by/par Morris Patterson
All of these photos are available on DVD
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"Gaspé of Yesteryear" DVD,
"Cemeteries of the Gaspé Area"
and "Gaspé - Scenes of the Past" CD
Plus a 36 page photo album
"Gaspé - Scenes of the Past"
What wonderful Gifts!
"Gaspe of Yesteryear" has all these pictures and many more, over 3000 in all.
"Cemeteries of the Gaspe Area" contains about 9000 cemetery photos (headstones and grave markers).
"Gaspe-Scenes of the Past" is a collection of over 600 scenes and events arranged for viewing on television.
Photo Album contains 36 prints from "Gaspé - Scenes of the Past"
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Click here to view some old Postcards of Gaspé
For "Termes à rechercher",  type Gaspé

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