Gravel who did his best for Wilbert until the very end. The information from both these gentlemen ties together very nicely in defense of Wilbert Coffin, and most definitely, this information should be studied by the CCRG (Criminal Conviction Review Group) in Ottawa who are now studying the case.

I am certain that most who read this site are familiar with the fact that I undertook the task to investigate and write this case from beginning to end. It has been an enormous task of monumental proportions. It has been rewarding though, simply because I went into it with an open mind, and was prepared to go down whichever path would lead to the conclusion of this case. I might add that I was not very far into the investigation, when it appeared that Wilbert Coffin was railroaded. It became much more evident as my investigation progressed. I shall never totally leave it alone, until each and every stone is turned over.

I do want to tell you there are some very cruel people out there who do their best to discourage me. Some days my e-mail inbox is a mess. This week has been no different. This weeks assortment contains slanderous comments to the nth degree. To the people who do this, I want you to know that you rank right up there at the top providing inspiration for me to trudge onward with this. Thankfully these people make up a very small percentage of folks encountered since this work commenced. Overall the support has been overwhelming from one end of Canada to the other.

You may also have noticed very recently that I have had to deal with someone feasting on my web site to foster their own agenda. I have been forced to challenge this person on several issues. This person touts himself as the voice of French Canada on the Wilbert Coffin affair, and he lists me as the voice of English Canada on the affair. Never have I referred to this case as language based, and I have lots of support across the country from both French and English folks. On numerous occasions comments from my site were showing up on this persons web page. They were not sent there by the contributor as he claimed. They were copied and pasted. As Winston Churchill once said, "We shall never surrender."

One other thing in case you haven't noticed. I now have a parallel link site that you can click. We have stacked a lot of information there. You can read sample letters to members of parliament and to the prime minister, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper. I also encourage you to read the latest information on AIDWYC (Association In Defense Of The Wrongly Convicted.) That information can be accessed from my web site as well.

I do apologize for being a bit tardy on occasion with my postings. Stick handling around chemotherapy treatments, telephone interviews, reading police reports etc. is a slow process.

I want to personally wish each and everyone who reads the GoGaspe site a very Merry Cgristmas. A very special thank you is extended to Andy and Ron Patterson who very kindly always find me space on the GoGaspe page when I am on the trail of something.

My Christmas posting will be on my site tomorrow. Feel free everyone to wish your relatives and friends Christmas greetings on the web page.

Thank you so much and God Bless

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Sunday December 16 14:33:57 2007
The cross country ski event Le Tour de la Gaspesie 2008 6th edition kicks off Feb 16th from Rimouski. The route this year begins at Rimouski and follows the North Coast of the Pennusila towards Gaspe-Florillon following a route thru the Chic-Chocs-Mt.Saint Pierre and Petite Vallee. The 150 available places were sold out less than 48 hours after inscriptions opened. The event terminates at Gaspe with skiers traversing Gaspe Bay 7 days after departure from Rimouski.

by Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday December 14 12:22:58 2007
Gaspe News

Winter is here in the Gaspe with quite a bit of snow for this time of year and we are certainly feeling the cold nights. The ice fishermen are very happy with this weather and so are the ski-doers- they will have a long season of the beautiful outdoors.

The community was saddened with the passing away of Whorwell Patterson on November 18th with funeral services on November 21st in St. James Church, Wakeham. Family and friends were received at the home of David and Margaret Patterson. David also recently lost his sister, Pauline. She passed away in Kingston,Ontario.

Deepest sympathy to the family of George Clark who passed away in St.Thomas, Ontario on November 22nd. Our condolences go out to the family of Sam Mullin of London who passed away on November 23rd.

Belated Happy Birthday to Linda Mullin Patterson who celebrated on November 19th. Linda and Archie are spending the winter months with Tammy, Todd, Tanner and Ty in Regina, Sask.

David Boyle of Port Colborne celebrated his 50th birthday on November 20th. He and Lisa, along with friends had a wonderful holiday in New Orleans to celebrate both of their milestones Lisas 50th was in July.

A double happy birthday to Patrick and Paul Clark on November 23rd.

Happy Birthday going out to Craig Carter in B.C. who celebrated his birthday on November 24th. Hope it was a wonderful one.

Dawn Miller of Sunny Bank celebrated her birthday on November 27th Hope you had a great day, Dawn.

Paula and Ricky Shannon have returned from Burlington after spending a few weeks with their new grandson, Jack, son of Lisa and John Reilly and Mike, Dawn, Meghan and Hailey.

On December 1st Pearl Patterson of Wakeham celebrated her 75th birthday with family and friends at the Bourlingeur. Happy Birthday to a very young 75 year old.

Birthday wishes going out to Pauline Patterson of London, Ontario, who celebrated her birthday on December 2nd. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Gilda Olsson of Port Colborne spent some time in Gaspe visiting with her brother, Watson and sister-in-law Shirley. A few of us girls had breakfast with Gilda at the Auberge de Commandants. It was so nice to see you, Gilda.

A very Happy 98th Birthday to Mrs. Hildred Patterson on December 11th. Her family had a party for her on December 9th at the Sanitorium Ross. Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

Friends of St. Pauls had their annual Christmas bazaar on December 1st. They raised over $2000. Way to go, girls!

York Rink opened early and the ice is in very good condition for this time of year. Students will have a great time skating over the holidays.

Christmas is just around the corner and I would like to wish all of you a very merry one with your loved ones and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday December 9 17:27:37 2007
Just a few days after the beginning of negotiations to sign the first collective agreement the CSN syndicate of LM Glassfiber voted in favor of signing the offer in principal made last week by the Directors of the company. This will take place on December 13th. The first collective agreement will include a salary increase of 12% over the next three years and a pension fund beginning in 2010. The collective agreement that will be signed this week will become effective Jan 1st 2008 and terminate 3 years later.

Don Delisle
from Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Saturday December 8 12:49:55 2007
Senator Jacques Hbert, author of books proclaiming Wilbert Coffin's innocence, died recently at the age of 84. For more on this story, read this CBC story.

by James Thberge

Monday December 3 21:49:21 2007
The long anticipated proposal for a new concert auditorium in Gaspe may be finally realized reports the president of C.D.Spectacle Michel Desjardins. A study started a few months ago shud be completed by end of December 2007. Discussions with various cultural groups of Gaspe were held in the past months to obtain input regarding the needs of same. Once the study completed a call for tenders will be announced for the englarging and renovation of the existing C.E.Pouliot auditorium.
from Le Pharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday November 25 19:59:24 2007
Parcs Canada and the enterprise "Les petits maisons du parc" have joined to-gether to offer winter camping at Florillon Parc. They will install 5 yurts for rental located at Little Gaspe,Cap-Gaspe,Cap-Bon-Ami,Penouille,and L'Anse-Au-Griffon. Yurts are normally circular tents of 30ft in diamater,insulated and equipped with a wood stove.
Don Delisle
From LePharillon.

by don delisle

Monday November 19 22:17:54 2007
Research on the Wilbert Coffin case has now reached conclusion. I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all who have responded through the GoGaspe site.

In particular, I want to express my gratitude to Andy Patterson for always allowing me to solicit information through this site. Without doubt Andy, that displays real community spirit on your part. Thank you for your e-mail of a few days ago and your words of support.

I am confident that our research and investigation shines a different light on this affair. We believe that if the government is willing to pursue our suggestions, the Wilbert Coffin case will finally solve. Unfortunately, it can never bring Wilbert Coffin back, but it can offer a sense of dignity to the Coffin family.

I invite all who are interested to read the final posting to the affair. As you know, all you have to do is click on the "Stoddard Online" tab under this message board. If you want to read some of the earlier episodes, simply click on the archives to the left of the page when it opens up.

Once again, Thank you so much to all, and God Bless You.

Lew Stoddard
Host of "Stoddard Online"

by Lew Stoddard

Sunday November 18 15:14:56 2007
Last week in the Cap-Aux-Os sector a landslide near the shore line displaced a building and vechicles. The occupants had to evacuate their house on a permanent basis. The crevice was 50 meters long 20 meters wide and 15 meters in height. The house was not damaged however must be relocated.
From LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday November 12 9:42:46 2007
Gaspe region moose hunting season once again very produtive with the number of animals shot 3191 (878 female, 1929 males, 384 calves) representing a significant increase over last year when 2874 animals were taken. The hunting sucess rate for the Gaspe territory is 21.5% compared to 12% for Quebec in total.
from le pharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Friday November 2 21:38:25 2007
Gaspe News

Belated Birthday wishes going out to Ricky Sinnett of Sunny Bank who recently celebrated his 60th birthday. He had a surprise visit from his daughter Karen of Montreal.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. Albert Briand of Douglastown who passed away at the end of September. Her daughter Dora Annett and niece Blenda Patterson of Edmonton came home for her funeral. While home they visited family and friends and Blenda attended a card party at Nancy Eagles in Sunny Bank.

Our condolences to the families of Francoise Kruse and Jan LeGros of Gaspe and Virginia Kruse of Woodstock who recently passed away. Our thoughts are with all of you.

Congratulations to John and Lisa Reilly of Burlington on the birth of a son, Jack Shannon who was born on October 27th in the Oakville hospital. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well and also Grandpa and Grandma Shannon are recovering after a very anxious drive from Gaspe their little grandson, Jack, came into the world a week early!

Best wishes going out to Petra Turkewitsch who recently underwent a double lung transplant in Montreal. You are in our prayers, Petra, and we hope you are feeling much better and get out of the hospital soon.

Craig Carter from B.C. was home visiting his mother, Mabel Carter and friend, Ralph. Craig owns a business called Repairs Unlimited where he does carpentry, plumbing, painting and general repairs. While at home he enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner, and early Birthday and an early Christmas dinner. Craig also went to New Brunswick to visit his father, Bernard Carter. He had a great holiday enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Nice to see you, Craig.
The Greater Parish Harvest Supper held in St. Pauls Church Gaspe on October 8th was a tremendous success once again. Over $2000 was raised for the Greater Parish of Gaspe.

Sandy Beach Guild members held their annual Christmas Sale on Saturday, October 27th. Ruby Miller from Sandy Beach and Jessie Clark from Wakeham were the lucky winners of the Christmas boxes. Watch for the upcoming sales which will be held each Saturday from now until the first week of December.

Get well wishes going out to Gerry Phillips of Sunny Bank who has recently been hospitalized in Ottawa while visiting his family. He will be undergoing gall bladder surgery in the near future. Hope you are soon feeling better.

Happy 80th Birthday to Elma Baird of Douglastown who celebrated her birthday on Halloween Day October 31st!.

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Janice Syvret, Pearl Palmer, Elizabeth Baird and Glenn Miller of Gaspe and Roy Coffin of Nackawic, who celebrate their birthdays on November 2nd. Lisa Shannon Reilly of Burlington has a birthday on November 3rd and Chris Miller of Toronto on November 4th. Birthday wishes also to Margaret Patterson On November 5th , Lorna Baird on November 7th and Dean Patterson on November 12th. Hope all of you have a good year.
Phyllis and Victor Miller of Lombardy,Ontario were recently home visiting family and friends in Gaspe. They also traveled to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to visit there as well.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday November 1 22:02:31 2007
Melba Patterson was in Ontario, recently, visiting relatives and she spent a few days with Francis & Elaine Miller in Burlington. While there, Elaine had some friends in for tea. Helen, Jackie & Annie Patterson, Ruth Armstrong and Audrey (Miller) enjoyed a nice tea and a good gab fest to catch up on news of family & friends.

Lindsay McLaughlin (Garth & Glenda's granddaughter) flew in from Seattle for a few days to make plans ,with her parents, Cathy & Steve, for her upcoming wedding which will take place next September.

Cogratulations to Valerie Thompson who just became a first time grandmother when her daughter Laurie gave birth to a baby boy. Valerie and her brother Bobby are visiting the new arrival in Ottawa.

A Memorial was held, in the Legion Hall, Burlington, for Beverly Veale of Peachland B.C.on Oct 18. Bev and his family had lived in Murdochville for several years before moving to B.C. His friends from his time in the Gaspe came together to say farewell to a dear friend. Bev's wife Jean and his children David & Jackie welcomed their friends. The service which was held in Peachland at the time of Bev's death had been taped and played at the Memorial in Burlington. It was a beautiful tribute to a good man. A lovely lunch was served by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Legion.

Lorna Clark and Bobby Palmer spent some time in Burlington, visiting their father, Willie Palmer and sister Valerie Thompson.

Francis & Elaine Miller entertained, at dinner, all their friends who formerly lived in Murdochville . Jean Veale, Peachland, B.C.; Jackie Lebans, Vancouver, B.C.; David Veale, Whistler, B.C.: Ron & Fran Ford, Georgetown, Ont; Scottie & Mickey Gerrie, & Yvonne Pinter (LaPointe), Mississauga, Ont; Herb & Francis Nelson, Neapean, Ont. A delicious dinner and many laughs and stories were enjoyed by all.

Stan & Elsie Bobbette of Barrie, Ont motored to Manitoulin Island to spend a week with son Rick. Elsie was very pleased to be able to bring some "home grown pork with them as Rick raises pigs on his farm.

Gary & Lois Laminger motored to Orillia recently to attend a concert by Billy Ray Cyrus. Scott & Susie Palmer of Kapuskasing met them there for dinner and some gambling before the show started.

Brent Palmer of Sooke, B.C. was in Toronto recently for conferences and also to visit his family in Ontario. Several family members from Burlington, Kitchener, London and Kapuskasing travelled to Ajax to be with Brent at the home of Brent's sister and brother-in-law Danah & Richard MacLeod and his mother Sybil Palmer.

Gary & Lois Laminger of Kitchener spent 5 days in Las Vegas, a gift from families for Lois' 50th birthday. They enjoyed the experience very much and were joined by Gary's sister and brother-n-law from Winnipeg. They attended shows by Wayne Brady and Celine Dion.

Scott & Susie Palmer motored to Southern Ontario, where they spent some time with Scott's mother & family in Ajax. They, along with their son Ryan, also went on to Burlington to have lunch with Tom & Ruth Armstrong. Ryan showed off his new guitar and sang a song as requested by his grandmother. Thanks Ryan it was great !

Charles & Jackie Patterson of Burlington have recently purchased a trailer at "Camping Gaspe" in Haldimand. They are looking forward to when they can go and enjoy their new place. Jackie is especially pleased as it so near the water and Haldimand Beach as she loves to swim and walk on the beach. May they enjoy many happy holidays at this beautiful spot.

by Ruth Armstrong

Wednesday October 31 15:24:57 2007
The York Youth Centre held a Halloween party on Friday Oct. 26. 25 children and several adults dressed for the occasion. When all the ghost and goblins has arrived, supper was served followed by a variety of games. Treat bags were handed out and everyone left after a fun evening. We would like to thank the York A.C.W. for their donation.

by Trudy Patterson

Sunday October 28 1:09:24 2007
Dora Miller of Cambridge (Formorly Farewell Cove,Gaspe)is celebrating her 89th.birthday on Sunday,with a small tea at her residence for family and a few friends . Her daughter Lillian Despres is visiting from Gaspe.We wish her all the best.

by Dagmar Gregg(Miller)

Thursday October 11 19:41:15 2007
Lorne Miller of Owen Sound Ont formerly of Farewell Cove Gaspe passed away suddenly on Oct. 9th. due to a massive heart attack. He will be saddly missed by his wife Glenda, children and grandchildren,his mother Dora and brothers and sisters and many friends. Daphne Miller

by daphne miller

Tuesday October 9 23:52:08 2007
Toronto News October 9/07 On Behalf of Meet and Greet Toronto and all Volunteers as well,we Extend Our Deepest Sympathy to Coffin/&Mullin Families. Eileen Alice Coffin/ nee Mullin while, in Ambulance on way to Hospital in Cambridge, her untimely Passing on October 1st/07. Her generosity and caring for each and every one us all, She will be sadly missed, for her excellent endeavours in Gaspe Picnics and Crafts as well, everything that that she got involved in throughout the years. by Earle Coffin/Jackie Patterson

by earle coffin

Tuesday October 9 15:43:55 2007
Gaspe News

Fall is indeed here in all its glory. We have had wonderful sunny days with cooler nights. We had only one night of heavy frost which finished what was left in our gardens. We hope this beautiful autumn weather continues for all the hunters when they head to the woods on the weekend.

Claude Kelly of Wakeham recently retired after twenty years with the milk company Naturel. Claude was always willing to serve his customers at any time of the day. He was very generous with his donations to various organizations, which we thank him for, and he will certainly be missed serving the community. We congratulate him and wish him a well deserved retirement.

Happy 1st Anniversary to John and Lisa Reilly of Burlington who celebrated on September 12th.

Hazel Boyle of York is at home again after being hospitalized with a heart problem. We hope she is feeling much better and happy to be back in her home.

Linda and Wayne Miller are back in Wakeham after spending a few months in Florida., Toronto and Montreal. While in Toronto their daughter, Lana and Gary were proud parents of a baby girl, Claire a sister for big brother Quinn. Linda and Wayne are now the proud grandparents of six grandchildren. Lindas sister, Emily and husband Jacinto from Florida have been visiting with Linda and Wayne for a month.

Judy and Norman McCallum from Haldimand have moved to Calgary to spend their senior years with their children.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Eileen Tuzo LeGresley of Gaspe, who recently passed away at the age of 99. She would have been 100 years old this month.

Our condolences go out to the family of Wayne Adams of Gaspe who passed away on September 19th in Montreal. A very moving service was held at the Cathederal in Gaspe on September 24th. He will certainly be missed by all.

On September 30th a Blessing of Pets service was held at Fort Haldimand. Reverend Ellen Rutherford conducted the service and blessed two cats and several dogs ranging from a very tiny bison frise to a Newfoundlander. Muffins and coffee were served after the service.

Happy Birthday to Tina (Oct 3) and Shelley and Susan (Oct 5) who live in the Halifax area. They are the daughters of Bryce Coffin and Shirley Davis. Hope you had a very happy birthday, girls.

A very special birthday wish to our granddaughter, Maria Miller, daughter of Scott and Maggie who will be celebrating her 7th birthday in Stettler, Alberta on October 17th. Have a wonderful day, sweetheart.

by Ivy Miller

Monday October 1 19:42:00 2007
On Friday, September 21st Gasp Polyvalent hosted the annual Track and Field meet for students in the Eastern Shores School Board. Over three hundred students travelled to the Gasp track from Escuminac, Maria, New Richmond, Bonaventure, New Carlisle, Shigawake Port-Daniel, Chandler , Belle Anse, Gasp Polyvalent, Gasp Elementary, Port Cartier, Baie-Comeau, and Sept- sle for a competitive and fun-filled day. Students were grouped by age into four categories; Pee-Wee, Benjamin/Bantam, Cadet/Midget and Juvenile.
Students used the beautiful weather to their advantage setting five new ESSB Track and Field records: Jodie Keays (Escuminac) for Pee Wee Girls High Jump, Rachel Hocquard (BPS) Cadet Girls 100 metres, Rebecca McWhirter (BPS) Cadet Girls 1500 metres, Sammy-Jo Meredith (BPS) Cadet Girls Shot Put, and Shaina Hayes (BPS) Juvenile Girls 1500 metres. The Bonaventure Polyvalent Cadet Girls Relay Team also set a new record in the 4x100 event.
Other notable achievements were made by Tasha Blais from New Carlisle High School and Jhannes Muller from Gaspe Polyvalent who each won three events in their respective categories.
The final tally of results showed Gasp Elementary winners of the Pee Wee category, New Carlisle won Benjamin/ Bantam, and Bonaventure Polyvalent won for Cadet/ Midget and the Juvenile categories.

by Averill Huxter, East

Wednesday September 26 1:38:43 2007
I would like to express a sincere thank you to my cousin Carole Chicoine,who with the help of friends and family and a big community turn-out,had a bingo and potluck supper in my honour last weekend.Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended the fundraisers,and for the many card donations.Please accept this as my personal thank you to everybody,and also thank you for the use of the Barachois Legion for both events,it was very much appreciated!

Thanks everyone!
Brenda Chicoine

by Brenda Chicoine

Thursday September 20 15:42:06 2007
Construction of the Playground at the York Youth Center is now well under way. All citizens of Gasp are encouraged to make use of the new facilities after the project is completed. Watch for further news.

by Morris Patterson

Monday September 17 21:06:28 2007
Ontario News

Glenda & Annie Patterson, Ruth Armstrong and Elaine Miller enjoyed a nice lunch at a small Tea Room in Oakville to celebrate Elaine's birthday.

Marlene Annett of Maxville spent some time with her daughter, Lisa, in Port Colborne and in Burlington visiting Elaine & Francis Miller.

Keith & Bobbi Baker, of Peachland, B.C. spent a few days visiting Francis & Elaine Miller in Burlington before continuing on to visit with Bobbi's brother, Jimmy and Brigit Miller. From there they went to St. John N.B. where they attended the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Cecil & Phyllis Vibert.

The Gallichan family hosted a 25th wedding anniversary Open House, Saturday, Sept 1st, for Andrew & Linda Gallichan of Cambridge. Howard & Rowena Gallichan (Andrew's parents) flew from Gaspe for the occasion. There were several friends and family members to help with the celebration. A delicious spread of goodies was put on by the family. Congratulations to Andrew & Linda . Howard & Rowena stayed in the area for three weeks visiting with their family.

Francis & Elaine Miller of Burlington and Marlene Annett of Maxville motored to Gaspe in August to spend time with Weston & Dora Annett . In Sept Francis & Elaine attended the celebration of Cecil & Phyllis Vibert's anniversary in St. John N.B. and then travelled on to Gaspe for a few days.

Gary & Lois (Patterson) Laminger motored to Winnipeg to visit Gary's daughter, grandson, parents, sister and her husband. They took , with them, their five year old grand daugher Breanna Gallichan.

"Sid's Kids " place in Wakeham was a full house again this summer. The first to arrive was Greg & Mariette Patterson, with Therese & Gill Ste. Croix. Greg & Gill were kept busy with dismantling part of the building, in preparation for repairs. Lois flew in for 10 days and shortly after, Scott& Susie Palmer & Ruth arrived for three weeks. Ryan Palmer and his girl friend Veronique stopped in on their way to New York City. Having people drop in to visit made it a very enjoyable stay for all of us.

Tom & Ruth Armstrong spent two delightful weeks touring Italy and Switzerland on a bus tour.

by Ruth Armstrong

Monday September 17 20:44:36 2007
Gaspe News

Fall is just around the corner, the days are getting shorter and we can see that some of the leaves are beginning to turn. Gaspe saw a lot of visitors this summer and most of those who spend the entire summer have returned to their homes for the winter months.

Sids Kids Place saw a lot of family home this summer. Gregory and Mariette Patterson from Havelock, Theresa and Gilles Ste. Croix, Susie and Scott Palmer from Kapuskasing, Ruth Patterson Armstrong from Burlington , Sybil Palmer from Ajax , Lois Patterson Laminger from Kitchener and Ryan Palmer and friend, Veronique Cantin from Ottawa had a great time the summer home in Wakeham.

Johnny and Carol Eden from St. Catherines and Johns sister Eileen Eden Boulet from Manitoulon Island were home visiting family in friends the week of August 26th.

Happy 97th Birthday to Joe Patterson of Sandy Beach on August 31st. He celebrated by having family and friends to have lunch with him at Rons Restaurant. He recently was hospitalized at Hotel Dieu in Gaspe and then transferred to Quebec because of artery problems.

Deepest sympathy extended to the family of Lester Patterson who passed away in Montreal the middle of August. The funeral service and burial of ashes took place at St. Andrews Church, York on August 30th.

The family of David and Margaret Patterson of Wakeham had a great reunion at Fort Haldimand Camp this summer. They had a wonderful time at the camp and on the beach and even though the weather did not co-operate the evening of their open house they still saw a lot of family and friends.

Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank celebrated her birthday in Montreal on August 26th with her daughter, Stephanie, who was born on this day as well. Hope you had a happy birthday, girls. Heather and Dean spent the week with Stephanie, Marco, Chelsia and Christian.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Johnny LeQuesne who passed away in Moncton, New Brunswick on August 05. Burial of ashes to take place in Gaspe at a later date.

Belated Happy Birthday to Tyler Patterson of Oshawa who celebrate his 25th birthday on August 19th.

Happy Birthday to Bessie Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated her 90th on September 5th. She has recently been hospitalized so we send her get well wishes and hope she is feeling better. A happy birthday to her son-in-law Gerald Phillips who celebrated his 65th birthday on this day as well.

Get well wishes to Mrs. Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach who has been hospitalized with pneumonia. We hope that she is feeling much better soon.

Brad and Janice Syvret of Sandy Beach were happy to have their family home with them this July. Their daughter, Jill, from New York and son Tommy and wife Kirsten from Calgary were home to spend time with their parents and their grandfather, Ovelan Syvret, from Montreal who was also home at this time.

Scott Miller, son of Glenn and Ivy Miller flew from Stettler, Alberta for a week in August to visit family and friends. He traveled back home with Maggie and daughter, Maria, who had been here the previous week. So nice to have you home but the time went way too fast!

Happy Birthday to Bryce Coffin of Halifax (September 08) and Mabel Coffin Carter of Wakeham (September 09)

Dave Boyle and Lisa Annett from Port Colborne, along with Lisas mother Marlene Annett from Maxville spent a few days in Gaspe visiting family and friends on Labour Day weekend.

Vicki Lepage, daughter of Arlene and Wesley Boyle, celebrated her big 5-0 on August 29th. Vicki lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Her favorite gift was an airline ticket to Montreal to visit her parents and to return to their summer home in Sunny Bank to see the autumn leaves fall. Her husband, Paul, a guitarist and folk singer recently entertained a standing room only crowd in the Creekside Lounge at Pidgeon Lake in Alberta. The Creekside is owned and operated by Vickis cousin, Ruth and husband, Greg Organ. While at home this summer, Vicki and Paul celebrated their 25th Anniversary during Homecoming Days.

Linda Mullin from Wakeham and Sharon Patterson from Mississauga recently returned from an Alaskan Cruise. They flew to Vancouver and boarded the ship for a wonderful seven day cruise to Alaska.

Lorna and Larry Miller of Wakeham were happy to have their daughter, Lisa , husband Jeff and their two sons, Josh and J.J. from Washington home for a week. At this same time their daughter, Louise and her finance, Kim, from Denmark and Louises daughter, Cassidy from Barrie were home. They all had a wonderful week. Lee Clark, son of Ellen Clark was home again this summer visiting his family.

Pauline and Erskine Patterson from London, Ontario have spent the summer months at their cottage in Sunny Bank. We have been enjoying evening walks and have played quite a few games of 500 with them. They will be missed when they return to London.

A special birthday wish to Eric Coffin of Wakeham who celebrates his 70th on September 23rd.

A special lady,Ellen Clark of Wakeham will be celebrating her birthday on September 18th. Her daughter, Lorna, had family and friends in Friday afternoon, September 14th to help her celebrate this wonderful age of 95. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ellen!

Marge & Peter Fournier wish Norman (Junior) Mullin good luck with his radiation treatment in Rimouski. Junior & Gladys will spend the next 8 weeks in Rimouski for his treatment. Lots of good luck, Junior.

Wade Patterson of Wakeham was the lucky winner of the basket ticketed off at the breakfast held for Dorinda Patterson of Sunny Bank.

by Ivy Miller

Tuesday September 4 14:41:34 2007
We would like to congratulate Micheal Cyr and Cindy Minville on the birth of their first child, a little girl. Kathlene Cyr was born Sept. 2nd 2007 at 9:30 pm, weighing 7lbs 8 ozs. Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Kim, Martin, Jordan and Madysen

by Kim Boulay

Tuesday September 4 10:57:06 2007
Thru' the kindness of his son Richard, Raymond Patterson's monumental work from the 1950s is now, at long last, available to the public, produced as a spiral bound photocopy of the original typed manuscript & being sold on a 'not for profit' basis.

Family Gatherings, 500 pages in 3 volumes, chronicles the genealogy of 43 families, from their arrival until the mid 1950s - families that settled the South West Arm [today Gaspe town, Wakeham, Sunny Bank, York etc] plus a few additional from the wider Gaspe Bay area.

Passing Years, 375 pages & also in 3 volumes, offers info on many facets of Gaspe history - 1819 land claims, extracts from the '31 & '61 census, schools & churches, roads & bridges, industry & many of the businesses, + much more.

For more information or to order either series, contact me, Martha, at:

by Martha Patterson Cos

Sunday September 2 14:00:02 2007
The Canadian Red Cross campaign to raise funds for the Gaspe flood victims has already amassed 1 millon$ with objective to raise 2.5 millon$. To note is the fact that the first millon was raised principally by donations from the Corporate and Political milieu. It is now time for the citizens of Quebec to come forward and do their part by phoning 1 800 418-1111 or go on the internet Red Cross site . The first millon dollars will go towards relocating the flood victims.
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday August 29 19:04:30 2007
David and Margaret Patterson had a very enjoyable family reunion at Fort Haldimand camp from Aug 05 - 12 As with all large families some were not able to make it and we missed you all every day. Aug 08 was an open house to all our friends and family unfortunately due to very heavy rains the turn out was not as large as we had hoped for.(you know how we Patterson's love a huge party) to those who braved the storm we thank you for making our evening memorable.
Many thanks to Albert Patterson for coming out of retirement just for us and making an amazing turkey dinner

The love and spirit of Margaret and David's ever growing family lives on
Thank You
Mum and Dad

by Rose Marie Webb

Saturday August 25 11:27:18 2007
Canadian Red Cross has started a special campaign to raise funds for the victims of the recent floods that occured in Gaspe Town mainly Riviere Au Renard and Cortreal. To donate call 1 800 418-1111 and mention that donation is for the Gaspe flood victims. You can also do same on web site
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday August 18 16:17:13 2007
Festival Musique Du Bout Du Monde Azentic was very sucessfull. Over 15,000 attended the various musical events and all the passports were sold by time the festival opened assuring a finanical sucess. Notable that donations from the public raised $3,000 for the flood relief fund.

from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Saturday August 18 10:17:52 2007
Gaspe News - Once again we had a great turnout for Pioneer Days which was a great success. It was a good time to meet old friends and reminisce. Already plans are in the air for another one next year.

We have seen nice sunny days so far in August but we have had some very heavy rains and wind as well. Fox River and Cortereal have had severe flooding with a lot of damage.

Happy Birthday to Betty Coffin Stanley of LAnse Aux Cousins and to Betty Boyle Coffin of Montreal who both celebrated their 75th in July. Whorwell Jean of York also celebrated his 75th on August 11th.

Belated Happy Birthday to Darcy Assels of Sunny Bank who turned 21 on August 7th.

We hope Jonah Patterson of Sunny Bank is feeling better. Jonah got hit in the face while playing ball and had to be taken to Quebec City to have several mesh plates inserted.

Dorinda Patterson from Sunny Bank is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Quebec City where she is undergoing treatment for five weeks. Her mother, Pearl and her sister, Ellen
are presently with her. Doug will be going back to Quebec next week. We send Dorinda our love and best wishes and hope she will be feeling much better soon.

Marjorie and Jean Pierre Fournier were happy to have their daughter Nathalie & husband Justin with their three boys, Jalen, Brady & Makail home for 3 weeks in July. They are heading to Ottawa on August 22nd to spend time with their son Marc & family.

Gladys and Norman Mullin were happy to have their daughter Lorraine & husband Mario and their children Danielle and Derek home for 5 weeks with them. Mario's family also enjoyed having the family home. Lynn & Velma with their boys, David & Dylan & their friend Matthew were home also for two weeks visiting with them and the McDonalds.

Sandra Gaul was happy to have their son Michael and wife Lucia with their girls Emilia and Stefania home for two weeks with her. Her Sister-in-laws Sadie & Al and Laura also came for a week. They had an enjoyable time at the Douglastown School reunion.

Courtney and Aline Simpson recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Their children- Wade, Heather and their three girls and Brent, Connie and their three boys and Wendy and her husband, Eduardo, flew home from Costa Rica to be with them for this happy occasion. Happy 60th Anniversary!

On the weekend of August 11th many old schoolmates gathered in Douglastown to celebrate the 50th anniversary. They came from all over Canada and some as far as the U.S. On Saturday evening they held an old fashion Gaspe supper and get together which was very well attended. Remi Deon and Sybil Gaul were m.c.s for the evening and did a wonderful job.

On Sunday, August 12th, Coreen and Victor Annett celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their home in Pointe Navarre with an open house. Many friends and relatives joined them to help celebrate. A delicious lunch was served during the afternoon Their daughters, Jacinta, Joanne with her son, Timothy, her daughter Robin and boy friend, Aaron, and Maggie and daughter, Maria, flew home from Stettler to be with their parents on this happy occasion.

If you have been walking on the boardwalk (between Gaspe Bridge and the museum) you will notice that it has had a face lift. Rocks have been placed along the sides of the walk and down the bank. It looks very nice and a lot of work has been put into this project. With the recent heavy rains more of it will have to be repaired.

Merle Coffin from Wakeham has recently had her daughter Connie Coffin Steele and great granddaughter Alissa, visiting her. They traveled, along with Shawnee Sams, to the Maritimes to visit family and friends and then on to Gaspe.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Kenny Alexander of Kitimat, B.C. who passed away on August 17th. Kenny was originally from Sandy Beach,

by Ivy Miller

Friday August 17 12:00:48 2007
With our deepest sadness Ken Alexander passed away on Aug 17,2007
at the age of 54. Leaving to mourn his wife and 2 children,his mother and 7 sisters.

by Alexander Family

Saturday August 11 18:03:30 2007
Town of Gaspe advises that Halimand Beach will be closed for the summer season the 12th.of Auigust at 16h30h. Their will be no life guards on duty after that date.
Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Thursday August 9 17:12:32 2007
Flash flooding in Rivire-au-Rendard. Reports CBC.
"One person is dead and another missing after a flash flood closed roads and forced the evacuation of some residents in Rivire-au-Renard near Gasp Wednesday evening. Provincial police said Thursday four people were in a mobile home when it was swept down the river and got caught under a bridge. One of the four died and another is still missing. Another home was carried away by the flood, and trees were uprooted as more than 70 millimetres of rain fell. Two main roads into the area are closed, and about 20 people have been moved out of the town."

by Jason Synnott

Tuesday August 7 2:18:05 2007
Presumably large oil reserve in Haldimand. Last spring, an impressive quantity of oil was found at the site. 40 barils of oil were pumped out each day for two weeks. The two owning companies of the well, Ptrolia and Junex, are looking to sign an agreement this fall. After the agreement, the partners will invest 4 millions dollars over a year to evaluate Haldimand's commercial extraction potential. If the results are positive, the companies could invest 15 to 20 million dollars to begin commercial extraction. Many oil wells would be pumping up petroleum, and each one could bring up to a million dollars in earnings.

by Jason Synnott

Tuesday August 7 2:05:31 2007
The tourist season seems to be doing well for the Gasp. The Regional Tourism Office has experienced an increase of 4% of visitors seeking information so far this summer, which translates itself to 600 more people than last year. It seems that internet promotion is the reason for this increase, notably with the website

by Jason Synnott

Sunday August 5 11:41:59 2007
Gaspe cycle and walking path will be inaugurated on August 10th at 10AM at location next to the Marina. It is a rendez-vous for all either on bicycle,roller blades or on foot.
Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Thursday August 2 1:27:36 2007
The blueberry season this year will be good but short for the Gaspesian Coast, according to an article by Radio-Canada. The blueberry cultivation industry is slowly progressing on the coast. A company named Les Bleuets sauvages du Qubec bought an old fish plant in New Port at the beginning of the 2000s. They are now one of major producers of the region. Commercial blueberry cultivation is still however a marginal activity for the area. Blueberry fields take about 10 years before they can become profitable.

by Jason Synnott

Monday July 30 2:00:21 2007
The salmon fishing season is going good for the greater Gasp area. This is not the case in other rivers of the region. There has been an increase in the number of big salmon caught on the York River. 210 large salmon were caught by July 25th, already surpassing the total of 155 for last year. The Socit de gestion des rivires au saumon du Grand Gasp could not do a census of the salmon population this year because of the high water levels. Fishermen on the Cascapedia and Bonaventure rivers now have to throw back all salmon fished because of a decrease of the overall number of salmon caught.

by Jason Synnott

Sunday July 29 13:09:29 2007
Douglastown will be presenting their first edition of Irish Culture Week "A Breeze From Ireland" the week of August 13th thru 19th 2007. On the program will be presentations and workshops which will relive the Irish influnce in Douglastowns history. For further information visit

From LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Tuesday July 24 11:25:02 2007
Lionel Patterson passed away at 1:00 A.M. this morning in Hamilton, Ont. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

by Lorna Clark

Sunday July 22 19:06:04 2007
Walk for Wilbert a huge success!

The fundraising walk-a-thon for the Wilbert Coffin case was held on Saturday, July 14th and it was a huge success. Marie Coffin Stewart was joined by several family members and friends on the walk around the Gaspe Bay. Marie completed the walk despite the heat and with just taking a short break for lunch. She would like to thank everyone who joined her on the walk and everyone who made a donation. While the donations are still coming in, the grand total is expected to the approximately $3,000. A very big thank you to everyone for their support and encouragment!

by Rhonda Stewart

Sunday July 22 11:24:31 2007
The 13th edition of the sand castle building contest will again be held at Halimand Beach Saturday August 4th. Organize a team of maximum 6 persons young and old and enter for a fun day. Inscricption on the site beginning at 9am.

Don Delisle
from LePharillon

by don delisle

Sunday July 15 20:44:28 2007
The decontamination work has started in Murdochville. The old mining town will undergo 3 years of decontamination work on its territory. A company named Xstrata will spend 140 million dollars for the work. It was initially only supposed to cost 11 million! 125 people were hired.

by Jason Synnott

Sunday July 15 20:39:18 2007
The Town of Gasp will invest 3 million dollars for the construction of a new municipal garage in the Ursulines Industrial Park. The garage will be shared with the Ministre des Transports. Construction will start next winter.

by Jason Synnott

Sunday July 15 13:34:35 2007
HOG Rally held in Gaspe last weekend was a enormous sucess. The over 700 members of the Harley Owners Group were overwhelmed with the welcome they received from the Gaspe population. They were particulary suprised by the huge number of citizens who turned out for there various events on Queen St and the parade around the bay. The financial spinoff for the Gaspe merchants were a plus to this event as it is estimated that each member spent $200 per day during the event. Corordinator and President of the Gaspe HOG chapter Danny Thibault stated the event showed over a $10,000.profit some of which will be funelled back to various Gaspe organizations. The participants are looking forward to holding their event again in Gaspe in a few Years.

Don Delisle
from the Pharillon

by don delisle

Sunday July 15 10:50:04 2007
Gaspe News July 13, 2007

July is here and I believe we are finally going to have some beach weather. We did need rain but for the last couple of weeks it seemed like it would never stop.

Sunny Bank has two new residents Joyce Roberts and Doug Hedger. Doug had a birthday on June 28th Happy Birthday. We welcome them both to the community.

Belated Happy Birthday to Irma Clark Roberts of Sunny Bank who had a birthday on June 28.

Happy Birthday to Tommy Syvret who celebrated his 30th birthday on July 4th.

Earle Coffin of Wakeham celebrated his 80th birthday on July 8th.

Happy Birthday to Todd Miller of Wakeham on July 10th.

Mark Carter of Montreal and Les Boyle of London both celebrate birthdays on July 13th. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, boys!

A very special birthday wish to Carl Gillis of Wakeham who celebrates his 90th on July 14th. He has recently been hospitalized in the Hotel Dieu Hospital and we hope he is feeling much better. .

The Breakfast which was held on July 1st for Pioneer Days was a great success with over 200 people being served. Pioneer Days will hold another breakfast on Saturday, July 28th at Camp Fort Haldimand. Mark this date on your calendar and check the upcoming issues of Spec for Pioneer Days schedule.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Dennis Biard of Gaspe who passed away at a Fire Fighter Challenge in Rimouski on June 30th.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Steve Jellett of Rosebridge who passed away suddenly on June 29th.

The community was saddened to hear of the death of Robert (Bobby) McGregor of York who passed away on July 4th . Funeral services were held at the Cathedral in Gaspe and burial at St. Andrews York on July 7th. Bobby was in the trucking business for many years and will be sadly missed by all. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

Wakeham ACWs sale which was held on July 7th at St. Pauls Church Hall was a great success and even though the crowd was smaller than usual over $1300 was raised. Church sales will be held throughout the summer check at the local stores for dates.

Linda and Archie Patterson of Wakeham have their family home. Tammy and her two sons, Tanner and Ty from Regina are home for two weeks. Jason and son, Seth, from Milton was home for the first week of July. While visiting Gaspe the three boys wanted to go on a train ride so they traveled from Gaspe to Barachois. Their youngest son, Justin, from Toronto is presently visiting his parents, sister and nephews. Lindas sister, Kathy from Listuguj spent a few days in Wakeham at this time.

Coreen and Victor Annett along with their son Peter, wife Andrea and Matthew and Katie, have been visiting in Stettler, Alberta to attend the wedding of Coreen and Victors grandson, Nathaniel, son of Michael and Jacinta Donovan. Jennifer Roy , Myrna Methot and Pat Donovan, grandmother of Nathaniel also flew west to attend the wedding. They all had a great time at the wedding and a wonderful visit with their family.

Get well wishes to Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach who was recently hospitalized with pneumonia. She is at home now and feeling better. Faye and Blair Miller from Burlington are home visiting family and friends and are staying with her for the month of July.

Lorna and Larry Miller of Wakeham have two of their granddaughters, Brooke and Cassidy with them for a few weeks. Lorna and Larry were recently in Ottawa to attend their granddaughter, Ashleys (daughter of Lorelei and Boris) Irish dance competition. Ashley placed in the top third in her group which was second in the group dance in the international competition. Congratulations, Ashley!

Paula and Rick Shannon were happy to have their daughter, Lisa and husband John from Burlington visiting with them. While here we had a surprise baby shower for Lisa. She and John are expecting a baby boy in November.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday July 8 14:15:43 2007
Congratulations to Michele and Graham Sams of Grimsby, ON on the birth of their first child. Their daughter, Emily Michele, was born at Hamilton hospital on June 1st. A fifth grand-child for Diana and Ricky

by Eric (Ricky) Sams

Sunday July 8 11:56:42 2007
Gaspe bicycle trail to be inaugrated 7 seven years after the first shovel of earth in 2000 was celebrated. The remaining 1.2 kilometers of the trail between Howell St. and Alexander St. and a 300 meter wooden overpass to be intalled over the railway tracks will also be constructed and be completed by the autumn. Trail markers and security for the path will also be completed in time for the offical opening of the Green Route which will be taking place in many other towns along the route. The idea of creating the biycle path was put forward in 1998 and an investment of close to 2 millon dollars was made by the minister of Natural resources, Transport Quebec, the CLD,the MRC, town of Gaspe and many other sponsors to bring this dream to fruition.

Don Delisle
From Le Pharillon

by don delisle

Thursday July 5 17:59:06 2007
Congratulations to Jeremy Adams and Rhonda Stewart on their recent engagement. An August 2008 wedding is being planned for the happy occasion. Happiness always to you both.

by Holly Hackett

Wednesday July 4 0:56:02 2007
For the ninth year, Gasp was host to organized celebrations to highlight the national holiday. The usual formal ceremony was held at the Cenotaph (near the bridge). After the singing of the national anthem, a speech was given by Mayor Francois Roussy. He had good news for Gasp residents. He stated that after months of uncertainty, the train service had been saved. Lieutenant Dave Montmorency was on spot to present the Afghanistan flag to citizens. The Town of Gasp has exchanged flags with the Task Force 3-07 mission in Afghanistan based out of Val-Cartier. The flag of the Town of Gasp will be hoisted in Afghanistan.
The Cenotaph ceremony honoured two citizens of Gasp for Les Prix citoyen-mrite, a special recognition for community involvement, hard work, and overall community achievements by dedicated individuals. Claudine Roy won the prize for the French community. Darlene Adams won for the English community. The honorary speech was given by her daughter, Kellie Williams. As a member for the past 25 years and current President of the Dartmouth River Womens Institute, Darlene has spent many days visiting seniors, organizing bingos and helping celebrate special holidays like Christmas, Easter or Valentines. She is also Vice-President of her local church administrative council and as a choir member for the past 30 years, she leads her choir group to local senior citizens homes every Christmas for a fun filled evening. She is a founding member of the Centre daction bnvole Le Hauban. When asked to help, if she is available, she is always ready and willing. She will continue to do so for many years to come because she loves to volunteer and be involved in her
Congratulations Darlene.

by Jason Synnott

Sunday July 1 11:19:36 2007
The Bistro Restro Le Brise Bise is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is renown both for its culinary and artistic contribution to the Gaspe scene. Special events are planned to celebrate this anniversary. Its director and proprietor Claudine Roy has made a great contribution to the Gaspe scene including orgaznizing the cross country ski event La traversee de la Gaspesie. She has won many awards for her dedication to the promotion of Gaspe worldwide and GoGaspe join in wishing her well for her future endeavors.
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Monday June 25 9:05:48 2007
Special Birthday in Peachland BC- June 22nd.
Just returned from a birthday celebration for Keith Baker's 70th!!! Gaspesians Weston and Norma Patterson, Garth and Madeline Patterson, as well as Madeline's sister Sylvia and her new husband Al joined their Peachland friends to help celebrate Keith's big day!!!!Joining the celebration were Sylvia's daughters, Vicki, Val and Karen & husbands, Garth and Madeline's daughter, Laurie, and Keith's son,Bill, from Calgary, and daughter, Cindy, along with my brother Chris Baker & many others ... a note to " Ruth " of Gasp from Keith
" The only negative was that there was no Gasp salmon served for my birthday dinner!"

by Lani Baker Mitchell

Saturday June 23 12:34:58 2007
The 12th Provincal H.O.G. rally is being held this year in Gaspe July 5,6,7
Approx 600 to 800 members will be descending on Gaspe. Activites are being organized for each day. Highlite will be parade around Gaspe Bay Saturday July 7th. H.O.G. is an association of Harley Davidson owners.Some of planned activites July 5th tour of Florillon Park July 6th tour of Perce July 7th parade around Gaspe Bay 16h30 to 15h00 Every day activites are planned at sites located downtown Gaspe featuring Queen St
from LePharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Thursday June 21 11:03:43 2007

With Amended URL address

Just a short note to say we recently returned home to our Annapolis Valley home in Canning NS from a very memorable 16-day trip in Europe. We just uploaded our pictures to our picasa album and can be viewed by anyone that wishes to.

The pictures don't have any captions yet as it is a work in progress but they are in the order as we took them starting in Germany, then Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria and back into Germany

by Gary Coffin

Wednesday June 20 15:39:24 2007
Work At The Murdochville Mine!

I will make a long story short here. Recently there were contracts given out for the closure of the Mine in Murdochville. The idea of the mine closure was presented by Jason Adams (a local from Rosebridge) to SNC Lavalin (an Engineering firm based in Toronto). At the time of his proposition he was employed by the firm in the Northwest Territories. He now owns his own company in the construction field, based out of Montreal, and had hopes of returning one day to the Gaspe region. This oppertunity, if given to him, would have been his ticket home, but he has no position in the closure of the mine, although told continously over the years that he would have no worries, his place was so to speak "written in stone." Over the past few months Mr. Adams kept in contact with SNC, the Mayor of Gaspe, etc., to be totally honest, he contacted everyone that he could to get more information on the bidding process,etc. He was trying his very best to enable himself and his company (Equipements Adams Inc.)to move back home. His company by the way, employs 5 locals from Gaspe. Had he recieved a part of this contract there would have been a list of about 20 other locals of Gaspe living in Montreal, interested in moving back with him.

I would like to remind anyone reading this that Mr. Adams knows the people of Gaspe(and surrounding areas), does this not give him the greatest advantage of all. When you know the people, do you not know how to help them?!

I want everyone to realise that these companies never gave a local boy out of the region a chance to prove himself back home, so what makes everyone so sure that they won't do the same to the individuals living there! Equipements Adams Inc. has worked too hard to let this matter slip away so easily.

For more information there will be postings in the Spec and in the Forillon throughout the up coming weeks, and months.

Thank you
A fellow Gaspesian

by Melissa Moores

Monday June 18 10:07:34 2007
Gaspe News - Summer is certainly here in Gaspe and at the time of writing it is very hot guess we will have the hot, dry summer as predicted.

Birthday wishes going out to Ron Mundle of Wakeham who celebrated his 60th birthday on June 9th. Pat Drohan of Wakeham also celebrated his 60th on May 16th.

Billy Sams of Gaspe celebrated a special birthday on June 17th Happy 80th Birthday, Billy.

Mike Shannon of Burlington, Ontario had a birthday on June 16th. Mikes mother, Paula Shannon, celebrated her birthday on June 18th. Hope you both had a very happy one!

Dorinda Patterson of Sunny Bank has a special birthday on June 19th. Happy 50th Dorinda!

Happy Birthday to Everett Clark who celebrates his birthday on June 23rd.

Jeremy Betteridge will be celebrating a special birthday on June 28th . Happy 21st Birthday, Jeremy. Also on this day a special lady will be celebrating a special birthday Mrs. Daisy Patterson will be 105 years old! We wish her a very happy birthday!

Get well wishes to Keith Patterson of Wakeham who has been in the Hotel Dieu Gaspe and then he was transferred to a hospital in Quebec City. We hope he is soon feeling much better.

Vernice Dumaresq visited her son, Dale, wife Guylaine and son Leon in Sherbrooke and Brian, wife Christine, William and Amy in Montreal.

We wish a speedy recovery to Lorna Baird who had cataract surgery in Montreal at the end of May and is returning shortly to have surgery on her other eye.

An all parish service was held in St. Matthews Church Peninsula on June 10th. There was a very large crowd with a wonderful choir. It was great to see such a large congregation, including summer visitors who are starting to arrive. . A delicious lunch was served at the home of Dorothy Phillips following the service.

Carter Patterson from Mississauga and son Jamie from Newmarket, Ontario, recently spent a week visiting Archie in Wakeham. While the men spent time at Paint Lake, Linda visited her sister, Cathy and husband, Billy, in Listuguj .

Charlene Savidant, daughter of Wayne and Gail Savidant of Sunny Bank has recently been accepted into the Master of Social Work Program at the University of Toronto. Congratulations, Charlene and good luck in the coming year!

Congratulations to Carter Coffin of York who was recently presented with his 50 year pin at a celebration held in his honour at the Masonic Hall in Haldimand.

Congratulations to Tanya Miller, daughter of Linda and Wayne Miller, and Chris Ribeiro of Chatueguay who recently became the proud parents of twins Kyle Wayne and Sarah Linda ,a brother and sister for Emily and Chad.

A very successful flea market was held on June 9th at Rons Restaurant. Almost $800 was raised for the Gaspe Cancer Foundation.

The summer sales and teas are beginning- with Haldimand ACW having theirs on June 23rd and Wakeham on Saturday, July 7th.

Lorna and Larry Miller recently went to Moncton with Brad and Janice Syvret in their motor home to attend a Bluegrass Festival. They had a great time and while there visited Charles and Aggie Rooney, Stacy, Andrea and their little son, Luke.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Kevin Trowsdale who passed away recently in Edmonton, Alberta. Kevin was the son of Vina Clark, originally from Gaspe.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday June 17 12:59:21 2007
The 4th edition of the Festival Music du Bout du Monde wil be held August 10-11-12 This summer around 150 artistes from la Gaspesie,Quebec,Canada,and other countries will participate from various stages in Gaspe downtown area
Organizers expect between 17,000 and 20,00 spectators this year and has a budget of $300,000 Of special interest on the main stage the evening of august 12th will be The Mackenzie Project featuring Melodie du Cape Breton which has Pauline Scanlon from Dingle Ireland as it featured artist

Don Delisle
from La Pharillon

by don delisle

Friday June 15 22:32:36 2007
Hi Just a note to say that my brother Sydney Clark from Wakeham,now living in Welland Ont.Had a triple bypass operation at Hamilton Ont, on monday 11th of Jun.He is doing well and should be going home by the end of next week.Sydney is an RCASC veteran of WW11.

by Charles Clark

Monday June 11 20:59:56 2007
Fundraising Walk-a-thon for Wilbert Coffin case

On Saturday, July 14th 2007, Marie Coffin Stewart will be walking around the bay in Gaspe (approximately 21 km) in order to raise funds for the work being done on her brother's case. If you wish to support Marie in her efforts, you can sponsor her, or you can collect pledges and join her on the walk on the 14th. For more information please contact Marie @ 418-368-3598, or email me at Thank you for all of your support.

by Rhonda Stewart

Monday June 11 13:13:40 2007
The Musee De La Gaspesie is celebrating its 30th season and invites all to the opening of its summer program taking place between June 16th and 18th.
June 16th at 17h is the vernissage of 2 expositons Petite-Vallee big dreams remembered in photographs and the 25th anniversary of the Festival of song from Petite-Valle. June 17th at 14h a recital of classical songs at the auditourium of the Cegep de la Gaspesie.June 18th at 17h of special interest the vernissage of the exposition of paintings by Tennyson Johnson(1928-2005)
from le Pharillon
Don Delisle

by don delisle

Wednesday June 6 0:04:44 2007
Marsha Walsh (Patterson)from Florida, spent a few days in Burlington with her parents, Glenn & Annie Patterson. While there, her sister and her niece, Jane and Emma Nicholson came from Sarnia to visit also.

Amelia Pelletier (Clark) flew to Halifax where she spent some time with her son Dennis and his family. Dennis is in the Navy and stationed in Halifax.

Glenda & Jackie Patterson of Burlington enjoyed a nice lunch, guests of Della Patterson, recently.

Francis & Elaine Miller of Burlington flew to Yellowknife to visit their daughter Jeannie. From there they flew to Edmonton and spent some time with Francis' brother Graham and his wife Doreen before returning home. While in Edmonton they were able to visit with friends Ivan & Ginny Miller, Weston & Dora Annett and Chester Miller.

Fred & Judy Patterson flew to Halifax where they purchased a house and will be moving the end of June. Fred has been posted to Halifax and will be on the ship of the same name. This ship recently made a voyage to Ontario and was on display at Toronto and Windsor. Fred was able to go on board and meet some of his new mates.

A Memorial for Harris Annett was held at the Funeral Home in Maxville, June 1. About one hundred people attended the visitation and service. The service was taken from the older,more familiar version of the Anglican Prayer Book, his son -in-law Blaine anddaughter Carla said eulogies for Harris, and two hymns were sung. A delicious lunch was served by the ladies of the Anglican Church of Maxville.

Gerry Patterson, of Singapore, has flown to Amsterdam where he is joining a friend for a bike trip through Holland, Germany and into Switzerland where he will fly back to Singapore from Zurich.

We extend our condolences to Vina Trowsdale of Edmonton and Laughlin Trowsdale of North Bay on the loss of their son and brother, Kevin Trowsdale of Edmonton, who died very suddendly at his home recently.

Yours truly had the pleasure of having my two daughters, Susie Palmer of Kapuskasing and Lois Laminger of Kitchener visit me recently, while my husband spent a week in Italy with his son. While together we visited Elsie and Stan Bobbette and their daughter, Dale, in Barrie. Also spent some time with Coreen Mullin in Font Hill.

I won't say much about the Gaspe Golf Tournament as others will be giving a much detailed report I am sure. I can not speak for the golfers but for the "talkers" it was a great day. The two nights at the local hotel were fun nights, any one wanting visitors just left their doors open and people came and went seeing all the friends who were there for the Tournament. There were a lot of newcomers this year along with all the regulars made for a great time with friends and family.

Happy Birthday to the following people.

June 2 1932 Victor Miller
June 8 1952 Shirley Patterson Suddard
June 16 1968 Michael Shannon
June 17 1959 Christine Pelletier
June 18 1961 Myles Patterson
June 21 1952 Leverett Miller
June 28 1957 Louise Miller Musgrave
July 3 1968 Sharon Pelletier
July 6 1930 Gwenn Patterson Holmes
July 8 1937 Phyllis Miller Vibert
July 13 1928 Graham Miller
July 14 1944 Jan Miller Tuzo
July 18 1968 Denise Miller Irvine
July 20 1934 Elaine Patterson Miller
July 23 1924 Elsie Patterson Bobbette
July 26 1930 Norma Eden Patterson
July 29 1932 Betty Boyle Coffin

My apologizes to Blair Miller for making him much older than he really is !!

If any one wants their birthdays mentioned here, please e-mail me as I only have very few at my disposal.
Ruth Patterson Armstrong, Burlington Ontario

by Ruth Armstrong

Tuesday June 5 19:56:33 2007
I will be reporting local events and news for The Gasp Spec this summer. I have been away for the past eight months and I am now trying to catch up on what is going on around the Gasp. If you have any story requests, ideas or just plain gossip about things going on, please do not hesitate to contact me at (418) 368-6259. You can also e-mail me at
Thanks and looking forward to serving the English population of Gasp this summer!

by Jason Synnott

Tuesday June 5 12:30:47 2007
Margaret and David Patterson welcomed their 6th Great Grandchild into the world
on April 28 2007, Liam Albert Michael was born to Jennifer Marie Michael nee Webb and Ramy Michael. Jennifer is the daughter of Rose Marie Webb nee Patterson and Ted Webb, Grandaughter to Margaret and David
Congratulations Great Granny and Great Granddaddy

Rose Marie

by Rose Marie Webb (Pat

Sunday June 3 14:29:37 2007
Just want to wish our father Wally Savidant,and the greatest grand father in the world a very happy 53rd birthday on June 2nd and may all the best to him the the years to come. Love from your kids and grand kids and friends, and family. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Your 3 daughter's Tina, Amy, Tracy
Your 2 son's Jason , Leroy
and your 10 grand children

by Wally Savidant

Sunday June 3 8:32:53 2007
My grandmother Christina Le Lacheur (nee Long), wife of Arnold Le Lacheur of Rosebridge passed away in September 2006. A memorial and burial will take place on July 18 2007 at Rosebridge United Church, (time TBA )for those of you who wish to attend.

My grandfather Arnold Le Lacheur is now residing in Guelph Ontario and misses Gaspe very much.

by Andrea Ruiz

by Andrea Ruiz

Sunday June 3 0:17:58 2007
Jonny & Aggie Mullin of Barrie ON stopped in Winnipeg to vist Aggie's sister and Jonney's cousin (Ian Mullin and his wife Diane) on their return trip from BC where they picked up their daughted Stepanie who has graduated from university and is moving back to Barrie ON, hopefully to get into the event management business.

by Ian Mullin

Sunday May 13 20:07:42 2007
Toronto News May12/07
A small group of former Gaspesians met for
breakfast in Stoney Creek. Elsie Mullin
suggested to Jackie Patterson a Place by
the name of, Village Restaurant on King St.
East of which was a most excellent place to
Dine. People there in attendance were as
Audrey Miller Hoggart/formerly Sunny Bank
and Husband Ross,Glenda/Garth Patterson,
Dave/Joan Journeaux,Elsie/Selwyn Mullin,
Kingsley Miller,Willy Palmer,
Marlene Savidant,Randy/Lucas/Jessica
Mullin,Della Patterson,Charles/Jackie
Patterson and myself.

By Earle Coffin

by earle coffin

Tuesday May 8 22:47:03 2007
Sr Marielle Gagnon (former French teacher at C.E. Pouliot) passed away in Rimouski on Saturday May 5th. The funeral service will be in Val d'Espoir on Wednesday at 2 p.m. (where she had been since her retirement) with the burial in Gaspe.

by Ron Patterson

Monday April 30 11:36:06 2007
Gaspe News - April

Well here we are at the beginning of May and snow still on the ground. I guess it is understandable as we had our share in April this year with two major storms. However, we have seen some beautiful sunny days this last week so the snow will soon disappear.

Heather and Dean Patterson have returned home after vacationing in Cuba. They had a wonderful holiday with two sun filled weeks. They visited their daughter, Stefanie, Marco and children, Chelsea and Christian in Montreal before flying to Cuba and upon returning.

Hayden and Debbie Sams and Dave and Marquetha Letemplier recently returned from a magnificent fun- filled holiday in the Dominican Republic.

A belated Happy Birthday to Fred Sams of Gaspe who turned 90 years young on March 30th. Hope you had a great day!

We have had a lot of sadness in our communities lately. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of the following people who have recently passed away: Marjorie Guignion, Bernice Bourgaize, Emery Harbour, Joseph Patterson (Haldimand) Alva Annett, Nelson Alexander and Ivan Clements.

A speedy recovery for Norman (Junior) Mullin who had major heart surgery at Laval Hospital in Quebec on April 2nd. While in Laval hospital, their daughter Lorraine and family came from Landsdown, Ontario and Lynn Guignion and family from Montreal came to see him. Marjorie and Jean Pierre Fournier stopped in to see him on their way to Ottawa to spend the Easter holiday visiting with their children Marc, Jane and girls and Nathalie, Justin and boys.

Get well wishes to Hilda Dimock who also had major heart surgery at Laval Hospital in Quebec on March 27th. She was transferred back to Gaspe Hospital for recovery.

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Archie Patterson of Wakeham April 12th,Natalie Coffin Muise Halifax (the big 4-0!)on April 14th and Sandy Clark Hackett York (also celebrating the big 4-0) on April 17th Doug Patterson Sunny Bank April 22nd
Gladys and Marjorie Bechervaise celebrated their 65th on April 22nd, Bonnie Scarbro of Nackawic and Ricky Shannon of Wakeham April 26th, Harris Eden of Wakeham on April 27, Ellen PattersonGaspe, Marjorie Boyle and Ralph Vibert, Wakeham and Cathy Whistle- Guelph, all on April 30th.

Hazel Bannier is home again after spending the winter in Nova Scotia with her son Billy and family. Merle Coffin is back at home in Wakeham after spending the winter months with her daughter, Connie, in London. Nice to see you back, ladies.

Linda and Archie Patterson of Wakeham have returned home after spending the winter months in Regina visiting their daughter, Tammy, husband Todd and sons, Tanner and Ty. While there Archie helped Todd to renovate their cottage which they recently purchased. They also visited family in Ontario on their way back from Saskatchewan.

Good luck and get well wishes go out to Mathilda Adams who will be going to Rimouski next week for treatment.

Glenn and I just returned from visiting Scott, Maggie and Maria in Stettler, Alberta. We had a great holiday we went to the West Edmonton Mall the largest in the world including a wave pool and a skating rink all under the same roof. We visited Red Deer and Big Valley. While there we were able to go to two Rodeos. Needless to say they were very exciting to attend. At the Big Valley Rodeo, Ashley Patterson, daughter of Danny and Ida Patterson and granddaughter of Curzon and Elaine Patterson rode her horse around the arena proudly carrying the flag. On the return trip home we stopped over in London, Ontario where we had a nice visit with Pauline and Erskine Patterson.

Special happy birthday wishes going out on May 9th to Bobby Palmer of Sunny Bank who will be celebrating his 60th and Erskine Patterson of London his 75th.

Marguerite and Dennis Palmer have returned home after visiting their son, Tony, wife Agnes and sons, Brian and Jonathan, in Calgary. They flew to British Columbia and took the scenic Rocky Mountaineer train trip from Vancouver to Calgary. They had a stop over at a hotel in Kamloops. They also visited their niece, Vicky Miller and husband Wayne Roberts and family in Lethbridge.

by Ivy Miller

Monday April 30 11:32:13 2007
We no longer live in Gaspe
But wherever we may roam,
The best of times are always spent
With friends we know from "HOME"
Although April 28th was a dull and cool day in Burlington, the Veteran's Naval Club was a sea of smiling faces as friends met friends at the Meet & Greet Breakfast, organized by Earle Coffin and Jackie Patterson. One hundred former Gaspesians (or spouses and family) came to the Club to renew old friendships. We also met some we had not known before as when we lived in Gaspe we did not get to other communities much---although this seems hard to believe for the younger generation, if one lived in Wakeham (in my youth) you seldom met any one from Douglastown or many other places. Saturday we got to meet all those people we missed in our younger years and it was great as we all had much in common. People came from near and far and their home towns were Haldimand, Sunny Bank, Sandy Beach, York, Douglastown, Grande Greve, Cascapedia-St. Jules, Pabos, Port Daniel, Peninsula, St. Majorique, New carlisle, Wakeham, Gaspe and L"Anse Aux Cousins.
It was Jackie Patterson's birthday and her family treated everyone to cake to help celebrate .
It was a most enjoyable morning and hopefully this will become an annual event for Gaspesians to meet with others from back "home". Ruth Patterson Armstrong

by Ruth Armstrong

Sunday April 29 10:53:18 2007
Gaspe Meet and Greet Earl and I would from the bottom of our hearts like very much to thank all the wonderful people who have responded to as Earl has named the Gaspe breakfast "The Meet and Greet" When we started this venture we never in our wildest imagination expected that things would turn out as they have. We are more than pleased. We especially want to thank Frankie Miller, Ruth Armstrong and Vera McCallum for their help in the organizing of the day. Earl had invited a few of his many friends that were non Gaspesians. When leaving I asked if they would be coming again to the next one. One answered "We certainly will be as we would not want to miss being with such a friendly group of people" Each and everyone of them had similar responses. That says alot of all you Gaspesians who attended. Hope to see all of you again 6/12 months from now at the next "Meet and Greet". Earle Coffin and Jackie Patterson

by Jaclyn Patterson

Sunday April 29 2:31:55 2007
Toronto News April28/07
Meet and Greet #6
Another Meet and Greet of which was a Marvellous success,
for a total attendance of 102 people.
Many New Faces of which was most excellent, as well.
Bowmanville,London,Sarnia,Owen Sound,Ottawa,Cascapedia,
Gaspe and all Points in between.
Shane Patterson/Karen Mercer his girlfriend, Surprised Jackie
Patterson with Birthday Cake of which today, was her special day.
and cake for everyone in attendance.
Taylor Patterson/Christine Hackett served up the birthday cake
for all in attendance.
A huge Thanks for everyone in attendance today, and for all the
help from, Frankie Miller,Ruth Patterson Armstrong/Evert Mccallun
and Vera Mccallum as well and others,without there assistance,
we wouldn/t have been able to pull off the, Meet and Greet .
Tentative next Meet and Greet November/07 .
Jackie Patterson/Earle Coffin

By Earle Coffin

by earle coffin

Tuesday April 24 16:36:31 2007
Wilbert Coffin Case update

As most are aware by now, I have been investigating and writing about the Wilbert Coffin case for more than a year. Much has been learned about the case through digging and exhausting all leads from a variety of sources. I take pleasure in announcing once again that the GoGaspe site has made the task of reaching folks of the peninsula, and those who have moved away much easier. The positive and professional approach to the community as displayed through your web site speaks volumes of your credibility.

In my last posting, I made reference to a particular Jeep that had been reported in 1977 as having been located at the bottom of a ravine near Murdochville. I have since confirmed the existence of this vehicle, however, I require further information in order to tie it solidly to the Coffin investigation. Based on some information that I currently have in my files, there is no doubt in my mind that this Jeep, when fully investigated will provide answers to several important questions pertaining to the Wilbert Coffin affair.

I am of the opinion that there are folks living on the peninsula, perhaps from the Murdochville area who may be able to help me. If you know of anything about this affair, or are aware of someone else who might, I need your support on this. As usual, any information that you can help me with will be strictly confidential. You can be assured of that.

If you can help, I ask you to e-mail me immediately. Please feel free to contact me at either of the following two e-mail addresses. or

Once again, thank you so much for your consideration. It is when we all pull together that results come to the surface. The past responses to my requests on this site are indeed proof of that.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Sunday April 22 1:05:30 2007
I only found the site today and was browsing the news section and thought that I would send in a couple of bits of news from PEI. September 16th, 2006: Scott Miller (formerly of Wakeham), son of Debbie Fournier and the late Stewart Miller, married Kim Millar of Montague. The wedding was held at their home in Montague, PEI. Scott not only gained a wonderful wife but a beautiful step-daughter, Skyler.

November 21st, 2006: Erin Miller (Daughter of Ed and Marion Miller) and her husband Jamie, welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. They have named her Fiona.

by Tanya Miller

Sunday April 15 0:23:24 2007
Soccer Fans -- check out the website -- -- for soccer
happenings written by Mike Miller. Mike is a Transplanted Gaspesian, formerly
from Wakeham, now residing in Russell, ON. He is in Vancouver this weekend
covering a soccer tournament in which his granddaughter Meagan is playing
with the Russell Raiders.

by Vic Miller

Saturday April 14 13:22:18 2007
Toronto News April 14/07
Regards the, Meet and Greet Breakfast on April28/07 in Burlington.
the cut-off date// to let us know ,will be April 22nd.
Please Let Us Know by then, contacts/ Jackie Patterson 905 332-9055
or, Earle Coffin 905-634-4583

By Earle Coffin

by earle coffin

Thursday April 12 19:53:28 2007
A wee look back..... 1999...SPEC, May 16, pg 1, has a photo of sunbathers on Haldimand Beach, May 7th; apparently it was 'summer'....thought it might be a little something for you snowbound folk to remember / anticipate...:>)

by Martha Patterson Cos

Thursday April 12 1:04:06 2007
Ontaria News - Dwayne & Rick McCleod surprised their mother, Dinah, with a party to celebrate her 60th birthday. Dinah was both surprised and pleased to see so many of her family and friends together to help her celebrate this big day. Her friend from Murdochville, Carol Paulmert, came all the way from Logan Lake. B.C. to be with Dinah. There were others from Gaspe, Montreal and many parts of Ontario. Ryan Palmer of Ottawa and John Pope of Kapuskasing played guitars and sang to help liven up the evening.

Michel& Teresa Dorion and their daughter, Brooklyn spent a week end recently with Michel's sister and brother-in-law, Mariette and Greg Patterson, in Havelock. They picked up yours truly from Burlington and we all had a delightful week end. Of course the cards were on the table nearly all the time and many hands of poker were played before the week end was over.

Scott, Susie & Maureen Palmer and John Pope from Kapuskasing spent some time with Susie's mother and step father,Ruth & Tom Armstrong in Burlington before going on to Ajax for Dinah McCleod's birthday party.

Gerry & Shoko Patterson of Singapore flew to London, England to attend an Anti-War demonstration at Hyde Park. When the crowd left Hyde Park there were 60,000 demonstators and by the time they reached Trafalgar Square the crowd had swelled to 100,000. While they were in London they spent some time visiting museums and doing the touristy things.

We are all pleased to hear that Willie Palmer has recovered well from his operation. His son Bobby came from Gaspe to help out and I hear he makes a fantastic stew!

YOurs truly spent the Easter week end in St. Thomas with son Fred and his family. Greg & Mariette Patterson motored from Havelock to be with family for Easter. The men enjoyed watching, what proved to be the last Leaf's game of the season while the rest of the family played cards.

Happy Birthday greetings to these people who were all born in April & May.

Apr 8 1953 Coreen Mullin Font Hill
Apr 18 1925 Ivan Miller Edmonton
Apr 19 1962 Sammy Patterson
Apr 28 1938 Jaclyn Patterson Burlington
May 4 1926 Annie Patterson of Burlington
May 9 1948 Blair Eden Kamploops
May 9 1963 Donna Eden
May 21 1930 Merrill Miller Kemptville
May 22 1991 Kelly Patterson St.Thomas
May 24 1931 Wesley Boyle Montreal
May 28 1928 Blair Miller Guelph
May 29 1990 Derek Patterson St. Thomas

by Ruth Armstrong

Saturday March 24 13:12:16 2007
Gaspe News - St. Patrick greeted us early Saturday morning with lots of snow, high winds, freezing rain and then rain so needless to say everyone is once again shoveling, scooping and making drains for all the water to run off. Spring is just around the corner though and we can feel the sun getting stronger each day.
Our condolences go out to the family of Lorianne Elizabeth Johnson, 36, daughter of Gene and Doreen Gillis of St. Bruno, who passed away Thursday, March 8, 2007, at her residence in Clarksville, Tennessee. Lori was a preschool teacher at First Baptist Church . Burial of her ashes will take place this summer in Gaspe.
Neil Grant was in the Hotel Dieu hospital recently with pneumonia. He is now at home and we hope he is feeling much better. Get well wishes go out to Hilda Dimock, also from York who is also in the Hotel Dieu. Julia Clark from Wakeham recently underwent surgery. We wish her good luck and hope she is feeling better soon.
We had a nice visit from Bryce Coffin from Halifax at the end of January. He came to Gaspe for a few days to visit family and friends. His wife, Shirley is in Florida spending a couple of months with her daughter, Nathalie, husband Billy and three children, Cameron, Sophie and Davis.
Get well wishes to Willie Palmer of Burlington who recently underwent surgery.
Our deepest sympathy to the family of Rita Coffin (Ralph) who passed away on March 6th at the Sanatorium Ross. The funeral service and burial were held at St. Andrews Church, York on Friday, March 9th.
Marilyn Whaley from Fonthill, Leigh Clark from Oakville, and Kathleen Clark Shumann from Montreal recently spent a week in Gaspe visiting their mother, Mrs. Ellen Clark, sister Lorna and husband, Larry. They enjoyed being back home together in the house where they were raised.
Happy Birthday going out to the following March birthday people:
Leigh Clark- Oakville, Berton Miller- Wakeham, Faye Miller and her grandson, Matthew Whistle Guelph March 6th. Colleen Drohan- March 17th, Mary McCallum-Sandy Beach March 24th Maggie Annett- Stettler- March 27th. Jill Syvret New York March 24th and her father, Bradley Syvret- Haldimand on March 30th.
A very enjoyable card party was hosted by Sharon Reeder and Nancy Clark on March 6th A delicious lunch was served, and $100 was raised for the A.C.W. Lorna Clark won first prize and Heather Patterson (Dean) won second with Francoise LeBlanc winning the booby prize

Paula and Ricky Shannon have returned from Burlington where they have been visiting their son Michael, wife Dawn and granddaughters, Meghan and Hailey, daughter Lisa and her husband John. Lisa and John were in Belgium for a few days where Lisa had a business meeting for the company Linvatec Canada. . After leaving Belgium they traveled to Paris, France, for three days. They did lots of site seeing in both places.
Mike Shannon went to Tampa Bay, Florida last month to attend the Kraft Canada National Sales Conference, with over 250 people taking part. He stayed at Saddlebrook Resort & Spa, one of Tampa Bay Florida's best golf resorts. Mike is a Category Manager at Kraft, and a member of the Kraft Wal-Mart Customer Business Team. They were presented with the 2006 Kraft Canada Team of the Year award while at the meetings, which is the most prestigious team award at Kraft. While there, he was able to take in a round of golf at the Saddlebrook Course, designed by Arnold Palmer & saw numerous alligators along the course!
Stevie Palmer from Toronto came to Gaspe to visit his parents, Marg and Dennis Palmer, family and friends for two weeks. He enjoys being here at this time of year because he gets more visiting done as it is not as busy as the summer months. While here, he will celebrate his birthday on March 26th. Happy Birthday, Stevie! Stevie just returned from China where he spent a week on company business. He found the area where he visited very beautiful but found the 15 hour flight quite long! On March 10th, his brother Tony, who lives in Calgary, had the honour of presenting the gold medal to the Ontario womens hockey team during the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse. His company, Trans Canada, was a sponsor.
Belated Happy 55th wedding anniversary to Margaret & David Patterson of Wakeham on Feb.26th To celebrate they decided to join their family in Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal. They all stayed at Les-suites Hotel in downtown Ottawa and had a wonderful time.
Happy Spring to all!

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday March 21 23:25:04 2007
Margaret & David patterson of Wakeham celebrated their 55* wedding anniversary on feb.26/07 and to celebrate they decided to join their family in ottawa to skate on the Rideau canal and skate they did!!! we were out in full force ,22 members of the family ,ranging in age from 4 weeks to 74 years.It was a gorgeous day and we all had a very enjoyable time ,the ice was great and the beaver tails and hot apple cider were delicious. Alma and her family also came from Burlington, Molly & Larry from toronto,we all stayed at Les-suites downtown Ottawa. On Aug.5* we are planning a Patterson family reunion at Haldimand camp ,we would like to invite all our family & friends to drop in and visit us.

by shirley suddard

Monday February 26 9:51:18 2007
Gaspe News - Well here we are at the end of February and our wonderful weather continues. Gaspe has certainly had its share of fine weather this winter. Great weather for the winter carnival.

Happy Birthday going out to the following:
Merle Coffin who celebrated her 85th birthday on February 20th in London, Ontario where she has been visiting her daughter, Connie, granddaughter Cindy, husband, Steve and children, Alyssa, Nicholas and Dillon. Also on the 20th- Murray Olsson of Welland, Ontario, Muriel Cass and Emery Patterson of Wakeham. Carley Patterson had his birthday on February 18th. Heather Patterson (Lowell) celebrated her birthday on February 22nd. Stella Grant of York celebrated the big 5-0 on February 25th. A birthday party was held for her, earlier in the month. Her son, Jamie and wife Kim, surprised Stella and Neil, by arriving home from Fort St. Jean for this celebration and to spend a few weeks with them.

Brad and Janice have returned to Gaspe after spending the first months of winter out of town. In mid-November, they set off on their winter journey, as snowbirds, to Florida. On their way, they visited Brad's dad, Ovelan, in Montreal and their daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Mike in NYC, staying to watch the Thanksgiving Macy's Parade! Then they drove on to Orlando, where their son, Thomas, was working at the time. After spending 2 days there, they went to their destination of The Villages, just north of Orlando. They had a great 2 months there, with both of their children visiting them during their stay! On the way back home, they stopped in Montreal, again, to see Ovelan, and then came home to enjoy the rest of the winter! They say they'll do it again next winter!

Mrs. Ellen Clark of Wakeham is back home again after spending some time in the Hotel Dieu. Larry Miller is also over his knee replacement and is doing well. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

Our condolences go out to the family of Mrs. Iris Miller of Sunny Bank. Mrs. Miller passed away on February 16th. Funeral services were held in St. Andrews Church, York on Monday,
February 19th.

Deepest sympathy to the family of David Phillips of Peninsula who passed away on February 19th Funeral services were held in St. Matthews Church, Peninsula on Friday, February 23rd.

A delicious pancake supper was held in St. Pauls Church Gaspe on Tuesday, January 20th with approximately seventy people attending. David Baird was the chief pancake maker and his pancakes were certainly mouth-watering.

On Friday afternoon, February 23rd main street in Gaspe was full of skiers who were participating in the Grande Traverse de la Gaspesie Usually there are ice sculptures but this year the wonderfully structured figures were sculptured from snow. Activities were held during the afternoon. Check for photos.

Our condolences go out to the Neil Boyle family. Ruby Boyle passed away in Langley, British Columbia on February 5th. Marjorie (Boyle) and Earle Coffin from Wakeham went to join the Boyle family at Sharon and George Dees home in Pointe Claire, the day of the funeral.

Harris and Marlene Annett of Maxville and Frankie and Elaine Patterson of Burlington spent a week in Gaspe visiting Lee and Melba Patterson.

by Ivy Miller

Wednesday February 14 15:19:01 2007
Ontario News - Billy & Peggy Bannier, from N.S. enjoyed a cruise to the Carribean. While they were away Judy came from Toronto to stay with her mother,Hazel Bannier.

Francis & Elaine Miller and Billy Boyle motored to Maxville and Alexandria to visit with Harris& Marlene Annett and John & Shirley Boyle.

Amelia Pelletier & Pauline Patterson of London, drove to Port Colbourne to attend the first birthday of their great-granddaughter Ava, daughter of Chelsey Boyle and Mike Lauren.

Connor Pelletier of Bracebridge, grand son of Amelia has become a very good hockey player and his team has won all of their games this year. Way to go Connor !!

Gregory & Mariette Patterson spent a week at a resort in Cuba recently. They enjoyed their holiday very much and are already planning on another trip to the Island.

Ruth Armstrong, Annie Patterson & Lorraine Sams enjoyed a nice lunch and a great gab fest at Elaine Millers. It is always good to get together with our friends, especially those we do not see very often. Lorraine and Billy were in Burlington to visit with Willy Palmer. While there, Billy's son Kim, from Calgary was in Toronto and was able to come to Burlington to see Billy and Lorraine.

Judy Patterson (Freddie) flew to Halifax to spend a week with her parents. Fred and children visited with his mother, Ruth, in Burlington on his way to pick up Judy at the Hamilton airport.

A surprise birthday party was held for Ruby Ascah of Montreal to celebrate her 70th birthday.

We are "enjoying" a winter storm here, in Burlington, today. "Enjoy" is not a word usually used for a snow storm but I do like to look out and watch the snow fall, and as I do not have to go out it is a pleasure to watch and brings back many memories of Gaspe .

Happy Birthday wishes to those born in February & March
Feb 2 1937 Ruby Miller Ascah
Feb 14 1962 Melanie Miller Craig
Feb 13 1953 Peter Glenn Patterson
Feb 15 1950 Deborah Boyle
Feb 15 1950 Virginia Boyle
Feb 16 1939 Roberta Miller Baker
Feb 27 1931 Ruth Miller Armstrong
Feb 27 Billy Bannier
Mar 5 1948 Brenda Miller Scruton
Mar 5 Julia Coffin Patterson
Mar 6 1931 Berton Miller
Mar 10 1968 Gerald Patterson
Mar 19 1968 Shane Patterson
Mar 20 1938 William Boyle
Mar 20 1938 Watson Boyle
Mar 25 1961 Molly Patterson
Mar 26 1939 Faye Boyle Peters
Mar 30 1930 Floyd Boyle

by Ruth Armstrong

Saturday February 10 16:40:27 2007
The family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Neil Boyle of Wakeham, wish to announce the death of their sister Ruby Flora Boyle in Langley B.C. on February 5 2007

by Ivy Boyle

Monday February 5 9:06:06 2007
Gaspe News - February 4, 2007; Winter has set in here in the Gaspe and it has brought us cold nights but beautiful sunny days. Mt. Bechervaise is now open and the ice at York Rink has never been better. The Wakeham-York Carnival is coming up soon. It will run from February 15th-February 25th.

Donalyn Adams,(daughter of Wayne and Elaine Adams)and Ted Yip,(son of George and Dora Yip) from Chateguay were home over the holidays and while in Gaspe had their son, Rylee Francis, baptized at the Cathederal. Donalyns sister, Tasha, the godmother and her friend, Jason were home from Victoria, B.C. for this happy event.

Happy Birthday to Ivan Patterson from Sandy Beach who celebrated his 85th birthday on January 9th. A party was held in his honour.

Mrs. Mary Miller also from Sandy Beach celebrated her 90th birthday on January 23rd. Her family held an open house in the Sandy Beach Church Hall on January 21st. Many people attended this happy event including her nephews, Alan and Boyd Young and her nieces Martha Patterson and Dora Miller from out of town. Mrs. Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach also had a birthday on January 23rd. Belated Happy Birthday, ladies!

Happy Birthday to Jonah Patterson of Sunny Bank who turned 18 on January 17th.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Sheila Robertson, wife of Robbie Robertson of Wakeham, who passed away at the Hotel Dieu Hospital on January 10th . Funeral services were held at St. James Church, Wakeham on January 13th.

Barry and Vernice Dumaresq had their family home for Christmas. Their son, Michael, wife Wendy and children Robert and Kaitlynn from New Maryland, New Brunswick, son Dale and wife Guylaine and son Leon from Sherbrooke came to Gaspe. Leon will be celebrating his first birthday on February 9th. Happy Anniversary to Brian Dumaresq and his wife Christie of Montreal who will be celebrating their anniversary on February 13th.

Eric and Kay Coffin of Wakeham went to New Maryland to celebrate their daughter, Wendy Dumaresqs birthday on January 15th.

Scott Miller of Stettler, Alberta will be celebrating a special birthday on February 13th. Happy big 4-0, Scott!!!

Happy 40th birthday to Leanne Lavigne of Chateguay on January 31st.

In the last issue of the Gaspe news it was mentioned that Bernard and Elma Baird of Douglastown visited their children in Montreal. They also went to Cape Cod to visit their youngest daughter, Dawna, husband Danny and children.

Get well wishes to Larry Miller of Wakeham. Larry is in the Hotel Dieu recovering from knee surgery. We hope he is feeling much better soon.

Get well wishes also going out to Mrs. Bessie Patterson of Sunny Bank who is also in the Hotel Dieu hospital.

by Ivy Miller

Saturday February 3 11:08:44 2007
BOYLE (FURLONG), Theresa. 1945-2007. At Montreal, on January 26, 2007, at the age of sixty-one years, died Mrs. Theresa Furlong. Beloved wife of Francis Boyle. Dear mother of Debbie (Gerard), Judy, Sharon (Russell), and Suzan (Sebastien). Loving grandmother to Melissa, Patrick, Zachary and Colby. Also survived by sisters and brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, relatives and friends. Resting at J.F. Wilson Funeral Home Tuesday, January 30 from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Service at St. Thomas More Church 980 Moffet, Verdun on Wednesday, January 31 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Heart & Stroke Foundation would be appreciated.

There is a guestbook that is online for anyone who wishes to sign it. I'll post a like so that it is easier to access.

by Jennifer Robertson

Wednesday January 10 15:48:50 2007
I would like to take this opportunity to sends a thanks to the people that had sent us well wishes and prayers while we were waiting for my kidney transplant and after the surgeries. Gary and I are both doing quite well and are on the mend. Again, thank you so much.

by Lois (Patterson) Lam

Monday January 8 10:29:18 2007
Gaspe News - Happy New Year everyone! It certainly doesnt look like winter here in Gaspe. We have been having very mild weather with very little snow on the ground, but I imagine we will soon have our share as we do every winter.

York Rink was up and running before the Christmas holidays with a very good ice surface and a large number of skaters using it. However, with this mild weather, conditions are not good and the rink is not presently in operation. Skiers have also been quite disappointed this winter as Mont Bechervaise has not yet opened because of lack of snow.

Jaime Assels from Miramichi and her sister, Erin from Montreal spent the Christmas holidays visiting their parents, Earl and Krista Assels and family in Sunny Bank. Blake and Nadine Patterson traveled back with Jaime and spent New Years with her in Miramichi. On December 26th Krista celebrated her 50th birthday. Belated Happy Birthday, Krista!

Doug, Dorinda and Brandon Patterson spent their holidays in Oshawa visiting their son, Tyler, Dougs brother, Daryl ,wife Brandie and children Madison and Logan. They drove into Ajax to visit Dorindas cousin Tony Patterson and friend Edmond.

Jeremy Betteridge spent Christmas with his girlfriend, Chantal in Baie Comeau. He then came to Gaspe for the rest of the holiday with his family and friends before returning to Bishops.

Charlene Eden of Gaspe flew to Kamloops to spend Christmas and New Years with her mother and father, Vanessa and Blair Eden, her sister Rhonda and two daughters Eden and Anica. She had a very enjoyable holiday.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Faye Patterson, daughter of Yvette Sinnett Patterson and the late Wayman Patterson of Kamloops. Faye passed away on January 5th after a lengthy illness.

Get well wishes to Mrs. Daisy Patterson of Wakeham who is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Gaspe. Mrs. Daisy is 104 years old and until now has never been hospitalized for any length of time.

Donald Davis and wife, Sheila from Mississauga, Ontario have been in Gaspe for a week visiting Sheilas mother, Ethel Roberts, in Sandy Beach. Mrs. Roberts has been in the hospital recently and now is back home.

Get well wishes also to Whorell Patterson of Gaspe who was in the Hotel Dieu but is at home now and is feeling some better.

Mr. Alan Smith of Wakeham is not feeling well these days our get well wishes go out to him.

Margaret and David Patterson of Wakeham have returned after spending the holidays with their family in Burlington, Etobicoke, and Hamilton. They had a wonderful visit.

Boyd Coffin of Sunny Bank was able to come home for Christmas, after a lengthy stay in the hospital in Quebec. We wish him well and hope he keeps on improving.

Melba and Lee Patterson of Wakeham were happy to have their daughter Kathy and husband Danny and son Jordan of Ottawa and son Bobby, also from Ottawa,
home with them for the holidays. Michael, Louise, and Monica spent the holidays with Louises family in Atholville.

Bernard and Elma Baird of Douglastown spent the holidays in Montreal with their daughter Linda, son Ricky and grandson, Malcolm.

Lois (Patterson) Laminger, (originally from Gaspe) daughter of Ruth and the late Sydney Patterson recently underwent an operation for a kidney transplant. Her husband, Gary was the donor. Both operations were a success and. they are both recovering well. We send them best wishes for a healthy future.

Get well wishes going out to Muriel Cass of Wakeham. Muriel and daughter, Linda spent the Christmas holiday with Valerie, her husband, John and boys in Montreal. Muriel will be undergoing an operation for kidney stones while in Montreal. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Happy Birthday wishes going out to the following:
David Patterson January 4th
Andy Patterson January 5th
Marjorie Guignion celebrating her 101st on January 7th
Ross Bechervaise January 16th
Ellen Smith Shannon January 16th the big 5-0 !!!

by Ivy Miller

Saturday January 6 11:01:58 2007
During Pioneer Days 2006, a beautiful quilt was raffled off. The winner was Brenda Steele from Franklin Centre, Quebec. The quilt was delivered personally to her over the Christmas Holidays.

by Gladys Mullin (Beche

Wednesday January 3 11:57:08 2007
Lois (Patterson) Laminger underwent an operation for a kidney transplant on Dec 13. Her husband, Gary was the donor. Both operations were a success and although Gary has suffered some set backs, he too is on the mend. Lois is recovering remarkably well, out walking, doing household chores and just generally enjoying her new lease on life. I want to thank all who sent good wishes and prayers way. It is very gratifying to see her so well and to hear from so many friends at this time.

Francis Miller of Burlington underwent a hip replacement operation early in Dec and he is getting along well, using only a cane for walking now and is feeling great.

The Gaspe breakfast in Burlington went very well. It was very nice to see so many familiar faces, only problem was not being able to talk to everyone ! A lot of newcomers this time which was very nice.

Sybil Palmer of Ajax motored to Kapusaking to spend Christmas with her son Scott, daughter-in-law Susie and grandchildren Ryan and Maureen. Scott then brought her back to Ajax and on to Kitchener to see her daughter Lana.

Scott and Susie Palmer of Kapusaking motored south to spend some time with his sister Dinah McLeod in Ajax, then on to Burlington to the Gaspe breakfast and Kitchener where they visited Lois and Gary Laminger.

Gary & Jeannie (Miller) Vivian and their children Adam & Christa came from Yellow Knife(Adam from England where he had been attending school) to spend Christmas with their parents Frank & Elaine Miller and Doreen & Bill Vivian.

David & Margaret Patterson of Wakeham came, by train, to Burlington to visit with their daughter Alma and family. While there they saw several members of their family who live in the area.

Blaine Patterson, grandson of Glenn & Annie Patterson, is recovering well from his recent operation on his spine. He is home now , in Burlington, after spending some time in Mohawk Rehabilitation. This recent week end he went, by train, to see friends in Windsor where he was in school when he had to be hospitalized. We are all so glad that he is recovering and wish him all the best in the future.

Garth & Glenda Patterson's grand daughter Lindsay came from Seattle (she works in a hospital there) for the holidays.

Fred & Judy Patterson motored to Kitchener to visit with Lois & Gary Laminger.

Gerry Patterson and wife Shoko flew , from Singapore, to Vietnam and then on to Cambodia for the holidays. They enjoyed seeing the different countries as the scenery is beautiful. But many signs of the war in Cambodia still remain which is distressing to see. They are now settled back in their place in Singapore which is a very modern city and quite different from the places they visited.

Gwen (Patterson) Holmes of Alberta recently made a trip to Australia to see her daughter and son-in-law and on her return she went on a cruise with daughter, Elaine, to Mexico.

Yours truly and husband Tom cruised to Hawaii recently, We had nine days on the sea which proved to be a bit too many for me ! We saw the lava flow, at night, from the volcano that erupts frequently on the Big Island. It was a fantastic sight and the captain slowed the ship and turned it around so that everyone got a good view. For Christmas Tom flew to Calgary to spend time with his son, Rob, daughter-in-law Deb and grand daughter Nicole. I spent the time in Kitchener, caring for my daughter and her husband who were recovering
from their recent surgeries. On Christmas Eve we had all the children and grand children in for eats and gift opening and the next day we rested up.

Happy New Year to everyone .

Happy Birthday greetings (some belated ) to these folks.

Nov 29 Sheila Kruse of Beamsville (Sunny Bank) 1931
Nov 26 Eric Gallichan Kitchener (Sandy Beach) 1956
Dec 11 Maureen Palmer Kapusaking 1980
Dec 20 Clyde Patterson Toronto (Wakeham) 1926
Dec 24 Judy McCallum Haldimand 1943
Dec 24 Amelia Pellitier London (Wakeham) 1936
Jan 2 John Boyle (Wakeham) 1934
Jan 4 Fred Patterson St. Thomas (wakeham) 1960
Jan 10 Francis Miller Burlington (Wakeham) 1930
Jan 10 Heather Gallichan Kitchener 1982
Jan 10 Paul Patterson St.Catharines (Wakeham) 1955
Jan 12 Glenn Patterson Burlington (Sunny Bank) 1928
Jan 14 Everett Boyle Montreal (Wakeham) 1930
Jan 25 Dorothy Clark Thorld (Sunny Bank) 1927
Jan 28 Kim Patterson Peterborough (Wakeham) 1982

by Ruth Armstrong

Sunday December 31 1:03:27 2006
Toronto News Meet and Greet # 5, December30/06
Our Most Successful Meet and Greet yet bar none
with 68 people in attendance.
We welcome as well our newcomers in attendance today.
Derek@Mimi Palmer, Burlington Valeri Thompson, Burlinton
Diane Mcleod, Ajax Scott@Susie Palmer, Burlington Sybil Palmer,
Ajax Leslie@Pat Eden, Welland Ralph@Hannah Miller, Welland
Kevin@Jean Ricketts,Burlington Keith@Pam Spicer, Oakville
Norma Morris@Peter Fleming, Guelph Lon Mullin@Coreen, Fonthill
Gladys Patterson, Wakeham Les@Dora Selby,Welland Barry@Marjorie Davis,
Welland Howard@Dorothy Clark, Thorold Debbie Mullin, Hamilton
Harry Eagle@grandaughter Lacey, Dunnville Lionel@Ivan Patterson, Ancaster
Della Patterson, Burlington Lester@Velma Coffin, Brampton
Ivan@Julia Patterson, Guelph Clyde Patterson, Toronto
We would like to Thank Each, and everyone for attending this morning.
On behalf of organizers,Jackie Patterson/Earle Coffin

by Earle Coffin

Wednesday December 27 15:49:08 2006
Watch for a two-part CTV Montreal news special on the Wilbert Coffin case to air on December 27th and 28th during the 6pm news.

by Dale Boyle

Wednesday December 13 10:03:57 2006
Wilbert Coffin Case Update - Most of the readers of this site are aware of the fact that I have been investigating the Wilbert Coffin case for the past nine months. It has been a long and bumpy road, full of twists and turns. I am pleased to report that the road has now become much smoother.

As a result of that investigation, I wish to inform folks of a few things pertaining to the case. Some may find this startling, however, I have determined that it must be done.

Firstly, you may not be aware there is no statute of limitations on a murder investigation and possible charges. In or about the second week of June, 1953 there were three murders committed in the forest near Gaspe'. The victims were Eugene Hunter Lindsey, Richard Lindsey, and Frederick Claar, all from the state of Pennsylvania. Wilbert Coffin was charged with first degree murder and executed for the murder of Richard Lindsey. No charges were ever laid against anyone for the murder of Eugene Lindsey and Frederick Claar. Therefore, an open file exists on these individuals.

In the next two weeks,as a result of my investigation it is my intention to approach the Attorney General of Quebec to request that a formal investigation by The Quebec Provincial Police be instituted immediately with respect to the murder of Frederick Claar of East Freedom, Pennsylvania, USA.

The decision to do this is based on sevaral factors, among them, the availability of persons still alive from 1953 willing to submit to sworn testimony, and as well, the re-emergence of suppressed evidence from the time immediately subsequent to the murder. As well, a discarded handgun was found in relative close proximity to the crime scene after the murder, and that person has had contact with myself admitting to the discovery. In addition, serious questions linger with respect to the autopsy reports that cast the reported cause of death into disarray. It is important to note, Frederick Claar was reportedly shot a number of times, although no weapon was found, no bullets, and no bullet fragments or spent cartridge cases were found, and no broken bones. Through my work on this, and with the help of others, I am confident that I can explain these factors to support this murder investigation. I can also tell you that much has been learned and documented with respect to a certain vehicle that was in the area of this murder. This evidence too was suppressed in 1953.

I can also tell you this. When this is all put together, suspects emerge. Wilbert Coffin is not among the suspects.

I felt compelled to tell you these things first as this took place in the Gaspe' area. I did contact the local media on the coast a couple of weeks ago, however, both established telephone appointments were not kept, which influenced my decision to post on your site. Approximately one month ago, I related some of what I have told you to a request from CTV news in an elaborate audio and video link from Vancouver to Montreal. After re-arranging my day at short notice for an extensive studio interview, they saw fit to use exactly eleven seconds of a twenty minute interview for one short statement. Unfortunately, the big media appear to want to dwell on the old stuff, that is no further advanced than it was twenty years ago. That is sad and unfortunate. In closing, if you feel that you have information, or can direct me in any way here are my contact numbers. My e-mail address is My telephone number is (604) 524-8348. My web site is Thank you so much to all you great folks who have helped me tremendously with this project.

by Lew Stoddard

Tuesday December 12 19:31:11 2006
The Wakeham Adult & Professional Center is offering 3 D.E.P. programs after Christmas. They are Machining Technics, Secretarial, and Accounting. For more information on any of these programs, click on the banner to the right of the news briefs.

by Ron Patterson

Tuesday December 12 2:08:29 2006
Dear Gaspesians,

I'm in Gaspe for a few days, returning to Montreal mid-week. I'm a television reporter for CTV News in Montreal, but I began my career over here writing for the SPEC. I came to do a story about Ms Marie Stewart (Coffin) who's now on a mission to clear her brother Wilbert's name following the murder of three American hunters in 1953. I am once again grateful for the friendship and hospitality of the people of Gaspe, and I wish to thank Lois Williams, her brother Gary Briand and of course Sharon Farrell for making things so smooth for me. Feel free to write, I will update you on the air-date of my report.

Stephane Giroux

by Stephane Giroux

Monday December 11 10:05:27 2006
Gaspe News - Winter is here a lot of snow fell the first week of December making it look like a Winter Wonderland just in time for Christmas. Rue de la Reine officially opened on Friday, December 1st . It looked very pretty with all the Christmas trees so beautifully decorated. Stores remained open until midnight with specials for everyone.

The community was saddened to hear of the death of Steve Patterson, son of John and Helene Patterson of Sunny Bank, on November 10th at the Hotel Dieu, Gaspe. Funeral services were held in St. Andrews Church York on November 13th. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

A belated birthday to Charlene Eden of Gaspe and Dawn Rooney Shannon of Burlington on November 17th, David Boyle of Port Colborne on November 20th and Craig Carter of Duncan, B.C. on November 24th. Dawn Miller of Sunny Bank had her 30th birthday on November 27th. She entertained friends and relatives on Sunday afternoon. Also celebrating on the 27th were Marguerite Palmer and Francis Patterson of Wakeham.

Happy Birthday to all the following people who have had December birthdays- Pearl Patterson of Wakeham - December 01st, Pauline Patterson on London, Ontario- December 02nd , Louise Miller, originally from Wakeham and now living in Denmark on December 03rd, Melba Patterson of Wakeham December 08th and Mrs. Hildred Patterson of Sunny Bank on December 11th. Doreen Caputo Gillis, who lives in St. Bruno, will have a birthday on December 21st. Happy Birthday to all of you!

The Christmas Church sales and teas continue and every one of them has done very well. Everyone has certainly been busy baking!

Get well wishes to Boyd Coffin who is still in Quebec. He has undergone surgery and is having therapy. He is in all our prayers and we hope he will soon be back home.

Billy Ascah from Stettler, Alberta, has been home for a week visiting his mother, Mrs. Willie Ascah, family and friends.

A lot of Gaspesians will be travelling to see their loved ones over the holidays. We wish them all a safe and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas to all!

by Ivy Miller

Thursday November 30 12:41:22 2006
The Official Opening of Rue de la Reine (Gasp) will take place on Friday, December 1st. at 5 p.m. Activities will follow and continue Saturday and Sunday. Activities and savings await you in all participating businesses. For more information check page 11 of the November 26th edition of SPEC newspaper.

by Morris Patterson

Thursday November 16 7:17:42 2006
A quick note to all members of the Gaspe' community and former residents, currently living elsewhere.

As most would be aware, the Wilbert Coffin story has been being researched, investigated, and written by Mr. Lew Stoddard currently residing in British Columbia. The story is being written on his web site, "Stoddard Online". It is not uncommon to see his messages on this page seeking information on various aspects of the case.

I want to take this opportunity to wish Lew well. He is currently battling Leukemia, and is under intense chemotherapy treatments. This was announced on his web site a short while back.

Lew has made some startling finds during the course of this project, and a new picture of the case is emerging. He is to be commended for his many efforts and success, in spite of his current medical difficulties. I recently e-mailed Lew, and he assures me that even though things have slowed a bit, his aim is still pointing toward a successful conclusion.

I want to publicly wish Lew a speedy and full recovery, as I am sure most of the Gaspe' folks do as well. Our prayers are with you Lew.

Monique Messier

by Monique Messier

Tuesday November 14 9:19:04 2006
Gaspe Chamber of Commerce held a gala Saturday past to honor pioneers of Gaspe commerce. The familes involved were the Dumaresq,McCallum and Adams chosen for their long time contributions to the Gaspe economy. It was an emotional night for the family's honored. 200 people were in attendance. This event will be held every 2nd year.


by don delisle

Monday November 13 11:22:25 2006
Gaspe News - Nov 12, 2006 - A belated Happy Birthday going out to Eileen Tuzo LeGresley of Gaspe who turned 99 years old on October 26th. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Michael, Tracy and Corey Jean from Bomanville, Ontario, were home visiting family and friends from October 12 to October 22nd. While home, Michael went moose hunting.

York Youth Centre will not begin a new building this year as planned, but have received from the town a larger trailer to use until the new centre is built. Next spring, plans will be started for the new center.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Ada May Eden Miller who passed away at the Ross Sanitorium on October 21st. The funeral service was held at St. Andrews-York on October 24th. She will be sadly missed by her family.

Our condolences go out to the family of Mrs. Edie Mullin, originally from Sunny Bank, who recently passed away in Kitchener, Ontario. Funeral services were held at the Fortin Funeral Parlor with burial at St. Andrews Cemetry-York on October 30th.

The community was saddened to hear of the recent death of Andrew Donovan, son of Heather Donovan and brother to Donald Donovan. Andrew was just 17 years old. Funeral services were held at St. Pauls Church, Gaspe on October 31st, with burial in St. Johns Cemetry, Sandy Beach. He will be greatly missed by his family and all his friends.

Craig Patterson, of Vancouver, son of Dean and Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank recently was on Breakfast Television. Craig has recently established a business called Crossfit- the first in Canada. He has people working for him who had their training in California. We wish Craig much luck and success in this new endeavor.

The burial of ashes of Sadie and Dermot Patterson of Oakville took place at St. James Church, Wakeham on October 28th.

Happy Birthday to Alpheus Patterson of Wakeham who celebrated his birthday on October 28th. Alpheus is now visiting his daughter, Della and granddaughter, Fallon in Cornwall and son Harold and girlfriend, Jen in Montreal. While there he will also be visiting his three sisters Donna, Dora and Velma and other family members.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Bill Steele who passed away in London, Ontario on October 28th. Funeral services were held on October 31st. Bill was husband to Connie Coffin, originally from Wakeham and son-in-law of Merle Coffin of Wakeham, father to Brandon and step father to Cindy Coffin of London.

Birthday wishes going out to Lisa Shannon Reilly of Burlington on November 3rd and Christopher Miller of Toronto on November 4th.

Belated happy birthday to Roy Coffin of Nakawick, Elizabeth Baird Coffin,(40) Janice Syvret, Pearl White and Glenn Miller(65!!) who all celebrated on November 2nd.

Lorna Mullin Baird of Wakeham had her special birthday on November 7th. Lorna and David have recently been in Quebec City with their son-in-law, Boyd Coffin, husband of Elizabeth Baird, who has been hospitalized for the past few weeks. We send get well wishes to him and hopefully he will soon be back in Gaspe.

Happy Birthday to Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank who has a birthday on November 12th.

Main Street in Gaspe is finally open to traffic. After a long wait, it really looks very nice with a sidewalk almost as wide as the street, new street lights, and large planters ready for flowers in the spring.

by Ivy Miller

Monday November 6 9:22:48 2006
Do not forget remembrance day Saturday November 11th. In the Gaspe area there will be a church service held at Riviere-au-Renard Church at 9am followed by the ceremony at 11:00am at the Gaspe War Memorial located near the Gaspe bridge.
WW1- 628,736 Canadians served. 66,573 died. 138,166 were wounded. 2,818 were taken prisoner of war. 175 merchant seaman died by enemy action
WW2- 1,031,902 male Canadians and 49,963 female Canadians served. 44,927 died and 53,145 were wounded. 8,271 were taken prisoner of war. 1,145 merchant seaman died by enemy action.
Korea- 26,791 Canadians served. 516 died and 1,558 were wounded. 33 taken prisoner of war.
The Gulf War- 3,837 male Canadians and 237 female Canadians served. There were no Canadian casualties during the Gulf War. No Canadians taken prisoner during the Gulf War.

by don delisle

Thursday November 2 15:21:47 2006
Canadian Tire's new Gaspe store opened for business this morning.

by don delisle

Monday October 30 9:30:54 2006
Junex has announced a new private stock issue in Quebec,Ontario,British Columbia and Alberta. The new issue will consist of a minimum of 1,818,181 and a maximum of 4,545,454 ordinary shares at a value of $1.10 per share. The share profits are slated for the development of their Gaspe Halimand oil project. They are working on a second site in the Sandy Beach area. It is interesting to note that in Thomas Pye's Canadian Scenery District of Gaspe series done in 1866 titled Le Puits Contant that this well was located at Adams Point and named the Conant or Adams well and produced 25 barrels of oil before they encounterd salt water.

by don delisle

Wednesday October 25 23:55:53 2006
The Gaspe community was saddened this week by news of the untimely death of Andrew Donovan, aged 17. Andrew is the youngest son of Heather Donovan of Sandy Beach and a brother to Donald, currently of Montreal. Funeral advice will be posted at this site when info is available. We offer sincere sympathy to Heather, Donald and the family. Anyone wishing to help Heather financially at this most difficult time is invited to contribute to an envelope being held by Adair Gay (e-mail:, 504 Sandy Beach, Gaspe, Q.C. G4X 2G6. Locally, your gift may be given to Adair (368-2039) , Vera Patterson (368-3624), Edna Cunning (368-3947) or at Depanneur Sandy Beach. A card with contributors names will be given to Heather at the appropriate time.

by Adair Gay

Wednesday October 25 22:24:44 2006
I watched the Breakfast TV program and was impressed by Craig Patterson. It's nice to see a young man from home make it in this big wide world. Congratulations to Craig and his venture. It was also nice for him to acknowledge his roots.

by val patterson

Monday October 23 12:01:31 2006
Mont-Bechervaise ski center is announcing many improvements to the site this year. There will be a ski bazar held at Carrefour Gaspe in front of Intersport the 17th and 18th of November. You will be able to get your season passes, sell your old equipment and outer gear,buy new equipment and subscribe to group courses. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer worker or joining the ski patrol shud call 368-2000. They have announced that improvements to the jet t-bar will allow skiers and snowboarders to ascend the summit in 7 minutes. They have also planned a new snowpark for snowboarders.

by don delisle

Friday October 20 20:30:22 2006
Toronto News - 19th Oct.06 Williams Coffee Pub Burlington Brant St. held 15th Oct. Meet and Greet #4 For Gaspesians and Former Gaspesians in attendance. With our best turnout so far 30 people, we duly Thank all those for Supporting Us, organized by Jackie Patterson and Earle Coffin. We also thank those people who travelled from, Sarnia, Guelph, Milton, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas. Those in attendance were as follows, Beth Macleod, Sarnia, Marlene and Garth Coffin, Stoney Creek, David Journeaux, Stoney Creek, Leda and Peter Beaumont, Milton, Ruth Patterson Armstrong,Burlington, Blair and Faye Miller, Guelph, Garth and GlendaPatterson, Burlington, Frank and Elaine Miller, Burlington, Evert and Vera Mccallum, Pickering, Emily Edgley, Pincourt, Lisa and Taylor Patterson, Burlington, Elsie and Selwyn Mullin, Hamilton, Charles and Jackie Patterson, Burlington, Larry and Judy and Heather Patterson, Scarborough, Wesley and Lyn Patterson, Brantford, Kingsley Miller, Burlington, Helen Patterson, Burlington, and myself Earle Coffin .

by Earle Coffin

Friday October 20 20:21:43 2006
Ontario News - The weather here has been rainy and dull but it is good for the ground as we have not had a good season of rain for awhile. We aren't complaining as we missed all that snow that came down just near us and caused so much damage.

Glenn and Annie Patterson, of Burlington, have recently motored to Windsor where they visited their grandson, Blaine Pattersonm , who was a patient in Hotel Dieu there. Blaine underwent emergency surgery and we are happy to report that he has now been transferred to Chedoke Rehabilitation Centre in Hamilton so that he is near his family. Blaine is the son of Peter and Rhonda Patterson of Burlington. Their friends wish Blaine all the best for his future rehabilitation.

Helen Patterson,Jackie Patterson, Emily Edgely, Elaine Miller and Ruth Armstrong treated Glenda Patterson to a birthday luncheon at The Lemon Tree in Oakville, to celebrate her birthday. It was a new place to us and we found it to be a delightful little place situated in the back of a small store. It was well served and delicious.

Wesley& Lynn Patterson of Brantford motored to Gaspe recently. They picked a nice time of year to travel to that part of the country (Lynn wrote a nice piece which has been sent to the SPEC for publication). They spent a few hours with Leo Fitzpatrick, an old friend of Wesleys's , I bet there was a lot of laughing that afternoon !!

Fred & Judy Patterson had lunch with Fred's mother and step-father, Ruth & Tom Armstrong of Burlington recently. While there Judy did some shopping at IKEA store which seems to be very popular to people from out of town. It is a huge store with many diffetent types of furniture not to be found in any other store.

Scott & Susie Palmer of Kapusasking, motored to southern Ontario to attend a wedding in Brantford and visit family. Their first stop was at Ajax to see Scott's mother, Sybil Palmer and his sister and brother-in-law Dinah and Richard McCleod. Then on to a wedding in Brantford, in Kitchener they spent some time with Lois & Gary Laminger and Lana & Tony Jean. From there they went to Kingsville where their daughter Maureen lives. They visited
at Point Pelee and Leamington. On to London where they had lunch with Scott's nephew and his wife, Troy and Connie Palmer, St. Thomas was the next stop where Susie's brother Freddie and his family live. In Burlington they visited Susie's mother and step-father, Melanie & Mark Craig, Francis & Elaine Miller. Coming from a samll northern town they enjoy being able to shop at so many stores and so with their car full they headed home after a week, calling on their way to see Greg & Mariette in Havelock. A full but satisfying week in Southern Ontario.

Gary & Lois (Patterson) Laminger flew to Winnipeg to attend the wedding of Gary's sister. While there they also spent some time with Gary's father and mother Joe & Mary and daughter, Gillian and grandson Colby.

Tom & Ruth Armstrong motored to St. Thomas for Thanksgiving with Ruth's son Fred, daughter-in-law Judy and grandchildren Derek & Kelly.

Friends of Helen Patterson of Burlington were saddened to hear of the death of her dear brother Ralph Coffin of Gaspe, Our heartfelt sypathy goes out to all the family.

Birthdays in October
Gregory Patterson Wakeham Havelock, On Oct 1, 1952
Jason Gallichan Gaspe Kitchener, On Oct 3, 1975
Delores Miller Wakeham Wakeham, QC Oct 3, 1931
Glenda Patterson Sunny Bank Burlington, ON Oct 9, 1935
Vanessa Eden Gaspe Kamloops, BC Oct 15,1952
Scott Palmer Gaspe Kapusasking, On Oct 18,1950
Ron Eden Gaspe Ottawa, On Oct 20,1946
John Miller Wakeham Kemptville , On Oct 20,1935
Keri Gallichan Cambridge Kitchener, On Oct 21,1979
Walter Patterson Wakeham Saint John,N.B. Oct 26,1930
Ralph Miller Wakeham Ottawa, On Oct 26,1940
Michael Miller Gaspe Ottawa, On Oct 27,1952

by Ruth Armstrong

Monday October 16 10:33:51 2006
20,000 fewer tourists came to Gaspe this year, a 20% reduction from 2005.
Where the reduction of toursits was felt most was Parc Forillon.

by don delisle

Monday October 16 10:13:33 2006
Gaspe news - Our sympathy goes out to the family of Ralph Coffin of York who passed away on September 24th. Funeral services were in St. Andrews Church, York on September 27th. All of his grandchildren were able to be home at this time.

Get well wishes going out to Diana Sams of Sunny Bank who recently had minor surgery.

Belated Happy Birthday to Hazel Mullin Patterson of Sandy Beach who turned 85 on September 27th.

Vernice and Barry Dumaresq went to Montreal in June to attend the graduation of their grandson William from Wellington Elementary. Dale, Guylaine, and Leon from Sherbrooke and Brian, Christie, William, and Amy from Montreal were home this summer to visit their parents Vernice and Barry Dumaresq. Vernice and Barry went down to New Maryland, N.B to visit their son, Michael, Wendy, Robert, and Kaitlynn. Timmy, a friend of Mike and Wendy's went to visit them also. Selwyn [Buzz]& Sadie Dumaresq were home this summer to visit family and friends

Doreen Caputo Gillis, who spends her summers in Wakeham with her husband Gene, had a High Tea Party for a few of her friends on Sunday, October 01. We had a very enjoyable afternoon. They have recently returned home to Chateguay.

Paul Patterson, son of Erskine Patterson of London, Ontario was home for a few days visiting family and friends. Pauline and Erskine, who spent the summer at their cottage in Sunny Bank, motored home with Paul.

Junior Roberts and wife Lois from Cambridge, Ontario traveled by train to Gaspe to spend a couple of weeks. They really enjoyed the countryside in all its splendour at this time of year. Juniors sisters, Carol and Ivy with husband, Swin, met up with them to visit family and friends.

Good luck and get well wishes go out to Lee Patterson of Wakeham who has been in Rimouski undergoing treatment. We hope you are feeling much better soon.

Congratulations to Caroline Clark and Joel Patterson from Cambridge who were married in St. James Church, Wakeham on October 7th. The reception was held at the Royal Canadian Legion where a delicious meal was catered by Mastro Pizzeria.

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Gwen McCallum, originally from York, who recently celebrated her 80th with a party in Orleans on October 07th.

A Happy 75th Birthday on October 3rd to Dolores (Doda) Miller of Wakeham

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Maria Miller of Stettler, Alberta, who will be six years old on October 17th. Maria is the daughter of Maggie Annett and Scott Miller, granddaughter of Victor and Coreen Annett of Pointe Navarre and Glenn and Ivy Miller of Wakeham. Happy Birthday precious little girl!

Mark Carter, who lives in Montreal, was recently home for a couple of days visiting his mother, Mabel and friend, Ralph. He then motored to New Brunswick to visit his father, Bernard Carter.

Pioneer Days will be held again next summer (July 26 to July 29) so mark the date and book your holidays for this time The schedule will be very similar to this year with a couple of events happening throughout the year.

A very successful and delicious Harvest Supper was held in St. Pauls Church basement on Thanksgiving Day, October 9th with all profit going to Vision Gaspe Perce Now and the Greater Parish of Gaspe.

Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank recently spent a week with their daughter Stefanie, son-in-law, Marco and grandchildren, Chelsia and Christian. While in Montreal they attended the Chelseas confirmation.

Emily and Jacinto Diaz returned home to Boca Raton, Florida after spending almost two months in Gaspe. They vacationed with Linda and Wayne Miller for ten days in the Maritime Provinces. This was a very enjoyable trip with lots of laughs. They really enjoyed their stay with family and friends this summer.

by Ivy Miller

Monday October 16 10:02:18 2006
Gwen McCallum celebrated her 80th birthday on Saturday, Oct. 7. The celebration was held at the United Church Hall in Orleans, with over 50 people in attendance. Fro a photo, copy and paste the following link in your browser's address bar: (Gwen is the lady on the right)

by Earl Coffin

Tuesday October 10 10:00:54 2006
Quebec Sporting has been nominated by the Summit of Tourism Leadership in Canada organized by the Association of the Tourism Industry of Canada in the category "New Enterprise of The Year" along with 2 other enterprises. It will be held at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge ,Jasper Alberta the 23rd of October. Quebec Sporting's enterprise has a $300,000 spinoff benefiting the Gaspe economy as their clients lodge in local hotels, frequent local restraunts,shop locally and vist the other tourist attractions. Quebec Sporting is owned and run by Ann Smith.

by don delisle

Friday October 6 2:04:08 2006
A web site for Wilbert Coffin ( is now up and running!

In my spare time over the past few months, I have been working on a web site for the Wilbert Coffin Case. On this site, you will be able to print the petition (available in english or french) that will be sent to the House of Commons asking for a ministerial review of the Coffin Case.

Today I learned that there have been just over 4,000 names collected in the Gasp area. Some of these signatures have already been presented to the House of Commons.

In addition, there are sample letters that you can use to send to your Member of Parliament and a link to find their mailing address.

Please let your family and friends know about this site and help us in our quest for justice. Thank you!

Wendall Stanley
Gasp, Qubec

by Wendall Stanley

Monday October 2 11:55:04 2006
The Port of Gaspe will only receive 2 small cruise vessels this autumn. The lack of a proper support system to receive the vistors once in port and facilitate their enjoyment of what Gaspe has has to offer is a a situation that the Gaspe City Council has to work harder on in order to make Gaspe a player in the cruise industry. The renovation of main street which is now almost complete is a plus but a lot more has to be done.

by don delisle

Monday September 25 21:11:01 2006
The Linguistic Mentoring Program underway for 2006-2007

Lend a helping hand - become a mentor

For the fourth consecutive year, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canadian Heritage, the Committee for Anglophone Social Action (CASA) and the Community Economic and Development and Employability Committee (CEDEC) have teamed up to implement a Linguistic Mentoring Program to help, guide and encourage fishers association representatives and federal employees of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Canada Economic Development (DEC), Service Canada and Parcs Canada to maintain and/or improve their oral English communication skills. Their goal is to improve their English communication skills in order to better serve the English-speaking communities here and abroad.

As program coordinator, I am seeking the help of English-speaking individuals in Gasp and along the coast to lend a helping hand and become mentors. If you would like to become a mentor or if you would like more information on the program, please call me, Jennifer Morin, at (418) 360-6406 or send me an e-mail at

by Jennifer Morin

Sunday September 24 23:56:41 2006
Gaspe News - Well guess fall is really here with the days growing shorter and weather getting cooler. Already the leaves are turning beautiful yellow and scarlet colors.

Shirley Davis Coffin, wife of Bryce Coffin, from Halifax and three of her daughters with their husbands and children visited Gaspe at the end of July. They attended celebrations in Fox River and visited friends and relatives in Gaspe. It was nice to see them all again. Bryce was unable to join them this time but hopefully will be able to their next trip to Gaspe. Happy belated birthday on September 8th, Bryce.

Vernon and Barbara Patterson were home recently visiting Vernons father, Carleton, brothers Emery and Melrose and sister, Myrna and husband Dale and Barbaras mother, Phyllis Coull and family. Vernon and Barbara live in Manitouwadge. Barbaras sister Faye and husband Omer Lemieux from Long Lac were also home at this time.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Nora Mullin Roberts who passed away on September 2nd. Funeral services were held at St. Andrews York on September 6th. She will be sadly missed by all.

Happy Birthday to Mabel Carter, on September 9th.

Eveline Coffin Harvey of Ottawa celebrated her 65th on September 12th. Happy Birthday, Eveline.

Happy Birthday to two great ladies - Ellen Clark of Wakeham who celebrated her 94th on September 18th and to Ada Miller who is in the Sanitorium Ross who celebrated her 97th birthday on September 21st.

Wayne and Linda Miller were very pleased to have their daughters home for a week this summer- Lana and Gary Pera and son Quinn, Tanya and Christopher Ribeiro and daughter Emily.

Arthur Boyle from London, Ontario spent four weeks in Gaspe this summer. His two sons Ken and Gerald visited while he was here. Gerald, with his three daughters and Ken, with his friend Judy. Arthur was very pleased to visit an old friend from New Richmond whom he hadn't seen in over 60 years. He was happy to be here with his sister, Eileen on her 96th.Birthday. The family enjoyed his visit. .

We would like to wish Steve Patterson, who is currently in the Htel-Dieu hospital in Lvis, a speedy recovery. His parents, John and Hlne, have been staying in Lvis with Steve. It was very much appreciated by Steves family that relatives and friends travelled to Lvis to visit Steve.

On September 12th Lisa Shannon and John Reilly of Burlington, Ontario were united in holy matrimony in St. James Church, Wakeham. It was a beautiful wedding with pretty fall colors decorating the church. Rev. Ellen Rutherford officiated. The reception was held at the Maison Wakeham (originally The Ash Inn). Cocktails and a fabulous dinner were served followed by dancing. Everyone had a wonderful evening. Lisa is the daughter of Rick and Paula Shannon of Wakeham and John is the son of Peter and Dale Reilly of Burlington. Guests came from Montreal, Toronto, Guelph, Burlington, Georgia and as far away as Vancouver, B.C. We wish John and Lisa many happy years together.
Mike and Dawn Shannon with their daughters, Meghan and Hailey, from Burlington, were home for a week in September. While here they attended the wedding of Mikes sister, Lisa. Meghan and Hailey were adorable flower girls and Mike stood up for Lisa and John. Also here at this time were Lisas Aunt Faye and Uncle Blair from Guelph. They were in Gaspe for the wedding and to spend time with Fayes mother, Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach and Blairs mother, Hazel Boyle of York and to visit family and friends.

Brad and Janice Syvret motored to Pembroke, Ontario for the Fiddling Contest on Labour Day weekend. They picked up Brad's father, Ovelan, in Montreal. They stayed at the Fiddle Park and heard lots of wonderful music and saw great dancers! Many Gaspesians were there! They met up with Donna and Jerry Phillips and their daughter, Sherry, and her family. They also met Beryl and Junior McKoy there too. Brad had some family there from Ontario; Doris and Carl Devouge, and Debbie, Jeff, and Tyler Leary. After the contest, they went to Minden to visit Carl and Doris and then on to Colbourg to visit his aunt and uncle, Rena and Bruce Cadoret,and finally to Kingston to visit another aunt and uncle, Delsie and Roderick Johnson. Back in Montreal their son, Tommy, came to visit for the weekend before going on to Toronto, for work.

Get well wishes to Hildred Patterson of Sunny Bank who is back in the Hotel Dieu Hospital. We would also like to wish good luck to Richard Annett of Wakeham who will be travelling to Montreal for treatment during the next few months.

by Ivy Miller

Tuesday September 19 20:48:23 2006
Ontario News - Ivan Coffin (Wakeham) visited his daughter in Brampton recently. Ivan now lives in Penticton B.C. While in Ontario his daughter took him to the lovely Webster Falls area, near Hamilton.

Harris Annett is recovering from recent surgery in his home in Maxville. His daughter, Lisa, spent some time with them after his surgery.

Amelia Pelletier of London spent some time with her son, Carl and daughter-in-law Jackie, in Bracebridge Ont. While there she watched her grandson, Connor, try out for hockey in Port Credit.

Glenn& Garth Patterson, Willy Palmer and Kinglsey Miller are still enjoying a few games of golf each week at local courses and will do so as long as the weather stays nice.

Wesley & Lynn Patterson took a few days to tour close to home and enjoyed a nice visit to Kingston where they toured Fort Henry and also took a tour of the 1000 Islands. Wesley drove to Elliott Lake where he did some hunting. He got five partridge which turned out to be expensive birds as he punched a hole in his oil tank while out in the bush, Sorry Wesley,but I am sure it was worth it !!

Sybil Palmer of Ajax is visiting relatives in and around New Carlisle.

Tony Jean is soon to undergo an operation on his leg and we are all wishing him a speedy recovery. Tony & Lana live in Kitchener Ontario.

Larry Patterson spend some time, in July, with his sister, Gwen Holmes, in Didsbury Alberta.

We live near an elementary school and once again the street is full of little kids off to their classes every day. What I am wondering about is-----what do these little kids carry in those huge back packs??? There is also a High school close by but these older kids don't seem to have any home work----a mystery that I have yet to solve.

Burlington is abloom with beautiful colors from all the flowers that are just coming into their own after the cooler and damper weather we have been having. Especially nice are the impatients and marigolds. The leaves are just starting to turn so in another two weeks the city will be in full glory.

On October 15, Sunday morning there will be a gathering , for breakfast, of Gaspesians at Williams Coffee Cafe on Brant Street (Sobey's Plaza), Burlington. Please come to be with friends, maybe some you haven't seen for awhile or those you see every day. There have been a few of these gatherings and they have all been enjoyable.

I spent the week end with my daughter Lois in Kitchener. My grand children and great grand daughter also came to visit so it was a pleasnt outing. Lois will be having a kidney transplant on Oct 17. Please keep her and her donor (her husband Gary) in your thoughts.

Happy Birthday :
Barbara Anne Patterson Kiley Sept 3, 1947
Woodrow Patterson Sept 5 1953
Ivan Coffin Sept 6 1933
Gary Coffin Sept 10 1947
Jean Miller Vivian Sept 12 1955
Howard Clark Sept 12 1934
Weston Annett Sept 12
Vina Patterson Trowesdale Sept 13 1922
Darrell Miller Sept 13 1938
Coreen Miller Broadbent Sept 16 1955
Ellen Patterson Clark Sept 18 1912
Phyllis Patterson Miller Sept 22 1931
Allison Miller Sept 24 1943
Pauline Patterson Colwill Sept 25 1921
Alma Patterson Smith Sept 25 1964
Mariette Dorion Patterson Sept 27 1958
Lois Patterson Laminger Sept 27 1957
Whorrell Patterson Sept 29 1923
Dennis Pelletier Sept 30

by Ruth Armstrong

Sunday September 17 15:10:02 2006
The facility for registering moose and deer this upcoming hunting season in Gaspe is the Depanneur Couche-Tard 31,boulevard York est Tel. (418) 368-7032. from Monday to Sunday 8.00 AM to 8:00 PM.

by Don Delisle

Tuesday September 12 6:08:34 2006
The Wilbert Coffin case, Special Notice

The Association In Defense Of The Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) have agreed to provide the legal assistance necessary to present arguments in favor of a review of the Wilbert Coffin case.

Please take note that Elisabeth Widner, a lawyer with AIDWYC, will be in the Gaspe' region on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 12th and 13th, on a fact finding mission, and talking with folks who may have information pertinent to the case. If you would like to speak with Elisabeth, she would be most pleased to hear from you. If you wish to speak and remain anonymous, rest assured, you will be accommodated.

You can arrange to speak with Elisabeth through myself, Lew Stoddard and my website, or alternately, you may reach Cynthia Patterson. The e-mail addresses are provided below for your convenience.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and as I have said many times in the past, if we all work together as a team, this case will get sorted out.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Monday September 11 11:36:17 2006
Adams Motel and Restraunt celebrates its 60th anniversary this fall. From a humble start with a small canteen on main street in 1946 it has blossomed into a world class establishment that holds fond memories for many Gaspesians and folks world wide.

by don delisle

Monday September 4 21:20:27 2006
I am writing on behalf of the Wilbert Coffin case, I was in Gaspe this July, and read the book To Build A Noose, I was so intrigued by this story, and really felt bad for Mr.Coffin and his family. I did sign the petition down at the Le Pere Noel store, after reading that one book, I believe an innocent man was put to death, and I hope and pray his family gets his name cleared. I am also happy that Mr.Stoddard is looking into this and that its come this far, and that you have also found his son James. I am watching all the time online here about this story and how its progressing so keep up the good work. I am trying to also find more books that were written about this story so please let me know, and may God Bless you and bring you some peace.

by Lynne Dugas

Monday September 4 10:40:49 2006
Cegep de la Gaspesie et des Iles have announced that the inscriptions for the activities held at the Pavillon Des Sports for autumn 2006 will be on Tuesday Sept 12th. from 19H to 20H30.

by don delisle

Monday September 4 0:26:38 2006
Gaspe News - Our beautiful weather continues, however, the nights are getting colder. We see a few crimson leaves on some trees so fall isnt far away.

August saw a lot of visitors to the Gaspe. Some days it is impossible to get a parking spot at the shopping centers. This is partly due to the main street still being under construction. Hopefully, it will soon be finished.

Roy and Phyllis Coffin from Nackawic, New Brunswick visited friends and relatives in Gaspe in early August.

Lorna and Larry Miller were happy to have their family together this summer. Their daughter, Lisa and husband Jeff Maurice, their sons, Josh and J.J. from Washington and their daughter, Lorelei and husband Boris Nickolov and daughters Ashley and Brooke from New Market were home for a week and Lornas brother, Leigh Clark from Oakville
has been home visiting family and friends.

The Boyle house in Wakeham saw a lot of family this summer. Floyd and Gracie and three of their children and their families, Betty, Watson and daughters, Christine and Karen, John and Shirley and daughter Audrey, her husband, Tom and family, Sharon and George and daughter, Elizabeth and her husband, Oliver and children, Arlene and Wesley and daughters, Vicki and Ivy along with some of their children, and Billy, who is still here and plans to stay awhile yet.

John & Carol Eden from St. Catharines and Johns sister, Eileen Boulay from Manitoulon Island visited family and friends in mid-August.

The Cunnings, originally from Sandy Beach, held a family reunion the first week of August at Fort Haldimand. Members of the family came as far away as Whitehorse and Vancouver, B.C. The family members who attended were Patricia Cunning and Drew Ball, Jason Cunning and his wife Juliann Fraser, their children Lief and Lakshmi who came from Whitehorse. Bruce and Denise Patterson and daughter Grace came from Vancouver. Arthur and Pat Cunning, Sandra, Heidi, Jake and Gabrielle came from Elk Lake, Ontario. Darleen and Jacques Diotte, Angela , Jonathan and Alyssa Krindle came from Montreal.Chuck, Stephenie, Brian and Arielle Dennison from Montreal. Joanne, Zachery and Jacob Dennison from Montreal. Sylvia, Chudleigh Patterson and Joan Dennison from Moncton. Deana, Peter and Kathleen Gadd from Newcastle. Travis McClelland, friend of Kathleen from Sackville and Sandra Noel from Armstrong Brook, N.B. The youngest was Grace, daughter of Bruce and Denise who was nine months old and the eldest being Mrs. Rowena Cunning who is 92 years old. They all had a wonderful time at this reunion.

Kevin Patterson and wife Nyree and baby daughter, Hannah, were home visiting Kevins parents, Andy and Debbie Patterson and family and friends.

Donna and Gerry Phillips had all of their family home again this summer Jeff and Cindy, Dean and Elise, Lana and Andrew, Sherry and Brian, and their eleven grandchildren. They spent time in Sunny Bank and at their summer home in Haldimand.

We had a surprise visit a couple of weeks ago from friends of ours from Brampton, Ontario- Jackie and Rick Allen. We had not seen them in thirty seven years.
Needless to say we did a lot of reminiscing.

Paul and May Ascah from Welland, Ontario spent a few week in Gaspe visiting family and friends.

Get well wishes go out to Mrs. Hildred Patterson of Sunny Bank who is recovering from a fall. She is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital but hopes to get home soon.
Erskine and Pauline Patterson of London, Ontario are spending the summer months in their cottage in Sunny Bank. We are happy to have them home again.

Melrose Patterson of Wakeham has been in the hospital with infection in his leg. He was discharged and back home for a few days but is now back at the Hotel Dieu. We hope he will soon be well.

Sandy Beach A.C.W. had a delicious salad supper in their church hall in mid August. Two food baskets were raffled off and won by Mrs. Wilma Roberts of Sandy Beach and Eleanor Miller of Haldimand.

Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Joe Patterson of Sandy Beach who celebrated his 96th birthday and to his sister, Mrs. Una Mullin of Brassett who celebrated her 98th.
Happy Birthday to Tyler Patterson, son of Doug and Dorinda Patterson, who celebrated his 24th birthday on August 19th. Tyler lives in Oshawa and works for Castle Steel.

A special birthday wish to Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated her 60th
Birthday on August 26th. A group of her friends treated her to supper at the Brise Bise.
She received many beautiful gifts and was presented with a pretty corsage and a delicious birthday cake.

Lillian Rooney, formerly from Douglastown, has recently returned to her teaching position in St. Augustine after enjoying a one year sabbatical. While on her extended holiday, she visited Cologne, Germany and took part in the World Youth Day activities. This past summer she spent a week with her sister and family in Edmonton, while on her way to South Korea to visit her brother,Roger and his family. She spent sixteen days with them and then took a guided tour to Beijing, China, where she was able to climb a part of the Great Wall of China and visit the infamous Tiananmen Square.

We would like to wish Kevin Bourgaize originally from Gaspe but now living in the Toronto area, a happy 50th birthday on August 29th.

Tony and Agnes Palmer, son and daughter-in-law of Marg and Dennis Palmer of Wakeham visited them for two week in August. Tony and Agnes live in Calgary, Alberta.

Helena and Gary Tuzo, son, Courtney and friend, Crystal from Chateguay spent some time in Gaspe this summer. Helena and Gary have a new home in York and will be spending part of the year here.

Christine Crane and daughters, Paris and Alexi from Ottawa were home to spend time with Christines parents, Sueie and Melville Mullin.

Frankie and Elaine Patterson of Burlington and Weston Annett from Edmonton traveled to Gaspe to spend a few days at the Annett home in Wakeham.

Holly Jean, originally from York, but now living in Welland, Ontario was home with her friend, Frank, visiting family and friends in Gaspe.

by Ivy Miller

Thursday August 31 18:32:41 2006
The Wilbert Coffin Affair. . "A Special Request"

A number of weeks back, as a result of my reaching out for information pertinent to this case, I received an e-mail from a gentleman that I had contacted a few days before. This particular gentleman, even though he had no personal information, conveyed an event to me with reference to an acquaintance, that very quickly gained my attention.

This gentleman informed me that some time after the homicides in the woods near Gaspe', his friend, while hunting, found an object wrapped in discarded toweling or rags in the forest. Obviously, this object had been discarded where it was found. That object was reported to be a handgun. This handgun was located in relatively close proximity to the crime scenes.

In his e-mail to me, this gentleman informed me that upon finding the handgun, his friend had shown it to his Dad, and his Dad had advised him to get rid of it, so as to not get involved in anything. In response to his Dad's orders, I was informed that he had thrown the handgun into a particular river in the area, which, for the time being will remain nameless for obvious reasons. I was further informed by the gentleman who e-mailed me, that he would not disclose his friends name or e-mail address, but he would forward my return e-mail to his friend, who might decide to come forward.

Some weeks passed, and I had received no follow up to my request from the gentleman who had originally conversed with me by e-mail. I contacted this gentleman again, and he informed me that he had passed the information on to his friend, and that he would be pleased to talk to him again, and if I did not hear from this person to get back to him.

Approximately three days later, I received an e-mail from the friend. He did indeed confirm that he had found a handgun, and stated to me what he believed to be the calibre, which for certain reasons, I am not prepared to identify right now. His version of events however, differed from that which had been originally conveyed to me. This gentleman identified himself, and informed me that he had found the handgun in the river and had taken it home to the Gaspe' region. He further stated to me that "someone" from Gaspe' had come to the house and picked it up, but that he did not remember who this person was.

I want to assure this person that you have nothing to fear. You are not, and never was suspected of involvement in these crimes. I have two versions of the same event, and it is imperative that I determine which is accurate. You have to consider, that particular handgun did not walk into the forest, or jump into the river. It was discarded because of one reason, that reason being that it had been involved in a serious crime, whether it be this crime that I am working on, or some other crime.

Sir, I am appealing to you. You only have to e-mail me, and I shall look after the details as to the recovery of the handgun. If it is still in the river, it is most likely retrieveable. If it was picked up by someone from the Gaspe' region, I need to know that as well. I have reason to believe, and I do believe, this particular handgun may have played a part in the Gaspe' murders of 1953. To not come forward Sir, simply enables someone to walk free, and at the same time, makes it much more difficult to prove another mans innocence who paid the ultimate price.

As well, if there are others out there who can relate any details whatsoever, of this handgun, or any other events pertinent to this crime, again, I urge you to come forward. Thank you to all those who have done just that. In this particular instance, I know it took a tremendous amount of courage to come forward to me. That alone tells me that you want the truth brought to the surface in this matter. Again folks, my email address is as follows and my web address is

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Monday August 28 11:06:54 2006
Douglastown Community Center received a grant from the Fonds de creation d'emplois municipaux(FCEM) to assist in replacing the playground equipment. The equipment donated to the Center by Gaspe Elementary School was in need of some minor repairs and touch up. This was done by the employees of the FCEM. They also prepared the grounds and did the installation.

by don delisle

Monday August 21 10:15:00 2006
The minister of Natural Resources has announced the period for harvesting firewood in the public forests will be from August 24th thru November 12th 2006.
Permits can be obtained during working hours at the Unite de gestion de la Gaspesie located at 11 rue de la Cathedrale, 2nd floor,local 201. Telephone 418-360-8371. The permit allows the holder to harvest 22.5 metres cubes apparents of firewood ( 6 cords of 4ft x 4ft x 8ft ) at a cost of $1.43 le metre cube.

by don delisle

Friday August 18 22:17:12 2006
hello family and all the friends of the family as well as all gaspesians. i will be helping family as much as i can. we are going to be opening a trust fund in my dad's name to help clear his name forever. with the help of Lew Stoddard and AIDWTYC ( which is a group of lawyers who work to correct injustices of wrongly convicted )we are asking that all who know anything come forward please we are only going to get this kick at the can with all your help. i'm sure most of you know one or more of the family just let them know what you know and they will make sure it get into the right hands ( give thanks for a little and you will find a lot )

by james coffin

Thursday August 17 4:21:26 2006
The third edition of the Festival Musique du Bout du Monde was held on August 11, 12 and 13 on the streets in downtown Gasp. The day activities were held close to the Luc-Germain arena, beside the Commission Scolaire des Chics-Chocs building. This was due to the construction work underway on Gasps Main Street. The central tent was set up at the Place Jacques-Cartier parking lot where people attending the musical concerts crowded in each night.
Many questioned how the construction on Main Street would affect the outcome of the festival. It was definitely a great challenge for the organizers but they managed to pull through with yet another successful year. It was confirmed that there is going to be a fourth edition next summer.

by Jason Synnott

Thursday August 17 4:18:46 2006
A bicycle path is now partially open in Gasp. A few years back, a group of returning young adults formed an organism called Action Jeunesse. Today, Action Jeunesse no longer exists but the bicycle path project is entering its final stages. The adventure will have taken about ten years from scratch to the final product, a paved two lane path stretching 12 km between the municipal park near the Carrefour shopping mall and Haldimand beach. At the moment, only 6 km of trail are open to the population of Gasp (the first stretch from the municipal park to Boom Defence). Work should be completed on the other half by 2008.

by Jason Synnott

Wednesday August 16 16:49:47 2006
With reference to the Wilbert Coffin affair, I am pleased to report that things are progressing well. As many of you may know by now, I have made contact with James Coffin, who is the son of Wilbert Coffin. He was kind enough to send me an e-mail as a result of my searching for him, and I have since spoken with him at length. You will also note that he has left a message on my web page of today's date of August 16.

For the present time, James wishes to remain behind the scenes, and I certainly respect his wishes. As you understand, this is a time for family. In my conversation with him, James does point out though, he is most grateful for all the support shown with respect to his Dad's case. He makes that clear as well in to-days message on my web site.

I also wish to convey to the many readers of your site my "Thanks" to all of you who have come forward to me in the past few weeks regarding this case. I have learned a lot, and I am now more confident than ever that the government will finally take a good look at the case. It needs to be done, and this job will not be complete until this happens, and it will only happen, when we collectively make it happen. Again I urge anyone with any knowledge of this affair, now is the time. It will be the only chance that we will ever have. If this sounds like I am pleading with everyone, "I Am."

Again my web address is and my e-mail address is as follows,

Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Monday August 14 23:12:15 2006
News from southern Ontario - We all wish Harris Annett of Maxville , ON, a speedy recovery from an operation he will be having at
Montreal General on August 15.

Weston Annett flew from Edmonton to be with his
brother, Harris , before and during his operation. He
will motor to Gaspe, later in the week, with Francis
and Elaine Miller, where they will stay for a few days
in the old family home.

Fred & Judy Patterson, Derek, Kelly and Derek's friend
Matt, motored from St. Thomas, On. to Gaspe to spend
some time at their summer home in Wakeham. While there
Fred did some carpenter work to improve the place and
make it more comfortable.

Garth & Glenda Patterson motored from Burlington to
Gaspe and spent a few days at Plant Motel. While there
the ashes of Glenda's mother, Lydia Eden, was buried
in York Cemetery near her husband Pettner. Lydia had
lived all her life in Sunny Bank until she moved to
Ontario in 1980.

Gregory & Mariette drove to Baie Comeau where they
attended a birthday party to celebrate the 50th
birthday of Mariette's sister, Madeliine.From there
they continued to Gaspe where they spent a week with
Mariette's mother, Christine Dorion.

Kingsley Miller motored to Gaspe, with Garth & Glenda
Patterson where he spent a week in the old family home
with his brother and sister-in-law, Russell and
Merilyn Miller.He motored back to Burlington with
Willy Palmer who had been visiting family in Gaspe
since early June.

Scott & Susie Palmer motored to Gaspe from Kapusaking
to spend some time at their summer home and also went
to the Maritimes later. Joanne and Mike friends of
Scott and Susie from Kap also were with them and
enjoyed their stay in Wakeham meeting all the people
they had heard about for years.

Yours truly spent two delightful weeks in Wakeham at
my chldren's summer place. While there I enjoyed
Pionoeer Days, A breakfast at Rosebridge Hall, lunch
and dinner with friends and visits from many who
called in. I spent a most informative afternoon with
Dorothy Phillips and her brother, David, who are a
virtual gold mine of Gaspe information. At Tim
Horton's one evening I met an old friend I had not
seen since 1978. To see the full moon shining on the
water is a sight I shall keep in my mind until I
return to Gaspe another year. It takes a few years of
city living to make a person appreciate the pleasures
of the country .

Birthdays for August.
Ryan Palmer, Ottawa August 3, 1978
Judy Knight Patterson august 7, 1963
Susan Patterson Palmer August 13,1954
Ella Boyle Coffin August 14,1935
Anson Boyle August 21,1927
Sharon Boyle Dee August 28,1945
Julia Patterson Stewart August 29,1929
Janet Patterson Mullin August 31,1924

by Ruth Armstrong

Monday August 14 9:18:40 2006
Tourisme-Gaspesie.Com has a revamped web site and have extended an invitation to the population to visit same. It has new texts and photos. A new feature is a site EMPLOI which enables employers members of ATR Gaspesie to list their employment opportunity's . Note this feature at moment only in the french version.

by don delisle

Monday August 14 0:00:09 2006
Gaspe News - Our beautiful warm weather continues with just a few days of rain which was really needed. Haldimand Beach has seen a lot of sun lovers over the last month with the water being quite inviting.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Bonnie and Danny Sams of York who celebrated with a party at Gaspe Elementary School on July 8th. A delicious lunch was served and wonderful music was supplied by Lorne Cotton and Pamela Rooney.

Congratulations to Tommy Syvret and Kristen Severn who were married in Edmonton on July 22nd. Tommys parents, Janice and Brad Syvret, their daughter, Jill and husband, Mike from New York flew to Edmonton to attend the wedding. Other out-of-town guests were Tommys grandfather, Ovelan Syvret and his girl friend, Anne Holland and Kelly Sams from Toronto. We wish Tommy and Kristen lots of luck and a long and happy life together.

Paula and Rick Shannon of Wakeham and Heather and Dean Patterson of Sunny Bank have returned after spending a ten day holiday in Newfoundland. The weather was not good but they had a great time. Chelsia and Christian, children of Stephanie and Marco Solari of Montreal are visiting their grandparents, Heather and Dean for a few weeks. Their son, Craig from Vancouver and girlfriend, Krystina, from Prague were home for a week earlier this summer.

Our condolences go out to the family of Fenton Eden of Gaspe who passed away at the Hotel Dieu Hospital on July 18th.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Doreen Suddard, wife of Baden Rehel and father of Dillon, who passed away on July 3,2006 at the Hotel Dieu. Funeral services were held at St. Peters Church in Barachois.

Jacinta Annett Donovan was home for three weeks at the beginning of the summer visiting her parents Victor and Coreen Annett of Pointe Navarre, her mother-in-law, Mrs. Philip Donovan of Haldimand and family and friends.

Alvin and Tilly Patterson of Manitowadge, Ontario were home visiting their father, Carleton Patterson, brothers Emery and Melrose and Tillys brother Percy Annett of Wakeham. Laughlin, also son of Carleton, from Burlington was also home for a week in the middle of July. Paula Jean and Jamie Donovan from Cambridge were home with their son, Caleb, visiting Paulas parents, Dale and Myrna Jean, family and friends.

It is so nice to see Charles and Melanie Smith back home in Gaspe. Charles is recovering well from his heart transplant and looks great.

Linda and Archie Patterson of Wakeham spent a couple of days visiting Lindas sister, Cathy and her husband, Billy Gray in Cross Pointe. They then went on to Prince Edward Island to meet Archies brother, Carter and wife, Sharon from Mississauga for a few days. Carter and Sharon returned with them to visit family and friends in Gaspe.

On July 16th, Victoria Whistle was baptized by Revered Ellen Rutherford in St. Johns Church, Sandy Beach. Victoria is the daughter of Cathy and Bill Whistle of Guelph, Ontario and granddaughter of Blair and Faye Miller. Cathy, Bill, their two sons, Zachary and Matthew and little daughter, Victoria spent two weeks in Gaspe. Blair and Faye were home for the month of July visiting Fayes mother, Ruby Miller, of Sandy Beach, Blairs mother Hazel Boyle of Sunny Bank and family and friends. Also visiting at this time were Blair and Fayes son, David, wife Michelle and daughter, Ellen from Guelph. A week later Chris, son of Blair and Faye, wife, Sam, and son, Charlie who live in Toronto, came to visit. While here, Charlie was also baptized in St. Johns Church with Rev. Ronald West officiating.

Marjorie and Jean Pierre were happy to have their daughter, Nathalie and husband Justin Poole with their two boys, Jalen and Brady, from Ottawa spend two weeks with them. Also, their son, Marc Fournier and wife Jane Fitzpatrick with their two girls Melissa and Katelyn from Ottawa spend a week in Gaspe, after spending a week in P.E.I. .

Lorraine Mullin and daughter Danielle, son Derek, from Lansdowne, Ontario have been visiting with Gladys and Norman Mullin since July 15th. Her husband, Mario Boulay was down for a few days to celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary.

Lynn Guignion and Velma MacDonald from St-Lazare, Quebec with sons David & Dillon spent two weeks visiting with families.

Colleen Bechervaise from Scarborough, Ontario is home visiting with Elaine and Albert Patterson.

Beth Patterson from Sarnia has been home for the past two weeks visiting family and friends.

Once again Pioneer Days were a huge success the weather was great and most events were very well attended. At this time we do not know exactly what was cleared but all proceeds go to the Greater Parish of Gaspe.

Happy 60th anniversary to Harris and Greta Mullin of Wakeham who celebrated with an open house on July 29th at the Wakeham Adult Ed Centre. Many friends and relatives attended to congratulate them and a delicious lunch was served. We wish them many more years together.

Gaspe saw a lot of visitors this summer. More names to follow in a later edition of Spec.

by Ivy Miller

Friday August 11 2:01:58 2006
Once again Pioneer Days were well attended. Over 300 breakfasts were served Saturday morning. Many interesting antiques were sold in the silent auction, crowds swarmed the craft sale, and all participants seemed to have a wonderful time. Pioneer Days closed on Sunday with an Anglican Church Service and lunch. The service was attended by more than 200 people from as far away as Alberta. This year's festivities were a great success, raising over $6000 for the Greater Parish Anglican Church of Gaspe. The committee would like to thank all those who made this year's events successful, volunteers and participants alike.

by Andy Patterson

Monday August 7 9:59:47 2006
The Gaspesie Mazazine latest issue is titled "La Gaspesie des photographes" The theme is discover the history of photgraphy in Gaspe. 21 historians and photographers have contributed to the issue including Jean Marie Fallu,Fabien Sinnett,Jacques Gratton and includes the oldest photograph of Gaspesie "Grand Greve 1864" by Roch Samson. On sale now and you will be supporting the Gaspe Museum.

by don delisle

Friday July 28 8:23:12 2006
The Firefit Combat Challenge 2006 held in Gaspe last week was a great success. Some of the results in the individual competition Jerome Grand Maison 01.22.16 1st Ryan Sinnet 3rd Eric-Alexandre Landry 7th Keegan Flowers 0:1.45.84 10th. In the team relay Team Gaspe#1 1st Team Gaspe#2 2nd.

by don delisle

Thursday July 20 10:55:06 2006
Regarding the Wilbert Coffin Case...Progress is being made, lots of good folks coming forward with information relevant to this affair. I desperately need your help again. I cannot stress enough the importance of the information that I seek, as it directly ties in with something being researched and investigated behind the scenes. Due to legalities, I am not at liberty to tell you the complete details yet, but assuredly, the information that I seek is vital to the overall investigation.

In the 1950's and prior to 1953, there was a particular "gentleman" who owned a house a bit south of the town of Gaspe'. His last name was "Farley". This property apparently was hidden from outside view by a wall that was constructed for this purpose. I am in possession of information that links this property to the illegal importation of liquor from the French Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Based on other information that has been directed my way from folks of the Gaspe' area, I know there are people who know about this operation. Folks, it is time to come forward. As usual, any information that you can help with will be held in strictest confidence as to the source. Here are two e-mail addresses where you can reach me immediately. and I am in the process of switching my ISP so if the first e-mail address fails, please feel free to use the alternate one.

Sorry to rob your web space again, but folks this is important.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Monday July 17 8:37:09 2006
THE Firefit Combat Challenge returns to Gaspe the 18th to 23rd of July. As it will be the only Quebec competition this year over 100 particiants featuring 20 teams of 5 members each will compete. The spectators will have a chance to see the only female team in Quebec perform. The competion allows the specators an opportunity to view all the different aspects of a firefighter's daily task.

by don delisle

Wednesday July 12 19:11:38 2006
Taylor Patterson(grand daughter of Charles & Jackie)
spent a week in Severn Bridge at the Circle Square
Ranch, a Crossroads Christian Camp. While there she
was involved in horse back riding, rock climbing and
other outdoor activities and enjoyed it all very much.

Glenn & Annie Patterson of Burlington spent a week at
a cottage near Perth, owned by their son and
daughter-in-law Peter and Rhonda Patterson.

A party to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversay of
Coreen & Phil Broadbent of Smith Falls was held in
Kemptville. Coreen is the daughter of Victor & Phyllis

PO2 Dennis Pelletier (son of Amelia Palletier), on
board HMCS Athabaskan, is on his way home to Halifax
after a NATO tour that started in January.

Master Corporal Tim Windling (grand son of Amelia
Pelletier) of London, Ont, in the Army Cadets plays
the bag pipes in the Pipe & Drum Band. He is the Pipe
Sergeant of the Band.

Vina Trowesdale and her son Kevin spent some time in
London with Vina's sister Amelia Pelletier. They,
alone with Amelia, have now motored on to Gaspe where
they will be visiting friends and relatives.Vina and
Kevin live in Edmonton Alberta.

Kassandra Gallichan (Grand daughter or Rowena&Howard
Gallichan) of Kitchener is employed at Lion Safari for
the summer months. She is enjoying it as she says
there is something exciting going on every day. In her
spare time she is involved with horse back riding.

Francis & Elaine Miller spent two weeks in Gaspe

Scott & Susie Palmer, of Kapusaking spent two week
ends with friends Gary & Sue Patterson in Sudbury
recently. While there Scott had an angiogram and a
subsequent successful stent insertion. He is back home
and doing well.

Sybil Palmer of Ajax is spending some time with her
son Brent who lives in Sooke B.C. Brent was having
heart problems but at present he is doing well.

Tom & Ruth Armstrong spent two weeks in Edinburgh
Scotland. While there they took two day trips, by bus
to various other areas, visited Tom's family, and
connected with a school chum of Tom's. One afternoon
was spent in the Registry Office looking up ancestors.
This was a most interesting place with records back to
the 1500's, all on computers.

July Birthdays;
Gwen Patterson Holmes July 6 1930
Phyllis Miller Vibert July 8 1937
Graham Miller July 13 1928
Jan Miller Tuzo July 14 1944
Edgar Miller July 17 1940
Elaine Patterson Miller July 20 1934
Leverett Miller July 21 1952
Elsie Patterson Bobbette July 23 1924
Norma Eden Patterson July 26 1930
Betty Boyle Coffin July 31 1932

by Ruth Patterson

Wednesday July 12 11:26:03 2006
Jacques Cartier Festival, July 13-16 See "Calendar of Events" for details.

by Morris Patterson

Tuesday July 11 23:25:25 2006
Toronto News 3nd Meet @ Greet
Once again a Group of, Gaspesians and Former Gaspesians met at Williams Coffee Pub in Burlinton on July 9. arranged by Jaclyn Patterson and Earl Coffin . My take on the day was,the event went over rather well, people in attendance were as follows, Jackie@Charles Patterson, Son Shane@ girlfriend Karen,
Elsie@Selwyn Mullin,Joan@Dave Journeaux and Daves sister from Belleudune,N.B. June Culligan,Marlene Savidant Stoney Creek, Dave@ Joans Journeaux /Daughter Susan just returned from,Afghanistan, Garth@Marlene Coffin,Walton@June Miller,Frankie@Elaine Miller,Kingsley Miller,Hilda Mullin, Mississauga, Helen Patterson, 21 people . and Earl Coffin

by Earl Coffin

Tuesday July 11 11:21:35 2006
Boom Defense now has a envirionmental protection committee in place. The aim is to protect the fragile habitation from erosion. Cement blocks will be installed to indicate the circulation zone. Signs will be posted to remind the population to obey regulations of the minister of natural resources and not to leave garbage on the site and that a permit is required to have a camp fire.
[from La Pharillon]

by Don Delisle

Monday July 10 5:19:11 2006
The Douglastown cemetery needs uplifting

The Fabrique of the Parish of Douglastown, a community council presided by Mrs. Jose Rehel, is in the process of creating a fund for the Douglastown cemetery. The main goal of this fund is to obtain donations from parishioners and family relatives of the deceased who have been put to rest in Douglastown. Individuals or companies with ties to the Gasp coast can also give money donations to the parish. Anybody donating 25$ or more will get his or her name or business logo inscribed on a plaque that will eventually be displayed at the Douglastown church.

by Jason Synnott

Sunday July 9 16:47:24 2006
Regarding The Wilbert Coffin Case. . .
My name is Lew Stoddard, and as you will recall, I am researching and writing about the Wilbert Coffin affair. In my determination to get to the truth of the matter, I had requested on your site that anyone with knowledge of this affair, whether they considered it important to the case, or small or insignificant, to please contact me.

I am so pleased to report that the response has been overwhelming. I have received numerous e-mails from folks all across Canada, as a result of that announcement on your page. I know for a fact that as each one comes forward, and then passes my request to others, it is strong encouragement for others to come aboard.

Once again, I extend a big Thank You to all who have responded thus far, and I further extend the invitation for any others out there as well. I have reason to believe, and I do believe, that with us all pulling together, the door will suddenly unlock, and the truth will suddenly emerge. In confidence, you can reach me at either of these two e-mail addresses. and as well, Thank You again, and May God Bless Us All.

Lew Stoddard

by Lew Stoddard

Sunday July 2 23:44:53 2006
Gaspe News - Our beautiful hot weather, at the time of this writing, has been replaced with rain and cooler temperatures. Hopefully the rain wont last all summer.

A belated happy anniversary to Donnie and Linda Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated 50 years of marriage on May 30th. A wonderful open house was held for them on May 20th at the Adult Ed centre in Wakeham. Their two granddaughters, Erin and Jamie were home for this special occasion.

Happy birthday to little Luke Patterson, son of Stacy Patterson and Andrea Rooney of Moncton who was one year old on June 27th. Proud grandparents of Luke are Albert and Elaine Patterson of Wakeham and Charles and Aggie Rooney of Douglastown. Charles and Aggie have bought a new house and will soon be moving to Moncton. We hope they enjoy their new home and wish them the best of luck.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Gerald Gagnon of Gaspe who recently passed away. Services were held at the Fortin Funeral Parlor on June 17th. Mr. Gagnon was the owner of a hairdressing salon for many years.

Deepest sympathy to the family of LeRoy Leggo of Douglastown who passed away on June 13th.

Congratulations to Melanie Jean, daughter of Roy and Sharon Jean, and Paul Clark, son of Julia Clark of Wakeham. The marriage ceremony took place on June 17th in Perce with the reception at the MicMac Hall in Pointe Navarre.

A retirement party was held at Gaspe Elementary School on June for Charles Rooney of Douglastown and Sandra Miller Leggo, also of Douglastown. Charles was a teacher at Gaspe Elementary and Sandra at Belle Anse School. We wish them a happy and well deserved retirement.

Happy Anniversary to Dean and Heather Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated their 40th on June 25th. We wish them many more happy years together.

A Canada Day breakfast was held at Fort Haldimand on Saturday, July 1st. Over two hundred and twenty people were served with proceeds go to Pioneer Days. It did rain in the early morning hours but it cleared and we were able to serve the breakfast outside. A big thank you to all who supported this fund raiser. In just a months time Pioneer Days will be in full swing. Watch for the schedule in the local stores and on Go Gaspe.

Lisa Shannon and John Reilly of Burlington, Ontario are home for a week visiting Lisas parents- Ricky and Paula Shannon of Wakeham, family and friends. They will be returning to Gaspe in September to be married.

Get well wishes to Lee Patterson of Wakeham who recently had surgery at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Gaspe.

Lorna Miller of Wakeham has also recently undergone an operation. We hope she is feeling much better soon.

Happy Birthday going out to the following who will be celebrating early July birthdays: Tommy Syvret of Calgary on July 4th, Dale Miller of Sunny Bank on July 7th , Earle Coffin of Wakeham on July 8th and Todd Miller of Gaspe on July 10th.

by Ivy Miller

Saturday June 24 18:58:26 2006
Hello fellow gaspesians. I am a student from Gasp who will be reporting for The Gasp Spec this summer starting July 3rd. If you have any story ideas please give me a call at 368-6259 or call the Spec office at (418) 752-5400.

by Jason Synnott

Monday June 12 16:01:19 2006
I am writing the Wilbert Coffin story on my web page, as you may have seen from the message by Judith Reeder of a few days ago. Indeed, I say thank you Ms. Reeder for posting that on the GoGaspe site. This case has haunted me for many years, as I grew up in New Brunswick, which is like being next door. Prior to commencing research for this story, I had not conversed, nor did I have knowledge, of surviving relatives of the Coffin family. Through many phone calls to the area, I was finally pointed toward Marie (Coffin) Stewart, whom I can't thank enough for her words of encouragement. Marie was kind enough to direct me to others, and since my writings began, the response has been overwhelming, from both family members and others from all across Canada. I am desperately seeking all the information that I can gather, to balance the passage of a half century. I am convinced that the key will be found that will unlock the door. I personally extend an invitation to you, to read the story thus far, which I started some weeks ago. There are a couple of theories that I am working on, so any information, no matter how insignificant that it may seem, could be very valuable. I don't mean to rob your web page space, however, I can see that you have a good following on the peninsula. If there is anyone who can help me, my e-mail address is as follows. and if you care to take a look at my story here is a quick link to the page
Thank you once again.

by Lew Stoddard

Monday June 12 15:55:44 2006
Bishop's University- Lennoxville, Qc
On a day where everyone would normally find themselves tucked inside or sheltered from the rain, 588 Bishop's grads along with numerous family friends endured the heavy rain to be a part of the 2006 Convocation Ceremonies. The event took place on Coulter Field (football stadium) depsite the teeming rain and strong winds. The grads, family and friends found themselves in ponchos and sitting on blankets waiting for the big moment. The Gaspe was not forgotten on this day with atleast 8 Gaspesians graduating. They included Angie Gaul (Douglastown, Education, with distinction), Marquita Roberts (Wakeham, Education, with distinction), Shauna Simpson (Wakeham, Education, with distinction), Sommer-Lynn Sinnett (Gaspe, Education, with distinction), Shawn Gray (Wakeham, Biochem), Charlene Marion (Douglastown, Business (HR), with distinction, University Prize in HR), Matthew McMeekin (New Carlisle, Business (HR & Economics, with distinction), Kristina Turkewitsch (Bougainville, Fine Arts Studio Honours, with distinction). Congratulations to all the grads and good luck in the future! Go Gaiters!

by Charlene Marion

Monday June 12 9:59:48 2006
Gaspe News - Congratulations to Lisa Davis Wood and Jeff Wood from Moncton, on the birth of a bouncing baby boy, weighing in at 8lbs 9 oz on May 30th. Kolby Davis is a brother for Keira , grandson for Keaton Davis of Bathurst and grand grandson for Merle Coffin of Wakeham.

Donalyn Adams and Ted Yip are the proud parents of a baby boy, Rylee Francis, born on June 2nd at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. Rylee weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. The proud grandparents are Elaine and Wayne Adams and George and Dora Yip of Gaspe. Mrs. Alma Adams of Fontenelle is a proud great grandmother. Elaine and Wayne went to Montreal to welcome their first grandson. Congratulations to all of you.

Birthday wishes go out to the following who have June birthdays:
Aaron Boyle of London June 1st, Lana Miller of Toronto who celebrated her special birthday on June 3rd John Eden of St. Catharines on June 5th, Marilyn Clark Whaley of Fonthill-June 6th Vera Patterson of Gaspe June 7th. Ron and Cynthia Mundle of Wakeham on June 9th and 11th. Mike Shannon of Burlington June 16th , Paula Shannon of Wakeham June 18th Dorinda Patterson of Sunny Bank June 19th and Jeremy Betteridge of Gaspe June 28th , Everett Clark of Wakeham on June 23rd, Maureen and John Peters of Wakeham on June 26th and June 27th, Stan Vibert of Wakeham on June 30th and a very special birthday wish to Mrs.Daisy Patterson of Wakeham who will be 104 on June 28th.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of Roger and Zoe Kelly of Gaspe who passed away on May 26th and May 29th. at the Hotel Dieu hospital. Funeral Services were held at Christ the King Cathedral in Gaspe on June 2nd. Lucien and Gertrude Dorais from Quebec City came to be with the Kelly family at this sad time. Their son, Richard is married to Andrea Kelly, daughter of Roger and Zoe.

It is nice to see out-of-town people arriving in Gaspe to spend the summer months. Gene and Doreen Gillis are here to spend their summer in Wakeham and Lester and Velma Coffin in Peninsula. Nice to see you back again.

Judy and Sheryl Bannier, daughters of Hazel Bannier of Wakeham have been home to spend some time with their mother since her recent fall. Hope you are feeling better, Hazel.

Marjorie and Barry Davis of Welland, Ontario were recently in Gaspe to spend a few days. They stopped in Rimouski to visit with Marjories brother, Ian and wife, Lou, who joined them to come to Gaspe. Nice to see all of you and to know that Ian is feeling better.

Happy Anniversary to Robbie and Sheila Robertson of Wakeham who celebrated 60 years of marriage on June 12th. Hope you have many more years together.

Camp Fort Haldimand will see a lot of activity with the up-coming Pioneer Days which takes place from August 3rd-August 6th. Events will include a wine and cheese evening, amateur hour, breakfast, Karaoke night, spaghetti supper, seniors day, b.b.q. lunch, childrens day, craft sale and the silent auction. Watch for the schedule.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday June 11 11:28:00 2006
Burlington News - June 3rd, 2006 was the date of the eleventh Gaspe Golf Tournament. It rained all day but this did not deter many of the golfers. The non-golfers enjoyed themselves, sitting around the Club house, chatting with old friends, going out for lunch and shopping. Friday night was party night at the MacKintosh Inn where most stay. Doors were left open and people wandered in and out. Willie Palmers room seemed to be the place to meet, tell a few jokes and talk to old friends and meet some new ones. Even the ones who braved the weather and came back sopping wet said it was a great week end.

Lindsay McLaughlin, Granddaughter or Glenda and Garth Patterson of Burlington, graduated, with a bachelor of Science in Nursing, from McMaster University. Graduation ceremonies were held at the Convention Center in Hamilton. Congratulations Lindsay in your chosen field.

Bud Cunning passed away , recently, at St. Peter's Health Center, Hamilton. Bud originally lived in Haldimand, Gaspe. Many from Gaspe will remember him as a school bus driver.Bud who had a dry wit loved a good time and enjoyed his time with his many fiends. He will be missed.

Barry and Marjorie Davis motored to Quebec to visit with Marjorie's brother Ian Eden who has been undergoing chemotherapy. We wish you all the best Ian
and we miseed you & Lou at the Golf Tournament.

Birthday wishes to:
Victor Miller of Kemptville, On June 2, 1930
Shirley Suddard of New Liskard, On June 8, 1952
Michael Shannon of Burlington, On June 16, 1968
Christine Pelletier of London, On June 17, 1959
Myles Patterson June 18, 1961
Leverett Miller of Cornwall, On June 21, 1952

Also congratualtions to Elsie Patterson of Wakeham, and Stan (Bob) Bobbette of Barrie, On, on their 61st wedding anniversay, June 20.

by Ruth Armstrong

Thursday June 8 18:06:26 2006
The Wilbert Coffin case is being written about by Lew Stoddard on his blog page at He began on April 16,2006 and has 7 postings so far with 117 comments (very interesting). I encourage you to check it out and leave your comment there.

by Judith Reeder

Thursday June 8 12:13:46 2006
Gaspe's Rue de la Reine (Main Street) is under construction and will be closed to traffic until early September. As a result access to this street is by walking only and parking can be found either at Place Jacques Cartier or on one of the streets near Main Street.

by Ron Patterson

Monday June 5 16:48:24 2006
I would like to congratulate my parents, Laura Gagne and Real Lemieux (of St-Majorique)on celebrating their 30th anniversary today, June 5!!! that makes 37 years together and still going strong!

by Tina Lemieux

Sunday May 28 19:08:43 2006
Singer Heads to the Studio for her Third Album
Bonnie Ste-Croix has just begun recording her third album. Working with award winning producer, Bill Buckingham, the new CD promises to be her most potent yet, including songs most requested at her live shows such as "Crazy Life of Mine" a story about her drive from Vancouver to Gapse and "Stay." Self-described as 'my coming home album' this record will deliver songs that are the truest to the heart of the songwriter and storyteller delivered in a Roots genre flavouring with the unique touch of soul that Bonnie's vocals always carry. Stay tuned for more details....

by Cassandra Jones, Pub

Wednesday May 24 21:11:06 2006
I would like to announce that the Micmac community of Gespeg finally has a land base. After years of negotiations, the Fish Hatchery has been chosen. The Gaspe and Montreal Mi'kmaq members unanimously approved of the fish hatchery. The elected members and negotiating team are finalizing the details and the Micmac members will soon be informed of the new developments regarding the land base.

by Jennifer Robertson

Monday May 22 11:42:08 2006
Gaspe News - Well it looks as if our hot, early summer weather has been replaced with a few cool days of rain. Temperatures had been way above normal for this time of year and the rain is badly needed. However, our lilacs which normally bloom the third week of June are ready to burst open.

Congratulations to Kevin and Nyree Patterson of Kitchener on the birth of a baby girl, Hannah Olivia, weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz. Hannah was born on April 4th and the proud grandparents are Andy and Debbie Patterson of Sunny Bank and Robert and Dennese Gaw of Kitchener.

Get well wishes go out to Charles Smith of Gaspe who has just had a heart transplant. Charles has been waiting in Montreal since September for a new heart. We hope that it was a great success and that he is feeling much better soon.

May Smith celebrated her 60th birthday (May 5th) with a surprise party that was held in the community hall in Douglastown on May 12th. Her daughter, Linda, organized this party with the help of family and friends. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to all her friends and family for the gifts, flowers and money and for giving her such a special evening.

Judy and Norman McCallum of Haldimand have just returned from Calgary, having spent the winter visiting with their daughter Jackie, husband Paul and their two little grandchildren, Bo and Samuel, and with their son, Danny and friend, Carol. Their daughter, Mary, who also lived in Calgary has been transferred back to Toronto.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Gladys Patterson of Wakeham who celebrated her birthday on May 7th, Erskine Patterson of London, Ontario on May 9th. Blake Carter of Toronto on May 17th,Larry and Wayne Miller on the 25th and Eva Miller of Wakeham will have a special birthday on May 26th-her 85th. Another special birthday person is Lorna Miller of Wakeham who will be celebrating her 65th on May 28th. Also having a May 28th birthday is Blair Miller of Guelph, Ontario.

The bake sale held at the Carrefour Gaspe on Saturday, May 6th was an enormous success. Thank you from the Pioneer Days Committee to all the suppliers, buyers and many workers. Tickets were sold on a gift basket and it was won by Roger Dorion of Gaspe. The second prize, a beautifully decorated cake, was won by Theresa Annett
Dorion of St. Catharines.

Theresa, her baby daughter, Brooklyn, and her sister, Lesa were home visiting their parents, Dickie and Edwidge Annett of Wakeham and Christine Dorion, grandmother of Brooklyn.

Get well wishes to Fenton Eden, Frankie Patterson, Hazel Bannier of Wakeham who have been hospitalized recently. We hope they are feeling much better soon.

Jeremy Betteridge is home for the summer months, after spending his first year at Bishops University in Lennoxville. He will be working for Casa again this summer .

Deepest sympathy to the family of Olga Hackett of York who passed away on May 11th after a lengthy stay in the Hotel Dieu. Funeral services were held in St. Andrews Church, York on May 17th.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Audrey Miller Patterson who recently passed away in Montreal at the age of 88.

Brad and Janice Syvret of Haldimand have returned after spending some time with Brads father in Montreal and then on to New York to visit their daughter, Jill and husband Mike. While there they attended a taping of the David Letterman show.

Lorna and Larry Miller of Wakeham are back home after visiting with their daughter, Lorelei, husband Boris and two granddaughters, Ashley and Brooke, in New Market. At the time of their visit Ashley competed in an International Irish dance competition in London, Ontario, and won three 1st prizes. Congratulations, Ashley! They also visited Lornas sister, Marilyn and husband Don Whaley in Fonthill, Ontario and Lornas brother, Leigh in Oakville. Leigh is doing very well and just celebrated the fourth year of his lung transplant. Mrs. Ellen Clark, flew with them to her daughter, Kathleens, in Montreal and then went on to Fonthill to spend some time with her daughter, Marilyn and Don.

Paula and Ricky Shannon of Wakeham have also returned after visiting their son Mike, wife, Dawn, and two little granddaughters, Meghan and Hailey and daughter Lisa and fianc, John, in Burlington. Wedding bells will be ringing for Lisa and John in September of this year.

by Ivy Miller

Tuesday May 16 11:44:14 2006
Burlington News - Annie Patterson, of Burlington, celebrated her 80th birthday recently. Her daughters entertained friends and family at a luncheon on May 6th. It was held at PAUSE AWHILE in Waterdown, a small restaurant in an old house, run by a Scottish couple. 17 people enjoyed delious food and good conversation.

Elaine Miller had tea one afternoon for a few friends to say hello to Merilyn Miller who, with husband Russell, was in Burlington visiting Kingsley Miller,
Russell's brother.

Bud Cunning of Stoney Creek is a patient in St. Peter's Long Term Care facility in Hamilton.

Melanie (Miller) Craig entertained at a dinner in honor of her aunt,Annie Patterson. Those that enjoyed Melanie and Mark's hospitality were Tom & Ruth
Armstrong;Frank & Elaine Miller;Garth & Glenda Patterson;Glenn & Annie Patterson and Peter & Rhonda Patterson (Glenn & Annies son & daughter-in-law).A
most enjoyable evening was spent with good friends.

Amongst all this celebration for Annie's 80th birthday, she and Glenn also celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on May 6th.

Melanie & Mark Craig and daughter spent a week in Myrtyl Beach U.S.A. They enjoyed beautiful weather and a very good vacation.

Greg & Mariette Patterson of Havelock spent the week end with Michel Dorion in St.Catharine's and called to see Greg's mother in Burlington.

Teresa(Annett)Dorion, her sister Lisa Annett and litle Brooklyn Dorion motorred to Gaspe to spend some time with Dickie and Edwidge Annett. While there, Brooklyn's grandmother. Christine Dorion, got to see her for the first time.

We were all saddened to hear of the death of Sara Boyle. Sara was a wonderful person. always with a smile for everyone. We extend our deepest sympathy to
all her family.

Birthdays for May, best wishes to all;
Annie Patterson May 4th, 1926
Gladys Patterson May 7th 1919
Blair Eden May 9th 1948
Donna eden May 9th 1963
Nadine Eden Cassidy May 15th 1951
Merrill Miller May 21st 1930
Wesley Boyle May 22nd 1931
Blair Miller May 28th 1942

by Ruth Patterson

Monday May 8 13:23:43 2006
Canadian Tire and L'Equipeur should be opening up in the Carrefour before the end of 2006. According to an interview that Radio Gaspesie had with one of the employees of Canadian Tire, the space previously used by Zellers will be divided between the 2 new stores in a joint venture.

by Ron Patterson

Sunday April 30 22:58:27 2006
Gaspe News - Congratulations to Brandon Patterson, son of Doug and Dorinda Patterson, of Sunny Bank. Brandon , who bowls on a mens league in Gaspe, recently bowled a perfect game (all strikes for a score of 300!) His family is very proud of him as a perfect game does not happen every day. Brandon will be seventeen years old on May 19th. Have a Happy Birthday,Brandon.

Get well wishes go out to Mr. Wallace McAfee of Sunny Bank, Harris Eden, Keith Patterson, Dickie Annett, and Earle Coffin of Wakeham who have been in the Hotel Dieu-Gaspe. Ella Boyle from Chateguay came home to be with her sister, Marjorie ,while Earle was in the hospital.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Fluvia Patterson, sister of Allan Miller of Sunny Bank who passed away at the Hotel Dieu on April 15th. Funeral services were held in St. Andrews Church, York, on April 18th.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Ruth Patterson of Burlington who celebrated her 75th birthday by having a party on April 15th. Many friends and relatives helped her celebrate, including her son, Jerry, who came all the way from Japan.

Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Lydia Eden, formerly of Sunny Bank, who passed away in Milton on April 14, a day before her 97th birthday.

Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Dermot Patterson, formerly of Wakeham who passed away in Oakville on April 18th.

Congratulations to Josie Synnott and Casey Kennedy of Douglastown on the birth of a baby boy on April 19th.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to the following people:
Doug Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated on April 22nd. Ricky Shannon of Wakeham who had a birthday on April 26th. Harris Eden on April 27th, Cathy Miller Whistle from Guelph, Ontario, Ellen Patterson , Marjorie Boyle and Ralph Vibert of Wakeham who all had birthdays on April 30th.

I would like to make a correction for the last issue of the Gaspe news. It should have stated that Darrell Stewart, from Ingersoll, had not been home in the winter for twenty five years. He had been home numerous other times to visit his parents Hartley and Pat Stewart of York.

Belated congratulations go out to Chelsea Boyle Laurin and Mike Laurin on the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Ava, on January 15th, a sister for Avery. Chelsea is the daughter of David Boyle of Port Colborne and Christine Pelletier of London.

We were very saddened to hear of the death of Sarah Baird, wife of Watson Boyle of Lachine on April 29th. Our deepest sympathy to the Baird and Boyle families.

A fish cake supper was held in St. Johns Church Hall on April 22nd. Over $800 was raised for the Cancer fund. A lovely hand made clock was won by Mrs. Jessie Clark of Wakeham.

Janice Syvret of Sandy Beach is back from visiting her son, Tommy and fiance, Kristin in Calgary. Congratulations to Brad Syvret on his retirement after 35 years with the Eastern Shores School Board. Janice, who retired from teaching last year, is looking forward to a lot of visits with their son, Tommy and Kristin, and their daughter, Jill and husband, Mike, who live in New York.

Dont forget the bake sale being held on Saturday, May 6th at the Carrefour Gaspe. All proceeds going to Pioneer Days.

by Ivy Miller

Sunday April 30 2:39:08 2006
Toronto News
On Tuesday the 18th of April a group of Gaspesians ,some of us living in Ontario and others, still residing in Gaspe decided why not meet for a ,Coffee Klatch at, Williams Coffee Pub on that date. We had a Total of 21 people at the happening ,organized by Earl Coffin and Jaclyn Patterson . People in attendance were as follows, Ruth Patterson,Selwyn @ Elsie Mullin,Joan Alexander(Journeau) Emily Patterson(Edgley), Helen Patterson,Frankie@ Elaine Miller, Kingsley Miller,Jaclyn Patterson,Bill Palmer,Andy@Debbie Patterson,Lita@Peter Beaumont,Francis@Carol Mullin,Glen@Annie Patterson and Lisa Patterson and myself Earl Coffin. We eagerly await our next getogether. Anyone who may be passing through this area is cordially invited to attend at our next meet. A most enjoyable event for all.

Submitted by, Earl Coffin @ Jaclyn Patterson

Williams Coffee Pub/ Burlington

by Earl Coffin

Wednesday April 26 2:11:32 2006
Burlington News - On Saurday April 15th a party was held at Legion Hall, Burlington, to elebrate Ruth (Patterson) Armstrong's 75th birthday (belated). All her family were there, also many friends & relatives, all the way from Japan, Kapukasing, and Gaspe and points in between. Gary, son-in-law read e-mails from friends. Tom, Ruth's husband made a speech and Ruth had a few words to say. Gerry presented a slide show of Ruth's life in picture form. In the "location" section there was Upper Wakeham, Middle Wakehan and Lower Wakeham--that says it all!! Fred on accordion, Ryan on guitar,Maureen on keyboard accompanied Ruth's children and nieces as they sang You Are My Sunshine with variations to the original words. A delicious lunch, prepared by Susie, Melanie,Jeanne and Denise was served and enjoyed.

We were all saddened by the death of a dear friend Lydia Eden, formerly of Sunny Bank. Lydia passed away one day short of her 97th birthday. "Aunt Lyd" was a dear soul, very independent until about a year ago when she suffered a stroke, spending her last few months in an Extended Care Facility in Milton. A
memorial service was held at ST. Christopher's Anglican Church in Burlington where friends and relatives said good-bye to their dear friend,mother,
grandmother and greatgrand mother. Cathy, her grand daughter, served a delicious lunch after the service.

Gerry Ppatterson flew from Japan to attend his mother's party. While there he visited his brothers, Greg in Havelock, Fred in St. Thomas and his good friend Scott McLeod in London,also Mike Shannon in Burlington and his sister Lois in Kitchener.

Pauline Patterson and Amelia Pelletier visited Wilson Coffin in the veteran's Home where he now resides.

Scott & Susie Palmer of Kapukasing spent a few days with their son, Ryan in Orleans before motoring on to spend a week, guests of Mark & Melanie Craig in

Garth & Glenda Patterson of Burlington are now back home after spending the winter months in their home at Pinaellas Park, Florida.

Jeannie (Miller) Vivian flew from Yellowknife to Burlington to visit her parents and parents-in-law, Frank & Elaine Miller and Bill & Doreen Vivian. While there she attended her aunts birthday party.

Frank & Elaine Miller, Kingsley Miller and Willie Palmer attended the funeral of Dermot Patterson, formerly of Wakeham, at Streetsville.

Doug and Denise Irvine hosted a pre-Easter dinner on April 14th for family and friends. A most delicious meal was served, wine flowed and all had a great time.

by Ruth Patterson

Tuesday April 11 14:18:56 2006
GDS is closing its Gaspe plant indefinitely. Reasons for the closure are attributed to a 20% lowering of the wood harvesting quota in the area as well as a strong Canadian Dollar and the ongoing softwood lumber war with the United States.

Pharillon, April 23, 2006

by Ron Patterson

Monday April 10 15:22:00 2006
Gaspe News Update - Happy Birthday wishes go out to Pat Stewart of York on March 13th. Daryl Stewart, son of Hartley and Pat , and his son Mitchell from Cambridge, Ontario were home during March break. This is the first time that Daryl had been to Gaspe in 25 years. Their daughter, Trina and children, Christina and Brandon, were also home at this time for a week.
Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Ada McAfee of Sunny Bank who passed away at the Hotel Dieu, Gaspe on March 15th. The funeral service took place in St. Andrews, York on March 17th.
Stevie Palmer from Montreal was at home for a week in March visiting his parents, Marg and Dennis Palmer of Wakeham and friends and relatives.
Ron and Iona West of Lennoxville celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on March 10th. Lorna, sister of Iona, and her husband David Baird of Wakeham visited them for this happy occasion. In all there were eleven members of the clergy who attended. Four friends of Rons from Montreal, who originally lived next door to Ron in Grande Greve were there.
Our sympathy goes out to the family of Alva Coffin who passed away at the Sanitorium Ross in Gaspe on March 24th. Funeral services were held at St. Pauls Church, Gaspe.
A group of ladies gathered at the home of Sharon Reeder of Sunny Bank to attend a 500 card party. This evening was hosted by Sharon and her sister, Nancy Clark, to raise money for the church. It was a great idea to raise money and an enjoyable evening was spent playing cards. A delicious lunch was served. Pearl Patterson of Wakeham won 1st prize, Heather (Lowell) Patterson of Sunny Bank won second and Paula Shannon of Wakeham won 3rd. Carol Jones of York walked away with the Booby prize.
Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Dulcie Stewart who recently passed away in Oakville, Ontario. Mrs. Stewart was originally from York and would have been 102 years old in May.
We saw our first robin on April 1st. Our early flowers are peeking out from under the snow and boughs so guess spring must be here.
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Archie Patterson of Wakeham who will reach a ripe old age of 60! on April 12th! Join the crowd, Archie!
Get well wishes go out to Ruby Patterson of Sandy Beach who is in the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Gaspe. Also to Harris Eden of Wakeham who is now back at home after being hospitalized for a week. Hope you are both feeling much better soon.
Scott Miller , Maggie Annett and their daughter, Maria were home from Stettler, Alberta for two weeks visiting their parents, Glenn and Ivy Miller of Wakeham and Victor and Coreen Annett of Pointe Navarre. While at home they visited their relatives and had a great time at Maggies parents Sugar Camp. We were delighted to have them home for a visit after their move to Alberta two years ago.
An amateur hour was held at the Royal Canadian Legion on April 2nd to raise money to buy playground equipment for Gaspe Elementary School. A large crowd was entertained by very talented singers. We do have a lot of talent in Gaspe and it was certainly shown that afternoon. Door prizes were drawn and a delicious lunch was served.
Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Dorothy Alexander, originally from Sandy Beach, who passed away in Saskatoon on April 1st.

by Ivy Miller

Monday April 3 12:25:15 2006
Quebec Sporting was presented the award for "Fresh Air and Adventure" at the gala "grands prix du tourisme gaspesien" held at Mont Joli March 24th. Award was presented by Minister of tourisim Francoise Gauthier and Minister of municipal affairs and regions nathalie Normandeau. "From LePharillon"

by don delisle

Monday March 27 15:53:19 2006
The saga of the Halimand road's deplorable condition continues. A citizen's coalition, lead by city councilor Brad McDonald, is going to try to persuade the Quebec Government to finance the project at a cost of over 4 millon dollars. (from Le Pharillon)

by Don Delisle

Monday March 20 11:34:02 2006
The Bloc Quebecois to ask for a review of the Coffin case in the House of Parliment. In Gaspe last week Raynald Blais MP for Gaspesie-Magdalen Islands and Real Menard their Justice critic met with members of the Coffin family and agreed to ask the federal Justice minister for a review of the case in order to determine wether Coffin was the victim of a judical error.

(From Le Pharillon)

by don delisle

Friday March 17 18:11:28 2006
At the end of February, I, along with my 3 teammates and 2 coaches from Bishop's University spent a week in Oslo, Norway competing in the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) case competition. There were 8 teams from 6 different countries including Ireland (Dublin), Finland (Helsinki), Belgium (Leuven), Norway (Oslo), USA (Tennessee Tech) and Canada (Bishop's, Concordia, Memorial). After a grueling 3 day round robin, we finished first in our pool and went on to the semi-finals beating Concordia. We met BI Norway in the finals and were unanimously chosen as the champions! This marks the 3rd time in 11 years that Bishop's has won the competition. Pictures from the event can be viewed at

by Charlene Marion

Tuesday March 14 10:33:35 2006
Gaspe Hospital Foundation begins it's annual fund rasing campaign with mailing and telephone solication for donations.
The objective this year is to raise $118,000 in order to purchase 3 new diagnostic machines.
Again this year the Hotel Commandants will be holding a ball feauring "Mambosax" in aid of the foundation on March 25th.

Don Delisle

by don delisle

Sunday March 12 23:38:18 2006
Gaspe News; Get well wishes go out to Ellen Clark and Arthur Annett of Wakeham who are back home after being hospitalized in the Hotel Dieu. Mrs. Bernice Bourgaize is also in the hospital with a broken leg after being transported from the Ross Sanitorium for an x-ray. Our get well wishes go out to her.

A number of people have recently celebrated special birthdays best wishes go out to Shirley Davis Coffin of Halifax who celebrated her 65th birthday on February 1st -
Donnie Patterson of Sunny Bank who celebrated his 70th and Margaret Eden Beliveau of Wakeham who recently celebrated her 65th birthday.

Get well wishes to the following people who have recently been in the Hotel Dieu-
Bessie Patterson and Ada McAfee of Sunny Bank (Mrs. McAfee is still in hospital), Carleton Patterson and Sheila Robertson of Wakeham, and Blaney McGregor of Douglastown.

Dale Dumaresq and Guylaine Lauzon of Montreal are the proud parents of a baby boy. Leon , born on February 9th. -another grandson for Vernice and Barry Dumaresq of Gaspe. Vernice recently visited with their son, Brian, wife Christine and children, William and Amy in Montreal. Her sister, Marlyn traveled with her and went on to see her son, Jared, and sister, Debbie Roberts and Donald Sams in Ottawa.

We wish Mabel Carter of Wakeham a speedy recovery . She fell on the ice and broke her ankle. Belated get well wishes also to Pearl Patterson of Wakeham who recently tore ligaments in her knee. We hope you girls are back on your feet soon.

On February 25th parishioners from the Greater Parish of Gaspe gathered in St. Johns Hall, Sandy Beach to honour Archdeacon Dennis Drainville. He will not be taking regular services for the Greater Parish but will remain as Archdeacon. He was presented with a purse and a delicious lunch was served.

A pancake supper was held in St. Johns Church Hall in Sandy Beach on February 28th. Approximately 70 people attended and $350 was raised for the ACW Education Fund.

Our condolences go out to the family of Mr. Edgar Coull of Sunny Bank who passed away on February 12 at the age of 85. His daughters Faye, Marilyn and husband, Tony Maloney, and Barbara and husband, Vernon, their son, Trevor and daughter, Shauna were home for the funeral service which was held at St. Andrews Church, York. He also leaves to mourn his daughter, Carol, and son, Gilbert and wife, Elaine who live in Gaspe.

Deepest sympathy go out to the family of Mrs. Ray McDonald of Douglastown who passed away at the Sanitorium Ross on February 24th. Funeral services were held on February 28th at the Douglastown Church.

Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Mrs. Jerome Rooney who passed away at the Sanitorium Ross in late February.

After a very cold snap our weather is getting much warmer and you can feel the sun getting a lot stronger. It was a good winter for York Rink but now the ice is finished with the arrival of milder weather. However, the Winter Carnival Committee was able to hold two events there on Saturday, March 11- the masquerade which didnt have a lot of participants but some really great costumes and the ice bowling which saw a good crowd of young children and adults show up to win what you hit. As part of the carnival, a delicious pot luck supper was held at Gaspe Elementary School in the evening with the drawing of some wonderful prizes and entertainment supplied by Lorne Cotton and Pamela Rooney.

Get well wishes go out to Carrie Patterson who is back in Wakeham after being flown to Quebec City to have treatment for her heart.

Best wishes to Bobby McGregor and Carter Coffin, both of York, who have returned home after undergoing surgery Bobby in Montreal and Carter in Quebec City. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Faye Miller from Guelph, Ontario has recently been home to spend time with her mother, Ruby Miller of Sandy Beach who has not been feeling well lately. We send get well wishes her way. While home, Faye celebrated her birthday on March 6th. Her little grandson, Matthew Whistle, of Guelph was born on his grandmothers birthday and celebrated his 4th . Happy Birthday Matthew and Grandma!

by Ivy Miller

Tuesday March 7 1:02:37 2006
The 2006 Gaspe hunting season dates are now on the GoGaspe hunting page. A link to this page can be found on the Tourist Information page.

by Ron Patterson

Sunday March 5 17:51:38 2006
A New Location for the Gaspe Library; The municipal library Alma-Bourget-costisella of Gaspe was officially inaugrated at its new location on Thursday Feb 16th. It moved from a 1000 sq ft location at Carrefour Gaspe to a 3000 sq ft location situated on 2 floors at 10 Cote Carter. The inuguration was offically performed before a number of digantaries and library voulunteers approx 40 people. Person in charge of the library Mde. Claire Lebel "stated the library must obtain monetary assistance if is to extend opening hours. Even if the libray has moved to a larger location giving it the oppurtunity to display more books and increase the number of members the present volunteer group can only do so much. Reading is flourishing in Gaspe however even if the space has tripled it does not necessarily follow that the clientele will also triple"

(From Le Pharillon)

by Donald Delisle

Wednesday February 22 22:01:09 2006
Artists are creating ice sculptures on the Gaspe streets once again this year. They are expected to be finished most of the sculptures before the arrival of the skiers of La Grande Traverse de la Gaspsie, who are expected to arrive in Gaspe early Friday afternoon (February 24).

by Ron Patterson

Monday February 13 16:15:15 2006
Gaspe News by Heather Patterson (submitted by Ivy Miller)

Our mild weather continues and with it a lot of icy conditions have resulted. We dont seem to have as many raging snow storms that we used to have years ago.

The community was very saddened to hear of the passing away of Lionel Miller of Sunny Bank at the Hotel Dieu on January 17 after a very short illness. Funeral services were held at Valere Fortin Funeral Home in Gaspe. Lionel was the husband of Ena Miller and mother of Royce, Sylvia and Phyllis. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of his family.

Deepest sympathy also to the family of Emile Thibodeau, wife of Rita Palmer of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, who passed away on January 24th.

Donald Simon from St. Sixte was home with his mother, Mrs. Vera Simon, for Christmas. Daughter Carolyn and son-in-law, John Garcy from Chateauguay were also home. Trevor Bourgaize from Chateauguay was home for the holidays with his parents, Eleanor and Clayton Bourgaize. On December 24th, Santa Claus made a special visit to Bonnie Bourgaize and Maxime Paquets home in Sandy Beach. Kyle and Kelsey Bourgaize had quite a surprise.

Donna and Gerry Phillips from Sunny Bank are home again after spending a couple of months with their children and grandchildren in the Montreal and Ottawa area.

Belated wishes to Norma McDonald who celebrated her birthday on January 26th.

Michael Dumaresq, his wife, Wendy Coffin and children, Robert and Kaitlyn from Fredericton, New Brunswick were home for the holidays visiting their parents, Barry and Vernice Dumaresq of Gaspe and Eric and Kay Coffin of Wakeham. Belated birthday wishes go out to Wendy who celebrated on January 15th. Anniversary wishes go out to Brian and Christie Dumaresq who celebrate their anniversary on February 13.

Belated birthday wishes to Sheila Robertson of Wakeham who celebrated her 85th birthday on February 3rd. We hope Robbie Robertson is feeling better after his short stay in the hospital. Hazel Boyle of York has returned home after recently being in the hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Birthday wishes go out to Carly Patterson of Wakeham on February 18th and to Emery Patterson, Merle Coffin and Muriel Cass of Wakeham and Murray Olsson of Welland who all celebrate on February 20th.

Get well wishes go out to Willy Rooney from Douglastown who is in Montreal. Cecelia Rooney has been in Montreal visiting her son. Her son, Alfred was home for Christmas.

Theresa Smith from Gaspe would like to thank the Gaspe Cancer Foundation for the donation given to her husband, Donald Riffou, so he could undergo treatment in Rimouski on December 4th and January 13th.

Birthday wishes go out to Scott Miller of Stettler,Alberta who has a birthday on February 13th.

Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Roger Villecourt of Haldimand who recently passed away.

Get well wishes go out to Bobby McGregor of York who is in the hospital in Montreal undergoing surgery, after which he suffered a heart attack.

Good luck to Charles Smith of Gaspe who is still in Montreal waiting for a heart transplant. Charles and Melanie have been in Montreal since September.

We are looking forward to the Wakeham-York Winter Carnival which runs from March 3rd March 11th. Schedules are available at local businesses.

by Heather Patterson

Sunday February 5 23:38:24 2006
Gaspe's mild winter continues. After recording the warmest January since 1956, February has begun the same way. Since the start of February average daytime highs have hovered near freezing with no real cold weather in the forecast.

by Ron Patterson

Monday January 16 12:42:53 2006
Gaspe News by Heather Patterson (submitted by Ivy Miller)

Another year has gone by and a new one has begun. Best wishes go out to all of you for a happy, healthy and prosperous one.

Gaspe has had its share of snow recently. Over 3 and 1/2 feet fell over a five day period. Great for skiing and ski-dooing.

Residents of Gaspe were saddened to hear of the passing away of Mrs. Greta Fournier of Sunny Bank on December 20th. The service was held on December 23rd in St. Andrews Church York. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

Myrna and Dale Jean of York have returned after visiting their daughter, Paula and friend, Jamie, and their little grandson Caleb in Cambridge.

Paula and Ricky Shannon of Wakeham have returned after spending the Christmas holidays with their daughter Lisa and friend, John, son Mike and wife Dawn and two little granddaughters, Meghan and Hailey in Burlington, Ontario.

Linda and Archie Patterson of Wakeham spent the holidays in Mississauga with Archies brother Carter and wife Sharon . While there they also spent time with their son Jason, wife Kirsten and son Seth who live in Milton and their youngest son, Justin and friend, Sue, who live in Toronto.

Janice and Brad Syvret of Haldimand spent their holidays with Brads father , Ovelan Syvret, in Montreal. While there they celebrated Mr. Syvrets 80th birthday which was on Christmas Day! Belated happy birthday, Mr. Syvret. Brad and Janices son ,Tommy, flew in from Calgary to join them for the holidays.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Brian Miller of Ottawa who passed away on January 5th.

Diane and Ricky Sams of Sunny Bank had their house overflowing with family during the holidays. Their four children, Donald, Paula, Graham and Kelly, their spouses and children were all home for a Gaspe Christmas.

Lorna and Everett Clark of Wakeham spent a lively holiday with their children and grandchildren in Montreal.

Sandy and Richie Mullin and three children from Ottawa were home for the holidays visiting Sandys father Glen and Barbara and Richies family. Glens son, Brian from Ottawa was also home.

Alpheus Patterson of Wakeham has returned after spending a month in Cornwall with his daughter, Della. While there his granddaughter, Fallon, Dellas daughter was born. He also visited with his step-daughter, Nancy and son, Harold and Jen.

We had two baptisms in St. James Church, Wakeham, during the Christmas holidays. Daryl Patterson and Brandie Jones of Oshawa had their son, Logan Blaine, baptized on December 18th. Lesley Lemasurier and Hugo Gifford of Montreal had their baby girl, Allyson Marie, baptized on Christmas Day. Deacon Lorna Baird baptized both babies.

Jeremy Betteridge, son of Ellen Patterson of Gaspe, and his girlfriend, Chantal Mettitier from Baie Comeau came home for the holidays. Jeremy is attending Bishops University in Lennoxville.

Tyler Patterson, son of Doug and Dorinda Patterson of Sunny Bank was home for a week over the Christmas holiday. Tyler lives in Oshawa and works for Castle Steel.

Vernon and Barbara Patterson of Manitouwadge were home for the first two weeks of January, visiting the Coull and Patterson families.

Heather and Dean Patterson will be returning this week after spending a month with their daughter, Stefanie, and husband Marco, their grandchildren, Chelsea and Christian in Montreal and their son, Craig in Vancouver. While in Vancouver, Dean and Craig attended all of the World Junior games. An exciting way to spend the holidays!

Happy Birthday to two young ladies of Sandy Beach who share the same birthday Ruby Miller who will be eighty eight and Mary Miller who turns eighty nine on January 23rd. Happy Birthday to you both!

The weather has changed a lot since the start of this news letter. We had heavy rain yesterday and last night January 14th- and this morning we saw a robin on the grass at the edge of the snow bank. Very confusing for the poor little bird!

Elma and Bernard Baird of Douglastown were happy to have their children with them for the holidays. For the first time in 18 years they were all together in Gaspe. Their son, Ricky and his son, Malcolm, live in Montreal as well as their daughter, Linda . Their youngest daughter, Donna ,lives in Cape Cod with her husband, Danny Jones and three children, Spencer, Vanessa and Lindsay. Danny, Donna and children also visited with Danny's mother, Carol Jones of York.

by Heather Patterson

Saturday January 7 11:03:46 2006
Disco skating at the York Rink last night was a wonderful success. First of all the ice was perfect. With the temperature hovering at -4 c and a few snowflakes falling , it was a great night for skating. At top count there were 56 skaters/parents, however close to 65 came and went. The youngest being 18 months and the oldest 50+. Everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully we will see some new faces next week.

by Trudy Patterson

Wednesday December 28 11:04:25 2005
The Gaspe Poly Alumni Basketball held on Dec. 26 was a true success story, with players coming from accross Canada to participate. Nine teams took part, with about 58 alumni players plus the current Polyvalent students. The event drew over a hundred spectators, and left a lot of ex-teenagers struggling to get out of bed on the 27th! Congratulations to the organizers, Charlene Marion and Steve Cassivi, as well as all participants.

by Andy Patterson

Wednesday December 14 11:53:18 2005
Search for authors A new regional literary event "Livres en Fte" BOOKFEST ON THE GASPE COAST AND THE MAGDALEN ISLANDS is working to compile a list of regional anglophone authors and their publications for a future data bank. The BOOKFEST objectives are to entice everyone to read, specially youth, make authors from here and elsewhere a focus and open hearts and minds to the world of books in the region.
If you know writers from the Gaspe Coast and the Magdalen Islands who live here or outside the region, we would like their coordinates (address-tel-internet). With that list we want to create a directory that will be useful to the libraries, schools and the organization of BOOKFEST. Thank you for your collaboration.
Josee Kaltenback 1-418-392-6190
Valetta Patterson 1-418-368-2838

by Val Patterson

Sunday December 11 22:46:10 2005
Heather's Gaspe news; Our wonderful weather continues. We are now beginning to wonder if we will have snow for Christmas. Very unusual for Gaspe.

On December 03 twenty three guests gathered at the Bourlingueur Restaurant to celebrate Marjorie Guignions 100th birthday. Her birthday is in January but the celebration was early because some of her family would be away at that time. She was delighted with the party and received many lovely gifts. Marjorie looked simply lovely and certainly doesnt look her age. The mayor of Gaspe presented here with a lovely plaque and pin and the restaurant gave her a cake which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations, Marjorie!

Belated birthday wishes go out to Dawn Rooney of Burlington who celebrated her birthday on November 17th

Happy Birthday to Dawn Miller of Sunny Bank who celebrated with a party at her home on November 27th. Her sister, Gina Miller of Nigadoo celebrated her birthday on December 7th.

Tasha Adams who is with the R.C. M. P. in Victoria, British Columbia celebrated her birthday on December 9th. Happy Birthday, Tasha. Belated birthday wishes to out to her grandmother, Viola Langlois of Brampton, Ontario who turned 80 on November 15th.

We would like to send best wishes to Charles Smith of Gaspe who has been in Montreal since September awaiting a heart transplant.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Justin Suddard of Pointe Navarre who recently passed away. His family was home from Ontario for the funeral service.

Our sympathy also goes out to the family of Willie Ascah of Haldimand who passed away on November 26. The funeral service was held in St. Johns Church, Sandy Beach.. on November 30th. His son, Billy and wife, Joanne and their children, Robin and Timothy from Stettler, Alberta were home for the service.

Our condolences go out to the family of Mrs. Mabel Smith McGregor of Sandy Beach who passed away at her home on December 4th. The funeral service was held on December 8 at the Cathedral in Gaspe with all her children in attendance.

Friends of St. Pauls had a Christmas Sale on December 3rd. It was a great success and they raised over $2000.

Happy Birthday wishes to Pearl Patterson of Wakeham who celebrated her birthday on December 1st and to her sister, Pauline Patterson of London whose birthday was on December 2nd. Louise Miller of Wakeham celebrated on December 3rd.

Congratulations to Therese Annett and Michel Dorion of St. Catherines, Ontario on the birth of their daughter, Brooklyn Cyiara, on December 1st- A first grandchild for Edwidge and Dickie Annett of Wakeham and a granddaughter for Christine Dorion of Gaspe.

We would like to send get well wishes to Mrs. Greta Fournier of Sunny Bank who is recovering in the Hotel Dieu in Gaspe. Her son, Johnny and his friend and daughter Kim are presently visiting with her.

We would like to wish all Gaspesians, who are traveling to be with their families for the holiday season, a safe journey and wonderful holiday.

by Heather Patterson

Friday December 2 15:02:34 2005
Gaspe's weather is very unusual this year! On Dec. 1 the temperature in Gaspe reached 10 degrees Celcius (49 F) and the night-time lows have been above freezing for most of the past week. For comparison, the York Rink is often opened for skating before the end of November. With global warming becoming an increasingly common topic, and with the mild temperatures we have been experiencing lately, one will soon have to become a believer.

by Andy Patterson

Thursday December 1 20:51:29 2005
Zellers is out, Canadian Tire is in. It has been confirmed. The Gaspe Zeller's Select store is closing its doors in February 2006. In its place will be a Canadian Tire store.

by Ron Patterson

Monday November 28 12:52:11 2005
The NHL "Oldtimers" visited Gaspe on Saturday, Nov. 26. Eight oldtimers including Guy Lafleur and Stephan Richer challenged our home town Salmo. Early in the game it appeared that the teams were well matched with the first period ending in a 4-4 tie. The oldtimers stepped up the pace in the second period and were soon sitting on a comfortable lead, finishing with an 11-5 victory. Over 2000 spectators crowded the arena for this fund-raiser in support of the Hotel Dieu Hospital Foundation. Spectators left with a great respect for the caliber of play demonstrated by the ex-NHL players.

by Andy Patterson

Monday October 24 16:39:26 2005
Thank you to the many Gaspesians who supported me in the CIBC Run for a Cure. Together, we raised $856.00 (265% of my original goal!)for breast cancer research!

by Stephanie Bond

Wednesday August 17 10:32:37 2005
The 2nd edition of the Festival du Bout du Monde in Gaspe was a great success. Approximately 15 000 people, 5000 more than last year, attended the 3 main shows under the big tent and participated in the various activities on Main Street. The guest of Honour, Luc Mervil, was impressed by the warmth and kindness of the Gaspesians and greatly enjoyed the wonderful scenery. Preparations for next years activities are due to begin immediately.

by Andy Patterson